Questions Asked on
March 9, 2011

  1. physics

    Determine the resulting temperature when 150g of ice at 0°C is mixed with 300g of water at 50°C

    asked by aj
  2. Chemistry

    consider the equation for the following reaction at equilibrium. X+Y2Z+heat the concentration of the product could be increased by 1.adding a catalyst 2.adding more heat to the system 3.increasing the concentration of Y 4.decreasing the concentration of X

    asked by Jazmin F.
  3. Physics

    A 50.0 kg diver steps off a diving board and drops straight down into the water. The net force when in the water is an upward 1450 N. If the diver comes to rest 5.0 m below the water's surface, what is the total distance between the diving board and the

    asked by Becky
  4. General Chem II

    When the equation Cl2 ---> Cl- + ClO3- (basic solution) is balanced using the smallest whole-number coefficients, the coefficient of OH- is??

    asked by DarcY H
  5. Chemistry

    what is the numerical value of the equilibrium constant Kgoal for the reaction CO2(g) C(s) +O2(g)? by making use of the following information: 1. 2CO2(g)+2H2O(I) = CH3COOH(I)+2O2(g), K1=5.40x10^-16. 2. 2H2(g)+O2(g) = 2H2O(I), K2=1.06x10^10. 3. CH3COOH(I) -

    asked by gin - More info to initial question. Please help
  6. math

    An instrument store gives a 10% discount to all students off the original cost of an instrument. During a back to school sale an additional 15% is taken off the discounted price. Julie, a student at the local high school, purchases a flute for $306. How

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Algebra

    an investment of 72,000 was made by a business club. the investment was split into three parts and lasted for one year. the first part of the investment earned 8% interest. the second 6% and the third 9%. total interest from the investments was $5640. the

    asked by Sarah
  8. physics

    The drawing shows a version of the loop-the-loop trick for a small car. If the car is given an initial speed of 4.6 m/s, what is the largest value that the radius r can have if the car is to remain in contact with the circular track at all times

    asked by Amanda
  9. physics

    A child and sled with a combined mass of 50.0 kg slide down a frictionless slope. If the sled starts from rest and has a speed of 3.40 m/s at the bottom, what is the height of the hill?

    asked by Allie
  10. science

    what is the mole ratio of C5H12-> C5H8 + 2H2?

    asked by dee
  11. chemistry

    Calculate the volume needed to dissolve 11.2g CuSO4 to prepare 0.140M?

    asked by cris
  12. AP Physics

    Two radioactive isotopes are extracted from spent nuclear fuel and placed in a metal container, which is then sealed and deposited in a nuclear waste disposal facility. The graph above shows how many nuclei of isotopes 1 and 2 remain as a function of time.

    asked by Amanda.
  13. Math (Trig.)

    A boat sailing from A to B travels in a straight line until the captain realizes he is off course. The boat is turned through an angle of 60 degrees, then travels another 10 km to B. The trip would have been 4 km shorter if the boat had gone straight from

    asked by Connor
  14. Alg 1

    The popultion of Medford High is 800 students & the population of WEstville High is 1240 students. Medfords pop. has been increasing by 30 students per year, while westville has been decreasing by 25 students per year. In how many yearas will the

    asked by Casey
  15. Chemistry

    How many moles of helium are contained in a 5.00-L canister at 101 kPa and 30.0 degrees Celsius? I don't understand how to get the answer. My teacher didn't explain the work she just gave me the answer.

    asked by Walker
  16. Statistics

    Recently, a case of food poisoning was traced to a particular restaurant chain. The source was identified and corrective actions were taken to make sure that the food poisoning would not reoccur. Despite the response from the restaurant chain, many

    asked by Bill
  17. physics

    A daredevil on a motorcycle leaves the end of a ramp with a speed of 29.5 m/s as in the figure below. If his speed is 27.1 m/s when he reaches the peak of the path, what is the maximum height that he reaches? Ignore friction and air resistance.

    asked by Allie
  18. Auburn University

    Two 95.0 W (120 \rm V) lightbulbs are wired in series, then the combination is connected to a 120 V supply How much power is dissipated by each bulb?

    asked by Mitchell
  19. Chemistry

    If a catalyst is added to a system at equilibrium and the temperature and pressure remain constant there will be no effect on the: (1) rate of the forward reaction (2) rate of the reverse reaction (3) activation energy of the reaction (4) heat of reaction

    asked by Jazmin F.
  20. Calculus

    Find the domain of the following function h(x,y) = sqrt(x-9y+5)?

    asked by Z32
  21. chemistry

    How many grams of sodium chloride are needed to prepare 250 mL of a 2% solution?

    asked by Mona
  22. Chemistry

    In a reversible reaction, chemical equilibrium is attained when ? 1. Rate of the forward reaction is greater than the rate of the reverse reaction. 2. Rate of the reverse reaction is greater than the rate of the forward reaction, 3. Concentration of the

    asked by Jazmin F.
  23. PreAlgebra

    If x=yz, which of the following must be equal to xy? a. yz b. yz^2 c. y^2z d. z^2\y

    asked by Bill
  24. math

    A mother wants to invest $9,000.00 for her son’s future education. She invents a portion of the money in a bank certificate of deposit (Cd account) which earns 4% and the remainder in a saving bond that earns 7%. If the total interest earned after one

    asked by MARIAH
  25. science

    How mny moles of Mg would you need to react with 2.5 moles of O2?

    asked by dee
  26. Geometry

    You are designing dinnerware. What is the length of a side of the smallest square plate on which a 20-cm chopstick can fit along a diagonal without any overhang?

    asked by Alice
  27. Chemistry

    which description applies to a system in a sealed flask that is half full of water? (sorry about that) A. only evaporation occurs, but it eventually stops. B. only condensation occurs, but it eventually stops. C. Neither evaporation nor condensation occurs

    asked by Jazmin F.
  28. geometry

    The base length of the triangle with vertices A(1,1, B(9,1), C(5,5)is multipliend by 2.Describe the effect of the change on the area. can someone help me on this one.. am stuck

    asked by Carmen
  29. English

    John Donne HOLY SONNETS 10 Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so ; For those, whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow, Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me. From rest and sleep, which but thy

    asked by anthony
  30. Calculus

    I am supposed to find when there will be 40 berry bushes. I am given the function p(t)=(16t+50t^3)^1/3. P is the population of a certain type of bush in a conservation area and t is time in years. I know that i am supposed to make p(t) = 40, but i don't

