Questions Asked on
April 22, 2011

  1. Physics

    A 100-kg box is suspended from two ropes; the left one makes an angle of 20degrees with the vertical, and the other makes an angle of 40degrees. What is the tension in each rope. I think I've got the basics: I have Fx=T1(x) + T2(x)= 0 to calc the first

    asked by Stephanie
  2. physics

    the tension in the wire is decreased by 19%. The percentage decrease in the frequency will be?

    asked by sagar patil
  3. Algebra

    Graph the line whose x-intercept is -8 and whose y-intercept is -7

    asked by Shay
  4. Chemistry

    A 237 g piece of molybdenum, initially at 100.0°C, is dropped into 244 g of water at 10.0°C. When the system comes to thermal equilibrium, the temperature is 15.3°C. What is the specific heat capacity of molybdenum?

    asked by Lindy
  5. English

    Correct following Sentences: 1. Seeing the barrels, the driver immediately slammed on his brakes. 2. A really well-stocked bookshelf should have classical literature on it as well as important modern works of the current day. 3. China’s enormously huge

    asked by Ruba
  6. MATH

    Ten different letters of an alphabet are given .2 of these letter are followed by two digits are used to number the product of a company .in how many ways product can be numbered? ANS CHOICES ARE 52040 8100 5040 1000 4000

    asked by michele
  7. math

    Luisa and Connor had $360 altogether. after conner gave Luisa 3/5 of his money, she had the same amount of money as he did. how much did conner have in the beginning?

    asked by kaykay
  8. Physics

    A block of mass 5kg is lifted 2m in 3sec. Find the work done.

    asked by Andy
  9. chemistry

    If tums is added to 20.0 mL of 0.400 M HCl solution, how many grams of CO2 gas are produced?

    asked by Starlit
  10. physics

    An ideal monatomic gas initially has a temperature of 338 K and a pressure of 6.96 atm. It is to expand from volume 435 cm3 to volume 1310 cm3. If the expansion is isothermal, what are (a) the final pressure (in atm) and (b) the work done by the gas? If,

    asked by niki
  11. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. x=2y^2 y=1 x=0 about the y-axis

    asked by Loree
  12. Algebra 2

    A rectangular field is to be enclosed by 300 feet of fencing. Find the dimensions of the enclosure that maximizes the area.

    asked by Brandon
  13. Windows 7 operating system

    A business has a kiosk computer located in the lobby for customers to use. The kiosk computer has recently been updated to Windows 7 from Windows XP and is not part of a domain. The local computer policy created for Windows XP has been applied to Windows

    asked by RAM
  14. Chemistry

    1.69 L of an aqueous solution containing 25.00 g of KCl dissolved in pure water is prepared. What is the molarity of the solution?

    asked by Lori
  15. Math

    The surface area of a cube is 384 square inches. What is the volume of the cube???? A. 8 cubic inces B. 16 cubic inches C. 256 cubic inches D. 512 cubic inches

    asked by Sky
  16. physics

    What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 245g block of copper at 285 degrees C is placed in a 145g calorimeter aluminum cup containing 825g of water at 12 C ?

    asked by Mark
  17. chemistry

    How many moles of chloroethylene contain 5.47×10^26 molecules?

    asked by jj
  18. physics

    A glass window pane is exactly 23 cm by 38 cm at 10oC. By how much has its area increased when it temperature is 49oC, assuming that it can expand freely? Take the coefficient of thermal expansion for the glass to be exactly 9 x 10-6/Co

    asked by tony
  19. Math

    Tell whether the quantity is constant or variable. 1. The price per gallon of gasoline. 2. The distance between Chicago and Boston. I need explanation for each also.... Thank you!

