Questions Asked on
April 4, 2011

  1. Calculus

    Find the area of the region enclosed by the inner loop of the curve. r = 5 + 10sin(θ) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    asked by Julie
  2. Chemistry

    Given the reaction A(g) + B(g) 2AB(g) 1. What does equilibrium mean? -equal mols or pressure between reactants and products? Is there more reactants or products? 2. Will the equilibrium be the same if i started with the reactants only vs if i started with

    asked by BlahxD
  3. chemistry

    How many grams of Na2CO3 are required to Na2S2O3

    asked by Rickia
  4. chemistry

    How many grams of Na2CO3 are required to Na2S2O3

    asked by Rickia
  5. math

    how is the speed determined of a falling object? what is the pull of gravity feet per second.

    asked by deek
  6. statistics

    Is it ever inappropriate to report the mean? If so, when?

    asked by tina
  7. grammar

    The five sample paragraphs are below. choose two at random to read. Note that the paragraphs represent a range of quality. some have errors and do not flow effectively. Avoiding and managing debt is hard. Things cost so much money that it's hard not to

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: H2+I22HI A reaction mixture at equilibrium at 175 K contains P(H2)=0.958 atm, P(I2)=0.877 atm, and P(HI)=0.020 atm. A second reaction mixture, also at 175 K, contains P(H2)=P(I2)=0.616 atm, and P(HI)=0.106 atm. What will

    asked by Brooke
  9. physics-reciprocal conversions Curie and Becquerel

    Why so many sources give different values for reciprocal conversions Curie and Becquerel? 1 Ci = 3.7 x 10^10 Bq or 37,000,000,000 1 Bq = 2.7 x 10^-11 Ci or 0.000000000027

    asked by Anonymous
  10. chemistry

    Balance the following equation: K2CrO4+Na2SO3+HCl>>>>>>Na2SO4+CrCl3+H2O Enter the coefficients for eachcompound, separated by commas, in the order in which they appear inthe equation (e.g., 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

    asked by roshan
  11. geometry

    An airplane over the pacific sights an atoll at 8 degree angle of depression. If the plane is 520hm above water, how many kilometers is it from a point 520 m directly above the center of the atoll? Help please :]

    asked by christina
  12. chem

    Calculate the volume of 0.200 M acetic acid and the volume of 0.100 M sodium acetate required to make 200.0 mL of a buffer solution with pH = 5.00. The Ka for acetic acid at 298 K is 2.00 x 10-5.

    asked by chem
  13. algebra 2

    how to find equation of horizontal tangent line of 2y^3+6x^2y-12x^2+6y=1

    asked by Anonymous
  14. algebra 2

    find an equation of a circle satisfying the given conditions. Center(0,0), containing (-3,4)

    asked by Anonymous
  15. chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubility of Cu(OH)2, Ksp = 2.2 × 10–20, in 0.52 M NH3. Don't forget to use the complexation reaction Cu2+ + 4 NH3 ⇌ Cu(NH3)42+, K = 5.0 × 1013 What does he mean by the complexation reaction??? So confused, please help!!!

    asked by Erin
  16. Maths

    Hi Please can you help? Really sorry for repeating the question but I wrote it incorrect before. Find the particular solution of the differential equation from dy/dx=2/27(x-3)ã(x^2-6x+23) / (y) (y>0. for which y = 2 when x = 1, and then give this

    asked by Claire
  17. Psychology

    Andy, a high school sophomore, lacks self-discipline, fails to plan ahead, and is excessively anxious. He is quickly frustrated by challenging tasks and frequently becomes overly critical of others. Use the psychoanalytic, humanistic, and socialcognitive

    asked by Brent
  18. chemistry

    what mass of (NH4)SO4 is required to prepare 500 cm3 of M/4 solution?

    asked by sarah
  19. geography

    what would happen if wheat was no longer a resource to the U.S.?

    asked by jay
  20. Physics

    To what voltages must we accelerate electrons (as in an electron microscope, for example) if we wish to resolve; a) a virus of diameter 12 nm , b) an atom of 0.12 nm, c) a proton of diameter 1.2 fm?

    asked by Abby
  21. Chemistry

    why the acidic medium is used for determination of the amount if iorn in a sample of soil using standard KMnO4

    asked by DILANI
  22. physics

    The football is kicked over the goalpost with an initial velocity of vA=32 m/s as shown. Determine the point B (x,y) where it strikes the bleachers. type this question to google to find the figure. please and thank you.

    asked by .
  23. science

    a commuter plane starts from an airport and takes the route whereby it starts to city,located 175km away in a directiin 30egrees north of east of east. Next, it flies for 150 km 20degrees west of north,to city b.finally, the plane flies 190kmdue west,to

    asked by g
  24. Modern History

    Hi I need help finding where this cartoon was originally published Its the LEV HAAS (Czech,1901-1983 "Do not trust him! The kulak is the most hardened enemy of socialism") one. Sorry I couldn't post the link. Thanks!

    asked by Sasha
  25. physics

    what is the weight of a square whose thickness is 10mm

    asked by john
  26. trig maths

    rewrite 7 sin2A – 5 sin A + cos2A = o to solve for A

    asked by inno
  27. HELP!!!! math

    Find the measures of the interior angles of the pentagon below. A- 90 degrees B- x + 40 degrees C- x degrees D- x + 40 degrees E- x+ 50 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  28. algebra

