Questions Asked on
April 9, 2011

  1. math

    if asphalt costs $0.78 per square foot, determine, to the nearest cent, the cost of paving the shaded circular road with center O, an outside radius of 50 feet, and an inner radius of 36 feet. (the big circle is shaded)

  2. Math

    From an 8 inch by 10 inch rectangular sheet of paper, squares of equal size will be cut from each corner. The flaps will then be folded up to form an open-topped box. Find the maximum possible volume of the box.

  3. chem- check my answer

    magnesium hydroxide + hydrobromic acid --> is the formula for that Mg(OH)2(s) + HBr(aq) ->H2O(l) +BrOH(s) and are the physical states correct??

  4. math

    Given that f(x) = 3x - 2 and g(x) = 4x - 1, find f (g(x».

  5. physics

    a stone is tied to the end of a string and is swung with a constant speed around a horizontal circle with a radius of 1.5m. if it makes two complete revolutions each second, what is the magnitude of its acceleration? i know the answer, but i don't know how

  6. physics

    An acorn and tree leaf fall from the same height and time. Which reaches the ground first and why?

  7. physics

    Two very long, straight, parallel wires carry currents that are directed perpendicular. Wire 1 carries a current I1 into the page (in the -z direction) and passes through the x axis at x = +a. Wire 2 passes through the x axis at x = -2a and carries an

  8. Trigonometry

    a. Find the exact value of sin (theta - pi/6) b. Find the exact value of cos (theta - pi/4) c. For what numbers x, -2pi less than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pi does cos x = -1 d. What is the range of the cosine function? e. For what numbers x,

  9. chemistry

    what is the osmolarity of a 1.0M solution of ethyl alcohol (C2H6O) in water?

  10. geometry

    Find the value of the variable and KL if K is between J and L. Given: JK = 6x, KL = 2x, and JL = 24

  11. Physics 203

    A hollow, thin-walled cylinder and a solid sphere start from rest and roll without slipping down an inclined plane of length 5.0 m. The cylinder arrives at the bottom of the plane 2.7 s after the sphere. Determine the angle between the inclined plane and

  12. statistics

    A salesperson has found that the probability of making various numbers of sales per day is presented in the following table. Calculate the expected number of sales per day and the standard deviation of the number of sales. Number of sales(Probability)

  13. physics modern

    1. a) If a photon and an electron each have the same energy of 20.0 eV, find the wavelength of each. b) If a photon and an electron each have the same wavelength of 250 nm, find the energy of each. c) You want to study an organic molecule that is about 250

  14. Math

    What addition property can you use to find the missing number? 8+(6+5)=8+(5+_)

  15. law

    english law. what are the powers of the court of appeal.

  16. Phyics help

    I have a few physics questions: 1. How much mechanical work is done by a weightlifter holding a mass of 100 kg, 2.0m above the floor for 3.0 s? Explain ur answer. 2. Calculate the force needed to do 2.0 kJ of work to push a load of bricks 10m? 3. A

  17. Physics urgent help have a test!!!

    1. a little spider monkey named flo has stolen a bunch of bananas from her older brother Charley and is now running away frm him with the bananas in hand. She sees salvation in a long vine and grabs the bottom, hoping to swing away a) if she has a mass of

  18. Physics: urgent help needed

    i have a test on monday 1 A beach ball is thrown straight up with a speed of 10m/s from a point 2 m above the ground a) Assuming no air reistance, calculate how far up the ball will go b)At what speed will the ball eventually hit the ground? c) If the air

  19. AP Physics

    A long, straight wire carries a current of 740 mA. A thin metal rod 45 cm long is oriented perpendicular to the wire and moves with a speed of 1.8 m/s in a direction parallel to the wire. What are the size and direction of the emf induced in the rod if the

  20. statistics

    According to a survey 35% of adults are against using animals for research. Assume that this result holds true for the current population of all adullts. Let X be the number of adults who are against using animals for research in a random sample of 2

  21. engineering

    when i do imaging of tissue to look at collagen structure using a 2 photon microscopy, but im not familiarized with the methods to measure the diameter of the collagen and the area occupied by it. Does anyone know how do researchers measure them

  22. Physics

    please can u check my answer Here are the questions: 1. A 0.45 kg book is resting on a dessktop 0.64 m high. Calculate the book's potential energy relative to a)the desktop? b)the floor. 2. A 0.636 kg basketball has a potential energy of 19J at the basket.

