Questions Asked on
March 18, 2011

  1. statistics

    Briefly explain how increasing sample size influences each of the following. Assume that all other factors are held constant. a. The size of the z- score in a hypothesis test. b. The size of Cohen’s d. c. The power of a hypothesis test.

    asked by Melissa Williams
  2. Physics

    A special kind of light bulb emits monochromatic light of wavelength 630 nm. Electrical energy supplied to it at the rate of 60W, and the bulb is 93% efficient at converting that energy into light energy. How many photons are emitted by the bulb during its

    asked by Vanda
  3. Spanish

    Choose the grammatically correct sentence. A. He aquí una blanca cosa. B. He aquí las cosas blancas.

    asked by anon
  4. Statistics

    Marks: --/20 What percentage of the general US population have bachelor's degrees? The Statistical Abstract of the United States (120th edition), gives the percentage of bachelor's degrees by state. For convenience, the data are sorted in increasing order.

    asked by Nadia
  5. physics

    A student sits at rest on a piano stool that can rotate without friction. The moment of inertia of the student-stool system is 4.6 kg m^2. A second student tosses a 1.5 kg mass with a speed of 2.9 m/s to the student on the stool, who catches it at a

    asked by nikki
  6. Physics

    A student on a piano stool rotates freely with an angular speed of 2.95 rad/s . The student holds a 1.35 kg mass in each outstretched arm, 0.739 m from the axis of rotation. The combined moment of inertia of the student and the stool, ignoring the two

    asked by marie
  7. Chemistry

    The equilibrium system N2O4(g) 2NO2(g) was established in a 1.00-liter vessel. Upon analysis, the following information was found: [NO2] = 0.500 M; [N2O4] = 0.0250 M. What is the value of Keq?

    asked by Chiara
  8. physics

    How high above the earth’s surface would you have to be before your weight would be only 0.6 its current value?

    asked by nathan
  9. physics

    A student sits at rest on a piano stool that can rotate without friction. The moment of inertia of the student-stool system is 4.2 . A second student tosses a 1.1 mass with a speed of 3.0 to the student on the stool, who catches it at a distance of 0.45

    asked by nikki
  10. chem

    A 26.8 mL sample of an unknown HClO4 solution requires 46.8 mL of 0.101 M NaOH for complete neutralization. What was the concentration of the unknown HClO4 solution? The neutralization reaction is shown below. HClO4(aq) + NaOH(aq) H2O(l) + NaClO4(aq) i got

    asked by hannah
  11. art history

    Which artist chose graffiti for creative expression? 1)martin maloney 2)tom hunter 3)keith haring

    asked by Tab
  12. Physics

    The work function for potassium and cesium are 2.25 and 2.14 eV, respectively. a) Will the photoelectric effect occur for either of these elements with incident light of wavelength 565 nm? b) With light of wavelength 518 nm ?

    asked by Vanda
  13. Chemistry

    Why should the sodium hydroxide pellets be completely dissolved in the preparation of the NaOH solution? please explain thouroughly, thanksss in advance!!

    asked by Maria
  14. algebra

    how do i work this problem step by step 12.5=.8x

    asked by jenny
  15. Spanish

    Choose the sentence which correctly says "He doesn't like to eat." A. Gusta no comer. B. El no gusta comer. C. Comer no gusta. D. No le gusta comer.

    asked by anon
  16. Chemistry

    Determine the volume of 0.240 M KOH solution required to neutralize each of the following samples of sulfuric acid. The neutralization reaction is shown below. H2SO4(aq) + 2 KOH(aq)---> K2SO4(aq) + 2 H2O(l) a) 26 mL of 0.240 M H2SO4 b) 143 mL of 0.14 M

    asked by Rebekah
  17. English

    I just can't figure these sentences out. have to rewrite these sentences, correcting the problem of incorrect omission.? 1. A liberal arts background is excellent for such professions as lawyers and doctors. 2. American colleges consistently produce more

    asked by Ann
  18. Algebra 1

    a farm raises a total of 220 chickens and pigs. The number of legs of the stock in the farm totals 520. How many chickens and pigs are at the farm? Define the variables and write two equations to solve the answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  19. physics

    A boy sitting in a boat at rest throws a 6.4kg object horizontally out of the boat at 10.0 m/s. The mass of the boy is 26kg and the mass of the boat is 45kg. Calculate the velocity of the boat just after the package is thrown. I used momentum before =

    asked by Mark
  20. statistics

    10. Explain how the power of a hypothesis test is influenced by each of the following. Assume that all other factors are held constant. a. Increasing the alpha level from .01 to .05. b. Changing from a one-tailed test to a two-tailed test.

