Questions Asked on
February 16, 2011

  1. math

    Name the lenghts of the sides of three rectangles with a perimeter of 12 units use whole numbers only. I don't understand the question

    asked by malachi
  2. Chemistry - Redox

    Balance the following redox reactions by inserting the appropriate coefficients. Al + MnO2 --> Al2O3 + Mn HNO3 + H2S --> NO + S + H20 Initially, I know the first step is to find assign all the oxidation numbers for the products and reactants listed, but am

    asked by Harold

    A solution household bleach contains 5.25% NaClO, by mass. Assuming that the density of bleach is the same as water(1.0g/ml). Calculate the volume of household bleach that should be diluted with water to make 500.0 ml of a ph= 10.26 solution. So, the first

    asked by TYLER CHIRECE
  4. Physics

    A freezer has a coefficient of performance of 6.30. It is advertised as using 486 kWh/yr. Note: One kilowatt-hour (kWh) is an amount of energy equal to running a 1-kW appliance for one hour. a) On average, how much energy does it use in a single day? I got

    asked by Z32
  5. Relative Acidities

    Rank the given compounds on their relative acidity. Here was the order I thought it was but it turned out to be wrong. (i based it based off of sp being most acidic and sp3 being least acidic) STRONGEST HC(triple bond)C-CH3 H2C=CH2 CH3NH2 H2O CH4-->

    asked by Allie
  6. english PLEASE HELP ME <3

    Match the root with its meaning. Match the items in the left column to the items in the right column. 1. sect cut 2. graph write 3. tang talk or knowledge 4. log wise, wisdom 5. sophcut touch

    asked by Hannah jane
  7. Physics

    1) The speed of light in a certain liquid is 3/5 the speed in a vacuum. What is the index of refraction of the liquid? 2) A ray of light strikes a piece of glass (n=1.52) and makes an angle of 50 degrees with the surface. What angle does the refracted ray

    asked by Ninzy
  8. Physics

    A coiled Hookean spring is stretched 10 cm when a 1.5kg mass is hung from it. Suppose a 4 kg mass hangs from the spring and is set into vibration with an amplitude of 12 cm. A. Find the force constant of the spring. B. Find the Maximum restoring force

    asked by Kristin
  9. Survey of Math 140

    on march 8, you sign a $4000 note with simple interest 10% for 240 days. You make partial payments of $1300 on May 26 and $2300 on july 31. How much will you owe on the date of maturity (November 3)? Please show work!!!

    asked by JrUNCFan
  10. chemistry

    at 327 degrees C, the equilibrium concentrations are [CH3OH]=0.15M, [CO]=0.24M, and [H2]=1.1M for the reaction: CH3OH(g)CO(g)+2H2(g) Calculate Kp at this temperature

    asked by erica
  11. list some harmful effects of plagiarism.

    please ineed answer for this question by his or her own word list some harmful effects of plagiarism. In other words, explain what is morally wrong with plagiarism. How does plagiarism harm the perpetrator? thank you

    asked by Anon
  12. Chemistry

    How much of NaOH (in grams) is needed to prepare 546 mL of solution with a pH of 10.00 ?

    asked by Sara
  13. chem.

    sodium metal is insoluble in ether. sodium metal dissolves in water to produce a gas. The copper bottom on a frying pan turns black after several heatings. Are these physical or chemical changes..

    asked by Renee
  14. Literary Analysis and Composition

    can you please tell me if these are right and if not could you please help? Like autobiographies, diaries are usually written in the privacy of one’s room. in the decades after one has important experiences. in the second-person point of view. -in the

    asked by nikki
  15. college physics

    Two blocks are arranged at the ends of amassless string as shown in the figure. The system starts from rest. When the 1.67 kg mass has fallen through 0.395 m, its downward speed is 1.31 m/s. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2. What is the frictional

    asked by billy
  16. Physics

    How much energy does it extract from the outside air with coefficient of performance 3.85? A heat pump has a coefficient of performance of 3.85 and operates with a power consumption of 6.91 x 10^3 W. The first part of the question asked How much energy

    asked by Z32
  17. History- check my answer, please!

    Japan became a peaceful, democratic nation relatively quickly after the end of World War II. Which step was not part of its postwar transformation? disarming most of the military adopting a new constitution giving women the right to vote giving the emperor

    asked by Lumi
  18. Math

    How do you solve: n is 2 given that it is even The directions say "let n be a randomly selected integer from 1-20. Find the indicated probability" 1. A tennis player wins a math 55% of the time when she serves first and 47% of the time when her opponent

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!
  19. physics

    A solid copper object hangs at the bottom of a steel wire of negligible mass. The top end of the wire is fixed. When the wire is struck, it emits sound with a fundamental frequency of 300 Hz. The copper object is then submerged in water so that half its

    asked by Rachel
  20. Physics

    A chain is held on a frictionless table with 1/3 of its length hanging over the edge. If the chain has length L = 33 cm and mass m = 21 g, how much work is required to pull the hanging part back onto the table?

    asked by Ethan
  21. math

    what is the unit rate of, earn $75.20 in 8 hours, provide example.

    asked by 45
  22. physics

    An astronaut on a strange planet finds that she can jump a maximum horizontal distance of 10.0 m if her initial speed is 2.60 m/s. What is the free-fall acceleration on the planet?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. accounting

    Notified by Alex's Engineering Co that Success's bid of $9000 on a proposed project has been accepted. Alex's paid a $2500 cash advance to success systems. My question is how am i going to put or write this transaction on journal entry? Do i just ignore

    asked by anonymous
  24. Math

    1) What is the slope of a line that is parallel to y = 2? 2) What is the slope of a line that is perpendicular to y = 2? 3) What is the slope of a line that is parallel to x = -4? 4) What is the slope of a line that is perpendicular to x = -4? I don't get

    asked by Melanie
  25. physics

    A fisherman sets out upstream from Metaline Falls on the Pend Oreille River in northwestern Washington State. His small boat, powered by an outboard motor, travels at a constant speed v in still water. The water flows at a lower constant speed vw. He has

    asked by Anonymous
  26. physics

    You walk 53 m to the north, then turn 60° to your right and walk another 45m. Determine the direction of your displacement vector. Express your answer as an angle relative to east.

    asked by anonymous
  27. Uniswa

    A stone thrown from the top of a building which is 30m is given an initial velocity 20m/s verticaly upward.the stone misses the edge of the building on its way down. A,what is the velocity of the stone after 1second,n after 3seconds. B,find the maximum

    asked by Mancoba
  28. college

    Find the 90% confidence interval for the variance and the standard deviation of the ages of seniors at Oak Park College if a sample of 24 students has a standard deviation of 2,3 years. Assume the variable is normally distribution

    asked by bjacobs
  29. Environmental science

    Estimate the chronic daily intake of 1,1,1-trichloroethane from exposure to city water supply that contains a 1,1,1-trichloroethane concentration equal to the drinking water standard of 0.2 mg/L. Assume the exposed individual is a child who consumes water

    asked by Jazmin
  30. Art Appreciation

    Olympia and Ophelia and the Artists’ Reflections. Compare Manet’s Olympia to Millais’s Ophelia. Discuss how each work represents the artist and his period.

    asked by Deann Morgan
  31. Physics

    A 13 g bullet traveling 226 m/s penetrates a 2.0 kg block of wood and emerges cleanly at 162 m/s. If the block is stationary on a frictionless surface when hit, how fast does it move after the bullet emerges?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Physics

    A hot-air balloon is rising vertically at a speed of 10 m s–1. An object is released from the balloon. The graph shows how the velocity of the object varies with time from when it leaves the balloon to when it reaches the ground four seconds later. It is

    asked by tania
  33. physics lab

    A bullet is shot into a block of plastic. The bullet penetrates the block 0.75 m. The mass of the bullet is 8 g. It is traveling with a speed of 410 m/s before it hits the block. A Use kinematic equations to find the magnitude of the acceleration on the

    asked by Johnathon
  34. physics

    An astronaut on a strange planet finds that she can jump a maximum horizontal distance of 10.0 m if her initial speed is 2.60 m/s. What is the free-fall acceleration on the planet?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    A hawk is flying horizontally at 14.0 m/s in a straight line, 250 m above the ground. A mouse it has been carrying struggles free from its grasp. The hawk continues on its path at the same speed for 2.00 s before attempting to retrieve its prey. To

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Physics

    1) The speed of light in a certain liquid is 3/5 the speed in a vacuum. What is the index of refraction of the liquid? 2) A ray of light strikes a piece of glass (n=1.52) and makes an angle of 50 degrees with the surface. What angle does the refracted ray

    asked by Ninzy
  37. Chemistry

    Flask a contains 2 liters of ch4 (g) and flask b contains 2 liters of 02 (g) each gas sample has the same 1) density 2) mass 3) number of molecules 4) number of atoms

    asked by Noelle
  38. Literature

    How would you define Emerson's idea of "mean egotism"?

