Questions Asked on
May 6, 2011

  1. Chemistry

    which process occurs in a controlled fusion reaction? 1 light nuclei collide to produce heavier nuclei. 2 heavy nuclei collide to produce lighter nuclei. 3 neutron bombardment splits light nuclei 4 neutron bombardment splits heavy nuclei. is it 1 ?

    asked by Jazmin
  2. calculus

    If f is the focal length of a convex lens and an object is placed at a distance p from the lens, then its image will be at a distance q from the lens, where f, p, and q are related by the lens equation 1/f = 1/p + 1/q What is the rate of change of p with

    asked by Sam
  3. science

    calculate the density of a solid which weighs 15N in air and 12N in water

    asked by force
  4. Chemistry

    You have 3.00 L of a 2.37 M solution of NaCl(aq) called solution A. You also have 2.00 L of a 2.00 M solution of AgNO3(aq) called solution B. You mix these solutions together, making solution C. Calculate the concentration (in M) of Na+ ions in solution C.

    asked by tina
  5. accounting

    Diamond Company produces a chair that requires 5 yds. of material per unit. The standard price of one yard of material is $7.50. During the month, 8,500 chairs were manufactured, using 43,700 yards at a cost of $7.60. Determine the (a) price variance, (b)

    asked by MO
  6. Biology

    What are the three types of fibers which comprise the cytoskeleton?

    asked by Sean Micheals
  7. MATH!

    The sum of two prime numbers is the prime number 89,563. Find the smaller of the two addends. I attempted the problem but I'm not sure if it is right. 89,561 is a prime number and so is 2. So is the answer 2?

    asked by Lee
  8. geometry

    Which of the following are measurements of the sides of a right triangle? Select one of the options below as your answer: A. 3, 4, 5 B. 28, 26, 12 C. 17, 14, 6 D. all of the above

    asked by jordan
  9. Finite Math

    Find the effective rate corresponding to the given nominal rate. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) 11%/year compounded semiannually

    asked by Dee
  10. Official meaning

    What is an official? A person who holds an office. Could you please explain more to me? What is a governor? An appointed or elected official who governs a state, colony, or province for a specific term. Could you please explain more.

    asked by Anonymous

    Review the case scenario provided in the Learning Resources and focus on the various budget expenses related to personnel services. Review Chapter 3 of your course text, The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management, and the budget template

    asked by EILEEN
  12. Algebra

    Need help with these-- 40. The graph of the following system yields perpendicular lines: x + 2y = -10 -4y = 2x + 20 True or False? 42. If we multiply a 2 x 2 matrix with a 2 x 1 matrix, the product is a 2 x 1 matrix. -False? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  13. Calculus 3

    Find the average value of the squared distance between the origin and points in the solid paraboloid D={ (x,y,z): 0 ≤ z ≤ 4 - x^2 - y^2} I have no idea how to start this.

    asked by Melissa
  14. Math/Algebra

    If you have 36ft of fencing, what are the areas of the different rectangles you could enclose with the fencing? Consider only whole-number dimensions. This problem confused me. Any help??

    asked by Hayliey
  15. Algebra

    Members of the Lake Shawnee club pay $40 per summer season plus $7.50 each time they rent a boat. Nonmembers pay $12.50 each time they rent a boat. How many times would both a member and a nonmember have to rent a boat in order to pay the same amount?

    asked by Abby
  16. Algebra

    Regular pentagon ABCDE is inscribed in circle O. What is the number of degrees in the measure of angle OCE?

    asked by Loren
  17. business

    explain the stages in the retail life cycle and the different strategies that a manager can employ inorder to maximise returns

    asked by andrew
  18. Math

    A pond 100 ft in diameter is surrounded by a circular grass walk 2 feet wide. Find the are of the walk. Answer in terms of π. Please help me! TY

    asked by Kelly
  19. Linear Algebra

    Let A be a 4¡Á4 matrix with real entries that has all 1's on the main diagonal (i.e. a11 = a22 = a33 = a44 = 1). If A is singular and ¦Ë1 = 3 + 2i is an eigenvalue of A, then what, if anything, is it possible to conclude about the values of the

    asked by Anonymous
  20. english 12 please help

    I marked my answers with ^. I need better understanding if i get these right or wrong i need to what the correct answer is and what makes it right. 1. Byron’s Don Juan is considered a mock epic because (1 point) -the hero chases women instead of getting

