Questions Asked on
January 21, 2011

  1. Physics

    As a train accelerates from a station, it reaches a speed of 4.7m/s in 5.0s. If a train acceleration remains constant what is its speed after an additional 6.0s has elapsed?

    asked by Lesh
  2. Geometry

    On a rectangular piece of cardboard with perimeter 11 inches, three parallel and equally spaced creases are made. The cardboard is then folded along the creases to make a rectangular box with open ends. Letting x represent the distance (in inches) between

    asked by Valerie
  3. Chemistry

    Refer to the net ionic equation below to answer the following questions: Co(H2O)6^+2 + 4Cl- CoCl^-2 + 6H2O 1. In what direction was the equilibrium shifted by: a. Addition of HCl b. Addition of water c. Addition of AgNO3 d. Increasing the temperature e.

    asked by Sharon
  4. literature ... i really need corrections

    1) in song of myself, whitman's theme is best demonstrated by a.the "last scud of day holds back for me" b.the "spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me c. "look for me under you boot-soles" d. "coaxes me to the vapor an the dusk" 2)The tone in the song of

    asked by Anonymous
  5. physic

    4. If the same two dust particles have -1.0 x 10-10 C of charge on one, and +3.2 C x 10-10 C on the other, what is the force between them now? If the force is pushing them apart, show it as a positive number and if it is attracting them together, show it

    asked by sabrina
  6. Chemistry

    An aqueous antifreeze solution is 40.0% ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) by mass. The density of the solution is 1.05 g/cm3. Calculate the molality, molarity, and mole fraction of the ethylene glycol.

    asked by Sarah
  7. chemistry

    Rank gases from highest average molecular speed to lowest Ne, HBr, CO

    asked by psk
  8. Finance

    For each of the following situations, indicate whether FIFO, LIFO, or weighted average applies. a. In a period of rising prices, net income would be highest. b. In a period of rising prices, cost of goods sold would be highest. c. In a period or rising

    asked by Monty Douglas
  9. finance

    Laird Company sells coffee makers used in business offices. Its beginning inventory of coffee makers was 200 units at $45.00 per unit. During the year, Laird made two batch purchases of coffee makers. The first was a 300-unit purchase at $50 per unit; the

    asked by Monty Douglas
  10. chemistry

    how much heat is needed to convert 826g of ice at -10.0 degrees celsius to steam at 126 degrees celsius

    asked by Angela
  11. Chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 50.0 mL of a 4.50 M KI solution so that 28.5 mL of the diluted solution contains 2.75 g of KI?

    asked by Heidi
  12. chemistry

    A chemical is placed in a beaker containing 20 g of soil and 500 mL of water. At equilibrium, the chemical is found in the soil at a concentration of 100 mg/kg of soil. The equilibrium concentration of this same chemical in the water is 250 µg/L.

    asked by Jazmin

    3+x(12*4)-24 3+x(48)-24 51x-24 51-24=27 48/27 x=1.7? Not sure if I did the steps correctly.

    asked by So Lost
  14. Physics

    A 210 g air-track glider is attached to a spring. The glider is pushed in 12.0 cm against the spring, then released. A student with a stopwatch finds that 13 oscillations take 16.0 s. Find the spring constant k.

    asked by Erin
  15. hcr 230

    I was hoping someone could look over my paper and tell me if I am answering correctly the questions below. For patient billing to be operative, dependable financial procedures and policies need to be in order to clarify to the patients what is their

    asked by kristina
  16. chemistry

    I, IV and V only 005 10.0 points When a chemical reaction comes to equilibrium, both the forward and the reverse reactions continue, but their rates are equal. For such a system at equilibrium at 300 K and 1.00 atm pressure, the change in Gibbs free energy

    asked by Bob
  17. finance

    The following information pertains to Porter Company for 2011. Beginning inventory 70 units @ $13 Units purchased 280 units @ $18 Ending inventory consisted of 30 units. Porter sold 320 units at $30 each. All purchases and sales were made with cash. a.

    asked by Monty Douglas
  18. chem

    what mass of KIO3 is needed to convert the copper in 0.2 g of CuSO4 5H20 to Cu(IO3)2

    asked by midget
  19. physics

    If one micrometeorite (a sphere with a diameter of 2.3 10-6 m) struck each square meter of the Moon each second, estimate the number of years it would take to cover the Moon with micrometeorites to a depth of one meter? Hint: Consider the volume of a

    asked by Anonymous
  20. chemistry

    how much lithium hydroxide will be needed to remove 75.0 grams of carbon dioxide?

    asked by tim
  21. medical

    explain the difference between qualititative and quanititave medical record analysis?

    asked by pam baker
  22. math

    if jennifer pays off the couch in one year, she will have to pay no interest. If she pays off her balance in 12 equal monthly installments, how much will she pay each month?