  23. Chemistry

    The antacid Amphogel contains aluminum hydroxide Al(OH}3 How many milliliters of 2.00(M}HCl are required to react with 80.0 mL of 1.48 (M} Al(OH)3(s)? Al(OH)3(s)+ 3HCl(aq)to AlCl3(aq) + 3H2O(aq)

  24. financial Managerial

    The State of Idaho issued $2,000,000 of seven percent coupon, 20-year semiannual payment, tax-exempt bonds five years ago. The bonds had five years of call protection, but now the state can call the bonds if it chooses to do so. The call premium would be

  25. Algebra

    Mr. Petri has a rectangular plot of land with length=20 feet and width=10 feet. He wants to design a flower garden of o circle with two semicircles at each end of the center circle. he will fill in the shaded region with wood chips. if one bag of wood

  26. XCOMM 285

    Assignment: Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report · Review the following scenario: Your company has had a very profitable year and is looking to expand their employee benefits. As an employee in the benefits department, you have been asked to

  27. chemistry

    when we make CH3MgCl,we have to calculate its!

  28. physics

    Suppose 0.0290 kg of steam (at 100.00°C) is added to 0.290 kg of water (initially at 19.7°C.). The water is inside an aluminum cup of mass 44.7 g. The cup is inside a perfectly insulated calorimetry container that prevents heat flow with the outside

  29. physiology

    Is the hormone protein,steroid or glycoprotein? 1. Follicle-stimulating hormone 2. Cortisol 3. Antidiuretic hormone 4. Parathyroid hormone 5. Thyroid-stimulating hormone 6. Insulin 7. Norepinephrine

  30. math

    how do you do translations

  31. algebra

    Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before adding or subtracting?

  32. mass transfer

    A catalytic reactor in an automobile is used to convert gas A to gas B where 3 mol of gas A diffuse to the catalyst for every 1 mol of B diffusing away at a distance (mm). the reaction balance is shown as follows: 3A-B

  33. chemistry

    calculation of molarity for RMgX after repair it.

  34. Physics: energy

    The spiral shaft in a grain auger raises grain from a farmers truck into a storage bin. Assume that the auger does 6.2 x 10*5 J of work on a certain amount of grain to raise it 4.2 m from the truck to the top of the bin.What is the total mass of the grain

  35. Physics

    A 0.097 kg cup falls from the kitchen shelf and shatters on the ceramic tile floor. Assume that the maximum kinetic energy obtained by the cup is 2.6 J and that air resistance is negligible. Calculate the cup's maximum speed

  36. Physics..Urgent!!!

    In the sport of pole vaulting, the jumper's point of mass concentration, called the centre of mass, must clear the pole. Assume that a 59 kg jumper must raise the centre of mass from 1.1 m off the ground to 4.6 m off the ground. What is the jumper's

  37. English

    I just hav a sentence. Thank you He had been married for two years when his wife decided to apply for a divorce (filed for divorce)/decided to break up their relationship. How can you express this?

  38. Math


  39. Algebra

    Issa determined there is a linear relationship between how far up the hill she starts skiing and the length of her jump starting at 90 ft up the hill how far should she expect to jump? distance jump 50ft 37ft 65ft 48.1ft 80ft 59.2ft 95ft 70.3ft 110ft

  40. Chemistry

    How many moles of gas in a helium filled tank with a volume of 4.00 L when thepressure inside is 365 atm andthetemperture is 33 degrees Celsius

  41. maths(urgent....please...)