    What is th remainder when the sum of the first 102 counting numbers is divided by 5220?

    asked by Mike
  29. Health

    What does it mean if you have brown caking around your belly button, even if you follow basic hygenic practices.

    asked by Sasha
  30. science

    if u have a negative vector component do u leave it as it is or do u minus into 180 degrees to make it positive? E.g -89.0i + 228.5j

    asked by g
  31. Algebra

    Sorry Iposted that previous question wrong. Here is the right question. What is the remainder when the sum of the first 102 counting numbers is divided by 5250.

    asked by Mike
  32. Algebra

    What is the positive difference in the sum of the letters in the words MATH and COUNTS, if each letter is assigned a value as follows: A=1, B=-2, C=3, D=-4,..., Y=25, Z=-26?

    asked by Matt
  33. grammar..

    which sentences need commas ... a) the dessert had a fluffly cream topping b) the fish was served with a rich tangy sauce c) my first job was happy rewarding experience d) Mr.Hawkins has a large collection of rare valuuable coins e) the leader of the rock

    asked by Anonymous
  34. chemistry

    24ml of .05 mol per litre of SILVRE NITRATE reacts with 15 ml of potassium chloride.calculate molar concentration of potassium chloride.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. chemistry

    24ml of .05 mol per litre of SILVRE NITRATE reacts with 15 ml of potassium chloride.calculate molar concentration of potassium chloride.

    asked by kalsoom
  36. Math

    Postal regulations specify that a package sent by priority mail may have a combined length and girth of no more than 129 in. Find the dimensions of a cylindrical package with the greatest volume that may be sent by priority mail. Hint: The length plus the

    asked by Amber
  37. Calculus

    If an open box has a square base and a volume of 106 in.3 and is constructed from a tin sheet, find the dimensions of the box, assuming a minimum amount of material is used in its construction. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) height in length

    asked by Josh
  38. statistics

    For a population that has a standard deviation of 10, figure the standard deviation of the distribution of means for samples of size- (b) 3

    asked by amanda
  39. Statistics

    For each of the following samples that were given an experimental treatment, test whether these samples represent populations that are different from the general population: (a) a sample of 10 with a mean of 44, (b) a sample of 1 with a mean of 48. The

    asked by amanda
  40. Calc

    Suppose f(x,y) = A - (x^2 + Bx + y^2 +Cy). What values of A, B, and C give f(x,y) a local maximum value of 15 at the point (-2,1)? Any help would be appreciated!

    asked by Brittany
  41. Calculus

    "Using Lagrange multipliers, find the minimum value of f(x,y) = x^2 + y subject to the constraint x^2 - y^2 = 1." Any help would be appreciated!

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Calculus

    "Using Lagrange multipliers, find the maximum value of f(x,y) = x + 3y + 5z subject to the constraint x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 1." Any help would be appreciated!

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Calculus

    "The quantity, q, of a product manufactured depends on the number of workers, W, and the amount of capital invested, K, and is given by q = 6 * W^(3/4) * K^(1/4) Labor costs are $10 per worker and capital costs are $20 per unit, and the budget is $2000.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. English

    I really need to have a look at the first stanza of Owen's poem as I'm unsure of tense choice. Thank you. 1) In the first stanza the soldiers are retreating towards their trenches. Instead of being youthful, strong fighters, they are presented as

    asked by Mike
  45. math

    The number 1 is a perfect square (1X1=1) and a perfect cube (1X1X1=1). What is the next smallest whole number which is both a perfect square and a perfect cube?

    asked by johnny
  46. social studies

    Ads that rely on the testimonials of people who have used the product are using what technique?

    asked by Paul
  47. Civics

    Did the American revolution undermined support for property qualifications for voting?

    asked by tee
  48. Physics

    When a golf club strikes a golf ball, the club is in contact with the ball for about .0016 s. The 45-g ball acquires a speed of 71 m/s. a) What is the magnitude of the impulse applied to the ball? b) Estimate the magnitude of the average force exerted by

    asked by Aestas
  49. Physics

    Two 75.0-kg hockey players skating at 5.25 m/s collide and stick together. If the angle between their initial directions was 140 degrees, what is their speed after the collision? (Let the motion of player 1 be in the positive x-direction and the motion of

    asked by Aestas
  50. math

    If the radius of this cylinder is doubled, its volume will be twice as much four times as much eight times as much is it four times as much?

    asked by danny
  51. algebra

    LCM of 14, 40, and 36

    asked by Kimberly
  52. math

    what is 80+80

    asked by nada
  53. Chemistry

    What is the total pressure of a mixture of gases made up of CO2, O2 and H2 if the partial pressures are 22.3 kPa, 44.7 kPa and 112 kPa respectively?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Calculus

    Evaluate the following integrals {e˄x+e˄-x/ e˄x dx

    asked by Zukii
  55. Geometry

    A line parallel to one side of a triangle divides one of the other sides into segments of lengths 15 and 9 and divides the third side so that the longest portion is 36. How long is the shorter portion of the third side?

    asked by Kareem
  56. english

    entertainment is a barrier to accademic work

    asked by damola
  57. Physics 203 ( College)

    A disk of radius 12 cm, initially at rest, begins rotating about its axis with a constant angular acceleration of 7.8 rad/s2. What are the following values at t = 4.0 s? (a) the angular velocity of the disk (b) the tangential acceleration at and the

    asked by Kayla
  58. Physics 203 ( College)

