Questions Asked on
May 31, 2011

  1. physics ---- really dnt get this at all

    A total charge of 25 mC passes through a cross-sectional area of a nichrome wire in 10 s. How many electrons pass through the cross-sectional area in 16 s? Choose one answer. a. 2.5 x 1017 electrons b. 2.5 x 1019 electrons c. 2.5 x 1016 electrons d. 2.5 x

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  2. physics

    A total charge of 25 mC passes through a cross-sectional area of a nichrome wire in 10 s. What is the current in the wire? Choose one answer. a. 2.5 A b. 2.5 mA c. 25 mA d. 2.5 µA

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  3. Chemistry

    Balance the equation in aqueous basic solution: NO2-(aq) + Al(s) → NH3(aq) + AlO2-(aq) I know how to balance equations in acidic solutions, but I get lost doing the basic one, please help?

    asked by Jessie
  4. Math

    How can I prove this identity? (1 + sinØ + cosØ):(1 - sinØ + cosØ) = (1 + sinØ) : cosØ

    asked by Lucia
  5. Chemistry

    The volume of a sample of oxygen is 300.0mL when the pressure is 1.00 atm and the temperature is 27.0 degrees C. At what temperature is the volume 1.00 L and the pressure 0.500 atm?

    asked by Kaitlin
  6. Math

    How many ways can a person select 3 movies to rent from the top ten rentals? Arrange them into a triple feature?

    asked by Emma
  7. history

    In his famous sermon of 1095, Pope Urban II saw Christian Europe as A. only a small part of Europe and an even smaller part of the larger world. B. being evenly divided among Europe, Africa, and Asia. C. a military and economic powerhouse that had always

    asked by bob
  8. Economics

    Concern about international crisis has caused consumers to save their money and postpone big purchases. What is the effect on aggregate demand and aggregate supply? A. No change B. Aggregate supply will decrease, raising the price level and lowering real

    asked by Codey
  9. Geometry CA

    24. Which pair of triangles, if any, can be proven congruent by the ASA Postulate? 25. Which of the following can you use to prove the triangles congruent? If the triangles cannot be proven congruent, select not possible. 26. Which of the following can you

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    How many terminal zeros are at the end of (20!)?

    asked by Joe
  11. global history

    the wealth that enabled the Italian city-states to lead in the development of Renaissance arts was derived mainly from? a)the quantities of gold and silver brought back to Italian explorers b)concentration of riches in the hands of the king and his court

    asked by Erica
  12. Economics

    21. How do fears of future economic problems affect GDP? A. Businesses will invest more money in the short term to ensure higher profits in the future; GDP will be pushed up. B. Consumers will spend more money in the short term to prevent future economic

    asked by Codey
  13. calculus 2

    Six and one-half foot-pounds of work is required to compress a spring 3 inches from its natural length. Find the work required to compress the spring an additional one-half inch.

    asked by brittney
  14. English

    can someone overlook my answers to help with the questions that are wrong at let me know which ones are right. Bold = my answers I chose (right) Wind can create alterations in the surface layers of rock. Wind Is one cause of erosion. Which of these

    asked by Nadia
  15. gr 10 math

    Solve using the quadratic formula. a) x^2 - 7x + 12 = 0 a = 1 b = -7 x = -b +/- the sr of b^2 - 4ac /2a 7 +/- the sr of -7^2 - 4(1)(12) /2a 7 +/- the sr of -49 - 48 /2a 7 +/- the sr of -97 /2a 7 +/- 97 /2a -90/2=-45 -104/2= 54 The roots are -45 and 54. did

    asked by Rebecca
  16. chem

    In an equilibrium mixture of HCl, Cl2 and H2, the partial pressure of H2 is 4.2 mPa and that of Cl2 is 8.3 mPa. What is the partial pressure of HCl at 500 oK given that at that temperature Kp = 4.0 x 1018 for H2(g)+ Cl2(g)--> 2HCl(g)

    asked by jj
  17. Economics

    9. During the 1990's the inflation and unemployment trends in the United States changed. What was unusual in the 1990s? A. Unemployment reached very high levels but inflation fell to less than five percent B. although inflation remained at less than three

    asked by Codey
  18. Chemistry

    Given the equilibrium: CO + 2H2 = CH3OH H=-18.0kJ How will the concentration of CO at equilibrium be affected by the following? a) Adding more CH3OH b) Removing some H2 c) Reducing the temperature. I don't understand how i'm supposed to figure these out..

