Questions Asked on
June 20, 2011

  1. chemistry

    The solubility of KI is 50 g in 100 g of H2O at 20 ?C. If 110 grams of KI are added to 200 grams of H2O, what would happen?

    asked by Glo
  2. chemistry

    Write molecular, ionic, and net ionic equations. AgNO3(aq) + KBr(aq) -->

    asked by Brea
  3. chemistry

    calculate the weight of carbon momoxide having same number of O2 atoms as are present in 22g of carbon dioxide

    asked by joyti
  4. CIS 115

    There are three seating categories at a stadium. For a softball game, Class A # seats cost $15, Class B cost $12. and Class C seats cost $9. Design a modular # program that asks how many tickets for each class of seats were sold, and then # displays the

    asked by John
  5. pe

    what is terminologies in physical education?

    asked by shiela
  6. chemistry

    calculate the molality of one molarity solution of sodium nitrare. the density of solution is 1.25g cm cube.

    asked by joyti
  7. physics

    A transverse wave in a wire with linear density 4.16 g/m has the form y(x, t) = (0.76 cm) sinh(7.23 m−1) x −(3860 s−1) ti What is its tension? Answer in units of N.

    asked by ryan
  8. math

    april sells specialty teddy bears at various summer festivals. her profit for a week,P, in dollars, can be modelled by P= -0.1n^2 + 30n - 1200, where n is the umber of teddy bearsshe sells during the week. a.) According to this model, could april ever earn

    asked by geekgirl95
  9. chemistry

    What is the mass number of an atom of potassium that has 20 neutrons?

    asked by mema
  10. chemistry

    how many gram molecules are present in 4.9g of H2SO4

    asked by joyti
  11. Chemistry

    Use the following balanced equation. 3Sr(OH)2 + 2H3PO4 --> 6H20 + Sr3(PO4)2 How many mL of 0.10 M Sr(OH)2 are required to react with 30 mL of 0.30 M H3PO4?

    asked by Brea
  12. teacher aide examniation number 02604200

    1. A common symptom of a behavior disorder is 2. When children have accidents with bowel or bladder control, the teacher aide should 3. When working with behavior disordered children in the classroom, the teacher aide can modify behavior by 4. In a regular

    asked by teachers aide and early childhood education settin
  13. Physics

    3.A car with a mass of 1500 kg is parked on a hill with an incline of 20°. a.What is the weight of the car? b.What is the normal force the car experiences? (hint: balance the forces parallel and perpendicular to the hill using Newton’s second law)

    asked by Hunter

    Sue, a recent retiree, requires $6,000 per year in extra income. She has $50,000 to invest and can invest in B-rated bonds paying 15% per year or in a certificate of deposit (CD) paying 7% per year. How much money should be invested in each to realize

    asked by JOE
  15. physical science

    A flower pot falls off a window ledge 10.0 m above the ground. Its velocity as it hits the ground is

    asked by brittani
  16. Physics

    Hi, I solved this problem, but I want to make sure it is correct: 2 equal charges are separated by 3.7x10^-10m. The force between the charges has magnitude of 2.37x10^-3N.What is the magnitude of q on the charges? F= ( k x q x q)/ (r^2) F=2.37 c 10^3 N k=

    asked by Anonymous
  17. chemistry

    consider a neutral atom with 30 protons and 34 neutrons. What is the mass number for the atom?

    asked by mema
  18. Biology

    Human vision can distinguish objects down to about a 4th of a millimeter (~250 micrometers). Given this, which of the following are generally visible to the human eye? Proteins Bacterial cell Animal cell Poxvirus Ribosomes Plant cell None of the above I

    asked by Kay
  19. physics

    A simple pendulum consists of a ball of mass 5.39 kg hanging from a uniform string of mass 0.0789 g and length L. The period of oscilla- tion for the pendulum is 2.51 s. Determine the speed of a transverse wave in the string when the pendulum is station-

    asked by ryan
  20. Algebra/Trig

    The members of a men’s club have a choice of wearing black or red vests to their club meetings. A study done over a period of many years determined that the percentage of black vests worn is 60%. If there are 10 men at a club meeting on a given night,

