Questions Asked on
March 13, 2011

  1. statistics

    A researcher at a major hospital wishes to estimate the proportion of the adult population of the U.S. that has high blood pressure. How large a sample is needed in order to be 99% confident that the sample proportion will not differ from the tgrue

    asked by chalulu
  2. Statistics

    IQ test scores are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. Find the x- score that corresponds to a z-score of 2.33.

    asked by chalulu
  3. Physics

    A block of mass m is placed in a smooth-bored spring gun at the bottom of the incline so that it compresses the spring by an amount x_c. The spring has spring constant k. The incline makes an angle theta with the horizontal and the coefficient of kinetic

    asked by Trevor
  4. physics

    4. What is the electric potential at the surface of a gold atom’s nucleus, which is assumed to be spherical? The radius of a gold nucleus is 6.6 x 10-15 meters and the atomic number of gold is 79.

    asked by lol
  5. psychology

    prescott is an old hand in the print shop. he insists that there's only one dependable kind of process for printing a three-color brochure. by contrast, baldwin recognizes several different approaches to three-color printing throught the use of new digital

    asked by alisha s.
  6. Physics

    Three resistors (14.4 Ω, 21.7 Ω, 14.1 Ω) are connected in parallel across 98 V. What is the total resistance for this circuit? What is the voltage drop across the 21.7 Ω resistor? What current is flowing in the 14.1 Ω resistor? What is the total

    asked by Joan
  7. chemistry

    Silver chloride can be prepared by the reaction of 100mL of 0.20M silver nitrate with 100mL of 0.15M calcium chloride. after the reaction goes to completion, what concentration of which ion remains in solution?

    asked by Jon

    When people don't clearly recognize the obstacle causing their frustration, they A. will probably strike out at any convenient target. B. usually won't become aggressive. C. are said to be experiencing a minor frustration. D. won't resort to physical

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Science

    Which are the keystone species from the chaparral biome

    asked by Anna
  10. Calculus

    A boat is pulled into a dock by a rope attached to the bow of the boat an passing through the pulley on the deck that is 1m high than the bow of the boat ,if the rope is pulled im at the rate of 0.8m/s how fast does the boat approach the deck when it is

    asked by Mehak
  11. Chem

    a) An ethylene glycol solution contains 21.1 g of ethylene glycol in 86.0 ml of water. compute the freezing point of the solution. b) Compute the boiling point of the solution.

    asked by Emilene
  12. chemistry

    addition of a strong acid would increase the solubility of which of the following salts AgCl CaSO4 CdS CaCO3 PbBr2 CaHPO4 Cd(OH)2 AuCl

    asked by Emily

    Which of the following solutions contain the greatest total ion concentration? a) one mole of potassium chloride dissolved in 1.0L of solution b)one mole of sodium phosphate dissolved in 1.0L of solution c)one mole of ammonium carbonate dissolved in 1.0L

    asked by Jon
  14. math

    an isosceles triangle has a vertex at the origin. Determine the area of the largest such triangle that is bound by the function x squared + 6y = 48 and explain why this is infact the maximum area.

    asked by Tomas

    A farmer has 165 feet of fencing material in which to enclose a rectangle area. He wants the length x to be greater than 50 feet and width y to be no more than 20 feet. write a system to represent this situation.

    asked by Casey
  16. Physics

    Find the number of revolutions of a bicycle wheel of diameter 0.7m when the bike goes a distance of 22m down the street.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. science

    how many half-lives have passed if 87.5% of a substance has decomposed? how many if 99.999% has decomposed?

    asked by Kim
  18. physics

    1. How far apart must two protons be if the electrical force of repulsion acting on either one is equal to its weight?

    asked by okay
  19. Social Studies

    Can you answer these questions: 1. Under the Articles of Confederation, the greatest amount of power was in the hands of the a) Congress b) American People c) National Government d) states 2. The structure of the Congress was created at the Constitutional

    asked by S...
  20. math

    why did everybody goto the boat show?

    asked by tracy
  21. Math

    The circular rug is placed on a square floor. The rug touches all four walls. How much of the floor space is not covered by the rug? The square floor is 14 feet for length and width.

    asked by Jenny
  22. economics

    show working production function: q = 6l – 0.5l2 where q = number of car washes per hour and l = number of workers. a) generate a schedule showing total product, average product and marginal product. (5 marks) b) the price of a basic car wash is $50. how

    asked by Soanz
  23. MATH

    Please check my answers: How are the symbols 3/4, 0.75, and 75% related? They are all different ways to express the same number. 2.(4pts) Use inductive reasoning to predict the next number in the sequence. 1, 2, 2, 4, 4, 8, . . .8 because each number after

    asked by Anonymous
  24. English 9-Please recheck answer and provide some d

    I have a question about the short story "Son" by John Updike. I have research this and read it but find it very confusing-I have two answers totally eliminated and would just like some input-Thank you so much Is "Son told in a.order from the contemporary

    asked by Rachel
  25. psychology

    a what is reinforcement is one that satisfies a biologial need

    asked by alisha s.
  26. PROJECT please help

    INTRODUCTION Imagine yourself seven years from now. You are approximately 22 years old, and are looking to start a career after you have taken the previous four years for post-secondary education, travel, and some work. You are moving out of your parents

    asked by Anonymous
  27. psychology

    in an instance of what recovery a conditioned response that has be extinguished reappears when a person is exposed to a related stimulus

    asked by alisha s.
  28. psychology

    a common repetitive technique for oving new information from short-term memory to long-term memory is called

    asked by alisha s.
  29. chemistry

    what effect would each of the errors decribed below have on the concentration of potassium hydrogen phthalate... 1) so of the solids potassium hydrogen phthalate will spilled when transfering into the beaker... 2) not enough water was added to bring the

    asked by peter
  30. chemistry

    how many grams of lithium sulfate will be formed when 25 grams of sulfuric acid react with an excess of lithium hydroxide in the following reaction

    asked by mary
  31. finance

    If you expect the inflation premium to be 2%, the default risk premium to be 1%, and the real interest rate to be 4%, then what interest rate would you expect to observe in the marketplace on short-Term Treasury Securities?

