Questions Asked on
March 11, 2011

  1. English

    I need to find the thesis and main points of his argument. President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address. January 20, 1961. Text is in the public domain. Vice President Johnson, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon,

    asked by Jessica A
  2. Calculus

    what is the derivative of: y=2sinxcosx

    asked by Hello
  3. physics

    Two hypothetical planets of masses m1 and m2 and radii r1 and r2, respectively, are nearly at rest when they are an infinite distance apart. Because of their gravitational attraction, they head toward each other on a collision course. Note: Both the energy

    asked by Rachel
  4. English.. Literature... books

    can u give me multiple choice questions from the "examview" on the story "A Noiseless Flash" from Hiroshima by John Hersey ... i really need to practice this selection. Plz if u can, copy and paste the questions because the link you might send me would not

    asked by tara
  5. physics

    A child, hunting for his favorite wooden horse, is running on the ground around the edge of a stationary merry-go-round. The angular speed of the child has a constant value of 0.264 rad/s. At the instant the child spots the horse, one-quarter of a turn

    asked by Anonymous
  6. accounting

    Jackson Company invests in a new piece of equipment costing $40,000. The equipment is expected to yield the following amounts per year for the equipment's four-year useful life: Cash revenues $ 60,000 Cash expenses (32,000) Depreciation expenses

    asked by jim1
  7. chemistry

    what is the pH if you mix 250ml of 3M HCl with 500ml of 1.5M CN-? i know that: HCl+CN- ---> HCN+Cl- 250ml converts to .75 moles and 500ml also converts to .75 moles when using the 3M and the 1.5M. Ka=X^2/m-x x/1000=.015/750 .02 CN- left.

    asked by GINA
  8. Psychology

    Describe why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development

    asked by Vicki
  9. MATH


    asked by ICE
  10. Chemistry

    What is the change in internal energy of a system that releases 1275 J of heat to the surroundings and is compressed so that 235 J of work are done on the system?

    asked by Katie
  11. geometry CA

    Graph quadrilateral ABCD. Then determine the most precise name for each quadrilateral. 1. A (0, 5), B (–5, 0), C (0, –5), D (5, 0) (1 point) square kite rectangle 2. A (–4, 4), B (3, 4), C (5, 0), D (–2, 0) (1 point) square trapezoid parallelogram

    asked by Jesicca
  12. chemistry

    Utilizing the concept of the second law of thermodynamics, explain why an ice skater requires less energy expenditure to cover the same distance as a roller skater. ?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. calculus

    The voltage of the power supply in a AC-DC coupled circuit is given by the function v(t) = 130sin5t + 18, where t is time, in seconds, and V is the voltage, in volts, at time t. a) find the maxiumum and mimimum voltages and the times at which they occur

    asked by Chris

    Provide an example of ow one domain of development impacts the other two

    asked by Vicki
  15. history

    Which of the following states was most affected by the Dust Bowl? A. South Dakota B.Texas C.Kansas D.Oklahoma I think it is D.

    asked by sharice
  16. double integral

    1. Sketch the region of integration & reverse the order of integration. Double integral y dydz... 1st (top=1, bottom =0)... 2nd(inner) integral (top=cos(piex), bottom=(x-2)... 2. Evaluate the integral by reversing the order of integration. double integral

    asked by Michelle
  17. physics

    Continue from the above. If a 10 ohm resistor is connected in the secondary, the current in the secondary is____ A (give your answer in number only, no unit)

    asked by Kiara
  18. physics

    Suppose a cylindrical habitat in space 7.70 km in diameter and 25.0 km long has been proposed. Such a habitat would have cities, land, and lakes on the inside surface and air and clouds in the center. They would all be held in place by rotation of the

    asked by Rachel
  19. UALR

    Information about a project Darcy Company is considering is as follows: Investment $1,000,000 Revenues $700,000 Variable costs $140,000 Fixed out-of-pocket costs $80,000 Cost of capital 12% Tax rate 40% The property is considered 5-year property for tax

    asked by jldix
  20. accounting

    Information about a project Darcy Company is considering is as follows: Investment $1,000,000 Revenues $700,000 Variable costs $140,000 Fixed out-of-pocket costs $80,000 Cost of capital 12% Tax rate 40% The property is considered 5-year property for tax

    asked by jim1
  21. physics

    What is the minimum speed, relative to the Sun, necessary for a spacecraft to escape the solar system if it starts at the Earth's orbit? Please tell me what formula

    asked by Rachel
  22. chemistry

    how do you find the Kc of a reaction?