    asked by jelanietux
  21. Chemistry

    Hi this is a repost, and I have another 2 questions I posted yesterday. Please help me with these, I need help to verify my work, not confident if I'm doing these right. Use oxidation numbers to identify if this reaction is REDOX reactions. 3NO2(g) +

    asked by Amy
  22. chemistry

    Write molecular, ionic, and net ionic equations. HIO2(aq) + Ba(OH)2(aq) -->

    asked by Brea
  23. Maths

    The points A , B , C, D and E are located on a straight line in that order. The distance from A to E is 20cm. Te distance from A to D is 15cm. The distance from B to E is 10com. C is halfway between B and D. What is the distance from B to C?

    asked by Annabella Richards
  24. Chemistry

    A standard solution of FeSCN2+ is prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN. The equilibrium concentration of FeSCN2+ ([FeSCN2+]std) for this standard solution is assumed to be M. What permits this assumption? A. The

    asked by Neil
  25. Physics

    A horizontal massless beam of length 1 m is supported at two points. One fulcrum is at one end of the beam, point "O", and the other at the 0.60m point "P". Two equal weights are placed on the beam, one at O and one at point Q at distance x from O. Find

    asked by Joshua
  26. chemistry

    In a certain trial, the initial concentrations of Fe3+ and SCN- are both 1.00x10^-3 M and the initial concentration of FeSCN2+ is zero. Suppose that after the reation reaches equilibrium, the concentration of FeSCN2+ was found to be 1.19x10^-4 M. Use this

    asked by Elly
  27. physics

    A body of mass 20kg dropped from a height of 2m calculate the workdone?

    asked by Ameh
  28. pre-algebra

    The salaries ( in thousnds of dollars) of the managers of five local hardware stores are 50, 70, 60, 80, and 90. What is the difference between the highest paid and lowest paid managers?

    asked by cody
  29. chemistry

    Use the following balanced equation. 3Sr(OH)2 + 2H3PO4 --> 6H20 + Sr3(PO4)2 How many grams of Sr3(PO4)2 could be produced by the complete reaction of 200 mL of 0.40 M H3PO4?

    asked by Brea
  30. physics

    A sinusoidal wave in a rope is described by the wave function y = A sin(k x + ! t) , where A = 0.47 m, k = 1 m−1, ! = 26 Hz, x and y are in meters, and t is in seconds. vibrator 26 Hz ì = 3.8 g/m m 18.8496 m If the tension in the rope is provided by an

    asked by ronda
  31. Chemistry

    How many mL of a 6 M HCl solution are required to prepare 200 mL of a 0.2 M solution?

    asked by Brea
  32. physics

    An object with 15 grams mass is immersed in benzene and suffers an apparent loss of mass 5g What is the approximate specific gravity of the object? (specific gravity of benzene = 0.7)

    asked by Anonymous
  33. chemistry

    How many moles of N atoms are in 4.70 mol of dinitrogen tetraoxide (N2O4)

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a circle. The radius of the circle is 21 in. Determine the side length of the triangle to the nearest 10th of an inch

    asked by Leasha
  35. chemistry

    Use the following balanced equation. 3Sr(OH)2 + 2H3PO4 --> 6H20 + Sr3(PO4)2 20 mL of H3PO4 is required to react with 40 mL of a 0.15 M Sr(OH)2 solution. What is the molarity of the H3PO4 solution?

    asked by Brea
  36. Algebra

    What does it mean to refer to a 20 in tv set or a 25 in set?Such units refer to the diagonal of the screen. A 35 in unit also has a width of 28 in. What is it's height?

    asked by Kimmie
  37. Chemistry

    When 1 gram of sex hormone (contains C, H, and O) was burned in a combustion analysis, 1.5 grams of CO2 and 0.405 grams of H2O were obtained. The molar mass was found to be 352g/mol. What is the molecular formula for the sex hormone?

