Questions Asked on
January 27, 2011

  1. Chemistry

    Many power plants produce energy by burning carbon-based fuels, which also produces CO2. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so over-production can have negative effects on the environment. Use enthalpy of formation data to calculate the number of moles of CO2 (g)

    asked by Harold

    Both Greta and Fred were on the bus that arrived in Pittsburgh. Fred was glad to be home. He looked forward to visiting with old friends. Greta, on the other hand, dreaded seeing her old boyfriend. She already missed her days in New York City. 2. What can

    asked by shamso
  3. Chemistry help please!!!

    Experimental Procedure, Part F. A 1.0- mL volume of 0.010 M H2SO3 is added to a mixture of 12 drops of 0.01 M HIO3, 8 drops of deionized water, and 1 drop of starch solution. A color change in the reaction mixture occured in 40 seconds. a. Assuming 25

    asked by john
  4. physics

    A stationary 1.67 kg object is struck by a stick. The object experiences a horizontal force given b F = at-bt^2, where t is the time in milliseconds from the instant the stick first contacts the object. If a = 1500 N/ms and b = 20N/ms^3, what is the speed

    asked by sandhu
  5. chemistry

    A crystalline material containing 30 grams of barium chloride crystals was placed into an oven at 400 degrees c and heated for two hours. It was then cooled and weighed. the new mass was less than before it was heated, containing 20 grams if barium

    asked by eric
  6. geometry

    the diagonals of a rectangle are 8 units long and intersect at a 60 degree angle. Find the dimensions of the rectangle?

    asked by eddie
  7. Trig

    The diameter of the wheels on your car (including the tires) is 25 inches. You are going to drive 305 miles today. Each of your wheels is going to turn by an angle of how many degrees.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math

    Where does the graph of x2 - x - 2 = y cross the x-axis?

    asked by Asher
  9. Physics

    A basketball is shot from an initial height of 2.4 m with an initial speed (v0 = 12 m/s) directed at an angle (35 degrees) above the horizontal. Additional information: Height of the basket is 3.05 m

    asked by Kyo
  10. math/science

    If a fish can swim short distances at 48km/h, how long would the fish take to reach a smaller fish that is 3m away?

    asked by bo
  11. Chemistry

    For a solution that is 0.20 M HCN(aq) with a Ka=4.9x10^-10 a. calculate the [H+] b. calculate the [OH-] c. what's the pH? Please show your work on how to solve it. Thank you

    asked by Sharon
  12. Physics

    Two blocks are arranged as shown. The pulley can be considered to be massless, and friction is negligible. M1 is four times more massive than M2. M1--->0(Pulley) V V (down direction) V M2 If the system is released from rest, how far will M1 travel in 0.523

    asked by Megan
  13. Chemistry!

    1. Write balanced equations for each of the following processes. a. Chromium- 51, which targets the spleen and is used as a tracer in studies of red blood cells, decays by electron capture. b. Iodine-131, used to treat hyperactive thyroid glands, decays by

    asked by Sharon
  14. physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 20 kg dog that is running at a speed of 7.3 m/s (about 16 mi/h)?

    asked by Shay
  15. Elementary Math

    What if we made a pattern by joining pentagons? If the length of each side of the pentagon is 1 unit, then what would be the perimeter of n pentagons joined together? Note: The perimeter is the distance around the outside of the figure.

    asked by Lily
  16. Physiology

    Pure gold has a density of 19 g/ml. If you bought a gold ring and found it had a volume of 0.3 ml and it weighed 5.7 grams, is it real gold? Show me your calculation

    asked by Jerome
  17. ap chemisrty

    When heated, cyclopropane is converted to propene. Rate constants for this reaction at 470°C and 510°C are k = 1.10 10-4 s-1 and k = 1.02 10-3 s-1, respectively. Determine the activation energy, Ea, from these data.

    asked by sandra
  18. Math

    Two Boats left the harbour at the same time. One travelled at 10km/h on a bearing of N47°E. The other travelled at 8km/h on a bearing of N79°E. How far apart were the boats after 78 mins? Round the distance to the nearest tenth of a kilometer. Use

    asked by helpisneeded
  19. physics

    a hockey puck rebounds from a board. the puck is in contact with the board for 2.5 ms. dertermine the acceleration of the puck over the time interval. V(i) = 26 m/ angle of 22 degrees. V(f) = 21 m/ angle of 22 degrees. a=?

    asked by ali
  20. chemistry

    What volume does a mixture of 14.2g of helium and 21.6g of hydrogen gas occupy at 28 degrees celcius and .985atm?

    asked by jack
  21. Chemistry

    The reaction of fluorine with ammonia produces dinitrogen tetrafluoride and hydrogen fluoride. 5 F2(g) + 2 NH3(g) N2F4(g) + 6 HF(g) (a) If you have 73.7 g NH3, how many grams of F2 are required for complete reaction? b) How many grams of NH3, are required

    asked by Kelsey
  22. physics

    A putting green is located 240ft horizontally and 64ft vertically from the tee. What must be the magnitude and direction of the initial velocity if a ball is to strike the green at this location after a time of 4 seconds?

    asked by Jonathan
  23. Physiology

    What is the volume of 0.23 kg of pure water?

    asked by Jerome
  24. Chemistry

    Calcium carbonate reacts with phosphoric acid to produce calcium phosphate, carbon dioxide, and water. 3 CaCO3(s) + 2 H3PO4(aq) Ca3(PO4)2(aq) + 3 CO2(g) + 3 H2O(l) How many grams of phosphoric acid react with excess calcium carbonate to produce 3.47 g

    asked by Katie
  25. Chemistry

    What will be the final temperature of the water in an insulated container as the result of passing 6.00g of steam at 100.0 degrees Celsius into 100.0g of water at 24.0 degrees Celsius?

    asked by Jason
  26. physics

    The max speed of a 3.1 kg mass attached to a spring is .68 m/s and the max force exerted on the mass is 11N. What is the amplitude of motion on the mass? What is the force constant of the spring? And what is the frequency of oscillation?