    asked by dominic
  32. algebra

    You are standing 14 feet from the edge of a cylindrical water tank and 26 feet from a point of tangency. The tank is 10 feet tall. What is the volume of the tank in cubic feet?

    asked by Sarah
  33. math

    what is the length of side AB in triangle ABC with AB=AC, BC=8, and median CD=9

    asked by skd

    What are the products of a chemical reaction involving NaCl, HNO3, and AgNO3?

    asked by Neil
  35. Physics

    In a city with an air-pollution problem, a bus has no combustion engine. It runs on energy drawn from a large, rapidly rotating flywheel under the floor of the bus. The flywheel is spun up to its maximum rotation rate of 5150 rev/min by an electric motor

    asked by Brent
  36. Chemistry

    Approximately how much water should be added to 10.0 mL of 12.0 M HCl so that it has the same pH as .90 M acetic acid(Ka= 1.8 x 10^-5)?

    asked by Sue
  37. science

    The projectile is fired at an angle of 45 degree to the horizontal with an initial speed of 100 feet per second. Show work.

    asked by kasey kim
  38. Calculus (Please Check my answers)

    Find the average value of the function i=15(1-e to the power of -1/2 t) from t=0 and t=4? A.7.5(1+e^-2)

    asked by anon
  39. chemistry

    A classic experiment in equilibrium studies dating from 1862 involved the reaction in solution of ethanol and acetic acid to produce ethyl acetate and water. The reaction can be followed by analyzing the equilibrium mixture for its acetic acid content. In

    asked by gs
  40. Calculus (please check my answer)

    Find the Avrage value of the function i=15(1-e to the power of -1/2 t) from t=0 and t=4? A.7.5 sqrt 1+4e^-2 -e^-4

    asked by anon
  41. physics

    i need 1 question each of this following straight ine motion, free falling body, projectile in the dimension and projectile in two dimension... i need it badly.. our prof need a good example of I

    asked by matt carlo
  42. Physics

    A weight of 4.33 N is suspended by the string fasten at its upper end. A horizontal force is applied to the weight so that the string makes an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical. Find the horizontal force and the tension in the spring.

    asked by Muazzif
  43. Managerial Economics

    George, the owner of a car wash is trying to decide on the number of people to employ based on the following short–run production function: Q = 6L – 0.5L2 Where Q = number of car washes per hour and L = number of workers. a) Generate a schedule showing

    asked by Soanz
  44. precalc

    Find the vector v with the given magnitude and the same direction as u. ||v||=7, u=3i+4j

    asked by Christine
  45. Stats

    if 5% of all calculators are defective, find the mean, variance, and standard deviation of a lot of 400 calculators. round your final answer to two decimal places if necessary.

    asked by Megan
  46. science

    If a temperature increase from 19.0 degrees C to 36.0 degrees C triples the rate constant for a reaction, what is the value of the activation barrier for the reaction?

    asked by kristen
  47. Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

    solve 81x9/y4* x2/36x5y

    asked by jazmine
  48. physics

    A car travels between the 100 meter and 250 meter highway markers in 10 second. The average speed of the car during this interval is...

    asked by Sarah
  49. math

    convert to a mixed number 20/9

    asked by alexus
  50. English

    I realized I left out a paragraph for you to check. Thank you. In particular, can you say a bike shop, enthusiastic about? 1) Johnny has got a headache and he can’t train. Storm is training for the triathlon alone. 2) Her times are fast but she finds

    asked by Mike
  51. Chemistry

    At 20 C (approximately room temperature) the average velocity of N2 molecules in air is 1050 mph. What is the velocity of a molecule of N2? What is the kinetic energy of a N2 molecule with this velocity? What is the kinetic energy of a mole of N2? I know

    asked by melinda
  52. math

    a woman wants to construct a box whose base length is twice the base width. The material to build the top and bottom is $ 9/m ( squared) and the material to build the sides is $6m/ ( squared). If the woman wants the box to have a volume of 70 m cubed,

    asked by Tomas
  53. Math

    1st grade math worksheet says Write some names for 12, what does this mean?

    asked by Susan
  54. chemistry

    What are the products of a reaction between NaCl, HNO3, and AgNO3?

    asked by Neil
  55. Physics

    In a "worst-case" design scenario, a 2000-{\rm kg} elevator with broken cables is falling at 4.00 {\rm m/s} when it first contacts a cushioning spring at the bottom of the shaft. The spring is supposed to stop the elevator, compressing 2.00 {\rm m} as it

    asked by Trevor
  56. psychology

    during the what phase of a problem solving, means-ends analysis is a very common heuristc.

    asked by alisha s.
  57. physics

    Suppose you notice 6.3 ocean waves pass by a buoy in 26.3 seconds. What is the frequency of the ocean waves?