    Four particles, one at each of the four corners of a square with 2.5-m-long edges, are connected by mass less rods. The masses of the particles are m1 = m3 = 2.0 kg and m2 = m4 = 7.0 kg. Find the moment of inertia of the system about the z axis.

    asked by Kayla
  59. math

    A person hired a firm to build a CB radio tower. The firm charges $100 for labor for the first 10 feet. After that, the cost of the labor for each succeeding 10 feet is $25 more than the preceding 10 feet. That is, the next 10 feet will cost $125, the next

    asked by lisa
  60. Sociology

    My question that I would like to know from the experts, is did I answer the questions below correctly? 1=C, 2=C and 3=D 1)Which sociological perspective holds the view that people create their social worlds through interaction and manipulation of symbols?

    asked by Sharon
  61. vocabulary

    which word is not an example of blending? a)housewife b)brunch c)telethon d)electrocute

    asked by Amie
  62. chemistry

    Consider the equation A(aq) + 2B(aq) 3C(aq) + 2D(aq). In one experiment, 45.0 mL of 0.050 M A is mixed with 25.0 mL 0.100 M B. At equilibrium the concentration of C is 0.0410 M. Calculate K. a) 7.3 b) 0.34 c) 0.040 d) 0.14 e) none of these the answer for

    asked by raf
  63. vocabulary

    the latin base CORD- means: a)hand b)eye c)heart d)head thank you so much for helping.

    asked by Amie
  64. chemistry

    Explain how you would prepare the following dilute solutions from the more concentrated ones: a. 200ml of .500M HCL from a 6.00M HCL solution.

    asked by cameron
  65. algebra

    A motorvoat goes 36 miles upstream on a river whose current is running at 3 miles per hour. The trip up and back takes 5 hours. What is the speed of the boat ( assuming that it maintains a constant speed relative to the water)?

    asked by jjj
  66. English

    I Need Help In English? First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Anta and I'm currently a Senior and have to do this online course to graduate and I am basically left with no choice but to teach myself. The lesson I'm on now has been quite a

    asked by Anta
  67. precalculus

    For the Function, y= x(x-4)(x+8) Y-intercept is: X-intercept is:

    asked by katrina
  68. punctuation spelling and Capitalization Mistakes.

    i the punctuation correct i did as much as i could When you proofread look for punctuation spelling and capitalization mistakes.

    asked by yelena

    Can someone explain how to do this problem pleeeeasseeee. i need help .:/ . 3x – 11 = 10 – 4x THANKS SO MUCH!

    asked by Clueless.
  70. biology

    A gene for flower color can have multiple alleles like purple, white, or red. True ot false?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. algebra

    vote count for canidiate a is 7310. vote count for b was 14190. ther is only 2 candidates what percent voted for a?

    asked by please please help!
  72. Group Behavior in Organizations

    What is the importance of group member's perceptions about leadership and why is the phenomenon important as it pretains to group outcomes?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Group Behavior in Organizations

    How does social influence/interaction affect decision making?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Group Behavior in Organization

    Is group cohesiveness important? How do group cohesive forces affect group processes? What can you do to increase cohesiveness in your group?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Group Behavior in Organizations

    Why is it said that research about groups is not always valid and relevant?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Group Behavior in Organizations

    Are group or individuals more effective in work environment?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. algebra

    brad wants to buy flowers for his friend with $21. The daises are $2 each and the roses are $3 dollars each.He buys 3 more daisies then roses. how much did the roses cost?

    asked by please please help!
  78. Chemistry

    A sample gas has a volume of 200 cm^3 at 25 degrees celsius and 700 mmHg. If the pressure is reduced to 280 mmHg, what volume would the gas occupy at the same temperature?

    asked by B
  79. Chemistry

    Consider 125 mL of 0.110 M MgCl2 solution. a. How many moles of MgCl2 are contained in 125 mL of 0.0110 M MgCl2? b. What is the concentration of Mg2+ ion? c. What is the concentration of Cl- ion?

    asked by B
  80. Calculus

    evaluate the following integral e˄x+ e˄-x/ e˄x-e˄-x dx

    asked by anonomous
  81. physics

    how fast will a object be traveling when drppped from 30 feet high

    asked by albert
  82. Algebra 1

    Can you show the steps and explain how to solve 8-(x-2)

    asked by Dillon
  83. 6th grade Spanish

    I have two questions-Which sentence is written correctly? Es un buen clase. Es un buena clase. Es un buena clase. I think it is Es un buen clase. Is that correct? Second question- The term pelota refers to any kind of sports ball. Pelota is a ball but what

    asked by Shelby
  84. algebra

    brad wants to buy flowers for his friend with $21. The daises are $2 each and the roses are $3 dollars each.He buys 3 more daisies then roses. how much did the roses cost?

    asked by please please help!
  85. Education

    How is an ELL's level of language proficiency determined? How do you modify your assessments to evaluate ELLs understanding of content?

    asked by Ray
  86. math

    mike wants to make a meatloaf his recipe uses a total of 8 pounds of meat. if he uses a 3 to 1 ratio of beef to pork how much pork will he use?

    asked by please please help!
  87. Soanish-6th grade-Another question-Please check an

    I have another question. If I have to use the word tener to express she is hot-I would say -Ella tiene calor, correct?

