Questions Asked on
June 14, 2011

  1. physics

    Which of :acceleration,age,speed,temperature,and velocity are vector quantities? Are any of them scalars?

  2. chemistry

    Use the standard reaction enthalpies given below to determine ΔH°rxn for the following reaction: 2 NO(g) + O2(g) → 2 NO2(g), ΔH°rxn = ? Given: N2(g) + O2(g) → 2 NO(g), ΔH°rxn = +183 kJ 1/2 N2(g) + O2(g) → NO2(g), ΔH°rxn = +33 kJ

  3. algebra

    an arrow is shot into the air with an initial velocity of 96 feet per second. the height in feet of the arrow t seconds after it was shot into the air is given by the function h(x)=-16t^2+96t. find the maximum height of the arrow. what is the answer

  4. physics

    What magnitude is not possible when a vector of magnitude 3 is added to a vector of magnitude 4? choices: a.7 b.0 c.3 d.1 e. 5 I don't think its a. or d.

  5. physics

    A certain spaceship has a speed of 18200 mi/hr. What is its speed in light-years/century? A light-year is the distance that light travels in one year with a speed of 186,000 mi/s.

  6. Physics

    A train, initially stationary, has a constant acceleration of 0.5 m/s Squared. A) what is its speed of 15 s? B) What would be the total time it would take to reach a speed of 25 m/s?

  7. Physics

    A child sits on the edge of a spinning merry-go-round that has a radius of 1.5 m. The childs speed is 2 m/s. What is the Child's acceleration?

  8. physics

    If a car completes a 3.8 mi oval track in 69.7 s, what is the average speed? answer in mph Did the car accelerate? (A.yes the direction of the motion changed or B. yes the speed changed or C. no the speed didn't change)

  9. Chemistry

    A particular microwave oven delivers 800 watts. (A watt is a unit of power, which is the joules of energy delivered, or used, per second.) If the oven uses microwave radiation of wavelength 12.2 cm, how many photons of this radiation are required to heat

  10. physics

    A person walks 25m west and then 45m at an angle of 60 degrees north of east. What is the magnitude of the total displacement?

  11. physics

    A golfer takes three putts to get her ball into the hole once she is on the green. Her first putt displaces the ball 71.0 ft north; the second, 6.0 ft, 45 degrees south of east; and the third, 3.0 ft, 45 degrees south of west. What is the magnitude of the

  12. chemistry

    According to the following thermochemical equation, what mass of H2O (in g) must form in order to produce 975 kJ of energy? SiO2(s) + 4 HF(g) → SiF4(g) + 2 H2O(l), ΔH°rxn = -184 kJ

  13. physics

    Suppose that it takes exactly 15.0 hours to drain a container of 6.10 liters of water. What is the flow rate in liters/second?


    A 5.0-kilogram sphere, starting from rest, falls freely 22 meters in 3.0 seconds near the surface of a planet. Compared to the acceleration due to gravity near Earth’s surface, the acceleration due to gravity near the surface of the planet is

  15. science(botany)

    In a cross between AaBBCcDdEeFd and aabbccddeeFF , what is the probability of the offspring resembling the 1st parent phenotypically?

  16. geometry

    A cylinder is inscribed in a cube. If the edge of the cube is 3" long, find the volume of the cylinder.

  17. stats

    The weight of a product is normally distributed with a standard deviation of .8 ounces. What should the average weight be if the production manager wants no more than 1% of the products to weigh more than 7.3 ounces?

  18. physics

    A car travels in a straight line for 3.7h at a constant speed of 63 km/h. What is the acceleration? Answer in m/s^2

  19. Algebra

    Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point. M=4/5, (7,-8) I can totally due the equation y+8=4/5x-28/5 but keep getting the answer wrong. I cannot figure out how subtracting 8 they get the answer y=4/5x-68/5 PLEASE

  20. stats

    A salesperson goes door-to-door in a residential area to demonstrate the use of a new Household appliance to potential customers. She has found from her years of experience that after demonstration, the probability of purchase (long run average) is 0.30.