    asked by mark
  58. Algebra

    in 1995 life expectancy was 66.7 yrs, in 2002 it was 70. yrs. E represent the life expectancy and t represents the number of years since 1995(t)= _t + _ E(11)=

    asked by bianca, pleeease help i'm lost
  59. math

    Kate drove from Amesville to Barstow at an average speed of 60 km per hour. Tyler drove the same route at an average speed of 80 km per hour. 1. If the distance from Amesville to Barstow is 40 km, how much less time did it take Tyler to make this trip than

    asked by randie
  60. math

    Ben can complete 3 math problems in 21 minutes. If he continues working at the same rate, how long will it take Ben to complete 16 math problems? thanks .

    asked by Imani
  61. precalc

    How do I calculate the number of images in a particular iteration for a transformation?

    asked by Carly
  62. Math

    The combinated permeter of a circle and a squar is 16 find the dimensions of the circle and the square that produces a minimum total area?

    asked by Mgj
  63. algebra

    Tammy bought 16 cookies for a party. She had 6 cookies decorated at an extra cost of 25 cents each. If the total cost of the cookies was $9.50, how much did each plain cookie cost?

    asked by Katie
  64. geometry

    The diagonals of a rhombus are in 2:1. If the perimeter of the rhombus is 120cm, find the length of the diagonals.

    asked by Jen
  65. Further maths

    Under differential calculus using the product rule find the derivative of (2x+3)^3(4x^2-1)^2

    asked by Stanley dominic
  66. Computer Science

    The digits 0, 1, and 8 look much the same if rotated 180 degrees on the page (turned upside down). Also, the digit 6 looks much like a 9, and vice versa, when rotated 180 degrees on the page. A multi-digit number may also look like itself when rotated on

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Geometry

    If the diagonal of a square has a length of 10 suare root of 2 cm, find the area of the square and the perimeter of the square.

    asked by Jen
  68. chemistry.

    in the titration between Na2CO3 and HCl... 1) at the first end point what reaction is stoiciometrically complete? 2)At the start of titration where HCl=0 is the solution acidic or basic. ExPlain? 3) At the 2nd end point what reaction is stiociometrically

    asked by zoe
  69. math

    what is the nearest tenth of a centim eter in 4 inches

    asked by Jimmy
  70. Math

    I have more than 9 but less than 16 marbles. There are half as many red as blue. There are two more green than blue. There is an odd number of yellow. What do I have

    asked by Larry
  71. chemistry

    4 Fe(s) + 3 O2(g) 2 Fe2O3(s) ΔH = -1652 kJ How much heat is released when 3.82 mol iron is reacted with excess O2?

    asked by suzy
  72. Math

    Sam walked 15 ft. up a ramp and discovered he was 9 ft. above the ground. Pam walked an additional 20 ft. up the ramp. How far above the ground is she

    asked by Lane
  73. math

    You have just received advertisements from 2 companies in your area: Greener Lawns and Lawns for Less. Greener Lawns charges an initial fee of $200, plus $50 per hour for labor costs. Lawns for Less charge an initial fee of $300, plus $25 per hour for

    asked by tammy
  74. math

    system of equations can result in 3 possibilities: consistent, inconsistent, and dependent. Discuss each of these types of solution that can be generated, and describe the graph of each possibility.

    asked by tammy

    how much energy would be released in the following reaction CH4 + 2O2--> CO2 + 2H2O

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Algebra2

    Operations with fractions...3/5+4/5

    asked by Keyshawn
  77. etymology

    how did wrigley come up the orbit. not the actually product but i need to know the orgin of the product name orbit. thanks:)

    asked by Abby
  78. Math

    Solve for x: -2x + 12 ≥ 18

    asked by Kathlen
  79. accounting

    When Collum Corporation was organized in January 2011, it immediately issued 10,000 shares of $60 par, 5 percent, cumulative preferred stock and 20,000 shares of $10 par common stock. The company's earnings history is as follows: 2011, net loss of $15,000;

    asked by Lauren
  80. Math

    One summer, Jared earned $26 each time he mowed the lawn. He mowed the lawn a total of 13 times that summer. He had to fix his lawn mower one time during the summer, which cost him $32.42. Which number sentence could be used to find M, Jared's profit for

    asked by Thomas
  81. math

    You have just graduated from college and landed your first big job. You have always dreamed of being a homeowner, and after carefully shopping for your dream home, you find one that you would like to purchase at a cost of $250,000. After researching banks

    asked by tammy l
  82. calculus

    Find the extreme values of the function for the given intervals. 2x^3 – 21x^2 + 72x a) [0,5] b) [0,4] I have both the minimum values for both intervals which is 0. But I am unable to find the maximum. please help!!!

    asked by Abdullah
  83. Physics

    A block slides down an incline. As it moves from point A to point B, which are 5.0 m apart, a force F acts on the block, with magnitude 2.1 N and directed down the incline. The magnitude of the frictional force acting on the block is 10 N. If the kinetic

    asked by John
  84. Statistics

    Assume that male and female births are equally likely and that the birth of any child does not affect the probability of the gender of any other children. Find the probability of exactly eight in ten births.

    asked by chalulu
  85. marketing

    Name 3 things a marketing department of a firm does?