    asked by Amber
  19. richmond

    The division between Shia and Sunni Muslims originally arose over

    asked by jerick
  20. Calculus

    Work of 1 joules is done in stretching a spring from its natural length to 14 cm beyond its natural length. What is the force (in newtons) that holds the spring stretched at the same distance (14 cm)?

    asked by Kim
  21. health

    The main purpose of a peer review committee is to A. collect and prepare information to be submitted to the NPDB. B. establish procedures for confidentiality of incident reports. C. identify activities that suggest guidelines aren't being followed. D.

    asked by jim
  22. statistics

    if a test has a mean of 75, with a standard deviation of 11, what % of students scored an A (90 or higher)?

    asked by cathy
  23. math

    The time required to finish a test in normally distributed with a mean of 80 minutes and a standard deviation of 15 minutes. What is the probability that a student chosen at random will finish the test in more than 110 minutes?

    asked by chelsa
  24. math

    John said that he had been working for the highway department for about 9.75 years. Which of the following could be the actual amount of time, in years, that John had been working for the highway department. f) 9.25 g) 9.35 h) 9.65 i) 9.95

    asked by Sara
  25. math

    Factor completely and then place the factors in the proper location on the grid. 4n2 + 28n + 49

    asked by vishal
  26. Economics

    12. The main economic variables that affect business cycles include all the following EXCEPT. A. Interest rates B. External Events C. Personal Savings levels D. Business investments levels

    asked by Adelle
  27. Gr10 math

    A rectangular lawn measuring 8m by 4m is surrounded by a flower bed of uniform width. The combined area of the lawn and the flower bed is 165m^2. What is the width of the flower bed?

    asked by Rebecca
  28. Math

    A chemistry teacher needs 2.5 liters of a sulfuric acid solution that is 20% sulfuric acid and 80% water . He has 2 liters of a 15% sulfuric acid solutionleft over from earlier laboratory exercises. He also has 44 liters of a 50% solution. Let x represent

    asked by Paul
  29. algebra

    Use the pythagorean Theorem to find the missing side length when a=12 and c=13

    asked by danielle
  30. Math

    If Brittany has a 49.7% grade average then for her final exam that is worth 20% of the grade and she gets a 90% what would her final grade be?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. physics

    A student in the front row of a concert is at a distance of 2 m from the speaker. They hear the sound at 140dB. What is the sound intensity if the student walks 20 m away. What is the sound intensity at 2 m if there are 100 speakers at the same level at

    asked by marinana
  32. Chemistry

    How will the equilibrium: Heat energy + CH4 + 2H2S = CS2 + 4H2 be affected by the following? a) A decrease in temperature? b) The addition of H2 c) The removal of some CH4 d) An increase in the volume of the container e) The addiotion of a catalyst. i know

    asked by Lina
  33. Math

    A pyramid is inscribed in a cube whose volume is 52(pi) cm^3. The volume of a sphere is equal to the volume of this pyramid. Find the volume of a second cube whose edge is equal to the radius of the sphere.

    asked by Joe
  34. angles

    one angle of an isosceles triangle is 40 degrees. what are the two possible sizes for the larger angle(s) in this triangle?

    asked by montana
  35. Criminology

    what implications do psychological theories of criminal behavior have for public policy?

    asked by Stacy
  36. chemistry

    A radium-226 sample initially contains 0.112mol. How much radium-226 is left in the sample after 6400 years. The half-life of radium-226 is 1600 years.