  21. Calculus

    Let R be the region bounded by y = 1/x, the lime x = 1, the line x = 3 and the x-axis. The line x = k divides R into two regions of equal area. Determine k.

  22. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements is true based on the propositions of the kinetic molecular theory?

  23. Criminology

    what are the policy implications of social development theories? how have these implications been reflected in actual policy, if at all?

  24. Botany

    Choose the correct option: The strongest evidence in favour of DNA as genetic material comes from - 1) Griffith effect 2)Conjugation 3)Taylor's experiment 4)Caim's effect

  25. math calculus

    In the viewing rectangle [-4, 4] by [-20, 20], graph the function f(x) = x3 - 3x and its secant line through the points (-3, -18) and (3, 18). Find the values of the numbers c that satisfy the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem for the interval [-3, 3].

  26. physics

    a body is released from a height and falls freely towards the earth. exactly one sec later another body is released.what is the distance between the two bodies 2sec after the release of the second body. if g=9.8m/s^2.

  27. Math

    Is 1.401 an irrational or rational number?

  28. Literature

    Which one of the following lines best illustrates personification? A. The fog comes on little cat feet B. She floated graceful as a dove C. Spring is a dream unsung D. A narrow wind complains all day

  29. accounting

    Jay Corp. bought a machine for $15,000. The machine is expected to produce 10,000 units. The machine has a residual value of $5,000. Assuming the machine produces 400 units during Year 1, what should the depreciation expense be?

  30. physics

    A car with good tires on a dry road can decelerate at about 5.00m/s^2 when braking. If the car is traveling at 34.0m/s, how long does it take the car to stop under these conditions?

  31. earth science

    of the three "local wind"(land and sea breezes, mountain and valley breezes, and chinook and santa ana winds)which do you think could be most easily harnessed for the generation of electricity by a huge wind farm? some important things to consider:strength

  32. Science

    Why do people suffer extreme withdrawal effects when they stop taking some drugs but mild to no withdrawal when they stop taking other drugs?

  33. american Gov't

    How is political sovereignty shared in a federal system of government?

  34. physical education

    what is physical education????and the terminologies in physical education???

  35. trig

    1. if sin 2A = Psin2B, prove that tan(A+B)/tan(A-B)=P+1/P-1.

  36. Drama

    can we consider breaking the glass menagerie twice in the play of " The Glass Menagerie" by Tennesse William a framing device??

  37. MATH

    Let m be any real number. Then the equation (m+1)^2 x-my-m^2-1=0 is a line. There is a unique point which this line goes through no matter what the value of m is; find the coordinates of this point.

  38. chemistry

    How many grams of HCl must be used to produce 10.0L of chlorine gas at STP? Reaction: 2HCl (g)--->H2 (g)+Cl2 (g)

  39. english

    How is the use of the omniscient narrator similiar and different in each genre?

  40. algebra

    One side of a triangle is 6 meters more than twice the shortest side. The perimeter is 75 meters. Find all three sides.

  41. Science (Chemistry)

    How many significant digits are in the number 63,000.0?

  42. Physics

    A cessna plane flies with a speed of 150km/h relative to the air and points due east. A wind is blowing at a speed of 20km/h at 45 degrees south of east (ie the wind is blowing from the northwest). The resultant veloity of the plane relative to the ground

  43. Physics

    When a high-speed passenger train traveling at 124 km/h rounds a bend, the engineer is shocked to see that a locomotive has improperly entered onto the track from a siding and is a distance D=666 m ahead. The locomotive is moving at 21 km/. The engineer of

  44. physics

    two balls are dropped to the ground from different heights. one ball is dropped 2s after the other but they both strike the ground at the same time, 5s after the first is dropped. what is the difference in height from which they are dropped? from what

  45. physics

    a body is thrown vertically upward return to the earth in 3sec. (a)what was the initial velocity of the body (b)what height did the body reach? neglect the resistance of air.

  46. chemistry

    A 4.98 g sample of aniline (C6H5NH2, molar mass = 93.13 g/mol) was combusted in a bomb calorimeter with a heat capacity of 4.25 kJ/°C. If the temperature rose from 29.5°C to 69.8°C, determine the value of ΔH°comb for aniline.