    asked by Shelby
  88. geometry

    If the arc on a particular circle has an arc length of 14 inches, and the circumference of the circle is 84 inches, what is the angle measure of the arc?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. geometry

    The area of a circle is 28.26 square centimeters. What is its diameter (use 3.14 for ð)?

    asked by Anonymous

    In its financial statements, Trio uses straight-line depreciation with the half-year convention. The book value of the equipment at December 31, 2006, will be: a $29,000. b $35,000. c $31,000. d Some other amount.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. geometry

    The width of a rectangle is 6 feet, and the diagonal is 10 feet. What is the area of the rectangle?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. philosophy

    State the moral issue involved, and provide an explanation as to why you think a relativist might have problem giving a justified response to it

    asked by tiffany
  93. philosophy

    Our text discusses the challenge relativism presents to various ethical and religious viewpoints. Consider a specific moral question which might make it difficult to accept the relativist's response. State the moral issue involved, and provide an

    asked by tiffany
  94. Chemistry

    HC2H3O2 + NaOH --> NaC2H3O2 + H2O? a. when the titration is only half over, what species are present in the reaction flask b. what can be said about the pH at this point when the titration is half over? c. what is the pH at the equivalence point of this

    asked by Anonymous
  95. math

    the perimeter of a rectangle is twice the sum of its length and its width. the perimeter is 40 meters and its lenth is 2 meters more then twice its width. what is the length?

    asked by help fast please!!!
  96. math

    The freshman class is building a float for homecoming.One side of the float has a shape of a parallelogram with base of 12' and height of 6'. To complete the float the class must buy tissue to cover the side. It takes 3 boxes of tissue to cover each foot.

    asked by corey
  97. Education

    How do you modify a lesson to teach ELLs?

    asked by Ray
  98. government

    __________ is the term given to the activities of interest groups that seek to influence the making and implementation of public policy and to persuade government officials to support a group's position.

    asked by cody
  99. Education

    Compare and contrast the teaching of comprehension strategies to ELL students and to native English speakers.

    asked by Ray
  100. Chemistry

    What is the freezing point of a solution of 1.17g of 1-naphthol, C10H8O, dissolved in 2.00ml of benzene at 20 degrees C? The density of benzene at 20 degrees C is 876g/ml. Kf for benzene is 5.12 degrees C/m, and benzene's normal freezing point is 5.53

    asked by Jake
  101. physics

    A new type of spring is found where the spring force F is given by F=-kx + bx^2 where k=400 N/ m and b=100 N/m^2 and x is the expansion (or compression) of the spring from its equilibrium position. The spring is attached to a point mass of 1 kg sitting on

    asked by Physics
  102. Math

    I am trying to help my son figure out this question. during an art class at your school, you and a class mate each won blue ribbons for 1/3 of the pieces you entered in to the contest. you won 2 blue ribbons and your classmate won 3. explain how this could

    asked by Jamie
  103. math

    Place any of the four operations signs (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division)in the boxes to make the following sentence true. 1___2___3___4=6

    asked by johnny
  104. vocabulary

    select the best synonym of the word satiate. a)empty b)fill c)deny d)deprive............please help.

    asked by Amie
  105. math

    the perimeter of a rectangle is twice the sum of its length and its width. the perimeter is 40 meters and its lenth is 2 meters more then twice its width. what is the length?

    asked by help fast please!!! help help help
  106. American History / Social Studies

    The age of discovery to the american experiment? A.Practical Scientific Experimentation B.philosophies of religion C.moral values life

    asked by Brook
  107. Chemistry

    An atom it ground state contains 18 electrons. How many of these electrons are in orbitals with l=0? a.4 b.2 c.8 d.6

    asked by Jordan


    asked by STACEY


    asked by STACEY
  110. reading

    A paragraph with this words a lot,because tonight,write,,opposite,scenery,again, questionnaire,excellence,and pennant

    asked by Anonymous
  111. puzzled for english

    solve these riddle for ur next clue the early bird catches the worm beaty blank nature take blank to the heart these need to make sense

    asked by cat
  112. Eth

    Hello Imagine yourself as a current member of your selected group, and consider the following question

    asked by Jeanetta
  113. math

    -Three cards are drawn from a standard deck of cards without replacement. what is the probability that all three cards will be clubs f. 3/4 g. 11/850 h. 1/3 i. 36/153 please help....!!!!!

    asked by Emmalie
  114. science

    Write a letter to persuade a friend that a change in temperature does not necessarily mean that a chemical change has occured.

    asked by Anna
  115. English

    I still have a few parts I'm unsure of. I really hope you can help me. It's urgent, especially the last paragraph n.7 1)In the second stanza, the soldiers succeed in putting on their clumsy gas masks. Someone, however, is still crying out for help, unable

    asked by Mike
  116. math

    1.13s-s=_ 2.d+2d+d=_

    asked by lidia
  117. Math

    A circular garden has an area of 25π m2 If the . radius is increased by two meters, and fencing is sold only in one meter sections, how much fencing is needed to keep out the rabbits

    asked by Katie
  118. english

    do you consider this a thesis statement? Autism,this topic intrest me because autism appears during the first three years of life.Autism causes several disoders and also is four more times prevalent in boys than girls

    asked by Camilya
  119. grade 5 math

    what is 11 7th as a mixed number please i need help and its due tomorrow

    asked by katlin
  120. Education

    Describe the difference between word-level skill and text-level skill attainment for ELL students. Then, describe specific things teachers can do to increase ELL students' text-level skills.

    asked by Ray
  121. Algebra II-Please help!!

