Questions Asked on
May 19, 2011

  1. Anatomy

    For Muscles to work, they need a stimulus from a ____________ nerve and a source of energy that is ___________, is also known as __________.

    asked by Matt
  2. Physics

    A particle moves along the x axis. It is initially at the position 0.350 m, moving with velocity 0.110 m/s and acceleration -0.380 m/s2. Suppose it moves with constant acceleration for 3.50 s. (a) Find the position of the particle after this time. (b) Find

    asked by Luna
  3. IPC

    The peak intensity of radiation from Star Beta is 350 nm. In what spectral band is this? a)ultraviolet b)radio waves c)visible light d)infrared radiation help me understand please!

    asked by Ashley Nicole! <3
  4. math

    Which of the following is the equation of a direct variation that has a constant of variation equal to -? y = x - -y = x y = -2x y = -x

    asked by Daniel
  5. Science

    Tracy ties a ball to a string and starts to swing the ball around her head what forces are acting on the ball what happens if the string breaks

    asked by Joann
  6. physics

    Two people, one of mass 85 kg and the other of mass 50 kg, sit in a rowboat of mass 90 kg. With the boat initially at rest, the two people, who have been sitting at opposite ends of the boat, 3.5 m apart from each other, now exchange seats. How far does

    asked by homcahbiec
  7. math

    Which of the following sets of ordered pairs is not a direct variation? (0, 0); (-2, 4); (3, -6) (1, 1); (-2, -2); (3, 3) (10, 2); (15, 3); (20, 4) (0, 0); (1,

    asked by Daniel
  8. Chemistry

    Arrange the ions Cu2+ Zn2+ Mg2+ and Al 6+ in order of decreasing ability to be reduced and in order of decreasing ability to be oxidized

    asked by Anonymous
  9. science

    a 10000 kg truck moving at 10 m/s collides with a 2000 kg car moving at 30 m/s in the opposite direction. If they stick together after impact how fast, and in what direction, will they be moving?

    asked by nick
  10. Geometry

    A plane intersects a sphere that has a radius of 13cm. The distance from the center of the sphere to the closest point on the plane is 5 cm. What is the radius of the circle that is the intersection of the sphere and the plane? A. 8cm B. 10cm C. 12cm D.

    asked by Chica


    asked by Deepa
  12. physics

    A coil with 210 turns, a radius of 5.2 cm, and a resistance of 11 ohms surrounds a solenoid with 160 turns/cm and a radius of 4.6 cm . The current in the solenoid changes at a constant rate from 0 to 6.4 A in 0.11 s. Calculate the magnitude of the induced

    asked by tammy
  13. math

    there is a water resivoir benteth a circular garden 2 supply a fountain n the garden.the resivoir has a 26-inch diameter.the garden has a 12 foot much of the garden does not contain the water resivoir? plz show work

    asked by charolette
  14. Sociology 101

    What do we gain from being able to "step back" from out way of life as Miner has done here? According to the article Body Rituals among the Nacirema

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    What is the volume of a piece of iron (p=7.9 g/cm cubed) that has a mass of 0.50 kg?

    asked by Beverly
  16. math

    There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. a large juice can has a diameter of 6 inches and a height of 10 inches.How many gallons of juice dos the can hold? round to nearesst tenth.

    asked by charolette
  17. Algebra 1

    If you rent a car for one day and drive it for 100 miles, the cost is $40.00. If you drive it 200 miles, the cost is $46.00. What are the data points given?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Geometry

    You purchased a scale model of the Statue of Liberty. The scale is 1:456. The model is 8 inches high and has a surface area of 0.052 ft^2. a. What is the height of the Statue of Liberty? b. What is the surface area of the Statue of Liberty? Thanks for

    asked by Mary
  19. math

    A double recipe of cookies calls for 5 cups of flour. Which of the following proportions could be used to find the amount of flour for a triple recipe? 5/2= f/3 2/5=f/3 2/3 = f/5 3/2=5/f

    asked by Daniel
  20. Math

    Which is the exact value of the expression sqrt 32- sqrt 50 + sqrt 128 2 sqrt 7 7 sqrt 2 22 sqrt 2 2 sqrt 55

    asked by Mike
  21. Geometry

    A Pyramid has a height of 6cm and base edge 8cm. A similar pyramid has a height of 9cm. If the volume of the larger pyramid is 130.5cm^3 what is the volume of the smaller pyramid?