    asked by Ann
  39. Physics

    Microwaves travel at the speed of light, 3.00×108 m/s. When the frequency of microwaves is 5.60×109 Hz, what is their wavelength? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Sangita
  40. physics

    An antique carousel that’s powered by a large electric motor undergoes constant angular acceleration from rest to full rotational speed in 6 seconds. When the ride ends, a brake causes it to decelerate steadily from full rotational speed to rest in 8.9

    asked by olivia
  41. Math

    1. A tennis player wins a math 55% of the time when she serves first and 47% of the time when her opponent serves first. The player who serves first is determined by a coin toss before the match. What is the probability that the player wins a given match.

    asked by Biren bahkta
  42. social studies

    unscramble olsi,iciznets,ntaryt,comdeyary,bleafs,tsrarciotas,coiglhary,siclalacs

    asked by clarence
  43. physics

    An enemy ship is on the east side of a mountain island, as shown in the figure. The enemy ship has maneuvered to within d1 = 2153 m of the h = 1690 m high mountain peak and can shoot projectiles with an initial speed of vi = 247 m/s. If the western

    asked by Anonymous
  44. physics help pleeeeease!!

    A monatomic ideal gas is compressed adiabatically from a pressure of 1.09 105 Pa and volume of 250 L to a volume of 39.0 L. (a) What is the new pressure of the gas? (b) How much work is done on the gas?

    asked by lissa
  45. Math

    An airplane has an airspeed of 724 kilometers per hour at a bearing of 30 degrees.The wind velocity is 32 kilometers per hour from the west. What are the groundspeed and the direction of the plane?

    asked by Matt
  46. physics

    A person standing at the top of a hemispherical rock of radius R = 5.00 m kicks a ball (initially at rest on the top of the rock) to give it horizontal velocity vi. (a) What must be its minimum initial speed if the ball is never to hit the rock after it is

    asked by Anonymous
  47. physical

    a police siren emits a sinusoidal wave with frequency f=300hz.the speed of sound is 340ms. find the wave lenght of the waves if the siren is at rest in the air

    asked by eric
  48. physics

    One strategy in a snowball fight is to throw a snowball at a high angle over level ground. While your opponent is watching the first one, a second snowball is thrown at a low angle timed to arrive before or at the same time as the first one. Assume both

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Physics

    A braking system is used to prevent the car travelling faster than 27 m s–1.The car and passengers shown in the diagram have a total mass of 750 kg. The length of track from P to Q is 80 m. Calculate the average braking force that would be required if

    asked by tania
  50. Chemistry

    A 45-kg sample of water absorbs 345 kj of heat. If the water was initially at 22.1 degrees c what is its final temperature

    asked by Wyatt
  51. FINITE

    selection of colored balls from two bags. Assume that each bag contains 4 balls. Bag a contains 2 red and 2 white, while bag b contains 2 red, 1 white, and 1 blue. You randomly select one ball from bag a, note the color, and place the ball in bag b. You

    asked by Hil-hellpp!
  52. Art Appreciation

    Raphael and Veronese: Reflection of the Renaissance Period. Compare Raphael’s School of Athens to Veronese’s Christ in the House of Levi. Explain how each artist reflected the environment of Rome and Venice during the Renaissance period.

    asked by Deann Morgan
  53. Organic Chemistry

    In an experiment, ligroin may be used as a solvent for the separation of the product from biphenyl. a. Can you suggest an alternative solvent that might be used in this step?

    asked by Jodi
  54. algebra

    Josh hit a baseball straight up into the air. The equation below describes the height of the ball (h), in meters, as a function of time (t) in seconds. h(t) = -9.8t² + 30t + 1.5

    asked by ali
  55. Chemistry

    Show, with equations, why the solution from which BaSo4 is precipitated cannot be allowed to be more then 0.01-0.05M in HCl.

    asked by Brittney
  56. physics

    On the way from a planet to a moon, astronauts reach a point where that moon’s gravitational pull transitions from being weaker than that of the planet to being stronger than that of the planet. The masses of the planet and the moon are, respectively,

    asked by anonymous
  57. physics

    An electric saw uses a circular spinning blade to slice through wood. When you start the saw, the motor needs 6 seconds of constant angular acceleration to bring the blade to its full angular velocity. If you change the blade so that the rotating portion

    asked by olivia
  58. Corporate Finance

    Organic Chicken Company has a debt-equity ratio of .65. Return on assets is 8.5 percent, and total equity is $540,000. what is the net income ?plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    asked by Lizi
  59. Art Appreciation

    Ruben and Rembrandt: Reflection and Temperament. Contrast The Elevation of the Cross by Rubens with Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son. Explain how each work reflects the artist and his temperament. How does each work mirror sociopolitical

    asked by Deann Morgan

    In a Young's double-slit experiment, the angle that locates the second-order bright fringe is 3.0°. The slit separation is 4.8 10-5 m. What is the wavelength of the light?

    asked by Alan
  61. English

    I need a consonance for the poem miniver cheevy by E. A. Robinson.

    asked by Carol
  62. physics lab

    Consider different points along one spoke of a wheel rotating with constant angular velocity. Which of the following is true regarding the centripetal acceleration at a particular instant of time? A The magnitude of the centripetal acceleration is greater

    asked by Chris
  63. Art Appreciation

    Art as a Vehicle of Propaganda. Discuss how art was used as a vehicle for propaganda in the works of Höch, Grosz, and Picasso.

    asked by Deann Morgan
  64. Physics

    A 4.5 g dart is fired into a block of wood with a mass of 23.8 g. The wood block is initially at rest on a 1.3 m tall post. After the collision, the wood block and dart land 3.6 m from the base of the post. Find the initial speed of the dart.

    asked by Steve
  65. FINITE

    Assume that the business makes a profit with probability 0.8 in the first year. For each year thereafter, the business makes a profit with probability 0.8 if it made a profit in the previous year, and with probability 0.2 if it did not make a profit in the

    asked by Hil-hellpp!
  66. Physics

    An archer shoots an arrow horizontally at a target 14 m away. The arrow is aimed directly at the center of the target, but it hits 59 cm lower. What was the initial speed of the arrow? So, I am trying to find find v₀x. . .

    asked by Francesca
  67. chemistry

    A sample containing 0.0500mol of Fe2(SO4)3 is dissolved in enough water to make 1.00L of solution. This solution contains hydrated SO4 2- and Fe(H2O)6 3+ ions. The latter behaves as an acid: Fe(H2O)6 3+ --> Fe(H2O)5OH 2+ + H+ a) Calculate the expected

    asked by Chris

    Which of the following best describes the Columbian Exchange that occurred during the Age of Discovery? A. It was a genetic shift due to population interbreeding. B. It was a cultural transformation. C. It was a religious transformation. D. It was an

    asked by Anonymous
  69. physics

    A fireworks rocket explodes at height h, the peak of its vertical trajectory. It throws out burning fragments in all directions, but all at the same speed v. Pellets of solidified metal fall to the ground without air resistance. Find the smallest angle

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Physics

    How many calories of heat will a person lose by evaporating 1250g of water and perspiration in a day?

    asked by Megan


    asked by ANNOYNOMOUS
  72. Statistics

    Suppose that two different tests A and B are to be given to a student chosen at random from a certain population. Suppose also that the mean score on test A is 85, and the standard deviation is 10; the mean score on test B is 90, and the standard deviation

    asked by Charles
  73. chemistry

    write a balanced equation for the reaction of copper(II) sulfate with sodium carbonate to produce copper(II) carbonate and sodium sulfate

    asked by valentina
  74. Art Appreciation

    Humanism in Masaccio’s Art. How does the Holy Trinity by Masaccio express the 15th century Renaissance humanism? Include examples from two other artists from the same era who express the same humanist ideals.

    asked by Deann Morgan
  75. physics

    A truck loaded with cannonball watermelons stops suddenly to avoid running over the edge of a washed-out bridge (see figure). The quick stop causes a number of melons to fly off the truck. One melon rolls over the edge with an initial speed vi = 12.0 m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  76. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    The children in your class are working on an art project that requires them to use a standard hair dryer to produce a particular effect. of the following locations,wich one would be the safest place to put the hair dryer while the children are working on

    asked by alex
  77. math

    a rectangular swimming pool measures 20 feet by 40 feet. a walk of uniform width surrounds it. the total area of the pool and the walk is 1500 feet squared. find the width of the walk.

    asked by hi
  78. Chemistry

    Ligroin may be used as a solvent for the separation of the product from biphenyl. a. Can you suggest an alternative solvent that might be used in this step?

    asked by Jodi
  79. Calculus

    Evaluate the indefinite integral. ∫ sec^3x tanx dx I let u=tanx took derivative.. du=sec^2x dx what??