    A ball is hit at an angle of 36 degrees to the horizontal from 14 feet above the ground. If it hits the ground 26 feet away (in horizontal distance), what was the initial velocity? Assume there is no air resistance. math - Henry, Friday, April 8, 2011 at

  42. percentile rank

    i would like to able to find the percentile rank of a z score 0.313152 can someone tell me how to do this.

  43. trig


  44. physics

    An accelerating voltage of 2.46 * 10^3 V is applied to an electron gun, producing a beam of electrons originally traveling horizontally north in vacuum toward the center of a viewing screen 34.0 cm away. What is the magnitude of the deflection on the

  45. physics

    A Hall-effect probe operates with a 120 -mA current. When the probe is placed in a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 0.0840 T, it produces a Hall voltage of 0.660 µV. The thickness of the probe in the direction of B is 2.00 mm. Find the density of the

  46. Statistics

    What score in a distribution that has a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 100, would identify the top 60% of scores?

  47. Statistics

    If 95% of the population has a measured IQ score between 70 and 130, what is the probability of meeting a person with a measured IQ either higher than 130 or below 70?

  48. physics

    The gauge pressure in each of 4 car tires is 240kpa. If each tire has a footprint of 220cm^2 , what is the mass of the car?

  49. Statistics

    If the mean rate of arrival in a restaurant is 10 customers per hour, what is the probability of having 4 customers arriving in any hour?

  50. Statistics

    Calculate according Permutation and Correlation: 8 8 7 6 8 7 6 5 P P P P C C C C 3 4 6 1 3 5 2 0

  51. english

    eliminate five letters to find one familiar word fhievleilceotptteerrs

  52. biomath

    given lengths of the a rectangle are x and y show that the greatest rectangle having a perimeter of 200 cm square and thus find at area

  53. Statistics

    If the mean family size is 4.75 what is the total population of a city of 25000 families? Is it correct if I calculate it as follows: Mean: (x : 25000) = 4.75 Mean: x = 118750 number of population

  54. com 155

    1. Adjectives describe _______________ and ________________ . 2. Adverbs describe _____________ , _____________ , or _________________ . Underline the Adjectives and Bold the Adverbs in these sentences: 1. The beautiful princess cautiously walked in the

  55. chemistry

    if you have 0.454 grams of sulfur trioxide, how many moles does this represent? how many molecules? how many oxygens atoms?

  56. AlgebraII

    I really stuck on binomial theorem and I have a whole worksheet due Monday How do I solve (x+5y)^4 I need to really understand this-please explain the steps so I can learn from it and then use it to do the other problems

  57. hcs/341

    How has the changing roles of human resource department changed in Response to the changes in the health care industry.

  58. math

    if Y = -X^2 -6x - 8 find the value(s) of x when y =1. ans choices are -3 3 o 9 i need help working this problem

  59. calculus

    An open box is to be constructed so that the length of the base is 4 times larger than the width of the base. If the cost to construct the base is 5 dollars per square foot and the cost to construct the four sides is 3 dollars per square foot, determine

  60. spanish

    how do you change buscar to estar

  61. Chemistry I


  62. algebra

    If your thinking of a number between 8 and 15-which is it most likely to be

  63. Chemistry

    How much water must be added to 24.0 grams of salt ot make a solution that is 12.0% by mass?

  64. math

    What is the largest possible domain for the function f(x) = sqrt x + sqrt(4 - x^2) ?

  65. Biology

    Why do you need 3 types of DNA synthesis for a chromosome?

  66. Biology

    What happens when you need more or faster DNA synthesis?

  67. MBA Executive : Banking & Finance

    The Hypothetical Finance Ltd has structured a hire-purchase deal. The required to make a down payment of 20 per cent of the investment cost. The hire-term is four years with quarterly payment in advance. The flat rate of interest is 13 per cent. The

  68. Biology

    when dna replicates what happens to the chromosomes.?