    asked by Valerie
  20. Algebra 2

    A farmer wants to enclose 2 adjacent rectangular regions next to a river. No fencing will be used next to the river. 60 meters of fencing will be used. What is the area of the largest region that can be enclosed. I need all of the steps to get to the

    asked by Brandon
  21. Chemistry

    The freezing point of mercury is -38.8°C, is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. What quantity of heat energy, in joules, must be released by mercury if 2.00 mL of mercury is cooled from 23.0°C to -38.8°C and then frozen to a solid? (The

    asked by Lindy
  22. Math

    paint color is made using 4 drops of red and 5 drops of blue for each 5 gallons of paint. How many gallons of paint are being colored when 45 drops of color are used??

    asked by Sky
  23. Math

    Meg's pension plan is an annuity with a guaranteed return of 9% interest per year (compounded semi-annually). She would like to retire with a pension of $70000 per semi-annum for 25 years. If she works 45 years before retiring, how much money must she and

    asked by Mani
  24. calculus

    How many critical points does the function: (x+2)^5 * (x-3)^4 have? How would I solve this quickly? The answer says something about an effect of multiplicity of the zeros of the function?

    asked by Mira
  25. calculus

    verify the following identity cos(x+y) + cos(x-y)=2cosxcosy

    asked by Carol
  26. Algebra

    A lot is in the shape of a right triangle. The shorter leg measures 90 meters. The hypotenuse is 30 meters longer than the length of the longer leg. How long is the longer leg?

    asked by Jennifer
  27. english

    Neither her associates nor the doctor __________ the surgery is necessary. thinks think

    asked by Ashley
  28. Pre-algebra:Check

    1. How many ways can the letters in the word LINEAR be arranged? a. 360 b. 720 c. 120 d. 240 is the answer a?

    asked by Cheryl
  29. Discrete Math

    I was hoping if you could help me to solve this problem. Thank you. A department wants to schedule final exams so that no student has more than one exam on any given day. There are 7 vertices of degrees 3,3,4,4,4,5,6 which show the courses that are being

    asked by yengiang
  30. statistics

    If the ages of colleges students are normally distributed with a mean of 27 years and a standard deviation of 3.4, what is the probability that a sample of 34 students would have an average age of at least 25.6 years

    asked by Michael
  31. Algebra 2

    One hundred feet of fencing is available to make a rectangular dog pen against an existing wall. What are the dimensions of the pen that will yield the maximum area? I need all of the steps to get to the answer.

    asked by Brandon
  32. statistics

    given the group of numbers: 8,9,10,10,10,11,11,11,12,13. which of the following are the same? a)range and mean,b)mode and median, c)standard deviation and mode d)mean and median, e)none

    asked by BV
  33. chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 20 mL of a 13 M stock solution to obtain a 0.560 M solution?

    asked by Kristen
  34. Chemistry

    Delta H Vap (h20)=40.7Kj/mol How much water vaporized with 155Kj/mol?

    asked by Joey
  35. Physics

    A 30-lb weight is attached to one end of a 6-ft uniform beam whose own weight is 20-lb. Where is the balance point of the system? I know the answer is "1.2 ft from the 30-lb weight" but I can't figure out how to get there. Please help. Thanks...

    asked by Stephanie
  36. statistics

    What is the critical value for 0.04, left tailed test? I don't know what to put as the %?! I also don't understand what to look up in the E table for the value of Z?! Thanks

    asked by Jennifer
  37. Math

    What is the probability that x^2+7x+k will factor if k is greater or equal to zero and less than or equal to 20, considering k is an integer. How do I do this?

    asked by Thanh
  38. calculus

    INTEGRATE tan4x with respect to x

    asked by Anonymous
  39. physics

    How much heat in KJ is needed to change 3.0 kg of ice at -10C into (superheated) steam at +150C ? Do I need to find specific heat? (3.0kg)(2100)(150-10)= 882kj right?

