Questions Asked on
May 30, 2011

  1. Trigonometry

    verify the identity: (sin^3x-cos^3x)/(sinx-cosx)=1+sinxcosx

    asked by Randolph
  2. maths

    if sinA+cosA=1/5, then a value of tanA/2 satisfies which of the equation? a. 2x^2-x-1 b.x^2-2x-3=0 c.2x^2-5x-3=0 d. 2x^3-7x^2+2x+3=0

    asked by shreya
  3. Chemistry

    Phosphoric acid reacts with magnesium hydroxide to produce magnesium phosphate and water via the following reaction:H3PO4 + Mg(OH)2 -----> Mg3(PO4)2 + H2O.Balance the equation, then enter the coefficients

    asked by Christy
  4. Chemistry

    IF 80mg of a radioactive element decays to 10mg in 30 minutes, the half-life of this element is a.10 min b.20 min c.30 min d.40 min the answer is a.10 min but i would like to know why, please help.

    asked by Jazmin
  5. physics

    Two forces,F1 and F2, act at a point. F1 has a magnitude of 8.00 N and is directed at an angle of 56.0 degrees above the negative x axis in the second quadrant. F2 has a magnitude of 5.00 N and is directed at an angle of 52.9 degrees below the negative x

    asked by physics please describe process
  6. Trigonometry

    verify the identity: 1- (cos^2x)/(1-sinx)= -sinx

    asked by Sean
  7. physics

    a cyclist travels a distance of 4km from p to q and moves a distance of 3km at right angle to pq .find his resulted displacement graphically

    asked by gunjan
  8. trig

    If cos(t)=(-7/8) where pi

    asked by Char
  9. Sciene

    A Compound has 40 g of calcium and 160 g of bromine. What is the mass ratio of calcium to bromine in the compound?

    asked by Shakema
  10. Form a polynomial f(x) from coefficient and it's 0

    Form a polynomial, f(x), with real coefficients having the given degree and zeros. Degree: 4; zeros: 6i and 7i I completely don't know what to do with this problem... if someone can solve and give a good explanation, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    asked by Armando
  11. chemistry

    Given the following data at 298K, calculate delta S for : 2Ag2O(s) -> 4Ag(s) +O2(g) deltaS(J/mol.K)121.3 42.6 205.2

    asked by Amy
  12. Spanish

    15. _____ le duelen mucho las piernas. a. Ernesto b. A los muchachos c. A Pablo d. El joven D?

    asked by mysterychicken
  13. Trigonometry

    Solve: 2cos^2 theta - 3cos theta+ 1= 0 interval [0, 2ð)

    asked by Abigail
  14. geometry

    one of the ancient stone pyraminds in egypt has a square base that measure 145m on each side. The hight is 108m. What is the volume of the pyramid?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Physics

    An object is placed 30mm in front of a lens. An image of the object is located 90mm behind the lens. a) Is the lens converging or diverging? explain. b) What is the focal length of the lens? c) Draw a diagram with lens at x=0, locate the image. d) Is the

    asked by Harly
  16. Math

    In a geometric series, t1=12 and S3=372. What is the greatest possible value for t5? Justify your answer.

    asked by Carol
  17. Algebra 2

    1. A rectangle has an area of x3 + x2 – 7x + 2 square meters and a width of x – 2 meters. Find its length.

    asked by Sheryl
  18. English----Novel

    I am looking for a novel that's set in the 1980--1999 in Zimbabwe. Any recommendation is appreciated.

    asked by May
  19. trig

    Ok, so im brand new at trigonometry. If i have a right triangle with an acute angle of 30° an opposite side of 4 and a hypotenuse of x how do ii find x

    asked by maya
  20. Pre Algebra

    Four numbers are drawn from random tiles numbereed 0 through 9. What are the odds of drawing numbers 1 through four in any order?

    asked by Katelyn
  21. Chemistry

    which of the following 10 g samples will decay the most in 28 days? a.P-32 b.Kr-85 c.Fr-220 I-131 the answer is c.Fr-220 but i want to know why, please help

    asked by Jazmin
  22. substance

    How alcoholism is a human factor that may cause ill health ,accidents,crises or disasters

    asked by Anonymous
  23. science

    a person has a hert attack and her condition is stablised but due to inflamatiom in the lung she could not breath so a machine helps her to breath and now the lung inflamation is healing .Will she be able to breath on her own once the machine is cut off?

