Questions Asked on
May 16, 2011

  1. math

    Michael has a total of $2000 on deposit with two saving institutions. One pays interest at the rate of 6% per year whereas the other pays interest at a rate of 8% per year. If Michael earned a total of $144 in interest during a single year, how much did he

  2. statistics

    A history class has 75 members. If there is a 12% absentee rate per class meeting, find the mean, variance, and atandard deviation of the number of students who will be absent from each class

    asked by Michelle
  3. CHEM

    A 5.10-g sample of iron is heated from 36.0oC to 75.0oC. The amount of energy required is 89.54 J. The specific heat capacity of this sample of iron is

    asked by jann
  4. math

    If you borrow $1,700 at 7% simple interest, how much interest will you pay? A. $1819 B. $119 C. $7.00 D. $120 I got b but im not sure

    asked by kayla
  5. statistics

    the average amount of rain per year in Greenville is 49 inches. the standard deviation is 8 inches. find the probability that nest year greeville will receive the following amount of rainfall. assume the variable is normally distributed. a) At most 55

    asked by Michelle
  6. statistics

    one of the major U.S. tire makers wishes to review its warranty for their rainmaker tire. The warranty is for 40,000 miles. The tire company beleives that the tire actually lasts more than 40,000 miles. A sample of 49 tires reveales that the mean number of

    asked by c
  7. chem

    what is the total mass of rn-222 remaining in an original 160g sample after 19.1 days? 1 2.5g 2 5.0 g 3 10g 4 20g how do you do this ?

    asked by John
  8. physics

    John is listening to a horn. He knows the frequency of the horn is 300 Hz when both he and the horn are at rest. If he hears a pitch of 330 Hz, there are clearly several possibilities. For each of the following statements, indicate whether it is correct or

    asked by Joan
  9. maths

    A liter of orange fruit drink contains 22% orange juice. How many millimeters of orange juice must be added to produce a mixture containing 50% orange juice?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. chem

    For the reaction 2Cl2(g)+4NaOH(aq)->3NaCl(aq)+ NaClO2(aq)+2H2O(l) how many grams of NaCl can be produced from 30.8 g of Cl2 and excess NaOH?

    asked by jann
  11. statistics

    the average number of gallons of lemonade consumed by the football team during a game is 20, with a standard deviation of 3 gallons. assume the variable is normally distributed. when a game is played, find the probability of using a) Between 20 and 25

    asked by Michelle
  12. Math/ Physiology

    Why must your line intersect the origin of the graph ( zero concentration equals zero absorbance)? Explain

    asked by Jerome
  13. geometry

    The measure of the angle’s supplement is 50 degree more than five times that of its complement. Find the measure of the angle described.

    asked by jackie
  14. geometry

    what is the midpoint of a line segment with endpoints at (-4, 15) and (22,3)

    asked by courtney


    asked by mia
  16. math

    At the beginning of the week, a particular stock sold for 29 3/8 per share. At the end of the same week it sold for 31 2/8. What was the amount of increase per share? A. 2 3/8 B. 2 1/8 C. 1 7/8 D. 2 5/8 can someone please help me i'm not good at fractions

    asked by kayla
  17. algebra

    Suppose you have $55 in your account. You start saving $10 each week. Your friend has $20 in her account and is saving $15 each week. A) When will you and your friend have the same amount of money in your accounts? B) How much money will each of you have?

    asked by cece
  18. calc2

    At what constant, continuous annual rate should you deposit money into an account if you want to have $1,000,000 in 25 years? The account earns 5% interest, compounded continuously. Round to the nearest dollar.

    asked by CJ
  19. Statistics

    Use the Empirical Rule to find what two values 95% of the data will fall between for a data set with a mean of 294 and standard deviation of 13.

    asked by Denise
  20. statistics

    In a bowling league, the probability that the uniforms are all 1 color is 0,45, that 2 colors are used is 0.35, and that 3 or more colors are use is 0.20. if a sample of 12 uniforms is selected, find the probability that 5 contain only 1 color, 4 contain 2

    asked by Michelle
  21. Math

    The exchange rate for the Australian dollar in January 2000 was AU$100 = S$x. In June 2000, the exchange rate had become AU$100 = S$(x-5). Karen found out that she could get an extra AU$32 for every S$672 that she exchanged in June compares to January.

    asked by Jeremy
  22. algebra

    a handful of coins is worth $1.50. there are a total of 54 pennies and quartes in the hand

    asked by danny
  23. statistics

    If 8% of the population of trees are elm trees, find the probability that in a sample in a sample of 100 trees, there are exactly 6 elm trees. assume the distribution is approximately Poisson

    asked by Michelle
  24. Economics

    Appalachian Coal Mining believes that it can increase labor productivity and, there-fore, net revenue by reducing air pollution in its mines. It estimates that the marginal cost function for reducing pollution by installing additional capital equipment is

    asked by Alex
  25. Algebra 1

    a farmer raises chickens and cows. there are 34 animals in all. the farmer counts 110 legs total on these animals. how many chickens and how many cows are on this farm?

    asked by danny
  26. trig

    Given that sin (pi/10)=(sqrt(5)-1)/4, use double-angle formulas to find an exact expression for sin(pi/5).

