Questions Asked on
May 4, 2011

  1. math

    rewrite the series in sigma notation 4+16+64+...+256+1024

    asked by jesus gonzalez
  2. science

    calculate the momentum of 2.5 kg puppy that is running with a velocity of 4.8 m/s south

    asked by Jeffery
  3. Chemistry

    How many liters of Chlorine at STP will react with 35L of 02 at STP given the following reaction? 2Cl2(g) + 7O2(g) - 2Cl2O7(l)

    asked by Nan
  4. chemistry

    a patient receives 250 mL of a 4.0% (m/v) amino acid solution twice a day. a) how many grams of amino acids are in 250mL of solution? b) how many grams of amino acids does the patient receive in one day? For a) I came up w/10g and for b) I came up w/ 20g

    asked by Connie
  5. Pre-Algebra

    1. Determine which set of three numbers could represent the sides of a right triangle. a. 9, 41, 41 b. 9, 40, 41 c. 8, 41, 40 d. 10, 40, 42 is the answer b? 2. Determine which set of three numbers could not represent the sides of a right triangle. a. 3, 4,

    asked by Cheryl
  6. Physics

    A simple pendulum suspended in a rocket ship has a period To. Assume that the rocket ship is near the earth in a uniform gravitational field. Determine for each of the following statements whether it is correct or incorrect. If the length of the pendulum

    asked by Joan
  7. investing

    You have a $ 2 million portfolio consisting of $100,000 investment in each of 20 different stocks. The portfolio has a beta of 1.1. You are considering selling $100,000 worth one stock with a beta of 0.9 and using the proceeds to purchase another stock

    asked by Kristy
  8. chemistry

    How many joules are required to convert 16.5 g of ice at 0.0°C to liquid water at 32.0°C? The heat of fusion of water is 334 J/g.

    asked by Cheryl
  9. Math

    The distance a spring stretches is directly proportional to the force applied to the spring. A 4-lb weight stretches a spring 20 in. A 16-lb weight stretches a spring 26 in. Find the length of the spring with no weight attached.

    asked by Chase
  10. precalculus

    A Ferris wheel has a radius of 35 feet, and is rotating at 5 revolutions per minute. Find the linear speed, in feet per minute, of a seat on the Ferris wheel.

    asked by amanda
  11. algebra

    The height above the ground of a ball thrown up with a velocity of 96 feet per second from a height of 6 feet is 6+96t-16^2 feet, where t is the time in seconds. According to this model, how high is the ball after 7 seconds? Explain (Thank you in advance!

    asked by Matthew
  12. chemistry

    1) If a total of 13.5 mol NaHCO3 and 4.5 mol of C6H8O7 react, how many moles of COs and NA3C6H5O7 will be produced? 3NaHCO3(aq) +C6H8O7(aq) -> 3CO2(g) + 3H2O(s) + Na3C6H5O7(aq) 2) If 8,00 mol of NH3 reacted with 14.0 mol of O2, how many moles of H20 will

    asked by shaquifa
  13. physics

    If 1200 cal of heat are added to 50 g of water initially at a temperature of 15 oC, what is the final temperature of the water?

    asked by mike
  14. english

    Write a sentence containing a gerund; CAPITALIZE the gerund. Then, tell how the gerund is used (subject, direct object, subject complement, object of preposition, indirect object). please help me start off or explain how to do this i don't get it at all

    asked by Alisia
  15. chemistry

    A student needed to make 200 ml of 0.1 M naOH. If the stock soluton was 0.75 M, how much of the stock solution and how much wter would be needed to make this solution?

    asked by Amy
  16. Chemistry

    "Arsenic acid (H3AsO4) is a triprotic acid with Ka1 = 5 10-3, Ka2 = 8 10-8, and Ka3 = 6 10-10. Calculate [H+], [OH ‾ ], [H3AsO4], [H2AsO4‾ ], [HAsO42 ‾ ], and [AsO43 ‾ ] in a 0.14 M arsenic acid solution." Okay, so far, using successive

    asked by Clur
  17. business law

    Goods versus Services. Fred and Zuma Palermo contacted Colorado Carpet Installation, Inc., for a price quotation on providing and installing new carpeting and tiling in their home. In response, Colorado Carpet submitted a written proposal to provide and

    asked by nada
  18. Chemistry

    How many moles of O2 are present in 67.2 L of O2 gas at STP?

    asked by Curlyqty
  19. Chemistry

    If 72.4 kJ of heat is applied to a 95.2 g block of metal, the temperature of the metal increases by 10.7 C. Calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal in J/g C?

    asked by Mystery Mania
  20. Life orientation

    Identify one evironmental or human factor that causes ill health, accidents and disasters in south africa? *in 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts in south africa.

    asked by kabelo
  21. chemistry

    A 10.0-mL sample of vinegar, which is an aqueous solution of acetic acid, CH3COOH, requires 16.5 XML of a 0.500M NaOH solution to reach the endpoint in a titration (where the moles of acid are equal to the moles of base). What is the molarity of the acetic

    asked by Zarion Gibbs
  22. social studies

    what landform dominates much of Latin America , especially South AMerica?

    asked by t
  23. chemistry

    a 1.04 l sample of gas at 759 mm hg pressure is expanded until its volume is 2.24 l. what is the pressure in the expanded gas sample at constant temperature

    asked by freddy
  24. Physics

    A cylindrical diving bell 4.0m tall, with an open bottom, is lowered to the bottom of a lake on a day when atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa. It is observed that water rises inside the bell to within 1.0m of the top. A)What is the pressure of the air trapped

    asked by Devon
  25. Integrated Physics and Chemistry

    In a four-stroke internal combustion engine, the gas vapor/air mixture is pressurized during the ____ stroke. compression power intake exhaust

    asked by jesssssss
  26. Statistics

    Volume 3 1 Abstract Medication errors are a significant issue affecting patient safety and costs in hospitals often posing dangerous consequences for patients. It is important to understand that an analysis of medication errors can help healthcare

    asked by Kat
  27. chemistry

    what is the reagent responsible for the formation of hydrogen sulfide?