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Art Appreciation

    Movement from Medievalism. Discuss how the Late Gothic sense can be seen as an evident in Berlinghieri’s St. Francis Altarpiece

    asked by Deann Morgan
  81. Physics

    A pendulum oscillates at a frequency of 2 cycles per second. At t = 0 it is released starting at an angle of 20°C. Ignoring friction what will be the position (angle) of the pendulum at a. t = 0.25 sec b. t = 1.6 sec c. t = 5.0 sec

    asked by Cole
  82. Physics

    A 74.0 kg ice skater moving to the right with a velocity of 2.90 m/s throws a 0.15 kg snowball to the right with a velocity of 23.2 m/s relative to the ground. (a) What is the velocity of the ice skater after throwing the snowball? Disregard the friction

    asked by Mel
  83. johnson

    The length of a rectangular floor is 2 feet more than its width. The area of the floor is 168 square feet. Kim wants to use a rug in the middle of the room and leave a 2 foot border of the floor visible on all sides. What should the length (the longer

    asked by s
  84. Math

    The measure

    asked by NeedsHelp
  85. physics

    Two cars are traveling in opposite directions on a two lane road. Car A starts from the origin at t =0 and accelerates (moving due East) from rest at 4 m/s2. At t = 0, Car B is moving due West with a velocity of 15 m/s and is 500 m east of car A but

    asked by jake
  86. Science

    when comparing the force that is required to climb a mountain walking up a trail that slopes gently upward to the top verses getting there by scaling a sheer vertical face, which of the following is true? (a) you use more force for a giving movement on the

    asked by Sandra
  87. physics

    A ball is thrown from the top of a building with an initial velocity of 30m/s straight upward, at an initial height of 50m above the ground. The ball just misses the edge of the roof on is way down and hits the ground. Determine: a) time needed for ball to

    asked by mark matat
  88. maths

    calculate the area 1.76 and 1.76 writr your 2 decimal answer to the two decimal places. i'm not sure if its 3.0976 and to the two decimal place its 3.10 could someone tell me if im right. thankyou

    asked by chloe
  89. physics

    When an airplane starts its propellers, they spin slowly at first and gradually pick up speed. Why does it take so long for them to reach their full rotational speed?

    asked by olivia
  90. chemistry

    For a given reaction, the rate constant doubles when the temperature is increasd from 27C to 49C What ite activation energy? Explain. a).347 KJ/mole b)25.5 KJ/mole c)31.5 KJ/mole d)52.7 KJ/mole

    asked by reginajones
  91. math

    a box has length 10cm width 8cm and height 6cm what is the square area ?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    Determine whether u and v are orthogonal,parallel, or neither. u=-2i+j v=3i+6j

    asked by Matt
  93. Physics

    an airplane travels due north at 500km/hr there's a cross wind of 100km/hr determine the displacement of the air craft after 1 hour

    asked by Anonymous
  94. programming - JavaScript

    /*Hello, I really hope someone can help me out with this function. I'm a newbie to JavaScript. I have included the instructions for the swapFE() function that I have to complete below along with the functions that I have done so far. I need to create a

    asked by Suzie-Q
  95. accounting

    how do you write a program for an accountant using java to calculate income tax?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. 6th grade science fair project

    Each week up until fair time we have to turn in one aspect of our project. This week it deals with our conrol, dependent and independent variables and constants. I will tell you that I got my idea form sciencebuddies. My project is Ocean Currents: Modeling

    asked by Reed
  97. physics

    A spring cannon is located at the edge of a table that is 1.70 m above the floor. A steel ball is launched from the cannon with speed v0 at 25.0° above the horizontal. (a) Find the horizontal displacement component of the ball to the point where it lands

    asked by Anonymous
  98. physics for scientists and engeneers I

    Suppose the roller coaster in the figure (h1 = 40 m, h2 = 14 m, h3 = 30) passes point A with a speed of 2.60 m/s. If the average force of friction is equal to one fifth of its weight, with what speed will it reach point B? The distance traveled is 35.0 m.

    asked by Johnathon
  99. english

    i need help with choosing a topic for a satirical essay. i wna do obesity or cosmetic surgery . help ? how do i start ?

    asked by kLb
  100. Physics

    a small body of mass m revolving in a horizontal circle with velocity V of a constant magnitude at the end of a cord of length L. As the body swings around its path, the cord sweeps over the surface of a cone. The cord makes an angle è with the vertical,

    asked by Cole
  101. physics

    Consider four vectors F1, F2, F3, and F4, with magnitudes are F1 = 41 N, F2 = 24 N, F3 =27 N, and F4 = 51 N, and angle 1 = 150 deg, angle 2 = −160 deg, angle 3 = 39 deg, and angle 4 = −57 deg, measured from the positive x axis with the counter

    asked by anonymous
  102. Chemistry - matter and energy.

    Distinguish between the view of matter and energy in microscopic world and view matter and energy in the quantum mechanical world. I do not understand this question, i tried googling it, but hardly got something to give me an idea about. Please help.

    asked by Farah
  103. math

    I am a number between 20 and 30.When you put me into 6 equal groups,there is an even number in each group and 1 left over. i cant figure out how to solve this

    asked by Ethan
  104. Trig

    The angle of elevation to the top of a building from a point on the ground is 39 degrees. From a point 50 feet closer to the building, the angle of elevation is 48 degrees. What is the height of the building?

    asked by Chetan Munsell
  105. Chemistry

    Carbon dioxide gas has a solubility of 0.0972g/100g H2O at 40. Expressed in parts per million, this concentration is closest to a) 0.972ppm b) 9.72ppm c) 97.2ppm d) 972ppm

    asked by Jazmine
  106. Environmental engineering

    Characterize the risk for a chronic daily exposure by the water pathway (oral) of 1.34 x 10^-4 mg/kg/day of tetrachloroethylene, 1.43 x 10^-3 mg/kg/day of arsenic, and 2.34 x 10^-4 mg/kg/day of dichloromethane (methylene chloride).

    asked by Sara
  107. math

    how do i write 5.1 x 10^-6 as a number in standard form?

    asked by angiie
  108. physics

    As it passes over Grand Bahama Island, the eye of a hurricane is moving in a direction 48 degrees north of west with a speed of 13 km/h. Three hours later, it shifts due north, and its speed slows to 75 km/h. How far from Grand Bahama is the eye 4.50h

    asked by anonymous
  109. maths

    there are 8 doors behind each door is a number each number is less than 20 no 2 numbers are the same they add up to 93 what are the numbers

    asked by joe
  110. Geometry

    How do i do glide reflection on a graph? example. which glide reflection could map figure ABC to figure A'B'C'? a.translation of and reflection over the line x= =1 etc. I cant show you the graph but im stuck on glide reflection for graphs. Help please.

    asked by Christina
  111. Chemistry

    Aluminum metal is used in many products. It quickly reacts with oxygen in the reaction 4Al (s) + 3O2 (g)--> 2Al2O3 (s). Which component is different on each side of the equation arrow? a. mass b. atoms c. moles d. all are the same.

    asked by Will
  112. Pre-Algebra

    I need help with scales, please! Q: You are making a scale drawing of a room using a scale of 1-inch:4-feet. a) The room is 14 feet by 18 feet. Find its dimensions in the drawing. b) A sofa in the room has a lenght of 6 feet. Find the length of the sofa in

    asked by Erin
  113. Math

    Assume you work at a company where you are paid hourly. You are paid $8.60 per hour for regular time (less than or equal to forty hours) and time and a half for overtime hours up to fifty hours in one week. If you are asked to work fifty or more hours in

    asked by Anna
  114. Chemistry

    You need 3.0-L of 0.13 M salt solution. All you can find is 0.40 M salt solution. How much of that solution will you need in order to make your desired solution (in liters)?

    asked by billy
  115. Spanish 1-Please check my answer

    Eres mayor o menor que tu hermano? Would I say Soy mayor que tu hermano. if I was older than him? or should I say something else? Thank you

    asked by Juilianne
  116. geometry

    Side of cube=6cm Sphere is placed in cube.Calculate volume of cube.Calculate volume of sphere.What percentage of the space in the cube does the sphere occupy?

    asked by reshma
  117. Math

    Joe has a collection of nickels and dimes that is worth $6.05 if the number of dimes was double and the number of nickels was decreased by 10 the value of the coins would be $9.85 how many nickels and dimes does he have?

    asked by Lisa
  118. Science

    An Organism's needs are met by what types of resources?