    asked by Gaby
  37. Enviromental Science

    It is true that ______ a) few plants grow well around water b) plants are better able to seek water than are animals c) water covers about 95% of the plants d) the amount of water in the enivronment limits the kinds of organisms that can live there e)

    asked by Joey
  38. probability and statistics I NEED HELP

    A six-sided die is rolled 20 times and a 5 is rolled 9 times. a) State a null and alternative hypothesis for the die being fair. b) Can the null hypothesis be rejected at the .01 significance level?

    asked by Julie
  39. geometry

    A rectangular pizza has a width of 5 in. and a length of 10 in. The pizza is cut into 8 congruent triangular slices. What is the perimeter of one slice of pizza to the nearest inch?

    asked by hallie
  40. gr10 math

    The length of a rectangle is 2cm more than the width. The area is 24cm^2. What are the dimensions of the rectangle? Let x be the width. Let x +2 be the the length. A = lw 24cm^2 = (x+2)x 24cm^2= x^2 + 2x 24cm^2 + x^2 = 2x 25cm^2 = 2x 25cm^2 /2 = 2x /2

    asked by Rebecca
  41. gr 10 math

    Solve by factoring. a) x^2 + 3x - 28 = 0 (x+7)(x-4) d)x^2 + 8x + 16 = 0 (x+4)(x+4) f)9x^2 - 4 = 0 i)8k^2 - 3k = 0 k)x^2/6 - x + 4/3 = 0 did i do a and d right? Can you show me how to solve the rest?

    asked by Rebecca
  42. gr10 math

    The playing surface in the game of curling is a rectangular sheet of ice with an area of about 225 m^2. The width is about 40m less than the length. Find the approximate dimensions of the playing surface. How would i solve this?

    asked by Rebecca
  43. Questions

    Are my Louis Riel Summation Answers still not good?

    asked by Emma
  44. physics

    What is speed of light in air

    asked by Sostine
  45. philosophy

    Identify a view you have-whether on politics, religion, science, culture, or even the media and entertainment-that might be regarded as being related to philsophy. What kind of reason do you have for holding that belief? What figure from the history of

    asked by nicole
  46. Gr10 math

    Solve using the quadratic formula. Express answers as exact roots and as approximate roots, to the nearest hundredth. b) k^2 - 9k = 1 c) 8w^2 = 2 - 3w Solve to the nearest hundredth. b) 1.2x^2 + 0.5x - 0.3 = 0

    asked by Rebecca
  47. english

    what can i do to be a better learner in my english class

    asked by chiquita
  48. Basic Math

    I cannot figure this one out 12x+13y(12+6). Please help!

    asked by Kenny
  49. English

    I got the question on corruption in the play hamlet for homework. I wonder should I focus on the Danish court in general (for example the way Hamlet refers to the world around him as 'an unweeded garden' or containing 'things rank and gross in nature', the

    asked by Viola
  50. chemistry

    An aluminium can contains ferrous sulphate solution. It is observed that after a few days it develops holes in it. Explain the observation and write the chemical equation for it.

    asked by riya
  51. arithmetic

    Math, given 81 x y and 3 in a.p. Find the values of x and y

    asked by Papie
  52. FRENCH

    1. Quelles corvées est-ce que tu dois faire chez toi? Je dois faire la vaiselle, passer l'aspirateur, et sort la poubelle chez moi. 2. Quelles corvées est-ce que tu n'aimes pas du tout faire? Les corvées je n'aime pas du tout faire sont: changer mes

    asked by Sydney
  53. Math

    At football practice, players do a 20-minute warm-up before starting their practice drills. After the practice drills, they do a 10-minute cool-down. The expression 20+d+10 describes the length of practice, where d is the number of minutes the practice

    asked by Bella
  54. Chemistry 12

    Why doesn't stirring not affect solution equilibrium??

    asked by Amber
  55. com/220

    Need a thesis and a full sentence outline. Original thesis is to long. I am doing a paper on wiki leaks, I have information on Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. I need it by this afternoon if possible.I would like to make my argument why leak important

    asked by Brenda
  56. literature-drama

    One difference between tragedy and comedy is that tragedy A. uses supernatural elements. B. usually features an extraordinary hero. C. makes us laugh at ourselves, not others. D. uses metaphor and analogy to make its point.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math-light