    asked by jane
  28. MATH :)

    3. In Biology, it is found that the bacteria in a certain culture double every half-hour. If the initial number of bacteria in culture is 1000, A. Find the defining equation for the number N of bacteria in culture after T hours, assuming that no bacteria

  29. math

    There are 4 seats in each row of a bus except the last row, which has 5 seats. The total number of seats can be written as 5 + r x 4. Determine the number of seats in a bus for each value of r.

    asked by jack
  30. career development

    I am trying to write a personal mission statement for a medical assistant. for a careeer development class. Can you help me write one.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. probability

    probability of removing 13 cards from a deck and having them all be red

    asked by JAK
  32. precalculus

    Find an angle between o and 2pi that is coterminal with the given angle -8pi/3: 71pi/2: 11pi/7:

    asked by katrina
  33. math

    What unit of measurement would be used to measure around a playground and why? I think either yards or feet. Leaning toward yards but don't know why, please help. Or feet because of greater distance --I rally don't know. Help please!

    asked by Leigha
  34. geometry

    Jackson is creating a water garden surrounded by a triangular patch of grass. If the pond will take up the space indicated by the circle, how many square feet of sod will he need to complete the garden (use 3.14 for and round your answer up to the next

    asked by jay
  35. math

    Alice is in a carpool with Sid, Raymond and Lucy. Sid will only sit beside his wife. Lucy won't sit in the front seat if her husband drives. Alice never sits in the front. The car seats only 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Who drives on Tuesday?

    asked by Jody
  36. business math- check my answers please

    A share of perpetual preferred stock pays an annual dividend of $6 per share. If the investors require a 12% rate of return, what should be the price of this preferred stock? a. $57.25, b. $50.00, c. $62.38, $46.75, e. $41.64. I chose b. $50 because $50 x

    asked by Melly
  37. Physics

    Three charges are arranged in an equilateral triangle with sides of 4 cm. The coordinates and corresponding charge values are as follows: +4q at (-2,0); +2q at (2,0); -q at (0,3.464). The elementary charge of an electron is given by q = -1.602 x 10^-19 C.

    asked by Jonny
  38. english

    Write a sentence containing a gerund; CAPITALIZE the gerund. Then, tell how the gerund is used (subject, direct object, subject complement, object of preposition, indirect object). please help me start off or explain how to do this i don't get it at all

    asked by Alisia
  39. chemistry

    Which of the following are properties of basic solutions? a.They turn the dye litmus red. b.They taste sour. c.They feel slippery. d.They react with active metals to produce hydrogen gas.

    asked by candy
  40. Math simple question

    angles 1 and 2 are adjacent angles on a line. What is the sum of the measures of the angles? a.30 b.60 c.90 d. 180 I think the answer is b.

    asked by Allen
  41. Chemistry 12

    Is O2(g) O2(aq) an endothermic/exothermic reaction, and why?

    asked by JM
  42. Accounting

    Greenwood Corporation has paid 60 consecutive quarterly cash dividends (15 years). The last 6 months have been a real cash drain on the company, however, as profit margins have been greatly narrowed by increasing competition. With a cash balance sufficient

    asked by Silki
  43. Physics

    If 7.00hp are required to drive a 1500-kg automobile at 66.0 km/h on a level road. What power is necessary to drive the car at 66.0 km/h down a 1.00 % grade? It requires 42.9 hp to drive the car at 66.0 km/h up a 10.0 % grade (a hill rising 10.0 m

    asked by Allison
  44. physics

    what is the diameter if a 1.00m tungsten wire whose resistence is 0.22 ohms?

    asked by kar
  45. business finance

    if the break-even point in dollar sales for a company is $360,000 and the company's contribution margin ratio is 30% and the company expects a profit of $84,000, what would the sales have to total?

    asked by Missy
  46. psychology

    please check my answers...and help me if i got wrong Thanks According to social psychology, what terms are being described in the situations below? Social Facilitation Social Loafing Group Think Deindividuation 1-The newscaster reported that a vehicle

    asked by Alex
  47. physics

    what is the magnitude and direction of the electric field 20.0 cm cm directly above an isolated 33.0 10 neg6 c charge?

    asked by kar
  48. math

    For the numbers from 100 through 199, how many have different digits in increasing order?

    asked by Jody
  49. math

    Katie converts the outside temperature from degrees fahrenheit, f, to degrees celsius, c. She uses the formula below to convert the temperature. (F-32)5/9=c if the outside temperature is 50 degrees fahrenheit, what is the outside temperature in degrees

    asked by natalie
  50. Math

    A boat moves 7 kilometers upstream in the same amount of time it moves 17 kilometers downstream. If the rate of the current is 9 kilometers per hour, find the rate of the boat in still water.

    asked by Andrew
  51. Algebra

    Solve. Please show the algebraic inequality you used and show all of your work. Stephanie has the following scores on her algebra tests: 85, 92, and 71. What score must she earn on her fourth test in order to have an average of 80 or above?

    asked by Geena
  52. physics

    How many mL of orange juice would be required to get the recommended daily allowance of 60 mg of vitamin C? (Concentration of vitamin C is .011 moles/L in 5.0 mL of juice).