    asked by Lewis
  86. Etymology

    I am doing a project on Fascinating Etymology Stories and was wondering if you guys know of any good websites with interesting stories of the origin of words, preferrably not words that came from a persons name. Thanks:)

    asked by Abby
  87. physics

    A pion has rest energy 135MeV. It decays into two gamma rays that travel at the speed of light. A pion moving through the lab frame at v=0.98c decays into two gamma rays of equal energies, making equal angles θ with the direction of motion. Find the angle

    asked by mike
  88. English

    Can you please check if everything is correct now? I made the chages you told me. I have one more doubt in n. 3: Can I used "bored with" instead of bored by? 1)She was really upset about her uncle’s death. 2)She was embarrassed about the way her father

    asked by Mike
  89. math

    Find the following product: (y-10)^2

    asked by Jackster
  90. Economics

    a. If the face value of a coin exceeds the cost of coinage, the resulting revenue to the issuer of the coin is known as

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Calculus

    A spherical balloon a has a diameter 2 m when it is 1500m high . It is observed that the diameter increases at a constant rate of 4cm/min as it continues to rise. At what rate is the volume increasing when the diameter is 4m . At what rate is the surface

    asked by Mehak
  92. Further maths


    asked by Stanley dominic
  93. algebra

    In a local election, 53,400 people voted. This was a decrease of 7% over the last election. How many people voted in the last election? Round to the nearest whole person.

    asked by Anonymous
  94. English

    Can you please check this paragraph I summarized myself from an internet site called euronews. I think it can be useful to revise passive tenses and, of course, to keep up to date with what happens in Japan. 1.A 10-meter tsunami slammed into the Japanese

    asked by Mike
  95. civil enginerring

    air having a pressure of 40 psig and a volume of 8 cu ft expands isotermally to a pressure of 10 psig find the external work performed during the expasion

    asked by john
  96. Physics

    Derive an expression for the gain Vout/Vin. Express your answer in the form of A+jB. A basic non inverting operational amplifier with a capacitor connected in series with the resistor at the bottom.

    asked by John
  97. Statistics

    A test consists of 90 mulitiple choice questions, each with five possible answers, only one of which is correct. Find the mean and the standard deviation of the number of correct answers.

    asked by chalulu
  98. chemistry

    What is my theoretical yield of iron II chloride if I start with 34 grams of iron II bromide?

    asked by Allie
  99. Math

    At what points does the line y+x-3=0 intersect the curve 2y=6x+2(x^2)-(y^2)?

    asked by Paul
  100. Math

    i need help with symbolizing problem situations . similar with that ?

    asked by Roman
  101. statistics

    A 99% confidence interval for population variance is being formulated based on a sample of 16 observations. What are appropriate values for X^2

    asked by Sandy
  102. math

    6.6+.8x=0.2 what does x equal

    asked by mary
  103. History

    Is this true or false. If it is true were can I find the web site to verify the answer. I am having a difficult time interputating what the statement is trying imply. Please could you help me. Thank you. American colonies were born out mass slaughter of

    asked by David
  104. English

    Can you check these sentences for me, please? I really need to know if they are possible because I need to meet some American teachers tomorrow. 1)How do you call the teacher who is at the head of the English Department in a high school? 2) She has

    asked by Mike
  105. general chem

    How much heat is released whena mass of 125 g with a specific heat of 4.11 J/g C increases from 23.2 C to 34.9 C?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Math

    i have more than 9 but less than 16 marbles. There are half as many red as blue. There are two more green than blue. There is an odd number of yellow. What do I have?

    asked by Marylu
  107. Alg 1

    Graph -4x+y>-6 5y

    asked by Casey
  108. Socials

    Why did the Maritimes not favour Confederation? The only information I know is that they saw themselves as mature, independent colonies. Did they think that the union was not a fair idea or something?

    asked by Sara
  109. Statistics

    A survey found that 25% of pet owners had their pets bathed professionally rather than doing it themselves. If 20 pet owners are randomly selected find the probability that between 12 and 7 pet owners, inclusive, have their pets bathed professionally.

    asked by Ashley
  110. math

    Use an inequality to solve the problem. Be sure to show the inequality and all of your work. The area of a triangle must be at most 32.5 square inches. The base is 13 inches and the height is x inches. Find the possible values for x.

    asked by Anonymous
  111. math

    Use an inequality to solve the problem. Be sure to show the inequality and all of your work. A 12-pound puppy is gaining weight at a rate of 2/3 pound per week. How much more time will it take for the puppy’s weight to exceed 37 pounds?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. PHYSICS

    1...At what temp. of 0^C steel rod and copper rod have length of 800.1 & 99.9 respectively. At what temp. will the 2 rods have the same length. coeff.of linear expansion Copper-.000017 steel-.000013 2...The length of a brass bar increase from 4.001 into

    asked by EM
  113. Socials

    What three situations changed some Maritimers unwillingness? I cant find this information in my book

    asked by Sara
  114. Physics

    2. State whether each of the following would be apt to produce systematic or random errors in these experiments and explain why: (a) the corners of the cylinder are slightly rounded; (b) the end faces of the cylinder are parallel to each other but not

    asked by Sean
  115. stats

    if the true proportion of californians who are unemployed is 11%, what is the probability that a sample of 100 californians are unemployed?

    asked by stacy
  116. com1055

    may i have two exmple in changinging in your writing

    asked by brain
  117. Socials

    Which three men formed the "Great Coalition"? Why? George Brown, John A. Macdonald, and George Etienne Cartier. They formed the "Great Coalition" to save the government of Canada, and to try to unite the colonies. Am I right?