    asked by fred
  27. chemistry

    How much heat is associated with converting 100 g of steam at 112 degrees C to ice at -5.3 degrees C

    asked by Josh
  28. physics

    A clump of soft clay is thrown horizontally from 30.63 m above the ground with a speed of 30.0 m/s. Where is the clay after 3.8 s? Assume it sticks in place when it hits the ground

    asked by lala
  29. chemistry

    he decomposition of nitrogen dioxide at a high temperature is second order in this reactant. NO2(g) NO(g) + 1/2 O2(g) The rate constant for this reaction is 3.40 L/mol·min. Determine the time needed for the concentration of NO2 to decrease from 2.30 mol/L

    asked by sandra
  30. HELP

    Calculate the change in energy when 665.0 g of CH3OH(g) completely reacts at a constant temperature of 300 K and constant pressure of 0.95 atm. R = 8.314 J/mol*K and R = 0.08206 atm*L/mol*K So i used the formula change in energy = change in H - nRT

    asked by Chemistry
  31. Math

    A pole vaulter cleared the bar at 490 cm. Convert 490 cm to meters using a unit multiplier

    asked by Lizzie
  32. history

    a.Which statement about lynchings in the South in the 1890s is true? 1. Lynchings decreased compared to the Reconstruction era. 2. Leaders of lynch mobs tended to come from the wealthy ruling class. 3. Lynchings and acts of violence against blacks

    asked by bre
  33. history

    a. Which statement about the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction is NOT true? 1. Southern governments never created policies that resulted in the arrest of members. 2. They attempted to stop blacks from using their right to vote. 3. Blacks and whites who

    asked by bre
  34. Government high school

    A G.P has 6 terms. If the 3rd and 4th terms are 28 and -56 respectively,find: (a) the first term (b) the sum of the G.P

    asked by Olawale azeez
  35. finance

    As you respond to this discussion question, think about the various ways you have purchased products and comment on the pro's and con's from your personal experiences.

    asked by pooh
  36. Chemistry

    what volume of 1.015mol/L magnesium hydroxide is needed to neutralize 40.0mL of 1.60mol/L hydrochloric acid. Can you work it out please? Thanks!

    asked by paul
  37. chemistry

    Ammonia reacts with oxygen gas to form nitrogen monoxide and water. At constant temperture and pressure, how many of nitrogen monoxide can be made by the reaction of 800. ml of oxygen gas?

    asked by jack
  38. Chem

    What would be the resulting molarity of a solution made by dissolving 21.9 grams of KCl in enough water to make an 869-milliliter solution?

    asked by Brittany
  39. algebra

    a motorboat can maintain a constant speed of 11 miles per hour relative to the water. The boat makes a trip upstream to a certain point in 21 minutes; the return trip takes 1 minutes. That is the speed of the current?

    asked by shelby
  40. physics

    A car moving at 10m/s when it begins to be accelerated at 2.5m/s^2. (a)How long does the car take to reach a speed of 25m/s? (b) How far does it go during this period

    asked by Ashley
  41. Physics please help!!

    A man with mass m =96.4 kg (weight = 212.1 lbs is walking towards a patio at 2.00 m/s (4.47 mph) when, at the last moment, he realizes the sliding glass door is closed. He puts out his hand suddenly to stop himself, and comes to a halt in 90.0ms. Find the

    asked by Megan
  42. physics

    A student presses a book between his hands, as the drawing indicates. The forces that he exerts on the front and back covers of the book are perpendicular to the book and are horizontal. The book weighs 30.0 N. The coefficient of static friction between

    asked by brian
  43. MATH


    asked by S
  44. physics 2

    1)what potential differences must be applied across across a 1500 resistor in order that the resulting current be 50.mA?

    asked by Raisalam Sultan
  45. chemistry

    How many milliliters of 1.9 M HCl must be transfered from a reagent bottle to provide 24 g HCl for a reaction?

    asked by kayla
  46. physics, I'm stuck

    In an aortic aneurysm, a bulge forms where the walls of the aorta are weakened. If blood flowing through the aorta (radius 1.0 cm) enters an aneurysm with a radius of 2.5 cm, how much on average is the blood pressure higher inside the aneurysm than the

    asked by trace
  47. Algebra

    Compute the value of the discriminant and give the number of real solutions to the quadratic equation. 2x^2+5x-7=0 Discrimnant= number of real solutions=

    asked by Jessica
  48. math

    what is 0.775 rounded to nearest cent

    asked by tee
  49. Spanish

    8. "Soy generoso" a. ¿De dónde eres? b. ¿Cómo eres? c. ¿Qué tal? d. ¿Cómo te llamas? B? 10. ¿Te gusta____? a. tampoco b. está c. nadar d. nada C? 11. El profesor ______, y el estudiante ________. a. termina las clase / empieza la clase b. enseña

    asked by mysterychicken
  50. Adult College

    Discuss generally the role of planning in each of the three levels of positive behavior support (PBS).

    asked by Tara
  51. Chemistry

    Complete combustion of 7.70 g of a hydrocarbon produced 23.7 g of CO2 and 10.9 of H2O. What is the empirical formula of the hydrocarbon? I first calculated the moles of both the carbon dioxide and the water, but I have no idea where to go from there. Any

    asked by Student
  52. physics

    The anchor shackle supports a cable force of 600 lb. If the pin has a diameter of 0.25 in., determine the average shear stress in the pin.

    asked by Jazmin
  53. Chemistry

    what volume of 1.015mol/L magnesium hydroxide is needed to neutralize 40.0mL of 1.60mol/L hydrochloric acid. Can you work it out please? Thanks!

    asked by paul
  54. Spanish!!

    Can You Check My Answers?? Questions:: 1.¿Qué enciendes cuando tienes calor? 2.¿Qué apagas cuando tienes frío? 3.¿Qué usas en tu cama cuando hace frío? 4.¿Dónde están las cosas muy frías en tu cocina? 5.¿Dónde está tu ropa? 6.¿Qué hay en

    asked by NEEDS HELP!!
  55. 12th grade chemistry

    If the reaction below proceeds with a 96.8% yield, how many kilograms of CaSO4 are formed when 5.27 kg SO2 reacts with an excess of CaCO3 and O2? 2 CaCO3(s) + 2 SO2(g) + O2(g) 2 CaSO4(g) + 2 CO2(g)

    asked by Matt
  56. Algebra

    Find the midpoint M of the line segment joining the points C = (-4,-5) and D = (2,-1). I got (-1,-3) can you check me? Thanks

    asked by Jessica
  57. Chemistry

    a container holds 0.450 qt of liquid. How many milliliters of lemonade will it hold?

    asked by JOhn
  58. Chemistry

    Will Zinc react with Zn(NO3)2, Cu(NO3)2,Pb(NO3)2, Mg(NO3)2, AgNO3, Al(NO3)3, or Fe(NO3)3

    asked by Jenn
  59. joe has a mass of 50 kg and sally has a madphysics

    joe has a mass of 50 kg and sally has a mads of 30 kg. they sit in class with a separation of 0.5 meters. Find hhe gravitational attraction between joe and sally

    asked by david
  60. Chemistry

    An unknown element Q has two known isotopes: 61Q and 62Q. If the average atomic mass is 61.4 amu, what are the relative percentages of the isotopes?