  47. Derivative Calculus

    I just need my answers checked. 1) Find the derivative. f(x)=3x^5/4 - 8/9x^9/8 + x^2 - 9x + 1 Answer: f’(x)= 15/4x^1/4 - x ^1/8 + 2x -9 2) Let f(x)= 7x^3 - 9x. Find f’(5) Answer: f’(x)=21x^2-9 f’(5)=516 3) Find the given limit by evaluating the

  48. Microsoft Excel

    I need to prepare a table (with appropriate column headings and title) showing the values of the sin(theta), where (theta) has values of 1°,2°,...45°. How do I approach this???? Thank you!

  49. history

    I need help with making an abc book with letters of the alphabet with most Imprtant people or moment. Please help!

  50. physics

    A man leaves his front door, walks 440 m east and 380 m north, stopping at the edge of a cliff. He then takes a penny from his pocket and drops it from the cliff, which is 20 m high. What is the magnitude of the displacement (in meters) of the penny?

  51. Physics

    A man walks 40 m @ 30 degrees N of E, then 70 m @ 60 degrees S of E and finally 20 m @ 45 degrees N of W. What is the displacement of the man?

  52. chem 1151

    a 250.0 mL of solution contains 50.0 mL acetone and 45.0 mL ethyl alcohol and the remainder water. Calculate the % acetone, % ethyl alcohol, and water in the solution. Show calculations.

  53. Criminology

    How has the feminist movement influenced criminology? What negative impact has resulted from feminism, if any?

  54. Botany

    Individuals homozygous for cd genes were crossed with wild type ++ . The F1 dihybrid thus produced was test crossed. It produced progeny in the following ratio - ++ 900, + d115 cd 880, c + 105. What is the distance between c and d genes?

  55. pre-algebra

    Use an inequality to solve the problem. The equation y=0.04x-0.40 can be used to determine the approximate profit,y, in dollars, of producing x items. How many items must be produced so the profit will be at least $1402?

  56. Botany

    In tomato, genotype aabbcc produces 100 gm tomatoes and genotype AABBCC produces 160 gm tomatoes. What is contribution of each polygene in the production of tomatoes?

  57. earth science

    "perhaps more than any other single measurement, atmospheric pressure is the best indicator of current and changing weather conditions." explain and discuss thy this statement is correct. provide some examples (hint: discuss the difference in high and low

  58. history

    who was john ball and his conection to the

  59. History - general phrasing terminology

    I'm a student. Whenever I make a statement of my own accord in an essay should I write 'arguably'? Of course I have evidence but my own conclusions, is that what I use?

  60. English

    I have to design a theme park based on Julius Caesar. I need creative names of what to call this theme park. (NOT Julius Caesar Theme Park)Any ideas would be helpful!

  61. Chemistry

    what is my percent yield if i had 1.46 grams of copper to start with and ended with 2. 47 grams of copper?

  62. life orientation

    ways in you critically discus how life style disease or behaviour impact on the teenager

  63. English

    I am doing a persuasive speech on any topic. This is my speech so far. It has to have 4 points and be 3 mins to 7 mins long. What else could i add to make it more interesting and include the audience more? "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy,

  64. christian counseling

    Hello, in the two books Love and Respect by Eggrichs and Why you do the things you do: The secret to a healthy relationship by Tim Clinton, what are some topics that are used in both books. thanks

  65. Experiment

    The question is how do I design a basic experiment that would allow us to establish a cause-effect relationship between number of hours worked per week and lower college graduation rates? It must have these components: a manupulated independent variable, a

  66. math

    What is the interest owed if the principle is 56,950. at 11 4/5 % interest for 155 days, using the 365 day calendar?

  67. Computer Science

    How do you obtain a tcsh shell login on mac?

  68. ECE 430

    Choose the pair of words/phrases among the choices that exhibits the same logical relationship as the words/phrases in the following pair. heavy : weight (Points : 1)

  69. bio1

    What does it take to be a living organism?