    asked by Seth
  53. math

    A farmer has 200 acres of land suitable for cultivating crops A, B and C. The cost per acre of cultivating crop A, crop B and crop C is $40, $60 and $80, respectively. The farmer has $12,600 available for land cultivation. Each acre of crop A requires 20

    asked by TALOFA
  54. HW Entropy Question

    Sodium carbonate can be made by heating sodium bicarbonate: 2NaHCO3(s) ¨ Na2CO3(s) + CO2(g) + H2O(g) Given that ƒ¢H‹ = 128.9 kJ/mol and ƒ¢G‹ = 33.1 kJ/mol at 25‹C, above what minimum temperature will the reaction become spontaneous under

    asked by Nicole
  55. chemistry

    A solution made from 19.0 g of NaBr and 500 mL of water has what molarity?

    asked by Cindi
  56. maths

    A piece of wire when bent in the form of square encloses an area of 484cm if the same wire is bent in the form of circle area enclosed by it would be

    asked by aditi
  57. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation

    asked by crystal
  58. Career developement

    mission statement for medical assistant

    asked by Anonymous
  59. physics

    A massless spring with spring constant 16.7 N/m hangs vertically. A body of mass 0.220 kg is attached to its free end and then released. Assume that the spring was unstretched before the body was released. How far below the initial position does the body

    asked by Joan
  60. geometry

    in angle DEF, DF equals 16 and F equals 26. Find FE to the nearest tenth.

    asked by gage
  61. chemistry

    If Na has a mass of 23, and Cl a mass of 35, how many grams of NaCl are added to water to make one liter of a 3M solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. science

    a crane does 62,500. J of work lifting a 120.-N backpack? a. How high did you lift the backpack? b. How much did the backpack weigh in pounds? (Hint: There are 4.448 N in one pound.)

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Chemistry

    Neutrons are more effective than protons or alpha particles for bombarding atomic nuclei. Why?

    asked by Christina
  64. math

    Renee must solve the equation 4x+12=6x. If she subtracts 4x from the left side of the equation, what should renee write on the right side of the equation?

    asked by natalie
  65. math

    a basketball player makes her foul shots 1/3 of the time on average P(makes next two foul shots)

    asked by crystal
  66. math

    carol wants to earn at least $150.00 for her charity while running in a race. she will earn $20.00 for participating plus $7.00 for each mile she runs. if m represents the number of miles shre runs, which inequality represents the money carol wants to

    asked by natalie
  67. Math

    If an object is rotated clockwise 130° around a center and then counterclockwise 75° around the same center, what is the angle between the original image and second image?

    asked by Landon
  68. Geography

    You want to eventually own a ranch of several thousand acres and raise 20,000 head of cattle. You are considering establishing the ranch in Haiti. Would you likely be able to buy enough land for your ranch? Explain your answer.

    asked by Janice
  69. calculus

    Suppose y is defined implicitly as a function of x by x^2+Axy^2+By^3=1 where A and B are constants to be determined. Given that this curve passes through the point (3,2) and that its tangent at this point has slope -1, find A and B.

    asked by chelsea
  70. The Metis

    They were natives, and most of these native women got married to fur traders that worked for the NWC, as the NWC thought the loyalty of the Natives for them would increase, and the Natives thought it would be an advantage towards their living as well.

    asked by Anonymous
  71. chemisry

    8. Write the structural formula of organic product that would result from the reaction: CH3—CH=CH2 + H2O->.

    asked by cindy
  72. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1) The story is told by a third-person narrator. Eveline’s point of view is adopted throughout the story. The narrator opens in medias res and employs free indirect thoughts. 2) Eveline appears

    asked by Henry1
  73. Science

    If one object on the moon weighs 42 pounds how much would it way on earth? Why?

    asked by Joseph
  74. Statistics

    Suppose the mean height of a population is 65 inches with a standard deviation of 1.5 inches. What is the z value for a height (x) of 67 inches?

    asked by Erik
  75. statistics

    Government Data assign a single cause for each death that occurs in the United States. The data shoe that the probability is 0.27 that a randomly chosen death was due to heart disease, and 0.23 that is was due to cancer. What is the probability that the

    asked by Alice
  76. Physics

    Halley’s comet orbits the Sun with a period of 76.2 years. a) Find the semi-major axis of the orbit of Halley’s comet in astronomical units (1 AU is equal to the semi-major axis of the Earth’s orbit).

    asked by Reese
  77. physics

    A wagon is being pulled with the handle of wagon that makes a 29 degree angle with the ground. A force of 33 Newtons is extended along the handle. What are the horizontal and vertical components?

    asked by nick
  78. math

    jordon has $608 in his savings account. He withdraws 15% of the money to pay for school clothes. which is the best estimate for the amount of money jordon withdraws?

    asked by natalie
  79. Chemistry

    What is the theoretical yield of PbI2 with 25.0 g of Pb(NO3)2?

    asked by Taylor
  80. Physics

    A fish at a pressure of 1.1 atm has its swim bladder inflated to an initial volume of 8.16 mL. If the fish starts swimming horizontally, its temperature increases from 20.0 degrees Celsius to 22.0 degress Celcius as a result of exertion. A)Since the fish

    asked by Devon
  81. Geography

    You need to open a new clothing factory to keep up with the demand for your clothing in the United States. You have looked into building the factory in Trinidad and Tobago. Would your factory likely be able to find enough workers? Explain your answer.

    asked by Naomi
  82. physics

    The summit of a mountain, 2550 above base camp, is measured on a map to be 4880 horizontally from the camp in a direction 35.4 west of north. Choose the axis east, axis north, and axis up.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. 8th grade math

    If the sum of 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + ... + 49! + 50! is divided by 15, what is the remainder?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. calculus

    Evaulate ∫5sinx+cos(5x)dx

    asked by chelsea
  85. maths

    Q1) Find area of the triangle ABC where AB=c, AC=b and BC=a. When a=b=c=12m

    asked by jenny
  86. geometry 2

    Xenia is ordering a cake for her friend’s wedding. She knows that there will be 110 guests at the wedding, and she is trying to decide how large a cake to order. She has been told that each guest should get a piece of cake that is 4 inches by 4 inches.