    An object 5 millimeters high is located 15 millimeters in front of a plane mirror. How far from the mirror is the image located? A. 5.0 millimeters B. 7.5 millimeters C. 15 millimeters D. 30 millimeters

    asked by Anonymous
  58. life-orientation

    What are 5 ways in which hiv and aids impacts on the community

    asked by kabelo malepa
  59. Chemistry

    A rigid container at 300kPa is heated to a new temerature of 30 degrees celcius and a new pressure of 350kPa what is the intial temperature

    asked by Jackie
  60. Chemistry

    a piece of copper at 120 degrees celsius has exactly twice the mass of another piece of copper at 40 degrees celsius. The two pieces are brought together and allowed to reach equilibrium. What is the final temperature.

    asked by Adam
  61. Economics

    22. An economy that experiences decreasing real GDP and increasing prices is said to suffer from? A. recession B. depression C. a business cycle D. stagflation

    asked by Codey
  62. gr10 math

    The area of the front cover of a daily journal is 273cm^2. , and the length is 8cm greater than the width. What are the dimensions of the cover?

    asked by Rebecca
  63. Algebra

    Solve by factoring. 2x^4 + x^2 = 1

    asked by Robo
  64. poetry

    Figures of speech in Gwendolyn Brooks Poem Medgar Evers?

    asked by Raven
  65. math

    A motorcycle leaves Colorado Springs traveling north at an average speed of 47 miles per hour. One hour later, a car leaves Colorado Springs traveling south at an average speed of 54 miles per hour. How long after the motor cycle leaves will it take until

    asked by elaine
  66. earth

    if a person's mass is 50 kilograms approximately how much force is exerted on the person at earth surface

    asked by force
  67. trig

    find an angle between 0 and & 2 pi that is coterminal with - 11 over 24 pi

    asked by Sage
  68. Chemistry

    23.7 grams of glucose(C6H12O6) are added to water to give a 246 ml of solution. what is the Molarity

    asked by Jackie
  69. math

    A cable 40 feet long is cut into three pieces so the length of the second piece is 4 times the length of the first piece, and the third piece is five more than twice as long as the first piece. Find the length of the pieces.

    asked by elaine
  70. chem help!!

    The following equilibrium concentrations were observed for the Haber process at 127 oC: [NH3] = 3.1 x 10-2 mol L-1 [N2] = 8.5 x 10-1 mol [H2] = 3.1 x 10-3 mol Calculate the value of K at 127 oC for this reaction

    asked by xx
  71. algebra

    Essay; show all work. Bob’s Barber Shop estimates their gross revenue for the second quarter to be given by the polynomial 2x3 – 3x2 + 7x – 1. The shop estimates their costs for that quarter to be given by x2 + 4x + 2. For the second quarter, find

    asked by joel
  72. PHY

    Ok..I think I know the answer, but I have not been able to find it anywhere... An electrical field is best described as A)fact B)hypothesis C)theory I think its a theory, but I would appreciate any help! Thank you.

    asked by reem
  73. algebra

    Essay; show all work. Consider that the age, x, of a unicorn in human equivalent years can be given by the formula f(x) = - 0.001518x4 + 0.097326x3 – 1.3367x2 + 12.46x + 2.914. When a unicorn is 2.5 years old, what is its age in human equivalent years?

    asked by joel
  74. Marketing

    For this activity, consider one of the products below that you are familiar with. Think about how this product is marketed and write and essay describing it terms of each of the marketing mix elements (product, distribution, price, and promotion). You will

    asked by Rose
  75. Finance

    calculate of EPS and retained earning: year ended2009 with a net profit before taxes of $218000. the company is subject to a 40% tax rate and must pay $32000 in preferred stock dividend before distributing any earning on the 85000 share of common stock

    asked by sweety
  76. GMAT Algebra (NO CALC)