    asked by xavier
  24. English

    Can you please check these two sentences, please? Thank you 1) Nature ceased to be considered as a philosophical entity (concept?). It came to be felt as a real living being (real and living being) and to be described as it actually was. 2) The Romantics

    asked by Henry1
  25. spanish

    What does " Que estudias tu" mean in spanish?

    asked by Chase
  26. algebra

    how to write 6000 in scientific notation without exponents

    asked by A B
  27. math

    Can one cake be split into portions of 1/3; 3/9; and 8/15 or why not?

    asked by sam
  28. math

    Can one cake be split into portions of 1/3; 3/9; and 8/15? why or why not?

    asked by sam
  29. math

    true or false? the function f-1 (x)-x/9 is the inverse function of f(x)=9x

    asked by Altagracia
  30. Math

    A cylindrical tank with radius 6 in. and length 12 in. is placed on its lateral face with bases perpendicular to the ground and then filled with water to a height of 9 in. When the cylinder is rotated to sit on one of its bases, the height of the water

    asked by Alex
  31. whole number

    When stacking bags of dog food, the heaviest items should be placed at the bottom. Starting at the bottom, in what order should bags of dog food weighing 25 pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pounds, and 28 pounds be stacked?

    asked by carol
  32. math

    the area of a circle inscribed in the triangle formed by the line with equation x+y=1 and the two coordinate axes can be written in the form pi(a+b(sqr.c)/d) compute the value of a+b+c+d

    asked by Theo
  33. Trigonometry

    Solvetriangle ABC: a= 12.2 c= 7.8 B= 63.5 degrees

    asked by Adam
  34. physics

    A rectangular loop with sides l and w are inside of a region with constant magnetic field B is pulled to exit the region with velocity v. a) find the magnitude of the net induced emf on the loop b) find the direction of the current induced on the loop

    asked by MichaelangeloZ
  35. English

    Could you please check these sentences, please? I'm not sure about the rephrase. 1)In the first stanza the poet remembers wondering aimlessly and alone in the countryside. All at once he was amazed by the sight of a crowd of daffodils dancing ad fluttering

    asked by Henry1
  36. Math

    what is PSU's (penn state university)"annual scholarship" i have to fill out the yearly tuition & the room and board amount which all equals to $36,144. I need the annual scholarship amount but idk where to find that information...

    asked by surfsupmel
  37. maths

    Help please. Solve the following equation. 9x+1=13+7x

    asked by susan
  38. physics

    What work is done when 6.0 C is moved through an electric potential difference of 1.5 V?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. maths

    i have fopur questions like this but don't undersand them. thanks Rearrange the formula a=(7/b+1)-4 to make b the subject

    asked by Beth
  40. Algebra 2

    the demand for a new video game is given by the function p(x)= -x^2 + 5x +75. Correspondingly, the supply function for the same game is given by p(x) = 7x-9, where p represents the price per video in dollars and x represents the number of video games sold

    asked by someone
  41. maths

    how can i slove 5x-2(x-5)=15

    asked by elizabeth
  42. accounting..please help

    can you help me please for this solving problem below... problem: A, B and C shared the profit of Rs. 9,00,000 in the ratio of 2:2:1 without providing for interest on B’s loan, B granted a loan of Rs. 4,00,000 in the beginning of accounting year. Where

    asked by jessie
  43. US History

    What does historical context mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. algebra

    Yolanda's yogurt house offers 3 different kinds of yogurt and 13 different kinds of toppings. How many different yogurt and topping combinations are possible?

    asked by Sabrina
  45. algebra

    How many ways can the offices of president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, parliamentarian, and representative be filled from a class of 30 students?

    asked by Sabrina
  46. English

    Is it a mistake to write "Nature ceased to be consideres "as" a real living being?" I included a few more sentences. Thank you. 1) In the fourth stanza the poet suggests that in order to hear the voice of nature we should be in a state of inner emptiness

    asked by Henry1
  47. Trigonometry

    If tan theta= 3 and Pi

    asked by Adam
  48. psychology

    1) What were some of the irrational beliefs and attitudes that the characters displayed?

    asked by fay
  49. Math

    A box has a volume of 7500 cm3 and a surface area of 2600 cm2. What are length, width, and height of the box?

