Questions Asked on
May 8, 2011

  1. Chemistry

    write the balanced equation for the ionization of the weak base pyridine, C5H5N, in water

    asked by Kristin
  2. maths

    Which angle between 0° and 360° has the same cosine as the angle 58°? give your answer as an integer. how do i do this please?

    asked by susan
  3. physics

    A 15.0-kilogram mass is moving at 7.50 meters per second on a horizontal, frictionless surface. What is the total work that must be done on the mass to increase its speed to 11.5 meters per second?

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  4. College Chemistry

    H2C=C=CH2 molecule is linear, what are they hybridization states of the carbon atoms? draw diagrams to show sigma and pi bonds.

    asked by George
  5. physics

    A child, starting from rest at the top of a playground slide, reaches a speed of 7.0 meters per second at the bottom of the slide. What is the vertical height of the slide? [Neglect friction.]

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  6. physics ---- really dnt get this at all

    A small electric motor is used to lift a 0.50-kilogram mass at constant speed. If the mass is lifted a vertical distance of 1.5 meters in 5.0 seconds, the average power developed by the motor is

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  7. maths

    What is the gradient of a line that has an angle of inclination of 75°? Enter the answer, rounded to 4 significant figures in the box below. the answer should be a number. ???

    asked by elizabeth
  8. chemistry

    SiH3- planar or pyramidal geometric shape?

    asked by George
  9. Chemistry

    what is the sp hybrid orbitals for carbon molecules in CH3-C=C-CH2OH?

    asked by Kimmy
  10. physics

    What total mass must be converted into energy to produce a gamma photon with an energy of 1.03 × 10^–13 joule

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  11. College Chemistry

    Which of the following ions possess a dipole moment: ClF2+, ClF2-, IF2+, or IF4-?

    asked by Anita
  12. Physics

    A student throws a baseball at a large gong 73 m away and hears the sound of the gong 1.7744 s later. The speed of sound in air is 330 m/s. What was the average speed of the base- ball on its way to the gong? (For simplicity, assume its trajectory to be a

    asked by Leslie
  13. Inorganic Chemistry

    Which of the following ions possess a dipole moment: ClF2+, ClF2-, IF2+, or IF4-? Please Help! :)

    asked by Anita
  14. trig

    use a half angle formula to find the exact value of cos 75 degree

    asked by lan
  15. Business Calc

    Hercules Films is deciding on the price of the video release of its film Bride of the Son of Frankenstein. Marketing estimates that at a price of p dollars, it can sell q = 240,000 − 15,000p copies, but each copy costs $4 to make. What price will give

    asked by Angela
  16. Algebra II

    The bear population increases at a rate of 2% per year. There are 1573 bear this year. Write a function that models the bear population. How many bears will there be in 20 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Grammar

    Calipers were set and verified at 5 mm. Question: what are all the verbs in the sentence?

    asked by Leslie
  18. College Chem

    Calculate the enthalpy of reaction from the standard enthalpies of formation of the reactant and product molecules. 2C2H6+7O2-->4CO2+6H20 I am using the back of my book for the standard enthalpies of formation, but cannot seem to find the HoF for C2H6?

    asked by Betsie
  19. Grammar

    Another possible diagnosis included pulmonary embolus. Verb/Verbs Answer: diagnosis

    asked by Leslie
  20. Physics

    The velocity of the transverse waves produced by an earthquake is 5.08 km/s, while that of the longitudinal waves is 8.3312 km/s. A seismograph records the arrival of the transverse waves 55.9 s after that of the longitudinal waves. How far away was the

    asked by Laura
  21. Grammar

    A Superblade was used at the 2 o'clock position and the anterior chamber was entered. Identify the Verb/Verbs Answer: was was entered

    asked by Leslie
  22. physics

    A mass 5kg is whirled in a horizontal circle @ 1 end of a string 50cm long,the other end being fixed. If the string when hanging vertically will just support a load of 200kg mass without breaking,find the maximum whirling speed in revolution per second and

    asked by Fate
  23. Math

    What is the probability oi rolling a total of 7 in two rolls of a standard die if you get an even number of the first roll? Could someone please help me? Thanks

    asked by Ed
  24. chemistry

    How many grams of magnesium oxide are produced when 40 grams of oxygen react with magnesium

    asked by jordan
  25. maths

    The mass of a particular substance is known to grow exponentially at a rate of 0.5% per hour. Its initial mass was 25 grams and, after t hours, it weighed 31 grams. The equation modelling this growth is 25×1.005 t = 31. Use the method of taking logs to

    asked by Grace
  26. physics

    An actress wears a blue dress. How could you use spotlights to make the dress appear black? I think you could use black spots. Is this right? Thank you.

