Questions Asked on
June 29, 2011

  1. Chem

    What is the mole fraction of H2 in a mixture with the total pressure of 800 torr when the partial pressure of H2 is 90 torr?

    asked by Chris
  2. physics

    A 4.5-kg ham is thrown into a stationary 15-kg shopping cart. At what speed will the cart travel if the ham had an initial speed of 2.2 m/s? If the ham hits the cart with 2N of force, how long did the collision between the two last?

    asked by ANN
  3. statistics

    the distribution of heights of American women aged 18 to 24 is approximately normally distributed with mean 65.5 inche and standard deviation 2.5 inches. what is the probability that a randomly seleted woman is between 60 and 64 inches tall?

    asked by Tee
  4. english

    Could you let me know if these are correct? Write 5 sentences in which you address changes in your writing: 1) Working with a friend has made my sentence structure better. 2) I now recognize run-one sentences,and try not to use them. 3)I still get confused

    asked by glenna
  5. College Physics

    1. A spring gun is made by compressing a spring ina tube and then altching the spring at the compressed position. A 4.97-g pellet is placed against the compressed and latched spring. The spring latches at a compression of 4.06 cm, and it takes a force of

    asked by Jane
  6. physics

    Carlos does a chin-up in gym class and raises himself 0.8 m. If Carlos has a mass of 62 kg, how much work does he accomplish?

    asked by Carlos
  7. algebra

    The number of computers sold by BCC depends on the dollar amound,x, that they spend on advertising. How much must they spend to sell 200 computers? Round to the nearest dollar and do not include units in your answer. N(x)=100+20 * In(0.25x)

    asked by Katie
  8. College Physics

    6. A tall bald student (height 2.1 meters and mass 93.1 kg) decides to try bungee jumping from a bridge. The bridge is 36.7 meters above the river and the "bungee" is 25.3 meters long as measured from the attachment of the bridge to the foot of the jumper.

    asked by Jane
  9. chem

    Determine the density of methane (CH4) in g/L at 21.9oC and 0.9 atm

    asked by tony
  10. Physics

    What hanging mass will stretch a 1.9-m-long, 0.54mm - diameter steel wire by 1.2mm ?

    asked by Me
  11. college physics

    Calculate the ratio (pure number) of the kinetic energy to the potential energy of a simple harmonic oscillator when its displacement is half its amplitude

    asked by olivia ware
  12. Physics

    A 2.00 kg block is pushed against a 400N/m spring, compressing it 22.0 cm. When the block is released, it moves along a frictionless horizontal surface and then up an incline. The angle of the incline is 37.0 degrees and the coefficient of kinetic friction

    asked by Timo
  13. Chem

    In an experiment, 25.0 ml of a gas with a pressure of 1. atm is contained in a balloon at 25.0 c. The Balloon is then cooled to 5.0 c, and the pressure is found to be .750 atm. What is the volume of the gas under the new conditions?

    asked by Chris
  14. physics

    A 6-kg bowling ball rolling at 5 m/s strikes a stationary 4-kg bowling ball. If Ball #1 is moving forward at 2 m/s after the collision, what is the speed and direction of Ball #2? What is the impulse of the system? If the collision last for .5 seconds, how

    asked by ANN
  15. Accounting Principles

    answer question Jane Kent is a licensed CPA. During the first nonth of operations of her business, the following events and transactions occurred

    asked by Muna
  16. Chemistry

    Ph of a sol. Containing 3.2 gm of hcl dissolved in 1 litre of water.

    asked by Sahil
  17. Chemistry

    How many grams of KOH must be dissolved in one litre of solution to give it a pH value of 12?