    asked by Sam
  61. Statistics

    Given a mean of 60 and a standard divation of 7, what percentate of scores ae 73 or less? What is the formula for determining this value?

    asked by Tom
  62. chemistry

    how can i make saturated CuSO4.5H2O saturated solution.Please tell temperature also?

    asked by csrl

    A 5kg bullet fired from a gun at 725m/s becomes embedded in a .50kg block of wood that is free to move along a surface and the coefficient of friction .355 between the surface and block of wood. find the distance it slides acroos the table.

    asked by ricki
  64. algebra

    The force of gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the center of the earth. if you weigh 120 lbs on the surface of the earth, how much would you weigh 250 miles above the surface? (Earth's radius = 4000 miles)

    asked by scott
  65. MATH

    The eaves of a roof sloping at 23° overhand the walls, the edge of the roof being 75 cm from the top of the wall. The top of the wall is 5.4 metres above the ground. What is the height above the ground of the edge of the roof, to the nearest centimeter?

    asked by Rin
  66. physics. need help fast

    A 5kg bullet fired from a gun at 725m/s becomes embedded in a .50kg block of wood that is free to move along a surface and the coefficient of friction .355 between the surface and block of wood. find the distance it slides acroos the table.

    asked by ricki
  67. math

    please explain how to get the answer to this question. five students make the following guesses on the number of jelly beans in a jar: 72, 78, 68, 60 and 84. the guesses were off by 14, 2, 4, 6 and 10 (not in order). how many jelly beans are in the jar?

    asked by kristin
  68. English

    How many adjectives are in this sentence? That glossy, red apple rolled out of the grocery bag and across the smooth table.

    asked by Catherine
  69. physical science

    A system gives off 196 kJ of heat to the surroundings and the surroundings do 4.20 x 10³ kJ of work on the system. What is the change in internal energy of the system?

    asked by joeneshea
  70. math

    a farmer needs to buy fencing to go around his garden. The garden is a 20 by 15 rectangle . How much fencing will he need?

    asked by mo
  71. physics

    An automobile weighing 15000n crashes into a wall with a velocity of 5m/sec. If the car moves .15m before coming to a stop, what average force does the car exert? on the wall?

    asked by bird
  72. Math

    A 26 inch ribbon is cut into three pieces. One piece is 12 inches. The remaining two pieces must have one piece two inches longer than the other. How long is the shortest piece of ribbon?

    asked by Iris
  73. U.S history

    Analyze Wilson’s attempt to forge a peace based on his Fourteen Points and explain why developments at home and abroad forced him to compromise.

    asked by Asher
  74. Geography

    explain how Western Europe's physical geography affects its climate, settlement patterns, culture, and economy. Can anyone give me a website link to go to for this information?

    asked by Katy
  75. physics

    what is the magnitude of the electric field produced by a charge of magnitude 8.00 uC at a distance of 1.00 m?

    asked by courtney
  76. Chemistry;

    for a solution of the weak base, 0.075 M ethylamine C2H5NH2(aq), the hydroxide ion concentration (OH-) is 6.6x10^-3 M. Assume that temperature is constant and volumes are additive. a. Write the equilibrium dissociation equation. b. What's the pH of 0.075 M

    asked by Sharon
  77. Chemistry

    All the noble gases except helium crystallize with fcc structures. Derive an equation relating the atomic radius to the density of an fcc solid of given molecular weight and apply it to deduce the atomic radii of the noble gases.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Chemistry

    Please help me with these questions: 1. Consider the equation:2Na+ 2H2O-->2NaOH +H2 -If 92.0g of sodium is reacted with 76.0g of water until the reaction goes to completion, which reactant will remain and in what quantity? A: I know that H20 is the

    asked by Sally

    Suppose you're just beginning to study the information in your third shipment of material. When can you expect the next shipment to be sent? A. When you submit a certain number of examinations in your current shipment B. When you call DIAL-A-QUESTION® and

    asked by Anonymous
  80. MATH

    A dartboard has the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 19, 21, 25, 27, and 30 on it. What is the fewest number of darts that could be thrown if two darts tcannot land on the same number and if the sum of the scores must be 50?

    asked by Diana
  81. UsHistory

    "The individual can be free only when the power of one governmental branch is balanced by the other two" Baron de Montesquieu, 1735 This idea is best illustrated by which aspect of the US government?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Chemistry

    To an initially evacuated 50.0L container maintained at 155C were added 3.20g of gaseous xenon and 4.00g of gaseous fluorine. A spark was used to initiate reaction between xenon and fluorine, and gaseous xenon hexafluoride was the sole reaction product.

    asked by Angie
  83. U.S history

    how did Wilsonian idealism turned the war into an ideological crusade that inspired fervor and overwhelmed dissent

    asked by kenneth
  84. business

    compare the organizational and procedural process needed to manage information in a small business and medium business and a large global business

    asked by LaTasha
  85. Calculus

    Consider a car whose position, s, is given by the table (s) 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 (ft) 0 0.3 1.4 3.8 6.5 9.6 Find the average velocity over the interval 0

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Chemistry

    Given the reaction system; 2 NO (g) + O2 (g) -> 2 NO2 (g) Write a brief explanation for each of the following statements in terms of the collision model and/or reactions mechanisms. (1)Increasing the concentration of NO (g)makes the reaction go faster.

    asked by Michael
  87. english--Please help me!!!

    "Most Americans would follow a thinker rather than become one themselves." Please help me explain that sentence, and also give me examples!!!who is a thinker?? in what situation do they follow the thinker, and why????

    asked by Vivian
  88. Algebra 1

    Write an equation of the line containing the point and perpendicular (4,-8);2x+5y=4. I still don't get it. I really appreciate your help.

    asked by Esther
  89. Pre-Algebra Math

    A bank teller is counting his money and notices that he has an equal number of tens and twenties. He also had $147 in other bills. If the total value of the bills he has is $1,167, how many tens and twenties does he have What would be the equation in

    asked by Leah
  90. Algebra

    I am to find the equation of the axis of symmetry and the coordinate of the vertex of the graph of each function. I don't undertand y=2x^2+4

    asked by Bart
  91. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by mixing 5.00 grams of compound Z (molar mass 15.00 g/mol) in 100.0 ml of water. The density of the solution is 1.09 g/ml. Calculate the molarity of the solution

    asked by Angela
  92. physics

    a student does 314 J of work in moving a desk 2.1 m. What was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?