    asked by IVY
  38. geometry

    The area of a trieangle is 16 ft. squared. The lenght of one side is 8ft. How long is the base?

    asked by eve
  39. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 10 grams of CaBr2 in enough water to make 400 mL of solution?

    asked by Brea
  40. Algebra

    Find the vertex of the function. Write your answer in the form (x,y). Use the slash mark as a fraction bar if necessary. y=x^2-x-23

    asked by Tommy
  41. Chemistry

    What mass of CO2 could be formed from the reaction of 16 g of CH4 with 32 g of O2 ?

    asked by christi
  42. Maths

    As part of a fundraising effort, a group of students decide to sell chocolate bars from door to door. They sold moro bars at three-quaters of the houses they tried, scrunch bars at two-thirds of their calls, and at 10 houses they sold both how many houses

    asked by Annabella Richards
  43. Poetry

    a direct comparison between unlike things that does not use a signal word What's the word to this Definition

    asked by Harry
  44. Maths

    The teacher collected the test papers of 20 students and found that their average mark was 15. Before she wrote the marks in her mark book, she lost 1 paper. Find the mark for the missing paper, she worked out the average mark for the 19 students was 14.

    asked by Annabella Richards
  45. Spanish

    4. ¿Qué pasa? ¿No me oyes? A) si, te oigo. B) si, les oigo. C) no, no se oigo. D) no, no me oigo. 7. Le compro un regalo para mi hermana. A) se la compro esta tarde. B) me lo compro esta tarde C) te las compro esta tarde. D) se lo compro esta tarde. 9.

    asked by Lisa
  46. chemistry

    space probe Pioneer 11 was lanced April 5, 1973, and reached Jupiter in Dec.1974 traveling a distance of 998 km. How long did it take an electromagnetic signal to travel to earth from pioneer 11 when it was near jupiter?

    asked by tresha
  47. Accounting

    Confused on the method used to solve this problem and could really use some help. The 5% is throwing me off as we don't know 5% on what amount and we assume that amount compounds over time? You are currently 25 years old and have just spent the past

    asked by David
  48. chemistry

    Write molecular, ionic, and net ionic equations. HIO2(aq) + Ba(OH)2(aq) -->

    asked by Brea
  49. chemistry

    how much hydrogen gas evolves on electrolysis of 1 liter of water?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Physics

    2. A golf ball is hit off the tee with an initial speed of 32 m/s at an angle of 29° with respect to the horizontal. a. What is the maximum height the ball reaches? b. What is the speed of the ball when it reaches the highest point? (give magnitude and

    asked by Hunter
  51. chemistry

    The carbon tetrachloride molecule,CCi4 is what kind of molecule and bond?

    asked by mema
  52. chemistry

    what is the element with the electron arrangement 2 8 7

    asked by mema
  53. pre-algebra

    Find the slope of the line containing the given pairs of points. If the line is undefined, state so. Please show all of your work. (-5, -2) and (-7, -2)

    asked by cody
  54. statistics

    if the mean is 20 and the standard deviation is 4, at least what percentage will have a mean between 15 and 25?

    asked by danette
  55. chemistry

    calculate the molality of one molarity solution of sodium nitrare. the density of solution is 1.25g cm cube.

    asked by joyti
  56. writing

    i need help on a theme statement for "cask of amontillado"

    asked by josh
  57. statistics

    3. A researcher is interested in comparing the Christian maturity level of students who volunteer for community service versus those who do not. The researcher assumes that those who perform community service will have higher Christian maturity scores. The

    asked by Carl
  58. Statistics

    There are 6 batteries. Two are defective. If you pull out two batteries, what is the probability that neither are defective? Is this how you solve it? 4/6 X 3/5

    asked by Todd
  59. Psychology

    Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior textbook. The Cases of Karen Carpenter Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word analysis in which you address the following items: a. Provide a brief overview b. Explain the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components

    asked by Montoney
  60. math

    each side of a square painting id 5 ft long.what is the painting area.what is the painting perimter?

    asked by peter
  61. grenoble

    using the hasselbach-Handerson equation calculate the fraction of asprin Pka is 5.6 and PH is 8.6?