    asked by Sweet girl
  50. MAT/116

    I was just wandering if this was correct? 1. Your company is planning to spend no less than $80,000 and no more than $100,000 on a landscaping project, which will be used as a promotional park that promotes your toaster manufacturing company. Write an

    asked by Vic
  51. Trigonometry

    2cos[x-pi/8]-sqrt2=0 Pi=3.141592654

    asked by Adam
  52. Math

    Solving systems of equations with three variables? What is the solution to the system? 1] x+y+z=-3 2] 3y-z=4 3] 2x-y-2z=-5

    asked by Kori
  53. find real and complex 0

    Find the real and complex zeros of the following function. Please show all of your work. f(x) = x^3 + 2x^2 - 6x + 8

    asked by Armando
  54. Trigonometry

    2cos^2theta-3costheta+1=0 inerval [0,2Pi)

    asked by Adam
  55. Trigonometry

    Solve SSA: B=12.1 degrees b= 15 a= 23.9

    asked by Sean
  56. Trigonometry

    Solve SSA: A= 78 degrees a= 30 b= 61

    asked by Sean
  57. Trigonometry

    Verify the Identity: (1-cosx)(1+cosx)=sin^2x

    asked by Sean
  58. us history

    doing a final review crossword and i cant figure these two out 1. Planned_____; creating products that would wear out over a given period of time ( _ _ _ _ _ _ n _ _ _ _ _ _) 13 letters 2. a clear indication of nation-wide voter support ( _ a _ _ _ _ e) 7

    asked by logan
  59. Research

    hi Are there any good image searches or databases? Preferably databases. IE, not google please. Thank-you

    asked by Em
  60. Life oriantation

    Human problem impacts on the community.

    asked by Khumbulani
  61. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar entropy of vaporization for liquid hydrogen iodide at its boiling point -34.55 degrees celcius. HI(l) HI(g) deltaHvap = 19.76 kJ/mol

    asked by Amy
  62. science

    if removed from the life cycle, which of the following would have the greatest impact on the productivity of lawns. 1. robins 2. moles 3. toadstools 4. dandelions 5. microrganisms i think 4 b/c of the seedd that are easily blown away in the wind to

    asked by John
  63. maths

    (400t-300)(400t-300)+(200t-100)(200t-100) complete the square showing all steps

    asked by simon
  64. Science

    0.05 M KOH?

    asked by Ah
  65. Algebra II

    What is the solution to the system? 2x+y=9 x-2z=-3 2y+3z=15

    asked by Kori
  66. Dividing Polynomials

    I do NOT get this, please help: (11x^2+2x^3+14+17x)/(2x+5)

    asked by Sheryl
  67. math

    use the distributive property to multiply then if possible simplify the resulting expression √3 (√3- √21)

    asked by nichole
  68. math

    You are given the probability of event E. Find the odds in favor of event E and the odds against event E. a. 1/8 b. 2/5

    asked by Nicholas
  69. Legal

    What are some possible defences for the tort of negligence? Australian.

    asked by Em
  70. Math

    Hi Ihave the solution and all thE steps for this question.:.but I am still having a hard time understanding it :( could somebody please help me walk through all the steps to this question? 1) assume that an average television costs $425 now and that the

    asked by Dawn
  71. Math

    A design on a balloon is 2 cm wide when the balloon holds 47 cm^3. How much must the balloon hold for the design to be 6 cm wide? I'm confused about how to solve this. Could someone please show me the steps?

    asked by Annie
  72. Math

    Find m

    asked by ashley
  73. physics

    A reciprocating compressor is a device that compresses air by a back-and-forth straight-line motion, like a piston in a cylinder. Consider a reciprocating compressor running at 150 rpm. During a compression stroke, 1.30 mol of air is compressed. The

    asked by Joseph
  74. adding rational expressions

    2/3x+4 + 6/x+2

    asked by Sheryl
  75. Science

    PRessure is measured in Pascals (Pa). What combination of units is the same as a Pascal? and When you exert a force on a fluid in a closed container, does the pressure increase, decrease or remain constant? I think it will increase, but I'm not totally

    asked by Erika
  76. adding rational expressions

    2/5x + 1/9

    asked by Jesse
  77. english

    find adverb in "This is one of the most democratic way to buy art. Online galleries can exhibit the work of hundred of artists specializing in many different genres including figurative, abstract, landscape , still life, sculpture and so on. This gives you

    asked by kara
  78. pre- algebra

    The perimeter of a triangle is 24 cm. One side is 2 cm longer than the shortest side. The longest side is 2 cm less than twice the length of the shortest side. Find the length of each side of the triangle.- write equation and solve.