    asked by amber
  93. Math

    A refrigerated truck leaves a rest stop traveling at a steady rate of 56 mi/h. A car leaves the same rest stop 1/4 h later followinf rhe truck at a steady rate of 64 mi/h. How long after the truck leaves the rest stop wil the car overtake the truck. In

    asked by Please help
  94. geometry

    How do you solve r(raised to the third power)=288?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. U.S history

    Describe America’s economic and military role in WW1

    asked by kenneth
  96. Spanish

    1. Me gusta hablar por teléfono. _______ a. Soy trabajador b. Soy callado c. Soy sociable d. Soy antipático C? 2. Jaun no es serio. Es ______. a. paciente b. atrevido c. gracioso d. prudente C? 3. Rosa es atrevida, no es ____. a. prudente b. callado c.

    asked by mysterychicken
  97. Statistics

    Given a mean of 60 and a standard divation of 7, what proportion of scores is between 45 and 78? What is the formula for determining this proportion?

    asked by Tom
  98. Chemistry

    I'm sorry I'm just really confused by ionization energies and the heat of formation. Could you explain how to set up this problem? Use the data (kJ) for ionization energies, electron affinities and heats of formation to find the lattice energy of Fe3O2(s)

    asked by Marissa
  99. geometry

    francisco designed a triangular garden surrounded by three square gardens. the area of garden c (the largest garden) is 400 sq. ft. and the length of a side of garden b is 12 ft. find the lengths of all sides of the triangular gardens and find the areas of

    asked by david
  100. Physical science

    A ball thrown upward reaches a height of 13m. How much time did it take to get to this height? How much time will take to fall to the ground?

    asked by Ashley
  101. algebra

    polynominal An appliance company sells x machines total revenue R in dollars, given by polynominal R=221.19x-0.2x^2. What is revenue from sale of 273 machines. I do not know what I am suppose to multiply first. Please help.

    asked by Shirley
  102. Algebra

    A theater group made appearances in two cities. The hotel charges before tax in the second city were $1,000 lower than in the first. The tax on the hotel bill was 5% in the first city and 4% in the second. After the trip, the total tax paid on

    asked by Jessica
  103. math

    The masses of newborn children are normally distributed with a mean of 3.4 kg and a standard deviation of 0.8 kg. A newborn is at risk if the baby'd mass falls in the lowest 4%. These babies have a mass of less than ____?

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  104. English

    Which is correct? You should never believe ( these kind, these kinds ) of stories. Think the correct answer is ( these kinds)

    asked by Brett
  105. world literture

    How do the villagers respond to the spider girl? What do you think their response symbolizes -- how does it relate to the rest of the story?

    asked by tika
  106. Geometry

    The diagonal of a rectangle is 24 inches. The width is 15 inches. What is the area?

    asked by Brandon

    someone spinns with an angular velocity of 4.55rad/s with arms held out. his rotational inertia is 2.7kgm^2. whn the he pulls his arms in his angular velocity increases to 7.60rad/s. what is his rotary ek?

    asked by ricki
  108. Chemistry

    If each tablet of a dietary supplement contains ~20 mg of iron how many tablets should we analyze to provide ~.50g of Fe2O3?

    asked by Courtney
  109. Chemistry

    What mass of 3.0 wt% H2O2 solution is required to provide a 25% excess of reagent for the following reaction with 12 dietary iron tablets that contain ~15 mg of iron per tablet?

    asked by Courtney
  110. chemistry

    when should the temperature be recorded for an experiment in order to determine the boiling point?

    asked by Zeenat
  111. geometry

    PLEASE HELP ME! i have this homework due tomorrow and i only have 1 question left and am sooo desperate for an answer: The diameter of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is 20m. If it is plated with gold that is 5cm thick, find the cost of plating the dome

    asked by CJ
  112. English

    Can someone explain to me the following answer: swan cow spider mice Why doesn't the mice belong here?

    asked by marky
  113. Spanish

    18. ________ ¿tocas la guitarra? a. Miguel b. Juan y Carlos c. Felipe, Ana y Barbara d. Señora Carreras A? 19. Me gusta ir a las cuatro y _______ a. cuarto b. cuarta c. quinta d. séptima I don't really understand this one.. 22. ¿Qué quiere hacer ____

    asked by mysterychicken
  114. algebra

    Suzies flower shop estimates that supplies cost for one month will be given by the polynomial 3x^2+7x-3. She estimates the utilities costs for one month is given by 5x+2 Find and simplify an expression that would estimate suzie's total cost for one month.

    asked by lisa
  115. physics

    What is the resistance of 6.2mi of copper wire with a diameter of 0.57mm ? The answer is suppose to be in Kohm for the resistance i got 656.9 ohm but don't know how to convert it in to kohm

    asked by Cassie
  116. 5th math

    Mr. davison has 30 students in his class . He has four more girls than boys. How many boys are in Mr. Davision class? can you please check my answer? I got 11 boys . does it sound about right ?

    asked by pat
  117. Math Algebra 2

    Evaluate p² - r² for p = 10, r = -4 and t = 5.

    asked by Arkee
  118. Com 220

    How does the author of “A Nation Apart” organize information to build his argument? He organizes the information by first presenting problems of China's economic issues. He then goes on to show you some statistics from his sources and quotes the

    asked by David
  119. Career Plans

    Would geologist be a career itself? or is it know as geoscientist?

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Chemistry

    It says to perform the following calculations and express your answers in the correct units and number of significant figures. 2.8g/6.86 times 10^-3 l 45.68g +3.8 g 1423 mL - 40mL

    asked by Tangerine
  121. chemistry

    f you have 150 milliliters of water and it freezes, how many grams of ice do you have?

    asked by Kelsei-Natalie
  122. 10th grade Chemistry

    Will Na2CrO4 react exactly the same as Na2CrO7 when mixed with Pb(NO3)2

    asked by Jenn
  123. Math

    How do I figure out the GCF and the LCM of these three numbers 10-55 and 45

    asked by Jasper
  124. ap physics

    a man is on the ground level on a compressed spring. the man has a mass of 60kg and the spring is compressed 0.5 and has a spring constant of 500n-m. a)what is the maximum height will the man achieve and the spring decompresses? B)find the velocity right

    asked by Steph
  125. Career Plans

    Does this make sense? My Plan A is to do something with geology. I take deep interest in learning about Earth's structure and about the universe. Exploring and discovering solution connecting with earth would be very intersting. I would somewhat be able to

    asked by Anonymous
  126. math

    Rectangle ABCD is 12 inches long and has a perimeter of 54 inches. Rectangle LMNO is similar to rectangle ABCD and is 2.4 feet long. What is the width of the rectangle LMNO?