    asked by Lauren
  31. Algebra

    1) the ideal surface area of a rubber ball shipped from the factory is 50.25 square nches. the company inspector insists that the balls shipped vary no more than .3 square inches of this total. To the nearest hundreth, what is the minimum value for the

    asked by anonymous
  32. physics

    A sailor strikes the side of her ship just below the waterline. She hears the echo of the sound reflected from the ocean floor directly below 2.00 s later. How deep is the ocean at this point? (Assume the velocity of sound in water is 1560 m/s, and enter

    asked by Student in Need
  33. physics

    It has been proposed to use large inductors as energy storage devices. How much electrical energy is converted to light and thermal energy by a light bulb with a power of 195 W in one day? If the amount of energy calculated in part (a) is stored in an

    asked by Sarah
  34. Chemistry

    A 25.0cm^3 aliquot of a solution containing Fe2+ ions and Fe3+ ions was acidified and titrated against KMnO4 solution. 15.0cm^3 of 0.020M KMnO4 was needed. A second 25.0cm^3 aliquot was reduced using Zn, then titrated. This time, 19.0cm^3 of the 0.020M

    asked by tam
  35. math

    Your Porsche's gas mileage (in miles per gallon) is given as a function M(x) of speed x in miles per hour. It is found that M'(x) = 3,600x−2 − 1 (3,600x−1 + x)2 . Estimate M'(10), M'(60), and M'(110). (Round your answers to seven decimal places.)

    asked by Beth
  36. Geography/History

    Which of the countries listed below receives the most rainfall? A) Somalia B) Namibia C) Democratic Republic of Congo D) Central African Republic I cant find the answer to this anywhere, can someone help?

    asked by Kaitlin
  37. physics

    The voltage across the terminals of a 8.90 V battery is 8.00 V when the battery is connected to a 50.0 \Omega load.What is the battery's internal resistance?

    asked by Mitchell
  38. Physics 1

    A meter stick has a mass of 200g and its center of gravity is at the 50.0 cm mark. If 150g is attached to the stick at the 10 cm mark, where would an upward force on the stick need to be placed to balance the stick and the added mass?

    asked by Lindsey
  39. statistics

    A Gallup Poll asked, "In general, how often do you experience stress in your daily life - never, rarely, sometimes, or frequently?" Gallup's report said, "Results are based on telephone interviews with 1,027 national adults, aged 18 and older, conducted

    asked by brian
  40. biology

    Which of these characteristics is NOT found in the amphibians?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. science

    how much of a 0.225 M KCl solution contains 55.8g of KCl

    asked by moises
  42. Grammar

    My aunt works at Woods Hole as a scientist. What are the nouns in the sentence? Is is aunt, Woods hole and scientist?

    asked by Wesley
  43. MATH

    A truck enters a highway driving 60mph. A car enter the highway at the same place 14 minutes later and drives 66mph in the dame direction. From the time the car enters the highway, how long will it take the car to pass th truck?

    asked by MARIAH
  44. Chemistry

    What is the volume of 0.05-molar HCl that is required to neutralize 50 ml of a 0.10-molar Mg(OH)2 solution?

    asked by Abe
  45. AP Calculus

    An object moves along the x-axis with a velocity of v(t) = sin(pi/3)t for time t greater than or equal to 0. What is the total distance traveled by the object over the time interval 0 less than or equal to t less than or equal to 4?

    asked by Sandy
  46. physics

    A proton with a speed of 3.5 × 10 6 m/s is shot into a region between two plates that are separated by a distance of 0.23 m. As indicated in the figure, a magnetic field exists between the plates, and it is perpendicular to the velocity of the proton.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    Determine whether the graph of each function is symmetric with respect to the origin. F(X)=-12/x

    asked by emily
  48. 3rd Grade Math

    How many degrees does the hour hand move in 4 hours?

    asked by Kristiana

    Water flows over a section of Niagara Falls at a rate of 1.43 × 10^6 kg/s and falls 62.5 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. How much power is generated by the falling water? Answer in units of MW.

    asked by johana
  50. science

    At the speed of 2.5 m/s, how many seconds will it take the kayak to run a 4,500 m course? What is the speed of the kayak inn kilometer per hour? I want to work it on my own, just need help with formula please thanks

    asked by Annie
  51. geometry

    uvw=xyz if so name the postulate that applies

    asked by bob
  52. MATH

    The ratio of the distances a 7-iron and a 5-iron will drive a golf ball is 5 to 6. If a golfer averages 153 yards with a 7-iron how far should he average with a 5-iron Express your answer as an integer or mixed number. 183.6 The appliance store where the

    asked by anonymous
  53. physics

    A sledge loaded with bricks has a total mass of 18.9 kg and is pulled at constant speed by a rope inclined at 19.3° above the horizontal. The sledge moves a distance of 19.8 m on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sledge

    asked by Allie
  54. Science

    Determine the molar concentration of Ca^2+ and Cl- in a .075 M CaCl2 solution

    asked by Moses
  55. Chemistry

    When 100mL of 1.00 M Ba (NO3)2 and 100 mL of 1.00 M Na2SO4, both at 25 degrees celsius, are mixed in a constant pressure calorimeter, a white precipitate is formed and the temperature rises to 28.1 degrees celsius. A. What is the precipitate? B. If all of

    asked by Johnny
  56. chemistry

    What mass of melamine, C3N3(NH2)3, will be obtained from 159.5 kg of urea, CO(NH2)2, if the yield of the overall reaction is 79.0 %?

    asked by Lara
  57. chemistry

    how much of a 0.225 M KCl solution contains 55.8g of KCl

    asked by moises
  58. history

    Besides gaining independence for India, what is another change that Gandhi occurred because of his actions?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. AP Chem

    What is the pH of 0.2 M solution of sodium propanoate?

    asked by Leigh
  60. Physics

    In the approximation that the Earth is a sphere of uniform density, it can be shown that the gravitational force it exerts on a mass m inside the Earth at a distance r from the center is mg(r/R), where R is the radius of the Earth. (Note that at the the

    asked by Amelie
  61. science

    determine the molar concentration of Ca^2+ and Cl- in a .075 M CaCl2 solution

    asked by abby
  62. math

    Marcy is planning to borrow $12,500 with a simple interest rate of 5.2% for 4 years. How much will she pay back to the bank?

