Questions Asked on
February 5, 2011

  1. Chemistry--DR.BOB HELP!

    If 1 volume of 0.1 KH2PO4 is mixed with 2 volumes of 0.1 OHEtNH2 (pka=9.44), what will be the pH of the mixture? I know I know: HH equation

    asked by Jimmy
  2. Math

    A number when divided by 14 or 13 leaves a remainder 3. Find the least possible value of that number?

    asked by Sara
  3. Math

    A number when divided by 14 or 15 leaves a remainder 3. Find the least possible value of that number?

    asked by Sara
  4. Calculus

    integrate t*(t^2 - 1)^(1/3) dt over (0,3) I substitute u = t^2 - 1 du = 2t dt which leads to integrate (1/2) u^(1/3) du over(-1,8) = (3/8) * u^(4/3) over (-1/8) = 3/8 * [8^(4/3) - (-1)^(4/3)] I would guess that (-1)^(4/3) is +1, since the cube root of -1

    asked by Sean
  5. physics

    A body pulled by a constant force accelerates from 10 cm/s to 35 cm/s in 3.5 s. A second force accelerates the same body from rest to 110 cm/s in 10.5 s. If the first force is known to be 5.0 N, that what is the second force?

    asked by seB
  6. physics

    what sould be the angular speed with which the earth have to rotate on its axis so that a person on the equator would weight 3/5th as much as present..??

    asked by partha
  7. physics

    The punter on a football team tries to kick a football so that it stays in the air for a long "hang time." If the ball is kicked with an initial velocity of 24.2 m/s at an angle of 58.5° above the ground, what is the "hang time"?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. economics

    the smith company made and sold 10,000 metal tables last year. when output was between 5,000 and 10,000 tables, its average variable cost was $24. in this output range, each table contributed 60 percent of its revenue to fixed costs and profit. what was

    asked by Stephanie
  9. physics

    A criminal is escaping across a rooftop and runs off the roof horizontally at a speed of 5.6 m/s, hoping to land on the roof of an adjacent building. Air resistance is negligible. The horizontal distance between the two buildings is D, and the roof of the

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Chemistry

    What type of structures of copolymers have a higher probability of crystallization?

    asked by Jackie
  11. Algebra B

    I am confused as to what the nth power is. Is it any number as an exponent that leaves the radicand the same? Could you please show me an example? thanks,

    asked by Nancy
  12. chemistry

    The combustion of 0.0222g of isooctane vapor, C8H18(g), at constant pressure raises the temperature of a calorimeter 0.400 C. The heat capacity of the calorimeter and water combined is 2.48 kJ/C. Find the molar heat of combustion of gasdeous isooctane.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. pre calculus

    solve the equation. give an exact solution, and also an approximate solution to four decimal places. 2^(9x-7)=7 My first step was to change it to log(base 2) 7 = 9x-7 i got 1.0897 Did i do something wrong or did i miss one question?

    asked by anonymous
  14. socialstudy

    state and discued the role of farmily in AFRICAN setting

    asked by kareem kehinde
  15. physical

    A boy throws a stone vertically up to a man standing at a heigt of 2 m above the boy. Of the stone is thrown up with a velocity of 7.0m s what is the velocity of the stone at the instant when it is caught by the man. A clear explaination is greatly

    asked by Timothy
  16. algebra

    example of simplest form of 4-1m-2n3/(2mn)-3

    asked by Anonymous
  17. MATH


    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    Suppose that the height (in centimeters) of a candle is a linear function of the amount of time (in hours) it has been burning. After 11 hours of burning, a candle has a height of 18.6 centimeters. After 27 hours of burning, its height is 12.2 centimeters.

    asked by Adam
  19. Math

    The point (-4.3) lies on a circle whose center is at (2,1). Find an equation of this circle.

    asked by Adam
  20. chemistry

    when co2 dissolves in water, the following equillibrium is established, CO2 + 2H2O GIVES H3O(+) + HCO3(-) for which the equillibrium constant is 3.8 * 10^-7 and pH is 6. then what is the ratio of concentration HCO3(-) to CO2?

    asked by arpan
  21. Math

    Charlie is going to rent a truck for one day. There are two companies he can choose from, and they have the following prices. Company A charges $127 and allows unlimited mileage. Company B has an initial fee of $55.00 and charges an additional $0.90 for

    asked by Rachal
  22. science

    can a bicycle have the same acceleration?how?

    asked by Jio karlo munda
  23. english

    What can i say at the start and at the end of a recorded interview? i will be interviewing an agriculturist.