    asked by jaji
  62. Algebra

    Find the possible values of a, if the distance between the points is 5, and the coordinates are (1,1) and (4,a) I'm not quite sure how to do this one.. I've tried the distance and midpoint formula, but I'm confused. I don't what to do with the (a-1)^2

    asked by Lyn
  63. writing

    is a theme statement the same thing as a thesis sentence? or not?

    asked by kathy
  64. Chemistry

    The standard solution of FeSCN2+ (prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN) has an absorbance of 0.500. If a trial's absorbance is measured to be 0.310 and its initial concentration of SCN– was 0.0010 M, the

    asked by John
  65. English

    I left out the following three sentences. Thank you very much. 1) Nature, in fact, was a friend and comforter to man, the only great teacher from which, by penetrating into her divine essence, man could learn virtue and wisdom. 2) The mission of the poet,

    asked by Henry
  66. Spanish

    4. ¿Qué pasa? ¿No me oyes? A) si, te oigo. B) si, les oigo. C) no, no se oigo. D) no, no me oigo. 7. Le compro un regalo para mi hermana. A) se la compro esta tarde. B) me lo compro esta tarde C) te las compro esta tarde. D) se lo compro esta tarde. 9.

    asked by Anna
  67. early childhood education

    which one of the following questions would be inappropriate to ask during an interview? (a)do you have children of your own (b)what do you like best about teaching young children (c)what is one science activity that would be appropriate for four year olds

    asked by alana
  68. algebra

    Well i kinda realllyyy don't get equivalent expressions.. like.. 30d^2+15=7 ^^^93h^2 +6=? or like something like this . 121-33m^3=? Help?;/

    asked by Donnaa
  69. math

    heather is bying a t shirt for 8 dollars. sales tax is 8 1/4 cents per dollar. how much will heather pay in sales tax on her purchase?

    asked by elsa
  70. chemistry

    State 4 reason why ais is classified as a mixture.

    asked by sadiq
  71. geometry

    In triangle ABC, A (o,o) ,

    asked by Lakshmi
  72. chemistry

    An aqueous solution is made by dissolving 15.6 grams of nickel acetate in 373 grams of water. The molality of nickel acetate in the solution is

    asked by Adanna
  73. pre-algebra

    Write the equation for the given graph. 8,8,-8

    asked by cody
  74. Physics

    A 70 kg man carrying a 10 kg suit case climbing a ladder of 5 m in two minute, power developed by the man is (g=10 m/s2 ).?

    asked by Stephen
  75. English

    Can you please check if these sentences are correct? In particular, I'd like you to help me find an introductory sentence to my paragraph and a proper conclusion (with reference to the theme of the double). 1) Explore the theme of the double as it occurs

    asked by Henry
  76. geometry

    A spherical water tank has a diameter of 10 feet. How much water does it hold when half full (use 3.14 for , and round to the nearest hundredth)?

    asked by roman
  77. pre-algebra

    Given the linear equation y=-5x-2. Find the y-coordinates of the points (-1), (-2), and (1). Please show all of your work.

    asked by cody
  78. college algebra

    2/5(5x-3) - 1/3(12x-5). Have the correct answer but need someone to show me how to solve for it.

    asked by amber
  79. english

    i am not able to find a a poem on any inanimated thing like snow, chalk candle etc. in about 8-1o lines on net. poem should be of class 9th level can u help me please... regards yash sethia

    asked by YASH
  80. math

    If a stone is tossed from the top of a 210 meter building, the height of the stone as a function of time is given by h(t) = -9.8t2 – 10t + 210, where t is in seconds, and height is in meters. After how many seconds will the stone hit the ground? Round to

    asked by Taina

    How many hydrogen atoms will bond with each nitrogen atom?

    asked by Sherri
  82. math

    Use the discriminant to determine whether the following equations have solutions that are: two different rational solutions; two different irrational solutions; exactly one rational solution; or two different imaginary solutions. x2 = 5x + 6

    asked by Taina
  83. chemistry

    Estimate the number of atoms in 7.827 g of iron using the mass of an atomic mass unit (1.661 x 10^-27). The atomic mass of Fe is 55.85 u.