    asked by steph
  63. geometry

    A segment 12" long is divided into two segments having lengths in the ratio of 2:3. Find the length of each segment. (Hint: Let 2x and 3x represent the length of the parts.) x = ? segment 1 = (2x) = ? inches segment 2 = (3x) = ? inches

    asked by terri
  64. basics and tools of floral design

    a pick machine affixes a

    asked by amanda
  65. MATH

    Erika spent 5/6 hr on her computer visiting the history channel and the discovery channel websites. She spent 1/5 hr at the history channel website. How many hours did she spend at the discovery channel website? please help I have no idea where to begin

    asked by anonymous
  66. MATH


    asked by Jada
  67. physics

    How much heat is absorbed by an electric refrigerator in charging 2 Kg of water at 15°C to ice at 0°C?

    asked by aj
  68. physic

    A car is driven east for a distance of 44 km, then north for 25 km, and then in a direction 27° east of north for 28 km. Determine (a) the magnitude (in km) of the car's total displacement from its starting point and (b) the angle (from east) of the car's

    asked by keef lam
  69. statistics

    Let X be the average of a sample of 16 independent normal random variables with mean 0 and variance 1. Determine c such that P (X< c) = .5

    asked by Anonymous
  70. statistics

    Many companies today have a mandatory drug testing policy for their employees. To minimize the cost of testing, sample from 6 people are combined. If the mixture tests negative then all 6 individual employees are also negative. Find the probabilty of a

    asked by Anonymous
  71. goemetry

    A segment is divided into two parts having lengths in the ratio of 5:3. If the difference between the length of the parts is 6," find the length of each part. x = ? segment 1 = (5x) = ? inches segment 2 = (3x) = ? inches

    asked by terri
  72. English, please help

    Which sentence below has an underlined action verb? A. The poem "Easter Wings" is written in the form of wings. ("is" is underlined) B. "Paradise Lost" is an allegory. ("is" is underlined) C. In "Meditation 17," Donne compares man to an island. ("compares"

    asked by anthony
  73. Science

    when a kayak races downstreamm, its speed is clocked at 3 m/s. How far does the kayak travel in 35 s? in 1 hour?

    asked by Sydney
  74. geometry

    Suppose the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 22 inches are tripled. Find the perimeter of the new rectangle in inches.

    asked by avril
  75. Chemistry

    Can Fe2+ and Mn2+ be separated by precipitating FeS(s) and not MnS(s)? Assume [Fe2+]=[Mn2+]=[H2S]=0.10 M. Choose a [H3O+] that ensures maximum precipitation of FeS(s) but not MnS(s). Will the separation be complete? For FeS, Kspa = 6x10^2 ; for MnS, Kspa =

    asked by Jenny
  76. Calculus

    A projectile is launched at an angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal from 6.5 ft above the ground at an initial speed of 150ft/sec. Assume the x-axis is horizontal, the positive y-axis is vertical (opposite g), the ground is horizontal, and only the

    asked by Z32
  77. Math

    Alyssa is a chemist with Gemco Pharmaceutical Company. She needs to prepare 12 ounces of 9% hydrochloric acid solution. The only solution she currently has available are 4% and 12% hydrocholoric acid. How much should she use of each solution to obtain the

    asked by John
  78. math


    asked by Americal
  79. English

    I forgot to include these last two sentences. 1) Slaves worked either on sugar cane plantations (better of sugar cane) or in their masters' houses. If they rebelled, they could have an ear cut off or be killed. 2) For them the only way to escap ws the

    asked by Mike
  80. chemistry

    a weak acid has a pKa of 6.0. what is the ratio of conjugate acid to conjugate base at pH 5?

    asked by kabelo
  81. chemistry

    When a solution is diluted with water, the ratio of the initial to final volumes of solution is equal to the ratio of final to initial molarities. true or false?

    asked by KRisten
  82. physics

    i posted this before but no one answered. please help me: A net force of 1.6×10−15 N acts on an electron over a displacement of 5.0 cm, in the same direction as the net force. (a) What is the change in kinetic energy of the electron? (b) If the electron

    asked by jamaisa
  83. College Math

    Use the functions to find the stopping distance on wet pavement and dry pavement for a car traveling at 55 MPH.Identify the graph for each stopping distance.Explain how well your answers to item 1 model the actual stopping distances shown in Figure 3.41 on

    asked by Anonymous
  84. FRENCH

    Okay so for this question Qu'est-ce que tu viens de faire aujourd'hui? Je viens de parler au Francais. D'après toi, est-ce qu'il faut être content(e)? Oui, d'après moi, il faut être riche pour être content. Est-ce que tu as une amie qui est souvent en

    asked by Sidney

    A plank of uniform construction 5 metres in length and of mass 25kg. is balanced on a sawhorse stand which acts as a fulcrum. a bag of sand having a mass of 20kg. is suspended from one end of the plank. on the other end of the plank, a concrete block of

    asked by DMITRIC
  86. college physics

    two balls of equal mass,moving with speeds of 5 meter/seconds,collide head on.find the velocity of each after impact if (a)they are stuck together (b)the collision of perfectly elastic. (c)the coefficient of restitution in 1/3?

    asked by Jeff Rey
  87. calculus

    how can I determine the domain of a function h(x): integrate from 0 to 2x-1 f(t)dt, when the f(x) function is a graph shown and equations for both semicircles in the graph are: square root of 4x-x(squared) and for the second one -square

    asked by alex
  88. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution made by dissolving the 37 g of KOH in 500 mL of water, with no buffer in it?

    asked by Tayler
  89. science

    Thank you so much, Ms. Sue. Is this correct? A family backpacking at yosemite took 5 hours to climb a mountain trail 7.5 km long. What was the family's average speed? I did it like this. speed=7.5km/5h = 1.5km over h. Is this right? Thank you - why am i so

    asked by Sydney
  90. Newton' law of motion

    A resultant force of 50N pulls a body of mass 10kg along a smooth horizontal surface. Calculate the acceleration with which the body is moved

    asked by Alex
  91. Biology

    We extract energy from macronutrients primarily from which of the following types of chemical reactions?

    asked by Sam
  92. Economics

    Could you give me two reasons why it is a good idea for the BBC to be funded through advertising. I have already got that it generates a higher amount of revenue. Also could you give me two reasons why it is not a good idea for the BBC to be funded through

    asked by Anique
  93. Math

    how many degrees does the hour hand move in 6 hours?