    asked by nelle
  24. Algebra- is my answer right

    Charlie is going to rent a truck for one day. There are two companies he can choose from, and they have the following prices. Company A charges $127 and allows unlimited mileage. Company B has an initial fee of $55.00 and charges an additional $0.90 for

    asked by Rachal
  25. Algebra

    Rewrite the following in simplified radical form. (sqrt24w^8) I got 4w^2sqrt6w is that right?

    asked by Lisa
  26. Algebra

    Find the slope of points (-2,2) and (2,1)

    asked by Lisa
  27. Physics

    A certain "brand-new" (never-used) 9.0 volt cell contains 40mC of charge. The Electric energy "stored" in the cell amounts to about (___) joules. 0.0 0.06 37.5 .36 60x10^-4 I'm not too sure how to figure this problem out. I initially thought 40/9, but the

    asked by Amber
  28. physics

    a diver running at 1,8 m.s dives out horizontally from the edge of a high vertical cliff. He hits the water 2 seconds later. How high was the cliff?

    asked by myke
  29. intermediate algebra

    Multiply (2sqrt5 -1)(2sqrt10 -3)

    asked by Lisa
  30. intermediate algebra

    Divide: (-8y^7x+15y^7x^6)/(-2y^2x^5)

    asked by Lisa
  31. Abstract Algebra

    Let f:A->B where A and B are nonempty. Prove that f(S1 U S2) = f(S1) U f(S2)

    asked by Molly
  32. social studies

    list 4 facts to describe colonal Williamsburg.

    asked by netey
  33. Physical Science

    What is my potential energy if I weigh 60kg and I jump 3 meters in the air?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    4+(-7)+2(-5)= i think the answer is -6

    asked by :P smile
  35. math

    144+(-317)+213 i think the answer is 40

    asked by :P smile
  36. math

    I4+(-3)I+I-2I i think the answer is 3

    asked by :P smile
  37. math

    I4+(-3)I+I-2I i think the answer is 3

    asked by :P smile
  38. math

    what integer makes the equation -13 + 12 + 7 +?+10 i think it is 4

    asked by :P smile
  39. writing

    so i have to write a research paper(3-4 pages) on this topic 'does lack of sleep affect heart rate' how do i do that...this is the first time i write a research paper so i need help..thanks

    asked by HELP
  40. Algebra

    Use the remainder theorem to findvP(-2) for P(x)=2x^4+4x^3-5x^2+4. Specifically, give the quotient and the remainder for the associated division and the value of P(-2). Quotient= Remainder= P(-2)=

    asked by Brian
  41. Science(chemistry)

    What is Kc at its temperature?

    asked by Rozer
  42. Bus Ops

    It was a little past 9:00 on a Monday morning when Jeff Baker walked into your office with a box of donuts. He offered you one as he sat down. This didn’t strike you as odd since members of the staff often brought donuts or kolaches to pass around the

    asked by Awesome
  43. human resources

    Help please. I need to find information on how peers influence a sweet 16 party for a female. I can find information on how the media influences this, but I need solid information on how peers can influence a sweet 16 party. I am doing the rites of passage

    asked by Patiance
  44. Physics

    Pa and Oz start walking at the same corner of a field whose south- west is bounded by a straight wall. Pa walks alongside the wall at 5.5 km/h while Oz sets off at 6 km/h along a straight foot path across the field which makes an angle of 50 degrees with

    asked by Joseph
  45. Physics-Please help

    R1= 10 ohm R2= 20 ohm R3= 50 ohm R4= ??? R1, R2, R3 and R4 are connected in parallel across a 120 V "power" supply to generate a current of 21 Amps. The value of R4 is most nearly _____ ohms. 0, 5, 10, 16, 100, 200, 300 I think 5 ohms, but I'm not

    asked by Lynn
  46. Statistics

    How many ways can Aileen choose 5 pizza toppings from a mean of 19 toppings if can only be chosen once?

    asked by Jonathan Florez

    The weight of a hollow sphere is 100N.If it floats in water just fully submerged,what is the exterrnal diameter of the shere ?

    asked by SHAANU
  48. math

    a rectangular parking lot has a length that is 10 yards greater than the width. the area of the parking lot is 200 square yards.find the length and the width

    asked by greg
  49. Random Question

    In the movie "Hauting Sarah" what is the twin sister trying to accomplish??? bringing her son back through her sister?