    asked by Anonymous
  84. statistics

    Okay, I'm having trouble understanding the difference between "and" and "or" in problems. For example: -When drawing a single card, find the probability of getting a 4 OR a diamond. -When drawing a single card, find the probability of getting a jack AND a

    asked by Shelby
  85. statistics

    Is this correct: The probability of rolling a die once and getting a number greater than 3 or an odd number is 5/6.

    asked by sydney
  86. chemistry

    Estimate the number of atoms in 2.429 g of iron using the mass of an atomic mass unit (1.661 x 10 ^ -27). The atomic mass of Fe is 55.85 u.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Chemistry

    Refer to the calibration curve shown in the experiment. If the absorbance of the solution is 0.400, what is the concentration of the iron in that solution? Show or explain how you arrived at your answer.

    asked by Elly
  88. algebra

    A 125-ft diagonal brace on a bridge connects a support of the center of the bridge to a side support on the bridge. The horizontal distance that it spans is 25 ft longer than the height that it reaches on the side of the bridge. Find the horizontal and

    asked by Taina
  89. Math

    Part of 26000 invested at 4% interest and the rest at 2% interest yields 680.00

    asked by Martha
  90. pre-algebra

    Find the x- and y- intercepts for the equation. -x+2y=4 Please show all of your work.

    asked by cody
  91. Stasistic

    On a test whose distribution is approximately normal with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10, the results for three students were reported as follows: Student Opie has a T-score of 60. Student Paul has a z-score of -1.00. Student Quincy has a

    asked by Ramona
  92. English

    Thank you very much. I think you misunderstood my sentence starting with "unlike in Wordsworth" since I wanted to draw a parellel between Wordsworth's and Coleridge's concept of nature. Can you help me rephrase sentences number 2 and 3? Thank you. 1)Unlike

    asked by Henry
  93. ETH 125

    How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes agains Arab and Muslim Americans?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Poetry

    Decide which word from the word bank belongs in each blank in the statements that follow. bland / contaminated / devastated / punitive / transcend / concretely / convey / procrastinating / spontaneous / uniqueness 1. Even though I know doesn't pay, I still

    asked by Jimmy
  95. social studies

    how did the BC gold rush aide in the development of britich columbia?

    asked by Caitlyne
  96. Physics

    5.A crate with a mass of 100kg accelerates with a magnitude of 2.0 m/s2 when it is pushed with a 250N. a.What is magnitude of the force of friction opposing this motion? b.What is the normal force of the crate? c.Using a and b, find the coefficient of

    asked by Hunter
  97. Alg 2

    What is the sum of a 12-term arithmetic sequence where the last term is 13 and the common difference is -10?

    asked by Schuyler
  98. FRENCH

    He is feeling fine and we do not expect any problems with his health this time. Il se sent bien et nous ne comptons pas d'avoir (à avoir somehow doesn't sound good) des problèmes avec sa santé cette fois. This is how I put it; the translator site said:

    asked by E.G.
  99. chemistry

    What is the mass difference between sodium ion vs. sodium atom?

    asked by mema
  100. psychology

    what dies literl perception mean?

    asked by Sharon
  101. maths

    im writting a math examination tomorrow and i don't know anything im learning my heart out help!4xy-5+5x-4y

    asked by melissa
  102. Algebra

    Megan factored the expression 72x^2-43x+6 as (9x-3)(8x-2). But when Jacob applied the FOIL principle and multiplied out (9x-3)(8x-2), he got72x^2-42x+6; thus, Megan’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Megan to understand this

    asked by Elisa
  103. Amaerican history

    6. Under the _______ system, Spanish conquistadores were rewarded with local villages and control over the local labor force.

    asked by Sarah
  104. Which one makes more sense?