    asked by abster
  27. trig

    Find a numerical value of one trigonometric function of x if secxcotx=4 A.cscx=1/4 b.secx=4 c.secx=1/4 d.cscx=4

    asked by lan
  28. grammar

    The patient is alert and oriented and has normal mental status exam. Question: List verb/verbs I know there are two - Answer: is Answer: mental

    asked by Leslie
  29. busieness

    questions 2) List the facts that have the most bearing on the decision. 4)Explain what each affected person would want you to do about the issue. 5)List three alternative actions and identify the best and worst case scenario for each alternative, anyone

    asked by frank
  30. Math

    S surveyor standing 2277 ft from the base of a building measured a 31 degrees angle to the topmost point. To the nearest ft, how tall is the building?

    asked by Khloe
  31. Grammar

    Sentence: The patient had anorexia, though he denied any nausea or vomiting. Verb/Verbs denied ? had (looked it up & said was a verb) Thanks

    asked by Leslie
  32. chem

    which of these are strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes and non electrolytes. H2SO4 FeCl2 HClO AgCl I put AgCl as a non H2So4 and HCl as strong FeCl2 as weak but the computer told me my answer is wrong Can some one help please?

    asked by william
  33. Physic

    A flywheel rotates with an angular speed of 26 rev/s. As it is brought to rest with a constant acceleration, it turns 55 rev. What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration? How much time does it take to stop?

    asked by Maria
  34. biology

    Would you like to help me answers some of my questions in Biology? 1/ Darwin concluded that the most well adapted individuals in a population will leave the most offspring for future generations. This can be considered a measure of an individual's.. a/

    asked by jenni
  35. grammar

    Sensory was intact to light touch, proprioception, and pinprick. Question: preposition one for sure is there more? answer: to Question: Conjunctions answer: and Thank You

    asked by Leslie
  36. Chem

    Use the following reactions to arrange the elements A, B, C, and D in order of their redox activity, from greatest to least. 2 A + B2+ --> 2 A+ + B B + D2+--> B2+ + D A+ + C -->No reaction 2 C + B2+ --> 2 C+ + B Can someone explain? thanks

    asked by Rebekah
  37. Physics

    A satellite is placed between the Earth and the Moon, along a straight line that connects their centers of mass. The satellite has an orbital period around the Earth that is the same as that of the Moon, 27.3 days. How far away from the Earth should this

    asked by Roberto
  38. trig

    Find the exact values of the other trig functions of theta given sec theta=7 and sin theta is less than 0.

    asked by Nick
  39. maths

    In the year 2000 there were 350 mobile phones users living in the small town of Phoneville. Since 2000 the number of residents using mobile phones has increased by 25% each year, that is, each year the number of mobile phones increases by a factor of 1.25

    asked by Stephanie
  40. Physic

    A race car makes two and a half laps around a circular track in 4.5 min. What is the car's average angular speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. english

    Our two souls therefore, which are one, Though I must go, endure not yet A breach, but an expansion, Like gold to airy thinness beat. If they be two, they are two so [25] As stiff twin compasses are two ; Thy soul, the fix'd foot, makes no show To move,

    asked by Alliana
  42. Education

    Writing process teaching strategies used with first language learners are: a. the same for first and second language writers b. effective for second language learners with some modifications c. effective for first language learners only d. effective for

    asked by rj
  43. College Stats

    Is .09 less than .05?

    asked by Carol
  44. Physics

    A hoop starts from rest at a height 3.0 m above the base of an inclined plane and rolls down under the influence of gravity. What is the linear speed of the hoop's center of mass just as the hoop leaves the incline and rolls onto a horizontal surface?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. stats

    use technology to find the P-value for a two tailed test with n=28 and a test statistic t=2.032 P-value =???? Help please! i don't understand this

    asked by ben
  46. geometry

    A triangle has sides 12 ft, 14 ft, and 20 feet. The smallest side of another similar triangle measures 8 ft. What is the perimeter of the smaller triangle.