    asked by Ayana
  119. chemistry

    if you react one mole of sodium hyrdoxide with excess copper(II) sulfate, how many moles of copper(II) hydroxid are produced?

    asked by valentina
  120. calculus

    Please help me solve this equation. log[2](3)+log[2](x)=log[2](5)+log[2](x-2) 1. Solve equation by setting up algebraically. 2. Use appropriate properties of Logarithm to reduce the number of logarithmic terms to only one. 3. Solve logarithmic equation.

    asked by Marie
  121. Chemistry

    What is the rate law of the reaction 2NO2 gives N2O4?

    asked by Sam
  122. math

    Luis Giron works at the Pancake Palace from 3:00 p.m. until 12:15 a.m. 5 nights a week. If he takes a 30-minute break each evening, how many hours per week does he work?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. mayh

    A ship travels at a constant speed of 25 kilometres per hour (Kph) in a straight line from port A located at position (x_A, y_A) =(-100, -100) to port B at (x_B ,y_B )=(300 ,100). A) Find parametric equation for the line of travel of the ship .your

    asked by emy
  124. math

    How do i find the extrema (local maximum and minimum) by using the first derivative of: x^3-(3/2)x^2?

    asked by charlie
  125. Chemistry

    I wrote the dissociation or ionization in water for each of the following acids. I just want someone to check if they are right. a) HC3H5O2(aq) H^+(aq)+ C3H5O2^-(aq) b) (CH3)2NH2^+(aq) H^+(aq)+ (CH3)2NH(aq) c) CH3COOH(aq) H^+(aq)+ CH2COOH^-(aq) d)

    asked by Sara
  126. algebra

    In the annual walkathon, Lee jogs for 5 3/4 miles more than he walks. If he travelled a total of 15 miles, how many miles did he walk?

    asked by jon
  127. advance accounting

    consolidation,prepare the journal entries on books of phillips to recod the acquistion of solina company's net assets

    asked by Anonymous
  128. math

    It took a small plan 1 hour longer to fly 480 miles against the wind than it took the plane to fly the same distance with the wind. If the wind speed was 20 mph, then what is the speed of the plane in calm air?

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Social studies

    What's the luisiana purchase

    asked by Thalia
  130. algebra

    please write and equation, show your work, and find the answer: 1.a certain two-digit number has a value that is seven more than six times the sum of its digits. the tens digit is 3 more than the units digit. find the number 2.In Colorado Creek, Darrell

    asked by Bri
  131. Physics

    A railroad car with a mass of 1.91 multiplied by 104 kg moving at 2.86 m/s joins with two railroad cars already joined together, each with the same mass as the single car and initially moving in the same direction at 1.40 m/s. What is the speed of the

    asked by Miranda
  132. trig

    how would I know what csc 450 degrees ? I know that csc is hypotenuse over opposite, but then when I graph this the opposite is the hypotenuse so how am i supposed to solve it?

    asked by Amy
  133. science

    Teacher gave us homework that I really don't understand. We must write chemical reactions by which we differentiate alcohols, esters, hydrogenic carbon,carboxylic acid and halogen alkanes from each other. We must not write the same reaction for two

    asked by Nina
  134. 6th grade science

    My son has to Compare and Contrast a normal fault and a reverse fault. Can you tell me if there is something he has left out in his answer? After reading in his science book this is what he wrote---- In comparing and contrasting a normal fault and a

    asked by Mom needs help
  135. FINITE

    Assume that the box contains 9 balls: 1 red, 2 blue, and 6 yellow. As in the text, you draw one ball, note its color, and if it is yellow replace it. If it is not yellow you do not replace it. You then draw a second ball and note its color. 1) What is the

    asked by Hil-hellpp!
  136. Chemistry

    When 9.18 g of a soluble nonelectrolyte was dissolved in 100 g of ethanol at 78.4°C, the vapor pressure of the solution was measured to be 740 mm Hg. a) What are the mole fractions of ethanol and solute? b) What is the molecular weight of the solute?

    asked by Anonymous
  137. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Need some help from native speakers of English. I cannot understand the following sentence: One recent catalog featured a customer sporting an insulated Patagonia guide jacket as she rescued a calf born during a Colorado snow storm. Is sporting here

    asked by tee
  138. english

    I was given an assignment to write a one paragraph essay. I need you to pls help me with my essay on "the sniper" by liam o'flaherty. you can tell me where i went wrong and anyother thing. This is my essay so far: War knows no boundaries(age, sex, location

    asked by ted
  139. Math

    Solve for x. 14^(-3x)=11^(-x-3) Write the exact answer using base-10 logarithms How do I start this problem? Thank You

    asked by Rachal
  140. science

    Why are the Catskills not really mountains? a the catskills are lowlands b all mountains must be volcanic in origin c the horizontal rock structure shows no deformation d the catskills are a direct deposit of the last pleistocene glaicer

    asked by bill
  141. Art Appreciation

    Thematic Substance: Tintoretto’s and da Vinci’s Last Supper. Contrast Tintoretto’s The Last Supper with Leonardo’s Last Supper. In your post, include the differences in media as well as thematic substance.

    asked by Deann Morgan
  142. Hum/176

    Which corporations own which television networks and other media outlets? How does this corporate centralization of ownership affect their news coverage? How much influence do you think these corporations have on the public?

    asked by Darlene
  143. English

    Please check for any errors and correct them for me. Enclosed is the information you requested concerning our float trips down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. All departure dates and prices for the various trips are listed in our booklet. At this

    asked by Angie
  144. English

    Whats your opinion on Corporate sposorships in schools?

    asked by Mr. Lan
  145. physics

    A pigeon flying horizontally at a speed of 16.0 m/s drops a stolen Rolex watch. The timepiece falls to the ground in 2.90s. (a) What was the watsh's altitude when it was dropped? (b) how far horizontally did it travel before it smashed into the deck?

    asked by girl
  146. math

    if Amy stands 36 feet from a flagpole and the angle formed from the top of the flagpole to her feet is 38 degre, find the distance from her feet to the top of the flagpole. include correct units in your anwser and round to 2 decimal places...

    asked by joey
  147. math

    The gas tank in Micheal's car can hold 18.0 gallons. If the tank currently contains 5.5 gallons, what fraction of the tank is full?

    asked by leila
  148. math

    if csc= -7/10 and cos >0. a) draw a triangle in the correct quadrant with three sides properly labled. b) find the exact value of 7cot- 4cos. This means no decimals. find a common denominator and rationalize all denominators. simiplify completely

    asked by joey
  149. 8th grade math

    Jessica is creating a heart-shaped card to give to her valentine. She has folded a square piece of paper in half and traced the pattern onto one half of the folded paper. The pattern consists of a right triangle with hypotenuse of length 7 1/2 inches and a

    asked by Anonymous
  150. Earth Science

    need to find the mystery phrase made from the following letters DNALFOSSERGORPEGA

    asked by Maria
  151. Colonies in the Wilderness

    Describe the system of government in Canada in 1791. The system of government of Canada in 1791 ws a colonial government. It placed power in the hands of a small group of rich and influential men. It was known as oligarchy. It had a legislative assembly,

    asked by Sara
  152. chemistry

    what are the theoretical mole ratios of copper(II) hydroxide and sodium sulfate?

    asked by valentina
  153. Colonies in the wilderness

    How did the British Govnt react to the ninety-two resolutions? This is one question which has stumped me, I cant seem to find the answer. I had that it replied bak with ten resoultions not accepting the rights of the assembly...not sure...

    asked by Sara
  154. chemistry

    Explain what a limiting agent is and how to identify it

    asked by valentina
  155. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; Which one of the following conditions may result in dehydration? A.diaper rush B.diarrhea C.apnea D.hyperventilation My answer is B is that corect??? thank you

    asked by alex
  156. chemistry

    If 2 moled of copper(II) sulfate react with 3 moles of sodium carbonate, identify the limiting reagent.

    asked by valentina
  157. managerial economics

    Where might I find the answer to the following: US cigarette makers face enormous punitve damage penalties after a series of class action lawsuits. In spite of these the cigarette makers were able to avoid bankruptcy. I need to explain why and how using

    asked by Linda S
  158. fraction

    maria's pizza is cut into 8 pieces, and jennifer's pizza is cut into 12 pieces. maria eats 6 pieces of her pizza, and Jennifer eats 7 pieces of her pizza. what fraction of pizza shows how much less pizza jennifer ate than maria

    asked by Anonymous
  159. calculus

    How do I find the indefinite integral of h(u)=sin^2(1/5u) this is one fifth u. Does it involve double angle formulas? Thanks.

    asked by mary
  160. chemistry

    A solution that contains 0.500 g phenol in 12.0 g cyclohexane freezes at ¨C2.44¡ãC and boils at 81.94¡ãC. Calculate the freezing©\point depression and boiling©\point elevation constants for cyclohexane.