    asked by GINA
  23. chemistry

    when a balloon has 1.2 L of a gas at 1.1 atm what will be the new volume of the balloon if the ballooon is placed in a partial vacuum, with a pressue of .35 atm?

    asked by meghan
  24. physics

    What is the maximum speed with which a 1050- car can round a turn of radius 68 on a flat road if the coefficient of static friction between tires and road is 0.60?

    asked by krb
  25. Calculus AB

    Let R be the region bounded by the graphs of y=sin(pi x) and y=(x^3)-4x, as shown in the figure above. (a) Find the area of R. (b) The horizontal line y=-2, x=2, x=-1. Write, but do not evaluate, an integral expression for the area.

    asked by Jaime
  26. English

    Sonia, a fellow employee and friend, repeatedly shows up late for work. You and others have covered for her in the past, but some people are beginning to resent her tardiness and several have made comments to her about about it. However, she has not

    asked by Natlie
  27. Chemistry

    A system contains liquid water. The water freezes. What is the sign of q for the system for this phase change?

    asked by Erika
  28. Chemistry

    What is the standard enthalpy of reaction for the following reaction: H2 + 1/2 O2 --> H2O(g)

    asked by Lauren
  29. Chemistry

    The following reaction has a standard enthalpy of reaction of -146.0 kJ/mol: Cu2O(s) + 1/2 O2(g) -> 2CuO(s) The standard enthalpy of formation of Cu2O(s) is -168.6 kJ/mol. What is the standard enthalpy of formation of CuO(s)?

    asked by James
  30. Math

    A high school soccer team has two goalies. Goalie A makes the save 80% of the time. Goalie B makes the save 75% of the time. If goalie A plays 3/5 of the games and goalie B plays 2/5 of the games then: 1. Determine the probability that a save has been made

    asked by Jowin
  31. Chemistry

    The bad smell of water containing hydrogen sulfide can be removed by the action of chlorine. The reaction is H2S(aq) + Cl2(aq)-->2HCl(aq) + S(s) If the hydrogen sulfide content of contaminated water is 22 ppm by mass, calculate the amount of Cl2 (in grams)

    asked by sokun
  32. FRENCH

    In French, what does agreement mean again? Cause for example I put down this: Ils ont marches sur l'Avenue Champs-Elysees. But there shouldnt be an S after marche because theres no agreement with avoir. Could I please know what agreement means again?

    asked by Sidney
  33. math

    one million tickets are sold for a lottery in which a single prize will be awarded. (a) if you purchase one ticket, determine your odds against winning (b) if you purchase 10 tickets, determine your odds against winning

    asked by Shan
  34. Math

    What is the solution to the equation 1%=(x/100)x 100? Thanks

    asked by Lorraine
  35. physics

    A car traveling at 26 m/s undergoes a constant decleration of 12 m/s^2. About how long di=oes it take the car to come to a stop?

    asked by Brittany
  36. algebra

    $306 was paid for 6 months on a simple interest loan at 8%. What is the principle?

    asked by kaven
  37. language

    a word that comes from the latin word poena mening punishment

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Physics

    A cirular coil of 19 turns and radius 10.2cm surrounds a long solenoid of radius 2.6cm and 1.00x103 turns per meter. The two are oriented so that the axis of the coil and the axis of the solenoid are parallel and the center of the coil is at the center of

    asked by Matt

    in 1993, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 68.6 yrs. in 1997, it was 71.0 . the linear function that fits the data is what

    asked by bianca, pleeease help i'm lost
  40. Algebra 2

    Subtract. Simplify by removing a factor of 1 when possible. (10bf)/(b^2-f^2)-(b-f)/b+f) Thank you for your help

    asked by Esther
  41. Physics

    A 1.11 kg block slides down a 15.0 m long 32.0° incline at constant velocity. How much work is done by friction? (please help me show me how to solve using equation and where to plug the numbers)

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Calculus

    How do I solve for: 5000 = 45t^2 + 240t + 450

    asked by Helen
  43. health

    Utilization of a SWOT Analysis is a common method of comparing Internal and External factors that impact an organization. What are reasons why this type of analysis is beneficial for a health care organization?