    asked by Victoria
  27. CHEM

    The decomposition of nitrogen dioxide 2NO2-->2NO+O2 occurs in a two-step sequence at elevated tempatures. the first step lis NO2--> NO+O. predict a possible second step that, when combined with the first step, gives the complete reaction

    asked by RAYRAY
  28. math

    find expressions fr the revenue, cost, and profit from selling x thousand items: item price: $2.00 Fixed cost; $214,448 Variable Cost: -3x^2 + 3480x - 100 COuld anyone help me out? this is for my review for the final exam. ty in advance.:)

    asked by ashh
  29. statistics

    on the daily run of an express bus, the average number of passengers is 48. the standard deviation is 3. Assume the variable is normally distributed. find the probability that the bus will have. a) between 36 and 40 passengers b) fewer than 42 passengers

    asked by Michelle
  30. statistics

    the average number of years a person takes to complete a graduate degree program is 3. the standard deviation is 4 months. Assume the variable is normally distributed. If an individual enrolls in the program, find the probability that it will take. a) More

    asked by Michelle
  31. chemistry

    Which of the following equations correctly describes the relationship between the rate at which NO2 and Cl2 are consumed in the following reaction? 2 NO2(g) + Cl2(g) → 2 NO2Cl(g) A. -d(NO2)/dt = 1/2 [d(Cl2)/dt] B. -d(NO2)/dt = 2 [d(Cl2)/dt] C. -d(NO2)/dt

    asked by dude
  32. French

    Hi. I have a question. Would it be: Les eleves portent des jeans, des tshirts, et des baskets. Or Les eleves portent un jean, un tshirt, et des baskets. In other words, if the subject is plural, should all of the clothing items be plural? Or only dual

    asked by Corinna
  33. com

    what is the key differences between summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation?

    asked by needhelp
  34. physics

    A 20.0 N force is applied at an angle of 40.0 degrees below the horizontal to a 4.00 kg box. The box moves a horizontal distance of 4.00 metres. The work done by the 20.0 N force is:

    asked by Anonymous
  35. 7 Mathematics

    A team of 4 golfers scored 69,73,70, and 74 on the first round on a par 72 course. They reduced their team score by 3 on the second round. a) How many strokes above or below par was the team score on the first round? b) How many strokes about or below par

    asked by Jeffrey
  36. chem

    Nitrogen and hydrogen gases are combined at high temperatures and pressures to produce ammonia, NH3. If 104.6 g of N2 are reacted with excess H2, how many moles of NH3 will be formed?

    asked by olga
  37. Drug addiction substance

    Human factors that cause ill health.accidents,crises/disaster and an appropriate way to deal with these

    asked by Angel
  38. Algebra 1

    What are these the simplest radical form of? 3sqrt5 4sqrt7 2sqrt13

    asked by Danielle
  39. medical claims and billing

    I may be over thinking this but I want to be sure I have it correct before I move on. I noticed another person had previously asked this question but I didn't see any answers or suggestions so I'll go ahead and ask it again. My scenario is as follows:

    asked by Misty
  40. 7th grade math

    -2(8-4)-8(-6-8)= im notsure how to do this can someone please explain how to do this and what the answer is, i keep coming up with 2 but that's not right. i need help!

    asked by Anna
  41. teacher aide

    Public law 94-142 mandates that A schools must transport students to special sites for education B only certain states must provide special education programs C parents may not participate in a special needs child's education D every special needs child

    asked by Rosie
  42. Math 540

    The Department of Management Science at Tech has sampled 250 of its majors and compiled the following frequency distribution of grade point averages (on a 4.0 scale) for the previous semester. GPA Frequency 0-0.5 1 0.5-1.0 4 1.0-1.5 20 1.5-2.0 35 2.0-2.5

    asked by Cassie
  43. Thomas Scott

    You are an inhabitant of the Red River Settlement. It’s March 5th, 1870, and Thomas Scott was put to death yesterday. In an essay, speak about your feelings about this event. I’m going to take viewpoint of a Métis. I am feeling more than happy that

    asked by Emma
  44. us history

    what is manifest destiny

    asked by maty
  45. economics

    Wilpen Company, a price-setting firm, produces nearly 80 percent of all tennis balls purchased in the United States. Wilpen estimates the U.S. demand for its tennis balls by using the following linear specification: where Q is the number of cans of tennis

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Life orientation

    Explain how poverty organizations are involved in providing a safe and healthy environment

    asked by Pertunia
  47. physics

    where would the image of a 4.0 cm tall object that is 12 cm in front of a flat mirror be located?

    asked by David
  48. science

    whats the physical form in which a substance exists?

    asked by courtney
  49. Management

    What are the differences between threats and opportunities in a business organization? Give two examples of each one in detail.

    asked by Joan
  50. science

    whats the breakdown of water to form two gases is the result of this process?

    asked by haley
  51. chemistry

    can u pls identify which has the greater activation energy. A cube of Fe reacting with 20mL, 1.0mol/L HCl or powdered Fe, having a the same mass, reacting with 20mL,1.0 mol/L HCl

    asked by loulou
  52. Finance

    Determine the optimal weighted average cost of capital and discuss the use of multiple valuation techniques in reducing risks on Guillermo Furniture Analysis FIN 571?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. chem

    draw a titration curve for strong acid that indicates the starting substance had a pH of 1.5 And the base being used to titrate it had a pH of 13.