    asked by Amber
  50. Chemistry

    Calcium carbide, CaC2, can be produced in an electric furnace by strongly heating calcium oxide (lime) with carbon. The unbalanced equation is CaO(s) + C(s) ¨ CaC2(s) + CO(g) Calcium carbide is useful because it reacts readily with water to form the

    asked by Mariana
  51. Math

    Find the derivative of f(x)= 2 sqrt x at x=4. i thought that the derivative would be 2 x^1/2 but I guess this is wrong.

    asked by Hannah
  52. Statistics

    A lottery ticket costs $1 and the prize is $28,000,000. The probability of winning is .000000023. What is the expected value of a ticket?

    asked by Ann
  53. Math(Please check)

    Find the slope of the graph at y=sqrt 2x^2 +1 at the point (2,3). First I plugged 2 into the equation and got 3. Then the derivative of the equation is 4x and then I multiplied that by 3 and got 12. Is this correct?

    asked by Hannah
  54. Chemistry

    How do I find the molarity of Fe(SCN)2+? I know the molarity of SCN=0.1 and the molarity of Fe is 0.0001. The volume of SCN is 5 mL and the volume of the Fe is also 5mL. I also think that I use M1V1=M2V2.

    asked by Brittany
  55. Math(Please check)

    What is the difference between the actual increase in profit as production increases from 5 to 6 units, and the marginal profit at a production level of 5 units where the profit function is given by p(x)= 3x^2 - 5x + 2 First I plugged 5 into the equation

    asked by Hannah
  56. chemistry

    1.when the concentraion of acetone was doubled, the time was about _____ the original time and the rate was about _______ the original rate. 2.when the concentraion of H+ was doubled, the time was about _____ the original time and the rate was about

    asked by Sarah
  57. us history

    What were three problems under the articles of confederation, and what were two successes?

    asked by Mysterious person
  58. Physics

    A coin is placed on a record that is rotating at 45 rpm. If the coefficient of static friction between the coin and the record is 0.2, how far from the center of the record can the coin be placed without having it slip off?

    asked by Renee
  59. Physics

    A spy satellite is in circular orbit around Earth. It makes one revolution in 5.95 hours. (Radius of the Earth=6.371 106 m) (a) How high above Earth's surface is the satellite? (b) What is the satellite's acceleration?

    asked by Renee
  60. Physics

    I have been working on my Phys homework and came accross this question that is giving me some trouble: The charge (coul) on an object increases according to (q) = (2 coul)e[(0.050/sec)(t)], where t is in seconds. At how many seconds is the object deficient

    asked by Amber
  61. American history

    When was the new York state constitution written and what are the two parts of the new York state legislature?

    asked by Mysterious person
  62. Internet - IT

    Hi, Can some confirm that both the TCP/IP and OSI model are both examples reference models. I feel that both are reference models. And lastly is it right that, DHCP is a protocol that enables network devices to share a pool of IP addresses. and is a

    asked by Ian
  63. insurance form preparation

    What form should be attached to a CMS-1500 form submitted to a secondary insurance company? A. a copy of the CMS-1500 sent to the primary insurance company. B. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) C. a copy of the patient's medical treatment record. D. a copy

    asked by Jessica
  64. Math

    I am so confused, does anyone know how to solve 6x + 5y = 15. PlEaSe HeLp

    asked by Dana
  65. insurance form preparation

    what is a type of insurance policy outling the benefits to be paid for each type of service normally based on the usual and customary rates (UCR) for each community? A. disability insurance B. SSDI C. Free-for-service D. SSI my answer is C. please help!

    asked by Jessica
  66. Physics with Calc

    A point charge of 1.8uC (microcoulumbs) is at the center of a Gaussian cube 55 cm on edge. What is the net electric flux through the surface?

    asked by Robert
  67. 6th grade English

    Draw a line under each preposition and to lines under the object of a preposition. He was thirty years old when he first went to California in 1868. i underlined once "to California" and "in 1868" and i under lined twice twice Californiia and 1868. is this

    asked by Meghan
  68. MATH

    You have $110 IN YOUR lunch account and plan to spend $2.75 each school day. a) Write and graph a linear equation that represents the balance in your lunch account (i just need help making an equation for this problem) b) How many school days will it take

    asked by stephanie
  69. physics

    What is the magnitude of the average acceleration of a skier who, starting from rest, reaches a speed of 7.9 m/s when going down a slope for 7.4 s?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. American history

    What territories would be created out of the northwest territory?

    asked by Mysterious person
  71. MATH

    (3s+2d)(3s-2d) 9s^2-6ds+6ds-4d^2 9s^2-4d^2+0ds

  72. American history

    What were the causes of shays rebellion and how did it lead to the constitutional convention? Thanks!!!!