  70. Grammar

    Hi Do I say: Berry production affected more than fifteen families or Berry production effected more than fifteen families Thanks ps. when do I use which? I'm confused.

  71. Math

    E08twelve - ? = 9twelve

  72. physics

    Energy can be stored in these- until you let them go! It is 7 letters and the 5th letter is 'n'

  73. English

    What is the origin of 'couch potato'? Does it mean a potato on a couch? Why has it become a person who spends a lot of time sitting and watching TV?

  74. social studies

    Battle of Chanellorsville 1863....of all the battles fought by Robert E. Lee through 1863, this battle was his most impressive I correct ?

  75. Social Studies PLease Help

    Today is Flag Day. Instead of stars and stripes, a maple leaf, or the Union Jack, what would you like to see depicted on your country’s flag?

  76. social studies

    Was there an opportunity for the confederates to win during any day of Gettysburgh ? How could the South have won ??

  77. MATH gr10

    were having an exam soon, can you list all the formulas needed..pls? i might've missed some, i just want to make shure.

  78. Drama

    what are the literay techniques found in a play, a novel, a short story or a poem ?

  79. Literature

    if you consider the call of the wild to be and allegory, which one of the following statements would be true?

  80. sociology

    would baby boomers be old old, middle old, or newly old?

  81. Art

    HOw did different sculpture movements, reflect the development of sculpture inthe 20th century

  82. art

    How the culture of the 20th century influenced the styles of sculpture

  83. world history

    Civilizations in the Americas and sub-Saharan Africa were isolated from Eurasia mostly because of?

  84. Maths

    what is the answer to this question? Indefinite Integrals fct) = 14 sin (7) + 5e ^ - 15t

  85. government

    A __________ defines the decision-making rules for a nation, thus limiting what a government can and cannot do.

  86. chemistry

    When magnesium is burnt completely in air the totol mass of the product was found to be grater than the original mass of the piece of magnesium.explain

  87. American Government

    Please Check = is the answer I selected. 1. In _____ countries, a single authoritarian party usually controls the political system, and the government owns most property and directs the majority of economic activity. A.) mercantilist B.)feudal C.)

  88. Politics poll

    I am taking a poll on politices. So could I get some opinions please? When you hear the word politics, what comes to mind instead of looking the answer up?

  89. PSY/300

    What is the difference between scientific disipline and casual observation?

  90. chemistry

    Can you please explain the buffer system used in buffered aspirin? For example, what is the chemical formula of the buffer that is used? How does it react with the aspirin?

  91. History reflections URGENT

    HELP! Trying to find information on Michael Kaznelson author of Remembering the Soviet State: Kulak Children and Dekulakisation. This is urgent so thanks for all your help.

  92. math

    what is the answer to 4 1/4= 3 ?/4

  93. Chemistry

    Please help me verify the following question: Consider the following ion; XF2-2 What is the oxidation number assigned to element “X”? Show your work My answer: X F2-2 X -1(-1) X -3=0 X = +3 Please let me know if right. Many thanks!

  94. Math

    An amusement park purchased equipment from a manufacturer for a list price of $42,000, minus trade discounts of 30/20/15. Calculate the amount of the trade discount on the purchase.

  95. pre-algebra

    Angel M and Angel N are supplementary angles. If Angel M is nine more than one half Angel N, what are the measures of the angels?

  96. microeconomics

    7. For each of the following situations, decide whether the bundle Lakshani is thinking about consuming is optimal or not. If it is not optimal, how could Lakshani improve her overall level of utility? That is, determine which good she should spend more on

  97. pre-algebra

    Translate the following situation into an equation. Do not solve. There are seven less than twice the marbles in Tim's box as there are in Amelia's box. Chris has six more marbles than Amelia. How many marbles does Amelia have if together the three of them

  98. chemistry

    with contact process how much reactant would be needed to produce 1-kg of the main product.