    asked by Kristiana
  94. physics Dx

    Compute the de Broglie wavelength associated with a ping-pong ball that is moving with a velocity of 4 meters per second. The mass of the ping-pong ball is 20 grams

    asked by kyra
  95. Trigonometry

    I have some trigonometric equations to do, but I'm pretty lost, and I have to get them done in a timely fashion, so any help would be much appreciated. "Solve the following trig equations. Give all the positive values of the angle between 0 degrees and 360

    asked by Gary
  96. science

    need to unscramble these letters to make a four word message using this pattern xxxxx xxx xxx xxx letters are teeuobftrdhsye or teeuobflrdhsye please help

    asked by dawn
  97. chem

    ...A dioxin-contaminated water source contains 0.044% dioxin by mass. How much dioxin is present in 6.5 L of this water? (Assume that the density of the solution is 1.00 g/mL.) thanks

    asked by Rebekah
  98. high school chem

    How many grams of a stock solution that is 92.5 percent h2s04 by mass would be needed to make 250 grams of a 35% by mass solution?

    asked by Kayla
  99. Calculus

    find the intervals where the function is increasing and the intervals where it is decreasing f(x)= (x^3/3)-(x^2/2) ok i found its derivative which is (f1(x)=(x-1)x my options are increasing a) (0,infinity) b) (-1,0) c(-infinity,0)U(1,infinity) decreasing

    asked by Katia
  100. lang

    What is preposition phrase in the follow sentence: When you are seasick, you are not really sick from the sea.

    asked by jeremiah
  101. Alg 1

    A farmer has 165 feet of fencing material in which to emclose a rectangle area. He wants the length x to be greater than 50 feet and width y to be no more than 20 feet. write a system to represent this situation.

    asked by Mary
  102. algebra

    Find the maximum value of the objective function z=24x+7y subject to the following constraints: 1. 0¡Üx¡Ü10, 0¡Üy¡Ü5. 3x + 2y ¡Ý 6

    asked by Joe
  103. Child Care

    1. The interaction between a child's biological makeup and the environmental influences that affect his or her development and behavior is called the a) balanced systems approach b) ecological systems theory c) body in the classroom analysis d) me/them

    asked by Rachel
  104. Physics

    On a dry road, a car with good tires may be able to brake with a constant deceleration of 4.17 m/s2. (a) How long does such a car, initially traveling at 22.4 m/s, take to stop? (b) How far does it travel in this time?

    asked by john
  105. Calc.

    Differentiate. y= (cos x)^x u= cos x du= -sin x dx ln y = ln(cos x)^x ln y = x ln(cos x) (dy/dx)/(y)= ln(cos x) (dy/dx)= y ln(cos x) = (cos x)^x * (ln cos x) (dx/du)= x(cos x)^(x-1) * (-sin x) = - x sin(x)cos^(x-1)(x) (dy/dx)-(dx/du)=

    asked by Chelsea
  106. physics

    A ^9 Be nucleus containing four protons and five neutrons has a mass of 1.50×10−26 kg and is traveling vertically upward at 1.70 km/s. If this particle suddenly enters a horizontal magnetic field of 1.25 T pointing from west to east, find the direction

    asked by Becky
  107. trig

    I need to state the period and 2 consecutive asymptotes on the graph for the following questions. 1: y = -3 tan pi*x period: pi (?) asymptotes: ? 2: y = 2 sec 4x period: ? asymptotes: ? 3: y = csc (x/3) period: ? asymptotes: ? 4: y = 3 cot (pi*x/2) period:

    asked by Michael
  108. reading

    Does anyone know of a good short story that has to due with confidence or dedication? If so do you know the website where i can read the story? Thanks

    asked by hunter
  109. English

    Please check for any errors. Let me know if i need to place commas anywhere or delete. Attached are the Widget Sales figures for the past six months. My principle concern is the lack of effectiveness of the sales manager in the Southwest Division. The

    asked by Angela
  110. science

    Thank you. I don't know if this one is right- At the speed of 2.5m/s, how many seconnds will it take the kayak to run a 4,500 m course? what is the speed of the kayak in kilometers per hour? speed= 4,500km/2.5h*60min/1 h =270,000/2.5=108,000km/h Thank you

    asked by Annie
  111. Chemistry

    A mixture containing CH3OH, HF, CH3F, and H2O, all at an initial partial pressure of 1.04 atm, is allowed to achieve equilibrium according to the equation below. At equilibrium, the partial pressure of H2O is observed to have increased by 0.43 atm.

    asked by Colin
  112. Logarithms

    I'm working on logarithmic equations and I'm stuck on how my book arrives at the next step. First, they use the change of base formula on, log(sqrt(2))(x^3 - 2) (sqrt(2)) is the base,changing to base 2 log(sqrt(2))(x^3 - 2)= log2(x^3 - 2)/(log2(sqrt(2)) I

    asked by Helper
  113. science

    how much of a 0.225 M KCl solution contains 55.8g of KCl

    asked by moises
  114. Physics

    I am a little confused about kinetic and potential energy regarding roller coasters. I understand that the first hill has to be the highest to gain the potential energy (PE). I hope someone can help with this example I just made up to help me understand:

    asked by Paul
  115. physics

    A lumberjack (mass = 98 kg) is standing at rest on one end of a floating log (mass = 270 kg) that is also at rest. The lumberjack runs to the other end of the log, attaining a velocity of +2.9 m/s relative to the shore, and then hops onto an identical

    asked by josh
  116. Chemistry

    Why is potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) a primary standard but sodium hydroxide is not?

    asked by chris
  117. Chemistry

    Determine the volume (in mL) of 0.844 M hydrochloric acid (HCl) that must be added to 38.0 mL of 0.650 M sodium hydrogen phosphate (Na2HPO4) to yield a pH of 6.92. Assume the 5% approximation is valid and report your answer to 3 significant figures. Look

    asked by Colin
  118. trig

    solve each equation for 0 less than or equal to x greater than 2ð. cot²x-cscx=1 thanks:) step by step please :)

    asked by Rachael
  119. literary

    Give examples of literary and non-literary prose by citing examples from any source of your choice - 350 words (you may quote the source).

    asked by ib
  120. Mathematics .