    asked by Mysterious person
  73. chemistry

    An electron in the n = 5 excited state of a hydrogen atom emits a photon of 1281 nm light. To what energy level does the electron move? Any ideas on an equation for this? Is it some kind of backward version of Rydburg Eq?

    asked by dave
  74. American history

    When was the new York state constitution written and what are the two parts of the new York state legislators?

    asked by Mysterious person
  75. chemistry

    what is a good experiment for investigating the influence of the size reaction-surface on the reaction tempo of a specific raection. using Cal-c vita tablets, rennies tablets and vinegar...?

    asked by Lizard
  76. history

    From where did early North Americans migrate and how did they reach North America? Describe the lifestyles of early North American men and women. Im not sure which way to answer this one. I have two answers. The first was coming from Asia and crossing the

    asked by m
  77. Math 156

    If a figure has two right angles, then it is a rectangle? I said that the figure is in not a rectangle if it has two right angles, because a rectangle has four right sides.

    asked by Tina
  78. math

    a right triangle has one angle that measures 16 degrees. what are the measures of the other two angles?

    asked by dakota
  79. math

    Circle J has a radius of 6 in. JK and JL form an angle that is not a straight angle. The lenght of KL is not 6 in. Classify ^JKL accordingly to its sides.

    asked by dakota
  80. testing of materials

    How do I solve these two problems ? 1.The mass of a quantity of is 32.7 g. What is it's volume in cm raised to the third power ? 2.The volume of a quantity of water is 0.42 cm raised to the third power. Find its mass in g.

    asked by Michael
  81. math

    using 3,4,5,6, =28 you have to use each number once Using addition once, subtraction once, multiply once and divid once how do get these numbers to =28 please shoe me how you do it Thanks

    asked by doc
  82. physics

    All but two gaps within a set of venetian blinds have been blocked off to create a double-slit system. These gaps are separated by a distance of 3.1 cm. Infrared radiation is then passed through the two gaps in the blinds. The angle between the central and

    asked by ashlee
  83. math

    calculate the monthly payment by loan amotization table: loan 26,000, down payment of 5,000 at 11% for 36 months

    asked by rose
  84. physics

    Two slits are illuminated by a 536 nm light.The angle between the zeroth-order bright band at the center of the screen and the fourth-order bright band is 16.1 degrees. If the screen is 176 cm from the double-slit, how far apart is this bright band from

    asked by ashlee
  85. Biology

    Supposing you have a renal stenosis, what kind of affect does that have on the heart. What I do know: - decreased flow to the kidneys - kidneys assumes that overall blood volume have decreased - RNN system is activated - = increase in blood pressure

    asked by Lena
  86. physics

    A 2.40 m length of wire is held in an east-west direction and moves horizontally to the north with a speed of 14.9 m/s. The vertical component of Earth's magnetic field in this region is 40.0 µT directed downward. Calculate the induced emf between the

    asked by FSU
  87. economics

    Suppose you wish to create a scholarship fund which will pay 73.43 each year for the next 14 years. If you accomplish your task by depositing a single amount today into a bank account which pays 12.91% per year, what must the deposit amount be? (Accuracy

    asked by Rachel
  88. algebra

    54r^14 -3r^7 find quotient

    asked by sarah
  89. algebra

    u-^8 positive exponent

    asked by sarah
  90. algebra

    Subtract (1.5x^3+4.8x^2-3.7x)(-4.3x^3-4.5x^2+32)

    asked by sarah
  91. social science

    what are the advantages or benefits of structural adjustment programmes

    asked by mil
  92. Algebra

    Divide: (-8y^7x+15y^7x^6)/(-2y^2x^5) I got y^5(-8+15x^5)/-2x^4 It won't let me add parens. in the answer any suggestions. It does say simplify your answer as much as possible.

    asked by Lisa
  93. geometry

    Parallelogram has sides with lengths of 10 centimeters and 20 centimeters, What is the height in centimeters?

    asked by Ann
  94. VHS

    a triangle has sides with lengths of 11 meters, 9 meters, and 7 meters. what type of triangle is it?