    asked by Mary
  47. enhancing children's self-esteem

    16. The best "measure" that a person has achieved high self-esteem is a. a record of strong academic performance b. confidence in a social situation c. self- sufficiency d. strong family relationships 10. When setting guidelines or rules for children and

    asked by Beth
  48. Grammar

    He suffered an injury to kis knee, and this is causing him pain and discomfort. Identify Verb/Verbs Answer: is pain discomfort Thanks Sue

    asked by Leslie
  49. Math

    If a pizza with a diameter of 12 inches costs $10.99 , based on area, how much should a 15 inch pizza cost?

    asked by Angie
  50. physics-buoyancy

    Use Archimedes' law of buoyancy. - to calculate what fraction of the volume of an iceberg floating in the ocean is above the water level. -how many 20kg penguins can be supported by a 1000 cubic meter iceberg that is on the verge of being completely

    asked by jen
  51. Health, Safety, and Nutrition

    good dental hygiene for young children is most dependent on: a) regular checkups every 6 months b) use of toothpaste containing fluoride c) proper tooth brushing technique d) elimination of sugars from the diet

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Enhancing childrens self-esteem

    6. Most often, who is the most important influence on childrens self-referent thought? a. Friends b. Teachers c. Themselves d. Family 6. Most often during adolescense, a child is least likely to approach which of the following for support of his or her

    asked by Shilo
  53. pre- algebra

    Tell weather a triangle with side lengths of 10,24,26 could be 45 45 90 degrees or 30 60 90 degrees. Explain.

    asked by Jenny
  54. life orientation

    substance abuse that cause ill health ,accident,crises and disaster in south africa 5 ways in which the human problem impacts on the environment

    asked by poelo
  55. enhancing children's self esteem

    5. Of the following who is the most important influence on childrens referent thought? a. Friends b. Teachers c. Themselves d. Family 6. Most often during adolescense, a child is least likely to approach which of the following for support of his or her

    asked by Miranda
  56. Physics

    For a scene in a movie, a stunt driver drives a 1.50x10^3 kg SUV with a length of 4.35 m around a circular curve with a radius of curvature of 0.333 km. The vehicle is to be driven off the edge of a gully 10.0 m wide, and land on the other side 2.96 m

    asked by Catherine
  57. Physic

    The gravitational forces of the Earth and the Moon are attractive, so there must be a point on a line joining their centers where the gravitational forces on an object cancel. How far is this distance from the Earth's center?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Phy.

    A proton of mass m moving with a speed of 2.5×106 m/s undergoes a head-on elastic collision with an alpha particle of mass 4m, which is initially at rest. What is the speed of the proton after the collision?

    asked by Brian
  59. Chemistry (Titration Curves)

    Which of the following Acid+Base titration combinations would have a buffering region in their plot? 1)Strong Acid+Strong base (HCl+NaOH) 2)Weak acid and strong base (Acetic+NaOH) 3)Strong Acid and weak base (HCl+NH3) 4)Weak Acid and weak base (Acetic+NH3)

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Physiology

    How might the following affect blood volume (increase or decrease) (note: refer to physiology of kidney): High protein concentration in blood plasma Secretion of ADH Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone ANF (atrial natriuretic factor)

    asked by ivy
  61. Physic

    A 3.8 kg object is supported by an aluminum wire of length 1.9 m and diameter 2.2 mm. How much will the wire stretch?

    asked by Maria
  62. Education

    Which of the following statements best describes the instructional level achieved in an Informal Reading Inventory a. the student is unable to read a text b. the student can read a text without much assistance c. the student can read a text with assistance

    asked by rj
  63. English

    Could you please let me know which alternatives are best? I really need to know which ones I should use, especially in question 6. Thank you. 1) Next summer I'm going on holiday from 7 July to 27 July. We are going to spend two weeks on Malta. 2) My famiy

    asked by Henry1
  64. Chemistry

    What is the pH, pOH [OH-] and [H+] for 0.000535 M hydrosulfuric acid?

    asked by Chris
  65. Physic

    Just an instant before reaching the very bottom of a semicircular section of a roller coaster ride, the automatic emergency brake inadvertently goes on. Assume the car has a total mass of 850 kg, the radius of that section of the track is 53.0 m, and the

    asked by Jason
  66. calculus

    Quadratic function written in standard form where a, b, and c are constants such that a is not zero. f(x)= ax^2+bx+c Using calculus find the vertex of the parabola formed by this quadratic function. Determine under what conditions this vertex is a maximum

    asked by Janet
  67. SAT

    For the SAT online course, when I was going o buy it, they asked for shipping information, so I'm confused... are they going to send me a book on the online course where afterwards I can use the online course...?