    I need some help with this specific question. In a computer catalog, a computer monitor is listed as being 19 inches. This distance is the diagonal distance across the screen. If the screen measures 10 inches in height, what is the actual width of the

    asked by Celina
  121. chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of each of the following solutions. 1. 61.9 g of C2H6O in 3.4 L of solution

    asked by Abby
  122. Chemistry

    A student titrates 0.100M KOH into 50.00 ml of weak acid HX. The pH of the solution is 4.25 after 20.00 ml of the base has been added, and equivalence point is reached when 40.00 ml of the base is added. 1. What is the concentration of the acid, HX ? 2.

    asked by Paul
  123. Statistics and Probability

    A computer supply house receives a large shipment of blank CDs each week. Past experience has shown that the number of flaws per CD can be described by the following probability distribution, where the random variable X represents the number of flaws per

    asked by Adam
  124. Chemistry-help needed

    0.3g of clotrimazole (C22H17ClN2) was dissolved in 80ml of anhydrous acetic acid. This was titrated with 0.1M perchloric acid using 0.3ml of naphtholbenzein as indicator until the colour changes from brownish-yellow to green. 1ml of 0.1M perchloric acid is

    asked by candy
  125. physics

    A ball moving with a speed of 26 m/s strikes an identical ball that is initially at rest. After the collision, the incoming ball has been deviated by 1 = 50° from its original direction, and the struck ball moves off at 2 = 29° from the original

    asked by martin
  126. Geometry

    Find the length of the altitude of an isosceles triangle if one side has a length of 20 ft and a base of 14 ft?

    asked by Jay
  127. math

    a college conducted a survey and determined that 68% of the students attending the college owned a car.what is the ratio of the number of students who own cars to total numbers of students

    asked by jennifer

    A solution of hydrogen peroxide is 24.26% by mass and has a density of 1.11g/cm^3. the molarity of the solution? 7.54M .273M 8.03M 8.37M none of these

    asked by Cotton McKnight
  129. physics

    A ball moving with a speed of 26 m/s strikes an identical ball that is initially at rest. After the collision, the incoming ball has been deviated by angle 1 = 50° from its original direction, and the struck ball moves off at angle 2 = 29° from the

    asked by martin
  130. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y=cos^6w+cos(w^6) The answer I have is -6(cosw^5sinw+wsin(w^6)) but it's not right...

    asked by Catherine
  131. Geography/History

    I'm doing an alternate test on Sub-Saharan Africa, and Africa. I cant find all the answers in the book, and i can't find a good website. Can someone help me find a good website for Sub-Saharan Africa?

    asked by Kaitlin
  132. accounting

    Lone Star Theatre Inc. owns and operates movie theaters throughout Arizona and Texas. Lone Star Theatre has declared the following annual dividends over a six-year period: 2005, $7,500; 2006, $9,000; 2007, $30,000; 2008, $30,000; 2009, $40,000; and 2010,

    asked by michelle
  133. Geometry

    "Find the length of the altitude, x, to the nearest hundredth of a meter." The base of the triangle is 14 feet.

    asked by Isiah
  134. physic

    How much work does gravity do on a 0.0150kg ball falling from a height of 10.0m

    asked by Anonymous
  135. chemistry

    What is the vapor pressure (in mm Hg) of a solution of 12.5 g of glucose ( C6H12O6) in 75.0 g of methanol (CH3OH) at 27 degrees celcius? The vapor pressure of pure methanol at 27 degrees celcius is 140 mm Hg.

    asked by kyle
  136. chemistry

    I am not understanding this molarity stuff. Can someone please show me step by step on how to solve this question? What is the molarity of 0.50 L of solution containing 40.0 g of CaCO3?

    asked by Jen
  137. French

    How would you say Ash Wednesday and Easter in French? My French teacher said it today, but I just can't recall what it was now...

    asked by Tania
  138. math

    A broken clover has 2 leaves, a normal clover has 3 leaves, and a luckey clover has leaves. Ia a bunch of these clovers, there are twice as many normal clovers as broken clovers and 5 times as many normal clovers as lucky clovers. the bunch has a total of

    asked by Dharma
  139. physics

    How to solve a resultant force of 50N pulls a body of mass 10kg along a smooth horizontal surface. Calculate the acceleration with which the body is moved

    asked by Alex
  140. physics

    How to solve a resultant force of 50N pulls a body of mass 10kg along a smooth horizontal surface. Calculate the acceleration with which the body is moved

    asked by Alex
  141. Chemistry

    A. only evaporation occurs, but it eventually stops. B. only condensation occurs, but it eventually stops. C. Neither evaporation nor condensation occurs D. Both evaporation and condensation occur. i think its D, am i right ?

    asked by Jazmin F.
  142. marketing

    is the process of naming broad product-markets and then segmenting these broad product-markets in order to select target markets and develop suitable marketing mixes.

    asked by Anonymous
  143. math

    a figure on the left is the base of a right solid whose sides are 10 centimeters tall. what is the volume of the solid in cubic centimeters?

    asked by Hayley
  144. Pre-Calculus

    Completing the Square 1) 9m^2 - 20m - 21 = 0 2) 10x^2 - 4x -32 = 0

    asked by Camile
  145. Social Studies Paper

    I have to write a paper about my neighborhood (east flat rock NC) using 3 of the 5 themes of geography. The 3 that I used were: Place, Location, and Human-Environment Interaction. I need some help on some ideas I could use for human-environment

    asked by Kat
  146. chemistry

    I don't understand this zwitterion form . Here is the question. write the zwitterion form of the amino acid cysteins shown in the follwing figure. If the pI for cysteine is 5.1 at what pH will the zwitterions be the predominant form? Can you please show me

    asked by Jen
  147. social studies

    what did the dutch call their colony in north america

    asked by samuel
  148. Economics

    Could you give me two reasons why it is a good idea for the BBC to be funded through advertising. I have already got that it generates a higher amount of revenue. Also could you give me two reasons why it is not a good idea for the BBC to be funded through

    asked by Anique
  149. english

    Do all essays require a thesis

    asked by David
  150. algebra

    The function H described by H(x) = 2.75x + 71.48 can be used to predict the height, in centimeters, of a woman whose humerus (the bone from the elbow to the shoulder) is x cm long.

    asked by sara
  151. Statistics and Probability

    Suppose that the proportion of students who used the Internet as their major resource for school in the past was 66%. A sample of 1000 students was taken and the number of students who used the Internet for their school during the past year was recorded.

    asked by Adam
  152. statistics

    Describe the major difference between a population of scores with a mean=50, standard deviation=6, and a sample means of n=36 selected from a mean=50, standard deviation=6.

    asked by Nneka
  153. 5th grade math

    How to change 6/8 into a decimal, and into a percent can someone help me please

    asked by Leslie
  154. PHYSICS please HELP

    A box is lifted with a pry bar, by slipping the bar under the box and lifting up on the bar. If the pry bar is 2m in length and it is grasped at the end, and the box is located at the opposite end, the fulcrum, with its center of gravity at a distance of

    asked by DMITRIC
  155. English

    Can you please check these five sentences for me I find it difficult to correct. 1)1984 can be considered (as) an anti-utopian novel because it provides the description of a society in which a totalitarian government controls any action of the people. 2)In

    asked by Mike
  156. chemistry

    if i want to change the pH of any solution from 5 to 8 what the volume of NaOH 0.1 N needed

    asked by mohamed
  157. Math

    What is x to the fourth power minus 20x plus 64 equals 0

    asked by Alisha
  158. Story about my future Part 2

    Down below is the other path I have written about. Could you please check to see if it covers all these factors. - cost of living on your own -factors that add to your achievement in the workplace -educational attainment and earning potential -current

    asked by Sara
  159. Physical science

    what is the concentration hcl react with zn

    asked by Charles
  160. math: pre calculus

    How do I find the exact value of sec(2.4)?