    asked by Sammi
  79. math

    multiply then simplify by factoring. if possible √2 √6 =

    asked by nichole
  80. adding rational expressions

    8 + x-4/x+3

    asked by Jesse
  81. math

    perform the indicated operation 4√45- 6√125=

    asked by nichole
  82. statistics

    10.15 A psychologist theorized that people can hear better when the have just eaten a large meal. Six individuals were randomly assigned to eat either a large meal or a small meal. After eating the meal, their hearing was tested. The hearing ability scores

    asked by joe
  83. to Damon

    Sorry had to adress this to you as you're the only tutor online right now, and I really need help. My teacher looked at my answers. And she said she still wants me to add more information, so Im having some troubles. Here is a Louis Riel Summation to the

    asked by Emma
  84. math

    Lighting hit a tree three-eighths of the distance up the trunk from the ground and broke the tree so that its top landed 40 feet from the base of the trunk. How tall was the originally tree?

    asked by Katherine
  85. math

    the launch window for a weather satellite is represented by the inequality |t-360| < 20 where t minutes is the time from the start of the countdown to the launch. If the countdown starts at 01:00, at what times can the satellite be launched?

    asked by hh.
  86. trig

    prove as an identity 1/1+sin(x) + 1/1-sin(x)

    asked by mel
  87. math

    35. A person hired a firm to build a CB radio tower. The firm charges $100 for labor for the first 10 feet. After that, the cost of the labor for each succeeding 10 feet is $25 more than the preceding 10 feet. That is, the next 10 feet will cost $125, the

    asked by Anonymous
  88. solving systems of equations with 3 variables

    What is the solution to the system? x-2y=1 x-3y+z=0 2x-2z=18

    asked by Kori
  89. life orientation

    how cancer impact on the teenagers

    asked by noko
  90. history

    During and after the Revolution, why did the emancipation of slaves proceed very slowly in the northern states?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math

    37. A person deposited $500 in a savings account that pays 5% annual interest that is compounded yearly. At the end of 10 years, how much money will be in the savings account?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. life orientation

    name two institutions in south africa that are involved in supporting or giving redress to these water pollution disasters.explain how these organizations are involved in providing a safe and healthy environment.

    asked by noko
  93. english

    what does this mean: His [Claudius'] primary role in the play is to spawn Hamlet's confusion and anger, and his subsequent search for truth and life's meaning. What do they mean by spawn? isnt dat fish eggs?

    asked by Viola
  94. chemistry

    Given the following data at 298K, calculate delta S for : 2Ag2O(s) -> 4Ag(s) +O2(g) deltaS(J/mol.K)121.3 42.6 205.2

    asked by Amy
  95. Mathematics

    Hi, I don't like asking for help .. can someone check my work please ? In a biometric system under testing there are 500 users. 200 were legitimate users (authorised), and 300 were not ( unauthorised) At one threshold the system:- Shut out 10 individual

    asked by Fred
  96. Chemistry 1

    You carefully weigh out 17.00g of CaCo3 powder and add it to 68.85g of HCl solution. You notice bubbles as a reaction takes place. You then weigh the resulting solution and find that it has a mass of 78.88g . The relevant equation is CaCo3(s)+ 2HCl(aq)--->

    asked by Christy
  97. 4 grade math

    how do you write the number 12,346,823 in expanded form

    asked by valeria
  98. Empirical Probability

    Explain how empirical probability can be used to determine whether a die is “loaded” (not a fair die).

    asked by Melanie
  99. maths

    what will come in blank y*y*y*_____________p times=________

    asked by aekansh
  100. heart

    were is the heart found in the human body

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math

    if i had a 66 in bim and my teacher puts a 100 in the grade book what will be mi grade

    asked by shabria cross
  102. chemistry

    What are the steps to determine how much Nitrogen Gas can be produced from 32.5 grams of Sodium Nitrate?

    asked by Dax
  103. space

    A water tower has to be equidistant from three communities. The communities are at positions (-25, 20), (-5, -40) and (15, 30). Find the coordinates of the point where the water tower should be built.