  99. pre-algebra

    Translate the following into an inequality. Do not solve. Profits in the second quarter for a local retailer were all 112% of that in the first quarter. Profits in the third quarter were 87% of that in the first quarter. The profits for the three

  100. grammar

    i am having a hard time figuring out the adverbs and adjectives in my paragraph, can anyone help me with this? A few years ago, I had filled out an application for a credit card from capital one. I was accetped and given a spending limit of 300 dollars. I

  101. Geogia Perimeter

    How does healthy people 2020 address public health issues

  102. Chemistry

    Following question I need help with part b) Please verify my answer for part a) too if possible. Consider the following reaction for silver tarnishing: 3Ag2S(s) + 2Al(s) -> 6Ag(s) + Al2S3(s) a. State the oxidation number for each element in the reaction.

  103. Math

    A triangle is placed in a semicircle with a radius of 3cm, as shown below. Find the area of the shaded region. Use the value for 3.14, and do not round your answer. Be sure to include the correct unit in your answer.

  104. algebra

    Perform the indicated operations and simplify. y-4/y-9 - y+1/y+9 + y-99/y^2-81

  105. pre-algebra

    Sam has no more than $250 to spend on ceramic tile for his foyer. The rectangular floor in his foyer is 5ft. by 8ft. What can he spend per square foot on ceramic?

  106. Georgia Perimeter

    What is the definitions of health promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance.

  107. Georgia Perimeter

    What are the essential components of public health nursing.

  108. Amelia Douglas

    I am doing a biography on Amelia Douglas. But I am having a hard time starting it out. I had it as ...Amelia Douglas was born... But How can I make it more interesting? A few Points about her -She was a Metis -country wife -Influenced development of

  109. pre-algebra

    Linda would like to hire a clown to perform at her son's birthday party. Clown city charges $100 for incidentals plus $30 per hour for hiring a clown to perform. Party performers charges $120 for incidentals plus $25 per hour. How many hours would Linda

  110. math

    How can you determine the starting point (y-intercept) of a linear model?

  111. social studies

    What MAJOR cultural contributions has Germany made to the American People?

  112. stats

    a door to door sales person for a household appliance has learned from her past experience that out of 10 demonstrations of her appliaance only 4 result in actual sales. This week she needs to make at least 5 sales. At least how many demonstrations does

  113. stats

    a door to door sales person for a household appliance has learned from her past experience that out of 10 demonstrations of her appliaance only 4 result in actual sales. This week she needs to make at least 5 sales. At least how many demonstrations does

  114. stats

    a door to door sales person for a household appliance has learned from her past experience that out of 10 demonstrations of her appliaance only 4 result in actual sales. This week she needs to make at least 5 sales. At least how many demonstrations does

  115. Chemistry

    the equation of the line for a graph of voltage versus log[Cu2+] was y= - 0.0179x - 0.0015. The voltage of a solution with an unknown [Cu2+] was measured against the same reference cell, under the same conditions; the voltage was found to be 0.012 V.

  116. Math

    can please check my answer: Q. 500 individuals tested a new biometric security system that will be used to verify that people attempting to enter a site are authorised to do so. 200 of the testers were authorised users and 300 were not. At one particular

  117. Chemistry

    The term degeneracy means the number of different quantum states of an atom or molecule having the same energy. For example, the degeneracy of the n = 2 level of the hydrogen atom is 4 (a 2s quantum state, and three different 2p states). What is the

  118. english

    STATEMENT WRITING You were at home when you heard your neighbour's alarm go off. When you looked out of the window, you found someone running away. Later on, you learnt the jewelleries have been stolen. You have been asked to write a statement for the

  119. social studies

    Here I'm really upset with all this....New question..I need something to guide me...How did the changing command situation of the Army of the Potomac influence Gettysburg ? Also, did the elevation of George Gordon Meade make the Union victory

  120. statistics

    1) A group of scientists created 150 trials to measure whether electric shock treatment could cure paranoid delusions. Of these trials, 52 were successful. Find the margin of error E that corresponds to a 95% confidence level. The critical value for 95%

  121. physics

    a mass (m=2.00kg) is traveling at an initial speed of 18.0m/s. find the force needed to bring the mass to rest in a distance of 45.0m----what equation to use??