    asked by Amy~
  68. FRENCH

    1.Quand tu voyages, est-ce que tu achetes beaucoup de cartes postales? Quand je voyage, je n'achete beaucoup de cartes postales. 1. As-tu passe une journee dans une ferme? Si oui, ou> Non, je ne passe une journee dans une ferme. 3. Est-ce que tu aimes

    asked by Sydney
  69. Life orientations

    Name two institutions/community organisations that are involved in supporting or giving redress teenage pregnancy.Explain how these organizations are involved in providing a safe and healthy environment

    asked by Kenosi
  70. Physics Ques.

    In nuclear reactors, subatomic particles called neutrons are slowed down by allowing them to collide with the atoms of a moderator material, such as carbon atoms, which are 12 times as massive as neutrons. If the neutron has an initial speed of 1.0×107

    asked by Brian
  71. Chemistry

    HC2H3O2 + CH3(CH2)4OH (H2SO4)=?

    asked by Sandy
  72. Chemistry

    Which of these is more efficient on a large/small scale (power generation) and why? burning hydrogen to generate heat to drive turbines to produce electricity or directly producing electricity in a fuel cell reaction Can hydrogen be piped into homes,

    asked by Alicia
  73. maths

    The chance of getting a particular disease sometime during your lifetime is estimated at 1 in 20. Smoking increases the risk of developing the disease during your lifetime by 20%. How many people out of a group of 1000 smokers would you expect to get the

    asked by Beth
  74. math

    use technology to find the P-value for a two tailed test with n=28 and a test statistic t=2.032 P-value =???? Help please! i don't understand this

    asked by jessica
  75. trig

    if sec theta=-5/4 and 180degree < theta< 270degree, find tan theta a.-3/5 b 4/5 c.3/4 d.3/5

    asked by minh
  76. physics

    You are in a dark room with a single incandescent 60W bulb in the center of the ceiling. You hold a book directly beneath the bulb and begin lowering it toward the floor. As the book is lowered, what happens to the size of the umbra? I believe it stays the

    asked by abster
  77. Physics

    A 180 kg object is taken to a height of 350 km above the Earth's surface. The object's mass of height is 180 kg. What is the object's weight at this height?

    asked by Katie
  78. environment

    Ways in which the human or environment problem impacts on the community

    asked by pearl
  79. chemistry

    A 250cm^ solution is prepared by dissolvin 8.0g of sodium hydroxide in distilled water.calculate the concentration of this solution

    asked by lesedi
  80. math - 8th grade

    I have a table to complete.Given that points A and B belong to a circle with centre O; If the area of the sector bounded by central angle AOB is 14.13cm squared and the measure of central angle AOB=45cm squared. What is the radius of the disk(cm)and what

    asked by Br
  81. Chemistry

    Besides creating less pollution, what is another reason hydrogen based fuel for cars would be a a better alternative than the fuel we use today?

    asked by Keren
  82. Chemistry

    What if sodium iodide, sodium iodate, and sulfuric acid were mixed with a small amount of 1,2 dichloroethane? With hexane?

    asked by Hillary
  83. Science

    how do i balance this equation? Ca + O2 -> CaO can you also explain to me how you got the answer?

    asked by Rebecca
  84. physics

    A man jogs along at 1.2 m/s. His dog, playing 36 m behind him, waits for 5 s, then takes off after him at 3.1 m/s. How far apart are they when the dog starts after his master? Answer in units of m. If the man continues jogging, how long will the dog have

    asked by Laura
  85. Algebra

    i need help to SOLVE THE EQUATION FOR X. 8b+2x=6x-4a

    asked by Anonymous
  86. science

    currents move to the deep ocean because of differences in what?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much. It is really urgent!! 1) Where are you going to have a holiday next summer? 2) I'm going to stay there for (is for necessary in writing?) two weeks with my family. 3) I'm going to visit many cities

    asked by Henry1
  88. english

    what is a possessive pronoun that could replace these words 1.Martha Katz's (before a noun) 1.Martha Katz's ( not before a Noun)

    asked by ephrem
  89. physics

    Zircon is sometimes used to make fake diamonds. What is its index of refraction if the speed of light in zircon is 1.6 x 10^8 m/s. Please show all work Thank you.