    asked by Mary
  22. math

    mrs. brown's girl scout troop had a car wash to earn some funds. They saved 1/6 of the money. They used 1/2 of the remaining money to go horseback riding. They then had $100.00 left. How much did they initially make washing cars?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Physics 101

    A 90-dB sound is absorbed by an eardrum 0.75 cm in diameter for 2 hours. How much energy in joules does the eardrum absorb at that time?

    asked by DJ
  24. phys

    Four point masses are at the corners of a square whose side is 20 cm long (see Fig 3). What is the magnitude of the net gravitational force on a point mass m5 = 2.5 kg located at the center of the square?

    asked by ayyashi
  25. maths

    my watch loses 2 minutes in 24 hours. if it is put right at 10am on monday what time will show on it at 10pm on monday?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. geometry

    A lot is in the shape of a trapezoid. The sum of the bases is 180 feet. If the area of the lot is 8,100 square feet, what is the distance across the lot, i.e., the altitude of the figure?

    asked by shelby
  27. physics

    why we cannot use visible light for studying the crystal structure using Bragg’s diffraction method?

    asked by diwakar
  28. math

    a cylindrical barrel is 2.8 feet in diameter and 8 feet high. if a cubic foot holds about 7.5 gallons of liquid how many gallons of water will this barrel hold?

    asked by charolette
  29. Statistics

    The following linear equation, y = b0 + b1x, is a regression line with y-intercept b0 and slope b1. Define These Terms 1) correlation coefficient 2) Linear regression equation

    asked by Leslie
  30. math

    i posted this question yesterday. i really want to know how to do it. John bought n objects, each costing n cents. The change he received from his $10 bill was less than $1 and consisted of only two denominations of coins. What was the minimum number of

    asked by Diana
  31. Chemistry

    3) The chemical formula for ethylene glycol (antifreeze) is C2H6O2 and Isopropyle alcohol is C3H7OH. Calculate the new boining and freezing oints for 1000.0 g of aqueous solution (total volume), that is 30.0% solute (the antifreeze and the alcohol are the

    asked by Adam
  32. algebra

    Translate to an inequality. A number is at least 15. what is the answer? (Use x as the variable)

    asked by Robert W.
  33. Algebra 2

    A farmer wants to enclose three sides of a rectangular area that borders a creek. He has 2400 meters of fencing material. What is the maximum area that can be enclosed by the fence?

    asked by Mysty
  34. math

    A tree casts a shadow of 28 feet. At the same time, a biologist who is 7 feet tall casts a shadow of 2 feet. How tall is the tree?

    asked by Daniel
  35. biology/honors

    Can someone help answer this question please is one of my study guide for the test? What are some adaptation that hominid populations developed as opposed to primates ? thank you

    asked by mike
  36. physics

    A backpack full of books weighing 58.0 rests on a table in a physics laboratory classroom. A spring with a force constant of 140 is attached to the backpack and pulled horizontally. If the backpack begins to slide when the spring ( = 140 ) stretches by

    asked by Kathryn
  37. Math

    Mr.lopez is putting a fence around his vegetable garden. The garden is shaped liked a rectangle. The longer sides are 14 feet long, and the shorter sides are 9.5 feet long. How much fencing should Mr.Lopez buy?

    asked by Aaliyah
  38. english grammar pls help me to correct my english

    kindly pls,can you help me to have a good grammar for this word document I made for my exam below. thanks a lot. my paragraph: The most difficult task in creating word document is to compose according to what a paragraph to be use. Making words correctly

    asked by jessie
  39. physics

    a) Find the magnitude of the electrostatic force between 2 negative charges separated by a distance of 1augustro. b)what is the magnitude of gravit'l force between the negetive charges (electro)? c) determine the ratio of the gravt'l force and

    asked by Said
  40. Calculus 12 Optimization

    A farmer wishes to make two rectangular enclosures with no fence along the river and a 10m opening for a tractor to enter. If 1034 m of fence is available, what will the dimension of each enclosure be for their areas to be a maximum?