    asked by me
  87. chemistry

    freezing point and boiling point of 12g or glucose in 50g of water

    asked by dp
  88. Business Law

    David Faria orally agress to sell his house in Cleveland, Ohio, to Marie Ellis for $95,000. Ellis immediately sells her house in Nevada, gives up her job, and moves her belongings to Cleveland. Faria refuses to sell Ellis the house. 1. Would this sale deal

    asked by Sarah
  89. Math

    Two rectangles are similar and the ratio of their sides is 1: 4. Find the ratio of their perimeters??? Find the ratio of their areas??? How do I do this?

    asked by Kat
  90. math

    using only whole numbers, how can you draw three rectangles with a perimeter of 12 units?

    asked by ann
  91. Microeconomics

    I'm just confused about this one concept. My lecture notes say the following: Markets for goods + services: - firms sell - households buy Markets for Factors of Production: - Households sell - Firms buy I don't understand the "factors of production". What

    asked by Lena
  92. chemistry

    a)what is the name and molecular formula of the reagent responsible for the formation of the nickel complex ions? b)What is the color of this complexation?

    asked by kat
  93. maths (mensuration)

    The area of an equilatoral triangle ABC is 50cm^2 . Find AB.

    asked by jenny
  94. math

    At approximately what rate would you have to invest a lump-sum amount today if you need the amount to triple in six years, assuming interest is compounded annually?

    asked by Casey
  95. CHEM

    An atom at the face of a unit cell is shared by how many unit cells? 1 2 4 6 8

    asked by Hannah
  96. 8th grade math

    The two boxes are similar rectangular prisms. what is the height of box B. I figured out the volume of the smaller box first now what do I do?

    asked by debbie
  97. Math

    The square root of 27b^11 Can someone explain to me how to solve this?

    asked by Please Help
  98. math

    In solving the equation (x + 4)(x – 7) = -18, Eric stated that the solution would be x + 4 = -18 => x = -22 or (x – 7) = -18 => x = -11 However, at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back into the original equation. Why is

    asked by carol
  99. physics

    TRIAL 1 A. ) Bag A + 6 stones Mass (kg) - 0.037 kg Mass of weight hanger + slotted weights - 210 g/ 0.21kg Tension 1 (N) - ?? Acceleration (m/s2) - ?? B. ) Bag B + 4 stones Mass (kg) - 0.08 Mass of weight hanger + slotted weights - 210 g/ 0.21kg Tension 1

    asked by nik
  100. English

    Hello, i'm writing an essay about how truth should be told because it will help materialize solutions to problems and difficulties, etc. Can you please help me start my introduction? I want to start it really interestingly but nothing really comes in

    asked by Kat
  101. FRENCH-Sentences

    1. Nous sommes arrivés à un champ où nous avons joué le jeux de golf. 2. Nous sommes allés à restaurant et nous avons mangé chinois nourriture. 3. Nous sommes allés au zoo et nous avons nourri des animaux. 4. J'ai fait un gâteau pour ma cousine et

    asked by Sydney
  102. american government

    What is the difference between civil liberties and natural rights?

    asked by q
  103. Math

    An environmental survey contained a question asking what respondents thought was the major cause of air pollution in this country, giving the choices “automobiles,” “factories,” and “incinerators.” Two versions of the test, A and B, were used.

    asked by Traxx
  104. chemistry

    The compound X2C is a very hard substance commonly used to coat metal cutting tools to make them sharper and more resilient. Carbon represents 3.2% of the compound. what is the element represented by X.

    asked by Anonymous
  105. algebra

    The sum of the squares of two consecutive odd integers decreased by the product of the integers is the same as sixty-seven.

    asked by zainab
  106. Physics

    A fossil-fuel power plant that generates 1000MW of electrical power discharges 1600MJ per second as waste heat into the river. A)At what rate(in MW) is thermal energy obtained fromt the burning of coal? B)What is the thermal efficiency(power output/heat

    asked by Devon
  107. Geometry

    A gallon of paint costs $20 and covers 465 square feet. Three coats of paint are recommended for even coverage. The room to be painted is 12 feet high, 20 feet long, and 20 feet wide. How many gallons are needed to paint the walls?

    asked by Need Help
  108. Physics

    The astronomical unit (AU, equal to the mean radius of the Earth’s orbit) is 1.4960E11 m, and a year is 3.1557E7 s. Newton’s gravitational constant is G=6.6743E-11 m^3kg^-1s^-2. Calculate the mass of the Sun in kilograms. (Recalling or looking up the

    asked by Roberto
  109. Government

    How does the great compromise demonstrate the need for a balance of representation among the states?

    asked by Sarah
  110. grammar

    How do you write 1234.567 in English word form?

    asked by Daniel

    A particle P of mass m=1 moves on the x-axis under the force field F=36/(x^3) - 9/(x^2) (x>0). Show that there is a single equilibrium position for P and that it is stable. Find the period of small oscillations about this point.

    asked by Dwayne
  112. dav

    determine the concentrated of mohrs salt solution with the help of supplied n/10 kmno4 solution preparred?

    asked by rohit
  113. English

    Could you please check these sentences, please? Thank you. 1) It is evening and the action takes place in Eveline’s living room. Darkness and dust characterize the room. 2)In the past Eveline and the other children used to play and shelter by vigilance

    asked by Henry1
  114. Algebra 2

    The first term in an arithmetic series is 7 and the 17th is 49. What is the 20th term?