    asked by Melissa Williams
  21. English

    Can you check if my instructions on how to do the washing and the washing-up are correct? Thank you very much. When you do the washing, you sort the clothes, put them into the washing machine, insert the washing powder into the drawer or plastic container,

    asked by Mike
  22. Physics

    The temperature of your skin is approximately 35C degrees. What is the wavelength at which the peak occurs in the radiation emitted from your skin?

    asked by Pardis
  23. Physics

    X-rays with an energy of 300 keV undergo Compton scattering from a target. If the scattered x-ray are directed at 30 degrees relative to the incident rays, find a)The Compton shift at this angle b) The energy of the scattered x-ray c)The energy of the

    asked by amy
  24. Chemistry

    A beaker with 100 mL of an acetic acid buffer with a pH of 5.00 is sitting on a benchtop. The total molarity of acid and conjugate base in this buffer is 0.100 M. A student adds 6.10 mL of a 0.260 M HCl solution to the beaker. How much will the pH change?

    asked by Sandra
  25. Chemistry

    Enter the net ionic equation, including phases, for the reaction og AgNO3 (aq) with Ba(OH)2 (aq). I have Ag+ +OH- =AgOH but I don't know how to determine the phases.

    asked by Allison
  26. Physics

    The center of a 1.50 diameter spherical pocket of oil is 1.20 beneath the Earth's surface. Estimate by what percentage directly above the pocket of oil would differ from the expected value of for a uniform Earth? Assume the density of oil is 800 kg/m^3.

    asked by Mandy
  27. physics

    what is the force in newtons acting on a 4.0kg package of nails that falls off a roof and is on its way to the ground

    asked by yvonne
  28. music appreciation

    The overture for A Midsummer's Night Dream is a one-movement work ________? sonata form . b. famous for interplay of piano,violin and cello. c.known for massive sound of the orchestra. d. that presents the same musical idea in each strophe of the

    asked by me
  29. alegebra

    a 210 ft. long rope is cut into 3 pieces. the first piece of rope is 3 times as long as the second rope. the 3rd piece of rope is 2 times as long as the second piece of rope. What is the lenght of the longest piece of rope?

    asked by jane
  30. computer programming

    Design a program that asks the user to enter a nonegative integer and then display the factorial of that number- it can be a flowchart or pseucode

    asked by Tanya
  31. calculus

    Did I do this problem right? Find the first and second derative-simplify your answer. y=xtanx y'= (x)(sec^2 x)+(tanx)(1) y'= xsec^2 x + tanx y"= (x)(2secx)(secxtanx)+sec^2 x + sec^2 x y"=2xsec^2 x tanx + 2 sec^2 x

    asked by Janet
  32. chemistry

    need to calculate the mass (m ) of NaoH with C% = 15 % , to balance 176 g of H2SO4 so i though to use this method C% = mass of h2s04 / mass of h2so4 + mass of Naoh which is unknown mass of Naoh = c% x mass of h2so4 / 100 is this the right method or not ?

    asked by auro
  33. Calculusss ( pleassee someboddy heelp )

    an airplane flying due east at 400 km/h pasess over an airport 12 minutes before a second plane flying south 30 degrees west at 500 km/h.if the airplanes are at the same altitude how fast will they by seprating when the seccong plane is over the

    asked by Alisha
  34. us history

    The members of which political party were pleased with the revolution in France, as it was part of a great crusade for democracy? A: The Federalists B: The Democratic Republicans C: Both political parties D: Neither political party

    asked by Sypriss
  35. Math Finite

    2. How much should be deposited now at 9% compounded semiannually to make possible withdrawals of $13,000 every 6 months for the next 12 years

    asked by Phan
  36. Chemistry

    Given that the pKa for Acetic Acid is 4.77, calculate the expected pH of the buffer solutions using the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation and the concentrations of Acetic Acid and Acetate added to the 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask

    asked by M_Joe
  37. math

    please help me am having problems answering this problem. there are 5.7 million Americans who ride a bicycle at leaset occassionally. the following circle graph shows reasons people ride. in each of exercise 61-64, determine the number of Americans who

    asked by Ngo
  38. physics

    An object of mass 50kg moves at 50m/s round a circular path of radius 10m.calculate i)centripetal acceleration. ii)centripetal force need to keep it in it's orbits.. Please show all caculations detains.

    asked by pete onoriode
  39. Spanish

    Choose the grammatically correct sentence. A. Está cosa es un lápiz amarillo.

    asked by anon
  40. math

    write 6/20 in simplest form and find an equivalent decimal?