    asked by K.lee
  41. physics

    Two identical traveling waves, moving in the same direction, are out of phase by /5.0 rad. What is the amplitude of the resultant wave in terms of the common amplitude ym of the two combining waves? (Give the answer as the ratio of the total amplitude to

    asked by physics
  42. science

    if an ocean wave has a wavelength of 15.0m. its period is 10s wht is the speed of the wave?

    asked by dee
  43. Chemistry

    I just need this checked over. I am not sure about the last part D. Temp c KBr 20 65 40 80 60 90 80 100 100 110 At 100 C, 10.5 g KBr/10gH2O = 105 g/100 g (just multiply the top and the bottom by 10 to give you 100 g H2O) B) Since the solubility at 100C is

    asked by Monster
  44. algebra

    I don't understand how to do this problem. Please help! Find an exponential function of the form f(x) = bax that has a y-intercept of 2 and passes through the point (2, 98). For example, if the equation is f(x) = 2(7)x respond by entering the answer as

    asked by alyssa
  45. geometry

    (4, 5)'(9, 5) and (5,1) are three of a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are equal and parallel.there are three possibilities for the co-ordinates of the missing vertex.Find all three,and draw the three quadrilateral on a grid

    asked by bill
  46. trig

    Find the angle between 0 and 2pi that is coterminal with negative one half pi; expressing the answer in radians in terms of pi.

    asked by Jay
  47. math

    at the county fair, the apple pies are lined up sidebyside for judging on a 6 foot table each pie has an areaof 50.24 inches squared. how many pies are on the table?plz show allll work!

    asked by charolette
  48. phyiscs

    what is the derivative of velocity squared? i know that the derivative of regular velocity is acceleration, but what about velocity squared? thank you very much!

    asked by physics
  49. chemistry

    what is the number of grams needed to prepare a 1.23 M solution of nitric acid if 250.0 mL are needed?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Anatomy

    A person needs to stop, rest, and take in enough oxygen to complete the catabolism of lactic acid and relieve the muscle?

    asked by Matt
  51. math

    i'm having trouble with this math equation 5/2x^2-1/2^4 (need to find greatest common factor)

    asked by Please help!
  52. chemistry

    How many grams of potassium hydrogen phthalate should be added to a 100 mL volumetric flask to prepare a 0.5000 M solution when the flask is diluted to the mark with water?

    asked by Shell
  53. math

    Emily and Miranda are standing outside. Emily is 5 feet tall and casts a shadow of 28 inches. Miranda's shadow is 29.4 inches long. Approximately how tall is Miranda?

    asked by Daniel
  54. Statistics

    Suppose we have a set of blood pressures with a mean of 120 Systolic, and a sample standard deviation of 20 points. If we assume a normal distribution of Systolic blood pressures, then between what two values can we be assured 99.7% of all Systolic blood

    asked by Denise
  55. geometry

    if the radius of a cone is multiplied by 8,how many times larger ids the new volume?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Art

    List five things that you learned from mixing the standard colors Red, Blue & Yellow

    asked by Emma
  57. math

    the base of a rectangular prism is congruent to the base of a pyramid. the height of the pyramid is 3 times the height of the prism. which figure has a greater volume?explain.

    asked by charolette
  58. math

    a cooking pot used in the cafetriea weighs 64 pounds when it is filled with much would a simialar pot with a scale factor of 1/2 weigh when filled with the same soup?

    asked by charolette
  59. Chemistry-Help Please!

    @ 20 Celsius - 22g CuSO4 / 100g H2O @ 40 Celsius- 42g CuSO4 / 100g H2O Using this, answer whether these are saturated or unsaturated @ 40 Celsius is 5g CuSO4 / 10g H2O @ 40 Celsius is 99g CuSO4 / 250g H2) I was told that the first one is unsaturated and

    asked by Julie
  60. Chemistry

    You are having a garden party and are preparing a punch bowl. You add one pound of ice at -20°C to 5.00 gallons of punch at 25°C. Since the punch is mostly water, you can assume it has the same specific heat as water. What is the final temperature of the