    asked by DMITRIC
  40. Science

    i need help with this experimental design.the topic is...what happens to your image that is initially observed in a flat mirror from 10 feet away and then you move further away to 20 feet? But i need to know how do I make up procedures (steps-in outline

    asked by Jessica
  41. Weab base strong acid titration

    NH4OH + H20 =

    asked by Techno
  42. Com 155

    I would appreciate if someone could look at the assignment I have to complete. I have included the rules I am to follow and the paragraph that I have written • Read two of the five paragraphs on the second page of this appendix. Write a brief paragraph

    asked by Debbie
  43. Biology

    I believe that I have answered the following questions correctly, but would like some reassurance. organisms that are used to decontaminate soils may a. store contaminates in their tissues b. release pollutants into the air c. degrade the pollutants d. be

    asked by Paige
  44. English

    Biography of Jack London What were Jack London's ideas of the American Dream? How was his life could be a metaphor for The Call of the Wild? What were the historical events that occur that could impact his writing?

    asked by Misty
  45. MATH

    Whose version of the number zero most closely resembles the number zero used in the US?

    asked by mike...
  46. math

    how can four turns land a figure on itself

    asked by aruna
  47. physics

    With what tension must a rope with length 2.70 and mass 0.150 be stretched for transverse waves of frequency 43.0 to have a wavelength of 0.850 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Algebra

    The town of appleville recorded the following dates and populations. YEAR POPULATION 1985 51.5 1985 53 1990 56 1995 62 Estimate the approximate population of Appleville in 1988 by finding an equation and then substituting. HELP!!!

    asked by Valerie
  49. Algebra

    The town of Appleville recorded the following dates and populations. YEAR POPULATION (in thousands) 1980 51.5 1985 53 1990 56 1995 62 Estimate the approximate population of Appleville in 1988 by finding an equation and then substituting.

    asked by TJ
  50. physics - rotational motion

    A small car of mass, m, is release at height, h, on a steel track. the car rolls down the track and through the loop of radius, R. at the end of the rack, the car rolls off the track, which is positioned at height, H, above the floor. neglect friction and

    asked by Lauren
  51. English

    To Build a Fire by Jack London At what point does the man finally change his attitude? How does the man view the dog? How does the dog view the man? Note: I have read the whole short story.

    asked by Misty
  52. Chemistry

    In the laboratory exercise "Preperation and Properties of Polymers", polyvinyl alcohol is dissolved in water and then reacted with borax (Na2B4O7·10H2O) in water. Which of the following are expected results of this reaction? True or False? 1. Polyvinyl

    asked by Chem
  53. physics

    The temperature of 4.60 mol of an ideal monatomic gas is raised 15.0 K in an adiabatic process. What are (a) the work W done by the gas, (b) the energy transferred as heat Q, (c) the change ΔEint in internal energy of the gas, and (d) the change ΔK in

    asked by niki
  54. Science

    full composition that explains the composition of the earth’s layers

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Algebra 2

    A rain gutter is made by bending up the edges of a piece of metal of width 36 in. If the length of the piece of metal is 24 in., find the height that maximizes the volume. I need all of the steps to get to the answer.

    asked by Brandon
  56. chemistry

    quarters are 91.67% mass/mass copper and 8.33% mass/mass nickel. if the average quarter weighs 5.67 grams, how many atoms of nickel are in a quarter?

    asked by paula
  57. Social Studies

    Can you please explain this(Simple): ( I know what this means, I just don't know how to word it out) "I took right of the cause. I could do but little...I did with a joyful heart, and never felt happier than when in an anti-slavery meeting...But, while

    asked by Anonymous
  58. HCS/490

    What effects will changing population demographics have on health care costs and services? Please discuss three (3).

    asked by Bobbi
  59. Math

    How many ml are there in .032L ?

    asked by Phil
  60. business

    CheckPoint: Calculating Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Break-Even Point for a Program • Calculate the fixed cost, variable costs, and break-even point for the program suggested in Appendix D. • Base your calculations on the financial data for 2002.

    asked by ash
  61. math

    Express all the solutions to the following equations in a + bi form: (a) z^2 +2z+4 = 0 (b) z^3 −8 = 0 [Hint: z^3 −8 = (z−2)(z^2 +2z+4)] (c) 2z+iz = 3−i thank you!

    asked by jane
  62. Algebra 2

    You want to make a rectangular box that is x cm high, (x+5) cm. long and (10-x) cm. wide. What is the greatest volume possible? What will the dimensions of the box be? I need all of the steps to get to the answer.

