Questions Asked on
May 22, 2011

  1. Physics

    How long will it take a charged 80-ìF capacitor to lose 20 percent of its initial energy when it is allowed to discharge through a 45 ohm resistor?

    asked by Katie
  2. Chemistry 12

    9. According to Arrhenius, which of the following groups contain: i)only acids ii)only bases a. NaOH, H2CO3, KCl b. MgCl2, H2SO4, HCl c. HNO3, HCl, H3PO4 d. Mg(OH)2, AgBr, HF e. KOH, NH4OH, Ba(OH)2 10. Enough water is added to 100 g of sodium hydroxide in

    asked by Kavitha
  3. SCIENCE(chemistry)

    draw a temperature time plot for ice-steam transformation

    asked by YASH
  4. math 9

    when 5 radical 20 is written in simplest form, the result is k radical 5 what is the value of k? 1) 20 2) 10 3) 7 4) 4

    asked by michaela .b.
  5. PAP Chemistry

    Net Ionic Equation of : NaOH(aq) + CaBr2(aq)

    asked by June
  6. Lit.

    Metaphor or Simile? To laughter and contempt; that she may feel How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is To have a thankless child! Away, away!

    asked by Itsmemario
  7. chemistry

    A beaker contains 100 mL of water. We add 112 mg of KOH(s). What is the concentration of H+ ions?

    asked by Sareena

    A train travels 40 km/hr for 0.2 hr, 50km/hr for next 0.2hr and 60km/hr for next 0.4 hr.calculate the average speed of train

    asked by YASH


    asked by YASH
  10. chemistry/ quantitative analysis

    How many grams of CaSo4 will dissolve in 6L of water?

    asked by rvice

    how did the old Hudson bay company keep control over the new hudson bay company after the merger with the northwest company? I read over the paragraph several times, and I still cant find the answer to this question. It says something...the Legislation

    asked by Emma
  12. Algebra

    x + 9y=33 5x + 4y =1

    asked by Jeannie
  13. Trig

    How do I find the quadrant in which angle thada may lie if cos thada > 0 and tan thada < 0?

    asked by Nathan
  14. Chemistry 12

    4. a. Using Le Chatelier's principle, what effect will an increase of temperature have on the following system? H2O(l) + 57 kJ ↔ H+(aq) + OH-(aq) b. What is the expression for the constant for this reaction? c. What effect will an increase in temperature

    asked by Sareena
  15. math

    Write an equation of the line that is parallel to the line y= -x+4 and passes through the point (0,10).

    asked by Anonymous
  16. physics

    What Net Force is necessary to give a 2.0 kg mass initially at rest an acceleration of 5.0 m/s^2?

    asked by rianna
  17. English

    When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes I all alone beweep my outcast state, And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, And look upon myself, and curse my fate, Wishing me like to one more rich in hope, [5] Featured like him, like him with

    asked by Jess
  18. apchem

    can someone explain the synthesis reaction from ethane to acetylene?

    asked by anon
  19. math

    Determine if the argument is valid or invalid. Give a reason to justify answer. If it is cold, then you need a coat. You do not need a coat. It is not cold. (Points : 2) Valid by the law of detachment Valid by the law of contraposition Invalid by fallacy

    asked by kozy
  20. Chemistry (Electrons in Atoms)

    True or False. 1)Electrons give off light as they drop to lower energy levels. 2)Electrons travel around the nucleus as waves. 3)A photon of low frequency light has more energy than a photon of high frequency light. 4)Orbitals with equal energy levels each

    asked by Jennie
  21. ethics

    Choose an ethical approach and explain the steps one should take when a supervisor asks one to perform a lawful, but immoral act

    asked by norma
  22. math

    illuminated by the rays of the setting Sun, Kelly rides along on a merry-go-round casting a shadow on a wall. The merry-go-round is turning 36 deg per sec. Kelly is 25 ft from its center, and the Sun's rays are perpendicular to the wall. At what rate is

    asked by sophie
  23. algebra

    state the degree of the given polynomial 3x^4-4x^2+7x-1

    asked by mema
  24. algebra

    add the following (-8x^2-2x+4)+(x^2-9x+7)

    asked by mema
  25. algebra

    list the coefficients of the given polynomial 2x^3+4x^2+8x-5

    asked by mema
  26. algebra

    add the following (8.1x^2-5.9x-7.1)+-9.8x^2-8.1x-4.8)

    asked by mema
  27. Trig

    A boat heads S 15 degrees E on a river that flows due west. the boat travels S 11 degrees W with a speed of 25 km per hour. Find the speed of the current and the speed of the still water. This is due tomorrow.