    Please help-I'm really mixed up How do I find the permutations of the first 12 letters taken 3 at a time? I have a ton of these to do and really don't understand them at all-

    asked by Anna
  122. math

    what is 7 1/2 plus 3 9/12

    asked by faythe
  123. math

    Select a variable (mean, proportion, variance or standard deviation) of interest to you and collect data consisting of at least 30 values. Define the variable. Define the population. Describe how the sample was selected. Use Microsoft Excel (and MegaStat

    asked by tom
  124. Physics

    A 1440-kg crate of cabbages is laid on a level, frictionless track at the end of a heavy spring. The spring is compressed a distance of 0.100 m by a force of 83500 N. When the spring is released, it propels the crate. the spring constant of the spring

    asked by Kristen
  125. jobs

    does anyone know any where that is hiring in akron ohio, i need a jon and i cant seem to find the one to get me started? can anyone help me? thanks!

    asked by bobbi
  126. Social Studies

    After the Treaty of Paris, how long were the spanish in charge of Florida?

    asked by Hailee
  127. math please help me

    Select a variable (mean, proportion, variance or standard deviation) of interest to you and collect data consisting of at least 30 values. Define the variable. Define the population. Describe how the sample was selected. Use Microsoft Excel (and MegaStat

    asked by ibrahim
  128. physics

    Water flowing through a garden hose of diameter 2.77 cm fills a 25.0 L bucket in 1.20 min. (a) What is the speed of the water leaving the end of the hose? (b) A nozzle is now attached to the end of the hose. If the nozzle diameter is one-third the diameter

    asked by Anonymous
  129. physics

    A longitudinal wave spreads radially from a source with power 345 W. What is the intensity 40.0 meters away? answer in W/m^2.

    asked by sabeen
  130. statistics


    asked by Anonymous
  131. Chemistry

    Which of the following substances will oxidize Sn(s) to Sn^2+? a) Cu(s) b) Cl2(g) c)Cl-(g) d) Mg(s) e) Cu^2+(aq) f) Mg^2+(aq)

    asked by Lauren
  132. bio

    Supercoiling of DNA can occur (choose all that apply): A. when double stranded DNA is overwound B. when double stranded DNA is underwound C. when double stranded DNA is heated above it's Tm D. when DNA is treated with nucleases and Generally, cellular DNA

    asked by Yoo
  133. advanced math

    sin(-15) tan(165)

    asked by t54
  134. English

    I still have a few doubts on the use of the present after "as if" and on other statements. Thank you for your cooperation. 1) They are hobbling along on their bloody feet, as if they are (why not were?) hurt or blind. They are so tired, they walk ask if

    asked by Mike
  135. Chemistry

    which is more concentrated a 1 liter solution containing 30 g of NaCl or a 1 liter solution containing 30g of KCl

    asked by Raul
  136. math

    Select a variable (mean, proportion, variance or standard deviation) of interest to you and collect data consisting of at least 30 values. Define the variable. Define the population. Describe how the sample was selected. Use Microsoft Excel (and MegaStat

    asked by ibrahim
  137. science

    what is the entire pysical universe

    asked by jannette
  138. Psychology

    Hello, I need to do a report on can a child under the age of 6 form criminal intent? I need to prove developmentally and all that why that child can't under age of 6 I am having problems finding websites to go to for research thanks

    asked by elija
  139. math !!!! :O

    The ratio of the number of postcards john had to the number of postcards Zachary ha d was 4:9. Zachary had 45 more postcards than John. After giving some postcards to John, Zachary had 6/7 as many postcards as John. (A) How many postcards did Zachary have

    asked by Katherine
  140. Islam in India...Economic effects?

    What economic effects did Islam have in India? I'm having a tough time finding any info for an ESP (Economy, Society, Politics) chart in my book. Any info is welcome and thanked :)

    asked by Kate
  141. math

    jimmy swam for 5 more min than tim. write an expression showing the number of min tim swam. let m represent the number of min.

    asked by madsion
  142. physics 211

    A deep-sea fisherman struggles to bring in a big salmon (see figure below). Find the force each hand must exert on the pole if the tension in the line is 159 N. Neglect the weight of the pole and assume that the force exerted by the left hand is directed

    asked by Laura
  143. chemistry

    A 1.2431 -g alloy sample was analyzed for its copper content iodometrically. The alloy was dissolved in hot, concentrated nitric acid and prepared for analysis. The addition of excess KI(aq) solution precipitated the copper as cuprous iodide and liberated

    asked by tara
  144. chemistry

    A student determined the chloride content of a commercial salt by using the Mohr method. A 0.5324 -g sample of the salt was dissolved in distilled water and diluted to a final volume of 250. mL. A 25.-mL aliquot of the analyte solution was then titrated

    asked by tara
  145. English

    What does this quote mean "what affects one directly affects all indirectly" by Martin Luther King Jr.

    asked by Anonymous
  146. literature

    I read Soldier Home by Ernest Hemingway and found two reasons to prove that it is important from 1865 to present time and they world war views and also show soldier's life after war. I need one more reason to support and will anyone tell what points are

    asked by iqra
  147. FIN

    Phoenix, Inc made a coupon payment yesterday on its 6.25% bonds that mature in 11.5 years. If the required return on these bonds is 9.2% nominal annual, what should be the market price of these bonds?