    asked by Jesicca
  21. Algebra: Check please

    1. Find the distance between the pair of points. Round to the nearest tenth is necessary. (-13, -8) and (6, 17) a. 11.4 b. 12.1 c. 31.4 d. 23.7 is the answer c? 2. Find the distance between the pair of points. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

    asked by Cheryl
  22. math

    A farmer has 200 acres of land suitable for cultivating crops A, B and C. The cost per acre of cultivating crop A, crop B and crop C is $40, $60 and $80, respectively. The farmer has $12,600 available for land cultivation. Each acre of crop A requires 20

    asked by TALOFA
  23. chemistry

    Concentrated hydrochloric acid is 38% , by mass, HCl in water. How many grams of HCl are there in 25.0 g concentrated hydrochloric acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Physics

    You have been sent in a small spacecraft to rendezvous with a space station that is in a low circular Earth orbit, say, with a radius of 6,720 km, approximately that of the orbit of the International Space Station. Due to mishandling of units by a

    asked by Catherine
  25. physical science

    all of the following are true about water except that it

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Algebra

    40. The graph of the following system yields perpendicular lines. x + 2y = -10 -4y = 2x + 20 (True?) 47. The graph of the following system yields parallel lines. 2y = -10 + x -4y = 2x + 20 (True) 48. The graph of the following system yields parallel lines.

    asked by mysterychicken
  27. Business

    I was asked to articulate what I feel are good traits of effective organization, as well as describe how I think culture affects the ability to handel change. I replied with a 350 word response, in my response i stated the "...culturally responsive; this

    asked by joe
  28. grammar

    Write two sentences that each use a semi-colon correctly. Make sure the two uses are different from each other. 1. There are many ways to get to the park; however, this is the easiest way. 2. My birthday is October 23, 1989; Mike’s birthday is August 31,

    asked by Angelina
  29. us history

    Passed in 1935, Roosevelt's most significant reform measure was the A. Wagner Act. B. Social Security Act. C. National Labor Relations Board. D. Fair Labor Standards Act.

    asked by jess
  30. Math

    Integrate[[E^(y/x),{y,0,1},{x,y,1}] Solution:0.859141 or .5*(e-1) I can't figure out what to do,and I tried substitution.

    asked by John
  31. logos

    i need some amazing logos can u help

    asked by Allen
  32. Business

    No one can predict a natural disaster or world crisis. When a hurricane or flood or a pandemic strikes a country, who is most likely to respond first? Which economic system is the best solution for handling a crisis of epic proportion?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    pls could you help me this question find higher derivative (d^2 y)/(dx^2 ) y=2x^5+3sin2x-4x+cos2x+ln2x^5

    asked by Shiino
  34. Psychology

    What is the advantage and disadvantage of the survey method on whether a given political candidate will be popular with Latino voters?

    asked by Shandreca
  35. english

    David is the 7th president of the club. How can I ask a question from this sentence,the answer of which is 7th?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. science

    what contains DNA? where is DNA found?

    asked by sarah
  37. Chemistry

    Water does not easily remove grease from dirty hands because grease is nonpolar and water is polar; therefore they are immiscible. The addition of soap, however, results in the removal of the grease. Examine the following structure of soap and explain why

    asked by Jarred
  38. EXP 105

    Zora’s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away, therefore to her friends and neighbors.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. algebra

    Lets say we have a sample of 100 bacteria in a lab that doubles every 30 minutes. What formula would we apply here and how many bacteria would you expect to find in 35 minutes?

    asked by nita
  40. business communication

    is this a runon sentence? He quit smoking five years ago, he still craves a cigarette from time to time.

    asked by elliot
  41. Math

    One glass of milk has 1/3 chocolate syrup. Another glass that is twice as large as the first glass contains 1/4 chocolate syrup. If you put them together, How much of the new mixture is syrup?

    asked by Julianne
  42. About the Red River Colony

    How did the conflict occur? Was it just because of the land? I'm having some trouble understanding. Please explain to me.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Algebra Please Help

    Math Word problem with factoring...HELP!!! This questions has me stumped!? I have been working on it for days... A 10ft-by-15ft pool was installed in your backyard. You have $3000 left that you would like to spend on surrounding the pool with a patio,

    asked by Gina
  44. business studies

    A business is an institution that exist to serve the need of people for goods and services in a society. discuss

    asked by blessing
  45. Math

    Given a+b+c+d=45 and a+2=b-2=2c=d/2 compute a+b+c-d

    asked by Christine
  46. Physiology

    what does skin have to do with bone formation?