    asked by Anonymous
  161. AP Physics B

    The fundamental frequency of a string fixed at both ends is 388 Hz. How long does it take for a wave to travel the length of this string?

    asked by Jackie
  162. chemistry

    2.) A 48 g sample of water at 75 °C is mixed with 32 g water at 18 °C. Find the temperature of the mixture.

    asked by kate
  163. conceptual chemistry

    the density of air at 25dergees C and 1 atmosphere of pressure is about 1.18 g/L. What happens to the dnesity of air as the temperature is increased. When the pressure is incrased?

    asked by Eileen
  164. algebra I

    What is the expression for "the difference between five times a number and twice that number"?

    asked by brit
  165. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; at the sensorimotor level of cognitive development,a child A.canmove her arms,legs,and head,but can't move her body over distance. B.can achieve short bursts of speed and strenght but can't ssustain them C.depends mostly on visual cues from adults for

    asked by alex
  166. Precalcus Urgent HELP PLEASE

    Evaluate the function at the indicated value: g(x) = 3-x/3+x g(a-3)=

    asked by Anonymous
  167. chemistry

    A 25 gram sample of H2O at 37.3C is mixed with 45 grams of H2O at 72.9C. What is the Temperature final of the mixture.

    asked by reginajones
  168. chemistry

    if 2.7 moles od sodium carbonate reacts with 5 moles of copper(II) sulfate, how many grams of sodium sulfate will be produced?

    asked by valentina
  169. French

    Est-ce que tu voyages beaucoup? Ou? Oui je Voyage beaucoup à Vancouver. Est-ce que tu aimes prendre des photos? No je n'aime pas prendre des photos. Est-ce qu'il y a une fete dans ta ville? Quand? Oui, il ya un festival dans ma ville et c'est le jour du

    asked by Anna
  170. science

    Could you see the North Star in the southern hemisphere

    asked by pam
  171. physics

    An astronaut on the surface of Mars fires a cannon to launch an experiment package, which leaves the barrel moving horizontally. Assume that the free-fall acceleration on Mars is three eighths that on the Earth.(a) What must be the muzzle speed of the

    asked by Anonymous
  172. math

    I have been doing this prblem for hours and am trying to see how they get this answer. Please help! One- eighth of an audience consisted of boys and one-fourth consisted of girls. What percent of the audience consisted of children?

    asked by gary
  173. English

    Can someone direct me to where I can get an analysis of "Son" by John Updike-I have searched everywhere and I'm totally confused on this short story Thank you

    asked by Jillian
  174. Art Appreciation

    Florence, the Dominant City-State. Explain how Florence reflects the ideals of the dominant city-state and how some of the geographical, economical, social, and artistic forces shape this ideal.

    asked by Deann Morgan
  175. English

    Please read for any errors. And correct them. The premium on your disability insurance policy is overdue. Don’t let his valuable policy lapse. If you become disabled you will receive a monthly income from this policy. This disability policy provides

    asked by Renell
  176. chemistry

    What is the rate law for N2O4+CO yields NO+CO2+NO2?

    asked by Jason
  177. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; the main goal of effective health education programs for young children is to A. provide children with the knoweledge to eat and exercise properly B.promote critical-thinking skills,behaviors,and attitudes C. teach children that authority figures are

    asked by alex
  178. math

    adding fractions with unlike denominators: 7/9 + 5/6?

    asked by matthew
  179. math

    solve using the elimination method. If the system has no solution or infinite number of solutions a state this 4x-6y=30 3x-5y=24

    asked by nicholas
  180. AP Physics

    The fundamental frequency of a string fixed at both ends is 388 Hz. How long does it take for a wave to travel the length of this string?

    asked by Jackie
  181. English

    1. Neither (she, her) nor Doreen wanted to play a statute that came to life. 2.Finally Brad and (me, I) convinced Doreen that it would be a funny version of the myth. 3.(Him, He) and I flipped a coin to see who would play the part of Pygmalion. 4.Doreen

    asked by Hayden
  182. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; the interaction between a child's biological makeup and the enviromental influences that affect his or her development and behavior is called the A. balanced system approach B. ecological system theory C.body in the classroom analysis D. me\them dynamic

    asked by alex
  183. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; a main source of fat and saturated fatty acids in children's diets is A.meat B.candy C.whole milk D .french fries My answer D corect?

    asked by alex
  184. History

    What were some pros and cons about the Athens, for men and women

    asked by Angie
  185. geometry

    An object is made from a cylinder with a hemisphere at each end.r=5cm, height=12 .Calculate volume.

    asked by reshma
  186. Calculus

    a rifle aimed horizontally and 5 feet above level ground fires a bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3000 ft/sec. How far does the bullet travel from the end of the muzzle before it strikes the ground? (Ignore air resistance)

    asked by Jr
  187. physics uncertenty

    What is the algebraic expression for the uncertainty in the centripetal acceleration σac for uniform circular motion in terms of the uncertainties in the period and the radius of the motion? (Use the following as necessary: σT, σr, ac , T, and r.)

    asked by Johnathon
  188. business communication

    what are some of the intercultural differences that managers of a U.S. based firm might encounter during a series of business meetings with a china based company

    asked by joy
  189. Math

    What is the sum of the interior angle measures in an equilateral triangle?

    asked by Jameer
  190. Physics

    How far does a point on the circumference travel if the wheel is rotated through an angle of 28.6 rads?

    asked by Megan
  191. Science

    In an experiment, BEtsy dissolves 18 grams of powdered dye in 100 grams of pure water. The colored water is then heated on a hot plate, whenthe colored water evaporates completely, how much dye will be left?

    asked by Thalia
  192. Stats

    I need help with this problem for school. For the first one i got .3758 and second 1.6, but i don't think they are right. My calculations are off It is known that about 20% of car insurance policies include emergency road service. Suppose we randomly

    asked by John
  193. Clark/Networking

    You’re asked to design a network for use in a training environment. It should be mobile, easy to set up, and simple to tear down. Speed is not an issue. Develop a network design that accommodates these requirements and keeps costs down.

    asked by Merrie
  194. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much for your help. 1)Meanwhile Malcolm, Duncan’s son, is marching into Scotland with an army. His soldiers cut branches from the trees of / in Birnam Wood, to use these as camouflage to cover

    asked by Mike
  195. biochemistry

    What is the number of g of NaCl in 500 ml of a 10% (w/v) solution? 1. 5% 2. 10% 3. 50% 4. 1% 5. 15%

    asked by Anonymous
  196. biochemistry

    What is the number of g of NaCl in 500 ml of a 10% (w/v) solution? 1. 5% 2. 10% 3. 50% 4. 1% 5. 15%

    asked by Anonymous
  197. science

    Explain why ionic compounds are formed from the left side of the periodic table reacts with nonmetalfrom the right side.

    asked by Philip
  198. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; children should be physically active______adults. A.less than B. more then C.twice as much as D.the same amount as my answer is B is that corect?? tks

    asked by alex
  199. Math

    Find the points on the graph of the following function where the slope of the tangent line is equal to -5/2. f(x) = x+5/x-5 (x, y) = (smaller x-value) (x, y) = (larger x-value)

    asked by Lynette
  200. algebra

    Mat116 appendix F problem #2 2. As you are leaving the community, you notice another new community just down the street. Because you are in the area, you decide to inquire about it. a. The sales representative here tells you they also have two floor plans

    asked by Chris
  201. Colonies in the wilderness

    Why was the government of Canada(1791) not truly a representative government? This system was not truly a representative one because a representative government is one in which representatives are elected by people to make laws on their behalf, and this

    asked by Sara
  202. Spanish-6th grade-Please check my answers

    Could you please check these I think they're correct but I'm not sure. 1.How old am I? Tengo once años. 2.How old is your father? Mi padre tiene cuarenta y seis. 3.Do I have siblings? Sí,tengo dos hermanos. 4.Son mayores or menores? Son mayores. 5.Are

    asked by Samantha
  203. math

    how tow write two word phrases for t/30

    asked by jane
  204. math

    the sign reads: receive a $10 gift card for every $50 spent. 1) If your reward is $10, what do you know about the amount of your purchase? 2) Give three possible amounts if your reward is $20. 3) What should you do if your total purchase is $98? Explian

    asked by stacy
  205. math

    Please help me? y=log(x+1) a. Write the equation as an exponential equation and solve for x. b. Switch the variables in your answer to part a (Change x to y and vice versa). Write the new expression.

    asked by Amy
  206. algebra

    a grade 6 class has 15 boys 12 girls. what is the ratio of boys to girls in the class?