    It's been a few years since I've done algebra, and many more since we've been expected to do it without a calculator like the GMAT rules state. Please help me figure out these two problems without the use of a calculator. 1. __________________ √(16)(20)

    asked by John

    A 2400 watt appliance operating at 10 amps has most nearly_____ ohms resistance. A) 24 B) 0.5 C) 5 D) 240 E) need more info I tried to find a formula to use, but i don't know which one to use. Thank you.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. PHY [non-calc]

    Resistors R1= 10ohms, R2= 40 ohms and R3= 70 ohms are connected in series. The total resistance in ohms of this combination is: A)0 B)120 C)28000 D) not enough info

    asked by alice
  79. math

    if m+2/5=1/2If , then which of the following is true? 2m + 4 = 5 m + 2 = 2 2m + 2 = 5 m + 4 = 6

    asked by Daniel
  80. PHY

    An electron that is released from the rest in a uniform electric field of 30 N/C experiences a voltage change of 60 volts as the electron moves ____ m in the field. a. 5 b. 2 c. 3 d. 0 e. 10 f. 0.4 g. 30

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Chemistry

    A 0.400 gram sample of white powder contains 0.141 of potassium, 0.115 grams of sulfur, and 0.144 grams of oxygen. what is the empirical formula?

    asked by Kyle
  82. physics

    An 80.9 kg astronaut is taking a space walk to work on the engines of his ship, which is drifting through space with a constant velocity. The astronaut, wishing to get a better view of the Universe, pushes against the ship and much later finds himself 30.3

    asked by jojo
  83. Math

    determine the first 4 terms of the sequence tn=-n^2+7

    asked by Tori
  84. Fractions

    Which fraction is the largest? 5/3, 8/9, 3/2, 7/4

    asked by Lae
  85. algebra

    x=3-3y x+3y=-6 need to find the graph points

    asked by me
  86. Devry

    What are the top leading software in medical billing today?

    asked by skylian
  87. physical

    Awheel increases its speed from 45 revolutions per minute to 90 revolutione per minute in 30 seconds.find angular acceralation of the wheel and number of revolution made by this wheel in this 30 seconds.

    asked by Sostine
  88. physics

    The charge (in coulombs) on an object increases according to (q)=(2 coul)e^[0.05/sec)(t)], where t is in seconds. How many seconds is the object deficient 1.56x10^20 electrons (from neutral)? 0, 12.56, 21.94, 41.21, 28.0, 50.5, 65.90, 105.00, 874.00,

    asked by debbie
  89. physical

    Afly wheel is making 180 rev/min and after 20s,its running at 120 rev/ many rev will it make and what time would ellapse before it stops. If the retartation is uniform

    asked by Sostine
  90. physical

    Calculate the time taken for atrain to travel 1000m.if its initial speed 30m/s and has constant acceralation of 0.1m/s^2.

    asked by Sostine
  91. physical

    Aman of 65kg jumps in aswimming from atower of height 19.6m.he was found to go down in water by 2m and started raising up.find the average resistance in water?

    asked by Sostine
  92. Mechanical science

    Aman of 65kg jumps in aswimming from atower of height 19.6m.he was found to go down in water by 2m and started raising up.find the average resistance in water?

    asked by Sostine
  93. AP World History Please Help

    Describe the development of the Chinese state and its political institutions. I really need help with this can somebody explain this to me.

    asked by Nina
  94. chemistry

    why the thermal stability decreases across the period in s-block elements ?