    asked by Kelsey
  95. chemistry

    hen 9.3 g of an unknown non-electrolyte is dissolved in 50.0 g of benzene, the boiling point the boiling point increased to 81.19 degrees C from 80.1 degrees C. If the Kbp of the solvent is 2.53 K/m, calculate the molar mass of the unknown solute. The

    asked by zainab
  96. army public

    a snail climbs 20meters tall tree.everyday,he climbs 5m up and slip 2m down in. how many days will he clib the tree"

    asked by shanzay
  97. Physics- Algebra based

    A diver springs upward from a board that is three meters above the water. At the instant she contacts the water her speed is 9.10 m/s and her body makes an angle of 80.0° with respect to the horizontal surface of the water. Determine her initial velocity,

    asked by Bailey
  98. chemistry

    what would happen if you mixed isopropanol with copper

    asked by dave
  99. Algebra

    Solve the equation w=Cr^-2 for r. This is what I got so far.... w/C=r^-2 Then I think it's... ok so I don't really know. I want to put w/C=1/r^2 but the r is still not alone and I'm not sure where I'd take it from there. Please help.

    asked by Anonymous
  100. math

    Ryans mother has a fenced rectangle garden that measures 15 meters x 10 of the 10 meters sides isalong the house and doesnt have a fence.How many meters of fence border the garden ?

    asked by Sanyourah El-hulu
  101. Math

    what does "Anagram your name" means?

    asked by Terry
  102. Physics- Vectors

    A bartender slides a beer mug at 1.4 m/s towards a customer at the end of a frictionless bar that is 1.8 m tall. The customer makes a grab for the mug and misses, and the mug sails off the end of the bar. (a) How far away from the end of the bar does the

    asked by Stephanie
  103. Osmosis

    What is concave plasmolysis and what is convex plasmolysis. Please don't just tell me that one is irreversable and the other is usually reversable. I'd like to know what actually occurs.

    asked by Anonymous
  104. English

    On a works cited page for a book with 7 different authors.... do you use and between the 6th and 7th author....or just list? Thanks

    asked by Michael
  105. Physics

    A boy kicks a rock off a cliff with a speed of 19.4 m/s at an angle of 52.5° above the horizontal. The rock hits the ground 5.41 s after it was kicked. a) How high is the cliff? (I found the height to be 60.3 m) b) What is the speed of the rock right

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Phys

    Charged particles #1 and #2 are 0.4 cm apart in air and exert a 100 Nt on force each other. If the 2 charges (at the same distance) exert a 25 Nt for on each other in substance "blox", then "blox" has a dielectric constant of: 0, 4, 2, 2500, more info

    asked by Lynn
  107. Business and Administrative Communications

    I am just not sure about these questions. Any help is greatly appreciated. 1: Identify the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement. A: Although the trend is shifting, careers in science and technology continue to attract predominately men. B: Although

    asked by Jay
  108. Calculus

    -4=(5/2) x 3-b

    asked by Cee
  109. geometry

    if 32 degrees is less than three times its supplement, how large is the angle?

    asked by melissa
  110. English 1

    iM having a really hard time answering/understanding a question. this is the question. How is the conflict between Arthur and Frank a prelude to a larger conflict between Frank and the neighborhood? Write a paragraph speculating about what you think is the

    asked by chelsea salam
  111. Statistics

    In a study on caffeine and stress, college students indicated how many cups of coffee they drink per day and their current stress level on a scale of 1 to 10. The table shows the survey results. Using a web-calculator, obtain the appropriate correlation

    asked by SHelia
  112. physics

    A car is climbing a hill and accelerating at a constant rate of 0.3 g as it does so. Φ=10°. What is the steady state value of θ, the angle made by a mass hung from a cord that’s attached to the rearview mirror. ?

    asked by Rosh
  113. enviromental science

    I need to find a climatogram of Puerto Rico for my project. I've gone on several different sites for puerto rico and several environmental sites but have not been able to find a climatogram for puerto rico's tropical rainforest, does anyone know of a site

    asked by krystal
  114. Physics

    A vector has an x component of -23.0 units and a y component of 27.0 units. Find the magnitude and direction of the vector. ? units at ? counterclockwise from the +x-axis

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Trigonometry

    I need help with the inverse of si, cos, & tan. So far on one problem I've gotten sinX = 29/14 where do I go from here? I know you have to use cos^-1, but how? Can anyone work this one problem out for me to see how to do it? THANKS!

    asked by Ceci
  116. physics

    A charge of -8.9 µC is traveling at a speed of 7.8 106 m/s in a region of space where there is a magnetic field. The angle between the velocity of the charge and the field is 60°. A force of magnitude 4.0 10-3 N acts on the charge. What is the magnitude

    asked by Anonymous
  117. economics

    Nair Inc. bought a "growing perpetuity" bond. The bond will pay 631.85 dollars at the end of year 1 and the payment will increase by 2.5 percent each year forever thereafter. Assuming the interest rate is 11.26% (forever), what is the maximum amount that

    asked by Rachel
  118. soil science

    True or False: for a particular soil, pressure just under the water table is negative

    asked by Dan

    WHAT ARE the pros and cons of the following statement: “Egalitarian companies are more innovative.”