    He and his wife Or His wife and him

    asked by Emma
  105. early childhood education

    your budget allows you to purchase only one math software package for your children ages 5-8.Which one of the following packages would probably be best for this age group? (a) ages 4-7 (b) ages 6-9 (c) ages 7-9 (d) ages 6 and up

    asked by alana
  106. pre-algebra

    Write the equation of this situation: the value,v, in hundreds of dollars of Debbie's coin collection is 10 dollars more than 1/2 of the age, t (in years). Then determine the value of Debbie's coin collection of it is 8 years old. Please show all of your

    asked by cody
  107. Math

    How do you figure the percentage of this question. The vote count for candidate A was 7,310. The vote count for candidate B was 14,190 . Only two candidates were running. What percent of the voters voted for candidate A?

    asked by MyKel
  108. bioethics

    what is law natural law eternal law human positive law what is conscience different kinds of conscience pls need an answer thanks

    asked by joyce
  109. Science

    What happens if you have lack of excerise to the blood flow and your blood Vessels?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Maths

    Find the two digit number such that if you treble it and you take away four times the reverse of that number, the ansswer will be 8.

    asked by Annabella Richards
  111. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight upward (along the y-axis) with an initial velocity of 16 m/s from the top of a building located 20 m above ground. Find the maximum height of the ball. In other words, find the ball's maximum distance from the ground. Be aware

    asked by Promise
  112. chemistry

    write a neutral specie which is isoelectronic chlorides.

    asked by sam

    difinite integral f(x)=8-4ã-3:(X) from x=0 to x=8

    asked by renee

    difinite integral f(x)=2e^x from x=0 to x=ln 3

    asked by renee
  115. algebra


    asked by Agatha
  116. Biology

    You are observing a slide of green cells under the 4X objective. Each cell covers roughly 1/8th of the width of your field of view. How large of a diameter do these cells have? The equation I found is: Size of cell= field diameter/ # of cells that fit

    asked by Kay
  117. English

    Could you please explain to me why the first sentence is wrong? How can I improve it? Obsesses or haunted in sentence 2? Can you please check the rest? 1)As for Shelley's Frankenstein, both Doctor Frankenstein and his creature are complementary: they both

    asked by Henry
  118. algebra

    1. In solving the equation (x + 3)(x + 1) = 48, Eric stated that the solution would be x + 3 = 48 => x = 45 or (x + 1) = 48 => x = 47 However, at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back into the original equation. Why is that?

    asked by Taina
  119. early childhood education

    You will be observed by the director at least once a month for the first three months of your employment. A conference will be scheduled at the end of that time to evaluate your performance. If performance has been satisfactory, the full contract will go

    asked by alana
  120. Algebra

    Determine the approximate maximum distance y=-0.01x2 +0.7x+6.1

    asked by Erin
  121. algebra

    Preview: ... 2y=2 and y=1 are the same line. Part II: Greener Lawns C=$200 + 50h; Lawns for Less C=$300 + 25h 200+50h = 300+25h 25h=100 h=4; both plans cost the same if you use the company for 4 hours. If you use them for less than 4 hours you should go

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Maths

    3 consecutive numbers multiply to 4080. What are the numbers?

    asked by Annabella Richards
  123. us history

    what nonmilitary measures did president kennedy take to counter Soviet influence and to spead democracy around the world? (clashes in the cold war)

    asked by k
  124. HCP 220 (pharmaceutical calculations)

    "If you were compiling a pharmaceutical calculation training manual to assist new pharmacy technicians, what two (2) best practices would you emphasize that you learned in this course? Explain your answer."(-assignment) My question is: I am just wondering

    asked by Corina
  125. public & community health

    Why is it important for public health to have a strategic disaster management plan in place?

    asked by Linda
  126. math

    Yard sale All items priced from .50-2.50 Median Price 2.10 Median Price 1.80

    asked by danny
  127. English

    I left out a few more sentences. 1)Finally, Jekyll and Hyde represent the double side of man's soul. They are the stereotypes of people who are good and evil. As Jekyll has lead a virtuous life, his face is handsome, his hands are white and well-shaped,

    asked by Henry
  128. french

    is it true or false that a qui esta la means whos there

    asked by joshua
  129. psychology

    Do you think someone's literal perception can be influenced by their personal bias?