    asked by Sara
  118. Law - understanding terms

    I have this worksheet which asks me "historical barriers to achieving equality right" and the other coloumn asks "contemporary barriers to achieving equality rights" What is the difference between them.. is it the historical one is the history in the late

    asked by Babelii
  119. chemistry

    how many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make 100mL of a 0.5M solution

    asked by Anonymous
  120. science

    How do you calculate the atomic mass of magnesium? 79% magnesium-24, 10% magnesium-25, 11% magnesium-26

    asked by katie
  121. Socials

    What was the purpose of the Charlottetown Conference of 1864? The purpose of the Charlottetown Conference of 1864 was to unite the colonies and form a large colony... Is that right?

    asked by Sara
  122. Chemistry

    Ten kilograms of hydrogen gas are mixed with 355 kg of chlorine in a 0.50 mm^3 drum. The two gases react to produce hydrogen chloride. What is the final pressure in the drum if the final temperature is 60 degrees celcius?

    asked by Maria
  123. com/155

    Each of the following sentences has one grammatical error. The errors are in one of the following four categories: subject–verb agreement, run-on sentence, verb form and tense, or sentence fragment. Identify which of the four errors, if any, is present

    asked by Anonymous
  124. chemistry

    when we are synthesis n-butyl bromide what impurities we can expect in the crude product?and how would these impurities react with concentrated sulfuric acid?and also how we can make t-butyl bromide?

    asked by sashika
  125. chemistry

    Explain how strong acid solutions conduct an electric current.

    asked by Nissa
  126. Calculus(answer needed immediatly,thanks)

    A paper cup has the shape of a cone with height 8cm and radius 3cm at the top. Water is being poured into the cup at the rate of 2cm3/s. How fast is the water level rising when the water is 6cm deep?

    asked by Mehak
  127. Calculus

    A boat is pulled into a dock by a rope attached to the bow of the boat an passing through the pulley on the deck that is 1m high than the bow of the boat ,if the rope is pulled im at the rate of 0.8m/s how fast does the boat approach the deck when it is

    asked by Mehak
  128. Calculus

    A boat is pulled into a dock by a rope attached to the bow of the boat an passing through the pulley on the deck that is 1m high than the bow of the boat ,if the rope is pulled im at the rate of 0.8m/s how fast does the boat approach the deck when it is

    asked by Mehak
  129. Calculus

    Evaluate (integer sign)dx/sqrt9-8x-x^2 A.sin^-1 (x + 4/5) + C B.sin^-1 (x - 4/5) + C C.Ln Sqrt9-8x-x^2 + C D.Ln (-8 - 2x) + C B or C ?

    asked by anon
  130. physics

    3. What is the magnitude of the electric field strength E such that an electron, when placed in the field, would experience an electrical force equal to its weight? What electric field strength E is required if the electron is replaced by a proton

    asked by lol
  131. Word problem solving with graph equation

    Assignment Part I: A system of equations can result in 3 possibilities: consistent, inconsistent, and dependent. Discuss each of these types of solution that can be generated, and describe the graph of each possibility. Part II: Break-Even Analysis and

    asked by Joe
  132. Physics!!!

    A rod of length 1m lies in the lab frame making angle θ=30 with the x-axis. Find the length and the angle it makes with the x’-axis as seen by an observer moving at u=0.8c along the y-direction.

    asked by Jennifer
  133. Physics

    An observer stands 43.0 m behind a marksmen practicing at a rifle range. The marksman fires the rifle horizontally which gives the speed of the bullet to be 939 m/s. How far does each bullet travel before the observer hears the report of the rifle? Assume

    asked by Steph
  134. Advanced Alg.

    I forgot how to look for the asymptote from an equation.. can someone please help me out? example: y= x/(x+1) what's the asymptote in this case? Thanks.

    asked by Amanda E.
  135. Really Physics

    A 2.4 Kg object moving to the right at 0.8c collides with a 3.2 kg object moving to left at 0.6c. They stick together. Find the mass and velocity of the resulting combined object by; a) assuming that you have no knowledge of relativistic physics, b) using

    asked by Bob
  136. hcc

    find sample variance and standard deviation.8,45,16,50,34,25,32,31,30,27.s^2=

    asked by chelsea
  137. advanced alg.

    i meant how do you find the hoizontal and vertical asymptote from an equation?

    asked by Amanda E.
  138. Chemistry

    How many moles of nitrogen are in 5.0×10−2 mole of quinine?

    asked by Jen
  139. Access

    A database has two tables named Products and Orders. The tables are joined by a column called ProductID. You have created a query named uery1, which combines the data from the tables. If the Products table is deleted, what will happen when users run

    asked by Marie
  140. Calculus (double check my anser please)

    Evaluate integral e^3x cosh 2x dx. A.1/2 e^5x + 1/2 e^x + C B.1/10 e^5x + 1/2e^x + C

    asked by anon
  141. business

    A business is an institution that exists to serve the need of people for goods and services in a society.Discuss

    asked by Davidson
  142. history

    two of most significant social consequences of the Industrial Revolution.

    asked by Anonymous
  143. chemistry

    n one experiment, a mixture of 1.000 mol acetic acid and 0.5000 mol ethanol is brought to equilibrium. A sample containing exactly one-hundredth of the equilibrium mixture requires 28.80mL 0.1040M Ba(OH)2 for its titration. Calculate the equilibrium

    asked by gss
  144. calculus

    Find the area under one arch of a cycloid described by the parametric equations x=3(2theta -sin2theta) & y=3(1-cos2theta) use 0 and pi for te limiting values of. A.9pi B.18pi C.27pi D.36pi

    asked by anon
  145. Calculus (double check )