    asked by Shell
  61. Chemistry

    A 225 g sample of xenon is placed in a 15.6 L stainless steel vessel at 27.0°C. a. What is the pressure in the vessel? b. If the temperature is raised to 200°C, what is the pressure in the vessel? c. The air pressure outside the vessel is 1.00 atm. If

    asked by Shell
  62. Title for essay

    I am writing a persuasive essay on Gay Marriage. Wondering I have a couple titles and would like your opinion which you thinks sounds the best Here are a couple title Marriage: The Right for All Marriage: A Union Between Two

    asked by Amor
  63. physics

    A car goes around a curve on a road that is banked at an angle of 30.5 . Even though the road is slick, the car will stay on the road without any friction between its tires and the road when its speed is 19.0 . What is the radius of the curve?

    asked by Kathryn
  64. Chemistry

    @ 20 Celsius - 22g CuSO4 / 100g H2O @ 40 Celsius- 42g CuSO4 / 100g H2O Using this, answer whether these are saturated or unsaturated @ 40 Celsius is 5g CuSO4 / 10g H2O @ 40 Celsius is 99g CuSO4 / 250g H2) I was told that the first one is unsaturated and

    asked by Julie
  65. science

    the solubility of sodium chloride in water at 10 degrees C is 32 g in 100 g of water. If 14 g of sodium chloride are dissolved in 50 g of water at 10 degrees, the solution is ___________.

    asked by ciarra
  66. algebra

    1.) Translate to an inequality. The average speed,s, was between 70 and 110mph. Translation: 70 blank s blank 110 2.) Translate to an inequality. Use the variable x. The price of a baseball glove is at most $31.49

    asked by lisa
  67. chemistry

    A proton beam is made by accelerating protons in a high voltage electric field. The protons have a velocity of 2.75 x 107 m/s. What is the wavelength of the protons traveling at this very high speed?

    asked by Shell
  68. Chemistry

    Considering the emission of the hydrogen atom, a. what is the wavelength of the light emitted by the transition from n = 2 to n = 1. b. In what region of the electromagnetic spectrum does this radiation belong?

    asked by Shell
  69. Chemistry

    Methyl linoleate is one of the common components of biodiesel. As an alternative fuel, Methyl linoleate reacts completely with oxygen (O2) to make carbon dioxide and water. Balance the chemical equation. How many kilograms of oxygen are required to react

    asked by Shell
  70. math

    I have the same project as Jill down there... -What is the definition of a derivative? -What does the derivative of a function tell you (in english) ? Then I need an example of the power rule, quotient rule, and chain rule. -What information does the FIRST

    asked by Teenie
  71. math

    what's the difference between -6 degrees celsius and 12 degrees celsius?

    asked by falon
  72. Teacher aide

    Can someone please tell me if I have this question right. When planning activites for an after-school day care program, the teacher aide should provide A Drill and thinking activities that carry over from the school curriculum B Activities that are highly

    asked by Mother of two
  73. Paperwork Haiti

    Look my essay and fix grammar problems. Christopher Columbus discovered a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean Sea in 1492. He gives the name of this island Hispaniola. In the seventeenth century the island became a French colony, Saint-Domingue.

    asked by Nandu/Exchange student
  74. chemistry

    I need a formula for: 0.5 grams of sodium chloride is dissolved to make 0.05 liters of solution. next 0.5 grams of sodium chloride is dissolved to make 0.05 ml of solution. next 670 grams of Pb (C2H3O2)4 are dissolved to make 3.5 ml of solution.

    asked by venita
  75. medical office

    how is basic math used in the medical office?

    asked by toni
  76. Art

    List five things that you learned from mixing the Munsell Colors Cyan, Magenta & Yellow

    asked by Emma
  77. Mrs.Sue

    mrs sue i have to go soon can u plzzzz helpppp me i just need ou to answer my questions and show ur work so i can print it and make it a study guide plz

    asked by charolette
  78. Chemistry

    How much heat is necessary to change 5 grams of water at 10 degrees celcius to water at 70 degrees celcius?

    asked by Princess
  79. Chemistry

    Chalk is a soft, white, porous sedimentary rock, a form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite. Calcite is calcium carbonate, CaCO3. It forms under relatively deep marine conditions from the gradual accumulation of minute calcite plates (coccoliths)

    asked by Shell
  80. physics

    A moving object has a kinetic energy of 133 J and a momentum with magnitude of 39.8 kg·m/s. Detemine the mass (kg), and velocity (m/s) of the object.