    asked by jessi
  161. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Which expression do you use the most in English? Don't take amiss to me or something similar? I am looking for a verb but I can't seem to find it in English. Is there also an expression like to take harm on someone? I hope you get the idea which

    asked by Mark
  162. physics

    Your niece is working on a unique science fair project - a clock built around a small mass vibrating on a little spring. Her prototype version is working ok, but it's running too slow. Given your experience in this course, you suggest to her that a stiffer

    asked by Student in Need
  163. critical thinking

    What is one important distinction you could not overlook making when critically evaluating the information provided in these materials about the Boston Tea Party?

    asked by Anonymous

    In circle O, chords AB and CD are congruent. AB measures 2x + y, while CD has a length of 16.5. Two smaller chords, GH and KL, are also congruent. GH measures x + 2y, while KL has a length of 13.5. Find the values of x and y.

    asked by ELIZA
  165. math

    The ratio of dimes to nickels in jan's change box is 2/3. jan has 75 cents in nickles. how many nickes does jan have? 15? would that be correct? and would she have 10 dimes?

    asked by jill
  166. math

    laura has a roll of ribbon there are 29 yards of ribbon on the roll what equation can laura use to find the number of inches of ribbon on the roll

    asked by z
  167. Economics - repost - assistance is appreciated

    A)Who has more monopoly power---Wal-Mart or the concessionaire who has acquired the franchise to sell beer, hot dogs, colas, candy, etc., at a Washington Redskins football game? Explain. B)Who has more monopsony power---Wal-Mart or teams in the National

    asked by Tasha
  168. physics

    1.A car is traveling a road that includes two sides of an equilateral triangle with a constant speed s. What is the magnitude of the average velocity v of the car? 2.A ship crosses a river aiming at the angle theta to the left from the straight courses.

    asked by sandhu
  169. geometry

    I have a isosceles trapezoid question. The top line is 13" long, the sides are 60" long, and the bottom is 27" long. I do not know what is the equation or formula is to determine the acute angle between the bottom and sides or top and sides. Can you please

    asked by Steven
  170. Chemistry

    What is the boiling point of a solution made by mixing 115 g NaCl in 1 kg of water? (Kb for water is 0.512 C/m)

    asked by Brenna
  171. English

    I'm writing an easy about my hero. I need s strong into sentence with a a action work. So carving have "Taylor swift has impacted my life..''

    asked by EnglishLove
  172. algebra

    0 cm^3 0f a normal specimen of human blood contains 1.2 g of hemoglobin. how many grams does 45 cm^3 of the same blood contain?

    asked by Anonymous
  173. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. I hope you can have a look at them, too. 1) 1984 can be considered an anti-utopian novel, which shows Orwell's sympathy for all the people who were murdered and exhiliated in totalitarian dictatorships (?) in

    asked by Mike
  174. ETH 125

    I'm reviewing the current issues between the federal government and the Native Americans for a CheckPoint Assignment in week 6. My question; when reviewing the article, on the Indian Country website, how do I decipher which legislation is linked to the

    asked by STS
  175. English - Native speakers

    Thank you Writeacher for your answers today :) Here are some other questions :) : Do you say We've had a lot of rain recently or lots of rain? Can someone explain the difference between those two phrases - in your own words. Also what exactly is the

    asked by Mark

    Simplify the following algebraic expressions: Evaluate; P(-1/2) if P(x)= 2X^4 + X^3 + 12

    asked by peg
  177. geometry

    if I had a prism with the dimensions of 9 yards x 6 yards x 3 yards what is the deminsion in cubic feet?

    asked by kelly
  178. Chemistry

    X + Y --> Q The reaction above has the rate law: rate = k[X]³. When [X] is doubled the rate increases by a factor of ?

    asked by Anthony
  179. English

    Thank you for improving my punctuation. Here are some more sentences I'm doubtful about.In particular, I find it difficult to express numbers 7 and 9. 1) However, while looking at the picture, a cry of pain and indignation comes from him. 2) He can see no

    asked by Mike
  180. Math

    On three consecutive passes, a football team gains 8 yards, loses 24 yards, and gains 42 yards. What is the number that rep the total net yardage?

    asked by Leann
  181. Math

    Can someone please simplify this i am lost. X(x+1)+(x+1)(x+2) show your work

    asked by Tshepiso mphehlo
  182. prealgebra

    The length of a rectangle is 7cm greater than the width. Find the length and the width if the perimeter is 54cm

    asked by Bob
  183. Calculus

    Could someone please explain this to me? Differentiate. h(u)= 10^(sqrt(u)) h'(u)= 10^(sqrt(u))*log(10)(d/du(sqrt(u))) h'(u)= 10^(sqrt(u))*((1)/(2*sqrt(u)))*log(10)

    asked by CMM
  184. math

    one fifth of my life I wanted to become a teacher. 3/25 of my life I was a teenager. 9/25 of my life I was married to my husband. Three-fifth of my life my son was born. Fifteen years after that, my daughter was born. Seven years after that I got a divorce

    asked by ann
  185. Calculus

    Find the derivative of (b/(a+z^2))^2 Assuming that a and b are constants...

    asked by Catherine
  186. Math

    How to change 320% into a decimal and a fraction

    asked by Matthew
  187. physics

    1.A car is traveling a road that includes two sides of an equilateral triangle with a constant speed s. What is the magnitude of the average velocity v of the car? 2.A ship crosses a river aiming at the angle theta to the left from the straight courses.

    asked by sandhu
  188. IV help

    What is the drip rate for infusing an IV at a KVO rate using a 60 ttys/mL administration set?

    asked by Tony
  189. Calculus

    Find the domain: f(x)= x2-7x+12/x4-8x3+13x2+30x-72

    asked by Zukii
  190. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f. you may simplify before differentiating f(x)= x2-7x+12/x4-8x3+13x2+30x-72

    asked by HELP!!
  191. math

    In an 8 inch square cake pan and a 10 inch square cake pan. what is the difference in volume each pan will hold. each pan is 1.5 inches high

    asked by Shan
  192. chemistry

    How many grams of water should you add to 31.0g of sucrose,C12H22O11, to get a 0.855 m solution?