    asked by scott
  127. Human Geography

    I have to make a list of five different names of settlements, rivers, hills, subdivisions, or any other features in the landscape of my home region which I have done: -Frenchman Bay, Altona Road, Petticoat Creek, Rouge Valley and Liverpool next I have to

    asked by toponymy
  128. Anthro/Soci/Psych

    What is "material pop culture"? I am supposed to write a question on my exam that explains how Canada has a culture through multiculturalism, social insitution and material pop culture thanks!

    asked by Dawn
  129. Math

    A manufacturer can produce 8,500 units for a total profit of 47,600.00 dollars, but if he increases his production to 11,500 units, then his profit becomes $65,600.00. It follows that his fixed cost is? and his net profit per unit produced is?

    asked by Mark
  130. Biology

    What is the relationship between an increase in light intensity and photosynthetic rate in leaves from a corn plant? How does this relationship compare with the tomato plants?

    asked by Jessica
  131. Chemistry

    If the mass of isolated Fe2O3 were .300 g, what is the average mass of iron per tablet?

    asked by Courtney
  132. Precalc

    How to solve for x: 2^(2x) + 2^(x) -12 = 0 Steps too I tried solving this but I ended with ln(12) / 2ln(2) + ln(2) but the real answer is supposed to be ln(3) / ln(2) or 1.585

    asked by Amy
  133. chem

    a solution of A (molar mass 100g/mol) and B (molar mass 1.10 x 10^2 g/mol) is prepared by mixing equal masses of the two. Find the mole fractions of each component in solution

    asked by Angela
  134. Organic Chem

    What is the monomeric unit of a chain of molecules joined by peptide bonds? Answer:?? If anyone can help answer this question. Thank you.

    asked by John
  135. English

    Can you please check if everything is correct? Thank you very much. 1) Hamlet wonders whether he should make a stand against his sea of troubles or leave things as they are. 2) He believes that both active and passive resistance is bound to meet failure.

    asked by Franco
  136. Math

    2/3q + 5 = 3/4

    asked by Miley
  137. physics

    A 49-kg bungee jumper has fallen far enough that her bungee cord is beginning to stretch and resist her downward motion. Find the force (magnitude and direction) exerted on her by the bungee cord at an instant when her downward acceleration has a magnitude

    asked by brian
  138. physics

    A motorcycle, initially traveling at a speed of 14 m/s, slows down (decelerates) at a rate of -3.5 m/s2 for 2 s. How far does it travel during that time?

    asked by Kristen
  139. physics

    A 5kg bullet fired from a gun at 725m/s becomes embedded in a .50kg block of wood that is free to move along a surface and the coefficient of friction .355 between the surface and block of wood. find the distance it slides acroos the table.

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Chemistry

    The order is given for an injection of 120mg of x and 10mg of y. On the shelf you have 50mg/mL of x and 75mg/mL of y. what will be the total volume in your syringe?

    asked by John
  141. Help

    Is there a website that will help me solve this? I can't find anything. I'm coming up with x=1/3 but I feel I'm doing it wrong. Find all real number solutions to (cubed root 3x-8)-1=0 If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas. If there

    asked by Hannah
  142. math

    Mr. Miller teaches a class with 15 boys and 5 girls. If he randomly chooses a student from the class, what is the probability that the student chosen is NOT a boy? A) .25 B) .33 C) .50 D) .75

    asked by Asher

    A 5kg bullet fired from a gun at 725m/s becomes embedded in a .50kg block of wood that is free to move along a surface and the coefficient of friction .355 between the surface and block of wood. find the distance it slides acroos the table.

    asked by ricki
  144. Math

    Rupert flew 3/16 of the way around the world but George flew 4/9 as far as Rupert. How far around the world did George Fly?

    asked by Z
  145. Algebra 1

    I'm graphing linear says I need to do: y5 How do I do this?

    asked by Rachel
  146. 7th grade math: Pythagorean Thereom

    If the sum of the sides of a right triangle is 49 inches and the hypotenus is 41 inches, then what would be the other two sides?

    asked by hollistergurl
  147. Education Psychology

    Steve ponders a math problem that asks for the number of handshakes if six people at a meeting shake hands just once with each other. The problem then asks for the number of handshakes if there are n people. Steve arrives at the correct answers after a

    asked by Rhonda
  148. Career Plans

    What are some career plans to do with science? I really enjoy chemistry and geology. What are some career plans to do with English? Socials? I like math, but I don't like pre-calculus, I can do some bits of algebra, what does a civil engineer need?

    asked by Anonymous
  149. chemistry

    A student graphs the data from the experiment to determine how pH affects reaction rate and finds that the slope of a line through the data for pH = 7 is 5 seconds per absorbance unit. What has he/she done wrong?

    asked by Billy
  150. Geometry

    The area of a circle is 72pi. What is the circumference?

    asked by Brandon
  151. Math

    Find all real number solutions to (cubed root 3x-8)-1=0 If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas. If there is no solution, answer as "No solution."

    asked by Hannah
  152. Chemistry

    Ok this is my last hope, I totally don't get this question. Suppose you have one beaker of H2O at a certain mass and temperature and another beaker of H2O at a different mass and temperature. You then pour these two beakers into one separate beaker. How do

    asked by John
  153. gr.10 History

    What were Robert Laird Borden's successes, failures and overall view of Canada? I know that he was the most successful Prime Minister,and I also know that he adopted conscription, and he was indispensable to the war effort. I don't know what his failures

    asked by Rebecca
  154. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Can you check them please? Thank you 1) The medieval perspective of death, which saw death as a liberation from the prison of the body is countered by the Renaissance one, which was doubtful about (?) the

    asked by Franco
  155. Bobpursely

    Bobpursely would you mind looking at my physics post. Just provide me with the formulas.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Calc.