    asked by GoMeGo
  28. pre cal

    what are the amplitude and period of the sinusoid y=6cosx+7sinx?

    asked by alex
  29. computer science

    Your goal is to solve the following programming lab activity. Write a program that prompts & accepts a number between 1 and 12. After getting the input, display the number with the appropriate month. (example: This is the 1st month…January, This is the

    asked by carol
  30. maths

    find the total surface area where a cone has a height of 16cm and the diameter of the base is 24

    asked by charles
  31. computer science

    in visual logic You will need to design an application that it will prompt a user for their hourly pay rate, their hours worked, and whether they are single, married, divorced, or widowed. It will then calculate their gross and net pay. If they work more

    asked by carol
  32. physics

    A person standing on Earth at 44 degrees 9 minutes North, how fast is he rotating around the Earth in mph?

    asked by glenn
  33. Algebra

    I could use some help on this please. Write a linear function that satisfies the given conditions: h(-1) = 4, h(0) = -5 Thanks!!!

    asked by Kate
  34. Math

    -2/9 x 2 1/4

    asked by Caleb
  35. physics

    explain body is thrown vertically downward?

    asked by lala
  36. Alkaline Dry Cell

    I need to be able to label all parts of battery

    asked by Pat
  37. physics

    A pen placed 13.0 cm from a concave spherical mirror produces a real image 13.5 cm from the mirror. a) What is the focal length of the mirror? Answer in units of cm. b) Calculate the magnification of the image. Assume the pen is placed 28.9 cm from the

    asked by Laura
  38. math

    What are five points in which the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate are opposites?

    asked by megan
  39. apbio

    what method of dna sequencing would be used to sequence a recombinant plasmid?

    asked by april
  40. chem

    an -ol suffix indicates that an -OH group has been added to a hydrocarbon. Which formula represents 1,2-ethanediol? 1 C2H4(OH)2 2 C3H5(OH)3 3 Ca(OH)2 4 Co(OH)3

    asked by lisa
  41. SCIENCE(biology)

    define sustainable agriculture

    asked by YASH
  42. msth

    you are planning for your kids future education. he is 8 years old now and will start in ten years. How much will you have to set aside each year in order to have 65,000.00 if the interest rate is 7%.

    asked by mark
  43. Science

    What does Hubble's law tell us?

    asked by Chris
  44. travel agency

    hi, can anybody help me for my project...strength and weaknesses of a travel agency any travel agency you know please help tnx

    asked by resisster
  45. Language Art

    Do you believe that sacrifice is the noblest of acts?

    asked by CuteBarbie
  46. Little River

    Jack and Jill invented a Trivia game in which a player can score 0,6 or 11 points on each turn.each player must take at least one turn.write an equation for a total score of 45 points in the game.

    asked by Jeff
  47. Chemistry

    Besides reducing pollution, why would a hydrogen fuel based care be a better alternative to the fossil fuels benig used in cars today?

    asked by Lisa
  48. chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution containing 15.0 g of NaCl in 1.25 L of solution?

    asked by lucky
  49. pharmacology

    The doctor orders 5 mg/kg medication to be given to a patient who weighs 121 lbs. On hand, we have 0.1 g/ml. How many mg will the patient receive in her dose? How many ml will the patient receive to get the ordered dose?

    asked by ana
  50. physics

    If a ball is thrown upwards at 20 ft/sec, the height h after t seconds is given by h = -16t^2 + 20t. How many seconds does it take for the ball to reach its maximum height, and what is this height?

    asked by lee
  51. chem.

    If 130.0 g Zn reacts, what mass of ZnCL2 are produced?

    asked by mike
  52. chem.