    asked by ryan
  41. computer

    1)what is the difference between function declaration and function definition. 2)what is an inline function

    asked by vera
  42. physics

    A racing dog is initially running at 20.0 , but is slowing down. Q1. How fast is the dog moving when its kinetic energy has been reduced by half? Q2. By what fraction has its kinetic energy been reduced when its speed has been reduced by half?

    asked by nancy
  43. algebra

    Eq 1 y = 2x + 3 Eq 2 y = 2x + 1 How can you determine these are parallel? Can you graph both equations? Is it possible the lines do intersect somewhere away from the coordinates you are plotting?

    asked by bianca, pleeease help i'm lost
  44. Algebra

    1) what is the equation for the line that passes through the point (-3,5) and has a slope of -3 ? 2)the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is P = 2(l+w). If the width of a rectangle is half its length. how many times its length is its perimeter?

    asked by anonymous
  45. Business-EASY

    5. Click on the Show Chart link to the right of the company name and description. Select the monthly share price graph and take a screen shot. Include the screen shot in your submission. Describe what has happened to the share price in the last year I

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Physics

    Compute the angular momentum of the earth arising from the following motions. (a) Earth's orbital motion around the sun. (b) Earth's rotation on its axis. Can someone please help me with this question? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  47. physics

    can i have multiple choice questions on thermodynamics: relationship between work and heat, the first law of thermodynamic, and the second law of thermodynamic

    asked by johny
  48. calculus

    solve the initial value problem by seperation of variables du/dt=2t+sec2t/2u, u(0)=-5

    asked by joseph
  49. statistics

    A researcher is testing the hypothesis that consuming a sports drink during exercise improves endurance. A sample of n=50 male college students is obtained and each student is given a series of three endurance tasks and asked to consume 4 ounces of the

    asked by Melissa Williams
  50. philosophy

    Is this a valid argument? (P1) An extremely perfect fish cannot lack any perfection. (P2)A perfect fish lacking existence is less perfect than one that exists. ________________________________________ (C) An extremely perfect fish must exist.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. physics

    an 8-newton foce is applied to a 4-kg object. what is the rate of acceleration. a.4 meters per second b.8 meters per second c.2 meters per second d.12 meters per second

    asked by Gabriella
  52. English

    I'm not sure if this paragraph is right. In the last sentence you have to say how the non-fiction text displays the concept of intolerance. Also, if there is a problem in how the quote/example I used just let me know + if there's a better way of writing

    asked by KK
  53. Physics

    A pendulum is made of two discs, one with mass M and radius R and the other with mass 2M and radius R, which are separated by a massless rod. The lighter disc is pivoted through its centre by a small pin. The discs lie on the same plane and their centres

    asked by Kagiso Setuke
  54. computer

    what is the purpose of a copy constructor

    asked by vera
  55. Chemistry

    Is the molarity of a KI solution constant when heated from 25C to 85C?

    asked by terry
  56. physics

    This is my lab project and i need help in how to start to solve this problem. Determine the buoyant force on a balloon(filled with air) as a function of depth. At what depth does neutral buoyancy occur.

    asked by ami
  57. chemistry

    need to calculate the mass (m ) of NaoH with C% = 15 % , to balance 176 g of H2SO4 so i though to use this method C% = mass of h2s04 / mass of h2so4 + mass of Naoh which is unknown mass of Naoh = c% x mass of h2so4 / 100 is this the right method or not ?

    asked by auro
  58. Algebra

    1) For which of the following functions is f(-5) = 2 ? a)f(x) = x +7 b) f(x) = 2x-6 c) f(x) = 3x+5 d) none of these 2) Which of the following is a function? a)(-4,1), (1,8), (-4,2) b)(-4,1), (1,-8), (-2,2) c)(-4,1),(1,-8), (1,2) d) none of these 3) what is

    asked by anonymous
  59. Chemistry

    Based on the steps occurring in an acid-base reaction, which definition of acids and bases is most practical? Give three reasons for your choice.

    asked by Meagan
  60. neurotransmitters

    There may be more than one region in which the neurotransmitter is active. Choose one, and make sure your answer in column 4 matches the region identified in column 3. 1.Glutamate a.Is it excitatory or inhibitory (indicate which)? b. Name a specific region

    asked by Ivy
  61. Physics

    The temperature of your skin is approximately 35C degrees. What is the wavelength at which the peak occurs in the radiation emitted from your skin?

    asked by amy
  62. English

    There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation write a paragraph about the difference between the four types of writing. The difference between the four writing are that the summary is a condensed

    asked by Anonymous
  63. calculus

    solve the initial value problem by seperation of variables du/dt=2t+sec2t/2u, u(0)=-5

    asked by mike
  64. hcs 341

    How can an organization forecast future staffing needs in order to maintain consistent staffing levels?