    asked by justin
  81. English

    what is the rule for fry - fries cry - cries

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Life orientation

    Discuss 5 ways in which the human or enviromental problem impacts on the community

    asked by Thobani
  83. english

    John gave Samuel his hockey stick. In this sentence, Samuel is the ____.

    asked by davis
  84. geometry

    How do you find the perimeter of a regular dodecagon whose side is 12cm

    asked by Niki
  85. dc history

    1. why was washington dc not built in a state? 2. who was in charge of building wdc? WHAT WAS THE DESIGN LIKE? 3.Why did PIERRE L'EFAND DESIGN DIFFERENT BLDGS. FOR THE CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT? 4.Why did it take so long to build wdc? 5. why is it important

    asked by xavier 5th grader
  86. statistics

    The following linear equation ,y= b0 = b1x, is a regression line with y-intercept b0 and slope b1.

    asked by jessica
  87. Business

    You are the manager at a company and are asked to present a report on the year-to-date performance of your division. What type of statistical information would you include in your report? In particular, which descriptive statistics (mean, median, standard

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Chemistry

    Can anyone tell me if I am right on these? Calculate the amount of solute needed to make each of the solutions 225g of 10% (m/m) K2CO3 solution Answer: 22.5g K2CO3 0.50kg of 18% (m/m) KOH solution Answer: 90g KOH

    asked by Julie
  89. calculus

    A regular decagon(12 sides) in inscribed in a circle with the radius r. The decagon has an area of108 in^2. What is the radius of the cirlce?

    asked by Kristina
  90. English

    I left out the following sentences, which are part of the same homework. Thank you. 1) A woman has been waiting for about ten minutes. She left home at five past six and got there at exactly a quarter to seven. The man apologises for keeping her waiting

    asked by Henry1
  91. calculus

    Please help. How do I separate the variables in the following differential equation dy/dx=(2/27)(x-3)then square root (x^2-6x+23)/y where (y>0). Then give general solution in implicit form. Thank you so much if you can help.

    asked by paul
  92. algebra

    Translate to an inequality. Use the variable x. The number of people in the chess club is less than or equal to 12.

    asked by Faye
  93. math

    A ship left at 9:00 am going 10 miles per hour on a course. Another ship left at noon on the same course going 15 miles per hour. At what time did the second ship overtake the first ship?

    asked by Robyn
  94. algebra

    Simplifying Rational Expressions: a^3-2a^2/2a^2-4a

    asked by layla
  95. physics

    If a bus starts at the top of a hill with 15,000J of total energy, how much total energy does it have when it gets to the bottom?

    asked by Cassie
  96. English (poetry)

    IV His soul stretched tight across the skies That fade behind a city block, Or trampled by insistent feet At four and five and six o’clock; And short square fingers stuffing pipes, And evening newspapers, and eyes Assured of certain certainties, The

    asked by Jess
  97. Chemistry

    Preparing solutions a. A solution was prepared by dissolving 5.65 g potassium bromide in 32.67 g water. What is the concentration of this solution in weight percent? b. The solution was poured into a 100 mL volumetric flask and water was added to the mark

    asked by Shell
  98. Math Statistics

    True or false? The value of the correlation coefficient can be between 0 and 1.

    asked by Bill
  99. Statistics

    True or false? The following linear equation, y = b0 + b1x, is a regression line with y-intercept b0 and slope b1.

    asked by Bill
  100. Chemistry

    Could NH4 ever be a gas?

    asked by Maddi
  101. Algebra

    Simplify A^6 x a^2b^-2 44,909 in scientific notation Simplify (a^2b^3)(a^5) Simplify x^-5y^-6 What is the P(H,H,H,H,T,T,T,) on 7 flips of a coin?

    asked by Michelle
  102. trigonometry

    In triangle xyz,sin x=5/13. Find the tan x?

    asked by mario
  103. English (poetry)