    What is an ionic substance made from?

    asked by mike
  53. math

    divide in the indicated base 5 6 / 252 6

    asked by Anonymous
  54. fractions

    a boy eats 1/3 and 1/2 of a pizza for himself. what fraction of the original pizza does he have left

    asked by steph
  55. physics

    four equal charges of 10microculomb is placed in4 corners of a square of side 0.2m. Calculate the force at any one of the charges..........

    asked by jeena
  56. mass percent

    Suppose 22.93mL of KMnO4 solution used in the question above (KMnO4 solution in above question had concentration of 0.02036M)are needed to oxidize Fe(2+) to Fe(3+) in a 0.4927g pill. What is the mass percent of FeSO4*7H2O (molar mass 278.03g/mol) in the

    asked by Meso
  57. Algebra

    Ok one last complex fraction on the worksheet, can i get some help with it? [(x/3)-4] --------- [5+(1/x)]

    asked by Denice
  58. algebra

    please shoe me how to factor this problem b^3-4b^2-9b+36

    asked by roshunda
  59. math

    Multiply in the indicated base 144 and 5 x 43 and 5

    asked by Anonymous

    evaluate :- lim (existing from n to infinity)1/n^2 [1/1+cos(pie/2n) +2/1+cos(2pie/2n) + 3/1+cos(3pie/2n) n terms]

    asked by PRERANA
  61. Math

    I can't figure out this math problem: 76 is what percent of 15!!!! Need help! URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Mbaintu
  62. calculus III

    What heading (or direction) and airspeed (speed in still air) are required for an airplane to fly 837 mph due north if a wind of 63 mph is blowing in the direction of S 11.5 degrees E?

    asked by Miles
  63. 6th Grade Math

    76 is what percent of 15??????????????????

    asked by Mbaintu
  64. Advance Algebra (Graphing)

    I need help finding the asymptotes, and domain of these two graphs.. 1) 1/x^2 Vertical Asym.:? Domain:? Horizontal asym.: y=0 2) x^2/1 Vertical Asym.:? Domain:? Horizontal asym.: none THANKS!

    asked by Brittney
  65. government

    How did world war 1 help to bring abiut the russian revolution?

    asked by sarah
  66. chemistry/ quantitative analysis

    How many grams of CaSo4 will dissolve in 6L of water?

    asked by rvice
  67. Life oriantation

    What are the ways in which the human problem impacts on the community

    asked by Laurian
  68. chemistry

    Rachel adds together 450.9g of a 22.0% solution of potassium carbonate and 275 grams of a 5.57m solution of Barium chlorate. How many grams of precipitate does she produce?

    asked by guadalope
  69. unity school

    Ji cos38' sec(90-2x)ji equal to 1 ,then angle 'x' is

    asked by umesh
  70. pre-calc

    what are the asymtopes of 2x/x-3

    asked by caitlyn
  71. Physics

    How Fast would a satellite have to move to stay in an orbit 300 miles above the Earths surface?

    asked by Elizabeth
  72. pre-calculus

    what is the F-^1 of 6/x+4

    asked by kelly
  73. physics

    How high would you have to go in the atmosphere for half of the mass?

    asked by safa
  74. jphysics

    the chapter is on electric fields and forces and I cannot figure these 3 answers out: Matt forgot to put the fabric softener in the wash. As his socks tumbled in the dryer, they became charged. If a small piece of lint with a charge of +1.25 E -19 C is

    asked by Kelli Kenyon
  75. trig

    In Rights Triangle ABC with C=90 degrees if a=4 and c=2square roots of 7, find SinA

    asked by Tori
  76. trig

    In Rights Triangle ABC with C=90 degrees if a=4 and c=2square roots of 7, find SinA

    asked by Tori
  77. math

    what is inverse of this funtion f(x)=(1 / 3)^x? I think the answer is f-1(x)= log base 1/3 of x, but i know im wrong... please help!!! THANK YOU

    asked by Priya
  78. Chemistry 12

    Hey guys i only have this question left on my review and i just can't fingure it out! Sketch a pH curve for the titration of 40.00mL of 0.100 M hydrazine, H2NNH2, having a K of 3.0x10^-6 by 0.100 M HCIO4 a) what combination of acide-base titration is this?

    asked by Emma
  79. math

    find the volume of the cup. the diameter of the top is 3inches. the diameter of the base is 2inches. the height is 4inches.

    asked by meeeeee
  80. Calculus

    Explain how you would use the power integration formula to integrate the function f(x) = (1/x^2)-(1/x)+(1/4).

    asked by Mai
  81. Chemistry

    Just keep getting different answers when i review this, i can't seem to get the correct one. Calculate [H3O] and [OH] for a sodium hydroide solution having a pH of 12.5

    asked by Laura
  82. economics

    1.What two policies could you use to reduce the total amount of emissions? 2.Why do you think they each would work?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. life orientantion

    human factor that cause ill health?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    i have another one i can't get the write answer for... Calculate the pH of the colution that results when 27.38 mL of 0.15 M H2SO4 is mixed with 18.50 mL of 0.19 M Ca(OH)2? Thank you guys so much!!