    Evaluate the definite integral. S b= sqrt(Pi) a= 0 xcos(x^2)dx I'm not sure if this is right? u= x^2 du= 2xdx du/2= xdx S (1/2)cos(u) S (1/2)*sin(x^2) [0.5 * sin(sqrt(Pi))^2] - [0.5 * sin(0)^2] 0 - 0 = 0, so zero is the answer?

    asked by CMM
  157. Pyschology

    Provide an example of how one domain of development affect or impact the other two domains

    asked by Starlin
  158. math 9 helppp

    concert tickets are for sale online. there is a handline fee of $3.50 added to the cost of every tickets. if you uy 7 tickets and the total comes to $385 what is the cost of one ticket before the handling fee is added? the answer is $51.50 but i got 51 i

    asked by lee
  159. Algebra B

    x-4/x+3 = x-1/x+2 Solve the equation for x. Thank you

    asked by Nancy
  160. math

    1.Robin has a certain number of dimes in his pocket. If the dimes were pennies, he would have $1.08 less than he has now. How many dimes does he have in his pocket?

    asked by kc
  161. physics

    A Corvette, initially traveling at a speed of 6 m/s, speeds up (accelerates) at a rate of 0.2 m/s2 for 3 s. How far does it travel during that time? I tried d=vi*t-.2*t^2 but I did not get the correct answer

    asked by Kristen
  162. Math

    Use factorization to simplify the given expression in part (a). Then find the indicated limit in part (b). (a) 3x3 + 9x2 + 9x + 3 x4 + x3 + x + 1 (b) lim x → −1 3x3 + 9x2 + 9x + 1 x4 + x3 + x + 1

    asked by Arthur

    A 5kg bullet fired from a gun at 725m/s becomes embedded in a .50kg block of wood that is free to move along a surface and the coefficient of friction .355 between the surface and block of wood. find the distance it slides acroos the table

    asked by ricki
  164. Algebra

    Is there anybody out there that can give me the answer to this problem I have tried but I can't get it. I really need to turn in my work. Thank you (4,-8); 2x+5y=4

    asked by Esther
  165. algebra 2

    2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5=0 Given that one root is 2+i, solve the equation. So far I have it set up like this: 2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5/X^2-4X+5 I don't know how to get the answer, I know that I have to use long division but when I started to try it I kept getting

    asked by Jessica
  166. Spanish (URGENT)

    Habia una vez hay un conejo pequeno. El no estaba contento. Queria mirar como les otros animales. Cuando él vio Mr. Bushy Tail, la ardilla, él quise una cola que se parecio las ardillas. Entonces, él vio Mr. Porcupine y el quise (quills). Entonces él

    asked by John
  167. algebra 2

    2X^4-9X^3+13X^2-X-5=0 Given that one root is 2+i, solve the equation. So far I have it set up like this: 2X^4-9X^3+13X^2-X-5/X^2-4X+5 I don't know how to get the answer, I know that I have to use long division but when I started to try it I kept getting

    asked by Jessica
  168. Reference Letter

    Hey Im trying to write a Reference letter, and Im kind of having trouble starting off. I have to imagine myself as an adult who knows me as a student.Then I have to create a made up letter of reference for myself based on what I hope someone would honestly

    asked by Jenny
  169. Math

    what is the GCF and the LCM fo 10-75-55 could you please explain to me how to do this. Thank you

    asked by Steve
  170. Algebra

    Solve the system: 3x-y+z=3 -x+y+2z=0 -5x+3y+2z=-2 x= y= z=

    asked by Joe
  171. Science

    Calculate the change in temperature with respect to height for the following, Height (KM) Mid-Lattitude Temp (C) 0 15 11 -56 16 -56

    asked by Linda
  172. Career Plans

    Would doctor be a career? Like what does it mean specifically by careers? Does it mean jobs?

    asked by Anonymous
  173. algebra

    I need help solving and graphing the equation. y= -7+3

    asked by Mara
  174. Spanish

    What is the answer to the question in Spanish Para ti tiene que cocinar la langosta con mucha mantequilla?

    asked by Harmony
  175. English

    Can you please check these sentences about Hamlet? Thank you. 1) Hamlet wonders whether he should make a stand against his sea of troubles or leave things as they are. 2) He believes that both active and passive resistance is bound to meet failure. 3)

    asked by Franco
  176. Algebra 2

    The PTO has raised $1800 to help pay for a trip. They ask that there be one adult for every five students attending. Adult tickets cost $45 and student tickets cost $3. If the group wants to take 50 students, how much will each student need to pay so the

    asked by Julia`
  177. English

    How does the quotation -A lie told often enough becomes the truth- by Lenin relate to A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

    asked by Mike
  178. algebra

    decide whether each trinomial is a perfect square. if so, factor it. x^2 - 4x + 4 how do i solve this?? i don't understand the method..

    asked by brooke
  179. MATH

    10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1 = 10! Can this be true?! Why or why not? Im totally confused with this. Miley would like your help, please and thank you

    asked by Miley Cyrus<33>
  180. business

    What are the advantages of an organization existing as a single business entity?

    asked by april
  181. math

    1.Robin has a certain number of dimes in his pocket. If the dimes were pennies, he would have $1.08 less than he has now. How many dimes does he have in his pocket?

    asked by kc
  182. MATH


    asked by CLEO
  183. trig

    convert to degrees, minutes and seconds 3pi/2 radians can u plz help

    asked by Cas
  184. Calculus

    Under what conditions for f'(x) and f''(x) can a graph be "straight" without being horizontal? (I'm learning critical points and points of inflection...) Thank You.

    asked by Steven B.
  185. math

    given AB and AD are tangents of C, and the m

    asked by Anonymous
  186. Chemistry 2

    An aqueous solution has a vapor pressure of 81.1 at 50 . The vapor pressure of pure water at this temperature is 92.6. What is the concentration of in mass percent?

    asked by Jesse
  187. physics

    A 1790-kg car is traveling with a speed of 15.6 m/s. What is the magnitude of the horizontal net force that is required to bring the car to a halt in a distance of 78.4 m?

    asked by brian
  188. adult education

    Why does the chosen developmental theorist appeal to you? Relate the chosen theory to a recent or upcoming developmental stage or phase in your own life.

    asked by leah

    PLEASE HELP! I have the steps down and an answer..just need the correct one. 6/8 = 8/y - 1/2 The LCM here is 8y, so I multiply on both sides by 8y. 8y times 6/8 = 8y times 8/y - 8y times 1/2. After canceling out, I have 6y = 64 - 4y. Combine like terms. 2y

    asked by AMY
  190. science

    A baseball player throws a ball vertical upwards describe this motion of ball in words

    asked by Anonymous
  191. computers

    When you press the power button on your computer, it doesn’t turn on. There is nothing…silence…absolute zero. There are no beeps, no whistles, nothing. The monitor is getting power and the power strip is turned on. 1.Draw a diagram of the wiring

    asked by bob
  192. chemistry

    how many grams of ethenol do i need to burn in excess oxygen in order to recover 5.0 g of h2o in a 75% yield

    asked by david
  193. U.S history

    Describe America’s economic and military role in the war

    asked by kenneth
  194. Precalc

    Solve for x log[1/3](x^(2) + x) - log[1/3] (x^(2) - x) = -1 Steps too please. so far I tried this and I got 3 = (x+1) / (x-1) I asked this question before, but what would x= ?