    asked by willie
  148. ordering decimals

    how do we fit a decimal in each pair 0.6 0.7

    asked by mom
  149. math

    use the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 one time make a true math equation :xxx + xxx = xxx. ex 237+654=891. Over 300 solutions with 32 different sums.

    asked by steve
  150. ordering decimals

    how do we fit a decimal between this pair 0.6____0.7

    asked by mom
  151. English

    Thank you very much. I hope you can have a look at these few sentences too. 1)*Interior monologue is often confused with the stream of consciousness, although they are quite different. 2)Actually, the former is the verbal expression of a psychic

    asked by Mike
  152. chemistry

    With respect to Boyle's law (lab experiment with textbooks on an apparatus), if in the classroom the air pressure in the classroom is equal to 2.4 textbooks, how does one find the total pressure of a book with the volume of 26? Am I on the right track by

    asked by Rosie829
  153. algebra 2

    the loudness L of a sound in decibels is given L=10log10R, where R is the sound's relative intensity. if the intensity of a certain sound is tripled, by how many decibels does the sound increase? due tomorrow, tuesday,

    asked by math challenged
  154. area, perimeter

    the perimeter of rectangle y is equal to its area. rectangle z has the same perimeter as rectangle y. the length of rectangle z is 5 inches and the width is 3 inches. explain how you can find the length and eidth of rectangle y.

    asked by susie
  155. Math

    what is the math rule if u put in 1 and get 15, put in 2 and get 13, put in 3 and get 11, put in 4 and get 9, and put in 5 and get 7

    asked by Kenyen
  156. English

    Do you necessarily need references for a resume?

    asked by Jennifer
  157. ordering decimals

    Ms.Sue could you please show us another exmple i understood 0.6 0.65 0.7 how about with a double digit number like: 0.25_____0.15 or 0.425_____0.475

    asked by mom

    hydrogen reacts with nitrogen to produce ammonia. 3H2(g)+ N2(g) = 2NH3(g) Determine how much ammonia would be produced if 100g of hydrogen reacts?

    asked by Anonymous

    What is the difference between the atomic weight, and its atomic number?

    asked by Anonymous
  160. science

    An abiotic factor that starts with c and the clue is soil type. So what is a soil type that starts with C?

    asked by Zac
  161. vocabulary

    can u give me a sentence with the words indifferent & heartily?

    asked by aileen

    carbon monoxide can be prepared by the reaction of steam with methane. CH4(g) + H2O(g) = CO(g) + 3H2(g) If 10g of methane is allowed to react with 10g of steam which of the reactants would be described as limiting. What is the theoretical yield of carbon

    asked by Anonymous

    If 15g of Sodium Hydroxide are treated with sulphuric acid to produce sodium sulphate, how many grams of sulphuric acid are required. write the balance equation for this reaction and calculate the quantity of sulphuric acid.

    asked by Anonymous
  164. geometry

    what is the base of a parellelogram if the height is 2inches and the area is 26 square inches

    asked by tiyanna
  165. chem

    how do you Convert moles S2O3^-2 to moles I2

    asked by tara
  166. math

    4 8ths Equvalent Fraction. . . . . . . . .!

    asked by Math.!!:B
  167. US history

    why can the Gadsden purchase be referred to as "conscience money"??

    asked by Bobbi
  168. mah

    Use pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters. Make a combination that is worth one dollar where you have one of some kind of coin, double of another, double that of another, and some number of the last coin.

    asked by Anonymous
  169. chem

    how do I caluclate (H3O+) in a solution if the PH is the following 1.81

    asked by dada78
  170. MATH

    I am trying to figure out how to work this problem and need help. Q How many 2X6 pieces of 16 ft x 5 1/2 ins. for a porch that measures 16ft x 14ft? I changed the mixed number to an improper fraction (11/2) and found the area (224). 11/2 x 224/1

    asked by Caroline
  171. Math

    Angles 1 and 2 shown on the back of the envelope are congruent.What is the measure,in degrees of

    asked by Anonymous
  172. elapsed time

    start 11:38a.m. elapsed time 3hr 10 min what is the end time?

    asked by Michelle
  173. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared with 50.0g of HNO3 and 130.0g of H2O. It has a density of 1.21g/mL. What is the total volume (mL) of the solution?

    asked by Sara
  174. Chemistry

    How do I convert moles to figure out chemical equations?

    asked by Eric
  175. accounting

    Santa Fe Company purchased merchandise for resale from Mesa COmpany with an invoice price of $24,000 and credit terms of 3/10,n/60. The merchandise had cost Mesa $16,000. Santa Fe paid within the discount period. Prepare entries that Santa Fe Company

    asked by ash
  176. Calc,

    Find the value of the definite integral: int= integral sign int((x + 2)/(x^(3/2)),x= 16..25)dx I have no idea how to start this... would I get rid of the fraction?

    asked by CMM
  177. Chemistry

    If a 25.0 mL sample of 0.500 M HCl solution were diluted 125-fold, what would be the volume and concentration of the diluted solution?

    asked by Chris
  178. math

    Input:4 and 6 Output:12 and 17 What's the rule

    asked by Jake
  179. CHEM

    HOW DO I Calculate the pKa of each acid. C2O4H2, Ka = 5.9 10-2

    asked by dada78
  180. physics

    hi thank you for your help: i have a question that deals with finding the direction and magnitude of the net magnetic force on a loop that is next to a wire (the loop is in the wire's magnetic field) how do i set up a question like this? do i have to

    asked by kiksy
  181. elapsed time

    elapsed time is 2hr 37min, end time is 10:52P.M., what is the start time?