  69. law--

    discuss whether or not the changes to the selection of judges is leading to a wider cross section of people becoming judges. please help thanks

  70. Biology

    what signals the cell to replicate the DNA?

  71. science

    if a block of wood is pulled at constant speed on ice what would the friction be like

  72. Math

    What will the graph look like for the equation y= 2x^2 + 3

  73. science

    if i pulled a rectangular block on each of the three sides which would have the most friction

  74. Algebra

    solve (x=10) (x-18) (x=13)=0

  75. Tech401

    How the internet policies of some countries may affect a company's ability to expand globally?

  76. chem

    Which of the following pairs of substances, when mixed in any proportion you wish, can be used to prepare a buffer solution? 1)NaCN and NaOH 2) HCl and NaOH 3) HCN and NaOH 4)HCl and NaCN 5) NaCN and HCN is the answer 1 and 5??

  77. chem -repost for bobpursley

    Posted by polkadot on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 8:46pm. Can someone please help me by explaining and correcting me? 1) A 0.057M solution of a weak acid has a pH of 4.93. Determine the ionization constant, Ka, of the acid. a) 2.1 x 10^-4 b) 2.4 x 10^-9 c)

  78. algebra

    what is the fraction form of -0.048

  79. Chemistry

    44.70 ml of 0.100 M NaOH are required to completely neutralize 50.00 ml of a weak monoprotic acid, HA. When 34.43 ml of NaOH are added to another 50.00 ml of the acid, the pH reading was 4.80. Calculate Ka for the acid using the partial neutralization

  80. Chemistry

    The pH of a weak monoprotic acid, HA, is 4.55. It took 39.22 ml of 0.2334 M NaOH to titrate 25.00 ml of the acid. a. Write an equation for the above reaction. b. Calculate the molarity of the weak acid c. Write the equilibrium equation. Construct a table

  81. Math

    Factor the following.. x^2 +16x -144=0

  82. Science

    How would you set up the following unifor motion problem... How long will it take the plane to fly 1000 km (i mile=1.61 km) if it is traveling at a constant velocity of 80 km/hr.

  83. math

    Simplify, 12 divided by 1/4+2/5-2^3

  84. MATH


  85. Bus 221, Devry

    How many students must we sample if we want to be within 4% of the true proportion of female students at DeVry University when using a 95% confidence interval?

  86. Spanish

    1. Hay que ____ agua, ¿verdad? a. conserva b. conservar c. conservè d. conservo A. 2. Quiero dormir. Por favor, _____ la luz. a. apagamos b. apago c. apaguè d. apaga D. 3. ¿Debo separar el vidrio y el aluminio? claro que sí. _______ a. sepáralas b.

  87. chemistry

    A reaction rate increases by a factor of 815 in the presence of a catalyst at 37 degrees C. The activation energy of the original pathway is 106 kJ/mol. What is the activation energy of the new pathway, all other factors being equal?

  88. chemistry

    A given reaction has an activation energy of 24.52 kJ/mol. At 25C the half-life is 4 minutes. At what temperature will the half-life be reduced to 20 seconds?

  89. English

    „that helps us to become“ or „that helps us become“?

  90. physics

    A ball is rolling in a straight line at a constant speed. Another ball is motionless. what do they have in common?

  91. Algebra

    Guess the 4-digit combination. An X stands for a correct digit in its correct place in the combination and an O stands for a correct digit out of its corect order. 8256 OX Two of the four digits 8,2,5,6 appear in the final combination(one in the position

  92. Math

    Could someone tell me the rate for a $6000 gift that grew to 7,000,000 over 200 years?