    asked by ivy
  47. Lord Selkirk

    Lord Selkirk was actually Thomas Douglas right? He was just called the fifth Earl of Selkirk, which meant "man with a vision". Selkirk overlooked the difficult climate of the region, which was much harsher than the climate of Scotland. Upon learning of

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physiology

    what causes calcium to be released in sliding filament action for muscle contraction?

    asked by ivy

    Explain the initial steps of writing an essay. Identify how your audience, purpose, and content will influence your approach.

    asked by JOE
  50. Physiology

    how do regions of the brain control motor neurons?

    asked by ivy
  51. Statistics

    Suppose that heights of newborns are bell shaped with a mean of 6.8 pounds and a standard deviation of 1.3 pounds. What percentage of weights are: a) Below 6.8 lbs.? b) Above 8.3 lbs.?

    asked by Erik
  52. Math

    In how many different ways can you arrange three 4x8 tiles to form a rectangle? I don't know how to do this.

    asked by Lee
  53. health care ECONOMICS

    How did the Haiti disaster affect healthcare costs in the United States in the short run

    asked by elaine
  54. Who were "Middlemen"

    They were people that acted as dealers between two parties who wanted to exchange goods. Could you please give me more information on this, no sites, just from top of your head, thanks very much:)

    asked by Anonymous
  55. MATH

    In the equation 4*ABCDE= EDCBA each letter represents a different nonzero digit. Determines the sum A+B+C+D+E i don't know how to do this

    asked by Christine
  56. Statistics

    Hi I am a college student in wireless technology but am only very sketchy on statistics. I'm am trying to write a program to tell me if activity is unusual. I can read the activity of a person from a motion detector from day to day i.e. mon activity - 250

    asked by jay
  57. algebra

    On three consecutive passes, a football team gains 5 yards, loses 21 yards, and gains 13 yards. What number represents the total net yardage?

    asked by Vincent
  58. Information Systems

    You perform a bittorrent search and get no responses. List several possible causes. Then describe how you would teast each.

    asked by Sasha
  59. chemistry

    90.92% of the atoms have a mass of 19.988 u, 0.26% of the atoms have a mass of 20.983 u and 8.82% of atoms have a mass of 21.978 u. Calculate the average atomic mass of this element

    asked by susan
  60. Math

    The ratio of the perimeters of two similar squares is 5 to 4. If the area of the smaller square is 32 square units, what is the area of the larger square?

    asked by Keyonna
  61. Physics

    Inside the cylinders of a diesel engine, the mixture of fuel and air is compressed to about 1/20 of its original volume. Although diesel engines have no spark plugs to ignite this mixture, it ignites anyway because of what?

    asked by Kristina
  62. coputer

    I have a project regarding the basics of application software, software ownership rights; commercial software,shareware,fireware, public domain software how it impacts in my field and Ethical or Legal Impacts in my field.

    asked by erianne
  63. Chemistry

    A rock containing 238U and 206Pb was examined to determine its appropriate age. The molar ratio of 206Pb to 238U was 0.1462. Assuming no lead was originally present and that all lead formed remained in the rock. What is the age of the rock in years? The

    asked by Jay
  64. science

    How can environmental factors determine a feature in a species?

    asked by sarah
  65. geometry

    Triangles ABC and PQR are similar with m angle A = m angle P and m angle B = m angle Q. If AB, BC, and AC are 3, 4, and 5 ft long respectively and QR is 10 ft, find PQ.

    asked by Brett
  66. geometry

    what is the area of a regular polygon with 13.8 area and 6 sides

    asked by jordan
  67. History

    What was significant about the Third Aliyah?

    asked by Kayla
  68. geometry

    The radius of a circle is 6cm and the arc measurement is 120 degrees, what is the length of the chord connecting the radii of the arc?

    asked by Dylan
  69. Chemistry

    How much energy in KJ is release to form one mole of 123Sb from protons and neutrons if the atom has a mass of 122.90422 amu? Please remember to include the mass of electrons in calculations.