    asked by abster
  90. algebra 2

    Is 1/2 sin 2x the same expression as sin x? Justify your answer.

    asked by someone
  91. Physics

    A 669 g sample of water at 83 degrees celsius is mixed with 486 g of water at 23 degrees celsius. What is the final temperature of the mixture? Assume no heat loss to the surroundings.

    asked by Maria
  92. poem

    How do the differences and/or similarities between speech and poetic form affect the experience "In Memoriam"

    asked by Louis
  93. English

    Could you please check these sentences on a school trip? Thank you very much. 1) Next summer I'm going on holiday from 7 July to 27 July (from "the" 7 to "the" 27 of July ?). We are going to spend two weeks on Malta. 2) My famiy and I are leaving on the

    asked by Henry1
  94. science

    what is the height of a rock wall that is casting a 10ft shadow if a 6 ft bird watcher is casting a 14 ft shawdow

    asked by sophia
  95. Economics

    In a period of inflation, does the exchange of goods and services speed up or slow down? Thanks

    asked by David
  96. physics

    a)Estimate how long it takes for the cold air to fall out when you open the door of your refrigerator. For simplicity, assume your fridge is a cube of height 1 meter, and that the cold air inside is 5% denser than the warm air outside. Imagine that you

    asked by bobby
  97. trig

    A right triangle has sides of length 5, 12 and 13. What is the sine of the angle opposite the hypotenuse? (A) 1 (B) 5/12 (C) 5/13 (D) 12/13 (E) None of the above.

    asked by lan
  98. maths

    A sample of 25users of a gym had their oxygen consumption measured for 30 minutes after arunning exercise.The sample mean and sample standard deviation of the oxygen consumption,in millilitres per kilogram of body weight per minute, were 24.1 and 18.7,

    asked by olek
  99. chemistry

    how can i know whether solution is acidic or not and then what type of acid?

    asked by khin
  100. maths

    The number of vehicles entering each of 15 junctions from a motorway during a 20-minute period on a Sunday morning is given below. 7 26 30 26 19 22 12 30 8 28 8 15 26 32 4 1 Choose the option that gives the median number of vehicles entering a junction.

    asked by olek
  101. pyscology

    How does nuture effect adult develpoment?

    asked by Talia
  102. Algebra-Please help

    We're working on geometric and athrimetic series and I really don't know where to start with this except that t sub 1 = 101 How would I find the sum of the multiples of 5 between 101 and 2001 help

    asked by Anna-
  103. Physics

    Sorry for reposting this but I'm still confused with the last part... You have been sent in a small spacecraft to rendezvous with a space station that is in a low circular Earth orbit, say, with a radius of 6,720 km, approximately that of the orbit of the

    asked by Catherine
  104. math

    Convert to Fahreheit. ust the formula F=9/5*C+32 90degreeC = what degree F

    asked by Anonymous
  105. math

    Find the general solution using the method of undetermined coefficients. y''' - 10y'' + 25y' = e^(-x) cos x + e^(5x) + x.

    asked by Shane
  106. physics

    Does the resonance position change as the length of the tube changes, for example a longer tube?

    asked by Jenny
  107. physics

    suppose you apply 3 newtons of force to slide a box 2 meters in 6 seconds, how much work did you do?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. trig

    If csc(x) =1/sqrt7 then sec(x) equals (A)p7/7 (B) 6/7 (C)p6/p7 (D)p7 (E) None of the above.

    asked by lan
  109. spelling

    how do you spell tedeetawter? im probably butchering the spelling XD

    asked by Jim
  110. medical coding

    single braces are used in the tabular list to A. connect terms on both sides of the braces. B. include nonessential modifiers and alternative codes. C. indicate fifth digits required with a code. D. connect a series of terms on the left with one term on

    asked by billy
  111. Maths SUPER URGENT

    Hey What size down pipe would I need, and how many if my roof area equals 1224.78 metres squared and I have average rainfall of 173kl per year? Also how much plumbing would I need from my hypothetical tanks?

    asked by Lina
  112. algebra

    Find the roots of the equation. 4x to the second power plus 9=12x

    asked by Loren
  113. calculus

    Given the function h : x -> 3x + c and h^-1 : x -> cx/m - 1, where c and are constants, find the values of c and m

    asked by Anonymous
  114. trig

    How many solutions does the equation cos(x) + cos(−x) = 0 have if 0 < x < 2pi? (Radian measure is assumed for x.) (A) infinitely many (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3 (E) None of the above.