    asked by erica
  65. Math

    cos(tan + cot) = csc only simplify one side to equal csc so far I got this far: [((cos)(sin))/(cos)] + [((cos)(cos))/(sin)] = csc I don't know what to do next

    asked by Amy
  66. algebra

    In 1992 the life expectancy of males in certain a countrywas 66.5 years in 1996 it was 69.4 years let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years E(t)= T+ round to the nearest tenth E(12)=?

    asked by carmela
  67. Math

    for (sec x -1)(sec x + 1) = tan^(2) x so far I got up to: (sin^(2)x / cos x) (-sin^(2)x / cos x) what would the next step be? steps too please

    asked by Amy
  68. perimeter

    thw width of a rectagular poster is 16in.its length is twice its width.find its perimeter

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Chemistry (organic)

    compound x C29H48BrCl reacts with excess H2/pd to give C29H56BrCl. How many double bonds and how many rings are in X?

    asked by Tina
  70. History

    Can some please help me with this question? 7. Which statement is most accurate regarding the miracle of war production? Here are my choices War production depended on the conversion of peacetime industries, so overall economic output grew very little (A)

    asked by David
  71. calculussCalculuss ( pleassee heelp )

    Your Open QuestionShow me another » Calculuss homeworrk heelp? A rocket is being tracked from a radar post that is 10 km from the launch pad.the rocket arises vertically at a height of 17.32 km and then turns at an angle of 30 degrees fron the vertical

    asked by Alisha
  72. Medical Information management

    Mercys hosptials filing system is a middle digit. What is a disadvantge of middle digit filing? a. less accurate b. requires more staff training c. provides less ven distribtuin of recors that straight numeric d. Can't be converted to terminal digit filing

    asked by liz
  73. history

    The automobile facilitated the idea of worshipping at the altar of materialism. The development of the automobile helped to change the American culture by allowing individuals another avenue to show wealth and treasure it, two critical elements of the New

    asked by David
  74. algebra

    Eq 1 y = 2x + 3 Eq 2 y = 2x + 1 How can you determine these are parallel? Can you graph both equations? Is it possible the lines do intersect somewhere away from the coordinates you are plotting?

    asked by bianca, pleeease help i'm lost
  75. Math

    Marisa spent 5 hours watering her garden by hand. She spent the same amount of time watering each of the 20 rows in her garden. How many minutes did she spend watering each row?

    asked by Naomi
  76. calculus

    solve the initial value problem by separation of variables 8. dy/dx=x+1/xy, x>0, y(1)=-4

    asked by mike
  77. perimeter

    a pennant is shaped like an isosceles triangle.the short side is 14in.long and is half the length of each longer side.find the perimeter

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Calculus (pleas help!)

    For what values of k is lim x -> INF coshkx/sin2x finite?

    asked by Abi
  79. Chemistry

    Is 1 mol of pure salt greater than 1 mol of iron?

    asked by Natalie
  80. science

    what are controls & variables???? got a prac coming up and need 2 know!!! thnx xx

    asked by shayne
  81. english

    Review the video titled Writing Process. Read the Short Form Axia Writing Style Handbook. What are the two most helpful suggestions in each? If you were to propose one additional suggestion to include in each what would it be?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. it tesch

    True or false: A data file can be used by more than one program.

    asked by see
  83. materials engineering

    for: prismatic non-circular section channel which used for window frames and for ducting for electrical wiring..I need to know : 1-function 2-objective 3-constraints how can we select the materials for this design, and why? what suitable processes for

    asked by hym
  84. Religion

    Hi there! I'm having trouble understanding this: "Clearly define the term Ecumenism, including the four key elements" - My teacher said that the four elements are unity of faith unity oin sacramental life unity of Mission. What's the third one and ...i

    asked by KK
  85. Social Psychology

    I need help with my homework. I have no text to read and I am stumped. If someone could help me that would be great....thank you! Answer the following in 200 to 300 words and provide an example that illustrates your answer for each question. 50 words each

    asked by Brecken
  86. Science

    How much weight will a 2x10-8' hold on edge and whatbis the formula to figure it?

    asked by Jim
  87. computer

    What is the syntax used for operator overloading?

    asked by vera
  88. Sir Thomas More

    What are some really good facts about Sir Thomas More that I could use on a project? Thanks. -Allyson :-)

    asked by Allyson
  89. Physics I

    I have this vector that is confusing me I know what I need to do but the components of these vectors are confusing me. Problem: You are standing at point with coor dinates (1m, -1m, -2m) another erson is at r(t)=(8m)i - (3m/s^3) t^3 j + (4m/s^2) t^2 k Find

    asked by David
  90. science

    why does when we walk 10km to the south, then another 10km to the east, and another 10km to the south, we finally reach the initial point of our journey in the North Pole?