    asked by Jay
  70. Statistics

    Question 1: Marks: 2+2+4+2=10 By using five number summary, suggest the skewness of the data from the following information: What is the usefulness of Pearson’s coefficient of skewness? For a certain data, Find moment ratios and . Interpret your results

    asked by Abdul-Rehman
  71. calculus

    What is the indefinite integral of 6/(x ln(2x)??

    asked by mike
  72. algebra 2

    can someone tell me how to expand the bionomial (d-2)^6?

    asked by elizabeth
  73. Business & Technology

    Which economic systems do you think is the best solution for handling a crisis of epic proportion

    asked by Deb
  74. Governor

    Who was Miles Macdonnel? He was first governor of Red River Colony and had a share in the HBC company. He bought land in the Red River Valley to provide a home for the Scots that were poor, and he didn't want to give any part of the land to the NWC. He

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Physic

    Assume all temperatures to be exact. An aluminum spoon at 84 degree C is placed in a Styrofoam cup containing 0.180 kg of water at 12 degree C. If the final equilibrium temperature is 21 degree C and no heat is lost to the cup itself or the environment,

    asked by Alice
  76. Thermodynamics

    1,3-diphosphoglycerate (1,3-DPG) is a molecule that can be used to regenerate ATP in the body. Explain how this is possible given the coupled reactions below. 1,3-DPG „³ 3-DPG + PO43- ƒ´G = -49 kJ ADP + PO43- „³ ATP ƒ´G = 31 kJ

    asked by Nicole
  77. Chemistry

    How much time in years (assume a 365 day yr) would it take for a 1.6678g sample of 239Np to decay to a mass of 0.8671g if it has a half life of 2.030*10^5s

    asked by Jay
  78. math

    Copy each equation in Exercises 31–33. Replace the boldface italic letter with a number that shows the relationship indicated in the table. Then copy each table and complete it by using the corresponding equation. 32. y= -x+b x y B 1 0 1 2 -1 1 8 -7 1 10

    asked by anonymous
  79. Math

    determine the length of the sides and the measures of the angles for the congruent quadrilaterals B'C' (On the picture it shows 50 degrees for B'C'(which is on the left hand side) and 9 for D'A' (On the right hand side)the picture shows that it is upside

    asked by Geena
  80. Com/155

    Did I pick the correct pronoun? I had to sit down with my sister the other day about her spending habits. Her being the pronoun.

    asked by Elizabeth
  81. Physic

    A husband buys a helium-filled anniversary balloon for his wife. The balloon has a volume of 4.4 L in the warm store at 74 degree F. When he takes it outside, where the temperature is 55 degree F, he finds it has shrunk. By how much has the volume

    asked by Anonymous
  82. chemistry

    if 25 moles of sodium phosphate are reacted with potassium hydroxide, how many grams of potassium phosphate will form?

    asked by carlene
  83. physics

    7. Imagine that the coefficient of kinetic friction between a certain 15-kg box and the floor is 0.35. How hard would you have to push on it to move it at a constant speed of 2.6 m/s across the floor?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Physics

    1. A certain playground merry-go-round is essentially an 90-kg iron disk 2.0 m in radius. Two children, each with a mass of 46 kg, are originally standing on opposite sides of the disk near its outer edge. The merry-go-round is turning essentially without

    asked by Jordan

    Week 3 Application: Case Scenario Capital Improvement Plan Background Every two years, the city prepares a capital improvement plan (CIP), which forecasts capital improvement needs, revenues, and expenditures. This year you have been asked to submit

    asked by EILEEN
  86. 8th grade algebra: radicals

    please help me solve these 1. 2√5/8 + 4√3/8 - 1/2√68 2. √4k-5 +1=8 (the radical sign goes over 4k-5) 3. (x+4)*2 /3 =8 4. Write the value of the discriminant of each equation. Then use it to decide how many different real-number roots the equation

    asked by jenna
  87. Algebra

    Train A is traveling at 100 mph and train B is traveling at 104 mph. Train A passes a station at 12:15 p.m. If train B passes the same station at 12:45 p.m., at what time will train B catch up to train A? HELP please I am drawing a complete balank at

    asked by Math
  88. Math

    I know that I have to use log to solve, but I am having a hard time with the word problems. Please help Coffee is best enjoyed at a temperature of 121° F. A restaurant owner wants to discover the temperature T at which he should serve his coffee so that

    asked by allison
  89. Spanish

    39. Mi padre le compró a mi madre algo ______: una pulsera muy bonita con su nombre. a. encantada b. fascinante c. divertida d. personal I understand the meaning of this but I don't really get which option would work.. 40. Muchos ______ fueron al baile.