    asked by dat
  115. Math

    What is Schlafli notation? I seriously need to know how basic it is before tomorrow's test?

    asked by Salim
  116. Question abt Conflict

    One more question. Cause the conflict was about the land. Did problems take place because of the crops/growing seasons?

    asked by Emma
  117. Physics

    You have been sent in a small spacecraft to rendezvous with a space station that is in a low circular Earth orbit, say, with a radius of 6,720 km, approximately that of the orbit of the International Space Station. Due to mishandling of units by a

    asked by Catherine
  118. math

    use formula F= 9/5 * c+32 68 degrees C= ? degree F

    asked by Anonymous
  119. social studies

    In what ways are NIBRS similar to NCVS

    asked by malik
  120. math

    Hosni gave the following argument that -(a+b)=-a+-b for all integers a and b. If the argument is correct, supply the missing reasons. If it is incorrect, explain why. -(a+b)=(-1)(a+b) =(-1)a+(-1)b =-a+-b -(a+b)=(-1)(a+b)=(-1)a+(-1)b=(-a)+(-b)=-a+-b

    asked by Anonymous
  121. algebra

    If there are 5280 feet per mile, how many inches are there in 3 miles?

    asked by beth
  122. Miles Macdonnel

    Who was Miles Macdonnel? He was first governor of Red River Colony and had a share in the HBC company. He bought land in the Red River Valley to provide a home for the Scots that were poor, and he didn't want to give any part of the land to the NWC. He

    asked by Emma
  123. college math 201

    i have 50 feet of fence and the house will be the fourth side. i want a rectangular fence as big as possible. what re the dimensions?

    asked by don

    0.560g of potassium hydroxide is added to 25.0 cm^3 of 1.00 mol dm^-3 of hydrochloric acid.Find the limiting reagent & please show the working.THANKS IN ADVANCE.

    asked by ALIYAH
  125. physics

    what is the dimensinol formula for accleration amd volume?

    asked by narayan
  126. english (opinion)

    SO this guy is going through depression because the job that he does is no longer brings happiness to him any more. He is an activist. One day he sat and thought that if he actually does achieve his goal will he be happy? His answer was no. This made him

    asked by Alliana
  127. algebra math

    Use f(x)=0.5(x-3)2-3to find A. f(5)

    asked by Tirshana
  128. finance

    insurance matrix, Insurance Matrix Type of Insurance Functions Example of Company Coverage Characteristics Auto Home Health Disability Life what do they mean by the functions

    asked by Tracy
  129. Anthropology

    How does the identification of cultural universals impact our understanding of what it means to be human. How does the search for Universals help us better understand human cultural behavior? What examples for out own culture can illustrate the ideas that

    asked by shenikka Turner
  130. trig

    In a right triangle the hypotenuse has length 10 and the the sum of the cotangents of all three angles of the triangle equals 2. What are the lengths of the other two sides of the triangle? (A) 5 and 5p3 (B) 5p2 and 5p2 (C) 1 and3 p11 (D) 4 and 2p21 (E)

    asked by dat
  131. Biology

    How would you perform a 5 x 10^-3 dilution of any culture or chemical reagent?

    asked by Page
  132. Physics

    Sorry for reposting this but I'm still confused with the last part... You have been sent in a small spacecraft to rendezvous with a space station that is in a low circular Earth orbit, say, with a radius of 6,720 km, approximately that of the orbit of the

    asked by Catherine
  133. physics

    How does the presence of an atmosphere affect the length of day and night? I am thinking by the rising and setting of the moon and sun. Is this right? Thank You.

    asked by abster
  134. chemistry

    What physical changes take place within a solid as it melts?

    asked by Amy
  135. Quick Question

    Does an Accession number differ from an standard number??*

    asked by Willy Wonka
  136. MATH 7th GRADE

    Vicki measured the length of 8 leaves. The lengths were 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 15 cm, 19 cm, 11 cm, 18 cm, and 15 cm. What is the interquartile range of Vicki's data? answer choices are: a. 1 b. 3 c. 5 d. 6 I chose 5 and it says that 6 is the correct answer.

    asked by MATH HELP PLEASE
  137. maths

    The heights in centimetres of men in a sample selected at random may be modelled by a normal distribution with mean 180.5 and standard deviation 11.3. 1 Choose the option that is closest to the value above which 30% of the heights of men will lie. Options

    asked by olek
  138. Chemistry

    What is the molarity and normality of 100.3 grams of calcium hydroxide dissolved in 775 ml of water?