    asked by Brandon
  63. Math

    Write the answer to the problem as an algebraic expression. (Tell how you got your answer.) 1. Today the Center City baseball team scored 5 runs. The day before yesterday they scored W runs. How many runs did they score in these two days? 2. A theater

    asked by Valerie
  64. English

    I have a few more doubts on the same topic. I really hope you can havea look at these sentences, too. 1)There were (was ?) also a kitchen with a fridge, a shining bathroom and a very large balcony. 2) We spent our time above all (?) eating a lot of special

    asked by Mike1
  65. Math

    Use patterns or a linear equation to complete the table. 11) x y 1 -1 3 3 5 7 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? I don't understand what I'm suppose to do! Please hep and explan well! Thank you!

    asked by Valerie
  66. Windows 7 operating system

    A medium-sized survey company stores sensitive government data that is used as part of a study. A security requirement from the government requires that all sensitive data must remain stored at the company’s head office. All staff and the head office

    asked by RAM
  67. Law

    •Provide a chart showing some of the basic costs of crime, including indirect costs (such as emotional costs) and economic costs. •Discuss the concept of indirect costs of crime. •List at least three indirect costs of crime. These costs can be costs

    asked by Debra
  68. Biochem

    calculate the volumes of 0.10 M acetic acid and 0.20 M sodium acetate that are needed to prepare 48-mL buffer solution with pH = 3.70. Ka for acetic acid is 1.75 x 10-5

    asked by Iris
  69. chem

    a mean = 0.5, and the standard deviation is 1.84*10^-3 ( gassian statistic apply). How many replicated if the standard error of the mean is not excess 0.001%. Please help, thank you so much

    asked by lyn
  70. Calc 3

    How do I integrate rcos2theta dr? and then I have to plug in the limits 1 and 2sin2theta for theta and plug what I get from that into a second integral. Help!

    asked by Samantha
  71. chemistry

    The Kb for butylamine is 5.9x10^-4. What is the Ka for its corresponding conjugate acid, butylammonium? I really need help with this. I have no idea what to do. All I know is the equation to fine "Ka."

    asked by Adam
  72. chemistry

    quarters are 91.67% mass/mass copper and 8.33% mass/mass nickel. if the average quarter weighs 5.67 grams, how many atoms of nickel are in a quarter?

    asked by paula
  73. Statistical reasoning in psychology

    Mouradian (2001)surveyed college students...

    asked by Kimberly
  74. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much 1) My family and I drove from Turin to Pisa. We didn't have an exciting road trip, because we mainly dorve through boring highways. 2) We spent our time having conversations about scool and

    asked by Mike1
  75. MATH

    A polygon has 20 diagonals .how many sites it have? ans 8 BUT HOW DO WE GET IT

    asked by michele
  76. Biology for Kate

    I want back and posted something today...about 3 posts back. Let me collect some of the Biology tests online for you. When I get them, I'll post them after this post. Sra

    asked by SraJMcGin
  77. MATH

    What is the ways that we use negative numbers in the United States?

    asked by mike...
  78. Algebra

    Identify the slope and the y-intercept for y=-4x+5. Thank you!

    asked by Janey
  79. Math

    The area of trapezoid is h( b1+b2)/5, where h is the altitude, and b1 and b2 are the lenghts of the parallel bases. If trapezoid has an altitude of 5 inches, an area of 55 square inches , and one base 12 inches long, what is the lenghth, in inches, of its

    asked by Nena
  80. American history


    asked by Anonymous

    Different ways to say "As you can see..." and "In Conclusion..."

    asked by Anonymous
  82. statistics

    In a city, 20% of the workers have incomes over $40,000 per year. A researcher chooses 1600 workers at random (with replacement) and finds that the mean is 320 and standard deviation is 16. what is the chance that between 320 and 336 of those have incomes

    asked by BV
  83. algebra

    If an obtuse angle measures 130 degrees, what is its reflexive?