    asked by kyle
  193. gcse geography

    please could someone help me find the definition of a sandy beach. ive looked but cant find anything.thanks:-)

    asked by Leanne
  194. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f(x)=sqrt(9−sinx/1−cosx) Everthing is included in the square root...

    asked by Cady
  195. English

    I have a few more sentences on Dorian's death I'd like you to check. Thank you. 1)Dorian throws himself on the sofa and starts thinking of his past. He recognizes he has filled his mind with corruption, committed horrible crimes and has exerted an evil

    asked by Mike
  196. Math

    ok so, a square is 9.3cm at the top so what is the area? I got the perimeter and it is 37.2 cm but I just cant understand how to do area and get the right answer

    asked by Olivia
  197. english

    I don't understand the book I'm reading. Its called Goodnight Mr Tom. We writing exams on this but I really need help understanding this book. Please help me.

    asked by jesse
  198. geometry

    How do you find the diagnol length on a 12 ft. by 12 ft. square

    asked by Redwing
  199. Chemistry

    How do you know when to use a coordinate bond with molecular compounds?

    asked by Emily
  200. Algebra

    which number is not written n scientfc notaton? a)15.5 x 10^4 b)2.567x 10^-5 c)6.7 x 10^3 d) none of these I think D

    asked by anonymous
  201. PHYSICS

    The hydraulic gradient in an 10-ft-thick aquifer at a site of uniform flow prior to pumping is -0.02. The hydraulic conductivity is 100 ft/day. True or False: After pumping starts at a well at a rate of 10,000 cubic feet per day, the distance from the well

    asked by MARK
  202. Calculus AB

    Consider the region trapped between the graphs of y=9-x^2 and y=11-3x. a) find the area of this region b) set up an integral which computes the volume of the solid of rotation obtained by rotating this region about the x-axis c) set up an integral which

    asked by Nellie
  203. Statistics and Probability

    Suppose that the proportion of students who used the Internet as their major resource for school in the past was 66%. A sample of 1000 students was taken and the number of students who used the Internet for their school during the past year was recorded.

    asked by Adam
  204. geometria

    necesito construir un triangulo de medidas lado A 48 lado B 60 y lado C 75 grados

    asked by jasbleidy
  205. English

    I'm finding it dfficult to check a few more sentences. These are the last on this theme. Thank you. 1)He studied at Eton college, where misbehaved students used to be beaten. 2) On his return to London he experienced poverty 3) At the time (not "in this

    asked by Mike
  206. statistic

    Given a normal population with ì = 40 and ó = 8, what is the probability of obtaining a sample mean between 39 and 41 for a sample of n = 16 scores?

    asked by kim
  207. physics

    safiya places a 5.o-kilogram brick on chair in the classroom.the chair is 1.o meter off the ground.what is the gravitation potential of the brick if it falls off the chair?remember that gravity equals 9.8 meter per second squared.

    asked by ROSE
  208. English

    Could you please check the correction of your first sentence? I included a few more sentences on Stevenson's novel. Could you please have a look at them? Thank you. 1 a) 1984 can be considered as anti-utopian novel. 1)The single dominant theme in Dr Jekyll

    asked by Mike
  209. math

    my son has to draw a figure with an area of 63 and a perimeter of do he go about doing it?

    asked by ed
  210. Math

    Have to explain how to use a graph to determine the number of solutions system. Am lost on what they want.

    asked by Mary
  211. Physics

    Suppose a cube that measures 0.020 m on each side were made of water. Find its volume, mass, and weight.

    asked by May
  212. general

    can we ask personal advice questions on here too? or just homework?

    asked by anonymous
  213. social studies

    How do you feel about medical testing on disable people, and prison inmates.

    asked by josh howard
  214. art

    can anyone help with art/101 final

    asked by Anonymous
  215. PHYSICS

    How does the magnitude of the electrical force between two charged objects depend on the distance between the charges? I really frustrated right now, and I can't figure out the answer too this question. Help pleeease :)

    asked by RIHANNA
  216. Business

    Discuss the pros and cons of imposing quotas on some imported goods. How would this affect the American economy?

    asked by Anonymous
  217. Math- Algebra II

    SOLVE.. Please show the steps so I'll understand it 8^x-2=(1/16)

    asked by Lala
  218. Algebra

    Rewrite using distributive property -7(x-7)

    asked by Tammy
  219. science

    Okay, Ms. Sue. I got this and I don't think that it is right. this is the question - I wrote the answer at the bottom. I don't think that its right. speed=4,500km/2.5h*60min/1 h=270,000/2.5=108,000km/h I think that i'm confused. Thanks

    asked by Annie
  220. Calculus

    Find the dereivative of: y =((x^2+1)/2)^6 I really don't know the process to do these one, I tryed to use the quotient rule but then I don't know how to do with the ^6 so I don't think that's the way to do it...

    asked by Cecille
  221. Child Care

    1.At what age does exercise begin to result in strength in boys and girls? a)between ages 1 and 2 b)between ages 3 and 4 c)between ages 5 and 6 d)between ages 6 and 7 2.Temperatures in child care education setting should be set at __ in the summer and __

    asked by Destiny
  222. Language

    Clue Word Not the problem, but the... A_ S _ _ R A boat for pleasure trips Y_ _ _ T

    asked by Curly Sue
  223. physics

    a glider of length 10.00 cm slides down an air track. It passes through the lower photogate in .50 sec. A little later it passes through the lower photogate 100.00 cm down the track, in .25 sec. Calculate initial velocity,final velocity, and acceleration.

    asked by bill
  224. math

    how do i solve this S(1)=10000(1-e^-.5(1)) the answer for this is 3935 buy i don't know how it came up with that answer. could anyone please explain to me how thanks in advance!

    asked by anonymous
  225. math

    In the square if part A is 1/4 of the square and part C is 1/10 of the square, what percent of the square is part B?

    asked by jordan
  226. algebra

    Simplify the following algebraic expressions: Evaluate; P(-1/2) if P(x)= 2X^4 + X^3 + 12

    asked by peg
  227. hum/176

    In this week's video, Bill Goodykoontz discusses the effects of violence on audiences and gamers. How much responsibility do filmmakers, game manufacturers, etc. bear when it comes to depicting violence? How much responsibility do parents have in allowing

    asked by Darlene
  228. science

    what is a traige according to first aid

    asked by ntwatwa
  229. geometry

    if a triangle has a perimeter of 72 and a ratio of 3:4:5. what is the length of all three sides and angles

    asked by jalisa
  230. math

    Please help my equivalent fraction. I am greater than 1/5 and less than 1/2. My denominator is between 2 and 4. What fraction am I? Thanks for the help..