    asked by Chris
  139. grammar

    you make noise in every period , every day

    asked by agastya
  140. maths

    A psychological test was given to 92 teenage boys and 68 teenage girls. The test was used to assign a score to each teenager, measured on the ‘worry scale’–0(not worried) to 100 (very worried).A summary of the results is given in the table below.

    asked by olek
  141. Current Events

    Hey! Kayz, so regarding the stance 'that the US should remove political, social and economic support from dictatorships'. So far I'm thinking of adapting the sanctions on South Africa during apartheid for this. I'm also thinking of looking at current

    asked by Tina
  142. Easy maths question

    Hey How do I convert 1224.78m squared into mm squared?

    asked by Tina
  143. English

    I know that 'you' and 'I' are pronouns but are words like 'you're' and 'I'm still classed as perosnal pronouns? thanks

    asked by Kaley
  144. maths

    The distribution of the time taken to run 1000 metres by users of a treadmill in a sports centre has mean 7.2 minutes and standard deviation 2.045 minutes. 1 Choose the option that is closest to the probability that the mean time taken to run 1000 metres

    asked by olek
  145. geometry

    The length of each edge of a trianglar tent if 8 ft. ( 3 sides and a bottom) (a) Find the area of each face (b)Find the total surface area of the four faces

    asked by Mary
  146. Geometry

    I have 27.75 sq yds of fabric. What would the surface area of my triangular tent be? My teant has 3 sides and a bottom( a total of 4 faces)

    asked by Mary


    asked by Delneisha
  148. trig

    A sine wave function f(x) = a sin(bx) has amplitude 10 and period 40. What are the values of a and b? (A) a = 10 and b = 20/pi ( B) a = 10 and b = 1/40 (C) a = 10 and b = pi/20 (D) a = 10 and b = 40 E) None of the above.

    asked by dat
  149. chemistry

    If you had 1L of water, how many grams of NaCl will youi need to mix to the water to lower the freezing point by 24 degrees C?

    asked by Anonymous
  150. life orientation

    5 ways in which the HIV/AIDS problem impacts on the community

    asked by dolley mojapelo
  151. Algebra

    How do you express the sum of 5y-3/9 and 2y-1/2

    asked by beth
  152. Physic

    Consider a 1.8 kg ball and a 5.2 kg ball in free fall. What is the net force acting on each? What is the acceleration of each?

    asked by Anonymous
  153. physics-nuclear reactors

    a) Let's assume a nuclear reactor was a completely isolated system, such that no matter particles can escape from it and the only thing that can get out is energy in the form of heat and radiation. If we weigh the whole reactor before switching it on, and

    asked by anonymous
  154. engineering

    How is bacteria used in genetic engineering?

    asked by john
  155. trig

    Determine the value of cos(theta) given that cos(pi − theta) = .2 (A)p.96 (B) .2 (C) −.2 (D) −sqrt.96 (E) None of the above.

    asked by Phuong
  156. math

    Using the readings in Ch. 2 of the text, identify and explain at least one real-world application of algebraic concepts for one of the following areas: business, health and wellness, science, geometry, sports, and environmental sustainability.

    asked by Anonymous
  157. maths

    The distribution of the time taken to run 1000 metres by users of a treadmill in a sports centre has mean 7.2 minutes and standard deviation 2.045 minutes. 1 Choose the option that is closest to the probability that the mean time taken to run 1000 metres

    asked by olek
  158. World Literature

    In the story Othello, I have to find an example of contrasting worlds. What exactly does contrasting worlds mean? Thank you!

    asked by Mswayze
  159. math

    the washing ton monument is 555ft tall. which is closest to its height? i know the answer is 180 but i do not know how to show work for it!!!HELP!!!

    asked by Alyssa
  160. microbiology

    What dilutions would have to me made (from a starting concentration of 5 x 10^8 cells per ml) to achieve a final concentration of 1 x 10^3 cells per ml?