    asked by meme

    The project i have to do is for art. Well basically i need to think of a yellow page advertisement design. As with all advertising, the ads must be clearly present all important information about the business. the as must have: the name company the type of

    asked by KATHY >> PLEASE HELP
  96. physical science

    What is the kinetic energy of a 27 kg dog that is running at a speed of 8.3 m/s (about 19 mi/h

    asked by t
  97. Math

    how do you solve a linear system. 7. x-y=8 x+y=-2

    asked by Christina
  98. excel graphing

    In column F (cell ranges F5:F16), use an appropriate formula to calculate the percentage of the grand total for each type of office supply. Format the results in the Percentage style. If necessary, decrease the decimal places to round the results to the

    asked by kayla
  99. physics

    A charge of 4x10^(-3) coulombs exerts a force of 2,880 Nt on charge q2 at a distance of 0.461 m. The size of q2 is most nearly____ A- 0.017 mC B- 0.032 mC C- o.32 mC D- 3.2 mC E- 0.025 uC F- 0.050 uC g- 2.17 C

    asked by Sam
  100. earth

    if you are in a spacecraft moving away from earth, how would your weight change as your distance from earth increases?

    asked by deanna
  101. math

    In how many Sara can you arrange 4 books on a shelf.

    asked by Anonymous
  102. English

    Can you please check this short letter of enquiry, please? 1) My husband and I are looking for a double room plus an extra bed for my six-year-old child for 14 nights from 4 July to 18 July. 2) In particular, we would like to know your rates in half board

    asked by Henry1
  103. microeconomics

    TRUE OR FALSE: 9. Assume that the Minimum Wage has increased to $14 from $10. If the total labour-income at the wage of $14 is higher than the total labour-income at the wage of $10, it means that the labour-demand with respect to wage is elastic. FALSE. I

    asked by Lena
  104. chemistry

    The reactivity of the alkali metals increases in the order? A. Na, K, Li B. K, Na, Li C. Li, Na, K D. Li, K, Na

    asked by meme
  105. math

    total of aniket marks in maths and science together are 100 more than his marks in english.his average markes in tha three subjects are 60.what are his marks in english

    asked by shweta
  106. math

    a tire manufacturer believes that the tread life of its tires are normally distributed and will lst an average of 60,000 miles with a standard deviation of 3,000 miles. sixty-four randomly selected tires were tested and the average miles where the tire

    asked by monk
  107. Chemistry12

    For the reaction NO2 + NO = N2O3 If at a particular temperature, K was 575 and the equilibrium concentration of N2O3 was 2.5M, calculate the equilibrium concentrations of NO2 and NO if they both had the same initial concentrations. I have this information

    asked by Moriah
  108. math

    tha breath of rectangle plot is 0.6 times its lenth.if twice tha perimeter of tha plot is 320 meters.what is tha lenth of tha plot in meters.

    asked by shweta
  109. writing

    Compare and contrast your abilities as an academic writer now as opposed to when you began your studies at the University. Using four comparatives and four superlatives within your responses, explain what has led to these changes and what changes you will

    asked by leah
  110. math

    a diagonal of a rectangle is 10 cm long. what is its perimeter.

    asked by shweta
  111. Math

    Compute the number of eleven-digit integers that can be formed using all of seven 1s and four 0s if you never start of end with a 0 and no 0s are ever next to each other.

    asked by Joe
  112. math

    kailash gave one-third of his money to keshav.keshav gave three-fourth of tha money he received from kailash to saket.if sanket got rs. 900 less than the money kailsh had ,how much money did kesav get from kailash.

    asked by shweta
  113. chemistry

    what would be the concentration made by dilutin of 45.o ml of 4.2 M KOH to 250. ml

    asked by cathy
  114. COM

    What changes would you make to the below paper? The Dark Knight was the most popular film of 2008. Unlike most popular summer movies it was also considered to be a quality film and was thought to be a contender to earn an academy award nomination.

    asked by Joseph
  115. trig

    verifying a solution. 4cos^2 2x-2=0

    asked by tomas
  116. math

    10 girls have their average age 14 year and 12 boys have their average age as 16 years . when 6 boys from these 12 join tha 10 girls,they all together have average age as 14.5 year .what is tha average age of tha remaining 6 boys.

    asked by shweta
  117. Computers

    When should file compression be used >

    asked by JoshelaT
  118. Business & Policy

    what impact does MNC have on Wal-Mart industry?

    asked by Lizzie Nelson
  119. Business & Policy

    What diversification strategies can companies use to mitigate risk?