    asked by Jer Lis
  54. Writing

    Can you proofread my writing? Philip Malloy Have you ever met a devious little boy? Well, I have. In the story “Nothing but the truth,” by Avi, a boy named Philip Malloy was very devious. Philip Malloy was a funny person, then a stubborn person. There

    asked by Hope
  55. Algebra 1

    jasper wants to join a video store, blockbuster offers $9.99 for one year. with the discount card, each video rental costs $2.49. a discount card frm video time costs $20.49 for 1 year. with the video time discount card, each vido rental costs $1.79. a)

    asked by Tranese
  56. Chemistry Lab

    Using the molarity of fromic acid (HCOOH): 0.1033 Calculate the percent by mass of fromic acid in unknown solution. Assume the density of aqueous fromic acid solution is 1.000 g/mL. Need help setting up this problem. Thank you.

    asked by Thao
  57. English

    Which of the terms identifies the type of imagery in the following sentence portion by Toni Morrison? 1. "The clouds gathered together, stood still and watched the river scuttle around the forest floor, crash headlong into the haunches of hills with no

    asked by anthony
  58. chemistry

    explain inside a flashbulb are the 2 reactants necessary for a violent reaction that produce light yet they don't react..

    asked by trina
  59. Science

    What additional abiotic and biotic factors might limit population size in Mono Lake?

    asked by McKenzie
  60. Science

    What are the properties of iron sulphide?

    asked by Jasmine
  61. maths

    f(x)=ln(e^x-e^-x), x>0 By applying in turn the Composite and Quotient Rules, find derivative and second derivative. Thanks.

    asked by albert
  62. science

    What does effect of negatively charged Object on positively charged object mean

    asked by brenda
  63. maths

    The mean weight (1.0042kg)of the contents of samples of 30 bags of sugar has standard error 0.008kg. Choose the option that is closest to the probability, to three decimal places, that the mean weight of the contents of samples of 30 bags of sugar will be

    asked by albert
  64. maths

    Choose the THREE options that define sequences that do not converge. Options A P0 = 40, Pn+1 − Pn = 2.8 Pn (1− Pn/300) (n = 0,1,2, . . .) B P0 = 100, Pn+1 − Pn = 0.7Pn (1− Pn/480) (n = 0,1,2, . . .) C P0 = 250, Pn+1 − Pn = 2.4Pn (1− Pn/420) (n

    asked by albert
  65. maths

    The variation in a population is modelled by the recurrence relation (Jn+1 0.9257 0.0208) (Jn) + (0.014) (An+1 0.0661 0.9767) (An) (0.056) where Jn and An are the sizes, in millions, of the subpopulations of juveniles and adults, respectively, n years

    asked by albert
  66. vocabulary

    Select the letter of the answer that gives the correct meaning of the underlined word, based on its context. After years of frustration, the social worker began to feel that her work to eliminate homelessness was a (visionary) task. A. noble B. superficial

    asked by anthony
  67. math

    if you have two rectangles one is 3ft wide and 9ft long and the other is 1 ft wide and 3ft long what is the scale factor form small rectangle to large rectangle? what is the scale from large to small? would it be 1/3 and 3/1?

    asked by jill
  68. English

    Can you please check these other sentences I'm not sure of? Thank you. 1) After visiting the Roman findings (better ruins/remains) in Aquileia, we had a "free lunch". (we were free for lunch, we were free to have lunch where we wanted, our teachers gave us

    asked by Henry1
  69. physiology

    Discuss the similarities and differences between the pelvic and pectoral girdles and relate findings to function.

    asked by lulu78

    what is the allusion in this passage as so we conclude that despite the plethora televisions. stereo, video games, gigantic movie theater complexes and the world wide web-- all of which bombard the populace and myriad images and numberless opportunities to

    asked by mike
  71. MATH

    divide in the indicated base 5 8 / 111 8

    asked by RENEE
  72. MATH

    Multiply in the indicated base 14 5 2 5 ____________

    asked by renee
  73. comp

    can you help me Underline the topic sentence for this paragraph??? Interest rates have a decidedly large impact on purchasing decisions. Interest rates affect our purchases in a couple different ways. Interest rates are what you pay for the use of someone

    asked by needhelp
  74. elementary math

    Sabino took the ACT in 2003 and received a composite score of 22. If the mean and standard deviation for that year were, respectively, 20.8 and 4.8, what percent of all of the students who took the exams scored better than him?

    asked by Sabrina
  75. English

    1. Which idea is central to a literary analysis? A. the number of images in the work B. the order of the images in the work C. how the imagery relates to the work as a whole D. Imagery is not central to a literary analysis I think it's C? 2. Which should

    asked by anthony
  76. Maths

    If the average mass of five birds is 2kg 500g, what is the total mass of the five birds?

    asked by Shakillia
  77. algebra

    if 2/y+2=-3?y-3,then what is the value of y?

    asked by danni
  78. physiology

    Discuss the similarities and differences between the skeletons of the upper and lower extremities and relate findings to function.

    asked by lulu78
  79. british literature

    I'm trying to find examples of doublespeak? Because my class just read the novel 1984. I just need examples. I need to print out the article or speech etc and highlight the examples of doublespeak and figure out what they actually mean? Can anyone help me?