    asked by christcyee
  91. Medical Information management

    Henry moore reviewed medical record 88-oo-17 and discovered a missed dose of triazolam on march 10. This type of review is called a/an _____review. a. quantitative b. utiliation c. qualitative d. concurrent

    asked by liz
  92. Dynamic Decision

    Discuss chaos in health care systems today. In addition, discuss the role of insurance and billing, HMOs, varying drug costs across borders, availability of doctors and nurses, and hospital management complexities. Be sure to support your analyses with

    asked by Edward
  93. english

    Do you think that films, in general, influence society or does society influence what is presented in films?

    asked by kim
  94. English

    Hi, I'm trying to start on my argumentatvie essay today and at least get the rough draft done. The topic is Recent changes to Georgia's HOPE scholarship program. I have found a few sources that I can include in the essay but what I need help on is how to

    asked by y912f
  95. science

    How many people were affected by the Japanese quake and tsunami and radiation?

    asked by cc urgent!!!!!!
  96. science

    the list below shows three ways in which metals can react. a) strongly heat the metal in the air. b)add small pieces of the metal to cold water. c)add small pieces of the metal to dilute acid. in each case choose a b or c calcium oxide hydrogen (using

    asked by ellen
  97. Medical Information management

    Henry Moore reviewed record 88-00-17 and discovered a missed dose of triazolam on march 10. the type o review is called? a. quantititative b. utilization c. qualitative d. concurrent

    asked by liz
  98. MATH


    asked by ashley
  99. science

    What is the work if the distance is 20 meters and the force is 8?

    asked by kkkkk
  100. Statistics

    Consider a population with mean = 43 and sd = 5.2. Calculate the x-score for an sample mean of 46.5 from a sample of size 35.

    asked by Jamie
  101. maths

    write an equation of line parallel to y axis and passing through (-2, 7)

    asked by Ngo
  102. maths

    find the coordinattes of points A,B,C, and D.

    asked by Ngo
  103. Physiology

    Fill in the table with information about the action of pharmaceutical drugs on neurological disorders. Name of drug 1.Valium a.Neurotransmitter affected b.Does the drug enhance or reduce the effect of the neurotransmitter? (indicate which) c.For what type

    asked by Ivy
  104. Physiology

    Match the poison/drug to the effect. a. curare b. tetanus toxin c. a-bungarotoxin d. strychnine e. botulinum toxin f. neostigmine __________ causes spastic paralysis by specifically blocking glycine receptors __________ causes flaccid paralysis by blocking

    asked by Ivy
  105. Physiology

    Compare and contrast the activity of acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. If the statement applies to more than one, indicate which ones. ___________________________ curare interferes with the action of this neurotransmitter

    asked by Ivy
  106. arithmetic

    how does 28*2-21*4=100

    asked by bob
  107. Business Communication

    Which of the following would NOT be an informative or positive message? a.Summary b.Claim adjustment c.Transmittal d.Direct request I'm shure that Summary and Transmittal could be positive and informative.But I'm really confused about Claim adjustment and

    asked by MaS
  108. Marketing

    How would a knowledge of marketing benefit an accountant differently from an attorney or physician?

    asked by Snoopy
  109. Math

    Need help with some mystery shapes. the clues are 1. it has fewer than 3 diagonals, 2. its tiotal angle measure is greater than 180 degrees, 3. it at least has 1 obtuse angle, 4. it has at least 1 line of symmetry. I came up with A. Trapezoid, B. Rhombus,

    asked by Rayna


    asked by Americal
  111. English

    1. They are a poet and a statesman. 2. He is a poet and statesman. 3. They are a poet and statesman. 4. Both are a poet and a statesman. (Are they all grammatical? In #1 does 'they' refer to 'Both'?)

    asked by rfvv
  112. English

    1. He is a black and white dog. 2. It is a black and white dog. 3. She is a black and white dog. (Are they all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  113. Excel

    In new perpective,tutorial7, case 1 I am having trouble with step 2, the VLookup for purchase order

    asked by Anthony
  114. algebra 1

    gary has 100 quarters and dimes. If the total value of the coins is $15.70, how many quarters and dimes do you have?

    asked by jwow
  115. physics

    can a uniform graph have a curve? or does it always have to be straight?

    asked by gale
  116. math3

    how do you comfere two and three fourth of a yard.

    asked by Americal
  117. MATH

    how to confert 3 quarters into inches

    asked by Americal