    asked by Lizzie Nelson
  120. trig

    Simplify: cos x cos x ----- + ----- sec x-1 sec x+1

    asked by Anonymous
  121. physics

    If an object takes 2.75 seconds to move twenty feet how fast is the object moving?

    asked by R h
  122. Louis Riel Summation to Jury

    Yesterday I went through all the paragraphs and wrote brief summaries of them in my words. here are a couple of questions with my answers that I added on to.They are the ones from yesterday that I needed help with. What is Riels purpose in making this

    asked by Emma
  123. math

    i need to know the vocabulary of a straight line

    asked by brandon
  124. physics

    A person pushes a 10.5-kg shopping cart at a constant velocity for a distance of 25.7 m on a flat horizontal surface. She pushes in a direction 30.9 ° below the horizontal. A 35.3-N frictional force opposes the motion of the cart. (a) What is the

    asked by cswidener
  125. physics

    A boy hits a football high up in the air . He runs and catches the football before it hits the ground. Which of the two , the boyor the football has had the greater diplacement?

    asked by rahul
  126. math

    A maker of cubic number blocks packs a rectangular box so that there are 11 blocks along one edge, 8 blocks along the second edge and 2 blocks along the third edge. How many blocks will be shipped in this box. If each block has a side of 4cm, what is the

    asked by Hayden
  127. maths

    prove that the following numbers are irrational:- (i)4 + root 5 ii)4/root3

    asked by hehee
  128. Childhood ed

    Pasteurization of food. A. means keeping food refrigerated. B. destroys all bacteria,viruses and mold. C. destroys most disease-producing bacteria. D. keeps it looking and tasting good.

    asked by Patty
  129. Math

    How do i graph the function y^2=x*(x-4)^2. I have no idea where to begin.

    asked by tim
  130. ratios

    simplify the following ratio please 39:52 show workings please

    asked by montana
  131. chemistry

    A volume of 25.0 mL of 0.100 M CH3CO2H is titrated with 0.100 M NaOH. What is the pH after the addition of 12.5 mL of NaOH? (Ka for CH3CO2H = 1.8 x 10-5)

    asked by Al
  132. Phys Sci

    A sound is traveling through air with a temperature of 35 0C. The sound wave has a wavelength of 0.75 meters. What is the frequency of the sound? How do I calculate this problem?

    asked by LinWa
  133. Biometrics

    Hi, I don't like asking for help .. can someone check my work please ? In a biometric system under testing there are 500 users. 200 were legitimate users (authorised), and 300 were not ( unauthorised) At one threshold the system:- Shut out 10 individual

    asked by Fred
  134. arithmetic

    if ratio is 5:12 and 12 equals 136 what does 5 equal?

    asked by ann
  135. physics

    A softball of mass 0.220 kg that is moving with a speed of 4.0 m/s (in the positive direction) collides head-on and elastically with another ball initially at rest. Afterward the incoming softball bounces backward with a speed of 1.8 m/s. a) Calculate the

    asked by Nick
  136. math

    Solve the following system of linear equations using the matrix inverse method 3x + 2y = 7 4x + 3y =10

    asked by MATRIX
  137. math

    Write down the objective function and the constraints for the given linear programming problem. A local herb shop is producing two natural perfumes: Gentle Roseand Rich Gardenia. The owner, who has equipment that can make up to 3000 ounces of perfume,

    asked by LAINE
  138. math

    How many license plates consisting of 2 letters (upper case) followed by two digits are possible?

    asked by FALONGO
  139. math

    How may committees of size 4 is to be selected from a group of 7 local students and 6 overseas students.

    asked by FALONGO
  140. History

    how did some people hope to solve the problem of california’s isolation from the rest of the country?

    asked by Annie
  141. math

    A candidate believes that 2/3 of the registered voters in his district will vote for him in the next election. If two registered voters are independently selected at random, find the probability that neither will vote for him in the next election.