    asked by Abbie
  115. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? I'm unsure about the word choice. 1)Joyce's "Dubliners" all the characters experience a sense of stagnation (paralyses) due to various reasons and are unable to break the chains that bind them. 2) Their

    asked by Henry1
  116. Chemistry--Solids

    Silicon carbide forms which type of solid? molecular network ion-ion metallic THANKS!

    asked by Amanda
  117. Statistics

    Suppose that heights of newborns are bell shaped with a mean of 6.8 pounds and a standard deviation of 1.3 pounds. What percentage of weights are: a) Below 6.8 lbs.? b) Above 8.3 lbs.?

    asked by Erik
  118. economics

    why is it difficulty to identify the turning points in economic activity until months after they occur?

    asked by jabir
  119. Math

    The square root of 27b 11 squared ( square root 27^11)

    asked by megan
  120. Chemestry

    HELP!!!!!!A solution made from 19.0 g of Na Br and 500 ml of water has what molarity?

    asked by Cindi
  121. chemistary

    Explain the words element compound and mixture. Identify which substances ara element compound and mixture

    asked by brad
  122. Stats

    A certian company enjoyed 3.5% profits in year 1 over its revenue in Year 0. In Year 2, it enjoyed 5.75% profits over Year 1. In Year 3, it posted 1.25% profits over Year 2. What single, constant profit over this period of years would have produced the

    asked by Anonymous
  123. MATH Please help me

    Male: 60,63,65,70,66,80,85,73,79,80,83,85,81,76, 77,90,91,88,78,92 Females: 62,69,70,72,78,77,79,83,80,88,90,90,98,100, 66,67,65,63,69, 83 Can you hellp me I need to find: A) P value and the Z value of this data with a Alpha Value of 0.05.

    asked by Tom
  124. accounting

    The two accounts used to adjust the uncollectible accounts are. A) Uncollectible Accounts Expense and Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts. B) Accounts Receivable and Uncollectible Accounts Expense. C)Accounts Receivable and Allowance for Uncollectible

    asked by mike
  125. statistics

    A random sample of n= 16 scores is selected from a normal distribution with a mean of u=50 and a standard deviation of q=10. A. what is th probability that the sample mean will have a value between 45 and 55? B. What is the probability that a sample mean

    asked by Zelinka
  126. Algebra 2

    n is 2 given that it is even directions: let n be a randomly selected integer from 1 to 20 find the indicated probability

    asked by Mack
  127. Poetry

    I need to change this poem to an iambic pentameter poem..Please HELP!!!! Love, unconditional, unbreakable, unmistakable . A beating within your heart unstoppable. The realistic magic ever so real, That you cannot explain but only feel. The warmth inside

    asked by Annah
  128. Geometry

    Find the surface area of a cylinder if d = 16 in and h = 5.8 in. Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Need Help
  129. Poetry

    I need a seven long line iambic pentameter poem. PLEASE HELP...I have no idea how to do this and my teacher will fail me. please please help

    asked by Liz
  130. college algrebra

    Find the coordinates of the point of intersection of the graphs of y = x and y = 6

    asked by Ms. Jackson
  131. algebra help

    (-2,2) (4,20) Find the value of x when y is 9.

    asked by kelly
  132. English

    Just a question. Thank you. I want to be sure that the sentence: "Don't talk about me as ancient" is wrong. It should have been formulated this way "don't talk to me as if I were ancient" which, however, is different from: "don't refer to me as ancient"

    asked by Henry1
  133. math

    3 ones, 4tenths, 5 hundredths and 2 tens = ?

    asked by kyle
  134. geometry

    the given distance between the two points (0,2),(x,6),d = sq rt 52

    asked by fakku
  135. english

    The Garden of Love I went to the Garden of Love, And saw what I never had seen; A Chapel was built in the midst, Where I used to play on the green. And the gates of this Chapel were shut And "Thou shalt not," writ over the door; So I turned to the Garden

    asked by Jeanna
  136. English Literature

    Describe Charles Dickens' style of writing. I think includes diction and figures of speech used.

    asked by Barbie
  137. Math (stastiscs)

    Male: 60,63,65,70,66,80,85,73,79,80,83,85,81,76, 77,90,91,88,78,92 Females: 62,69,70,72,78,77,79,83,80,88,90,90,98,100, 66,67,65,63,69, 83 Can you hellp me I need to find: A) P value and the Z value of this data with a Alpha Value of 0.05.

    asked by Tom
  138. AED/205

    I am working on my final for AED/205. The question is "Do students come in to class with a desire to learn or is it the teacher's job to foster a desire to learn?" I feel that when kids are younger they want to learn as they get older maybe not so much,

    asked by Jeanette
  139. Algebra

    Im having a hard time figuring out this problem: Use the function, y=-(x+1)^2 +2, to answer the following parts. Find the y-intercept y=-(0+1)^2 +2 y=-(1)^2 +2 y=-1+2 y=1 is my answer Find the x-intercept 0=-(x+1)^2 +2 0=-((x^2)+(1^2))+2 0=-x^2 - 1 + 2

    asked by Mike
  140. Statistics

    the scores of a standardized test are normally distribution with a mean of 312 and a standard deviation of 68. The bottom 40% of scores are designed 'Need improvement'. What is the cutoff score for those who 'Need improvement'?

    asked by Lauran
  141. MATHS


    asked by JONATHAN
  142. Algebra

    Simplify 8-5/8+1/2*6/9 and 9c^3+7c-(3c^3-12+c) and Use set builder notation: -14x-10(2p-3)=22-7(1-2p)

    asked by Geena
  143. math

    (4a^3 - 7a^2) - (8a^3 + 1a^2) Subtract = 4a^3 - 7a^2-8a^3 - 1a^3 = 4a^3 - 8a^3 - 7a^2 - 1a^2 = (4-8)a^3 - (-7 - 1)a^2 = -4a^3 - 8a^2 Is this correct?