    asked by Anonymous
  207. English

    Can you please check these questions on the slave trade I have to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you very much. 1) What did farmers in the South of the United States usually grow? Sugar and cotton 2) Who were African slaves sold to? To white farmers. What did

    asked by Mike
  208. hum/176

    post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply: Has the explosion of available information made media coverage better or worse? How did the Fairness Doctrine affect media coverage, and are you for its revival or

    asked by Darlene
  209. Algebra

    (x-3)/(x^2-4x+3) Hello My name is Megan Watt, and I have no idea how to solve this. I am so lost.

    asked by Anonymous
  210. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; neuron development and elaboration,which occurs between birth and age 10,is prompted by A.aural prompts from the family,school,and environment. B.physical movement on the part of the child C. intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals D. exposures to

    asked by alex
  211. business communication

    Should you bribe a customs official to speed up delivery?

    asked by joy
  212. Algebra B

    x^2 - 5/2x + 25/16 = -4 + 25/16 = (x-5/4)^2 = -64/16 + 25/16 = (x-5/4)^2 = -39/16 Would someone please explain how we arrived at (x - 5/4)^2 = -64/16 + 25/16 from x^2 - 5/2x + 25/16 = -4 + 25/16 Thanks in advance for your help.

    asked by Nancy
  213. chemistry

    if 25 Liters of H2 is reacted with excess chlorine gas ( Cl2 ), how many grams of HCl can be produced?

    asked by sadie
  214. early childhood literacy

    words are a. convenient communication shortcuts b. not arbitrary symbols c. unique to each individual in English d. thoughts written down. Ichose A as i am aware that they are aribitrary symbols but it has the not in front. cansomeone please check for me

    asked by Anonymous
  215. Finance

    A commercial paper note with a $1 million par value and maturing in 60 days has an expected discount return (DR) at maturity of 6 percent. What was its purchase price? What is this note’s expected coupon-equivalent (investment return) yield (IR)?

    asked by Anonymous
  216. MATH

    if cscè= -7/10 and cosè >0. a) draw a triangle in the correct quadrant with three sides properly labled. b) find the exact value of 7cotè- 4cosè. This means no decimals. find a common denominator and rationalize all denominators. simiplify completely

    asked by joey
  217. Algebra

    How would you solve this using substitution method y= 3 + x 2x + y = 8

    asked by Donna
  218. world literature

    list two of the red herrings that The Thinking Machine sets up for the warden in "The Problem of Cell 13"

    asked by kayla
  219. Math

    There are 6 different shapes in a bag, each student will draw one shape, trace it, then return it to the bag. How many outcomes are possible?

    asked by Zack
  220. english

    An analogy question......pieces are to puzzle as words are to ..... ???

    asked by kk
  221. visual arts

    how to make a theme about death and life?

    asked by shan
  222. Math

    In solving the eqaution(x+4)(x-4),Eric stated thatthe solution would be x+4=33=>x=29 or (x-4)=33=>x=37 However, at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back into the original eqaution. Why is that?Help Eric to understand better,solve

    asked by Sonya
  223. Math

    If a stone is tossed from the top of a 330 meter building, the height of the stone as a function of time is given by h(t)=-9.8t^2-10t+330, where t is in seconds, and height is in meters.After how many seconds will the stone hit the ground? round to the

    asked by Mike
  224. Math- Algebra II

    Please check if I did this right... √(2x+1)+7= 3 -7 -7 √(2x+1)= -4 Square everything √(2x+1)^2= -4^2 2x+1=16 -1 -1 2x=15 divide by 2 on both sides x=7.5 CHECK: (Plug it in) √(2(7.5)+1)+7= 3 √(16)+7= 3 4+7=3 11 doesn't equal 3 so the answer is no

    asked by Lala
  225. chemistry

    if 25 grams of copper reacti with 70 grams of sodium carbonate, identify the limiting reagent.

    asked by valentina
  226. Math

    solve using the substitution method. If the system has no solution or infinite number of solution state this 4x+4y=-36 4x+4y=12

    asked by Tammy
  227. writing

    In this sentence i need help identifying the noun,pronoun,and verb. "The ginko tree, which is one of the world's oldest tree, is large and pictureque."

    asked by Trivia
  228. english

    I was given an assignment to write a one paragraph essay. I need you to pls help me with my essay on "the sniper" by liam o'flaherty. you can tell me where i went wrong and anyother thing. This is my essay so far: War knows no boundaries(age, sex, location

    asked by ted
  229. Math

    Every morning Leah runs about 5/8 mile. At this rate, about how many miles does leah run in 2 weeks?

    asked by Help
  230. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q;Four-year-old Jacob comes from a family in which hypertension is common.It's probable that Jacob will need a diet that's low in A.fats B.iron C.salt D.sugar My answer is A or can be D ??? TKS

    asked by alex
  231. chemistry

    How many grams of gasoline would you need to burn if you started with 275 gram piece of ice that started at -25C and by the end of the expirement had 100 grams of steam and the rest liquid water?

    asked by reginajones
  232. chemistry

    The molar heat of solution of a substance is found to be +35.34 kJ/mol. The addition of 0.20 moles of this substance to 1.5 L water initially at 55. °C results in a temperature decrease. Assume the specific heat of the resulting solution to be equal to

    asked by kate
  233. personal planning

    WHAT IS ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by jugveer's cousin
  234. history

    i have a history test tomarrow and am not so confident about u know any methods that could help me by tomarrow?

    asked by patri
  235. science

    If car ahas mass of 2000kg and car b has mass of 4000kg@3 miles per sec what is momentum?

    asked by Tamara
  236. Discrete Math

    f: A→B, g: B→A Is g ° f defined? If so, what is its domain and range?

    asked by Beth
  237. Medical Information Management Office

    According to a December 4 hospital census of 100, what are the total inpatient service days for December 5? Admissions 10 Discharges 2 A & D 1 A. 90 C. 100 B. 109 D. 110 Total inpatient service days are the total number of services received by all

    asked by Nadya Crouch
  238. math

    if i have 16 ft 5 inch of wall paper and use 8ft 9in of the wall paper. How much do i have left

    asked by kamal
  239. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; growth,maturation,and learning are all used interchangeably with the term A.development B.maintenance C.exposure D.regression My answer is A is that corect???

    asked by alex

    1.Find the derivative of the function. f(t) = (1+squrt t)(8t^2-7) 2. Find the derivative of the function. f(x) = (x^3 - 4)/(x^2 + 4)

    asked by Anonymous
  241. math

    a small mail order company earns a 15% profit on all sales. if the company earned $5250 one month, how much were the total sales.?

    asked by sandra
  242. Algebra

    (z^3+3z^2+2z+6)/(z^2+5z+6) I don't know what to do??????

    asked by Megan Watt
  243. writing

    write about your favorite room in your house

    asked by bernard
  244. trig

    sin(-π) + cos 5π how to solve without a calculator. Please write steps and explain thank you

    asked by Amy
  245. Algebra

    problem 1. (2x^2-5x+3)/(x^2-1)*(x^2+1)/(2x^2-x-3) problem 2. (n+3)/(2n^2-n-3)-(-n^2-3n)/(2n^2-n-3)

    asked by Megan Watt
  246. Calculus

    a rifle aimed horizontally and 5 feet above level ground fires a bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3000 ft/sec. How far does the bullet travel from the end of the muzzle before it strikes the ground? (Ignore air resistance)

    asked by Jr

    Sphere and hemisphere have same volume. Radius of sphere =7cm

    asked by reshma
  248. history

    when did Aryan-speaking people come to the Indus valley?????

    asked by Hannah jane
  249. u.s. history

    How did the South, with fewer supplies and resources, manage to stall a Northern victory for four years?

    asked by jessica
  250. Aztecs

    What goods were found in a typical aztec marketplace????

    asked by Erika
  251. English

    I still have a few doubts about Macbeth's plot.I hope you can have a look at them. 1) Lady Macbeth gives the king’s guards a lot to drink and in the middle of the night Macbeth kills Duncan with the knife of one of the soldiers. 2)The next morning the

    asked by Mike
  252. biochemistry

    What is the composition of 17 g glucose in 375 ml solution in % (w/v)? 1. 22.1% 2. 4.53% 3. 2.21% 4. 0.453% 5. 17%

    asked by Anonymous
  253. math

    write a decimal addition problem that is illustrated by the lengths of segments ab,bc,and ac

    asked by ilyas
  254. biochemistry

    What is the composition of 21 g NaCl in 500 ml solution (density 1.12 g/ml) in % (w/w)? 1. 0.375% 2. 21.25% 3. 3.75% 4. 4.75% 5. 2.125%

    asked by Anonymous
  255. math

    what must be the dimensions of a rectangle to have an area of 125 cm^2 and a perimeter of 60 m?