    Find the centroid of the area bonded by the parabola y =4-x^2 and the x-axis? A.(0,1.6)

    asked by anon
  146. English

    I forgot to ask you if the sentences I sent you before were gamatically correct. Thank you. In particular the use of "through" in q. 1, "as for" in q. 4. 1) Time is personified through the use of a capital letter in line 9, through the use of verbs

    asked by Mike
  147. Physics

    a) A distant spaceship carrying a red headlight, emitting light with wavelength 600 nm, is heading towards the earth. Observers on the earth detect the light from the headlight as ultraviolet light with wavelength 200 nm. What is the velocity of the

    asked by Bob
  148. maths exponential functions

    Hi I have a Maths quiz on Monday and i have been of sick for the past week. I received these review questions from my teacher via email and he isn't replying to my questions i really do not get these questions if someone can do these and explain to me how

    asked by TroubleInMathedise
  149. English

    These are the very last sentences. I'm unsure whether to use she or her (in sentence 6). Do you say "found out" or found/discovered in sentence 2? Is it possible to turn this sentence into the passive? "She has been doing the washing for two hours". The

    asked by Mike
  150. Maths - check please

    Fig.1. Shows a signwave on the its horizontal axis "Time in (ms)" means that time is measured in milliseconds. The time taken is 20 ms in total Question asks for frequency of the sinewave ? Cant really draw Fig.. here :-0( But the period is 5 milliseconds,

    asked by Oscar
  151. Physics

    3 point 666 point one fifth degree

    asked by Anonymous
  152. economics

    Eric borrowed 515 dollars today and has agreed to pay back in equal monthly installments over 6 years. The bank charges Eric 4.94% per year, compounded monthly. What is the amount that Eric will owe the bank at the end of month 20 (that is, after the 20-th

    asked by Rachel
  153. Physics

    A pion has rest energy 135MeV. It decays into two gamma rays that travel at the speed of light. A pion moving through the lab frame at v=0.98c decays into two gamma rays of equal energies, making equal angles θ with the direction of motion. Find the angle

    asked by Pardis
  154. government

    I just need some ideas please. I have to trace a policy example through the 3 models of federalism, dual, cooperative and creative. I have done quite bit of research and am having trouble finding a policy that I will be able to trace through the 3 models

    asked by Amy
  155. astrology of GEO PHYSICS

    3 point 666 point one fifth degree

    asked by Sandra
  156. physics

    12. If alpha particles are caused to fall through a potential difference of 1500 volts, determine their final speed if they were initially at rest. Alpha particles are Helium nuclei composed of two protons and two neutrons.

    asked by ike
  157. History

    We're learning about imperialism, and i have to find the foreign aid recipient $$ of china. I can't find it on the website my teacher gave to us.. Does anyone know it, or know where I could find it?

    asked by Nicole
  158. English

    Two very last doubts. Do you say "the Augustan or The Augustans were interested in real life". He admitted it had been him who ate all the cake./He admitted eating all the cake. Are they both correct?

    asked by Mike
  159. History

    Since the late 1800's and the 1912 eara how has the progression reform movement effected how things are presently?

    asked by David
  160. Social Studies

    What point was Madison making about the system of government created by the proposed U.S. Constitution?

    asked by S...
  161. math

    6/5 / 1/5

    asked by alexus
  162. Algebra

    (7+2t),(49-4t^2),(7-2t) find the LCM

    asked by Xaphan
  163. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 25 mL distilled water sample after the addition of 2 mL of HCl Calculate the pH of a 25 mL distilled water sample after the addition of 2 mL of NaOH

    asked by Kara
  164. Science

    Explain why the vacuum ball does not separate.

    asked by None
  165. science

    What is the density of coconut oil?

    asked by Mckey
  166. physics

    A child in a boat throws a 6.00 kg package out horizontally with a speed of 12.0 m/s, Fig. 7-28. Calculate the velocity of the boat immediately after, assuming it was initially at rest. The mass of the child is 25.0 kg and that of the boat is 50.0 kg.

    asked by joe
  167. stats

    What are the steps to solve P(x>k)=.025 when the mean is 500, standard deviation is 100

    asked by Lillie
  168. Chemistry

    Can dimethylformamide be stored in plastic bottles? Or is it better to store in glass bottles?

    asked by jess
  169. social studies

    who/what else got mummified,other than humans? why?

    asked by stefi
  170. HiSTORY ....helpppppp

    why is yellow journalism important in the Spanish American war?

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  171. physics

    A 13 g bullet traveling 235 m/s penetrates a 2.0 kg block of wood and emerges going 171 m/s. If the block is stationary on a frictionless surface when hit, how fast does it move after the bullet emerges? in m/s

    asked by Anup
  172. Math

    What are 5 names for 1/2?

    asked by Jennifer
  173. Calculus

    A rectangular prismatic tank has the following dimensions :length is 3 m, width is 2m . And depth is 3m .it is being filled with water and the surface level is rising at 20cm/min.what is the inflow rate of water at the tank ?

    asked by Mehak
  174. Science - Physical

    Earth's magnetic field induces some degree of magnetism in most of the iron objects around you. With a compass you can see that cans of food on you pantry shelf have north and south poles. When you pass the compass from their bottoms to their tops, you can

    asked by Jessica
  175. Calculus

    A water trough on a farm has an isosceles triangle croos section which is 60 cm across the top and 20m deep.the trough is 3m long . If itbis empty and then filled at a rate of 0.5 m3/min , how fast does the water level rise when the deepest point is 9cm ?