    asked by carol
  144. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation

    asked by crystal
  145. chemistry

    if 5.00g of ethanol is added to 15.0g of water, what is the % concentration of ethanol in water? THANKYOU

    asked by kate
  146. calculus

    f(x) = e^(sin(x))cos(x)

    asked by kate
  147. English

    Thank you very much. I still have to check a few more things. I hope you can chec them. 1) Her personality lies in antithesis to those of her father and her fiancè. 2) She is submissive to her father's authority but at the time she is hard-working and in

    asked by Henry1
  148. economics

    how does the study of economics helps you in decision making in your day to day activities

    asked by kajola
  149. Geometry

    Find the length of the prism if the volume is 565.6 feet. The prism is 4ft in height outside and 7 ft inside.

    asked by Need Help
  150. Chemistry

    @ 20 degrees C is 6g CuSO4 in 25g of H2O saturated or unsaturated? How do I figure this out?

    asked by Curlyqty
  151. English

    Hello. Do you think it's possible to use the phrase "as long as" in the meaning "because", for example: "I can't help him as long as (because) I don't know his problem." Or will it be understood as "while"? Thank you for your help.

    asked by Ilma
  152. algebra

    Im having a hard time figuring out this problem: Use the function, y=-(x+1)^2 +2, to answer the following parts. Find the y-intercept y=-(0+1)^2 +2 y=-(1)^2 +2 y=-1+2 y=1 is my answer Find the x-intercept 0=-(x+1)^2 +2 0=-((x^2)+(1^2))+2 0=-x^2 - 1 + 2

    asked by Mike
  153. 2nd Grade Math

    Jordan spent $6.37 on a book and $1.23 on a magazine. How much did he spend all together? First estimate the costs and the totals. _____+______=______ Then use partial sums and solve. _____

    asked by Kelly
  154. geometry

    The distance between (-3,-1) and (3,y) is sq rt45.Find y?

    asked by fakku
  155. english language

    ok when i misread sweet dreams to sweat dreams everyone started laughing... wat does it actually mean? can someone tell me please ;)

    asked by Viola
  156. English

    1.At what time should Jill and Amy's parents pick ___ up after the party? 2.As we approached the house, one of the dogs began to wag ___ tail. 3.Both of the horses jumped over the low fence between ___ coral and the field. 4.If you want to have a dog, you

    asked by Hayley
  157. software

    A computer company gives a discount of 10 % on a new piece of software. If it makes a profit of 7%, what percent does the marked price exceed the cost price?

    asked by Anonymous
  158. physics

    Two equal masses m are place at positions r©û= (L, 2L, 3L) and r©ü= (3L, L ,2L). Calculate the moments of inertia Ix, Iy, Iz of the system with respect to the x, y, and z axes.

    asked by Sandhya
  159. math

    Find the foci for the equation of an ellipse: 2x^2 + 8x + y^2 + 4 = 0

    asked by MATHLETE
  160. Finance

    Cash flows will be $27.7 million, all coming at the end of one year. The land must be returned to its natural state at a cost of $25 million, payable after two years. Compute the IRR for this project. Should the project be accepted if required rate of

    asked by Ruth
  161. math

    if you spin the spinner 00 times will B be spun more times than A?

    asked by roland
  162. Quick Question

    25s+25=-15s How do I go about solving this simple problem??*

    asked by Willy Wonka
  163. probability

    1) A secret admirer has been leaving you roses at the rate of 4/day. What is the probability that, on a given day, you will receive (a) exactly one rose (b) at least one rose? 2) Every student has a 1 in 9 chance of winning a certain prestigious

    asked by Anonymous
  164. English

    Hello. Please help me with the article in the sentence: "Protesters are accusing (?)the military forces of human rights abuses." Will the situation change if an adjectice is used, for example: "Protesters are accusing (?)the Yemeni military forces of human

    asked by Ilma
  165. english

    can anyone explain what this quote mean? We lose sight of the fact that our digital tools are modeling reality, not substituting for it, and mistake its over-simplified contours for the way things should be. By acknowledging the bias of the digital towards

    asked by ie
  166. math

    Male: 60,63,65,70,66,80,85,73,79,80,83,85,81,76, 77,90,91,88,78,92 Females: 62,69,70,72,78,77,79,83,80,88,90,90,98,100, 66,67,65,63,69, 83 Can you hellp me I need to find: A) P value and the Z value of this data with a Alpha Value of 0.05.

    asked by Tom
  167. algebra

    You have been put in charge of making pizza for the fundraiser. You are told to make the larger pizzas with a radius 3 less than twice the radius of the smaller pizzas. The difference in the area of the pizzas is to 24 pi. Find the radius of the smaller

    asked by zainab
  168. account/check please

    The two accounts used to adjust the uncollectible accounts are. A) Uncollectible Accounts Expense and Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts. B) Accounts Receivable and Uncollectible Accounts Expense. C)Accounts Receivable and Allowance for Uncollectible

    asked by mike
  169. chemistry

    how do I figure out if CO-2 is in a mixture of yeast, sugar and water?

    asked by maggie
  170. Writing/Poem

    Louisiana Swamps, Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds Crawfish, Shrimp, and Lobsters too Singing and Dancing to Jazz and Blues While traveling around on the bayous Taking pictures in front of Louisiana’s Capitols And riding aboard the U.S. Kidd Then going to have

    asked by Moesha
  171. chemistry

    Why is the 6M NaOH solution diluted before titrating the vinegar sample? How might your results be affected if you used the 6M solution rather than the 0.3M NaOH?

    asked by jan
  172. freshman chem

    if 5.00 g of ethanol is added to 15.0g of whater, what is the % concentration of ethanol in water??