    asked by jean
  84. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  85. lab science 9th grade

    what is an easy way to remember the equations used for: kinetic energy, potential energy, work, and power?

    asked by caylanne
  86. math

    planet A has an average surface temperature of -100F. Planet B has an average surface temperature that is 3/2 times of that Planet A. What is the average surface temperature of Planet A?

    asked by carmen
  87. Compliments

    Could you give me links to sites, that have compliments. I don't always want to say to people, wow, you've done such a nice job! I want to say something more sophisticated, please give me links to sites. Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Math

    Solve for y using the multiplication principley/5= -6

    asked by Ria
  89. Finance

    Present value, How do I calculate the present value of: 7,000.00 in 5 years at a quarterly discount rate of 6%? I have read over the material, but I don't get it. Thank you

    asked by Nancy
  90. Social Studies/English

    Can you please different word the thing below:(did is the last one) "I was initiated into this underground business in the county of Ross, in the State of Ohio, in 1843, and continued in the office...until 1855...I experienced many very unpleasant

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Algebra

    translate to algebric express the product of -11 and the difference between d and 6.

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Finance

    A = P+PRT for R R=

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Chemistry

    Difference between ionic radius and atomic radius

    asked by Andy
  94. home economics

    each individual has a budget line in which they follow for expenditures. if the income of the individual increases what is the effect on the budget line?

    asked by amy
  95. U.S. History

    why were American crops such as heat and corn susceptible to insect pests?

    asked by Ace
  96. Algebra 2

    A rectangular box is to be x in. by (12-x) in by (15-x) in. What is the greatest volume possible? What will the dimensions of the box be? I need all of the steps to get to the answer.

    asked by Brandon
  97. Social Studies

    Can you please explain this(Simple): "I took right of the cause. I could do but little...I did with a joyful heart, and never felt happier than when in an anti-slavery meeting...But, while attending an anti-slavery convection at Nantucket, on 11th of

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Socials--no sites!

    What was the orignal idea of boundaries and the problems that have occured because of this? The provincials and territorial boundaries of western canada are so familiar that it is easy to forget how abstract they are. Beofre, Eurpoean settlement, native

    asked by Anonymous
  99. physics

    when the pressure is more on the ground ---- when a man is walking or when a man is standing.

    asked by gaurav
  100. physics

    In LCR series AC circuit when does the effective voltage lag behind the current?

    asked by mm
  101. Calculus

    find the derivative: d/dx int_a to x (a being the upper limit) of tan(tan(t))dt

    asked by Elena
  102. Euro history

    What is the immediate cause of WWII? Is it Germany's invasion of Poland? I can't remember.

    asked by W
  103. Med Term

    write a fictitious medical report of about two paragraphs describing a dermatologic condition or disease. Focus the report on the onset, progression, location, and etiology of the condition or disease, and the treatment parameters. All terms must be

    asked by Tiya
  104. Physics

    Some cooking pan whose bottom is made out of copper has a radius 0.1 m and thickness 0.003 m. The water in the pan boils at 1.7e-3 kg/s. How much higher is temperature of the outside surface of the pan's bottom compared to the inside surface?

    asked by Daniel
  105. Algebra

    For the first phase of the project, imagine you want to cover the backyard with decorative rock and plant some trees. You need 25 tons of rock to cover the area. If each ton costs $62 and each tree is $76, what is the maximum number of trees you can buy

    asked by Imagine
  106. world history

    what combination of food did the polyneatians introduce to the island that they colonized

    asked by jeremy
  107. English

    Can you help me check these sentences, please? I included the doubts in brackets. 1) Last year we had a vacation in the mountains. 2) I spent the time of the journey listening to music. (or During the journey/trip I spent time listening to music) 3) We had

    asked by Mike1
  108. english

    i need a essay of 900 to 1 200 words persuade your employer that you deserve a raise

    asked by ishmael
  109. U.S. History

    How did farmers use of DDT affect other parts of the enviorment?

    asked by Ace
  110. Cultural Diversity

    Ms. Sue You have way too much time on your hands. Your posts add NO contribution to help students.