    asked by Sahil
  18. Chemistry

    If you have 200 ml of a 0.1M solution of acetic acid (pka=4.75), 1. How many ml of a solution of 1.O M NaOH would you need to adjust the pH to 5.2? 2. How many ml of water would you then add to make the solution of 0.05M in total acetic acid (ie., acetic

    asked by Brayden
  19. physics

    A 0.55 kg object connected to a light spring with a force constant of 20.0 N/m oscillates on a frictionless horizontal surface. If the spring is compressed 4.0 cm and released from rest. (a) Determine the maximum speed of the object. (b) Determine the

    asked by Sarah
  20. Physics

    Which of the following contains the most mechanical energy? A 10 kg ball at the top of a hill 10 meters high A 5 kg ball rolling with a velocity of 12 m/s A 10 kg ball rolling with a velocity of 5 m/s A 5 kg ball at the top of a hill 10 meters high I think

    asked by Jordan
  21. physics

    At car (1140-kg)traveling at 76.04 m/s and truck (12600-kg)traveling 6.88 m/s have a head-on collision and then stick together. What is their final common velocity (m/s)? (assume the car is going in the positive direction) What is the cars' change in

    asked by Casey
  22. Chemistry

    Which pair of samples contains the same number of hydrogen atoms two moles of NH3 and three moles of N2H4 two moles of NH3 and one mole of N2H4 four moles of NH3 and three moles of N2H4 one mole of NH3 and one mole of N2H4

    asked by Brandon
  23. Chemistry

    The reaction for the metabolism of sucrose, C12H22O11, is the same as for its combustion in oxygen to yield CO2(g) and H2O(l). The standard heat of formation of sucrose is -2230 kJ mol-1. Based upon data in Table 6.2 and problem 6.75 the amount of energy

    asked by Jessica
  24. chm I

    Lithium hydride reacts with water as follows. LiH(s) + H2O(l) -->LiOH(aq) + H2(g) During World War II, U.S. pilots carried LiH tablets. In the event of a crash landing at sea, the LiH would react with the seawater and fill their life belts and lifeboats

    asked by lynn
  25. science

    Describe the plant life, animal life, and geology of the ecosystem in the area in which you live. I live in Northern Illinois. What populations and communities are present? How dependent is your community on this ecosystem? What are the limiting factors of

    asked by pk
  26. Programming

    2. Then it should prompt the user for the input file name of the file containing the data to sort. 3. If the program can't open the file or if no file name is entered (^d or ^z is entered for EOF), it should print an error message and exit. 4. The file

    asked by Don
  27. Trignometry questions EASY HELP

    1. Which is a solution to the equation below? sin2xsecx=1 2. What is the exact value of cos15 degrees? 3. Which expression is equivalent to the expression below? cos^2 xsin^2? 4. What is the exact value of cos2theta? one side is 8 and the other is 15 5.

    asked by kalakalikalakali
  28. Physics

    At car (1140-kg)traveling at 24.8 m/s and truck (12600-kg) have a head-on collision and then stick together. What is their final common velocity (m/s)? (assume the car is going in the positive direction) What is the cars' change in momentum in the above

    asked by Casey
  29. math

    You are 64 inches tall and your shadow is 72 inches long. A tree casts a shadow of 144 inches. How tall is the tree?

    asked by caitlyn
  30. physics

    A parachute reaches terminal velocity. F drag Fg=850N what is the value of F drag? What is the net force? What is the acceleration? Are the forces balanced or unbalanced?

    asked by Kayla
  31. Chemistry

    Find the strength of 2.45 gm of (H2SO4) in 250 ml of the sol.

    asked by Sahil
  32. Algebra

    Completely factor the following expression:100x2 – 160xy + 64y2

    asked by traci
  33. Physics

    A 50-story building is being planned. It is to be 200.0 high with a base 48.0 by 66.0 . Its total mass will be about 2.5×107 , and its weight therefore about 2.5×108 . Suppose a 200 wind exerts a force of 860 over the 66.0 wide face . Part A Calculate

    asked by Jenny
  34. Chemistry

    How do you calculate the number of moles of NaOH to add to a liter of 1M NH4CL (pka of NH4+ = 9.25 ) to produce a solution buffering the pH at 8.75 ? thanks

    asked by Lauren
  35. Chemistry II

    Calculate how many milliliters of 0.100 M HCl must be added to 25.0 ml of a 0.200 M solution of NH3 to prepare a buffer that has a pH of 9.50? Kb = 1.76 x 10^-5

    asked by Terence
  36. physics

    A game show contestant won a prize by pushing a bowling ball 20 m using her nose. The amount of work done was 1470 J. How much force did the contestant exert on the ball?

    asked by wendell

    SIN 0=? O = 8 H = 16

    asked by CURE
  38. Chem

    A Baloon is filled with 3.00 L of helium at a pressure of 765 Torr. What is the volume of the baloon at an altitude where the atmospheric pressure is 530 torr?