    asked by Amy
  195. algebra

    write each square as a trinomial: (-11t^2 - 2)^2 (22t^4 + 44 + 4)

    asked by brooke
  196. algebra

    what is the inverse ƒ(x) = x2 - 9

    asked by Asher
  197. English

    In what way does Roger Ebert do his criteria in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? I know that an effective evaluation is that the writer explains the criteria on which he or she bases the evaluation. In what ways does ROGER EBERT do this?

    asked by Fellon
  198. French

    Hi, all! I'm trying to right a small and simple paragraph in french. This is what I'm trying to say: Yesterday, I read an article "Skills and Accuracy in Criminal Profiling" by Richard N. Kocsis in English. I liked it a lot because law is my favourite

    asked by Kat
  199. Photography

    Suppose you have three negatives: an over-exposed one, an under exposed one, and a correctly exposed one. Which would require the longest exposure during contact printing?

    asked by Emily
  200. 5th math

    how do you divide 302 by 33,593? how do you divide 67 by 48,384? show me step by step pleae! if you can?

    asked by pat
  201. 8th Grade Math

    I have an input output table, but I can't figure out the rule. Input: 1, 2, 5, 7, 10 Output:5, 15,?, ?, ?

    asked by Robin
  202. Algebra 1

    a train leaves a city heading west and travels at 50 miles per hour. three hours later, a second train laeves from the same place and travels in the same directionat 65 per hour. how long will it take for the second train to overtake first train?

    asked by Jasmine
  203. physics

    Explain why the occupants in a running car observe objects on the roadside as though they are running backwards.

    asked by Kate
  204. English

    I need a sentence with the word tree

    asked by Akhona
  205. math

    A manufacturer can produce 8,500 units for a total profit of 47,600.00 dollars, but if he increases his production to 11,500 units, then his profit becomes $65,600.00. fixed cost is? net profit per unit produced is?

    asked by Mark
  206. lit

    i need chapter summaries of the book The Quiet American by graham greene

    asked by bill
  207. 5th grade math

    i need help with fraction 3/5-3/15= ? PLEASE SHOW ME HOW TO DO THIS PROBLEM,THANKS!!

    asked by pat
  208. math

    find the difference (6x^2-3x-9)-(2x^2+8x+3)

    asked by Nick
  209. Costs and Awards

    Find two programs that interest you at Education Planner and complete the chart below for each program. Hint: After searching for your programs (in the search engine at the top of the webpage), under the Planning Information section on the left side of the

    asked by *Karley*<3
  210. English

    How does this quotation - Man's best possession is a sympathetic wife - by Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC), Antigone relate to A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

    asked by Mike
  211. Calc.

    Evaluate the indefinite integral. Please check my work? Not sure if I am doing this correctly. S= integral symbol S x^3*sqrt(x^2 + 1) dx u = x^2+1 x^2= u - 1 du = 2xdx du/2 = xdx 1/2 S x^2 * x sqrt (x^2 + 1) du 1/2 S (u - 1) * sqrt (u) du multiply square

    asked by CMM
  212. Algebra

    can someone show me how or explain to me how to get the slope of 2x +3y=7

    asked by Tracie
  213. math

    Where does the graph of x2 - x - 2 = y cross the x-axis?

    asked by Asher

    someone swings down pendulem and rescue the lady in distress by grabbing her. inelastic collision at the equallibrium point o fthe pendulem. his mass is 90kg her mass is 50kg. what is the masimum height of the oppsite legde that he. he is standing on a 10m

    asked by ricki
  215. math

    write an equation that represents the problem.The automatic tennis server holds 110 balls that shoot out one at a time.Andres 3 friends took turns hitting 27 balls each.Andre hit the remaining balls.How many balls did Andre hit?

    asked by mike
  216. Chemistry

    8.76g of aluminum sulphide is added to 0.0350L of 0.250mol/L lead(II)nitrate solution. calculate the maximum mass of precipitate, PbS that can form

    asked by paul
  217. Algebra

    Solve for w. 8-(3/w+1)=(7/w+2)

    asked by Jennifer
  218. Health

    I need an example of a health fraud item/ product. I need to find one product that has health fraud and that I can write 150 words about. I tried searching on google but cant find anything/ don't know what to search. do you know of any products? thanks

    asked by hannah
  219. math

    hey, this is my first time using this site so I'm not sure what I'm doing exactly! So i need a REALLY simple way how to convert fractions into a percent! i be confused!! :(

    asked by Emily
  220. 5th math

    what is the average number of hot dogs sold? 12,12,13,17,21,22,22,22,22,30,32,37. please! show me this how to solve this problem? my last question for today.thank you very much without your help . it;s impossible to understand this problem.

    asked by pat
  221. Anthro/Soci/Psych

    I also have to write a question for my exam on "is it appropirate for social sciences to use the word 'abnormal' with mental illnesses. Explain" I just need help with comming up with points i was going to say no becauae -it is just like any other illness

    asked by Dawn
  222. spelling


    asked by catherine
  223. Math

    Imagine you are in the market for a new home and are interested in a new housing community under construction in a different city. The sales representative informs you that there are 56 houses for sale with two floor plans still available. Use x to

    asked by Anonymous
  224. biology

    1-What are the various types of blood cells seen circulating within the body and how are they distinguished from each other? What impact do they have on the immune system.

    asked by Anonymous
  225. Math

    2/3q + 5 = 3/4 I still do not know how to find the asner to do this

    asked by Matherz
  226. English

    Which is correct? You should never believe ( these kind, these kinds ) of stories. Think the correct answer is ( these kinds)

    asked by Brett
  227. math

    3.4 + (5x-1.7) for x=2.2

    asked by Jace
  228. math

    my teacher gave me exam review booklets and there is something i don't understand.. the question is : Find the slope of a line that passes through the points (-9,-3) and (-7,-1). if someone can please explain to me how to solve this it would help majorly !

    asked by HELP exam review !
  229. algebra

    a cube has a side length of 4x-3, express its volume as a polynomial

    asked by cory
  230. Adult College

    Describe two planning processes typically used in programs for children, youth, and families.

    asked by Tara
  231. Algebra 2

    my roots are (1+isq.root2)(1-isq.root2) I then used long division: X^4-4X^3+4X^2-9/X^2-X-4 I got the answer X^2-8X+32 with a remander of 119. Where did I go wrong?

    asked by Jessica
  232. physics

    how much energy was released by a 60 kg cannon shooting an 8 kg projectile horizontally at 50m/s?