    asked by SocialDeb
  111. SOCIALS

    What was the mandate of the HBC? The western Area?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Finance

    How do I calculate a present value? 7,000 in 5 years at a quarterly discount rate of 6% I have looked at the material, but I am confused. Thank you

    asked by Nancy
  113. Algebra

    Simplify 11(-2a+3b-4c)-9(5a-5b+3c)

    asked by Anonymous
  114. drawing

    Does anyone know for the work titled Blind MAn by William H. Johnson know what materials he used would it by tempura and printing paper? Also Does the artist use symmetrical or asymmetrical balance?

    asked by Jennifer
  115. pyschology

    I need an idea to get started please help me Thanks 1.First, choose two personality disorders: I'll choose Paranoid or you can choose one for me please •Schizoid •Paranoid •Antisocial •Borderline •Histrionic •Narcissistic •Avoidant

    asked by Alex
  116. algebra

    6x-5y=15 what is the slope? what is the y-intercept?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Teacher aide

    I'm stuck on this question. Could someone help me please. Which of the following would you find in the new English and language arts curriculum guidelines? A An oral language program only at the primary grades B A phonics program at all grades C A writing

    asked by Bree
  118. algebra

    -12x+10/5 = - x/20 I can't decide if I should cross multiply by -20 or just 20. The - is in the middle of the x and 20 (like a fraction) I came up with 2 possible answers: x=40/49 and x = 40/47

    asked by mary
  119. algebra

    -12x+10/5 = - x/20 I can't decide if I should cross multiply by -20 or just 20. The - is in the middle of the x and 20 (like a fraction) I came up with 2 possible answers: x=40/49 and x = 40/47

    asked by mary
  120. Math

    Could someone answer this question so I understand it. Thanks For the function f(x)=-6x^-2-2 Find the average value of f(x) on the interval [0,4].

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Math

    What is the answer to this question? 48÷2(9+3)= ( If I do it with PEMDAS, the answer would be 2, but when I type in google, it give me 288) [ 9+3 = 12 -> 48/2(12) -> 2 x 12 = 24 -> 48/24 = 2]

    asked by Shadow
  122. U.S. History

    How did the belief that humans should use the natural world for thier own ends change during 1960s?

    asked by Ace
  123. physiology

    what are the parts of the cerebrum the receive and interpret somatic senory signals? I have searched my ext just cant find the answer.

    asked by lulu78
  124. careers

    what is the difference between legal discrmination and institutionalized discrimination?

    asked by ted
  125. science

    Why is homework so important

    asked by mary
  126. com101

    where to find good sources on why renting is a better option than buying

    asked by tony
  127. math

    whats the demension of the parallogram if the areai 54 km2 and the height is 8 km

    asked by mcintosh
  128. Math

    If a and b are any real numbers such that 0

    asked by Nena
  129. math

    Trying to solve the number 91 how 1,3,4,6 can be used once using add,sub,mult,divide and symbols

    asked by Tanya
  130. science

    Can someone please give me a good website (other than wikipedia)on the four natural selection. -Thank you

    asked by samantha
  131. English

    Here are some more sentences for you to check. Thank you. 1)The trip showed me that there is a big world outside.I decided to take (??) the trip to keep my family good company and to know them better. 2)The journey on car (by car) was very boring. 3)The

    asked by Mike1
  132. mathematics


    asked by michael
  133. geometry

    how do you find the area of an equilateral triangle with the perimeter of 30ft.

    asked by alexis
  134. statistics

    which is more extreme: the 76.2in height of a man or 237.1lb weight of a man?

    asked by BV
  135. math

    Consider the cubic graph y = 3x^2 − x^3. (a) Write 3x^2 − x^3 in factored form. (b) Use this form to explain why the graph lies below the x-axis only when x > 3, and why the origin is therefore an extreme point on the graph. I mostly need help with

    asked by jane
  136. Math

    what is 2/5 divided by 15/7?

    asked by Adriana Grant <3
  137. mathematics


    asked by michael