    asked by Jill
  80. math z-score

    Henry's z-score on his reading test was 1.27. The class average was 60, the median was 58.5 and the variance was 6.2. What was Henry's "raw" score (his score before converting to z-scores)

    asked by Nicholas
  81. social studies

    why would women want to use the declaration of independence as a source of their own declaration?

    asked by sam
  82. math

    Sabino took the ACT in 2003 and received a composite score of 22. If the mean and standard deviation for that year were, respectively, 20.8 and 4.8, what percent of all of the students who took the exams scored better than him?

    asked by Nicholas
  83. health

    what is the maximal heart rate for a 14 year old girl?

    asked by penny lane
  84. Lit Class

    what is the allusion in the passage watching a debate would be boring." Kristin said. "I really don't think that's how I want to spend my Saturday morning. "Oh no Mary argued. I've heard some debated where words flew like verbal donnybrooks and were

    asked by mike
  85. Logic

    Need help supplying proo f for the following problem using the rules of inference 1. (Z.Y)> X 2. ~O>Z 3. ~Y>O 4. ~O.T /S

    asked by Elaine
  86. maths

    how do i solve 2 and 5 over 8 dived into 1 and 3 over 4 times 3and 1 over 3

    asked by luca
  87. determine approximate profit(help plz:[)

    The equation y= 0.003x - 0.50 can be used to determine the approximate, y in dollars, of producing x items. How many items must be produced so the profit will be at least $2370?

    asked by ashh
  88. Chemistry

    What is the correct rate law for the following reaction? 2 NO2(g) + F2(g) → 2 NO2F(g) rate = kf(NO)2 rate = -kf(NO2)2(F2) rate = kf(NO2)2(F2) rate = -kf(F2) Not enough information is available to determine the rate law.

    asked by dude
  89. Math/ Physiology

    Why do you draw a linear graph of absorbance versus concentration even though your experimental values deviated slightly from a straight line?

    asked by Jerome
  90. Chemistry

    In the following reaction 2 VO43- + 3 Zn + 16 H+→ 2 V2+ + 3 Zn2+ + 8 H2O the initial rate of disappearance of VO43- was found to be 0.56 M/s. What is the initial rate of appearance of Zn2+? -0.56 M/s 0.37 M/s 0.56 M/s 0.84 M/s 1.12 M/s

    asked by dude
  91. world cultures

    what impact trade and religion has had on world history?

    asked by alli
  92. math

    Explain why the equation y=x squared can have two possible values of x for every value of y.

    asked by john
  93. Chemistry

    The instantaneous rate of appearance of water from the reaction 4 NH3(g) + 5 O2(g) → 4 NO(g) + 6 H2O(g) at some moment in time is 21.3 mmHg per minute. What is the instantaneous rate of disappearance of NH3 at the same moment in time? 10.7 mmHg/min 14.2

    asked by dude
  94. Chemistry

    Which of the following rate laws suggests that the reaction probably occurs in a single step? NO(g) + O2(g) → NO2(g) + O(g) rate = k[NO][O2] H2O2 + 3 I- + 2 H+→ I3- + 2 H2O rate= kl[H2O2][I-]+K2[H2O2][I-][H+] H2(g) + Br2(g) → 2 HBr(g) rate =

    asked by dude

    What is the minimum number of 70 -Ohms resistors that must be connected in parallel to produce an equivalent resistance of 13 Ohms or less?

    asked by mink
  96. Chemistry

    What happens when soda ash is heated?

    asked by Elee
  97. US history

    The supreme court under chief justice John Marshall was similar to the court under chief justice Earl Warren in that both 1) strengthened the power and influence of business 2) increased the president's war powers 3) changed public policy through broad

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Law

    Prison management has had two very distinct styles during its evolution: autocratic and bureaucratic. What do you think are the most important aspects of each style? Which style do you consider the most effective? How has the role of the corrections

    asked by Lisa
  99. MATH

    Multiply in the indicated base 401 9 X 45 9 __________

    asked by renee
  100. math

    Subtract in the indicated base 6153 8 - 3342 8 ____________

    asked by renee
  101. lit class

    what is the allusion in the passage from a letter written by a world war I veteran in the mid 1920's well we are finally getting what we richly deserve. the adjusted compensation act law. Even Calvin Coolidge wouldn't put his john Hancock on the bill

    asked by mike
  102. math

    divide in the indicated base 4 5 divide 202 5

    asked by renee
  103. Working with school aged children

    9. Which of these situations reinforces undesirable behavior? A. Promising a whining five-year-old a treat if he will stop whining and come along B. Saving up stars to trade in for stuffed animals C. Giving a child a star for cleaning up the game area

    asked by Heather
  104. algebra

    a cardboard box which has a volume of 60 cubic inches and has the dimensions of (x-1) (x-6) (x-2) what is the lenght, width and height of the box

    asked by jake
  105. English

    Could you please check these sentences I wrote containing phrasal verbs? Thank you. 1) I'll come with you as soon as I get through with my homework. We'll have to get together and choose a textbook for next year's students. 2) I gave away all me school

    asked by Henry1
  106. Algebra 1

    The function f=1,350-45x gives the distance left to travel after driving x hours. What is f(7), the distance left after driving 7 hours?