    asked by renn
  44. Physics

    A 1.11 kg block slides down a 15.0 m long 32.0° incline at constant velocity. How much work is done by friction? (please help me show me how to solve using equation and where to plug the numbers) 0 is not the right answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  45. History

    2) Niccolo Machiavelli was a Florentine who was active in politics in that Italian city-state, where bloodshed and destruction were often part of the political process. In chapter XIV, Machiavelli wrote “A Prince, therefore, ought never to allow his

    asked by Olivia
  46. math

    What is the mass of a liquid if its density is 5 g/ML and its volume is 25 mL?

    asked by joo
  47. com170

    Is this a summary, analysis, synthesis or evaluation 1. Alice Doe’s article discussed overlooked tax deductions. It talked about some of the most commonly missed deductions. Whereas her use of statistics seemed to bolster her arguments, it would have

    asked by dee
  48. UALR

    Van Meter Company is considering the purchase of the following computer equipment, which is considered 5-year property for tax purposes: Acquisition cost $500,000 Annual cash flow $180,000 Annual operating costs $30,000 Expected salvage value $-0- Cost of

    asked by jldix

    At the Earth's surface, a projectile is launched straight up at a speed of 8.4 km/s. To what height will it rise? Ignore air resistance and the rotation of the Earth.

    asked by Rachel
  50. hum

    Write a thesis sentence stating how and why the media's value extends beyond entertainment value. The thesis must include why it is a legitimate form of popular culture. Keep in mind factors such as influence and controversy.

    asked by xoxox
  51. Algebra

    The length of the side if a rectangular desk is given by 2x-7x cm. The length of the front is given by 2x +7y cm. What is an algebraic expression for the area of the top of the rectangular desk? Include correct units as part of answer.

    asked by Miguel
  52. chemistry

    if you perform a lab in which gas is the product, how can you account for the mass of the gas

    asked by Anonymous
  53. accounting

    Van Meter Company is considering the purchase of the following computer equipment, which is considered 5-year property for tax purposes: Acquisition cost $500,000 Annual cash flow $180,000 Annual operating costs $30,000 Expected salvage value $-0- Cost of

    asked by jim1
  54. busineslae

    In the video game Corporate Cowboy, your task is to investigate complaints of wrongdoing on the part of corporate directors and officers, decide whether there is a violation of the law, and deal with the wrongdoers accordingly. Jane, a shareholder of

    asked by jiji
  55. com170

    Is this a summary, analysis, synthesis or evaluation 1. Alice Doe’s article discussed overlooked tax deductions. It talked about some of the most commonly missed deductions. Whereas her use of statistics seemed to bolster her arguments, it would have

    asked by dee
  56. Teacher Aide

    Im doing Child devolopment and human behavior... and i want and need help! I have a headache! 1-20

    asked by Brooke
  57. math

    How do you cross multiply to find out the following: 3/5=2/4 3/5>2/4 3/5

    asked by Mattie
  58. geometry

    Given: M is the midpoint of line segment PQ and line segment RS. Prove: line segment QR is congruent to line segment PS.

    asked by Timmy
  59. MATH


    asked by JUNIOR C
  60. How Children learn


    asked by Brooke
  61. chemistry

    A sample of helium gas has a volume of 325L at 25C and at 5atm. At what temperature the gas can be compressed at 50atm to a volume of 125L?

    asked by n/a
  62. chemistry

    How many moles of argon gas are present in 70L of volume with a pressure of 180atm at 21C?

    asked by n/a
  63. chemistry

    How many moles of KBr are there in 35.8ml of a 0.172M solution?

    asked by n/a
  64. science

    A young man happens to spot an ex-girlfriend he's trying to avoid. Why does his mouth become dry?

    asked by Brianne
  65. english

    : Is this a good Thesis statment? Because of the downturn in the economy as well as more people collecting rather than contributing to Social Security will make the program go broke before today’s 20 somethings are able to collect.