    asked by Chris
  39. Chem

    What is the volume of a gas that exerts a pressure of 457 mm Hg, if it excerted a pressure of 250 atm when its volume was 25.0 ml.

    asked by Chris
  40. Physics

    A vertical spring has one end attached to the ceiling and a 2.50 kg weight attached to the other one. When the system is at rest, the spring is stretched by 20.0 cm. Now let the weight drop from a position in which the spring is not deformed at all.Use the

    asked by Timo
  41. algebra

    solve system graphically. be sure to check your solution. if a system has infinite number of solutions, use set builder notation to write the solution det. if a system as no solution, state this. a=1+b b=5-2a

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Physics

    an object of mass 3 kg is moving in the positive x-direction with a speed of 10 m/s. A second object of mass 5 kg is moving in the northwest direction with a speed of 8 m/s. If the two stick together after the collision, what is the final velocity

    asked by Rick
  43. Chem

    In an experiment, 7.5 mol of a gas are held in a 3.5 L container at 39 c. What pressure does the gas exert if it is assumed to be ideal?

    asked by Chris
  44. physics

    A child is pushing a shopping cart at a speed of 1.5 m/s. How long will it take this child to push the cart down an aisle with a length of 9.3 m?

    asked by pat
  45. Physics

    What is the angular momentum of the second hand on a clock if the clock has a length of 25cm, a mass of 20g, and is rotating with constant angular velocity. Treat the second hand as a thin rod.

    asked by Jocelyn
  46. Business

    Post at least 2 challenges that many companies face in the areas of ethics and 2 challenges in the area of social responsibility What exactly is management's role in addressing each of these issues?

    asked by Maruetta
  47. Chemistry

    How many grams of C are required to make 431.47 grams of C3H8?

    asked by Brooke
  48. Trigonometry

    What is the upper and lower limit of F(x)=3x^2+6x^2-2x-2?

    asked by Pharez
  49. geometry

    if ac=7x+5 and bd=14x-2,what is the value for ac?

    asked by caroline
  50. Algebra II

    How do I solve the following problems?? 1. Factor: 4x^2-100y^2 2. Factor: 3x^2+27 3. Solve 3x^2+9x=0 4. Solve 12^2+30x=-12 5. 9a(a+1)=4 6. Solve 16x^2=25

    asked by Nicole
  51. chemistry

    If you have a solution containing 0.10 M Fe+3 and 0.10 M Ca+2 and you want to titrate the Fe+3 with EDTA, how much error is there due to the reaction of Ca+2 with the EDTA at the Fe+3 equivalence point if you titrate at the following pHs. 3.0 6.0 10.0 At

    asked by RRG
  52. Algebra

    Andrew factored the expression 20x^3-12x^2+8x as 4x (5x^2-12x^2+8x). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 4x (5x^2-12x^2+8x), she got 20x^3-48x^3+32x^2; thus, Andrew’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please

    asked by traci
  53. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of 1.237 M HCl are required to react with 27.02 grams of MgCO3 ?

    asked by Brooke
  54. Physics

    How much heat must be transferred to each kilogram of aluminum to bring it to its melting point, 660°C, from room temperature, 20°C?

    asked by Mike
  55. Chemistry

    Calculate ph value of soft drink having hydrogen ion concentration equal to 3x10^-5.

    asked by gagan
  56. Chemistry

    Write a balanced net ionic equation for the oxidation of metallic copper to Cu(II) ion by hot concentrated H2SO4, in which the sulfur is reduced to SO2

    asked by Abby
  57. chemistry

    Balance point of HCL

    asked by Rajat
  58. physics

    before ice can form on a lake, all the water must be cooled to?

    asked by tonya
  59. arithmetic


    asked by HEIDI
  60. biology

    compare fermentation and cellular respiration. i found the contrast of these two but couldn't find the comparisons for these.

    asked by akim050
  61. maths

    how can i solve this question- disney has 2 clocks.unfortunately both of them are faulty.1 of them loose 2 mintues every hour while the other gains during that time.he sets both of them correctly at midnight on 31 decemeber 2003 that is at the precise

    asked by suprita
  62. Chemistry

    Calculate [H+], [OH-] & ph of strong acids strong base.