    asked by Tranese
  107. physics

    if emf of a circuit is ddoubled and the resistance ofthe circuit is also doubled the current will : be doubled be reduced one-half remain the same

    asked by Susmitha
  108. algebra

    rx squared plus sx plus t

    asked by Anathi
  109. Math

    Given the following sets, select the statement below that is true A = {r,i,s,k,e,d}, B={r,i,s,e},C={s.i,

    asked by Melissa
  110. science

    a n ammetermust be placed in (series, paraallel) in a circuit because the resistance of the meter is (low, high)

    asked by Susmitha
  111. Statistics

    I have won exactly 72% of the 2400 puzzles that I played. What is the minuimum number of puzzles I must win before I have to win 73% of the total number of puzzles played?

    asked by Bob
  112. chemistry

    which of the following 10 g samples will decay the most in 28 days? P-32 Kr-85 Fr-220 I-131

    asked by jazmin
  113. IsiXhosa

    IsiXhosa idioms

    asked by Anathi
  114. math

    really need help, i have no idea how to answer this question ! A stone is thrown off a cliff. it reaches a maximum height of 30m after 2 seconds, then falls into the water below. it hits the water after 5 seconds a) how high above the water is the cliff (

    asked by melissa
  115. eassay writing

    Three sentences using plurals and possessive on how to store personal financial information effectively and efficiently

    asked by Anonymous
  116. physics

    It is well known that bullets and other missiles fired at Superman simply bounce off his chest. Suppose that a gangster sprays Superman's chest with 8 g bullets at the rate of 105 bullets/min, the speed of each bullet being 450 m/s. Suppose too that the

    asked by sam
  117. working with school aged children

    Which of the following is the final step in problem solving? A. Implement the solution. B. Rule out possible solutions. C. Decide who owns the problem. D. Test the solutions. I would think it would be D since u would have to do the rest of them before you

    asked by Heather
  118. sociology

    Did you understand that Miner was describing the "American" ("Nacirema" spelled backwards)? Why do we not recognize this right away?

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Social Studies

    What is the name of a Seminole home?

    asked by Alex
  120. psychology

    •Write at least 300 words describing a time when you had to test a theory. This theory may be something you have tested at work, school, or even at home. ◦What type of informal research method did you use? ◦How was your research method similar to

    asked by charles miller
  121. Present Value of

    The present value percentages are located on page 191 of Chapter 7, Table 7-2, in the 12% column.

    asked by Anonymous
  122. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1) She requested that we didn't go too near the river bank. (is it possible to use the subjunctive instead of the simple past?) 2) We were requested not to go too near the river bank. She

    asked by Henry1
  123. english

    Does anyone know how to write a universal theme paper?

    asked by Allison
  124. Working with school aged children

    The temporal dimension of the environment refers to the way that A. the structure of the site is composed. B. children, staff, and parents are organized in the program. C. time is managed in the program D. nurturing is encouraged in the program. This one i

    asked by Heather
  125. English

    In my revious post you told me I could use the sentence: I had a lunch box prepared by the hotel. Can I keep using this or is it better to say "we had a box lunch from the hotel's kitchen."? Thank you very much!

    asked by Henry1
  126. Algebra

    480-mm pipe is cut into three pieces. the second piece is three times as long as the first. the third piece is four times as long as the second. how long is each piece?

    asked by WInswton
  127. Science/Chemistry

    22Na has a half-life of 951 days. How many grams of a 1.00 kg sample would be left after 4 years?

    asked by Samantha
  128. geometry

    whats the complement of each angle 44,15,72,89,10 and 30

    asked by Anonymous
  129. home ec

    what are both quick breads and yeast bread made from?

    asked by isaac
  130. math

    it is a simple interest problem: the balance is $960, the rate is 4% and the length is 5 years -- what is the interest?

    asked by julie
  131. algebra

    In the promotional park your company has budgeted $40,000 for some High Quality Astroturf and trees for a miniature golf course. The company plans on laying out 4,000 square feet of High Quality Astroturf, which costs $5.50 per square foot. The trees that

    asked by Anonymous
  132. physics

    when it is desired to connect cells in series? in parallel?

    asked by rhia
  133. English

    What is the author in "am i a conformist" by ebtisam abusamak trying to communicate to his audience

    asked by regina
  134. Physics

    The two blocks in the figure, of mass m and M respectively, are not attached, but there is a coefficient of static friction u between them. The surface below the heavier block M is frictionless. What is the minimum force magnitude F required to keep the

    asked by John
  135. physic

    Can someone give me 4 or 5 examples of the conservation of the impulse in sports and 4 or 5 examples of the conservation of the mechanical energy also in sports

    asked by auro
  136. finance/math

    A group of economics students gathered to study for a test on the money and banking system in the U.S. During a fast and furious brainstorm session, Jill scribbled down several key phrases she will use to study tomorrow. Unfortunately, in her haste, all

    asked by kim
  137. working with school aged children

    Which of the following are the major determinants of physical growth and development? A. Heredity, parents, and school B. Intelligence, cleanliness, and aggression C. Nutrition, emotional well-being, and culture D. Food, TV, and technology I am thinking

    asked by Heather
  138. trig

    How do you solve csc2x + 1 = 0

    asked by Jill
  139. math

    Quetion:what is the polynomial resulting from the subtration of (3x^2+4x-7)-(x^3-2x+6) Answer:4x^2-1

    asked by Sydney
  140. math

    a) The sales representative here tells you they also have two floor plans available, but they only have 54 homes available. Write an equation that illustrates the situation. Use x and y to denote floor plan #1 and floor plan #2 respectively. X+Y=54 or

    asked by sarah
  141. physics

    true or false only animals undergo respiration

    asked by william
  142. history

    Is anyone willing and able to explain the significance of this act of Congress, including its intent and purpose, and how the law was widely considered to be a violation of civil liberties?