    I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made: Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee; And live alone in the bee-loud glade. And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes

    asked by Jess
  104. fairley

    how do i solve f(x)=a(x-h)squared +k for minimum wage per year if the year is 1940 and the wage is 0.25

    asked by lasha
  105. algebra II

    Select the best possible first step to solving the system by first eliminating the y variable. x + 8y = –4 2x – 4y = –13 Multiply the first equation by 2. Multiply the second equation by 2. Multiply the first equation by –2. Multiply the second

    asked by connor
  106. biology/honors

    How does genetic variation lead to speciation ? Can you help me answer this question please for the review test ? thank you .

    asked by mike
  107. Life orientation

    Critically discuss 5 ways in which the environmental problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.

    asked by Mixo
  108. skyline high school

    Determine how many moles of water vapor will be produced at 1.00 atm and 200.oC by the complete combustion of 10.5 L of methane gas (CH4)

    asked by selene
  109. physics

    Please check my work here: Resistors of 30 ohms and 60 ohms are connected in parallel and joined in series to a 10 ohm resistor. The circuit voltage is 180 volts. Find: a)the voltage of the parallel circuit b)the voltage across the parallel circuit c)the

    asked by Nilan - still need help
  110. Physics

    if one resistor is removed from a parallel circuit, the total current will 1) decrease b) increase c) remain the same and the current flowing through each of the remaining branches ____________________. okay so the total current will decrease, but what

    asked by Sejul
  111. Math

    Draw a quadrangle below.measure the sides to the nearest 1.5 inch.

    asked by Aaliyah
  112. History

    please identify key civil rights laws and the Supreme Court decisions that support them, from 1964- present.

    asked by MorganV
  113. calculus

    A regular decagon(12 sides) in inscribed in a circle with the radius r. The decagon has an area of108 in^2. What is the radius of the cirlce?

    asked by Kristina
  114. survey of mathematics

    how is basic math used by a medical office manager?

    asked by toni
  115. trig

    if A+B=45 degree show that (cos A-1)(cotB-1)=2.

    asked by mukesh
  116. English Class (Research Topic)

    Can someone explain this please? Our research paper must not be a general biography of the writer and/or a book report. It should instead focus on controversies or differing interpretations about his/her work, or on questions raised by the writer’s work

    asked by Ady
  117. Art

    List three similarities between the Standard and Munsell colors and how they mix

    asked by Emma
  118. Art

    List three differences between the standard and Munsell colors and how they mix

    asked by Emma
  119. Spanish-8th gradePlease check

    1.¿Tienes que hacer mucha tarea hoy? Sí, tengo que hacer mucha tarea hoy. 2.¿Cómo vas al parque? Voy a pie. 3.¿Dónde está la cocina en tu casa? En mi casa, la cocina está abajo. 4.¿Prefieres lavar la ropa o quitar el polvo? Prefiero lavar la ropa.

    asked by Kelsey
  120. Legal Studies

    Hi. Do any of you know any good free legal databases? Espc. dealing with Australian Tort Law? Thanks.

    asked by Em
  121. Romeo and Juliet

    At First who was Juliet upset with when recieving the new from the nurse that Tybalt was killed? Later who was Juliet upset with ?

    asked by Kim
  122. Spanish-7th grade-Please check

    If I just have a picture of la sala and it's neat and tidy and has a television in it, which would be the correct response? 1.Mi familia acaba de limpiar la sala. 2.Mi familia mira la television. 3.Mi familia necesita limpiar la sala. 4.Mi familia limpia

    asked by Joanna
  123. chemistry

    Your 1.1 cubic foot GE microwave oven generates 1100 watts of microwaves at a frequency of 2.45 GHz. a. What is the wavelength of the microwave radiation being emitted? b. How many photons per second of microwaves are being emitted?

    asked by Shell
  124. math

    how to get 537 out of 579494 ?

    asked by youssef
  125. Geometry

    Find the surface area and volume of a spherical with a radius of 3cm.

    asked by Mary
  126. Geometry

    What is the surface area and volume of a cylinder with a radius of 5 cm and height of 10 cm.

    asked by Mary
  127. algebra

    How do i find the answer for C= k+w/2? Its asks the value of k?