    asked by mysterychicken
  90. child care

    which of the following is the primary function of certification?

    asked by katherine
  91. English

    In the book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck, Why does steinbeck describe Lennie in animalistic terms?

    asked by Sean Micheals
  92. Chemistry

    A quantity of sulfuric acid is added to 100. mL of water. The final volume of the solution is 111 mL and has a density of 1.14 g/mL. What mass of acid was added? Assume the density of the water is 1.00 g/mL.

    asked by john
  93. Spanish

    46. ¿Ves a Eduardo? ¿Quién es la joven con quien _____? a. están jugando tenis b. está hablando c. estás pasándolo bien d. estoy bailando B? 47. "Mama, quiero saber qué me dan tú y papa." "Yo, _____ unos aretes de Mexico; el regalo de papa va a

    asked by mysterychicken
  94. Biology

    What is combined in the chloroplast to make glucose?

    asked by Sean Micheals
  95. Abstract Algebra

    Let ø: G--> G' be a homomorphism from the group G to the group G'. Prove that ø(a)= ø(b) if and only if ab^-1 exists in Ker(ø).

    asked by Molly
  96. Algebra 2

    Since sound is generated by vibrations and travels in waves it can be modeled by trigonometric functions. When an object vibrates twice as fast, it produces a sound with a pitch one octave higher than before. Amplitude is associated with loudness. Suppose

    asked by Don't wanna get caught!
  97. arithmetic

    Write the nth term of the following sequence in terms of the first term of the sequence. 10, 20, 40, . . .

    asked by tyler
  98. calculus

    Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y. Draw a typical approximating rectangle and label its height and width. y=4+ sq. root of (x), y=(8+x)/2

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Science

    Hi Just want to know if water from a 20mm Polyethylene pipe under pressure of 3 bars passes to a 25mm polyethylene will cause a slight increase in volume output with a little drop in pressure? If yes then to obtain this benefit , up to whay size can we go

    asked by Sudesh CANDEN
  100. computer question

    The project that I have is on chaper 6 on my text book which is the "Application Software" which includes the Software Ownership rights for the Commercial Software, Shareware, Freeware, Public domain software. I have to discuss the Ethical or Legal

    asked by erianne
  101. heart

    What causes the heart to move? Is that movement called a beat?

    asked by tony
  102. Algebra

    Which digit will appear in the 534th place after the decimal point in the decimal representation of 5/13?

    asked by Joe
  103. computer question

    let me change my question let me state is this way...what are the ethics or legal impacts of the application software...

    asked by erianne
  104. Algebra

    Peter painted 1/3 of a room while Joe painted 2/5 of the same room. It then took Peter 1 hour, 40 minutes to finish painting the remainder of the room by himself. In how many hours could Peter have painted the entire room by himself? Express answer as a

    asked by Jason
  105. Algebra

    The numbers a and b are consecutive positive integers, and a < square root 200 < b. What is the value of the product ab?

    asked by Loren
  106. To haseeb

    I have removed your post because you included your email address, which is not a very good idea on the Internet. In addition, we tutor on these message boards; we do not do anything via email. That's another safety thing. I don't know if any of our tutors

    asked by Writeacher
  107. Physics

    A scuba diver takes a tank of air on a deep dive. The tank's volume is 10 L and it is completely filled with air at an absolute pressure of 224 atm at the start of the dive. The air temperature at the surface is 92 F and the diver ends up in deep water at

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Physic

    If 0.045 kg of ice at 0 C is added to 0.390 kg of water at 34 C in a 0.150 kg aluminum calorimeter cup, what is the final temperature of the water? Please help!

    asked by Anonymous
  109. EDU230

    Why is classroom management a critical focus of effective instruction?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Life orientation

    I hv chosen de disease as question sys in 10-15 lines criticaly discus 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on de comunity

    asked by Hafeni kalushu
  111. english

    !@#$%^& to diagram the white cat sleeps quietly

    asked by joe
  112. psychology

    please help Create an example for each of the four terms as it applies.