    asked by meshelle
  143. Algebra

    Could anybody help me with these two problems, or at least the 1st one? Thank you very much. „« The measure of the third angle of a triangle is 38 degrees more than the second angle. The measure of the first angle is two less than twice the second

    asked by Aria
  144. Chemistry

    150g silver sulfide to moles.

    asked by Kristy Donero
  145. chemistry

    A 14.0g of N2 occupies what volume atSTP

    asked by janet
  146. statistics

    The marks obtained by 10 children in a metal drill are 0,1,3,3,5,7,8,9,9,9,.What is the probability that a child chosen at random scored 3 marks

    asked by Nii
  147. finance

    Butler Corp paid a dividend of $3.50 per share. The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 8% per year. If Butler Corp. Is selling for $75.60 per share, the stockholders' expected rate of return is _________

    asked by Anonymous
  148. Sociology

    Hi can someone help me I am battling to understand Durkheims concepts, I need to define his concepts and then intergrate it with one of my life experiences in education, religion and family.

    asked by Jane
  149. history

    the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950.

    asked by meshelle
  150. statistics

    the probability that a television containt 0, 1, or 2 defects is 0.88, 0.08, and 0.04, respectively. in a sample of 16 television, find the probability that 9 will have 0 defects, 4 will have 1 defect, and 3 will have 2 defects.

    asked by Michelle
  151. Em

    Hi I don't actually study russian but for my history assignment I found a primary source, a cartoon. I need the caption translated and I was wondering if one of you could help me, please? Nevei Mu Kulak je nejzavilejsi nepit(ru?) el socialismu Spravne

    asked by Russian
  152. health

    paula patient doesn't want her violent boyfriend

    asked by Anonymous
  153. chem

    What is the isotope of neon that contains 11 neutrons?

    asked by Sara
  154. grammar

    is the word WELL used correctly as long as you do WELL in the test thank you

    asked by Sara!
  155. Engineer

    how to calculate the propagation delay suffered by the signal, due to transmission time alone? is it divide the distance by the speed of light?

    asked by Ranbir
  156. life orientation

    name two institutions that are involved in supporting teenage pregnancy

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Science

    what happens to atoms when placed with reactants and the mixture is heated?

    asked by Layal
  158. statistics

    there are 48 raincoats for sale at a local men clothing store. Twelve are black. If 6 raincoats are selected to be marked down, find the probability that exactly 3 will be black.

    asked by Michelle
  159. math

    7/10 = h - 4/5

    asked by jassi
  160. ESUT enugu st

    A star hes a radius of 1.0x10Km and 5000k calculate

    asked by Anonymous
  161. SAT English

    people who have committed felonies are not permitted to serve on juries in many states.Also, in Tennessee and Arkansas. there are laws barring atheists from serving on juries and other public service positions. Sometimes,felons are denied the right to

    asked by Tiffany
  162. Engineer

    can please someone check the answer for me Q )if a mobile user is 0.8 km from the antenna calculate the propagation delay suffered by the signal, due to transmission time alone, when it traverses the network from user to antenna. Answe- 0.8km/3000000

    asked by Ranbir
  163. Cost Analysis

    Does indirect costs often depend on some or all of the direct costs? How do we make that call.

    asked by john
  164. US History

    I have to do a political cartoon based on any event between the mid 1300's and 1812. But I'm having a difficult time picking out what to do it on. Does anyone have any ideas?

    asked by Michelle
  165. Debate

    Hi Umm, how would I expand on the point that support implies agreement? Like supporting a country implies agreement with its practices? I kinda need more than a paragraph... I've already done a bit but its not substantial.

    asked by Em
  166. geometry

    1-(-3, 4) is reflected over the x-axis. What are the coordinates of the image? A:(4, -3) B:(-3, -4) C:(3, 4) D:(3, -4) 2- A preimage and image are congruent in a transformation. Always Sometimes Never 3-An octagon has rotational symmetry. What is the angle

    asked by mo needs help...
  167. science

    how do you prevent an egg from breaking from a height of 10-15 ft.?

    asked by shyanne
  168. English

    I forgot to add a few things I'm not sure of. Thank you for your help! 1) We went to Trieste where our hotel was (not: where was our hotel). 2) We had a free visit of Trieste (better: we went on an unguided sightseeing tour of Trieste). 3) We saw S. Sabbia

    asked by Henry1
  169. physics

    the value of acceleration due to gravity is not equal to 10m,give reasons to support

    asked by abdulhafiz
  170. Trig/Pre-Calc

    Need help with current Trig problem for tomorrow: Solve the logarithmic equation algebraically. Approximate the result to three decimal places. 6log3(0.5x)=11 I know to start off the equation you divide by 6. I know the answer is 14.988. I just am puzzled

    asked by Eric
  171. math

    Why does the inequality sign change when both sides are multiplied or divided by a negative number? Does this happen with equations? Why or why not?

    asked by robert
  172. calculus

    i need a real life application on parabola.

    asked by Reem
  173. Math problems Help Please!!!!!!

    i am a four-digit number with the digits in order. my first two digits are the first two odd numbers. my last two digits are the last two single-digit even numbers

    asked by mohammed
  174. life orientation

    identify one environmental factors that courses ill health, accidents, crises and disasters with your community (south africa)

    asked by nompumelelo
  175. Science

    An object is moving due east. You push the object. Work is being done at all times when you push...

    asked by Tia
  176. Algebra 1

    Jasmine was building stairs. After using the Pythagorean Theorem, she found the hypotenuse to be * 15 squared + 12 squared * (all that under the radical). what is the length of the hypotenuse?

    asked by Tranese
  177. Algebra 1

    what are the x-intercepts of the graph of the following equation: y=x squared-5x -14 & what are the x intercepts of this Y= X SQUARED - 3x-4

    asked by Tranese
  178. English

    Could you please check this paragraph for me and check if everything is OK? 1) When Jessica arrived in Hollywood, she got the impression of being in an unexciting suburb of Los Angeles. 2) She first went to the Mann's Chinese Theatre, famous for its

    asked by Henry1
  179. English

    A last doubt. I hope you can have a look at it. 1)How can I check this sentence: " We had free lunch in Trieste" We were free for lunch. We were given some free time for lunch. We were free to have lunch where we wanted (to). 2) We had a look at the castle

    asked by Henry1
  180. science

    how far a science satellite should be from the earth's surface.

    asked by pooja
  181. Algebra 1

    what are the zeros of the function? f(x)=2xsquared + 7x +3

    asked by Tranese
  182. math

    how do i simplify -43 - (-19) - (-21) + 25 =

    asked by Anonymous
  183. English

    Could you please check the details of this trip? Thank you very much 1) We left from Turin at 5 a.m. by bus. Six hours later we arrived in Aquileia and visited the remains (also ruins?) of the old Roman town. 2) In the afternoon we moved (better we got to)

    asked by Henry1
  184. math

    i am greater than 15 and less than 40 if you double me i become anumber than end in 0 1/5 of me is equal to 5

    asked by .nicole
  185. Algebra 1

    what is the simplest radical form of 3 *with 5 under radical* 4 *7 under radical* 2 *13 under radical*

    asked by Tranese
  186. English

    Can you tell me if I have this correct? I have to identify the adjectives and adverbs in this paragraph. Adjectives: early first huge high several Adverbs: monthly severely monthly ridiculously eventually immediately monthly Like so many people, early in

    asked by Laurie
  187. Algebra: x and y intercept, someone check please

    1. Find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of 8x - 2y = -24. a. x = -7, y = 2 b. x = -4, y = 14 c. x = -3, y = 12 d. x = 7, y = -2 answer: d 2. Find the x- and y- intercept of the line 2x + 3y = -18. a. x-intercept is 18, y-intercept is 18. b. x-intercept

    asked by Cheryl
  188. Algebra 1

    f(x)=xcubed - 2xsquared + 4x-7, what is f(0)

    asked by Betsy
  189. computer science

    I have a project due May 17. I have to create a math game using a GUI/Menu. The game has to give the user the option to chosse between which subject they would like to work on: adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying integers; adding, subtracting,

    asked by Carlissa
  190. trig

    Find the exact value of Cos(sin-1ã(3/2))

    asked by Theri
  191. Trig/Pre-Calc

    Could someone please help me on this problem. I'm really confused, and this assignment is due tomorrow. Solve the logarithmic equation algebraically. Approximate the result to three decimal places. log4x-log4(x-1)=1/2 To start off the equation, I know you

    asked by Eric
  192. Algebra 1

    if f(3) =14, could f(x)=4x=2

    asked by Danielle
  193. Math

    If tanA = the square root of 11, find tan2A

    asked by Parker
  194. math

    A person can type 15 words in 1/4 of a minute. What is his average typing speed in words per minute?

    asked by Stormy
  195. math

    add in the indicated base 498 12 + 418 12 ________

    asked by renee
  196. math

    Solve the system of equations x + y = 5 x - y = -9

    asked by Colby
  197. English

    1. I bought a little mask for my sister, Sue. 2. I bought my sister, Sue, a litle mask. 3. I bought my sister, Sue a little mask. (Which one is right #2 or #3? From #1 we can get #2 or #3, right? Do I have to put a comma after 'Sue'?)

    asked by rfvv
  198. Algebra 1

    The point (q,0) lies on the graph of the following function: f(x)=2/3x-12 What is the value of Q?

    asked by Tranese
  199. English

    1. I was most impressed with the trees growing out of the water in the middle of the pond. (Is 'most' the superlative of 'much'?) 2. I was much impressed with the trees. 3. I was very impressed with the trees. (Which one is right?)

    asked by rfvv
  200. geometry

    Find the perimeter and area of a right triangle if one leg measures 9 cm and the other leg measures 40 cm. Show all work step by step Include correct units with solution.

    asked by kay
  201. Spanish -9th grade-Please check and advise

    I need to write about my geometry class and what I do in the class. I need to use "la tarea" in the sentence. I'm not sure if I could use this to describe the calculations I do. I'm confused how to even conjugate or use this. Would it start with "Hago la

    asked by Becky
  202. foreign language

    5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community

    asked by Anonymous
  203. Math

    Julian has 10 coins. Sue has 5 coins. There is a total of 4 quarters. Sue has more than $1.00. Sue's coins are worth twice as much as Julian's coins.

    asked by Jon
  204. math

    a sphere has a volume of 500/3 £k cubic centimeters. what is the total surface area, in square centimeters, of the sphere?

    asked by mike
  205. math

    multiply in the indicated base 14 5 x 4 5 ________________

    asked by renee
  206. Amer Lit

    So for my final exam my teacher gave us a study guide and on it under Unit two: The Contemporary Period (1946-Present) There are key concepts that I have to know and one of them is Realism and Naturalism. I tried searching it but got information not during

    asked by Sara
  207. Physics doppler effect

    A radar device emits microwaves with a frequency of 4.73E+9 Hz. When the waves are reflected from a van moving directly away from the emitter, the beat frequency between the source wave and the reflected wave is 751 beats per second. What is the speed of

    asked by Joan
  208. math

    explain to me how to Multiply in the indicated base 14 5 2 5 ________

    asked by renee
  209. Physics doppler effect

    A person standing close to a railroad crossing hears the whistle of an approaching train. He notes that the pitch of the whistle drops as the train passes by and moves away from the crossing. The frequency of the approaching whistle is 523 Hz, and drops to

    asked by Joan
  210. Math

    Find the sum: 7/12 + 7/10 =

    asked by Jess
  211. math

    how do you do 16n-9 with the specials

    asked by Zoe
  212. pre-calculus

    An urn contains 7 red marbles labeled (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) and 5 green marbles labeled (1,2,3,4,5) four marbles are pulled out at once. what is the probability. A. all four marbles are red B. more of the marbles are green than red C. both red and green marbles

    asked by Ron
  213. Spanish

    Letters in Spanish about doing chores and restaurant review. I have revised these at least 5 times each and feel like I have messed up several times. Possible grammar fails :/ Please help? No puedo ir a ningún lado, tengo que quedarme en casa y hacer las

    asked by Mina
  214. math

    What would the future value of $6.5million dollars be after 5 years at 1.2% interest?

    asked by john
  215. math

    if a station broadcasts 8 min. of commercials in 1 hour what is the ratio of commercial time to noncommercial time during that hour would it be 2:13

    asked by jill
  216. History

    Can i have a short summary of the spanish conquest 1492-1580? main events, ex: slave trade, colonization, etc

    asked by Anna
  217. History

    Why did Arthur Ashe created the National Junior Tennis?

    asked by Allen
  218. Algebra 1

    a honda civic cost $17,655. A toyota corolla cost about 15,900. Fuel maintenance and repairs for the corolla will average about $1425 per year. A) after hw many yrs are the total costs for the cars the same B) what is the cost of ownersship when costs are

    asked by Tranese
  219. Logic

    Using truth tree decomposition, determine the consistency of the set of propositions. Include line numbers and justifications, and recover the truth values if consistent. {A and B, ~B v C}

    asked by Isaac
  220. Social Studies

    how has the National Junior Tennis League Chapter impacted human lives?

    asked by Karan
  221. Biology

    The half life of carbon 14 is 5700 years. If the carbon 14 level measured in a fossilized bone has only 1/4 of the original amount, how old in the bone?

    asked by Jennifer
  222. English

    On the Road by Jack Kerouac "Besides, all my New York friends were in the negative, nightmare position of putting down society and giving their tired bookish or political or psychoanalytical reasons, but Dean just raced in society, eager for bread and

    asked by Alana
  223. Spanish-8th grade

    Could you check thee for me? Thank you 1. Say that you plan on going to the movies tomorrow night. Yo pienso ir a el cine mañana por la noche. 2. Say that you need to learn Spanish. Tengo que aprender español.

    asked by Christian
  224. Spanish

    What is a good sentence that uses the subjunctive tense of "reconciliarse"?

    asked by Joe Schmo
  225. world geography

    What describes the effect of economic alliances on member nations?

    asked by dbo
  226. math 117

    A launched rocket has an altitude in meters, given by the polynomial h+vt-4.9^2, h is the height in meters v is the velocity in meters per second and t is the number of seconds for which it takes the rocket to become airborne. If the rocket is launched

    asked by sue
  227. science

    Which of the following equations correctly describes the relationship between the rate at which NO2 and Cl2 are consumed in the following reaction? 2 NO2(g) + Cl2(g) → 2 NO2Cl(g) A. -d(NO2)/dt = 1/2 [d(Cl2)/dt] B. -d(NO2)/dt = 2 [d(Cl2)/dt] C. -d(NO2)/dt

    asked by dude
  228. English

    I wrote a brief review of a movie, using adverbs, adjectives and using at least three comparatives and three superlatives. Could you please see if I got this right? Adverbs: amazingly interestingly conveniently secretly skillfully Adjectives: hilarious

    asked by Student 155
  229. math

    really need help, i have no idea how to answer this question ! A stone is thrown off a cliff. it reaches a maximum height of 30m after 2 seconds, then falls into the water below. it hits the water after 5 seconds a) how high above the water is the cliff (

    asked by melissa
  230. chemistry

    In a buffer pre-lab, we were asked to complete a table for 10 test tubes. In tube 1, you had 0.20 M of acetic acid only and were asked to find the pH. I think the answer is 2.72 (using a ICE table). In tube 2, you have 90 mL of Acetic Acid and 10 mL of

    asked by Trina