    asked by Laura
  85. fundaents

    the most fundamental principle behind learning is that children do what A. construct knowledge B. learn through play Clean wen thei physical needs are satisfied D. learn through socialineaction i think it's B or D

    asked by Heather
  86. Kids and Sports

    Introducing organized sports among young children is not recommended because? A.this excludes the teacher or caregiver from a role in play. B.they lack the necessary physical maturation needed. C.they should be making up their own rules. D.they lack the

    asked by Heather
  87. geometry

    If given 2 spheres, if the volume of the first sphere is 3/4 and the volume of the second sphere is 36, which is the relation of the second radius to the first?

    asked by alex
  88. Chemistry

    30 grams of sodium chloride is reacted with enough silver nitrate to use all of the sodium chloride in a double replacement reaction. how many grams of silver chloride would be formed?

    asked by Carlos
  89. 4th grade math

    how do you write 50.09 in word form?

    asked by bes
  90. Chemistry

    30 grams of sodium chloride is reacted with enough silver nitrate to use all of the sodium chloride in a double replacement reaction. how many grams of silver chloride would be formed?

    asked by Carlos
  91. math

    Essay question: show all work. Suzie’s flower shop estimates that supplies costs for one month will be given by the polynomial 5x2 + x – 4. She estimates that utilities costs for one month is given by 8x – 7. Find and simplify an expression that

    asked by Anonymous
  92. 4th grade math

    Ms. Sue, so how would you write 50.90

    asked by bes
  93. Math - Calculus

    A 13 foot ladder is sliding down a vertical wall at 1 ft/sec. How fast is the base of this ladder moving on a horizontal ground after 5 seconds?

    asked by Wes
  94. english

    Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three comparatives and three superlatives. To the movie toy story 3

    asked by Confuse person
  95. 4th grade math

    Still confused. let's try this: word forms for: 9.035 9.35 Thank you.

    asked by bes
  96. english composition

    how many players are on the team?

    asked by frankie
  97. computer sciece

    I have a question, how do we find a Voltage, Current, Power if we use PSpice? I use the software to find all the Values but I don't know how to explain.

    asked by Alex
  98. Quick Spellig Question

    Who do you spell meadoly? For ex: She can sing in a perfect meadly. :')

    asked by Willy Wonka
  99. chemistry

    Draw the condensed structural formulas of ethyl alcohol

    asked by Ivy

    Was conflict over the red river settlement inevitable? Wat? Yes it was inevitable, because anyone could have taken control of the land, and the Metis would have to fight to get it back:\

    asked by Emma
  101. Math

    2x^2 + 7x -15 =0

    asked by Ina
  102. Lit.

    Okay this poem is making my head hurt! I have to find out its meter and rhyme scheme? I say its a iambic pentameter and made up of slant rhymes? Oh and the metrical variation in the first line is a trouche righttt?? Wild Nights -- Wild Nights! Were I with

    asked by Itsmemario
  103. Spanish

    Last paragraph. I wasn't going to post it, but considering how atrocious my last two were... A fictional invitation with details about a party. Include: date, time, location/ apparel/ purpose of party/ gift ideas. Estamos teniendo una fiesta de cumpleaños

    asked by Mina
  104. math

    multiply 2x57 using napier method

    asked by Anonymous
  105. bobpursely

    Was conflict over the red river settlement inevitable? Wat? Yes it was inevitable, because anyone could have taken control of the land, and the Metis would have to fight to get it back:\

    asked by Emma
  106. English

    I need to write five sentences on the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. I also have to mark each verb used in bold and, in parentheses, identify the specific tense used.

    asked by Darlene
  107. calculus

    Sorry to post this again, but I am still unable to understand it and need help. Please help.1) Using 3(x-3)(x^2-6x+23)^2 as the answer to differentiating f(x)=(x^2-6x+23)^3/2, which I have been able to do, I need to find the general solution of the

    asked by Claire
  108. computers

    The process of using or controlling two or more windows at a time is known as A. stacking. B. threading. C. hyperthreading. D. multitasking. i chose d

    asked by kayla
  109. chem

    36.00mL of KMnO4 is required to oxidize 25.00mL of 0.02932M Na2C2O4 solution. what is the concentration ofKMnO4? Do I just use C1V1=C2V2? Thank You

    asked by Meso
  110. math

    how do i convert a number that is grater than 360 to a deggese?