    asked by Mary
  128. Calculus

    Integral of (ln^6x)/x dx

    asked by John Q
  129. math

    how would you solve these equations? y^2+2y-2x+5=0 and (x^2/16)-(y+1)^2/(25)=1 thank you!

    asked by ben
  130. math

    3 9 11 17 25 39 ?

    asked by jit
  131. Calc

    I'm creating a "calculu for dummies" project book. I've already done most of it, I'm just stuck on these ones. Thank you! -What is the definition of a derivative? -What does the derivative of a function tell you (in english) ? Then I need an example of the

    asked by Jill
  132. math


    asked by Anonymous
  133. geometry

    a circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle. how do you find the value of x? also have to round the answer to the nearest whole number.

    asked by ivette hanon
  134. ^^Brand Extension^^

    wat does brand extension mean? cud u give me an example? Brand extension or brand stretching is a marketing strategy in which a firm marketing a product with a well-developed image uses the same brand name in a different product category. The new product

    asked by cassandra
  135. Geomertry

    Is the volume of a right circular cone with a radius of 1cm and height 2cm. 2.09 cm^3

    asked by Mary
  136. Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of solute needed to make the solution. I can't remember how to set these up. .50kg of a 18% (m/m) KOH solution

    asked by Monster
  137. physical science

    can water dissolve polar molecules or nonpolar molecules

    asked by britt
  138. science

    What volume of .01M KOH solution is needed to react with 20ml .01M Zn(OH)2 solution

    asked by Anthony
  139. statistics

    The value of the correlation coeficient can be between 0 and 1.

    asked by jessica
  140. Math

    i am a number. i am the product of the number of digits in a half billion and the number of years in a decade. What number am i ?

    asked by Pammie
  141. psy

    what is the differnce between set points versus settleing point

    asked by Anonymous
  142. physics

    Resistance in a Series Circuit lab: Determine the coded value of your resistors. (I found 270 ohms, 560 ohms and 750 ohms) ***Enter the toleranace value as indicated by the color of the fourth band. (all were gold) How do I find TOLERANCE VALUE of the gold

    asked by Katie
  143. COM/170

    I am supposed to find and correct 15 errors in the passage, having trouble finding more errors. Many thanks in advance. Why are many students choosing to pursue their college degrees using their home computers? Benjamin Franklin said, “A penny saved is a

    asked by Venel
  144. history

    Looking at how Mikhail Gorbachev’s policies changed the Soviet Union, would you consider him a patriot, or in a sense, a subversive? Explain your answer.

    asked by Gloria Jackson
  145. Demoracy (POD)

    What is the structure of the national judiciary?

    asked by RichardVanc
  146. History

    Civil Rights Protections: Identify the provisions of each of the: Bill of Rights, 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, 26th amendments

    asked by MorganV
  147. biology

    why is the cell membrane important to people?

    asked by keith
  148. Math

    -48, -12, -3 ... Find the next three terms of the sequence.

    asked by Lesley
  149. pre- algebra

    Solve for m. -6m - 7 = -5m + 3

    asked by Darren
  150. Algebra

    How do you graph y=-1x

    asked by Beth
  151. Statistics

    For a particular sample of 63 scores on a psychology exam, the following results were obtained. First quartile = 57 Third quartile = 87 Standard deviation = 9 Range = 51 Mean = 72 Median = 72 Mode = 98 Midrange = 57 Answer each of the following: I. What

    asked by Denise
  152. english/grammar

    what are the adjectives and adverbs in this sentence. The lazy dog became angry and called the police

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Business

    Discuss how the Empirical Rule works

    asked by Anonymous
  154. history

    who won the debate between lincoln and douglas

    asked by shanel
  155. HomeEc/Sewing

    What are all of the fabric parts?

    asked by Carla
  156. geometry

    have an area of 11 square centimeters. I am made up of whole square centimeters. My length is 4 cm. I am not a rectangle. What am l?

    asked by Trey
  157. physics

    if the second derivative is not uniform, then is the third derivative also not uniform? thank you!