    asked by jub
  66. English

    Create an imaginary dialogue between Laotzu and a contemporary high school student in which the student asks for the philosopher's advice. Focus the dialogue on a concrete situation involving school, work, or relationships, and be sure that Laotzu's advice

    asked by Crystal
  67. algebra


    asked by Ann
  68. MATH


    asked by JUNIOR C
  69. healthcare

    What are ways that health care laws or regulations affect your health care organization or a healthcare organization with which you are familiar

    asked by Anonymous
  70. chemistry

    CH3C (triple bond) CH 1.BH3, THF ----> 2.H2O2, -OH ---> Na, NH3----> 1.Hg(OAc)2,H2O--->

    asked by Tina
  71. Physics

    A coil is made up of 19 square loops with the sides equal to 5.3 cm. The coil is placed in a uniform 350 mT magnetic field with the axis of the coil parallel to the magnetic field. If the field reverses direction in 0.17 seconds, what is in volts, the

    asked by Justin
  72. Geometry

    We have a 17 by 20-foot garden. We want to pour cement for a sidewalk 3 feet wide around the garden. To make the forms for the cement, we will need to buy some 2 by 4 inch lumber. How many feet of 2 by 4 inch lumber will we need just for the perimeter of

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Physics

    A cirular coil of 27 turns and radius 15.0cm surrounds a long solenoid of radius 4.7cm and 1.00x103 turns per meter. The two are oriented so that the axis of the coil and the axis of the solenoid are parallel and the center of the coil is at the center of

    asked by Matt
  74. English 2

    Need help with this-- "In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization you've stated about some topic." Any ideas for generalizations?

    asked by Andrew
  75. math

    Which is heavier 9 5/8 lbs or 9 3/4 lbs. common denominator, 8 . Therefore calcultion that 9 3/4 would be 1/8 heavier!

    asked by JUNIOR C
  76. Physics

    Some spacecraft design uses a solar sail made of aluminized plastic. As sunlight reflects off the sail, radiation pressure drives the spacecraft outward away from the sun. a. If the sail material has a density of 700.0 kg/m3, what is the maximum thickness

    asked by Daniel
  77. English

    "In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization about some topic." Any ideas for generalizations?

    asked by Jonathan
  78. english

    Write an essay in which you argue whether Antigone did the right thing. Should she have buried her brother or obeyed the decree by her uncle? Support your answer with at least two specific references to the play.

    asked by Sam
  79. BOOKS.. english

    Explain how John Hersey blended characteristics of fiction and nonfiction in Hiroshima. How does this combination of genres help Hersey convey his feelings about the atomic attack on Hiroshima? Write a short essay that explains your answer. Support your

    asked by tara
  80. History

    The election of 1912 Eugene Debs espoused a view of labor equality and socialism. He argued for a transformation that would make “the working class the ruling class”.*** That seemed to have been the position of Lenin, Stalin, and other Marxist leaders.

    asked by David
  81. Alegebra

    i have 5 questions, i don't know how to solve these questions. 7= 2 +5(z-2) 15(s-3)=12s-43 2a-6=3(a-4) 2(b-3)+5=3(b-1) 6x +7 / 5 = x

    asked by Amber
  82. Statistics

    1. Which of the following statements are correct? a. A normal distribution is any distribution that is not unusual. b. The graph of a normal distribution is bell-shaped. c. If a population has a normal distribution, the mean and the median are not equal.

    asked by Andrew
  83. Statistics

    What type of data must you collect to conduct a t-test, why?

    asked by Andrew
  84. math

    True or False: sin(-85)=-sin(85) I need to show my work, how do I do so?

    asked by anthony
  85. math

    Congress is considering a tax credit program for those who purchase wind or solar-powered products. Proponents of the program have said that $400 million will be given directly to taxpayers and are arguing that this will have an economic effect that is

    asked by nette
  86. Algebra 2

    Subtract. Simplify by removing a factor of 1 when possible. (10bf)/(b^2-f^2)-(b-f)/b+f) Thank you for your help

    asked by Esther
  87. geography

    Now, where are there concentrations of people in the UK? Which are likely to experience problems of water supply?+

    asked by anonymous
  88. geography

    Rainfall and population imbalance. Identify the areas where there is plenty of rain- why is it wet here? A short paragraph please.

    asked by anonymous
  89. geography

    A paragraph of seasonal imbalance in the Mediterranean?

    asked by anonymous
  90. Physics * (Wht am I doing wrng? answ provided)