    asked by diana
  111. Chem

    Suppose 22.93mL of KMnO4 solution used in the question above (KMnO4 solution in above question 36.00mL and concentration of 0.02036M)are needed to oxidize Fe(2+) to Fe(3+) in a 0.4927g pill. What is the mass percent of FeSO4 (dot) 7H2O (molar mass

    asked by Meso
  112. algebra

    add tyhe following (-8x^2-2x+4)+(x^2-9x+7)

    asked by mema
  113. algebra

    Find the difference (-x^2+8x-7)-(9x^2-5x-7)

    asked by mema
  114. algebra

    Find the product 7x(-2x^2+x-4)

    asked by mema
  115. chemistry

    A unknown piece of metal is placed into a container of acid. Hydrogen gas was produced as a result. The unknown metal could have been ? Ti is the answer, but I don't understand why.

    asked by jazmin
  116. algebra

    A pack of Jillybeans contains seven different flavors: Apricot, Banana, Coconut, Date, Eggplant, Fig and Grape. You can make each flavor indivdually or come up with some crazy combinations. How many flavor combinations are possible with these seven flavors

    asked by Matt
  117. Life orientation

    Name two institutions/community organistations that are involved in supporting or giving redress to water pollution disasters.explain how these organisations are involved in providing a safe and healthy environment.

    asked by Joseph
  118. Chemistry

    XeF2 is a linear molecule with vibrational frequencies of 515 cm–1 (symmetric stretch), 555 cm–1 (antisymmetric stretch) and 213 cm–1 (bend). A vibrational Raman spectrum is acquired using radiation at 488 nm from an argon-ion laser. Predict, with

    asked by Alice
  119. Chemistry

    iron metal & oxygen combine to form magnetic oxide of iron, Fe3O4. How many mols of iron can be converted to magnetic by 8.80 mols of pure oxygen?

    asked by Cassie
  120. Trig

    cos4x*cos3x + sin4x*sin3x

    asked by Daniel
  121. math

    Is it possible for the lengths of a right triangle to form a geometric sequence? If yes, determine the lengths and the measures of the acute angles. if it's not possible, explain why not.

    asked by sophie
  122. chem

    if the mass of a copper wire before an experiment wieghed 2.82 grams then after it wieghed 2.57 grams. what is the mass of copper that reacted

    asked by Cassie
  123. Geometry

    I am studying for exams and need help with one of my review problems. A paraellogram has sides of lenghts 12 cm and 20 cm. If the area of the paraellogram is 600 sq cm then find the length of the shorter height of the parallelogram.

    asked by Mary
  124. Criminal justice

    why does the system require that everyone is entitled to a fair trail, even if the person is caught red-handed

    asked by Julie
  125. Geometry

    How do I find the area of a trapazoid with side lenghts 6 & 7, bottom 17 and top 10. I know the perimeter is 40. Now I need the area.

    asked by Mary
  126. Algebra

    How do i simplify this? [(3x+1)/(x-2)] + [(2x-1)/(x-2)]

    asked by Erin
  127. Life orientation

    A clear explanation of consequences of this human factor

    asked by Comfort
  128. marketing

    Select three major sales promotions from different companies.

    asked by rex
  129. Advanced algebra

    How do i simplify this complex fraction? (x+3)/(3x^2)/(6x^2)/[(x+3)^2]

    asked by Denice
  130. chemical formula

    Do i need a chemical formula to calculate the mols of FeSO4*7H20 when given the mols of Fe(II)? If so i only know that Fe(III) + H2SO4 + H3PO4 are the reactants, and FeSO4*H2O is the product. Help?

    asked by Meso
  131. science

    calculate the mass of ammonium sulphate, which contains the same number of moles as 4g of iron(ll) sulphate heptahydrate.

    asked by ogah john
  132. electrons in atoms

    What is the wavelength of the emitted photon, when the electron in the hydrogen atom makes a transition from the ni = 5 state to the nf = 3 state?