    asked by SAN
  120. economics

    In order to have money for their daughter's college education, a young couple started a savings plan into which they made intermittent deposits. They started the account with a deposit of 128.44 dollars (in year zero) and then added 421.97 dollars in year

    asked by Rachel
  121. Trigonometry

    Determine the number of triangles ABC possible with the given parts. b=60 a=82 B=100

    asked by Kat
  122. math

    Which of the fllowing dimensions describes te right triangle with an area of 36cm^2 having the greatest perimeter?

    asked by Kat
  123. Math

    A value of the number m for which there is either no solution or an infinite number of solutions (r ,y ,x) to the system of equations shown below is: 2⁢r+3⁢y-4⁢x=2 -3⁢r-y+m⁢x=-3 -2⁢r-y+3⁢x=-2

    asked by Luke
  124. Cryptology math

    describe each of the following in a couple of sentences: • Caesar’s Shift Cipher • Codes vs. Ciphers • Kerchoff’s Principle • Keyword (Keyphrase) cipher • Railfence cipher • Scytale • Steganography • Substitution cipher vs.

    asked by terry
  125. Math

    The reduced row echelon form of the matrix -1/2 1/2 3/2 -3/2 2 3/2 1/2 -3/2 9/2 is?

    asked by Paul
  126. ma

    The only value of b for which the following system of equations in(s,u,z)does not have a unique solution is: b = 3⁢s+3⁢u-z=3 -3⁢s+3⁢u=-3 -3⁢s+b⁢u-z=-3

    asked by Tracy
  127. algebra-college


    asked by pat
  128. college algebra

    factor by grouping 6x^3-6x^2-x+1

    asked by pat
  129. New Age Math

    Given the initial augmented matrix -1 1 2 0 2 -1 -3 0 2 -2 -4 0 find the RREF

    asked by Jack
  130. college algebra

    GCF -x^7,-7x^3,-35x^6

    asked by pat
  131. English HS

    I have to write a paper on my ethical and moral values. I don't know where to begin! I know I should look at my parents and upbringing but I feel I was ingrained and I don't know how to explain that! any tips are great. Thank you guys

    asked by TY
  132. algebra

    solve (bc^2)-^2

    asked by john
  133. Phys

    Ok...this is a super dumb question, but is an electric field best described as fact, hypothesis, theory or all of these? I think that it is fact, since there are means of measuring the electric field of something, but I could be wrong. They have found

    asked by Ashleigh
  134. algebra

    b^9 b^3

    asked by john
  135. New Age Math

    A value of the number m for which there is either no solution or an infinite number of solutions (u,w) to the system of equations shown below is: 6⁢u-w=6 m⁢u+6⁢w=-2

    asked by Jack
  136. algebra


    asked by john
  137. trigonometry

    Express as a function : c.tan (810degrees + theta ) I'm confused between two answers . 1. that it would be tan 90 deg (which is undefined) 2. it would be cot theta ?? can you tell me what i should do to get the right answer.

    asked by Anon
  138. groundwater science

    True or false: dimensions for Q can be, for example, cubic feet per minute, being distinguished from units for Q, which are length cubed per unit time.

    asked by luke
  139. Ma

    A building contractor is planning to build an apartment complex with one, two or three bedroom apartments. Let x,y,z respectively denote the number of apartments of each type to be built. Suppose that the builder will spend a total of $8,277,000, and that

    asked by Tracy
  140. algebra

    Math Magicians charges $45 registration fee plus $30 per hour for tutoring. Math Master charges $25 registration fee plus #35 per hour tutoring fee. How many hours per tutoring would it take to make Math Magicians cheaper than Math Master?

    asked by andrea
  141. groundwater science

    True or False: for a particular soil, pressure just under the water table is negative

    asked by dumbguy
  142. social studies/ history

    name famous civil war battles fought in missouri and who won???