    asked by Anonymous
  256. spanish

    how do say la senora va de compras in english

    asked by Anonymous
  257. math

    if i have 2/4,what are two equivalent fractions?

    asked by Miranda

    Jacques Cartier sailed to the New World in 1534 in search of A. Montreal. B. Newfoundland. C. the Gulf of St. Lawrence. D. a northwest passage to China.

    asked by Anonymous
  259. Math

    If you have 36 paper cups and you build a pyamid with a base of 8 what is the height?

    asked by Hemlock Middle School
  260. world histiry

    what is the order of the pyramid of the japanes fuedal system

    asked by donna
  261. Algebra: Please Help

    Use the divisibility rules to determine which number is a factor of 39. Is the answer 3?

    asked by Cheryl
  262. Math

    How do you solve: n is 2 given that it is even The directions say "let n be a randomly selected integer from 1-20. Find the indicated probability"

    asked by Biren bahkta
  263. Math

    Shawna thinks that 8 x 2 = 17. What number pattern shows that she is not correct?

    asked by Elise
  264. math

    my house payment is 800 dollars a month @ 5.5 % interest for 30 years at the end of 30 years ,how much would i pay ?

    asked by thomas
  265. math

    my house payment is 800 dollars a month @ 5.5 % interest for 30 years at the end of 30 years ,how much would i pay ?

    asked by thomas
  266. chemistry

    When a piece of copper weighing 250 grams is placed n a cup with 450ml of H2O at 21C and the Cp of te cupis 47J/K, how many grams of gasolne would it tae to heat the system to 110C?

    asked by reginajones
  267. ENGLISH

    Please read for any errors. And correct them. I really would appreciate it. After talking with you, I feel I must again apprise you of the importance of keeping in mind that you should not overdo your initial engagement in strenuous exercise. If you start

    asked by ARB
  268. Algebra II-Please check my solution

    Solve by elimination method-thanks fro checking my work 2x + 3y= 2 multiply this equation by 2= 4x + 6y = 4 4x-2y = -28 4x + 6y = 4 -4x -2y = -28 8y = 32 y = 4 2x + 3(4) = 2 2x + 12 = 2 2x + 2-12 2x = -10 x = -5 solution = (-5,4)

    asked by Joella
  269. science

    What would be the effect on satellites now in orbit if the earth stopped rotating

    asked by clay
  270. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; as a day care worker,you should be familiar with the development of children. Which one of the following items is a developmental achievement of a two-month-old infant? A.rolling from site to back B.eruption of teeth C. good control of head D.turning

    asked by alex
  271. Art Appreciation

    Impact of Photography on Landscape Art. Assess the impact of photography on the 19th century landscape. How did it affect paintings?

    asked by Deann Morgan
  272. Economics

    Discuss whether the minimum wage will reduce the poverty trap? I need 3 ways for and 3 ways against

    asked by Hannah
  273. Math

    Express 19 dm in square centimeters by filling in the blank: 19 dm sq = _ cm sq

    asked by Faith
  274. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; a strategy for health promotion among infants,toddlers,and young children focuses on educational programs, psysical fitness,activities,and --- A. family planning B.tabacco,alcohol,and drug use. C. nutrition D. mental health and mental disorders My

    asked by alex
  275. English

    Please check for an errors and correct them for me. As you know two miners was injured last Tuesday in the rock fall in entrance eight near the face. One of the miners is still in the hospital. I understand that he will be released in two or three days.

    asked by Brown
  276. math

    use the discriminant to determine whether the following eqautions have solutions that are;two different rational solutions;two different irrational solutions;exactly one rational solution;or two different imaginary solutions x^2=3x-6

    asked by sam
  277. history

    subject: Sociology. I would like a 5 page Article on thetropical strom headed towards Haiti

    asked by Debbie Burris
  278. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; ____have more than twice as many of calories as do proteins or carbohydrates A.fats B.salty foods C.solubles D.alkaloids my answer is A is that corect thank you!

    asked by alex
  279. math

    given the linear equation y = -2/3x -2. find y coordinates of the points (-9) (-3) and (6)

    asked by candie
  280. history

    When did The Angles and Saxons take over England???

    asked by Hannah jane
  281. Math

    For value cos (8ð/3). b) write cos (8ð/3) in terms of an algebraic sign and cosine of the reference angle find the exact value of what you found in part b using a cheating chart. no decimals please

    asked by sam
  282. pre algebra

    Write a rule that expresses the number of quarts q of a liquid as a function of each of the following

    asked by John
  283. polymer science

    its possible to convert the commercial polymer into nano polymer and its affact any property of polymer

    asked by pradee
  284. maths

    how do you draw translations of rotation of 90 degrees im not sure?

    asked by chloe
  285. algebra

    factor x/x2(square)+9x+4

    asked by RAM
  286. Maths

    How do you work out and show difference between 2 numbers i.e 60 students and 40 students out of 100

    asked by Shannon
  287. math

    solve using the elimination your work. if the system has no solution or infintite number of solutions, state this 4x-6y=30, 3x-5y=24

    asked by Tiana
  288. leadership

    apply these theoretical perspectives to at least one specific ethical dilemma that leaders and/or managers at ECG may encounter when providing consulting services to a diverse international client base as the organization prepares for an ECG IPO and

    asked by cp
  289. South

    In solving the equation (x + 1)(x – 2) = 54, Eric stated that the solution would be x + 1 = 54 => x = 53 or (x – 2) = 54 => x = 56 However, at least one of these solutions fail

    asked by Nicole
  290. English

    I really need you to check these sentences please.Thank you. 1) A group of his fans were (not was?) waiting outside his flat. 2) While he was walking across the square, he stopped to sign a record for Mark Chapman. 3)When he returned home, Mark was still

    asked by Mike
  291. science/chemistry

    what does these equations mean metal+water=metal hydroxide+hydrogen

    asked by chloe
  292. trig

    cos θ = (2√(2)) / (3) sin θ = - (1/3) then what would the triangle look like, the placement of the sides on quadrant 1,2,3, or 4?

    asked by Amy
  293. math

    so i am having trouble finding the answer h't if h(t)= 5/t^1/4 - 6/t^2/3

    asked by kelly kelly
  294. Chemistry

    If you were given 0.021 milligrams of the compound,H3PO4, what would the mass of H in the sample be?

    asked by Ariana
  295. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; a child practices tossing a ball into a hoop from the same distance each day. What type of knowledge is he using? A.adaptive B.regressive C.hypothetical D.assimilative My answer is A is this corect

    asked by alex
  296. science

    definition of light, transmission, and absorption

    asked by cameron
  297. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; fats should not account more than____percent of total daily calories A. 10 B.30 C.50 D.75 my answer is B Ms.Sue is that corect Thank you so much!

    asked by alex
  298. science

    Does it take more effort to get up and walk a rolling chair accross the room than it takes to sit and scoot it accross the room Karen

    asked by karen
  299. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; complete proteins can be found in A.beans,rice,and nuts B.only beef. C.citrus fruits and highly acidic vegetables D.meat,fish poultry,eggs,and dairy My answer is D but also can be A not shore,need hellp pls

    asked by alex
  300. calculus

    Consider the function . a. Find the domain and range of h. b. What is the inverse of h? c. Find the domain and range of h. d. Is h a function? Explain

    asked by Anonymous
  301. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; A child in your program has just returned after having chickenpox.You notice that she still has a few dry scabs.What should you do? A.send her home.she is still contagious B.welcome her back and let her know what there is to do today C.allow her to

    asked by alex
  302. chemistry

    If compound x has a first-order half-life of 24 seconds, how long would you have to wait for only 33% of the original material to be left?

    asked by reginajones
  303. algebra

    rewrite with positive exponents.Assume that even roots of nonnegative qauntities and that all denoinators are nonzero (3/ua^2)^-4

    asked by cheryl
  304. French-Simple question

    Im trying to find out what each person is studying. Every person in my text has a bubble over their heads, and in that bubble is a picture such person had a bubble picture of a microscope over their heads, so that would mean that they are studing

    asked by Anna
  305. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; the introduction of semisolid foods to a five-month-old infant may be delayed if A.the infant has bottle mouth syndrome members have a history of allergies C.the infant consistently prefers a bottle D.the infant is teething My answer is B is

    asked by alex
  306. ENGLISH

    Please read for any errors. And correct them. I really would appreciate it. We are considering updating our computer system. We have computer stations that are presently stand-along stations. We would like to discuss with you the cost of networking 25 new

    asked by Renell
  307. calculus

    PLEASE help me. y=log(x+1) a. Write the equation as an exponential equation and solve for x. b. Switch the variables in your answer to part a (Change x to y and vice versa). Write the new expression.