    asked by kate
  173. sci 202

    2. A hockey player is skating in a straight line at 1.5 m/s. He then increases his speed to 7 m/s in 3 s. What is his average acceleration during this 3 s?

    asked by sharlene scott
  174. Geography

    You and your partner are considering opening eight new upscale department stores in Nicaragua. Would your stores most likely do well or fail in this region? Explain your answer.

    asked by Clara
  175. math

    Solve using the substitution method. Sh 3x + 24y = 24, 27x – 15y = -15 .

    asked by carol
  176. physics

    My question is in the link below:

    asked by Alex
  177. History

    Do you think there should be some sort of qualification or education/knowledge required for an idea to become a social movement?”

    asked by Sharon
  178. math

    how does a tally chart help you to display data?

    asked by roland
  179. math

    What is the intersection of A and B? a (4,8,12,16) b (8,16,24)

    asked by esther
  180. math

    NVM's preferred stock currently has a market price equal to $80 per share. If the dividend paid on this stock is $6 per share, what is the required rate of return investors would get from NVM preferred stock?

    asked by Casey
  181. English

    I forgot to include these very last sentences. Thank you very much! 1) In the past Eveline and the other children used to play and shelter watchfully against her father. (I can't understand this sentence, can you explain it to me?) 2) She remembers

    asked by Henry1
  182. Psych 230

    What influence does culture have on personality? Do you see a persons reaction to something as separate from social experience or as a result of social experience? Which one of the four positions of the nature of traits do you agree with most and why?

    asked by Helen
  183. Physics

    If mass=100 tones, speed=8kn/s,height above ground=100km. What is the mass in kg?

    asked by Angel
  184. chemistry

    How do I prepare 2 L 0.1 M Hydrochloric acid from 6 M HCl ? Also how do I prepare .05 M NaOH solution from pellets? Thanks

    asked by rosie
  185. Hypergeometirc Distribution

    From a lot of 12 flares, 4 are selected at random. If the lot contains 4 defective flares *flares that will not fire), what is the probability that all 4 will not work? What is the probability that at most 2 will not work?

    asked by Alicia
  186. English

    I left a few sentences out. I'm posting them now. I just would like to know if the word choice is correct. 1)Before her mother died, she had promised (to her) that she would keep the house (the home?) together as long as she could. 2)She is no longer (a)

    asked by Henry1
  187. English

    I'm sending you the ones I need most. Thank you. 4) The sound of the street organ reminds her of the night that her mother died, and how her father had paid a street organ player to move off, and how he had cursed all the foreigners. 5) She sees her

    asked by Henry1
  188. calculus

    ∫sec 2x tan x dx

    asked by kate
  189. Special Education

    Given at least 3 blocks of contrasting colors from the table and guiding 1 hand to hold the block and the other to pick up the block, Shimon will be able to pick up the biggest block with one hand, 4/5 trials. There is something wrong with the above

    asked by Mike
  190. Geometry

    Find the radius and diameter of the base of a cylinder if the surface area is and the height is 17.

    asked by Need Help
  191. Statistics

    Hey everyone! For my Math Class I need a tally of EVERYONE from the ages 10 to 20 to say who there favorite singer is in the below. I need a lot of tallies to get a good grade. Also, This is NOT a DEBATE this is a real assignment for a REAL class. Thanks

    asked by Just :)
  192. Poetry

    I need a seven long line iambic pentameter poem describing something. It can be anything. PLEASE HELP...I have no idea how to do this and my teacher will fail me. please please help

    asked by John
  193. modeling and equation solving

    using a formla to relate variable quantities associated with the phenomena. a pizza place sells rectangular 18" by 24" pizza for the same price as its large round 24" diameter. if both are the same thickness which option gives you the most pizza for the

    asked by anon
  194. math

    h(t) = -9.8t^2-10t + 250

    asked by carol
  195. Math

    Is the square root of x^23 = x^11

    asked by Math
  196. pre algebra

    An area has been reforested. After 5 years , one of the tree is 2 meters tall. After six more years, the same tree is 3.2 meters tall. name 2 ordered pairs that can be used to to graph the information?

    asked by marcus
  197. Social Studies

    Why has Smokey the Bear been popular for so long? What does he try to promote?

    asked by Catherine
  198. Math(Probability)

    Students took n = 35 samples of water from the east basin of Lake Macatawa and measured the amount of sodium in parts per million. For their data, they calculated notation bar x= 24.11 and s^2= 24.44. Find an approximate 90% confidence interval for μ ,

    asked by Alex
  199. English

    Can you please tell me if it is correct? Write five things you have to do when at home and five you don't have to do.

    asked by Henry1
  200. Islam

    One of the important teachings of Islam is to be truthful. It is no doubt relevant when dealing with people/society. However does it apply equally in the realm of our psychology & subsconscious mind? In Psychology,it is a well known fact that one can

    asked by Aisyah
  201. science

    a change in the state of matter caused by a change in heat or pressure

    asked by kathy
  202. physics

    Starting from rest, a 4.4 kg block slides 3.5 m down a rough 22.3o incline in 2.4 seconds. Determine the energy lost due to friction. (Hint: find the final kinetic energy and subtract that from the work done by gravity.) Enter your answer here: J

    asked by em
  203. geometry

    in elliptic geometry prove that the length of the summit of a saccheri quadrilteral is less than the base

    asked by al
  204. Math

    Cities A, B, C and D are equidistant. That is, B is d miles from A, C is d miles from B, and D is d miles from C. Suppose you travel 55 mph from A to B, 40 mph from B to C, and 50 Mph from C to D. What single, constant speed could you have traveled from A

    asked by Anonymous
  205. Math(Probability)

    An environmental survey contained a question asking what respondents thought was the major cause of air pollution in this country, giving the choices “automobiles,” “factories,” and “incinerators.” Two versions of the test, A and B, were used.