    asked by baasima
  23. chemistry

    Groundwater in Pherric, New Mexico, initially contains 1.800 mg/L of iron as Fe3+. What must the pH be raised to in order to precipitate all but 0.3 mg/L of the iron? The temperature of the solution is 25 degree Celsius.

    asked by Jazmin
  24. precalculus

    How many degrees are there in 2 radians?

    asked by ken
  25. math

    Explain why arcsin 3 is undefined.

    asked by seth
  26. english

    what is the prefix of represent

    asked by raeisha
  27. Physics

    In Figure 4-44, a baseball is hit at a height h = 1.10 m and then caught at the same height. It travels alongside a wall, moving up past the top of the wall 1.1 s after it is hit and then down past the top of the wall 4.8 s later, at distance D = 47 m

    asked by Blake
  28. CHEM 1LB

    Which of the following is NOT true? A. The uncertain digit is estimated between the last two markings. B. Except for absorbance, most measurements contain significant figures and units. C. All numbers should be recorded from a digital readout. D. If an

    asked by Shawn Tabrizi
  29. Biology

    What would a cladogram look like?

    asked by Hope K.
  30. english.. can u tell me if my answers are right

    1)c 2)c 3)c 4)c .. k this looks ridiculous but i think the answers are all C !!! please check!!! 1) At the end of the poem(song of myself number 52), the speaker a.proclaims his love to democracy b. encourages us to read more of his poems c. reaffirms his

    asked by Dan
  31. physics

    How far must the point charges = 7.20 and = -25.0 be separated for the electric potential energy of the system to be -130 ?

    asked by Cassie
  32. physics;changes in temp

    A 4.0 kg gold bar at 97C is dropped into 0.27 kg of water at 22C. What is the final temperature? Assume the specific heat of gold is 129 J/kg C. Answer in units of C.

    asked by sarah
  33. physics

    A point charge with charge Q1 is held stationary at the origin. A second point charge with charge moves from the point (x1, 0) to the point (x2,x2 ).

    asked by Cassie
  34. phy

    Two point charges have a total charge of 525 µC. When placed 1.15 m apart, the force each exerts on the other is 25.7 N and is repulsive. What is the charge on each? (Round your answers to the nearest µC.)

    asked by ami
  35. chemistry

    Analyze the properties of a sodium atom and a sodium ion. What are the differences in mass, stability, and reactivity that are caused due to the differences between the sodium atom and sodium ion?

    asked by Angel
  36. College Algebra

    On a rectangular piece of cardboard with perimeter 11 inches, three parallel and equally spaced creases are made. The cardboard is then folded along the creases to make a rectangular box with open ends. Letting x represent the distance (in inches) between

    asked by Valerie Pacetti
  37. math

    how do i solve, marge has six coins that total $1.15. she cannot make change for $1.00, 1/2 dollar, a quarter, a dime, or a nickel.what coins does she have?

    asked by gary
  38. chemistry

    What is the mass of 4.80 multiplied by 10-2 moles of zinc chloride (ZnCl2)?

    asked by kayla
  39. english

    draft a one page memo to be sent to your Team and boss addressing the need for using appropriate tone, content, and awareness of audience

    asked by Abe
  40. Mathematics

    How to find the volume and surface area of cube and cuboid and other shapes too?!

    asked by Rosalinda Rosie
  41. geometry

    On a rectangular piece of cardboard with perimeter 11 inches, three parallel and equally spaced creases are made. The cardboard is then folded along the creases to make a rectangular box with open ends. Letting x represent the distance (in inches) between

    asked by Valerie Pacetti

    anyone explain how this cos 2A cos A – sin 2A sin A can become to this cos (2A + A) = cos 3A

    asked by mie_y98
  43. algebra

    The number N, in millions, of hearing impaired individuals of age x can be approximated by: N = -0.00006x^3 + 0.006x^2 - 0.1x + 1.5 Approximate to the nearest million the number of hearing impaired individuals of ages 45 - 70.

    asked by Pam
  44. math

    using rounding or compatible numbers,which numbers would you choose to estimate the exact product of 25 times 25.

    asked by abraham
  45. finance

    Bristol Sales had the following transactions for DVD’s in 2012, its first year of operations. Jan. 20 Purchased 75 units @ $17 = $1,275 Apr. 21 Purchased 450 units @ $19 = $8,550 July 25 Purchased 200 units @ $23 = $4,600 Sept. 19 Purchased 100 units @

    asked by Monty Douglas
  46. Geometry

    Ok Dr. Russ helped me find one part of the question, but I still can't figure out the values of x that maximizes volume = in. Any help is appreciated. Thanks On a rectangular piece of cardboard with perimeter 11 inches, three parallel and equally spaced

    asked by Valerie
  47. xacc280

    week2 day 7 assignment i have spent hours on this assignment and can not get it can anyone help?