    A 6 kg block slides on a horizontal frictionless surface with a speed of 1.5 m/s . It is brought momentarily to rest when it hits a bumper that compresses a spring. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .How much is the spring compressed if its force

    asked by cr
  91. physics

    A projectile is launched with a speed of 41 m/s at an angle of 55° above the horizontal. Use conservation of energy to find the maximum height reached by the projectile during its flight.

    asked by Allie
  92. Physics

    Can you please show me how these answers are reached. A fully loaded Cessna-182 airplane of mass 1290 kg has an engine failure when flying with an airspeed of 139 km/h at an altitude of 2670m on a calm day. It then glides at a constant glide angle (which

    asked by Kelly
  93. writing

    i need a short introduction abot the story cathedral

    asked by john
  94. math

    what is the difference between more likely and most likely ?

    asked by alexander- very important!!!
  95. physics

    Find the height from which you would have to drop a ball so that it would have a speed of 6.6 m/s just before it hits the ground.

    asked by Allie
  96. maths exponential functions

    I have a maths assignment and i need help with this question my teacher is overseas at the moment and it is due when he gets back The Population P, of penguins in a certain region of Antarctica can be modeled by the relation P=Po (2) t/90, where t is time,

    asked by Josh
  97. cjs200

    Write a 200- to 300-word response describing the purpose of jails in society. Is the current system effective? Explain your rationale.

    asked by Anonymous
  98. medical terminology

    1. Dr. Hannah places a stethoscope to a seven-year-old child’s chest. The lungs reveal basilar rales. Which method is Dr. Hannah using to perform the physical examination? A. Auscultation C. Percussion B. Palpation D. Visualization 2. Cardiology is the

    asked by Nic
  99. physical

    A car is driven east for a distance of 43 km, then north for 25 km, and then in a direction 26° east of north for 26 km. Determine (a) the magnitude (in km) of the car's total displacement from its starting point and (b) the angle (from east) of the car's

    asked by alexx
  100. math

    6{[3(x 4)+16]-[3(4x-3)+4]} how do I solve this expression I cant figure this out

    asked by susan marshall
  101. Calculus

    derivative of ((Sqrt(x+3y)+sqrt(3xy))=(sqrt(21)+sqrt(90)) at point (6,5)google

    asked by delilah

    Identify 1 crime prevention method for property crime and 1 crime prevention method for enterprise crime. How successful is each prevention method? Illustrate your findings with statistics and anecdotal evidence.

    asked by Jada i'm sorry
  103. social studies

    is it true or false that sam houston cut government jobs and salaries

    asked by aby
  104. MBA financial managment

    We are starting a business and want to decide how much leverage to assume. In one scenario, we can invest $60,000 in the business and have variable cost of $.80 per unit. In the second scenario, we can invest $12,000; however, variable cost will now be

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Social Studies

    Which of the following Native American peoples lived in what we call today northwest U.S? hopi&seminoles, kwakiutl&nez perce, inuit and pawnee, or inuit&seminoles?

    asked by LB
  106. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of kl in grams required to prepare 5.00x10power 2mL of 2.80M solution

    asked by lisa
  107. social studies

    Christopher Columbus' treatment of Native Americans can BEST be described as friendly, peaceful but not friendly, violent& hostile,or fair?

    asked by Erica
  108. Calculus

    Find constants a and b in the equation f(x)= ax^b/(ln(x)) such that f(1/8)= 1 and the function has a local minimum at x= 1/8

    asked by Shannon
  109. physics

    A system consists of three particles, each of mass 2.10 g, located at the corners of an equilateral triangle with sides of 22.0 cm. Calculate the potential energy of the system. Please help me what formula to use please

    asked by Rachel
  110. physics


    asked by Anonymous
  111. chemistry

    if 200.0 ml of 0.800 m is prepared from a 70.0 ml stock solution, what is the molarity of stock solution

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Microeconomic

    If your marginal utility from your last session with your personal trainer is equal to the price she charged you, then: Thank you-Jane

    asked by Jane
  113. science

    If the head circumference is 22.75in what is the uncertainty in circumference?

    asked by karrimah
  114. science

    uncertainity in head volume =3/59xC2 x delta VC Head volume is 3138.86cm3

    asked by karrimah

    when it comes to a crime such as extortion, could it be said that greed, fame and/or revenge might be a motivating factor?

    asked by Carly
  116. literature-help me PLEASE?