    asked by Alex
  206. childhood and family development

    Suppose that a preschool class has twelve students, among whom nine languages are spoken. If you were the teacher of this class, what would be your plan to help the children communicate with you and their classmates? What would you celebrate about this

    asked by tasha
  207. math- check my answer

    An internet investment company advertises that if you invest your money with them at 14%, compounded annually, they guarantee yo double your money sooner than you can imagine. Ignoring taxes, how long would it take to double your money at a simple rate of

    asked by Melly
  208. account/check please

    The two accounts used to adjust the uncollectible accounts are. A) Uncollectible Accounts Expense and Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts. B) Accounts Receivable and Uncollectible Accounts Expense. C)Accounts Receivable and Allowance for Uncollectible

    asked by mike
  209. calculus

    Find or evaluate the following integral. csc^2 3x dx

    asked by jane
  210. algebra

    name 4 positive numbers less than 2

    asked by robyn
  211. math

    so i am in precalculus, we need to graph the !@#$%^&tion using derivatives, maxima, intercepts and concavity. I am having trouble factoring cubics: for example: x^4-4x^3+16x --> x(x^3-4x^2+16)Now what? That is without calculator, how do you find the roots?

    asked by kathy
  212. algebra

    (1,-2) m=3 find the value of y when x is 14

    asked by Anonymous
  213. trig

    angle a is acute and sin = u. find the other five trigonometric functions in the terms of u.

    asked by sheena
  214. Math

    The squared root of a^2b^10

    asked by Please Help
  215. math

    how much interest is earned on a principal of 600 invested at an interest rate of 16% for 1/4 of a year?

    asked by Anonymous
  216. precalc

    find the domain and range of the following as an inequality and interval notation. y=sqrtx-3 2: y=3x+5 3: y= 2/x-7 4; y=2+sqrt x

    asked by anon
  217. constitution

    the police must have a __________ to search a person or his or her property

    asked by kayla
  218. English

    Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1)Is it possible to use -ing after "targeted on": "The programme is targeted on improving..." 2)Which proposition is better (or possible)in the phrase "in/at the resort of Acapulco"? Thank you for all your help.

    asked by Ilma
  219. math

    how can i find a situation to model with an equation?

    asked by Anonymous
  220. probability

    Hello, If mean is say 33 seconds and standard deviation under root of 10.45 then prob of less than 18 seconds results in Z = -4, but the tables for norm distribution don't have 4 in them.. how to get round this problem?

    asked by Akhtar
  221. math

    47 divide by 6

    asked by sammy
  222. math

    Solve 5 divide by 6 plus 1 divide by10

    asked by Ricky
  223. English

    Hello. Please help me with the preposition in the following context: "They have been staying at/in the resort of ..." I think it's "at". Am I right? Thank you for all your help and attention.

    asked by Ilma
  224. English

    Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much. 1)On the first day we started the journey all in the morning from Turin and we spent the whole morning (all the morning?) on the bus. 2) We first stopped in Lucca, where we had (or went

    asked by Henry1
  225. English

    What would you say this line ment: I am the chosen no hand saves?

    asked by Amber
  226. chemistry

    Thanks, How many atoms are in a body-centered cubic unit cell??? a- one b- two c- four d- six e- eight

    asked by Kelsey
  227. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation

    asked by crystal
  228. Linear algebra

    Use the properties of linear operations with vectors to show that for any vector a: -> 0a=0

    asked by Ryan
  229. Rational root theorem


    asked by Chyenne
  230. Algebra 1 help, check please?

    Okay, so the problem is.. x^2+6=13 Would I just subtract the 6 from the thirteen.. So. x^2=7 Divide by 2? I'm kinda stuck from that point

    asked by Allyson
  231. math

    The cost of one burrito,b,and one taco,a, is less than the cost of two burritos. Which inequality represnts this relationship

    asked by natalie
  232. English

    I just wanted to know if all these sentences are possible. Thank you 1) The trip is going to last three days. 2) We are having breakfast and lunch at the hotel. We are free to have dinner where we want (how can I express this if it was part of a programme

    asked by Henry1
  233. geometry

    how to solve y= (x-2)^2+4 4x+2y=14 algebraically

    asked by amber
  234. science , chemistry

    Is lowering of vapour pressure also a colligative property? since mathematically p*a - pa/p*a=xa =>p*a-pa=p*aXa => p*a-pa~xa

    asked by stephen
  235. Algebra

    How do you graph 2 equations and then find the common area on the graph?

    asked by Jo
  236. chemistry

    the volume ratio between the two gases should have been exactly 2:1. What physical property of either gas might explain the difference between the observed ratio (before rounding) and the theoretical value?

    asked by Ashley
  237. calculus

    f(x) = e^(sin(x))cos(x)

    asked by kate
  238. math

    Express in terms of i.-(-496)

    asked by carol
  239. math

    distribute. (8t-3)(t^2+2t+9

    asked by bob
  240. math

    a penny has a mass about 3...

    asked by Anonymous
  241. math (calculus)

    you have 704m of fencing to enclose 3 adjacent plots(not the same size) you must use calculus to fine the dimensions for which the total area is as large as possible. Find the largest possible total area.

    asked by Ryan
  242. MAth

    what is the difference between 16/1 and 1/16 as fractions ?

    asked by Caroline
  243. physics-Moment of Inertia

    Two equal masses m are place at positions r1= (L, 2L, 3L) and r2= (3L, L ,2L). Calculate the moments of inertia Ix, Iy, Iz of the system with respect to the x, y, and z axes.

    asked by Sandhya
  244. English

    can you say informally I will arrive on my mum 's car

    asked by Henry1
  245. calc


    asked by anon