    asked by Sahil
  63. chem

    At 36.4°C a sample of ammonia gas exerts a pressure of 6.8 atm. What is the pressure when the volume of the gas is reduced to one-fourth of the original value at the same temperature

    asked by Tim
  64. chemistry

    what pressure (atm) is exerted by a column of ethanol 86.0 cm high? the density of ethanol is 0.789 g/cm3 and 9.8 m/s2 as your gravitational constant.

    asked by cindy
  65. comp 155

    could you see if i did these sentences right? Sentence Correction and Changes in Writing Review the following sentences. Some of them are correct, whereas others contain an error with a commonly confused word. Identify those with errors by marking each of

    asked by glenna
  66. math

    Lauren and mark obtained a 20 year 120,000 conventional mortgage at 10.5% on a house selling 150,000. their monthly mortgage payment including principal and interest is 1197.60. determine the total amount they will pay for their house. how much of the cost

    asked by nichole
  67. linear function

    solve 13x+2y=-6 in the form of f(x)=mx+b

    asked by stella marie
  68. Chemistry

    How do you calculate the following: Starting with a liter of 1M sodium acetate (pka of acetic acid = 4.75 ), calculate the number of moles of strong acid or strong base needed to make a pH buffer effective at pH = 4.o ? Thank you!

    asked by Maria
  69. Chemistry

    When 320.62 grams of Bi2O3 react with excess of C, how many moles of Bi form?

    asked by Brooke
  70. Calculus

    Am I right so far? G(x)=e^x sqrt(1+x^2) =e^x(1+x^2)^1/2 =e^x(1/2)(1+x^2)^-1/2(2x) + e^x(1+x^2)^1/2 So I used product rule, chain rule, and exponential function with base e

    asked by Steff
  71. Algebra 1

    Find Each Sum Or Difference. (13x + 9y) - 11y

    asked by Diana
  72. Algebra 1

    Find Each Sum Or Difference. Its addition. 3a+2b - 7c -4a+6b+9c -3a - 2b - 7c

    asked by Diana
  73. soc

    In "Some Moral Minima," Lenn Goodman argues that there are certain things that are simply wrong. Do you think Goodman is right? Using specific examples, explore the challenges Goodman presents to relativism. Determine whether you think there are such

    asked by kim
  74. Chemistry

    Will ph value of water be same at temp 25°C & 4°C? Justify it.

    asked by gagan
  75. Chemistry

    Calculate the ph of 10^-8 M (HCL).

    asked by gagan
  76. Chemistry

    Calculate ph value of soft drink having hydrogen ion concentration equal to 3x10^-5.

    asked by gagan
  77. Math


    asked by gagan
  78. math

    1)4x^+16x=48 2) 3x^+72=-30x

    asked by sisi
  79. History

    Did Islam enforce a patriarchal gender system? Cite examples from the reading to support or dispute this statement.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. albebra

    The answer is the easy part, but how do I express it in an algebraic formula? Ken purchased an investment property for 245,000 and sold it at a 12% loss. How much did he sell it for?

    asked by mike
  81. Physics

    Is an airplane flying round trip at a constant speed an example of uniform circular motion or is a record player rotating at a record speed?

    asked by Jordan
  82. Health Promotion and Education Interventions in Di

    Describe the leadership principles and skills needed to develop a health promotion project.

    asked by Stephanie
  83. Algebra

    Megan factored the expression -12x^2 +52x-35as (-2x+5)(6x-7). But when Jacob applied the FOIL principle and multiplied out (-2x+5)(6x-7), he got -12x^2+44x-35; thus, Megan’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Megan to

    asked by traci
  84. english

    Could anybody check my English essays? I'm looking for native English teacher who is willing to help me with improving my written language. For achieving this goal I'm going to write rather long essays on humanitarian subjects. I don't need lengthy

    asked by Max
  85. algebra

    what is the solution of comparison of 2(x-y)=14 and x+2y=-2

    asked by JJ-master
  86. algebra

    solve x+7y=8 x=4-7y

    asked by Anonymous
  87. chemistry

    what pressure (atm) is exerted by a column of ethanol 86.0 cm high? the density of ethanol is 0.789 g/cm3 and 9.8 m/s2 as your gravitational constant.