    Explore the theme of loneliness and discuss how the writer has conveyed this to the reader through their use of language and style.The poems, Night Waitress by Lynda Hull, The Lady in The Pink Mustang by Louise Erdrich, and Those Winter Sundays by Robert

    asked by Vivian

    thank you

    asked by Carly
  118. 9th grade science

    A strong acid, HBr, has been dissolved into a beaker of water. If the solution is known to be 0.000 001 M, what is the pH solution?

    asked by Amy
  119. chem

    Determine the volume of 0.240 M KOH solution required to neutralize each of the following samples of sulfuric acid. The neutralization reaction is shown below. H2SO4(aq) + 2 KOH(aq)--> K2SO4(aq) + 2 H2O(l) (a) 26 mL of 0.240 M H2SO4 thanks

    asked by Abby
  120. chem2

    vapor pressure is 50.0 has a 17.0 torr 36.1g unknown elect. density 1.05g/ml, vapor pressur h20 50c=92.5 torr find what the unknown wt is.

    asked by jeanette
  121. physics

    Body A of mass M has an original velocity of 6.2 m/s in the +x-direction toward a stationary body (body B) of the same mass. After the collision, body A has velocity components of 1.1 m/s in the +x-direction and 2.2 m/s in the +y-direction. What is the

    asked by Steve
  122. science

    what is the uncertainity if the head volume is 3138.86cm3in?

    asked by karrimah
  123. science

    Describe the activity of Catalase as pH increases. Are other enzymes like to behave this way?

    asked by anonoymus
  124. physics

    A 981-kg satellite orbits the Earth at a constant altitude of 103-km. How much energy must be added to the system to move the satellite into a circular orbit with altitude 199 km? I need answer in MJ please tell me what formula

    asked by Rachel
  125. science

    Assume that you have a pH meter which would enable you to very accurately measure the pH of a solution. Describe an experimental design that would allow you to pinpoint the exact pH at which Catalase is the most active.

    asked by anonymous
  126. science

    Hypothesize about a means to separate out plant cells from a mixed population of eukaryotic cells.

    asked by anonymous
  127. Political Science: American Government

    Can you please tell me if these are correct? Thank you! Generally, people with lower incomes, less education, and lower job status: a. are more conservative in their political opinions. b. are more liberal in their political opinions. c. are more moderate

    asked by lara
  128. algebra

    expression undefined 1/(2x^2 - 50) Could you please show me how to do this? thank you

    asked by peg
  129. algebra

    It takes 7 hours for Will to paint a house. Judy can paint the same house in 3 hours. How long will it take them to paint the house if they work together?

    asked by sandra
  130. english

    2. Recent economic concerns prompted President Obama to meet with credit card industry executives in April, 2009. The national credit card delinquency rate has continued to grow in recent times, and the President, along with Congress, aims to end unfair

    asked by Anonymous
  131. chem

    A student increases the temperature of a 200 cm3 balloon from 60°C to 180°C. What will the new volume of the balloon be? (Be careful with units.)

    asked by Anonymous
  132. calculus

    what is the derivative of: V(t) = 130sin5t + 18

    asked by Chris
  133. physics

    Columnist Dave Barry poked fun at the name "The Grand Cities" adopted by Grand Forks, North Dakota, and East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Residents of the prairie towns then named their next municipal building for him. At the Dave Barry Lift Station No. 16,

    asked by kia
  134. chemistry

    At 2010K, the equilibrium constant Kc is 4*10^-4 for the following: N2+O2-->2NO If the equilibrium concentration of N2 is .28M and O2 is .38M, what is the equilibrium concentration of NO? a)1.8*10^-9 b)2.1*10^-5 c)4.3*10^-5 d)6.5*10^-3

    asked by GINA
  135. computer

    A-Asking the user to pick a number between 1 and 20 and having the computer pick a number between 1 and 20 and telling the user if they won or lost B- For finding the logic error in the program C- For finding and fixing the logic error in the program D-

    asked by ami
  136. math

    Shirley has $16,000 invested in Boeing and GE stock. The Boeing stock currently sells for $30 a share and the GE stock for $70 a share. If GE stock triples in value and Boeing stock goes up 50%, her stock will be worth $34,500. how many shares of each

    asked by anonymous