    asked by smarty pants
  143. science

    what would happen if you mixed isopropanol with copper and dranked it

    asked by dave
  144. algebra


    asked by john
  145. Science

    Can someone briefly explain what the big bang theory is and the process? I hjave a sound understandning of it and i'm quite curious. Thanks

    asked by Shivi
  146. Algebra

    have no idea how to do this... divide and write your answer WITHOUT exponents. -11.2 x 10^-7 _______________ = 1.6 x 10^-2

    asked by Help
  147. groundwater science

    Consider water in a well, and a point of measurement at depth below the surface of the water. True or False: if the point of measurement is located at an elevation of 2,000 ft. above mean sea level, and that point of measurement is 40 ft. below the water

    asked by Luke
  148. chemistry

    Consider a red flame color produced by excited lithium with a wavelength of 671 nm. What is the mass equivalent of 1 mol of photons of this wavelength? I can get as far as Js of E Can't seem to find equation to turn Js into mols, or photons into mols, for

    asked by dave
  149. Physics

    A Jet has a liftoff speed of 160 km/hr. What minimum uniform acceleration does this require if the aircraft is to be airborne after a takeoff run of 300m?

    asked by Apryl
  150. SUNO


    asked by Tiesha
  151. chem

    The solvent for an organic reaction is prepared by mixing 50.0 of acetone () with 57.0 of ethyl acetate (). This mixture is stored at 25.0 . The vapor pressure and the densities for the two pure components at 25.0 are given in the following table. What is

    asked by Anonymous
  152. algebra

    need linear equation for x y 1 20 2 17 3 14 4 11

    asked by hollie
  153. Science

    How could I estimate how long osmosis takes to occur in a potato? Will it depend on the salinity of the solution it is submerged in? Were I to make a prediction on how long it would take for osmosis would occur in my lab, how could I scientifically prove

    asked by Anonymous
  154. English

    Suppose I want to write a sentence: Why not a girl or woman? Because they are too emotional. Is this a grammatically correct way to write it. The part "Because I have to study" is not a complete sentence so am i supposed to add a hyphen??? I totally made

    asked by Bubba
  155. calculus

    find the area of the region R that lies under y=√x (x+1), over 0≤x≤4

    asked by daniel
  156. College Math

    Given the initial augmented matrix 1 -1 0 2 3 -2 -2 3 -2 2 1 -3 RREF?

    asked by Linda
  157. Statistic

    Case 6.4 Maternal Serum Screening Test for Down syndrome Please keep in mind that I do not have a Math back ground so this is brand new to me and like a foreign language that I have never seen nor heard spoken before. Thank you for your help in advance.

    asked by Tammy
  158. religion

    WHat are the similarities in religion in the new england and middle colonies ? Also the differences in religion in the new england and middle colonies?

    asked by Diane
  159. Statisic for managers

    Brand new to statistics ,no strong math background please help. Case 6.1 Suppose that you are a contestant on Lets make a deal. Monty has just given you a free trip touring toxic waste sites around the country. He now offers you a trade: Give up the trip

    asked by Tammy
  160. network utiliztion

    A network has a capacity of 90,000 frames per minute and the input to the network is 900 frames per second. If .05% of all transmitted frames are lost and must be repeated, what is the network utilization?

    asked by Nathan

    A statistics professor conducted a study on the effect of playing video games on a student’s test scores. On the first day of class, she randomly divided her classes into groups. Group one played video games 2 hours a day, group two played video games 4

    asked by DEBBIE
  162. Math

    I need help with these three math question. 1st question. What is the additive inverse of 5 on the 12-hour clock? 2nd question. What is the equivalent number on the 12-hour clock. -22 the choices for this question is, 5 or 2 or 3 or 1. 3rd question. I need

    asked by Kimberly
  163. Math

    lim from n toward infinity [1+ (-1)^n/n ]

    asked by Debra
  164. history-paul klee

    what contributions did paul klee make in the 1920's?

    asked by carly
  165. Social Studies (geography)

    Hi, I need to find places on a map using the longitude and latitude. I have to name the capital and country. Can you provide me with a website that either takes the numbers and find the locations or a map that is small enough that you can see the

    asked by Jon
  166. holiday

    dooes anyone know wen valentine day is?

    asked by AHS
  167. Physics

    How much work must be done to bring three electrons from a great distance apart to within 2.1×10−10 {\rm m} from one another (at the corners of an equilateral triangle)?

    asked by Tiffany
  168. Science

    When u kick a stone your foot exerts force on the stone and the stone exerts a force ? in size and ? in direction on your foot

    asked by Jordan
  169. Physics II w/ Calculus

    A point charge of 1.8 uC is at the center of a Gaussian cube 55 cm on edge. What is the net electric flux through the surface? I have no idea where to start with this problem.

    asked by Scott
  170. English

    Edit for proper grammar Neither of the textbooks contain the answer to the test question.