    asked by Mehak

    Zinc metal reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce zinc (II) chloride and hydrogen gas. what volume (in mL) of 2.0M HCl is required to dissolve a 10.0g piece of zinc?

    asked by Jon
  177. English 9

    I have a question about the short story "Son" by John Updike. Is "Son told in a.order from the contemporary father and his memories and reflections b.reverse chronological order, from past to present c.fragments that are set in different time periods and

    asked by Rachel B.
  178. chemistry

    If the solubility of NaCl at 25 degrees Celsius is 36.2 g/100 g H2O, what mass of NaCl can be dissolved in 200.0 g of H2O?

    asked by colleezy
  179. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Why don't we say possessive pronouns in English for the following words: my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their. Why do we say possessive adjectives? It doesn't make sense to me since my mother tongue is not English. Can you maybe explain this to

    asked by Mark
  180. math

    6.8 in fraction notation

    asked by shana
  181. English

    Thank you very much for all your information. I'm finding it difficult to rephrase two sonnets by Shakespeare, especially number 130 "To my Mistress' eyes". 1) The sonnet is Shakespeare's tribute to his uncomely mistress, commonly referred to asthe dark

    asked by Mike
  182. physics

    Green light has a wavelength of 4.96 10-7 m and travels through the air at a speed of 3.00 108 m/s. Calculate the period of green light waves with this wavelength. s What is the frequency? Hz

    asked by Anonymous

    Which of the following solutions contain the greatest total ion concentration? a) one mole of potassium chloride dissolved in 1.0L of solution b)one mole of sodium phosphate dissolved in 1.0L of solution c)one mole of ammonium carbonate dissolved in 1.0L

    asked by Jon
  184. chemistry

    Calculate the standared enthalpy of formation of solid Mg(OH)2 given the following data: 2Mg(s) + O29(g) →2MgO(s) ∆H = -1203.6kJ Mg(OH)2(s) →MgO(s) + H2O(l) ∆H= +37.1kJ 2H2(g) +O2(g) →2H2O(l) ∆H = -571.7kJ

    asked by melinda
  185. Social

    Is government regulation necessary in all aspects of business, why or why not? Are there some policies which make more sense than others? - I know that government regulation isn't always necessary to run a business and some people are capable are able to

    asked by Jonathan
  186. math

    How many ways can we select a group of 4 people from a class of 27? Please explain

    asked by Mari
  187. English

    I forgot to include the other sonnet (N. 116). I find it hard to rephrase the last couplet. 1)Sonnets 116 is about love in its most ideal form. True love is to be based on mutual trust and understanding. 2) True love doesn’t change when the situation

    asked by Mike
  188. yes

    Using your current work organization (or an organization of interest) as the subject matter, research the elements of business and prepare an APA formatted paper that:

    asked by dan
  189. hcs/341

    Description of the functional roles of the human resource department

    asked by eric
  190. Economics - anyone have any thoughts on this?

    A)Who has more monopoly power---Wal-Mart or the concessionaire who has acquired the franchise to sell beer, hot dogs, colas, candy, etc., at a Washington Redskins football game? Explain. B)Who has more monopsony power---Wal-Mart or teams in the National

    asked by Tasha
  191. AP Spanish

    Compare and contrast The Rising by Bruce Springsteen and Thursday from La Oreja de VanGogh.? I know the songs are about the September 11 tragedy in the U.S and the March 11 tragedy in Spain. Include comments and views of the role of each song.

    asked by Kelly
  192. MATH


    asked by LISA
  193. Physics please help!!

    A 12.1 g CD with a radius of 6.16 cm rotates with an angular speed of 31.1 rad/s. What is its kinetic energy?

    asked by Megan
  194. Spanish 7th grade

    I have a question about how to answer this If something is dulce, one would probably want to drink lemonade or a sour drink with it. I know dulce is sweet in Spanish but I don't get the correlation-or is it if you eat something sweet, you want to offset it

    asked by Ellie
  195. MacroEconomics

    Testing procedures required by the US Food and Drug Administration raise the cost and price of drugs. Should we eliminate such requirements in order to ease inflationary pressures?

    asked by Brendan
  196. algebra

    write a situation that could be modeled by the equation b=100-s.

    asked by stu
  197. math

    Find the values of c so that the intersection of y=-x+6 and y=x/3+c lies strictly in the first quadrant (not on a coordinate axis).

    asked by Janice
  198. Physics

    After you pick up a spare, your bowling ball rolls without slipping back toward the ball rack with a linear speed of v = 3.41 m/s To reach the rack, the ball rolls up a ramp that rises through a vertical distance of h = 0.529 m. What is the linear speed of

    asked by Megan
  199. Physics

    An electrical motor is designed to operate on 34 V at 1.3 A. How much resistance must be connected in series to this motor, if you wish to plug it in to a 120 V outlet?

    asked by Joan
  200. math

    14/51 * 3/4

    asked by LISA
  201. calc

    A spherical snowball is melting in such a way that its diameter is decreasing at rate of 0.4 cm/min. At what rate is the volume of the snowball decreasing when the diameter is 16 cm. (Note the answer is a positive number).

    asked by Anonymous
  202. Physics

    What current would flow in an ordinary 115 V household circuit, if a 1430 W hair drier and a 1000 W microwave oven were operating simultaneously on this line?How much current would the hair drier and microwave from the previous question draw, if they were

    asked by Joan
  203. Marketing

    Clustering techniques applied to segmenting markets?

    asked by Anonymous
  204. Physics please help!!