    asked by Alex
  113. Finite Math

    Find the effective rate of interest corresponding to a nominal rate of 6%/year compounded annually, semiannually, quarterly, and monthly. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)

    asked by Dee
  114. Basic Marketing

    A large number of forces shape the marketing environment. The technological environment is one of the most important today. Discuss the impact of technology on marketing including, the opportunities, challenges and ethical issues technology poses for

    asked by Brad
  115. marketing

    Some firms are too production-oriented and inefficient. That can result in customers who are not satisfied and micro-marketing that can cost too much. Identify and explain at least three reasons for these marketing inefficiencies.

    asked by Brad
  116. precalc

    I am really struggling with a bunch of problems. Any help with any of the following would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 1. ln e^(ln x) - ln(x - 3) = ln 8 2.3e^(6x - 2) = 18 The word problems, especially, are killing me. 3. In the formula A = Iekt, A is

    asked by allison
  117. Math.

    1. 1/2(y-2)+2=3/8(3y-4) 2. Is 4 a solution? 3. Describe the process for finding out whether 4 is a solution to this equation.

    asked by Unknown.
  118. UNCP

    Please Explain why small effect size occurs in nursing studies?

    asked by Taylor
  119. math

    Help!! how do you make two numbers with decimals into compatible numbers in order to divide them???

    asked by jordann
  120. English

    Choose the sentence with the grammatical error below. Answer A In his autobiography, Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., who in 1970 retired from the Air Force as a three-star general, describes his efforts to gain professional recognition for himself and for other

    asked by Jen
  121. English

    Choose the sentence with the grammatical error below. Answer A Seeking food in the rain-forest canopy, common marmosets often live in proximity to spider monkeys, which are ground-dwellers. B A consummate craftsperson, the lace doilies are made with more

    asked by Jen
  122. Math

    fernando's soccer team played a good season. Finishing with 16 wins and 4 losses. Ties are not allowed. If winning or losing a game was equally likely, what is the probability that fernando's team ended up with this record? My Answer: C(20,16)(.5)^16(.5)^4

    asked by ann
  123. Chem, Oxidation

    Complete and balance the following half-reactions. In each case indicate whether the half-reaction is an oxidation or reduction. (Use the lowest possible coefficients. Include states-of-matter under SATP conditions in your answer.) OH ‾(aq) ¨ O2(g) I

    asked by Thanh
  124. medical billing

    reimbursement methodologies

    asked by jan
  125. reimbursement methodologies

    if an enrollee uses more services than originally assumed per the PPPM calculation then the plan would?

    asked by jan
  126. Grammar

    Write one sentence that includes a city and state in the united states and the name of a college or university. Edison University is located in Piqua Ohio.

    asked by Angelina
  127. Grammar

    Write two sentences that use a colon correctly. Make sure the two uses are different from each other. 1. Brianna can only think of one thing: winning the game. 2. I only like certain vegetables: peas, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower.

    asked by Angelina
  128. Grammar

    Write three sentences that use an apostrophe correctly. One sentence must use an apostrophe with a plural noun that ends in "s". The other two sentences must use the apostrophe in two different ways. 1. Tom’s room is unorganized. 2. I believe

    asked by Angelina
  129. Grammar

    Find seven different sentences that correctly use a comma in seven different ways. Following each sentence, write the comma rule that is demonstrated. 1. It's very likely, particularly if your child is named Isabella, Jacob, or even Maci. (Commas between

    asked by Angelina
  130. Math

    Can someone please help with these equations?!? 1.8k=6k-26 2.5/8a+6=3/4a 3.1/4n+10=2/3n 4. 20-1/5d=3/10d+16

    asked by Sharon
  131. Algebra II

    Hyperbolas: Could someone please tell me how to determine if the following indicate the foci are on the x-axis or the y-axis? x^2/4 -y^2/16 = 1 x^2/49 - y^2/9 = 1 x^2/36 - y^2/16 = 1 please explain how to set the equations up thank you

    asked by Jed

    Suppose you currently earn 30,000 a year. you are considering a job that will increase your lifetime earnings by 300,000 but that requires an MBA. The job will mean also attending business school for two years at an annual cost of 25,000. you already have

    asked by LANINA
  133. Math

    what is the answer to 3.2m+1.2=4.56?

    asked by Ashaunti
  134. Alg. 2

    determine if equation represent ellipse or hyperbolas. Example 4x^2 = 5y^2 + 6

    asked by Carol