    asked by michael
  233. Math EASY

    Say that I saw my mark in gym. I am at 83% right now. In the following last 2 days before the term ends, I get 3/5 and 5/5. What percent (grade) am I at right now?

    asked by Monica
  234. physics

    in 35s, sam lifts his 8 kg case from the floor to .8m above the ground (in his arms) carries it 24m across the room(at the same height), and puts it on a conveyor belt 1.8 m above the floor. at this point, the machine raises the bag 13 more meters in a

    asked by jessie
  235. Precalc

    Solve for x log[1/3](x^(2) + x) - log[1/3] (x^(2) - x) = -1 Steps too please. so far I tried this and I got 3 = (x+1) / (x-1)

    asked by Amy
  236. ecomerce business

    A store specializing in collectible china and plates has decided to move into e-business. However, the store is unsure about how to get the word out about its new site and has hired your team to assist it. Brand and identity: What are the pluses and

    asked by Linda
  237. Exponents

    x^(-2) = 9 solve for x Steps too I first squared the x on both sides and I was left with x^(-1) = -3,3 but then what would the answer be for x? the answer is supposed to be 1/3, -1/3 but I don't know why

    asked by Amy
  238. english

    Is it self-monitor or self monitor

    asked by Mm
  239. Math

    write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel to the given line (9,-9); 3x-5y=8

    asked by Brittni
  240. probability and statistics.

    So here I am trying to do my prob/stat homework and I keep coming across this word that I don't understand. The word is "inferior". My book has no glossary and I cannot find a definition that makes sense.Can somebody help me understand?

    asked by penny lane
  241. Graduation Requirements

    in order to meet graduation requirements a student must demonstrate all of these traits except for.. -being able to pass a physical test -having sound nutritional habits -understanding emotional health management -making postive health choices Would it be

    asked by Anonymous
  242. math

    what is the percent of 3 over 8?

    asked by Jnm
  243. biology

    well i need to know why these equation equals 2Mol the equation is: 116g por litro es 2M and 11.6g en 100mL is 2M

    asked by klariss
  244. Math

    7x = 33 - 4x

    asked by Matherz
  245. Math

    what is the square feet of a box with two sides of 2 2/3 x 2 2/3 each?

    asked by Josh
  246. Paralegal

    Been reading on to contracts. What is the simplest way to do it without any complications but still understandable to read or process?

    asked by Anonymous
  247. math

    a school production ended at 8:06 p.m. the production lasted 1 hour 32 what time did the production begin?

    asked by shakayla
  248. science

    how do hydrogen bonds relate to the transfer off heat from the equator towards the poles of earth

    asked by lulu
  249. trig

    simplify (3x^2-5x+4)-(5x^2+7x-7)

    asked by j.
  250. English

    Hello! What could I do as a lead in activity with two 5th graders? We have a 45 minute lesson tomorrow and I want to break the ice with a funny game. The topic is not important. Does anyone have something that lasts for 10 minutes?

    asked by tee
  251. chemistry

    f you have 150 milliliters of water and it freezes, how many grams of ice do you have?

    asked by Kelsei-Natalie
  252. english

    What is the main idea of the shepards daughter

    asked by Anonymous
  253. chemistry

    convert 4.37 moles of NaOH to grams.

    asked by Amanda
  254. Algebra 1

    In 1920 the record for a certain race was 45.1 sec. In 1960, it was 44.3 sec Let R(t)-the records in the race(t)=the numbeer of years since 1920. Thank you for your help.

    asked by Esther
  255. Precalc

    2^(x) = 0 what should x be to get 0?

    asked by Amy
  256. Gym

    how do you get 24 by using numbers 1-12 by going up,down,and diagonal and by using addition

    asked by Caitlin
  257. ART

    i need to describe my public identity by drawing. can you please give me some ideas? please? i want to know your public identity so that i understand mine. i don't know anything ... but is it ok if i say, i catch the bus to school everyday and i like

    asked by Trace
  258. com170

    I believe this paragraph below is a Analysis I have to pick between summary,analysis, synthesis, and evaluation can you tell me if i am right and if not which one and why? 1. Alice Doe’s article discussed overlooked tax deductions. It talked about some

    asked by angela
  259. Math

    8( b + 3) = 4b - 4

    asked by Spider
  260. Algebra 2

    Can you please help me simplify this problem? It probably is an easy problem but I do not understand the way my teacher taught it. 1/ [1+(1/ x-2)]

    asked by Aura
  261. Hinduism

    What are the seven definitions of Hinduism according to the Indian government. The text is confusing

    asked by SueAnn
  262. algebra

    what is 2z^2

    asked by kelly
  263. Math correct or not

    9y + 13 < 14 answer: y < -3?

    asked by Spider
  264. Maths

    1/3[22(x-8)+1=19.Show working

    asked by Anonymous 1
  265. MAth

    Find the critical numbers, increasing intervals, x-values where f has an inflection point, and where the graph is concave down from the equation f(x)=2x^4-3x^3-10x^2+20

    asked by Tyler
  266. college algebra

    what is the sum 1500sqrt(2)+1450

    asked by felicia
  267. English

    I know this because, a student told me that the whole class likes working in pairs or groups. Is this sentence correct or should it have this ; after because

    asked by Mm
  268. mass to grams

    A hummingbird has a mass of 5.90×10−3 {\rm kg}. What is the mass of the hummingbird in grams?

    asked by Anonymous
  269. history

    how do religions having common geographical origins tend to share somewhat common codes of behavior and view of the nature and reason for existence?

    asked by jamie
  270. Math

    2 mi.x _ = _ ft.?

    asked by Isaiah
  271. math

    how many 16 and 15 in 319?

    asked by ryan
  272. research

    What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision of or narrowing the confidence interval

    asked by Anonymous
  273. algebra

    write an inequity in terms of x for no less than $8,000 and no more than $12,000

    asked by Leina'ala
  274. enginireiring

    How fast can a Farrari FXX go?

    asked by alex
  275. engineering

    How fast can a Farrari FXX go?

    asked by alex
  276. Math help once again

    y = log x If y = 10, then what is x? How do I figure this one out? Miley is confused.

    asked by Miley Cyrus<33>
  277. arithmetic

    can you show me how to do 5/6 x 4

    asked by don
  278. algebra 2

    2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5=0 Given that one root is 2+i, solve the equation. So far I have it set up like this: 2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5/X^2-4X+5 I don't know how to get the answer, I know that I have to use long division but when I started to try it I kept getting

    asked by Jessica
  279. math


    asked by carl