    A 1.94 kg solid sphere (radius = 0.105 m) is released from rest at the top of a ramp and allowed to roll without slipping. The ramp is 0.710 m high and 5.17 m long. When the sphere reaches the bottom of the ramp, what is its total kinetic energy?

    asked by Megan
  205. English

    Thank you very much for your correction. I need to know which prepositions are possible after certain adjectives of emotions. I hope you can help me. 1)disgusted at/by/with (I need to provide examples). I was disgusted at/about/ by (?) the news of the

    asked by Mike
  206. math

    30 - 19 1/3

    asked by ashley
  207. Chemistry

    The density of water at 17 degrees celcius is 0.998774g/mL and at 18 degrees celcius it is 0.998595 g/mL. Calculate the density of water at 17.7 degrees celcius?

    asked by Renee
  208. chemistry

    when 12.5mL of 0.28M HNO3 and 5.0mL OF 0.46M Ba(OH)2 are mixed, is the resulting solution acidic, basic, or neutral?

    asked by Jon
  209. political science

    Please help Thank you Examining and criticizing the policies and proposals of the majority party is a function of ? The majority party Foreign governments The minority party Government bureaucrats The judicial branch The power an interest group exerts is

    asked by Alex
  210. econ

    A bumper crop of farm products causes: 1) only a slight decline in the price of farm products because the demand for farm products is income inelastic. 2) a large decline in the price of farm products because the demand for farm products is price

    asked by Jeff
  211. history

    do the usa and china leaders cooperate to solve problems such as finance, trade,tyrants, and/or military actions?

    asked by mary
  212. Physics

    A 5.1 kg block slides down an inclined plane that makes an angle of 26 degrees with the horizontal. Starting from rest, the block slides a distance of 2.9 m in 4.6 s. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . Find the coefficient of kinetic friction

    asked by Jackson
  213. pre calc

    Find the critical number of the function. g(t) = | 6t - 9 | t =

    asked by alison
  214. statistics

    In a random sample of 400 electrical components,100 are found to be defective.if the hypothesis is that 20% of the components are defective,what is the standard error of the sample proportion

    asked by sharon

    Zinc metal reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce zinc (II) chloride and hydrogen gas. what volume (in mL) of 2.0M HCl is required to dissolve a 10.0g piece of zinc?

    asked by Jon
  216. Chemistry

    How many moles of NaOH are present in 30.1 mL of 0.140 M NaOH?

    asked by Eric
  217. English

    I forgot to include the following statements. I hope you can have a look at them, too 1) embarrassed about/at (are the prepositions intercheangable?) I was embarrassed about how untidy my room was/at (about?) having to ask for money/ to ask for money. 2)I

    asked by Mike
  218. tina

    40-2q+.03q^2=40-q-.01q^2 .04q=1 q=25 this is what i keep getting but I am suppose to be getting 50 what am I doing wrong?

    asked by econ
  219. math

    i had 16 1/2 apples i gave my cousin 2 apples what is the fraction of apples did i give my brother

    asked by denise
  220. English

    1. Wilma was able to walk again at age twelve. 2. Wilma was able to walk again at the age of twelve. 3. Wilma was able to walk again at twelve. 4. Wilma was able to walk again aged twelve. (Which ones are correct? Could we use other expressions?)

    asked by rfvv
  221. English

    1. What injection does a person at 16 years need to receive? 2. What injection does a person at 16 need to receive? 3. What injection does a person at 16 years old need to receive? 4. What injection does a person aged 16 need to receive? 5. What injection

    asked by rfvv
  222. Math

    What is the simple interest due on a six-month loan of $3250 if the interest rate is 7.75%

    asked by Bobbi
  223. chemistry

    at one atmosphere pure water ice melts at 0.0 C. at 12 atm the melting point is -0.085 C. The density of water is^3 at 0 C, while that of ice is 0.917 g/cm^3. From this information, estimate entropy of melting.

    asked by john
  224. math

    To purchase your first home, you may be required to borrow funds from a bank. You have just graduated from college, and your dream is to own your first home. Before you begin looking for your dream home, you need to learn more about funding options and the

    asked by tammy lo
  225. physics 11 grade

    A hiker shouts toward a vertical cliff 789.5m away. The echo is heard 2.1s later. The wavelength of the sound is 12.3 m. What is the speed of the shout? What is the frequency? What is the period of the wave?

    asked by Parker
  226. statistics

    You are randomly selecting 10 college students for an experiment. The population in which you are sampling has 78% of the students classified as Caucasian and 22% classified as Minority. What is the probability that all 10 students selected will be

    asked by john
  227. math

    What are the first and third quartiles of the box and whisker plot above? 0 15 110 225

    asked by andrew
  228. physics

    A group of swimmers is resting in the sun on an off shore raft. They estimate that 1.1m separates a trough and an adjacent crest of surface waves on the lake. In addition, they count 23 crests that pass by the raft in 15.7seconds. What is the frequency of

    asked by suzanne
  229. English

    Can you please tell me if the tense choice is correct in this paragraph? Tahnk you. Two verbs in brackets. 1) Time is personified through the use of a capital letter in line 9, through the use of verbs referring to human action (line 10: beding, come) and

    asked by Mike