    asked by missy
  48. physics

    how i cld rise the base of a house wd the help f electric circuit

    asked by Anonymous
  49. algebra1

    4(x+3)=2(x-6) 4x+12=2x-12 2x+12=-12 2x=-24 x=-12 is this textbook example correct?

    asked by charles
  50. english

    m too old- is this sentence correct or wrong

    asked by anna
  51. algebra

    Nicole can jog to work in of an hour. When she rides her bike, it takes her of an hour. If she rides miles per hour faster than she jogs, how far away is her work? NEED HELP FAST

    asked by molly
  52. chemistry

    calculate the heat released when 166g of water at 23.0 degrees celsius are converted to ice at -10.0 degrees celsius

    asked by Angela
  53. english

    In the metaphor of language as a layer cake given in your study unit, which of the following words could be considered to be a frosting word?

    asked by Alabama
  54. Spanish

    what is the correct pronoun: El hombre ____ (el libro) da al joven.

    asked by James
  55. chemistry

    how much energy in joules is required to melt 10.00 moles of ice

    asked by Anonymous
  56. World Civilization

    In what ways has the development of agriculture advanced our way of life?

    asked by Betty
  57. Pre Calc

    A swimming pool can be filled by a vent in 10 hours. When the pool is filled, it can be emptied bya drain pipe in 20 hours. The pool manager mistakenly leaves the drain pipe open while trying tofill the pool. How long will it take to fill the pool?

    asked by Emily
  58. math

    each box has 10 pencils . how many pencils do 3 boxes have ?

    asked by jordan
  59. Physics

    The radius of a circle is measured to be 12.8 ± 0.2 cm. I need to find the Area and the Circumference of the circle? But how to I account for the uncertainties in each value?

    asked by Stephanie
  60. physic

    2. Rank the following in the order of how much of a corona discharge they would produce, from highest to least (e.g., if D is highest, then A, C, and B is lowest. enter DACB). Explain your response. a. a large round metal ball hooked to a high voltage

    asked by sabrina
  61. physic

    3. I have two identical dust particles. They are spheres with diameters of 0.0001 meter (about the same as a hair). They have the same density as water so they each have a mass of 10-12 kg. If each dust particle goes through a discharge so that 2.40 „e

    asked by sabrina
  62. german

    I have to write a slogan in german that is a command using the four different types of command forms (du, ihr, wir, Sie), and I need help figuring out how to write them. The slogan I am using is "Get your own box." from cheez-its. How would I write them in

    asked by KJ
  63. physics

    The car's displacement 0.7 s after leaving the dock has a magnitude of 14.0 m. What is the car's speed at the instant it drives off the edge of the dock?

    asked by joe
  64. psychology

    What are the apparent symptoms of anxiety in terms of physiological, behavioral, and cognitive indicators? If both a parent and a child experience anxiety in similar situations, how would you account for the influences of heredity, preparedness, and

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math formulas

    4. Vanna has just financed the purchase of a home for $200 000. She agreed to repay the loan by making equal monthly blended payments of $3000 each at 9%/a, compounded monthly. Determine how much interest she will pay for her loan. h. How much would Vanna

    asked by stephy
  66. Calc

    (sqrt(9x 5)-sqrt(68))/(x-7) limit as x approaches 7

    asked by Bubba
  67. christian life education

    is there a website which has the topics and subtopics of the books in the bible? i need it for our project. thank you.

    asked by veronica
  68. chemistry

    Calculate the "exact" alkalinity of a water that contains 0.6580 mg/L of bicarbonate, as the ion, at a pH of 5.66.

    asked by Jazmin
  69. Chemistry

    "What volume of reduced soy sauce (575 mg Na/15 mL) would be predicted to require 25.00 mL of 1.0 M AgNO3 for titration assuming all the sodium is derived from NaCl? A.W. Na= 23

    asked by Kyla
  70. chemistry

    One liter of a gas mixture at 0 degree Celsius and 108.26 kPa contains 250 mg/L of H2S gas. Calculate the partial pressure exerted by gas.

    asked by Jazmin
  71. chemistry

    Convert the concentration of SO2 from 80µg/m^3 to units of parts per million. The gas has temperature of 25 degree Celsius and a pressure of 101.325 kPa.

    asked by Jazmin
  72. us history

    One of the significant changes in atmosphere in Jefferson's administration was: the number of common people involved in government the closing of the Bank of the United States the widespread dismissal of Federalist officeholders the reinstatement of the

    asked by brandon
  73. math

    useing the rule of 72 estemate how long it will take an investment of $400 to double if it is invested at 4.5%/year compounded monthly. (show work)

    asked by Dane
  74. