Questions Asked on
May 9, 2011

  1. Chemistry

    One mole of each of the following compounds is added to water in separate flasks to make 1.0 L of solution. Which solution has the largest total ion concentration? a. aluminum hydroxide b. silver chloride c. sodium chloride d. calcium carbonate e.

    asked by Sam
  2. physics-sun

    a 1 square meter solar panel receives a total of 1000Watts from the sun. If we assume all the energy is release through nuclear fusion from the sun what is the total output from the sun?Given you know the total mass of the sun and have just calculated the

    asked by jen
  3. Introduction to business

    what advantages might a socialist systemhavein resonding to the needs of people stuck by an emergency situation like the earthquake that occurred in haiti in january of 2010?

    asked by Kenya
  4. history

    how has "liberty and justice for all" changes from 1492 to 1865? may include race, class, religion, politics, gender, economics, culture

    asked by jb
  5. parachute

    What is air resistance ?? how is it caused ?? how is it increased??

    asked by Esther
  6. math linear equations

    how do u make a linear equation from a data table??

    asked by bob
  7. English

    I want to write a causal argument on how kids get hooked on unhealthy/processed foods (at home-- fast foods and at school-- vending machine and cafeteria hot lunches). I'm not quite sure what exactly to write about throughout a causal argument paper on

    asked by Molly
  8. Sociology

    What cultures outside the United States, caring for elderly parents, is not expected of a man who is working outside the home; it is, however expected of a woman, even if she is employed?

    asked by Sharon
  9. math urgent!!!!!!!!


    asked by anonymous
  10. math!!!!

    how do you find the distance between two graphing points

    asked by anonymous
  11. English (about Ireland)

    Hello, For my final exam in English, I have to do a five minute presentation about Ireland and I've chosen to talk about "the political and economical situations in Ireland". The thing is just that I don't really know much about this topic. Can anyone

    asked by Tobias
  12. university

    Compare and contrast packet and circuit switching in 250 to 300 words. Which is more commonly used? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

    asked by ali
  13. Spanish

    I am trying to write an email to a professor in Spain. His title is catedrático and I need the email to be formal but am not sure how to be formal in Spanish. Would this be the correct way to start: Estimado Prof (nombre) I'm not sure whether to use

    asked by Alice
  14. english

    is liberty has been to them the greates of calamities, the heaviest of curses a metaphor/simile?

    asked by magee
  15. life orientation

    I hv chosen de disease as toxic question sys in 10-15 lines criticaly discus 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on de comunity

    asked by Anonymous
  16. English

    Hello. Please tell me if the sentence structures are natural: 1)The crisis affected the world, specifically African countries. 2)..., and specifically African countries. 3)..., African countries specifically. 4)..., in particular African countries. 5)...,

    asked by Ilma
  17. math

    My mother and I are the same age – only the numbers are reversed (21,12 for example) Twelve years ago my mom was twice as old as me. So how old is my mommy and how old am I?

    asked by becky
  18. math

    Chris received $1 on his first birthday,$3 on his second birthday,$6 on his third birthday,$10 on his four birthday.How much money will Chris receive on his eighth birthday if the pattern continues?

    asked by Kyara Vargas
  19. chemistry

    give the washing solution in the process of tio2 preparation

    asked by pradee
  20. Economics

    Does the demand-pull theory represent a leakage or injection in the economy? I'm confused.

    asked by Ed
  21. physics

    a particle with a positive charge of 3c moves downward at speed of 15m/s. It passes simultaneously through a magnetic field of 0.2T directed into th page and an electric field of 3N/C directed to the right. how is the motion of the particle affected?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. physics

    a particle with a positive charge of 3c moves downward at speed of 15m/s. It passes simultaneously through a magnetic field of 0.2T directed into th page and an electric field of 3N/C directed to the right. how is the motion of the particle affected?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. geometry: volume of cone

    If the radius of a cone is cut in half, the volume of the cone is multiplied by what number?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Active physics

    How much hear must be added to 1.5kg of water at -25degC to raise it up to 119degC?

    asked by Alicia
  25. Chemistry

    what does it mean when we say that concentrated nitric acid has 16 molars

    asked by Stacy
  26. chemistry

    In the chemical equation wA+ xB-> yC+zD, a comparison of the number of moles of A to the number of moles of C would be a?

    asked by kelly
  27. algebra

    Use the associative law of addition to write an equivalent expression for a+(bc+2)=

    asked by Myesha
  28. Physics(Please Help!!)

    how do you solve the following equation: 77.18 kg* 9.81* 5.83 divided by 4.37 and what does the asterisk stand for

    asked by Kelli Kenyon
  29. How can I show that Love is a Powerful Emotion?

    PLEASE READ THIS In my essay for Romeo and Juliet, I've got to show a QUOTE and a few Setences to show that Love is a Powerfull emotion in Romeo and Juliet I need some help with this. What is a good way to express this? What should I use? I couldn't find

    asked by Allyson
  30. English

    How can I distinguish in writing the title of a collection of a poem and a single poem? Example: William Wordsworth Lyrical Ballads (italics + underlined??) Preface to Lyrical Ballads Daffodils Solitary Reaper 2) How can you point out that the students

    asked by Henry1
  31. English

    Can you please check these few sentencens, please? I went to John yestarday. OR I went to John's house yesterday. Leave the school and cross the street. OR Go out of the school and cross the street? I'd like cod (not a cod) with carrots. The bus trip lasts

    asked by Henry1
  32. algebra

    simplify, and please show me how you did it. I am stumped. 24 divide 1/2 + 5/8 * 6/7 thank you.

    asked by sue
  33. Discrete math

    (The set of all such that) A={n in Z| 2 divides n} B={n in Z| 3 divides n} Both are contained in the universal set U=Z a/ What is A union B? b/ What is the complement of A?

    asked by yengiang
  34. Spanish 7th grade Please check

    We are doing double verbs and leaving the second one infinitive form and also present participles with cantar becoming cantando-Could you please check these questions I need to answer? Thank you 1.¿Sabe tu padre hablar inglés? Sí, mi padre sabe

    asked by Sarah
  35. English

    Hello. I have a few grammar questions. 1)would you use "police" or "the police" in the context: "police are taking strict measures agains illegal immigration"? 2)which aricle is better in "they were listening to the/a traditional Christmas message" "he

    asked by Ilma
  36. grammar

    The patient was brought to the operating room, and Bier block anesthesia was performed. Identify Part of Speech: was brought = verb and = conjunction anesthesia = noun Thanks

    asked by Leslie
  37. Grammar

    The right upper extremity was prepped and draped in the usual sterile manner. Identify parts of speech: upper = preposition was prepped = verb draped = verb in = preposition sterile = adjective

    asked by Leslie
  38. science

    what variable can affect the attendance at a football game?

    asked by jordan
  39. Grammar

    This was carried sharply down through the skin and subcutaneous tissue to the transverse carpal ligament. Identify Parts of Speech: This = adjective sharpley = adverb through = preposition and = conjunction tissue = noun to = preposition transverse =

    asked by Leslie
  40. math

    Jennifer invested $2,500 in an account earning 3.5% interest compounded continuosly. How much money will she have in the account after 15 years?

    asked by jenn
  41. pie graph // math

    Jorge and his family went to an amusement park over spring break. They spent $500.00. The pie graph shows how the $500.00 was divided over the trip. Use the pie graph to answer the question. Hotel : 2/5 How much money did Jorge and his family spend on a

    asked by Lo
  42. Calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve f(x)=-1/x+2 at the points (2, -1/4).

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Grammar

    The carpal ligament was then carefully incised using a push technique. Identify parts of speech: carpal = adjective was = verb carefully = adjective push = verb technique = noun

    asked by Leslie
  44. 8th grade math

    A group of 1,500 high school students were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their future career choices. The circle graph represents the results of the questionnaire. Use the circle graph to answer the question. Doctor: 20% How many students chose

    asked by Lo
  45. geometry

    Two points C and D are located 12 feet apart. How many points are 6 feet from point C and 4 feet from point D?

    asked by denise

    Let a = 349, M = 492186. Show that gcd(a;M) = 1. Hence find the mutliplicative inverse, a^-1 mod M

    asked by Dean
  47. statistics

    After years of data collection by college students, it has been determined that the distribution of course grades in Ms. Green’s Statistic II class follows a normal distribution with a mean of 62 and a standard deviation of 14. (a) A student will pass

    asked by Karen
  48. trig

    How do you solve cos(2arcsin 1/4) using inverse trig. functions??!! PLEASE HELP ME!

    asked by Tor
  49. Grammar

    A longitudinal incision was made along the thenar crease. Identify parts of speech: longitudinal = noun was made = verb along = preposition thenar = adjective Thank You for your help

    asked by Leslie
  50. Calculus

    Find the point on the parabola y^2=2x that is closest to the point (2,4)

    asked by Dee
  51. science

    what variables can affect the number of eggs laid by a chicken?

    asked by jordan
  52. statistics

    2. Your friend Janefs landscaping company charges two hours of labor time for the planting of a medium-sized tree. To make sure she is not undercharging or overcharging for this service, she asks for your help. To start, you take an SRS of 10 planting

    asked by Karen
  53. Calculus

    Find the area of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in a semicircle or radius r.

    asked by Dee
  54. Accounting 1

    what is the name of a comparison of the general ledge accounts with debit balances to the general ledger accounts with credits blances to make sure they equal the same?

    asked by wanda
  55. English

    Hello. One more question please. It's "all Catholics" but "all the Catholics of the world", right? Thank you.

    asked by Ilma
  56. math

    a ladder rests against the top of a wall. The head of a person 3.5 feet tall just touches the ladder. The person is 3 feet from the wall and 7 feet from the foot of the ladder. What is the height of the wall?

    asked by Alexis
  57. statistics

    Virtual call centers are staffed by individuals working out of their homes. ABC Services is considering employing home-based agents, but only if a level of customer satisfaction greater than or equal to 80% can be maintained. A trial program was conducted

    asked by Amy
  58. Physics

    An object of mass 4.40 kg is projected into the air at a 55 degre angle. it hits the ground 3.8 s later. what is its change in momentum while it is in the air? ignore air resistance.

    asked by Jenan
  59. statistics

    The heights in centimetres of men in a sample selected at random may be modelled by a normal distribution with mean 180.5 and standard deviation 11.3. 1. Choose the option that is closest to the value above which 30% of the heights of men will lie. Options

    asked by albert
  60. Math

    A student ears $10 per hour for tutoring and $7 dollars per hour as a teacher's aid. Let x= number of hours each weeks spent tutoring and y=the number of hours each week spent as teacher's aid. Write the objective function that describes the total weekly

    asked by pele
  61. Physical Science

    Why E-Field exists between two oppositely charged plates and it is zero elsewhere?

    asked by Lawrence
  62. physical science

    a sheet of paper is withdrawn from under a glass of milk without spilling it if the paper is removed quickly. this best demostrates that?

    asked by nena
  63. MATH


    asked by SOPHIA
  64. personal finance (math)

    earlier withdrawal of $20,000 CD @6% for two months

    asked by Lynda
  65. Science

    Equal Masses of phosphorus and chlorine react according to the follow equation. 2P+3Cl2=2PCl3 Which reagent is in excess and what percentage of it will remain at the end of the reaction

    asked by H
  66. Science

    When 72 g of a metal a t 97.0°C is added to 100 g of water at 25.0°C the final temperature is found to be 29.1°C. What is the heat capacity per gram of the metal? (Heat capacity of H2O = 4.184 J/g - °C )

    asked by Cassie
  67. Geometry

    You have a small graduated cylinder with maximum capacity of 250ml. All measuring marks have been worn off except the 50ml, the 150ml, and the 250ml marks. You have a second larger container(size not specified)that is unmarked. It is possible to put 125ml

    asked by Jason
  68. Physics

    A boy of mass 37.8kg. is rescued from a hotel fire by leaping into a firefighters' net. The window from which he leapt was 8.02 above the net. The firefighters lower their arms and he lands in the net so that he is brought to a complete stop in a time of

    asked by Jenna
  69. english

    ..abandonment, except for memories, was the common thing..

    asked by Anonymous
  70. sociology ethnicity

    What are the changes in American Policies since 911 towards Muslims and Arabs and the treatment of them?

    asked by steve
  71. statistics

    Your friend David works for an online magazine and calls you late one night. He says “Dude(tte), can you help me out? I’m putting together an article and the submission deadline is in an hour. I want to quote an opinion poll result my publisher gave

    asked by Karen
  72. Chemistry

    Hank Hill loves everything about gas propane, C3H8. One day his son Bobby asks him the following set of questions about propane. Hank hems and haws for a few moments and finally tells his son he'll get back to him with answers but he has to mow the lawn

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Chemistry

    Ethane gas, or dicarbon hexahydride, undergoes combustion to produce carbon dioxide gas and water vapor. A.) What mass of the un named reactant is required to react with moles of ethane? B.) How many molecules of the porduct, with the smaller percent

    asked by Anonymous
  74. life orientation

    Critically discuss 5 ways teenage pregnancy impact on the comunity

    asked by prathika
  75. finance

    You will calculate the past three years worth of financial ratios found on page 119

    asked by Anonymous
  76. English

    Hello. Will you please help me with the phrase? Is it possible to say: The Allies gained a historic win over Nazi Germany. Thank you.

    asked by Ilma
  77. chemistry

    for the vaporization of water at 1.00 atm, delta H=43.54 kj/mol at 298 K and delta H= 40.68 kj/mol at 373 K. the constant-pressure heat capacity of liquid water is 75.3 J/molK. calculate the constant pressure heat capacity for H2O(g).

    asked by anna
  78. statistics

    Washington University banned smoking on the Hilltop campus starting in 2010. The student paper decides to do an opinion poll to see if current campus students/faculty/staff support the ban. Reporters are about to start asking a sample of 250 Hilltop people

    asked by John
  79. art

    Hey I'm working on a webquest about colleges comaring UCLA, FSU, PSU, and one of my choice. I'm wanting to major in graphic design and my Aunt told me a school acronym that sounded like FACTs. She said it was _____ of Art and Science. Any help with a list

    asked by Marinashley
  80. programming

    1.Write a query to display the names of the employees that do not have any department_id. 2. Write a query to display the names, salary and job_id of employees in department_id 40, 60 and 80. Display the name as a single column and label it as Full_Names.

    asked by kenny
  81. programing

    3.Write a query to display the annual salary of all employees in department_id 20. Display the names in increasing order or salary. 4.Write a query to display the average salary of employees. Label the column as ' Average Salary. 5.Write a query to display

    asked by kenny
  82. Chemistry

    Ethane gas, or dicarbon hexahydride, undergoes combustion to produce carbon dioxide gas and water vapor. A.) What mass of the un named reactant is required to react with 2.20 moles of ethane? B.) How many molecules of the porduct, with the smaller percent

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Chemistry

    Hank Hill loves everything about gas propane, C3H8. One day his son Bobby asks him the following set of questions about propane. Hank hems and haws for a few moments and finally tells his son he'll get back to him with answers but he has to mow the lawn

    asked by Anonymous
  84. English

    Thank you very much. Is it wrong to say "go out of the school?" I also wanted to know if the following list is correct. Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (abridged edition) The historical context of the novel, the narrative technique, the themes of

    asked by Henry1
  85. Calculating beta

    rRF=5% rM=10% rA=12% I don't know how to figure out the beta Thank you for your help

    asked by Linda E
  86. Geometry

    2 equal circles in rectangle. if area of rectangle is 50 cm squared, wht is the radius in cm of each circle?

    asked by Jane
  87. computer literacy

    If I post a poem on my facebook site and someone cuts and pastes it on their site is that a case for stealing my intellectual property

    asked by valerie
  88. computer literacy

    Online education has evolved over the last ten years as much as the cell phone. Given this, what have been some of the major improvements and changes in the digital classroom?

    asked by valerie
  89. communication

    Identify Twenty Errors in the Passage Below Review the passage below, which contains 20 errors. Identify these errors by marking each of the errors in bold, and make your correction in parentheses after the error. Example: My cars interior is black. This

    asked by irene
  90. science

    Mix 25 ml of water at 0 degrees Celsius and 25 ml of water at 50 degrees Celsius. What is the final temperature of the water?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. business law

    Mary and Celia open a boutique, they hire independent contractors. When they are not selling Mary and Celia want the I.C's to do inventory and clean up the boutique. Mary and Celia also set the working hourse.. does these factors affect theri status as

    asked by Rachel
  92. Grammar

    He underwent a left ankle block, Esmarch tourniquet was used to just above his ankle. Question:(not a complete sentence) Is it a: ( not a fragment) Run-on comma splice Thanks

    asked by Leslie
  93. Chemistry

    What mass of K2SO4 would you measure out to prepare 550mL of a .76 M solution?

    asked by Josh
  94. Economics

    My micro econ prof was trying to explain marginal analysis and he said the following: If your marginal happiness is 0 then you are maximally happy. I don't understand this at all. Could someone explain this to me? Thanks!

    asked by Lena
  95. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2SO4 are contained in 4.5L of .30 N sulfuric acid?

    asked by Josh
  96. vocab

    what are the common nouns in the following sentence? "He was also concerned about poverty in America, some of his paintings illustrate his varied interests."

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Grammar

    After a few loose 2-0 Vicryl sutures were used, the fifth toe rotation flap was trimmed to fit the base of both the fourth and fifth previous digits. Question: not a run-on- not a comma splice not a complete sentence Answer: Thinking it is a fragment

    asked by Leslie
  98. English

    Can you please check this paragraph for me? I need to express it better, using synonyms if possible. Thank you. 1) Joyce set all his works in Ireland and mostly in the city of Dublin. 2) Influenced by the French authors Flaubert and Baudelaire, he believed

    asked by Henry1
  99. Grammar

    Wide undermining was done at the subgaleal level on all sides of the excision the wound was brought together using 4-0 Vicryl sutures. Choices are: fragment- run-on- comma splice - complete sentence- Answer: this is a run- on sentence

    asked by Leslie
  100. statistics

    describe how you would design an experiment to help the protagonist make an informed decision. Your description should include (but not be limited to) how subjects are chosen for the experiment, how treatments will be administered, what variable(s) you

    asked by Karen
  101. Descriptive Statistics

    A vending machine dispenses coffee into a twelve ounce cup. The amount of coffee dispensed into the cup is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 0.04 ounces. You can allow the cup to overfill 10% of the time. What amount (in ounces) should you

    asked by Herbert
  102. Grammar

    The patient was taken to thje operative suite, placed supine, anesthetized, and intubated in the usual fashion. fragment- run-on- comma splice- complete sentence. Answer: complete sentence Thanks

    asked by Leslie
  103. Math

    what is 1.8984375 to the 20th power

    asked by Kasie
  104. Grammar

    No recent travel, no ill contacts, no spoiled foods, no dysuria in the last three months. fragment run-on comma splice complete sentence Answer: fragment (who or what)

    asked by Leslie
  105. Grade 12 Bio Please try to help me

    If a life-form has six different bases-ABCDEFG. the percentage composition of A,B and C is same as EFG. Hypothesis the structure of the nucleic acid.

    asked by sabrina
  106. Grammar

    No crepitus is palpable. fragment - has a subject (crepitus) run-on comma splice complete sentence Answer; complete sentence

    asked by Leslie
  107. Grammar

    Facet sclerosis at L5-S1 posteriorly. fragment run-on comma splice complete sentence Answer: Fragment - missing the who/what

    asked by Leslie
  108. Chemistry

    Calculate the normality of 5 M HCl

    asked by Josh
  109. statistics

    what the error is: a) Grade Percent Frequency A 20% B 45% C 30% D 10% F 5% (b) The following table summarizes the grade breakdown on an exam in a small statistics class with 10 students. Grade Percent Frequency A 30% B 35% C 15% D 20% F 0%

    asked by John
  110. statistics

    A consumer group is testing a manufacturer’s claim that a new car model will travel at least 30 miles per gallon of gasoline. Assume that ��0:��=30 and ����:��

    asked by John
  111. comp

    Can u help me identify in my paragraph all the pronouns used by italicizing them, bold each adverb, and underline each adjective and use parenthesis for at least three comparatives and three superlatives? My friend said that she was never going to get a

    asked by needhelp
  112. Grammar

    This does raise the possibility of early left ventricular failure, however there is no pulmonary edema and no acute infiltrates. fragment run-on comma splice complete sentence Answer: fragment - (what? missing) Thanks

    asked by Leslie
  113. science

    asprin (C9 H8 O4) is produced by the rection between salicylic acid (C7 H6 O3) and acetic anhydride(C4 H6 O3). Calculate the maximum mass of aspirin that can be obtained if you mix 50g of each of the reactants. The chem.equation for the reaction is as f.f

    asked by allan
  114. Grammar

    The patient's facial lacerations were anesthetized with 1% Xylocaine, prepped with Betadine, and subsequently closed with a total of eleven 6-0 Prolene sutures, the patient was given a wound care sheet and advised to have sutures removed in 5 days.

    asked by Leslie
  115. Grammar

    There is a tube overlying the pelvis in the midline, degenerative changes are also noted in the lumbosacral spine. fragment run-on comma splice complete sentence Answer: comma splice (should be a word after the comma.) Thanks - appreciate the help.

    asked by Leslie
  116. Grade 12 Biology

    If a life-form has six different bases-ABCDEFG. the percentage composition of A,B and C is same as EFG. Hypothesis the structure of the nucleic acid. I TRIED the search engine but didn't help, please help!

    asked by sabrina
  117. Finance

    What are the differences between the cash flows to a bond and the cash flows to preferreds?

    asked by Shelby
  118. Pre-Algebra Checkk

    1. Convert the rate using dimensional analysis. 30 miles/hour = _______ feet/second a. 0 b. 44 c. 43 d. 2 answer: b 2. Convert the rate using dimensional analysis. 16 feet/second = _____ yards/minute a. 240 b. 120 c. 10 d. 320 answer: b Can someone check

    asked by Cheryl
  119. Math

    Rewrite the given equation using the substitutions x=rcos(theta) and y=rsin(theta). Simplify your answer.

    asked by Tommy
  120. Logic

    Using truth tree decompostition, determine the consistency of the set of proposittions. Include line numbers and justifications, and recover the truth values if consistent. {A and B, ~B or C} Please help me on this one

    asked by Alisha :)
  121. English

    I forgot to add the following sentences. Can you please check them fo me? Thank you very much. 1) Would you like anything to drink? Yes, please. I'd like some grapefruit juice and a one-litre bottle of fizzy water, please. 2) I need two bags of frozen

    asked by Henry1
  122. math

    The height h in feet of a baseball after t seconds is given by h = -16t2 + 88t + 3. At what values of t is the height of the baseball 75 feet?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. random question

    what words have the word or sound of 'mole' in the. this is for a science project i am doing. we are given out lines of the animal a mole and we have to make a mole but have like a theme to it kinda. like someone did a camel(camole) thanks

    asked by Rebekah
  124. Earth science

    Which single factor generally has the greates effect on the climate of an area on the earth's surface?

    asked by Maria
  125. MTH

    Jared wants an estimate of the height of some trees near his lake house. Use ideas of size transformationto design a plan for him to use his height to estimate accurately a tree's height without directly measuring........ I understand the concept of size

    asked by Brandi
  126. Calculus

    A radar gun was used to record the speed of a racecar during the first 40 seconds while driving on a straight road. Use the chart to calculate the car's distance after 40 seconds using righthand sums. Is this an over or underestimate? Justify the answer.

    asked by Brad
  127. math

    the number blank thirds is between 3 and 4. what could the numerator of this number be? explain your answer.

    asked by maya
  128. Grammar

    The patient had been on oral contraceptives until 2006; she stopped the Ortho Tre-Cyclen when her husband had his vasectomy. Question: 1.This is a run-on that requires a period after 2006. 2. This is a run on sentence that requires a comma and a

    asked by Leslie
  129. math

    Can someone show me how to work this problem? (20*3)+(600-18*6)

    asked by wendy
  130. Chemistry

    A 50 mL sample of 8% (m/v) NaOH is diluted with water so that the final volume is 200 mL...what is the final concentration and how did you figure it out?

    asked by Curlyqty
  131. earth science

    describe five ways earth's oceans affect our life?

    asked by nicole
  132. Grammar

    He was scheduled for TURP with cystoscopy under anesthesia based on his symptoms, however, he developed shaking chills over the weekend prior to admission with fevers to 101 and 102. 1. This is a fragment that requires a verb for the subject He. 2. This is

    asked by Leslie
  133. Fluid Mechanics

    a masonry dam 7m high has a top width of 1.5 metres and bottom width of 5 metres.maximum water level in the dam is 1m below the top of the dam. determine the maximum and minimum pressure intensities at the base when the dam is full. take weight of water as

    asked by Okolo Daniel
  134. english

    which figurative language does the peom evening star by edgar allan poe?

    asked by bel
  135. programing

    10.Write a query to display the name, salary, department_name and job_title of all employees whose salary is greater than $10.000

    asked by kenny
  136. Math (Pre-Algebra)

    How do you simplify this equation by combining like terms or using the distributive property?: -5y+8-y+11-2+y

    asked by Handley(:
  137. maths

    A ship travels at a constant speed of 25 kilometers per hour (kph) in a straight line from port A located at position (xA, yA) = (−100,−100) to port B at (xB, yB) = (300, 100). (a) (i) Find the equation of the line of travel of the ship. (ii) Find the

    asked by albert
  138. Chemistry

    A 5 mL sample of 50% (m/v) acetic acid (Hc2H3O2) solution is added to water to give a final volume of 25 mL....what is the final concentration?

    asked by Curlyqty
  139. programing

    5.Write a query to display the details of employees in the shipping' department who were hired after '01-JAN 1990' note that the query must use a join. 6.Write a query to display all unique department_id's in the employees table. 7.Write a query to display

    asked by kenny
  140. Chemistry-help

    The 3 results should be within ± 0.5. I have 3 results 1) 1.5 2) 0.5 3) 1.0 Does this mean the results are acceptable since the 3 values can be arranged in the following order 0.5,1.0,1.5. The smallest value 0.5 is (-0.5) of the middle value 1.0 and the

    asked by annie
  141. trig

    find sin if cos(2è)=(4)/(5) and theta terminates in quadrant 1

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Math (pre-algerbra)

    I've tried this sooo many times I have huge marks on my paper and I just can't figure it out: 3a/8-a/12+7/2=7

    asked by Sammy
  143. math

    how long is a yellow school bus? is is eight meters?

    asked by zavier
  144. TECH(recycle)

    I'm making a recycle logo i need some good ideas to put in the logo and can u give me examples of good recycling logos

    asked by Allen
  145. math

    i am a 3 digit number divisible by tens digit is 3 times as great as my hundreds digit and the sum of my digits is 15. if you reverse my digits i am divisible by 6 and 3...... what number am i?

    asked by tori
  146. Calculus

    Find the limit. lim x-->1 (x^3)-1/((5x^2)+2x-7) Please show steps.

    asked by Janet
  147. Chem

    Does Organic compound have weak or strong intermolecular forces?

    asked by Alz
  148. marketing

    what advice or business insight do u feel is best and explain why

    asked by susan
  149. Math (Precal)

    csc^2x secx/sec^2x+csc^2x simplify.

    asked by Rose
  150. british literature

    inverted word order, unclearpronouns,and variable spellings are characteristics of what type of english?

    asked by nancy
  151. Trig problem

    During a 12- hour period, the tides in one area of the Bay of Fundy causes the water level to rise to 6 m above the average sea level and to fall 6 m below average sea level. The depth of the water at low tide is 2m as measured against a pier. Suppose the

    asked by Mhy
  152. maths

    The mean weight of the contents of samples of 30 bags of sugar has standard error 0.008kg. Choose the option that is closest to the probability, to three decimal places, that the mean weight of the contents of samples of 30 bags of sugar will be 1kg or

    asked by albert
  153. math

    A rural homeowner had his television antenna held in place by three guy wires, as shown in the following figure.

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Physics

    When a 1.55kg mass is attached to a spring it oscillates with a period of 1.52s. What mass should be attached for it oscillate with a period of 1.85s.

    asked by Groff
  155. ENGLISH

    Below is how students feel about the NYS Math test that is days away(Is there any corrections I can make or add?) Are the students at I.S.230 really ready for the NYS Math Test? 5/9/2011 By: Anonymous Mostly all the students at I.S.230 in Jackson Heights,

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Physics

    When a 1.55kg mass is attached to a spring it oscillates with a period of 1.52s. What mass should be attached for it oscillate with a period of 1.85s.

    asked by Groff
  157. Science

    Why do deposits form in the steam vents of irons in parts of the country? Thanks :) More detailed, the better!

    asked by Emilee
  158. economics

    wo partners who own Progressive Business Solutions, which currently operates out of an office in a small town near Boston, just discovered a vacancy in an office building in downtown Boston. One of the partners favors moving downtown because she believes

    asked by Anonymous
  159. Physics

    What is the resistance of a 4.00 m length of copper wire having a diameter of 2.00 mm at a temperature of 20 degrees? R= ? L= 4.00 m resistivity= 1.72 * 10^-8 ohm-meters A= ? A= pi*r^2 change 2 mm to .002m, square it and multiply by 3.14 I got .00001256 Is

    asked by Anonymous
  160. geometry

    If the height of a rectangle is 8 2/3 m and the perimeter is 31 5/6 m what is the length of the base of the rectangle?

    asked by rukeya
  161. Chemistry

    If the soda you are drinking contains 0.5% by mass sodium benzoate as a preservative. What approximate mass of sodium benzoate is contained in 1.00 L of the solution assuming that the density of the soda is 1.00 g/mL(the approximate density of water)?

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Math

    -6 5/6 + 2 1/3

    asked by Lilly
  163. Battle of the 7 oaks

    Miles Macdonnel issued the Pemmican Proclamation because his group was running out of food and he didn't want them to starve. This caused a lot of troubles and the result was a war.... Could I know more about the war? I already read some things on the net

    asked by Emma
  164. College Algebra

    A ladder is 1 foot longer than its vertical heigt along the side of the house. The distance of the base of the ladder from the house is 7 feet less than its vertical height from the ground. How far up the house does the ladder reach?

    asked by Victoria
  165. Chemistry

    will a red blood cell undergo crenation, hemolysis, or no change in each of the following solutions? 1% (m/v) glucose 2% (m/v) NaCl 5% (m/v) NaCl .1% (m/v)NaCl

    asked by Curlyqty
  166. Math

    What is Mary Fairfax Somerville's greatest accomplishment other than creating variables?

    asked by Anonymous
  167. spanish

    unscramble these- uolsrrsedeco

    asked by stacey
  168. city college

    (Drug Benefits and Post Retirement Liabilities) Delphi Company reduced its other post retirement benefits by approx 500 million because of a change in the law. The federal government will not reimburse companies for prescription drug benefits that it

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Education

    Which of the following would you want to evaluate for a middle school student? a. background knowledge b. word recognition and vocabulary knowledge c. comprehension d. all of the above

    asked by rj
  170. English

    A last question to you. Thank you. The trip by bus (not "on the bus") will last six hours. I'm watching TV (not the television/the TV) I'm eating home-baked blueberry cake (not a home-baked blueberry tart?)

    asked by Henry1
  171. Organic Chem

    What is the problem of spotting TOO much sample on a TLC plate initially? Also, why is it bad to have too much solvent in the TLC jar?

    asked by Jim
  172. health

    Some Moral Minima

    asked by soical eith
  173. health

    the component of fitness that includes lifting weight

    asked by Anonymous
  174. Physics

    A man jogs along at 1.2 m/s. His dog, playing 36 m behind him, waits for 5 s, then takes off after him at 3.1 m/s. How far apart are they when the dog starts after his master? Answer in units of m. How far will the dog run? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Laura
  175. algebra 2

    use a graphing calculator to graph the function y=x^2-3x+15. a. what does the graph let you conclude about real number solutions of x^2-4x+13=0? explain. b. substitue 2-2i for x in the equation x^2-4x+13=0. simplify. is the resulting equation true? show

    asked by kelli
  176. math

    i am tryin to find the monthly payments on a loan of $250000 with an interest rate of 6% on a 30 year mortgage

    asked by kim
  177. physics

    Under what conditions can a balloon become charged and not charged?

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  178. pythagoream theroem

    how do you find the height of a triangle that is 20cm. on each side

    asked by briana
  179. health

    how does emr, differ from other types of communication

    asked by branidi
  180. Chemistry

    Magnesium fluoride dissolves in water to the extent of 8.0 10-2 g/L at 25°C. Calculate the solubility of MgF2(s) in moles per liter, and calculate Ksp for MgF2 at 25°C. I keep getting the same answer...please help!

    asked by Laura
  181. Chemistry

    Teeth and bones are composed, to a first approximation, of calcium phosphate, Ca3(PO4)2(s). The Ksp for this salt is 1.3 10-32 at 25°C. Calculate the concentration of calcium ion in a saturated solution of Ca3(PO4)2. Please, help!

    asked by Laura
  182. MATH

    A rope 105 meters long must be cut into pieces that are 2 1/2 meters long. How many pieces of rope are there

    asked by Maria
  183. FRENCH

    Automobiles, airplanes, food, beverages, perfume, and fashions are among the variety of products from France that customers throughout the world can buy. Each of France's 22 regions proudly produces its own specialties. These regions closely resemble the

    asked by Sydney
  184. WRITING

    im doing a reserch paper on being a news anchor i need an opening sentence a hook i no it goes for personal prefrence but could someone help me get an idea pls

    asked by cat
  185. ethics and social responsibilty

    In "Some Moral Minima," Lenn Goodman argues that there are certain things that are simply wrong. Do you think Goodman is right? Using specific examples, explore the challenges Goodman presents to relativism. Determine whether you think there are such

    asked by soical
  186. algebra 2

    a baseball player hits a fly ball that is caught about 5 seconds later by an outfielder. the path of the ball is a parabola. the ball is at its highest point as it passes the second baseman, who is 117 feet from home plate. about how far from home plate is

    asked by kelli
  187. algebra

    a disk jockey must play 14 commercial spots during one hour of radio show, each commercial is eiter 30 seconds or 60 seconds long. If the total commercial time during one hour is 11 minutes, then ow many 30 second commercials were played that hour?

    asked by Anonymous
  188. algebra 2

    during a manufacturing process, a metal part in a machine is exposed to varying temperature conditions. the manufacturer of the machine recommends that the temperature of the machine part remain below 135 degrees. the temperature T in degrees fahrenheit x

    asked by kelli
  189. Math

    Once a month a fast food chain offers a special when a coach brings in a team. Buy 5 hamburgers and get one free. This month, a team goes in after their game. Each person had one hamburger. Each of the players had a soda @ $.50 each and shared an order of

    asked by Nikki
  190. phsychology

    give example of external, unstable and specific explanation for disappointing event

    asked by reem
  191. FRENCH

    1. Est-ce que tu manges souvent au restaurant avec ta famille? Non, je ne mange pas souvent au restaurant avec ma famille. 2. Est-ce que tu aimes goûter de nouveaux plats? Oui, j'aime goûter de nouveaux plats. 3. Pour commencer, est-ce que tu préfères

    asked by Sydney
  192. Grammar

    Pressure was applied. 1. This is a fragment that can be fixed by adding a subject before pressure. 2. this is a fragment that can be fixed by adding a verb after pressure. 3. This is a fragment that can be fixed by adding both a subject and a verb. 4. This

    asked by Leslie
  193. Algebra

    How do you factor to solve 2x^2-50=0?

    asked by Anonymous
  194. history

    true/false there is a small group of people who rule a country in a dictactorship ?

    asked by mary
  195. 5th Grade Math

    Once a month a fast food chain offers a special when a coach brings in a team. Buy 5 hamburgers and get one free. This month, a team goes in after their game. Each person had one hamburger. Each of the players had a soda @ $.50 each and shared an order of

    asked by Nikki
  196. Grammar

    He had HepB at 1 day of age at 8 weeks he had HepB, DTap, Hib, IPV, and PCV. 1. This is a fragment that requires a verb. 2. This is a comma splice that can be fixed by changing the comma after HepB to a semicolon. 3. This is a run-on that can be fixed by

    asked by Leslie
  197. brand image

    How do the components of Adidas create the product image? The components are the Logo—which is the 3 stripes, is there a trademark for Adidas? The other component is the slogan which is—Impossible is nothing.

    asked by mary
  198. Biology 1

    What is a Biochemical cycle and why is it important? Give at least one example.

    asked by Ashley
  199. Chemistry

    What does the strong odour indicate in terms of ease with which the solid leaves its surface? (Think about how the odour reaches your nose.)

    asked by Mr.Green
  200. math

    rustle up three different items that each weigh about one gram .what did you find

    asked by linda
  201. Education

    Most of the vocabulary students will acquire throughout a school yearwill be through: a. lessons you have taught throughout the school year; b. classroom reading and self-selected reading; c. specific strategies you've taught throughout the year; d. none

    asked by rj
  202. chemistry

    given 14g silver oxide, how much silver can be made?

    asked by ben
  203. Education

    Theme studies are especially effective for English language learners because: a. they organize information; b. they provide a meaningful learning context; c. they help students with their reading; d. all of the above.

    asked by rj
  204. Physical Science

    true or false in an atom, negatively charged electrons surround a positively charged nucleus

    asked by Dallas
  205. math

    how do i figure out : 56 is 70% of ? 54% of what number is 152? and 25 is 62 1/2 of?

    asked by kathy
  206. science

    chemical reaction in cells that needs oxygen to release energy and produce carbon dioxide and water as waste 1)breathing 2)exhaling c)inhaling d)respiration

    asked by selena
  207. Grammar

    This 10 week-old male infant who had been sick for 3 days prior to admission with fever to 103 degrees. 1. This is a run-on that needs to be shortened. 2. This is a run-on can be fixed by adding a comma after infant. 3. This is a fragment that requires a

    asked by Leslie
  208. Math - Equivalent Fractions

    What is the equivalent fraction for 16/36

    asked by Joe
  209. physics

    A 5.4 cm diameter horizontal pipe gradually narrows to 3.7 cm. When water flows through this pipe at a certain rate, the gauge pressure in these two sections is 35.0 kPa and 21.0 kPa, respectively. What is the volume rate of flow?

    asked by Cara
  210. algebra 1

    how would you solve the slope intercept form 8x+2y= 10

    asked by Amber shall
  211. math

    If a a sheet of cardboard measures 9 feet by 6 feet and is made into a perfect cube, what would the length of each edge be?

    asked by Dan
  212. trig question

    During a 12- hour period, the tides in one area of the Bay of Fundy causes the water level to rise to 6 m above the average sea level and to fall 6 m below average sea level. The depth of the water at low tide is 2m as measured against a pier. Suppose the

    asked by Mhy
  213. Ann

    Need to write fraction as a whole or mixed number. Express fractions in simplest form.. 1. 76/12 Answer= 6 1/6 2. 88/10 Answer= 8 2/5

    asked by Math
  214. math

    If a a sheet of cardboard measures 9 feet by 6 feet and is made into a perfect cube, what would the length of each edge be?

    asked by Dan
  215. Grammar

    The hospitalization was prolonged because of the absence of any good choices for oral medications to treat his UTI. 1.This is a run-on that requires a comma before the word because. 2. This is a run-on that requires a semicolon before the word because. 3.

    asked by Leslie
  216. honors geometry

    Given Cicle P QT is parallel to RS Prove QR is congruent to TS diagram looks like a cirle with P vertex and a triangle sidewise

    asked by kourtney
  217. algebra

    ¿como se desarrolla? lo siguiente: log(x-7/x-1)=1/2 lo antes posible por favor.

    asked by Brenda
  218. Education

    MS. SUE can you please see if these answers are correct. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Which of the following statements best describes the instructional level achieved in an Informal Reading Inventory a. the student is unable to read a text b.

    asked by rj
  219. math

    Break-Even Analysis and Cost Analysis: As a first-time homeowner, there are going to many decisions that you need to make, such as whom to hire for the upkeep of your lawn. You have just received advertisements from 2 companies in your area: Greener Lawns

    asked by schyla
  220. Emily

    Need to find the Adverbs in each sentence. 1. Native Americans originally developed lacrosse. Adverb=originally 2. It was first played by the Iroquois. Adverb=first 3. It was played differently than it is played today. Adverb=differently 4. It was

    asked by Enghish
  221. Battle of the Seven Oaks

    The Battle of Seven Oaks happened because of a shortage of Food. Okie.. So the whole trouble came to be because of the Pemmican, and because of Macdonnel. Because he was the one that drew the Proclamation. Selkirk was not involved in the war. He only

    asked by Emma
  222. Grammar

    Was concerned about the effectiveness of the high-flow nebulizers and the mist tent. 1. This is a fragment that is missing a subject. 2. This is a run-on that requires a semicolon after effectiveness. 3. This is a runn-on that requires a comma and a

    asked by Leslie
  223. algebra

    A diver jumps from a diving board that is 32 feet above the water. The height of the diver is given by h= -16(t-2)(t+1) where the height h is measured in feet, and the time t is measured in seconds. When will the diver hit the water?

    asked by Anonymous
  224. health care

    how is emr's use to market health care products or service if applicable emr-- electronic medical records

    asked by branidi
  225. Calculus

    The area bounded between the line y=x+4 and the quadratic function y=(x^2)-2x. Hint: Draw the region and find the intersection of the two graphs. Add and subtract areas until the appropriate area is found. I found the intersection points as (-1,3) and

    asked by Janet
  226. science

    What is an Atom

    asked by Nat
  227. geography

    I am just checking to see if my son's answer is right. Which of the following professional teams play home games in cities located on an ocean: New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians? My son has his answer as Los

    asked by a Mom
  228. english

    Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. The oil from Eucalyptus trees which are native, to Australia is known for its medicinal properties. The oil from Eucalyptus trees, which are native to Australia, is known for its medicinal properties. The

    asked by Anonymous
  229. physics

    Can a metal sphere of radius 1cm hold a charge of 1coloumb

    asked by Punam
  230. chem

    Fluorine and krypton react to form binary compounds when a mixture of the two gases is heated to 500C in a nickel reaction vessel. A 100mL nickel container is filled with fluorin and krypton to partial pressures of 1.24 atm and 10.10 atm, respectively at a

    asked by Amy
  231. pre-algebra

    I can not solve this problem: 3/4 =5/x

    asked by Kaylee
  232. math

    how do you find the rule to a f(x) problem?

    asked by krista
  233. grammar

    Although the abscess was incised and drained in the emergency room and cultures were obtained, which grew coag-positive staphylococcus. 1. This is a run-on that needs a semicolon after drained. 2. This is a run-on that needs to be split into two separate

    asked by Leslie
  234. Grammar

    The patient was brought to the operating room, general endotracheal anesthesia was induced by the anesthesia seervice. 1. This is a comma splice that can be fixed by removing the comma. 2. This is a comma splice that can be fixed by adding the conjunction

    asked by Leslie
  235. Chemistry

    How many grams of ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH, are present in 5.3 gallons of a 5.22 m solution with a density of 1.83 g/mL?

    asked by teena
  236. pre algebra

    how to solve 18x - (8x - 7) + 67

    asked by Brittnie
  237. pre algebra

    how to solve 18x - (8x - 7) + 67

    asked by Brittnie
  238. Math

    Predict what the outcome would be if you surveyed 15 people you know, asking them their favorite operation of arithmetic was.

    asked by Johnthyn
  239. Math

    Accumulate information for a survey from 15 people about their favorite operation of arithmetic.

    asked by Johnthyn
  240. statistics

    smith is a weld inspector at a shipyard. He knows from keeping track of good and substandard welds that for a afternoon shift 5% of all welds done will be substandard. Of smith checks 300 of the 7500 welds completed that shift, what is the probability that

    asked by Anonymous
  241. Math

    Predict what the outcome would be if you surveyed 15 people you know, asking them what their favorite operation of arithmetic was.

    asked by Johnthyn
  242. Math

    Accumulate information for a survey from 15 people about their favorite operation of arithmetic.

    asked by Johnthyn
  243. Calculus

    Evaluate integral, don't use calculator. I'll use the S as the sign for integral S 4 sin (theta)d(theta) from pi/2 to pi I know the answer is 4 because I enter it in on my calculator, but don't know the steps to get to the answer. Please help.

    asked by Janet
  244. cja 334

    gathering research data paper

    asked by reyna
  245. Grammar

    Seeing pulsation of the artery at the completion of this dissection. 1. This is a run-on that can be fixed with a period. 2. This is a run-on that can be fixed by adding a comma and a conjunction. 3. This is a fragment that can be fixed by adding a subject

    asked by Leslie