    asked by Sarah


    asked by DENISE
  172. Physics 3

    A particle of mass m = 0.35 kg is oscillating on the end of a spring with amplitude 0.32 m. It is at its equilibrium position (x=0), moving in the positive x-direction, at t=0, and 0.18 s later it is at x=0.25 m. a. What is the lowest possible value for

    asked by Anom
  173. math

    Find the appropriate cost function in each case: Fixed cost, $200; 50 items cost $2000 to produce. help me please! ty!!

    asked by anonymous
  174. word problem

    a computer company gives a discount of 10% on a new piece of software.If it makes a 40% profit what percentage does the marked price exceed the cost price

    asked by jeff
  175. Math

    How do you find the length of one side of a trapeziod using the 'point-to-a-line distance' formula?

    asked by Anika
  176. Math

    How do you show that 2 sides of a trapezoid are parallel?

    asked by S.O.S
  177. Microeconimics

    Perfect competition is a model of the market that assumes all of the following EXCEPT

    asked by Anonymous
  178. Physics

    The athlete shown in the figure rotates a 1.00 kg discus along a circular path of radius 1.07 m. The maximum speed of the discus is 19.0 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the maximum radial acceleration of the discus.

    asked by Snooki
  179. math


    asked by hi
  180. math


    asked by hi

    What can i say at the start and at the end of a recorded interview? i will be interviewing an agriculturist.

    asked by nelle
  182. math

    The question that have is to simplify and write the answer in exponential notation using positive exponents 2 to 4th power x 2 -2 These are my choices a 4 to the 8th power b 2 to the 8th power c 4 to the 2nd power d 2 to the 2nd power

    asked by Jimmy
  183. geography

    How many countries are on the continent of South America? My answer is 12 BUT my classmate said it is thirteen. I am pretty sure I am the one that is right. Can you help?

    asked by Reed
  184. math

    Write then solve the inequality. 1. nine more than half the number n is no more than -8. Find n. 2. Judith drove h hours at a rate of 55 mi/hr. She did not reach her goal of driving 385 miles for a day. How long did she drive?

    asked by serious help needed
  185. chemisty

    A mixture contains only NaCl and Al2(SO4)3. A 1.76-g sample of the mixture is dissolved in water, and an excess of NaOH is added, producing a precipitate of Al(OH)3. The precipitate is filtered, dried, and weighed. The mass of the precipitate is 0.126 g.

    asked by hope
  186. Physics

    A child of mass 40.0 kg is swinging on a swing with ropes of length 4.0 m. How long does it take the child to swing from the maximum height on one side to the other?

    asked by Dave
  187. engineering

    100 lb of loose gravel can fill a 1-ft^3 box. Its specific gravity is 2.68. What is the dry rodded weight?

    asked by Jazmin
  188. Algebra

    Solve the equation w=Cr^-2 for r. Is this right? w/C=r^-2 r=sqrt(C/w) And if so, I still seem to be having troubles answering the next part. 2. Suppose that an object is 100 pounds when it is at sea level. Find the value of C that makes the equation true.

    asked by Desparate for Help
  189. Physics

    Find the speed of a pendulum bob at the bottom of its swing if its initial displacement is 5 degrees and its period is 2 s.

    asked by Dave
  190. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=8.5x−cos(x)+2 on the interval 0¡Üx¡Ü1 . The Intermediate Value Theorem guarantees that there is a value c such that !@#$%^& for which values of c and k? Fill in the following mathematical statements, giving an interval with

    asked by Abigail
  191. chemisty

    A mixture contains only NaCl and Al2(SO4)3. A 1.76-g sample of the mixture is dissolved in water, and an excess of NaOH is added, producing a precipitate of Al(OH)3. The precipitate is filtered, dried, and weighed. The mass of the precipitate is 0.126 g.

    asked by hope
  192. College Chemistry2

    A solutionof 2.50g of a compound having the empirical formula C7H6O2 in 25.0g of benzene is observed to freeze at 4.3 degree C.Calculate the molar mass of the solute and its Molecular formula

    asked by Anonymous
  193. CSI Fema question

    Is a separate incident command post a sepeerate General staffsection?

    asked by Marge Wendt
  194. CSI Fema QUESTION

    Span of control is accomplished by organizing resources into teams Divisions, Group, Branches or Sections, true or false

    asked by Marge Wendt
  195. Calculus

    An electrical circuit switches instantaneously from a 2 volt battery to a 20 volt battery 3 seconds after being turned on. Sketch on a sheet of paper a graph the battery voltage against time. Then fill in the formulas below for the function represented by

    asked by Abigail