    asked by Michelle
  182. math

    If an electrician works for $750.00 per hour. What would be his salary for 2 days?

    asked by micheal
  183. chemistry

    Assuming a temperature of 37 C and 1 atm pressure, how many mol/min of CO2 is this?

    asked by sarah
  184. bio

    Supercoiling of DNA can occur (choose all that apply): A. when double stranded DNA is overwound B. when double stranded DNA is underwound C. when double stranded DNA is heated above it's Tm D. when DNA is treated with nucleases and Generally, cellular DNA

    asked by Yoo
  185. Stats

    identify what is the 95 percent confidence interval for upper class respondents, give you have known their mean=15.34, standard deviation=3.48,and cases=38

    asked by Nancy
  186. Diff EQ

    Find all critical points of the given system and investigate the stability of each. dx/dt = y - 1 dy/dt = x^2 - y

    asked by Alex
  187. Physics

    If you throw a rock as far as you can from the ground level of a building, and from the top level of a building, will it go further horizontally when thrown from the higher level or from the ground level?

    asked by Cheryl
  188. trig

    2 cosine squared pi over 8 minus 1 find exact value of given expression

    asked by Lauren
  189. Math

    Write 0.09 x 10^12 in scientific notation.

    asked by Anonymous
  190. Spanish 6 th grade-Please check

    I have three questions-Which sentence is written correctly? Es un buen clase. Es un buena clase. Es un buena clase. I think it is Es un buen clase. Is that correct? Second question- The term pelota refers to any kind of sports ball. Pelota is a ball but

    asked by Shelby
  191. HCS 320

    I am supposed to outline how to integrate communication from a central command area to all areas of the organization. The organization is FEMA. I am completely lost and I just need some help on how to get started. For instance what would be the central

    asked by Ashley
  192. HHS

    What is the molality of a solution in which 15g of I2 is dissolved in 500g of alcohol?

    asked by jaz
  193. ordering decimals

    I do not understand how to find out what number come's between 0.425 and 0.475 would it be $ 4.25- $4.75

    asked by mom
  194. Chemistry

    Write a net ionic equation and calculate K for the reaction in aq between acidic acid and sodium hydroxide. Given Ka (acidic acid) = 1.8 x 10^-5

    asked by Paul
  195. physics

    A straight ladder is leaning against the wall of a house. The ladder has rails 4.50 m long, joined by rungs 0.470 m long. Its bottom end is on solid but sloping ground so that the top of the ladder is 0.780 m to the left of where it should be, and the

    asked by Bob
  196. Computer programming

    Submit pseudocode for the following programming exercise: Fat Gram Calculator Design a program that asks for the number of fat grams and calories in a food item. Validate the input as follows: - Make sure the number of fat grams and calories are not less

    asked by Viper
  197. math

    identify what is the 90 percent confidence interval for occupational prestige for respondents with only a bachelor's degree (N=750), given you have known their mean=52.74, standard deviation=12.67.

    asked by Nancy
  198. math

    Need to write ratio 3 different ways. 1. 6 pencils to 4 erasers ANSWER= 6/4, 6 to 4, 6:4 Need to write an equivalent ratio for each. 1. 9/36 ANSWER= 1/4, 9 to 36, 9:36

    asked by Ann
  199. geometry

    the diagonals of a rhombus have the lengths 6 and 8 centimeters. whats the number of centimeters of the perimeter of the rhombus?

    asked by sam
  200. Cal II

    Intergral (27-9x^2)^(1/2) fit to theorem (a^2-u^2)^(1/2)

    asked by Michelle
  201. Geometry

    The wheel of an adult's bicycle has diameter 26 in. The wheel of a child's bicycle has diameter 18 in. To the nearest inch, how much farther does the larger bicycle wheel travel in one revolution than the smaller bicycle wheel?

    asked by Tommy
  202. Com155

    Could you please help me locate the adjectives and adverbs in the below paragraph? ”Blending state of the art animation with live action, Hop is a comedy about E.B., the teenage son of the Easter Bunny. On the eve of taking over the family business, E.B.

    asked by Ben
  203. math

    2 non congruent parallelo shapes

    asked by kasia
  204. Math

    An ant weighs about 2 x 10^-5 lb. There are about10^15 ants on earth. How many pounds of an ants are on earth?

    asked by Anonymous
  205. physics

    Find the shear strain that results if a force of magnitude 9.00×105 is applied to the top square face of the plate, parallel to the side, and a force of equal magnitude is applied in the opposite direction to the bottom face of the plate as shown . Note

    asked by Linda
  206. geometry

    The area of a parallelogram MNOP is 48 sq cm. MX, which is a line segment perpendicular to diagonal PN where X is on PN, is 3 cm. How to find the length of diagonal NP?