    asked by Krystal
  308. math

    Find the radius of a circle with the given circumference. 8.4 in. r = 3 in. 3ã2 in. 6 in. 12ã2 in. is it 6 in?

    asked by danny
  309. Trigonometry

    what is the domain of h(x)=.002sec(3pi(x-.25))+27?

    asked by John
  310. pop culture and art

    illustrate the relationship between art and american culture

    asked by cindy
  311. Trigonometry

    How do I find the radius of a circle that contains the point (12,15)

    asked by Meaghan
  312. Math

    Find the derivative of the function. f(x) = (x+1)(4x^2-8x+7)

    asked by Anonymous
  313. english

    i a writting a character sketch on the short trifles on minnie wright i need 3 adjectives from the book for my 3 body paragraphs and quote them from the play

    asked by kimt
  314. Algebra

    (x-3)/(x^2-4x+3) Hello My name is Megan Watt, and I have no idea how to solve this. I am so lost.

    asked by Megan Watt
  315. writing

    what you would you do if had $100.00

    asked by bernard
  316. math please help

    temperature before change = 40 degrees temperature change =up 7 degrees identify the number model below that is correct. then cross out the incorrect model and complete the correct one. 40+7=? or 40+(-7)=?

    asked by lily
  317. Algebra

    Solve using qaudractic formula.Then use a calculator to aproximate to three decimal places,the solution as rational numbers x^2-4x+1=0

    asked by Sarah
  318. Calc

    Find the indefinite integral. Integral of (x+1)/(√(x²+2x-4))dx Thank you for your help!

    asked by Erica
  319. Calc

    Find the indefinite integral. Integral of (2x)/(x-4)dx Thank you so much!

    asked by Erica
  320. calculus wxmaxima

    does anyone know how to approximate the are and circumfrence of the region bounded by the given curves y=cos(x^2 +(100493/100000)), y=1+x-X^2

    asked by jessica
  321. Calc

    Find the indefinite integral. Integral of [1/(4+3x²)]dx Thank you so much for your help!

    asked by Erica
  322. Chemistry II

    Why is YBa2Cu3O7 a super conductor? Explain Chemistry and Structural bases.

    asked by Brittney
  323. science check plzzzzzzzzzz

    if your computer uses 2.5A at 120V, how much will it cost to use the computer for 4 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks? assume that the cost of electricity is $0.09 for every kWh*h of energy. i solved it like this way could you check of i got it

    asked by kim
  324. math

    how to graph the equations 9x+3y=15 and -6x-4y=-8

    asked by john
  325. History

    in one paragraph describe how the Monroe Doctrine has shaped the recent foreign policy decisions made by the U.S.

    asked by Patrick
  326. algebra

    telephone company a charges its costumers a fixed fee of 2dollars per monh plua 10cents a minute

    asked by luis
  327. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; What are the three main factors in a readiness model? A.maturation,learning,and motivation B.height,weight,and age C.psychological,social,and physical D.age,inteligence,and agility My answer is A is that corect? tks

    asked by alex
  328. Ecology

    Estimate the fish population of Lake Champlain using the Lincoln-Peterson Method. -Number of fish of 1st capture: 60 -Number of fish of 2nd capture: 65 Marked fish in 2nd capture: 10 -Number of fish of 3rd capture: 65 Marked fish in 3rd capture: 15 -Number

    asked by Anonymous
  329. math

    Find the derivative of the function and evaluate f '(x) at the given value of x. f(x) = 4x + 5/4x − 5 ; x = 4

    asked by Anonymous
  330. math


    asked by george
  331. English

    How can Clara Bows influence be measured (both during the period and currently)?

    asked by Attalah
  332. Calculus

    find (d^2y)/(dx^2) if 5x^2-8y^2=8

    asked by Mattie
  333. Math

    The number of people waiting in a line for a movie hours (x) people (y) 1 170 2 230 3 290 4 350 Is this discrete or continuous data?

    asked by Sally
  334. math

    how to write twelve using three numbers that are the same apart from four

    asked by lucy
  335. math


    asked by Anonymous
  336. physics

    My car is accelerating from o to 60 km/hr in 3.2 seconds. if the mass of my car is 2450kg and the froce of friction is 30 N, what is the force produced by my cars engine

    asked by Anonymous
  337. Pre algebra

    3(n+1)/7is greater than or equal to n+4/5 how would you work this

    asked by Daniel
  338. math

    Given the qaudratic function f(x)=x^2-6x+9 find a value of x such that f(x)=25

    asked by john
  339. computer

    need help in my homework to create a 300 words or more regarding a project like i'm in the market for a new personal printer. consider both price of the printer and the price of the consumables such paper and ink/toner.

    asked by erianne
  340. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; alcohol,drugs,radiation,and pollutants that affect a child's development are called A. teratogens B.toxic inhibitors C.transferal agents D.phenylanines My answer is B is that correct???

    asked by alex
  341. advanced accounting

    allocation of purchase price to various assets and liabilities

    asked by Anonymous
  342. english

    prosective of a paragragh

    asked by carrie
  343. maths

    maximise p=15x+10y

    asked by kim


    asked by AMIAH
  345. polymer science

    its possible to convert the commercial polymer into nano polymer and its affact any property of polymer

    asked by pradee
  346. math

    if csc= -7/10 and cos >0. a) draw a triangle in the correct quadrant with three sides properly labled. b) find the exact value of 7cot- 4cos. This means no decimals. find a common denominator and rationalize all denominators. simiplify completely.

    asked by joey
  347. math

    16 input 11 output

    asked by suany
  348. math

    how do i make this a true sentence? 3=4+3-1/2

    asked by angel
  349. Ethics

    Has email impact on communication been positive or negative? why? Would you judge somebody by the quality of his or her email message? why or why not? Could someone professional reputation be enhanced or hindered by the quality and effectiveness of his or

    asked by josh
  350. early childhood literacy

    Are dot-to-dot pictures,tracing, cutting and gluing all activities that develope writing skills. i am not show about Gluing as one can someone please check it for me

    asked by Anonymous
  351. math

    how do you solve this using substitution of system equations here's the problem -4=x-2y and -x+2=-y

    asked by Anonymous
  352. french

    for french project: a) does 1/6 cup=2 tablespoons+2 teaspoons b) say that in french s'il vous plait!:)

    asked by Gabrielle
  353. Math

    Mr.Jensen is buying 2 dozen donuts for $10.98. True or False. The expression 8.5 x 2/10.98 could be used to represent the cost of 8.5 dozen donuts.

    asked by Ashley
  354. calculus wxmaxima

    does anyone know how to approximate the are and circumfrence of the region bounded by the given curves y=cos(x^2 +(100493/100000)), y=1+x-X^2 i already did the area but i need help with the circumference

    asked by jessica
  355. math

    principal is $750.00 rate is 9 1/2% for 200 days using a 360 day calendar year what's the interest?

    asked by l
  356. math


    asked by george
  357. Algebra 2

    putting polynomials in standard form. (x-3)^2(x-1)

    asked by Anonymous
  358. math

    maximise p=15x+10y

    asked by kim
  359. math


    asked by nick
  360. math

    the ratio of an executives expenses to income is 5 to 8. What are the executives expenses of a month when the income is $9,800?

    asked by linda
  361. math please help!!


    asked by lily
  362. english

    what is number facts about the topic gel pens

    asked by kyle
  363. language arts

    Diagram.(I'm not sure how you will give me the answer since you can't put lines on) Stephen almost never reads or watches TV and he does not enjoy outdoor sports.

    asked by Justin
  364. science

    how to tell if a solution is saturated

    asked by karla
  365. geometry

    largest line segment that can be drawn within a squqre of perimeter 20 cm

    asked by aswathi
  366. pre-calc


    asked by megan
  367. science

    why is an eclipsed moon sometimes dark red in color?

    asked by raman
  368. algebra1

    how do you slove x+3y=-30 9x-12y=3 with substitution and elimation

    asked by katie
  369. math


    asked by Arianna
  370. literature-in-eng

    what are the basic literary terms

    asked by ifeoma
  371. Math

    If a guy has run 45 minutes, and this is only 60% of his whole run, is 100% 75 minutes?

    asked by Catherine
  372. math


    asked by JOE
  373. advance accouting

    alocation of purchase price to vaious assests and liabilities

    asked by Anonymous
  374. Algebra 1

    If your given points like (3, 2) (7,6) and are told to find the line perpendicular to the point (9,8) how could you solve it without graphing?

    asked by Anonymous
  375. advanced accounting

    purchas, date of acquisition

    asked by Anonymous
  376. pre-calc


    asked by megan
  377. math

    what is -25+(-16)=? PLEASE HELP

    asked by nina
  378. math

    how to convert 38/3 into a whole number or mix number

    asked by veronica