    asked by physics
  158. math

    find the surface area of a cylinder where the radius is=5.5in. and the height is=4 inches

    asked by Anonymous
  159. Body Structure and Function

    Conductivity is the ability of a neuron to react to stimuli? True or False

    asked by RJ
  160. English

    Could you pleae check these paragraphs I prepared on various listening comprehensions. Thank you very much. 1) Lucy is joining the tennis club. So she needs to buy the tennis equipment. She will be able to use Miranda's box of balls, which is in the

    asked by Henry1
  161. chemistry

    A quick chem question reguarding acids and bases: The questions says: "a very strong acid has a very weak base. Critique this statement."

    asked by Miriam Wyman
  162. statistics

    Select the best interpretation of the correlation coefficient r = 0.

    asked by Eric
  163. Personal Finance

    Which of the following is a result of a dollar cost averaging investment strategy? A. greater return than a buy-and-hold strategy if prices are rising B. higher average purchase price than the average price over the long term C. lower average purchase

    asked by Tracy
  164. physics

    Assume that here in sussex we live at exactly latitude 45 degress. Calculate the tangential speed, in m/sec and in mph that we are rotating at

    asked by josh
  165. sinclair

    how can i write an rhetorical essay with ethos pathos and logos on Denise Noes "parellel words "

    asked by carla
  166. english

    a speech on role of children in household jobs

    asked by iiuhoiyu
  167. Judicial history

    what are the structure & types of the national judiciary?

    asked by MorganV
  168. History

    Due Process: Relate the 5th/4th Amendment, procedural, substansive, police power, right to privacy. what's in common?

    asked by MorganV
  169. math

    Im doing input and output boxes and the numbers are negative 2, and 1, positive 2 and 3 the output is negative 2,0 and positive 6 and 8

    asked by Anonymous
  170. Statistics

    True or false? The linear correlation coefficient, r, is a numerical measure of the strength of the relationship between two variables representing quantitative data.

    asked by Bill
  171. calculus

    Find dy/dx if: y= ln[x-7]^6 / 3

    asked by A.A
  172. 4th grade math

    what is the next number in the pattern 5,3,7,5,9,7,11?

    asked by jennifer
  173. science

    what is the process by which cells divide? please help thanks

    asked by matt
  174. Maths

    Find the angle, in degrees and minutes, that a straight line makes with the positive direction of the x axis if its gradient is 0.853

    asked by Jannie
  175. physics ( help FAST)

    if you were to move the light sencor in an experiment 5 times further from the light as it was before, by what fraction would the light intensity change????

    asked by D.J
  176. Judicial

    Due Process: Relate the 5th/4th Amendment, procedural, substansive, police power, right to privacy.

    asked by TonyaVV
  177. science

    What do kids do on Make a Difference DAY?IS IT A POPULAR HOLIDAY?

    asked by Andrew
  178. JOSEPH


    asked by SHOAIB
  179. History- i dont understand

    Please answer or give reference link Due Process: Relate the 5th/4th Amendment, procedural, substansive, police power, right to privacy. what's in common?

    asked by TonyaVV
  180. math

    Multiply using duplication and multiplication 8x363

    asked by nichole
  181. math

    i need help finding the surface area of the outside of a cylindrical barrel with a diameter of 10 inches and a height of 12 inches

    asked by Delneisha
  182. Math

    Laurie expects to make $100,000 in 2007. Her social security tax rate is 6.20% up to the wage base, Medicare is 1.45%. How much FICA is Laurie expected to pay for the year

    asked by Akwaa Harrrison
  183. Math

    i cannot remember how to figure this out. I need to know how to figure out what is between 3/4 and 17/20 on this number line ..... 1/2 11/20 3/5 13/20 7/10 3/4 ... 17/20 9/10 1 thank you

    asked by Renee
  184. lit

    Perseverance is an obstacle that involves never giving up, maintaining a positive attitude, and the ability to trust others. how can this be written in parallel structure?

    asked by nikki
  185. com 110

    i am looking for thirty questions related to communication that i can ask someone in a interview. Please help me in it. I made some but i need a lot.

    asked by ami
  186. english

    What is the compound subject of the following? Tamara and Janet served soup and salad at the luncheon.

    asked by davis
  187. child care

    if an employee in your center earns $9500 ayear, how much federal unemployment must you pay for this employee?

    asked by nadia s
  188. Chemistry/Science

    Can a reaction order be negative?

    asked by Anonymous