    asked by Beth
  133. Pre-Calc

    Can you someone please help me with this question??? Simplify cot(x + pi)

    asked by Emily
  134. statistics

    two dices are tossed once. let the random variable be t he sum of the up faces on the dice. A). find and graph the probability distribution of the random variable. and b) calculate the mean (or expectation) of this distribution

    asked by sharik
  135. chemistry

    i reallly need help with combining the gas laws. here are a few questions i am struggling with if anyone could please help! 1. A steel container holds 750.L of O2 gas at STP. a) how many moles of O2 does the container hold? b)how many grams of O2 does the

    asked by me
  136. Geography Europe

    Agree or Disagree with the following statement: Western Europe is a peninsula of peninsulas. Explain your position.

    asked by Justin Bieber
  137. 7th grade math

    The second difference of a sequence is a constant 5. The differences between the first term and the second term, 12, is 8. How do I find the first five terms?

    asked by samantha
  138. trig

    How do I name the quadrand in which angle thada may lie if sec thada > 0 and tan thada > 0?

    asked by Nathan
  139. books

    I need some information on DeeDee from "Early Candlelight" by Maud Hart Lovelace. It was a hard read for me. Also, a summary of some of the main events would be great! Thanks.

    asked by Kelsi
  140. AP Physics

    A Young's double slit has a slit separation of 2.50x10 raised to the -5th power m on which a monochromatic light beam is directed. The resultant bright fringes on a screen 1.00 m from the double slit are separated by 2.30x10 raised to the -2nd power m.

    asked by Sydney
  141. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences for me, please. 1) Elizabeth I was unmarried and used this (?) as a political weapon because for the European princes was important to keep on good terms with England. (better "because she encouraged the hopes

    asked by Henry1
  142. English

    I forgot to include the following two sentences and as well as few sentences in indirect speech. Thank you. 1)He invited me to go (not come) to the disco with him that evening. 2) This prescription must be shown (not "showed") to the doctor. 3) "Fire now",

    asked by Henry1
  143. math

    What is the distance between the parallel planes: ax+by+cz=d1 and ax+by+cz=d2?

    asked by sophie
  144. Math

    Write an equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line y=2x-1 and passes throgh the point (0,-3)

    asked by Erin
  145. 9th grade integrated algebra

    a tree casts a 25 foot shadow on a sunny day if the angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the tree 32 degrees, what is the height of the tree to the nearest thenth of a foot?

    asked by michaela
  146. math

    Write a linear function that satisfies the given conditions: f(0)=12, F(3)= -2

    asked by Erin
  147. math9

    which relation is NOT a function? 1) {(1,5),(2,6),(3,6),(4,7)} 2) {(4,7),(2,1),(-3,6),(3,4)} 3) {(-1,6),(1,3),(2,5),(1,-7)} 4) {(-1,2),(0,5),(5,0),(2,-1)}

    asked by michaela .b.
  148. geometry

    How do you find the slope-intercept equation of medians of a triangle and perpendicular bisectors of a triangle?

    asked by Jasmine
  149. math9

    what is the value of the y-coordinate of the solution to the system of equations: x-2y=1 and x+4y=7 1) 1 2) -1 3) 3 4) 4

    asked by michaela .b.
  150. Spanish

    Podemos alquilar dos peliculas I need to answer this using direct object pronouns.

    asked by Jane
  151. integrated algebra 9

    given : A={all even integers from 2 to 20,incusive} B={10,12,14,16,18}'what is the compliment of set B within the universe of set A? 1){4,6,8} 2){2,4,6,8} 3){4,6,8,20} 4){2,4,6,8,20}

    asked by michaela .b.
  152. integrated algebra 9

    given : A={all even integers from 2 to 20,incusive} B={10,12,14,16,18}'what is the compliment of set B within the universe of set A? 1){4,6,8} 2){2,4,6,8} 3){4,6,8,20} 4){2,4,6,8,20}

    asked by michaela .b.
  153. Accounting

    MHS currently has $1,150,000 in cash. How long would it take them to accumulate $2,000,000 in cash? Assume an interest rate of 5%.

    asked by Barbara
  154. Physics

    With an average acceleration of −2.2 m/s^2, how long will it take a cyclist to bring a bicycle with an initial speed of 14.5 m/s to a complete stop? Answer in units of s.

    asked by Laura
  155. geometry

    If the edges of the base of a rectangular prism are 8cm and 6cm, and the diagonal is 10--square root of 2, what is the volume of the solid?

    asked by L.D.
  156. math

    what will a deposit of 4500 be worth if left in the bank for 5 years at 8% compounded quarterly?

    asked by mark