    asked by Sharon
  130. thermodynamic

    what is the difference between thermodynamics and heat transfer

    asked by mm
  131. Amelia Douglas

    Through an Encyclopedia I figured that Amelia was born at Fort Assiniboine, but on the internet, it says she was born at Fort Churchill, which one is right?

    asked by Emma
  132. Maths

    What is then next number in the sequence? 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, _

    asked by Annabella Richards
  133. Maths

    Mrs Smith pays kate for babysitting by giving her 10 cents for the first-half hour, 20 cents for the second half-hour, 40 cents for the third half-hour etc. How long does she work to earn $12.70?

    asked by Annabella Richards
  134. calculus

    difinite integral f(x)=4-x from x=0 to x=4

    asked by renee
  135. Science

    What are the characteristics of a fuse?! I need help quickly!!!!!!

    asked by Wanuri
  136. English

    When did modern soccer start? - It started in 1863 when ten schools founded the Football Association of England. (In the second sentence, what is the part of speech of 'when'? Is 'when' a relative adverb or a conjunction?)

    asked by rfvv
  137. Public & Community Health

    Why is local and international water assessment necessary to prevent diseases?

    asked by Linda
  138. Math

    How to make a file on cricket match

    asked by Shubham

    difinite integral f(x)=(x^99+x^9+1)dx from x=0 to x=1

    asked by renee
  140. maths

    factorising by grouping.a+(ab+bd)+(ac+cd)

    asked by christina
  141. science

    Based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics, explain how energy flows through your selected ecosystem

    asked by Anonymous
  142. geometry

    find side a if side b is 12in and side c is 18

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Factor (Math)

    Factor by grouping if possible. z^3+3z^2+7z+21

    asked by Taina
  144. pre-algebra

    Find the y- intercept for x+y=5.

    asked by cody
  145. health

    when can you eat tuna after you ate egg?

    asked by confused
  146. Psychology

    Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior textbook. The Cases of Karen Carpenter Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word analysis in which you address the following items: a. Provide a brief overview b. Explain the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components

    asked by Montoney
  147. math

    Solve using the substitution method. Show your work. If the system has no solution or an infinite number of solutions, state this. 8y + 2x = 48 2x = 4y – 12

    asked by Taina

    difinite integral f(x)=1/y^2dy from x=1 to x=4

    asked by renee

    difinite integral f(x)=dx/x from x=1 to x=e

    asked by renee

    difinite integral f(x)=8-4 cube root-3(x) from x=0 to x=8

    asked by renee
  151. math

    From the top of a fence, the angle of depression to a flower on the ground is 72°. The top of the fence is 8 feet above the ground. How far is the flower from the bottom of the fence?

    asked by kenny
  152. Currency Conversion Test Procedure

    Create a set of test inputs and expected results for the Currency Conversion program.

    asked by JoJo03
  153. pre-algebra

    Solve the problem. Please show all of your work. A driveway rises 11 feet over a horizontal distance of 112 feet. Find the slope of the driveway. Round your answer to two decimal places.

    asked by cody
  154. algebra

    how do I solve -8 - (-2)

    asked by Shirley
  155. Science

    Describe the process of purification/extruction of copper ore

    asked by Tendayi
  156. English

    Thank you. Could you check these sentences, please? Are they possible? 1) Unlike Wordsworth's nature, Coleridge's nature (one) is infused with abstract and supernatural meanings. 2) Differing from Wordsworth, Coleridge's nature is viewed as infused with

    asked by Henry
  157. phi 103

    A good way to establish a conclusion as true, or probable, is to (Points : 1) insist that you are correct. construct a strong argument. construct a fallacious argument. ignore any objections to your conclusion.

    asked by Anonymous
  158. maths

    coke cane...thats what i mean

    asked by mellissaa
  159. Physics

    what happens to the index refraction of air as temperature increases?

    asked by sharon
  160. mathematics


    asked by mellissaa
  161. maths


    asked by christina