    asked by cindy
  88. exp of math

    sorry I copied the problem wrong determine the simple interest p= $660, r= 0.043% per day, t= 12 months

    asked by Anonymous
  89. geometry

    what is the volume of a square prism with a height of 8 and a base with side measure of 11?

    asked by lupe
  90. math

    convert the following base 10 number to the number in the indicated base. 43 to base 4

    asked by Anonymous
  91. calculus

    Demostrate that: d/dx [tan^-1(x)]= 1/1+ x^2 -> using implicit differentiation.

    asked by Mare
  92. geology

    Why is weather still unpredictable?

    asked by bruno
  93. arithmetic

    Find the 30th term of the arithmetic sequence: an = 7 + (n – 1)(2)

    asked by rowlo
  94. algebra

    Define the term equation and then explain what it means to solve an equation. Hi every time I try to explain it I get my words all jumble up. I know what it is and how to solve just cant explain it.

    asked by Sarah
  95. chemistry

    is energy considered a chemical reaction that is important to a healthcare professional

    asked by kathyann
  96. Early childhood education

    How could a teacher introduce additional science activities or materials related to children own spontaneous play.

    asked by Tisha
  97. statistics

    n = 26, area to the right is .025

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Trigonometry

    The question was: "Given that sin theta is -1/2 and theta is in quadrant IV, find the cos and tan of theta." I found 1/2 for cosine and -1 for theta, but the answer sheet said I was incorrect. I am almost positive I did this correctly... can someone double

    asked by 3nd3r
  99. calculus

    Find the second derivative of: h(t)= (t^2 + 5)^8

    asked by Carly
  100. Physics

    A block is executing simple harmonic motion on a frictionless surface with an amplitude of .100m. At a point 0.060m away from equilibrium point the speed of the block is 0.320m/s. What is the period? What is the displacement when the speed is 0.20m/s?

    asked by Jocelyn
  101. Early childhood education

    scientific processes

    asked by Tosha
  102. Algebra

    The answer is the easy part (88% - $216,600), but how do I express the below in an algebraic formula? Ken purchased an investment property for $245,000 and sold it at a 12% loss. How much did he sell it for?

    asked by 50 Something
  103. Physics

    Can gravity friction and tension be all centripetal forces?

    asked by Jordan
  104. Math (Urgent)

    Use the Midpoint Rule to approximate the integral (–10x+7x^2) from 10 to 17 with n=3

    asked by Mitch
  105. Algebra

    Completely factor the following expression:100y2 – 36z2

    asked by traci
  106. geometry

    abcd is a rectangle such that ab=-3 radical sign 48+2 radical sign 75+4radical sign108 and Bc=4 radical sign 27 +radical sign 300 prove that abcd is a square

    asked by omar
  107. math

    what is the simple interest on $562 at 0.046% per day for 12 months

    asked by Anonymous
  108. English

    Can you check these few sentences, please? 1) Wait! I'll help you with your shopping. I'll take the shopping for you. 2) Do you know what will happen if you don't pay the bill? 3) As soon as he finishes school, he'll look for job. The station is too far

    asked by Henry2
  109. exp of math

    determine the simple interest p= $600, r= 0.043% per day, t= 12 months

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Science

    How are precipitates used in industry?

    asked by Bree
  111. world history

    which kingdom controlled caravan trade routes in A.D.900?

    asked by samantha
  112. chemistry

    how many grams of sodium chloride are produced if 25.00 mol of sodium hydroxide are used

    asked by mauricio
  113. multiplying decimals

    how do you multiply 2.08 times 0.9

    asked by tiara
  114. science

    In the United States we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of food, and much of this is due to our agricultural technology. However, there are many concerns about our food source including genetically modified crops, the use of more chemicals, and

    asked by tamika
  115. Chemistry

    Will ph value of water be same at temp 25°C & 4°C? Justify it.

    asked by gagan
  116. Bus 13-Principals of Management (community College

    How is a case study written? I have to write a 3-4 page case study on the following: With annual revenue of $430 billion, 2 million employees, and 7,300 stores worldwide (and even larger numbers by the time you read this), Wal-Mart is the largest company

    asked by Dawn
  117. Chemistry

    Will ph value of water be same at temp 25°C & 4°C? Justify it.