  122. math

    Which two is true as i'm confused A) 3+7 ß 10 mod 15 17 + 9 ß 4 mod 21 12 + 14 ß 0 mod 26 B) 4+11 ß 2 mod 13 9+7 ß 4 mod 12 13 + 13 ß 1 mod 25 C) 5+9 ß 4 mod 10 16 + 13 ß 3 mod 26 12 + 7 ß 6 mod 14 d)2+7 ß 9 mod 15 15 + 15

  123. Stats

    2) Find the minimum sample size that should be chosen to assure that the proportion estimate p will be within the required margin of error, .06. Use a 95% confidence interval and a population proportion of .7. The critical value for a 95% confidence level

  124. statistics

    3) Find the test statistic for the following proportion: A collection of 500 randomly selected teachers revealed that 61% felt that all students should be required to take algebra in high school.

  125. math

    ((media.apexlearning[dot]com/Images/200706/18/c57fe191-1eb3-40c9-9b92-b10afad323f5.gif)) (above is the graph replace dot with .) The lines graphed below are perpendicular. The slope of the red line is 4. What is the slope of the green line?

  126. statistics

    Employees in a large computer firm claim that the mean salary of the firm’s programmers is less than that of its competitors. The competitor’s salary is $47,000. A random sample of 30 of the firm’s programmers has a mean salary of $46,500 with a

  127. Life orientation

    What are two institution that are involed in supporting or giving redress to these disasters.

  128. Physics

    A 2000kg car begins from rest and rolls 50.0m down a frictionless 10 degrees incline. If there is a horizontal spring at the end of the incline, what spring constant is required to stop the car in a distance of 1.00m?

  129. english

    2 or 3 paragraphs on murder in paris

  130. physics

    A man walks from point A and B and back to A.What is his displacement?

  131. math


  132. calculus

    Differentiate. sqrt((6x^2 + 5x + 1)^3)

  133. chem

    Convert 7.00 pint to milliliters

  134. physics

    An object accelerates from 5.0 m/s to 100m/s. If the object traveled 250 m during this time, what was the acceleration?

  135. physics

    monochromatic light of wavelength λ=800nm illuminates normally a thin liquid film with nf =4/3 and t=500nm lying on a glass of refractive index n=2.5 The liquids refractive index can be continuously increased up to some limiting value by applying a

  136. physics

    A car is driven east for a distance of 88 km, then north for 28 km, then in a direction 30 degrees east of north for 25 km. Determine the magnitude of the displacement (in kilometers) of the car from its starting point. thanks!

  137. Physics

    A car starting from rest, accelerates at 5.0 m/s^2 fpr an unknown time interval. If the car travels 250 m in the acceleration period, what is the time interval?

  138. Algebra

    write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel to the given line (2,-4); 8x-3y=2 the equation of the line is y=

  139. reading

    Examine the evidence of the Earth's shape. The sharp horizon at first suggests a flat Earth with an edge. But as you walk toward the horizon, the "edge" recedes ahead of you, implying that the Earth's surface is curved. Look also at a ship sailing out to

  140. English

    1. Soccer was a regular subject in many public schools in England in the early 1800s. These schools developed their own rules, which were different from school to school. 2. Soccer was a regular subject in many public schools in England in the early 1800s.

  141. Chemistry

    Each molecule of NO2, nitrogen dioxide, consists of 1 atom of N and 2 atoms of O. If you have 0.155 g. of NO2, how many molecules of NO2 do you have ? If you could, please include steps as to how to do the problem. Thank you

  142. physics

    After driving 20.0 km west, a car turns southwest and proceeds another 50.0 km. What is the displacement (in kilometers) of the car from the point of origin (magnitude only)?

  143. math

    A certain diet requires at least 60 units of carbohydrates, 45 units of protein, and 30 units of fat each day. Each ounce of Supplement A provides 5 units of carbohydrates, 3 units of protein, and 4 units of fat. Each ounce of Supplement B provides 2 units

  144. math

    A 26’ long painting is how many yards long?

  145. physics

    I really don't know it

  146. statistics

    For a population that has a standard deviation of 10, figure the standard deviation of the distribution of means for samples of size 3.