    asked by emily
  207. Math


    asked by Chris
  208. English 102

    Can some one read this and give some feedback please! Introduction Is same-sex marriage going to create issues on our society? Same-sex marriages will most likely to have issue in many political campaigns also churches and Christians everywhere will be

    asked by Jennifer
  209. calculus

    In a certain region, the number of bushels of corn per acre, B, is given by the function B(n)=-0.1n^2 + 10n, where n represents the number of seeds, in thousands, planted per acre. If corn sells for $3/bushel and cost $2 for 1000 seeds, find the optimal

    asked by Nick
  210. Calculus

    An isosceles triangle is to have a perimeter of 64cm. Determine the side lengths of the triangle if the area is to be maximum. I need help setting this question up! Please

    asked by Taylor
  211. Le Musee d'Orsay

    Need information on this museum please.

    asked by Nisa
  212. Math

    (4.3 x 10^3)(2 x 10^-8)

    asked by Nick
  213. math

    In a storm, a plane flew against the wind and took 9 hours to cover 3,600 miles. The return trip, traveling with the wind, took 1 hour less. find the air speed of the plane, and the speed of the wind.

    asked by zack
  214. math

    There are 50 apple trees in an orchard, and each tree produces an average of 200 apples each year. For each additional tree planted within the orchard, the average number of apples produced drops by 5. What is the optimal number of trees to plant in the

    asked by tye
  215. Math

    Whole Number Math Riddle Clue 1: Double my tens digit and get my ones digit. Clue 2: Double me and I am less than 50

    asked by Savannah
  216. Math

    In a local dog show, there are prizes for first, second, and third place. If there are 18 dogs competing, how many ways are there to award the prizes (assuming no dog can win two prizes)?

    asked by Tracy
  217. Math

    John bought 2 pounds of chocolate for $7.50. Write expression to find the cost of 3.5 pounds of chocolate?

    asked by Haley
  218. history

    when and how does Germany unite? What are the causes and consequences of the rebellions 1837-36 upper and lower canada? What are the causes of movement and the liberal movement National Europe in the first Motie nineteenth sciècle

    asked by Cassandra
  219. physics

    The picture tube in an old black-and-white television uses magnetic deflection coils rather than electric deflection plates. Suppose an electron beam is accelerated through a 53.8-kV potential difference and then through a region of uniform magnetic field

    asked by joe
  220. Walmart and Superstore

    These two companies are related to one another, and on the site ADVFN . Com I tried searching the stock symbol for superstore, but I cant find financial information on it. I found financial information for Wal-Mart. Could you please help me to find data

    asked by Anonymous
  221. math

    i am a relflex angle. all the digits in my angle measure are even. all of my digits are different. all three of my digits are factors of 8. my tens digit is greater than my one digit. what is my measure?

    asked by janet
  222. math

    9/10x5/6x8/9 =? would that be 6/8 ? also the temperature ranged from -37 F to 103 F How many degrees was the temperature for the year? would you just take the difference between the two?

    asked by jill
  223. Describe how you would make 250 mL of 0.500 M HCI

    Describe how you would make 250 mL of 0.500 M HCI from 12.1 M HCI. Show calculations.

    asked by Anonymous
  224. Math

    explain what the values of m and b in your equation tell about the relationship between number of containers to be recycled and attendance at the school event

    asked by Megan
  225. Math

    Barney works part- time 30 hours a week at the cinema and earns $6 per hour. If he savea 1/3 of his paycheck each week how much does he have left to speed after 4 weeks?

    asked by PlzHelp
  226. pharmacy tech

    Determine the milliliters of water needed to prepare 2 oz of a 10% solution from a 12.5% solution and distilled water.

    asked by rob
  227. Chemistry

    When an element reacts with a compound to produce another element and new compound, the reaction is called?

    asked by Cassandra
  228. Business

    what type of financial structure would you say the veterans hospitals and clinics run on?

    asked by april
  229. pharmacy tech

    Determine the milliliters of water needed to prepare 2 oz of a 10% solution from a 12.5% solution and distilled water.

    asked by rob
  230. Math


    asked by Rachel
  231. Algebra

    what is the solution to the system containing the equation ? x + y = -8 and -3x + 2y = 9

    asked by anonymous
  232. Physics (PLEASE HELP!)

    Two point charges, the first with a charge of +3.25×10−6 C and the second with a charge of -4.63×10−6 C , are separated by 25.5 cm. Find the magnitude of the electrostatic force experienced by the positive charge. Is the magnitude of the force

    asked by Allison
  233. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of silver nitrate needed to prepare a solution of concentration 0.01 moles per litre

    asked by Anonymous

    A sample of gas in a balloon has an initial temperature of 28 and a volume of 1360 . If the temperature changes to 86, and there is no change of pressure or amount of gas, what is the new volume, , of the gas? Express the volume numerically in liters.

    asked by Anonymous
  235. Chemistry

    How do these react? Some may have no reaction. a. aqueous chromium(III) nitrate plus magnesium metal b. aqueous lithium sulfate plus aqueous barium chloride c. solid lead metal plus aqueous potassium chloride d. aqueous lithium fluoride with aqueous

    asked by Blaire
  236. chm

    determing concentration by spectroscopy lab discussion?

    asked by iqra
  237. Physics

    A. Suppose you had an object that you suspected had a mass of one half of one of the washer+paperclip units. (In the rest of this problem we’ll call that a “washerclip.”) Describe how you could use the balance you used in tutorial and a single

    asked by Annie
  238. Physics

    Here’s how two different students approached part A. Elizabeth: Since the little brother is half as heavy as her sister, he must sit twice as far from the pivot in order to “compensate” for his lower weight—6 feet instead of 3 feet. Jill: I used

    asked by Annie