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math

    The capital letter F can be formed by connecting the points (0,4)(5,4) (5,2)(2,2) (2,0) (4,0) (4,-2) (2,-2) (2,-7) nad (0,-7), in this order. Determine the slope of a line that passes through the origin and divides the letter F into two regions of equal

    asked by Theo
  105. Math

    A square and four congruent rectangles are arranged in a larger square. The smaller square and each of the rectangles have the same perimeter.Determine the ratio of the length of a side of the larger square to the length of side of the smaller square.

    asked by Eric
  106. com

    Can you please identify the adverbs and adjectives in the following paragraph. Having credit cards could get some people into serious debt. I had a credit card at one time. I learned the hard way about using credit cards. I was using it for anything and

    asked by Tina
  107. Math

    A pyramid is inscribed in a cube whose volume is 52pi cm^3. The volume of a sphere is equal tpo the volume of this pyramid. Find the volume of a second cube whose edge is equal to the radius of the sphere.

    asked by Eli
  108. spanish

    What does " Que estudias tu" mean in spanish?

    asked by Chase
  109. Math

    What is the solution to the system? x+y+z=-8 x-y-z=6 2x-3y+2z=-1

    asked by Kay
  110. trig

    how much force is necessary to stop a 2500 pound car from rolling down a 40degree slope

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Algebra 2

    Add. Write your answer in standard form.(4e^5-e^2)+(e^5+6e^2-1)

    asked by A.Albert
  112. financial management

    what are the four elements of financial management and how can i summerize them?

    asked by brianaae
  113. fin534

    In order to expand its business, Auto Parts Distributing, Inc., is considering the purchase of four pickup trucks at a total cost of $180,000. The company expects to keep these trucks for four years, then sell them. The company expects these trucks to

    asked by jan
  114. physics

    A softball of mass 0.220 kg that is moving with a speed of 4.0 m/s (in the positive direction) collides head-on and elastically with another ball initially at rest. Afterward the incoming softball bounces backward with a speed of 1.8 m/s. a) Calculate the

    asked by Nick
  115. Geometry

    one of the ancient store pyramids in egypt has a square base that measures 145m on each side. the height is 108m. What is the volume of the pyramid?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. calculus

    I need help with this calculus problem. H(S)=S/(1+S) If F 1/2, -1/2 & (a+1)? I can't figure out what this mean /?

    asked by Tammy
  117. psychology

    What are some of the basic steps in developing a training program in an organization? In training, what are needs assessments and how are they used?

    asked by Holly
  118. Calculus

    Evaluate the definite integral from [0,4] 4x^2 dx, by using its definition as a limit of approximating sums. First, I solve analytically so I know the answer I am trying to reach: 4/3 * x^3 over [0,4] = 4/3 * 4^3 = 256/3 Now, by approximating sums, I can

    asked by Sean
  119. chemistry

    water and ammonia have different molar heats of vaporization. the best interpretation at the molecular level is that water molecules

    asked by joan
  120. economics

    4. What source of economic growth is reflected in the economy by an increase in productivity without an increase in land, labor, or capital? A. technological progress B. foreign trade C. population growth D. savings and investments

    asked by Codey
  121. where do you place the comas

    The oil from Eucalyptus trees which are native to Australia is known for its medicinal properties

    asked by Anonymous
  122. management

    what is the four elements of financial management.

    asked by sam
  123. physics

    With a focal length of 10 cm, and D zero is 20, 15, 25, and 5, what is the D one

    asked by Kelli Kenyon
  124. Trigonometry

    solve: tan x/2= sqrt3/ 3

    asked by Randolph
  125. Statistics

    if 25% of all students asked say they spend too much time on homework, and 12 students are selected at random, what is the expected number of students who say they spend too much time on homework?

    asked by Mo
  126. Trigonometry

    verify the identity: (1-cosx)(1+cosx)= sin^2 x

    asked by Randolph
  127. physics

    suppose a particular atom has only two allowable electron orbits. how many different wavelength photons (spectral lines) would result from all electron transitions in this atom? 1. three 2. four 3. None of these 4. one 5. two please help..

    asked by rista
  128. check

    How do I right a check for 1,400 dollars?

    asked by SARah
  129. physics

    a sound wave has frequency of 631 Hz in air and a wavelength of 0.54m. what is the temperature of the air? assuming the velocity of sound at 0 degree celcius is 334 m/s. answer in units of celcius.

    asked by OMAR
  130. physics

    a car, moving at 100 mi/hr, passes a stationary police car whose siren has a frequency of 500 Hz. what is the frequency change heard by observer in the moving car as he passes the police car? the velocity of sound in air is 343 m/s. ( 1 mi= 1.609 km).

    asked by OMAR
  131. Math

    I don't know how to do this math 7n + 2 = 4n + 17

    asked by Anonymous
  132. algebra

    Anthony's family plants 15 trees each weekend. If t is the total number of trees planted and w is the number of weeks, what is the expression for the total number of trees, t, planted after w weeks.