    asked by Chloe
  161. enhancing chilfrens self esteem

    ThANK YOU MS SUE. It wa a great help thanks again. beth

    asked by beth
  162. algebra

    what is 7c-9? im so confused, i need help :(

    asked by vanessa
  163. english

    Can someone please check my homework for me? · Write two paragraphs about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. · Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it. · Post your paper as an attachment. Interest rates affect the buying

    asked by icelocsgirl
  164. error bound

    find the bound on the magnitude of the error if we approximate sqrt 2 using the taylor approximation of degree three for sqrt 1+x about x=0

    asked by tony
  165. project physicis

    Hi, I need example of momentum,conservation of momentum and impluse momentum in cricket. Thanks

    asked by nick
  166. arithmetic

    need a reinstatement A person hired a firm to build a CB radio tower. The firm charges $100 for labor for the first 10 feet. After that, the cost of the labor for each succeeding 10 feet is $25 more than the preceding 10 feet. That is, the next 10 feet

    asked by ernest
  167. physics

    Which of the following does not show a difference between the wave theory and particle theory of light; reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, or polarization? Thank you.

    asked by abster
  168. math

    Find the exact value of the volume of a can of green beans with a diameter 8 centimeters and height of 12 centimeters. Include correct units with your solution. Use "pi" in place of the pi symbol.

    asked by kozy
  169. trig

    What is the cotangent of 0 degree? (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 1/2 (D) −1 (E) None of the above.

    asked by Phuong
  170. business

    explain how the results in both quantitative and qualitative analysis are used to recommend moving forward and planning a project?

    asked by Anonymous
  171. physics

    what is the dimensinol formula for accleration amd volume?

    asked by narayan
  172. trig

    1st-the reason i keep change my name because some of my friends are using my computer by their own name to asked questions. we are having a hard time solving each trig problems 2nd- if sin theta=0.6 and 90 degree

    asked by minh
  173. Physics

    Sorry for reposting this but I'm still confused with the last part... You have been sent in a small spacecraft to rendezvous with a space station that is in a low circular Earth orbit, say, with a radius of 6,720 km, approximately that of the orbit of the

    asked by Catherine
  174. math

    what is 11+17

    asked by arman
  175. verb

    how can i find a verb in sentence1) It will be helpful in the future if you plan ahead of time to do some financial planning for your college education

    asked by lynnel
  176. trig

    The tangent of an acute angle equals 1/2. What is the sine of the angle? (A) 1/p3 (B)p5/2 (C) 2/p5 (D) 1/p5 ( E) None of the above.

    asked by dat
  177. medical coding

    a physician provides an office consultation for a new patient. the history and examination levels are comprehensive and the medical decision making is of high complexity. what is the correct code for this situation? A.99254 B.99244 C.99255 D.99245

    asked by billy
  178. MATH

    Of what number is 12 the 25%?

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Economic and management science

    Growth employment and redistruction

    asked by Thabo
  180. math

    7(5x+8)=12-(x+4) simply your answer

    asked by Anonymous
  181. Education

    Which of the following would you want to evaluate for a middle school student? a. background knowledge b. word recognition and vocabulary knowledge c. comprehension d. all of the above

    asked by rj
  182. language

    please help me to write a poem about friendshi, thanks

    asked by reem

    Does anyone know mathematical ciphers

    asked by Dwayne
  184. social study

    what made the hbc and nwc so imortant to this reion

    asked by brad
  185. MATH

    Lincoln received $55 on his birthday. If he deposits $22 into his bank account, what is the percentage of the total that Lincoln earned?

    asked by Anonymous
  186. math

    High Knob Mountain is 4044 ft. high.What is this distance in meters? a. 6470 m b. 102.8 m c. 1233 m d. 4000 m I did it like this: 1yard=3f,so 4044ft=1348yd. 1yd=0.914m,so it gives 1232.072m Maybe I did something wrong?but it does not match to any answer:(

    asked by MaS
  187. math

    7(3x+5)=11-(x+9) simply

    asked by Anonymous
  188. math

    what is 1/8 + 5/6 + 2/3 reduced

    asked by kaylee
  189. algebra

    ^ = to the power 1. 8^1/2*8^-5/2 2.3^5/3(divided by) 3^2/3 **please show work

    asked by SoccerStar
  190. Math

    a + b represents any real number. ^412 sqrt(a+b)^412

    asked by Whosthatgirl
  191. algebra

    ^ = to the power _________= divided by 3^5/3*3^0 _________ 3^2/3

    asked by SoccerStar
  192. science

    what is the chemical equation for sodium nitrate?

    asked by ali
  193. english

    does south african revolution value customs.

    asked by thabz
  194. math

    9 apples/ 14 students a ratio or a rate ?

    asked by me