    asked by ALAINI
  142. math

    The weight of lolly pops in a box is normally distributed with a mean of 5kg and a standard deviation of 0.1kg. What is the probability that a randomly selected box of lolly pops weighs between 5.03 and 5.16 kg?

    asked by TUVALU
  143. Chemsitry II

    50.00 mL of 1.0 M HCl and 50.00 mL of 1.0 M NaOH are mixed. The temperature is observed to increase by 10.0 degrees C. How much energy (in J) was absorbed by the calorimeter? Assume a density of the reaction mixture of 1 g/mL. Specific heat of the solution

    asked by Sarah
  144. math

    Find the domain of the function [f(x)= 1/squreroot of x-1]

    asked by AKAPASI
  145. Calculus

    A: Create a polynomial function that satisfies the following conditions: has an initial height of 0 m. reaches a height of 450 m after 1 sec. Dives below the ground at 3 m. Comes out of the ground at 6 s Then goes the ground barely touches it and comes

    asked by Goldie
  146. economics


    asked by Anonymous
  147. math

    How do i find X in e^(0.50/x) on a scientific calc? do I use LN, and if so, could you pls tell me how I can plug it in?

    asked by sue
  148. economics


    asked by Anonymous
  149. Louis Riel Summation--other quest.

    What information is presented in Louis Riel's summation? Information that is presented is that the Indians are suffering from eating rotten food of the HBC company, from which they are getting ill, and that his people are deprived of responsible

    asked by Emma
  150. HISTORY

    Which of the following is an example of new economic divisions in the European peasantry that began to occur during the fourteenth century? A. Peasants living east of the Elbe River became freer. B. Peasants living west of the Elbe River became freer. C.

    asked by BOB
  151. Algebra please help

    1. Find the distance between the pair of points. Round to the nearest tenth is necessary. (-10, 4) and (6, 12) a. 11.4 b. 17.9 c. 31.4 d. 23.7 2. Find the distance between the pair of points. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. (-8,10) and (-2,10) a.

    asked by Cheryl
  152. Trig

    How do I prove the following Identity? sec x(sec x-cos x)=tan^2x If there is a certain website or suggestion to help with these type of equations I would greatly appreciate it. I've been studying these for a while but still get pretty confused.

    asked by Mel
  153. chemistry

    : what is the Ka of butanoic acid whose pka is4.82? show workkkk please

    asked by destiny

    i need some postive and negative aspects of schools. i need help starting my intro can you help me thanks

    asked by Allen
  155. phy

    A good scientific theory is one that has survived extensive scrutiny by the scientific community, but even so, why do we say that science does not conclusively prove anything.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. history

    12. Within the Islamic Empire, the Turkic people A. were completely integrated into the Arabic world. B. were mainly concerned with trade and commerce. C. acted as a powerful military shield. D. were educated people who administered the realm. c seems

    asked by bob
  157. ANY IDEAS

    The project i have to do is for art. Well basically i need to think of a yellow page advertisement design. As with all advertising, the ads must be clearly present all important information about the business. they must have: the name company the type of

    asked by Kathy
  158. social studies

    What does 'Without your two great political parties cutting across economic and geographic interests democracy as you know it could never have been made to function' mean

    asked by delores
  159. Spanish

    I am so confused about this. Example: Martin y Jose ven el programa en la television. I am supposed to substitute el programa with lo,los, la, las, le, or les.

    asked by Lisa
  160. geometry

    equation x+3y+2z=6 (6,2,3) how would you sketch the plane on a set of axes? is it supposed to look like a triangle? becuse my paper says it makes a trangular pyramid. i don't get it

    asked by jessica
  161. history

    the economic security of the inca empire was based on intensive maize farming enviromental diversity extensive trade with the aztec empire ruthless massacres of enemy peoples my answer is enviromental diversity is that correct

    asked by bob
  162. MATH

    if your credit card balance is $1150, and your APR is 18.75%, and your periodic interest rate is 2.15%: 1. how long to pay off? 2. total paid?

    asked by Branson
  163. math

    in abc, c=60 degrees,a=12, and b=5. find c.

    asked by vett