    asked by Dylan
  231. prealgebra

    In the equation A=ur^2, if r is doubled, by what number is A multiplied and why? a. 2 b. 1\2 c. 4 d. 1\4

    asked by Bill
  232. Algebra

    19/21 divided by 4 6/7 give estimate anser & exact answer

    asked by Tammy
  233. Science

    AWhen it is time to leave the part, the familhy could only drive at 60 km/h in the mountains. How long would it take them to travl the 270 km to their home? How fast would they need to travel to make the trip in 3h? I want to see how i write the formula

    asked by Annie
  234. science

    Ms. Sue, I want to check an answer ok? A kayak races 100m in 50s. What is its speed? This is my answer speed=100m/50s=2m/s. Thank you

    asked by Annie
  235. Visual Basic

    How do I display 1/2 as a signle character in a text box?

    asked by Kojo
  236. Math

    a rectangle is 8 ft at the top and on the side its 4.2ft i got 24.4ft for the perimeter and 33.6ft for the area is that corect?

    asked by Olivia
  237. Science

    I want to thank you for all the help, I just found this sight today. I think that you and the sight are realy COOL!!!!! thanks :-)

    asked by Annie

    4n − 5 = 3n + 2 I know its 6 but i don't know how to solve it.!!!!!!!!@@@23q9

    asked by PLEASE
  239. math

    A ladder leans against a wall four feet above the ground. The base of the ladder is three feet from the wall. How long is the ladder?

    asked by anonymous
  240. Story about Future

    Compose a 2 path story of your future. The story which you are going to write must explore 2 choices: what will take place in your future if you don’t gruduate upper secondary school and receive some post-secondary education. And the other part is that

    asked by Sara
  241. chem

    1.02 mols of helium contain how many atoms?

    asked by Anonymous
  242. calc

    f'(x)=(24)/((2sinx+6cosx)^2) find equation of line y=mx+b

    asked by Hannah
  243. Math

    If Alex and Steven are spinning to see who gets to take 711 on a trip. Alex decides to spin himself to make sure Steven doesn't cheat. He spins himself 14 times. They decide if Alex spins a 4 or any number less than 4 he gets to go on a trip with 711. If

    asked by A. Plz Answer My Queation I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP
  244. math

    what is the greater common factor of 6/12 need all divisible numbers for both and put in lowest form as a fraction

    asked by Kylie
  245. Math

    How to simplify this equaiton? -5[55-(14-84)]=? I know that what is in the ( ) comes first so what do I do after -5[55-(-70)] please help me understand this.

    asked by Leann
  246. Trigonometry

    how do you solve for y=sinX+2. just the phase shift and period. even how to graph if anyone knows. i got stuck with this one

    asked by Mariah
  247. MATH

    -9 is a member of which subset of real numbers

    asked by Angel
  248. English

    I still have a few doubts. I hope you can have a look at them, too. 1) Winston is a thry-nine-year-old man characterized (?) by blonde hair and a ruddy complexion, caused by the use of blunt razor blades. 2) At the beginning of the book he enters his modes

    asked by Mike
  249. HCA 220

    I am in week 4 and need guidance on where to begin my power point presentation. I have only did one other power point and it was nothing like this. I am completely at a loss. I just need an example of what to do as this seems way over my head. Help! Gem

    asked by gem
  250. English

    Can you please check my last sentences. I really need to know which expressions are best. Thank you. 1)He studied at Eton college, where misbehaved students used to be beaten. 2) On his return to London he experienced poverty. 3) At the time (not "in this

    asked by Mike
  251. Science

    How did people shape the Earth? Please answer thanks

    asked by Melea
  252. Latin

    latin root word for patron

    asked by Danielle
  253. art

    Can someone give me an example of installation art?

    asked by anonymous
  254. English

    I checked the spelling mistakes and I reworded some of the sentences. Can you please check them and tell me how I can improve them? Thank you. 1)Dorian throws himself on the sofa, and starts thinking of his past. He recognizes he has filled his mind with

    asked by Mike
  255. algebra

    whats x²+7x+10÷x-6 x

    asked by Anonymous
  256. math

    If 4/5 of a number is 16,Wat is 1/5 of the number?

    asked by Sam
  257. math

    How do the acute and obtuse angles compare to the right angle?

    asked by kyle
  258. Math

    Find the indicated out puts for f(x)=3x squared -5x if f(0)= f(-1)= f(2)=

    asked by Leann
  259. spanish

    . Hay una variedad de las bebidas y los postres deliciosos también My teacher marked that sentence down, and according to her there is suppose to be a verb between postres and deliciosos, which i am having trouble figuring out. Can any one help?

    asked by Dave
  260. Geography

    what is an Icelandic home's average room temperature?

    asked by Alyonka
  261. English

    Is impacted an action word?

    asked by EnglishLove
  262. math

    How do you simplify equations; ex. 8x+3(-4x+5)2x Caxn someone explain not just post the answer.thanx(:

    asked by ashleey(:
  263. science

    what will it cost to heat 1.5Mg of water from room temperature to 90degrees celcius using electricity at 60% efficiency?

    asked by Ngcebo
  264. math?

    9/54 ito percent

    asked by lily
  265. Geography

    What's the importance of the Mississippi River? Thanks in advance

    asked by Strawberryhat
  266. Calculus A

    1. Find the slope m and an equation of the tangent line to the graph of the function f a the point (2, 38) f(x)=9x -2x +6

    asked by Anonymous
  267. Math

    which mixed number is greatest? 1 1/2 1 1/3 1 1/4 1 2/3

    asked by Ana
  268. math

    Turn 7 21 into a percent and decimal. First simplify the fraction. Show your answer on the number line.

    asked by julie
  269. english

    is there such thing as "exercising of oversight on" ....

    asked by flame
  270. math

    what would 120/18 reduce to? 6 1/3

    asked by jill
  271. math

    order from least to the greatest 3/10,4/5,18,20,1/20,7/10

    asked by kayla
  272. alg 1

    how do you work out d2+3d-10=0?

    asked by andrea hammock
  273. math?

    4/11 into a prcnt

    asked by lily
  274. Liberal Arts Math

    what is k(p)= (p+3)(p-7)

    asked by Tim