  147. Science 30

    A step-up transformer has a coil with 100 turns and a coil with 10000 turns. If the input voltage is 12.0 kV, the input current is 10.0 A, and the output voltage is 1200 kV, then what is the output current

  148. Quick Help--Title Page

    Okay I am creating A Title page for Amelia Douglas, and since she's a Metis, I wanted to paste a Metis flag somewhere on the page, but as I searched for a Metis flag on Google, 2 different colored flags came up, one was blue and one was red. I read about

  149. MATH

    what is the period of the graph f(x)=3secantx

  150. Title Page Amelia Douglas

    Could you give me some links to other pictures I could add to the title page, so far I only have a picture of Amelia Douglas in the middle.

  151. Experiment

    I want to design a basic experiment that would allow establishing a cause-effect relationship between number of hours worked per week and lower college graduation rates.

  152. Calculus

    A car passes by a certain point at t = 0 hours heading east at 40 miles/hour. At t = 1 hour, another car passes by the same point heading north at 50 miles/hour. Which of the following functions equals the distance L (in miles) between the two cars as a

  153. sociolgy

    Can someone restate this question for me I don't get it at all What does the research on children reared in isolation indicate about the effects of the cultural environment on social and psychological development?

  154. SCI207 Depencdence of Man

    Air pollution often originates in one state or country but causes health and crop damage in other areas. For example, mercury from Midwestern power plants is harming plants, water, and health in eastern states. How should states, or countries, negotiate

  155. math

    how do you solve -4

  156. Amelia Douglas

    Was wondering what achievements Amelia Douglas made, because all it says about her was that she was kind to everyone around her, and she even nursed woman who were pregant and were having problems giving birth to children, I couldn't find anything else. I

  157. math

    how do you solve -4

  158. calculus

    Differentiate. sqrt((6x^2 + 5x + 1)^3)

  159. history

    who was john ball and his connection to the peasants data (1381)....

  160. Chemistry

    Part 1: Each molecule of NO2, nitrogen dioxide, consists of 1 atom of N and 2 atoms of O. If you have 0.155 g. of NO2, how many molecules of NO2 do you have ? 2030000000000000000000 was the correct answer Part 2: How many atoms of N do you have ?

  161. Experiment

    the experiment that would allow establishing cause-effect relationship between number of hours worked per week and lower college graduation rates has to have these components: a manipulated independent variable, a dependent variable, control for extraneous

  162. science(Botany)

    In a random mating population of 100000 individuals, the frequency of the recessive allele is 0.4 , How many individuals will have pure dominant phenotype?

  163. botany

    In a random mating population of 100000 individuals, the frequency of the recessive allele is 0.4 , how many individuals will have the dominant phenotype?

  164. pre-algebra

    Use an inequality to solve the problem. A shopkeeper is making a triangular sign for his store front, but he must keep the sign under 20 square feet to adhere to the zoning laws. If the base of the sign is 20 feet, what is the maximum height of the

  165. English

    In addition, Pele is the only player that has been on three World Cup winning teams. (Why is 'has been' used? Can't we use ' was' instead of 'has been'?)

  166. history

    what was the period of time after the roman empire called?

  167. English

    To solve this problem, ten schools founded the Football Association of England and made a set of standard rules in 1863. That was the year when moden soccer started. (What does 'that' refer to in the last sentence? Does 'that' refer to '1863' or the

  168. Botany

    If gene frequency between genes a & c is 2%, b & c is 13%, b & d is 4%, a & b is 15%, c & d is 17% and a & d is 19%, What will be the sequence of these genes in a chromosome?

  169. Math

    If Brad invests $2700 in an account paying 11% compounded quarterly. How much is in the account after 6 months?

  170. Chemistry

    Part 1: Each molecule of NO2, nitrogen dioxide, consists of 1 atom of N and 2 atoms of O. If you have 0.155 g. of NO2, how many molecules of NO2 do you have ? 0.155gx46.0 = moles moles x 6.02 E23 = answer Part 1 Answer: 2030000000000000000000 Part 2: How