  93. Math

    Determine the perimeter and area of a rectangle that has a width of 6 inches and a length of 8 inches. Using a ratio of 1:2, draw a similar rectangle that is double the width and length of the first shape. Determine the perimeter and area of this new

  94. Improving your writing

    Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides secretarial

  95. Hcs 431

    can someone help me with my question below? im confused i think it is Technology Recruiting Hiring Training Organization Development Communication Performance Management but im not sure can i get a little explanation please?

  96. Grade 10 Math

    Verify that the vertices A(-6.1),B(2,-5),C(6,1) and D(2,4) are the vertices of a trapezoid. Does anyone know the steps to solve this? Thanks so much.

  97. Maths

    Rodney and Rebecca play chess together. In the last 50 games, Rodney has won 18 games. If they played a further 75 games, how many would Rebecca expect to win Working out please 

  98. HUM 186

    7. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of modern media delivery?

  99. books

    Chapter Summaries of the series Uglies by Scott Westerfeld?

  100. geometry

    Prove a triangle is an isosceles triangle ith P(2,3) A(5,7) and T1,4)

  101. algebra

    Heart Rate An athlete starts running and continues for 10 seconds. The polynomial calculates the heart rate of the athlete in beats per minute t seconds after beginning the run, where . (a) What is the athlete’s heart rate when the athlete first starts

  102. trig

    express in terms of ¦Ð, the interval for which 4cosx ¡Ý 2

  103. calculus

    A rectangular box is to be constructed from two different materials. The box will have a square base and open top. The material for the bottom costs $4.25/m2. The material for the sides costs $2.50/m2. Find the dimensions of the box with the largest volume

  104. marketing,,need your help plz.

    can you help me to answer thi question below.. what distribution decisions would a new firm rents vans tosmall,seasonal business to make?

  105. math(rate of change)

    find the average rate of change f(x)=x^2 + 2x between x=0 and x=6 can anyone please help me explain why the answer is 8? thank you!

  106. Math

    What is an example of two functions that intersect at least twice in the first quadrant but can neither be a polynomial or a "simple" function (i.e., sin(x), e^x)?

  107. Physics URGENT!!!!

    1.A 75 kg passenger in a van is wearing a seat belt whent he van moving at 15m/s, collides with a conrete wall. The front end of the van collapses 0.50 m as it comes to rest. a) what was the paseenger's kinetic energy before the crash b) What average force


    Does the states criminal system follow the rule of law which is set forth in the constitution and is federal law?

  109. business

    How did U.S. manufacturers become vulnerable to offshore outsourcing? Give examples to support your answers.

  110. chemistry lab (college level)

    So, this is going to be more like 2 or 3 questions. Here goes. First, what is the net-ionic reaction for Fe (III) + K4Fe(CN)6 be? I've been agonizing over this for HOURS with no answer in sight. (I don't even know what to put down as a product!) Second,

  111. Algebra

    put the following into mx+b form. x+1/6y=1/2 I got either y=-x+1/12 y=-x+3 I don't know which one.

  112. english

    unscramble cceanl

  113. Physics

    In the parallel circuit, if the current put out by the battery is 3 A and the current through R1 is 1 A, what is the current through R2?

  114. calculus

    how do i take antiderivative of (cosx)^3

  115. chemistry

    predict whether or not a precipitate will form if you mix 75ml of a NaOH solution with pOH = 2.58 with 125ml of a 0.018M MgCl2 solution. Identify the precipitate, if any.

  116. Medical Information Management and Office Practice

    ccording to a December 4 hospital census of 100, what are the total inpatient service days for December 5? Admissions 10 Discharges 2 A & D 1 A. 90 C. 100 B. 109 D. 110 Total inpatient service days are the total number of services received by all

  117. macroeconomics

    Calculate the total change in aggregate demand because of an initial $300 decrease in investment spending, given that C = 150 + 0.50YD. $1,200 decrease $300 decrease $150 decrease $600 decrease i think it is 300 but i think i am wrong

  118. science

    what is the strongest muscle in the body?