    asked by gagan
  118. science

    which of the following absorbs hear from the surroundings as it proceeds to completion? 1. CO(g)+1/2 O2 (g)=CO2 (g) 2.AL2O3(s)=2 Al(s) + 3/2 O2 (g) 3.SO3 (g) + 99.2kJ=S (s)+3/2 O2 (g) Hrxn = -283.0 kj (endothermic)

    asked by Tyler
  119. History--help me please!

    what are the roles of the special forces in the movie Black Hawk Down?? please give examples!!!

    asked by Una
  120. math

    covert the number to decimal notation. 6 6.70 x 10

    asked by nichole
  121. Algebra 2

    In(e^16x)=8 Solve for x.

    asked by Katie
  122. Informal Logic

    Consider a debate over whether prayer should be allowed in public schools. Explain what logic can and cannot do. In other words, what kinds of questions and topics are not decided by logical analysis?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. English

    Can you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1)How does Eveline earn a living? What is she like? She is submissive, tired, confused and unsure. 2) She was sexually abused by her father. 3) What does she think of while she is sitting waiting for the

    asked by Henry2
  124. Grammar

    Each of my friends are known for extraordinary talents. Each of my friends is known for extraordinary talents. I believe it's the first one.

    asked by Vanessa
  125. Early childhood education

    What is an example of how to assess childrens understanding of numbers

    asked by Tisha
  126. English

    Can you please tell me which expressions are possible? Thank you. 1) Women had to provide an education to children Better: they had to provide children with an education, they were in charge of children's education, they were entrusted with (?)/responsible

    asked by Henry2
  127. Chem balancing equation

    C5H602+O2 ---> CO2+H2O what is the coefficient of O2?

    asked by Lily
  128. college phyics

    A system consists of 3.2 mol of the monatomic gas neon (which may be treated as an ideal gas). Initially the system has a temperature of 290 K and a volume of 1.2 m3. Heat is added to this system at constant pressure until the volume triples, then more

    asked by olivia ware
  129. maths

    give a real world situation in which this concept applied personal

    asked by simone
  130. sst

    how to get information on trade,craft and cities

    asked by dro
  131. gov

    For the first eleven years of its existence, the United States was a _____.

    asked by nick
  132. spanish

    Su novio la mas increible?

    asked by kevin
  133. algebra2

    estimate the probability of choosing "E" tile. Write your answer as a decimal.

    asked by cali
  134. english 3

    The beauty and splendor of Gatsby's parties masked the innate corruption within the heart of the Roaring Twenties. Jazz-Age society was a bankrupt world, devoid of morality, and plagued by a crisis of character."

    asked by micheal
  135. algebra/trignometry

    if angle x is 30 degrees and side yz is 10ft, how long is side xy?

    asked by maria
  136. math

    multiply then simplify by factoring if possible √3 √6=

    asked by Anonymous
  137. chemistry

    at what temperature will a gas sample occupy 6.6L if it originally occupies 14.1L at 14.4 degrees celcius

    asked by cindy
  138. math

    perform the indicated operation 6√45 - 8√125

    asked by nichole
  139. HCS/533


    asked by AMR
  140. math

    covert the number to scientific notation. 19,720 =

    asked by nichole
  141. chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of all the ions and species in a solution (there are 6) made by dissolving 1.49 g of sodium resorcinate (Na2 C6H4O2) in 100.0 ml of distilled water.

    asked by RRG
  142. Skype

    is skype known as a website or a software?

    asked by Vanessa
  143. Com

    Is there a way to submit an essay for review without someone being able to copy it??

    asked by Kelly
  144. english

    if i give you a paragraph can you point out the adverbs and adjectives?

    asked by sexy
  145. math

    which of the following is an equation of the line that passes through the point 95/3,-7) AND HAS A SLOPE OF 3/4

    asked by donise
  146. Calculus 2

    A cone is filled w/ freshwater (w=62.4 lb/ft^3). Determine the total force on the inside of the cone. Height of 10 and base of 12.

    asked by Jeff
  147. maths

    3/4 + 11/12

    asked by alexio