    asked by Fred
  133. pre-calculus

    find the derivative of y=(3x+1)^2 y= square root 13x^2-5x+8

    asked by gmp
  134. physics

    a 1500 kg car travelling at 16.7 m/s to the south collides with a 6300 kg truck that is initially at rest at a stop light. the car and the truck sticks togetherand moves together after the collision. what is the final velocity of the two-vehicle mass?

    asked by OMAR
  135. math

    I can't figure this out this problem.. estimate 20% of 131 by using 10%

    asked by sierra
  136. Reducing fractions

    how do i reduce 8/28

    asked by Frankie
  137. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. When I describe Wordsworth' conception of poetry, shall I use the present or the past? 1) Wordsworth believed poetry should deal with everyday situations or incidents and with ordinary people living in the

    asked by Henry1
  138. physics

    A net force of 265 N will accelerate how much mass at 0.5 m/s/s?

    asked by Ed
  139. Physics

    Acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s/s. What is the weight (in Newtons) of a 97.96 kg mass?

    asked by Ed
  140. Algebra 2

    Whar number must be added to both sides of the equation to solve it by completeing the square? 3x^2+15x=9 (1)225 (2)25 (3)6.25 (4)5

    asked by Callie
  141. Life orientation

    Derasice the style disease / behaviour and explain 5 (or more ) factors that contribute to the disease

    asked by Lucky selamolela
  142. English-lord of the flies

    Give five present day examples of similar characteristics or situations present in the novel lord of the flies.

    asked by Kendra
  143. Life Orientation

    Institutions/community organizations that are involved in supporting or giving redress to substance abuse.

    asked by Sekgala LD
  144. english

    The report was thorough.It saved the department several hundred dollars

    asked by Anonymous
  145. world history

    In what year did city-states become common in greece

    asked by maria
  146. Life orientation

    Discuss ways in which xenophobia impacts on the community

    asked by Happiness
  147. trig

    y = sin (3x-2pi)

    asked by mike
  148. Algebra

    Simplify. 2/3(4x/2x^2-1)+3(3/3x-1)

    asked by Robo
  149. Algebra

    Find an equation of the line L that passes though the point (-2,4) and satisfies the condition. L passes through the point (3, 7/2)

    asked by Robo
  150. physics

    what would be the distance from the image to the mirror if the imge form the object to the mirror is 20cm and the focal length is 10 cm

    asked by Kelli Kenyon
  151. Math

    Express as a single term in simplest form: 5/2- radical 12

    asked by Rob
  152. Science

    What are five ways that humans make an impact on the climate?

    asked by Jarzo
  153. math

    What do they mean when they say given angle and given side of a triangle???? I don't get this

    asked by Traveling Girl
  154. Psychology

    There are five major perspectives of psychology used to explain a human behavior and mental processes. These five perspectives that I am referring to are Neuroscience, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive and Humanistic The instruction that I have in my

    asked by Sharon
  155. ALGEBRA2

    What is the value of k in the equation 6X^2 plus KX-10 equals (3X plus 2)(2X-5)

    asked by ALE
  156. Trigonometry

    verify the identity: 1-cos^2x/1-sinx= -sinx

    asked by Peter
  157. Trigonometry

    Use Heron's formula: a=46 b= 52 c= 67

    asked by Peter
  158. Trigonometry

    If tan theta= 3 and ð

    asked by Sammy
  159. Trigonometry

    Solve: 2 cos[x-ð/8]-sqrt2=0

    asked by Sammy
  160. Trigonometry

    sin x= -1

    asked by Abigail
  161. science

    can energy be lost or does it transfer somewhere else? I thought energy can be lost but i'm just checking.

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Trigonometry

    (1+ tan^2x)/(secx)

    asked by Abigail
  163. Trigonometry

    Solve SSA: B= 12.1 degrees b= 16 a= 23.9

    asked by Peter
  164. Trigonometry

    Solve triangle SSA: A= 78 degrees, a= 30 b= 61

    asked by Adam
  165. Trigonometry

    Solve triangle ABC: B= 60 degrees, C= 90 degrees a= 4 feet

    asked by Adam
  166. chemistry

    A sample of argon gas occupies a volume of 295ml at 36 C. What volume will the gas occupy at 55 assuming constant pressure?

    asked by Anonymous
  167. eng

    I want to konw how harry potter support violence. I REALLY MEANT THIS ANSWER.

    asked by ami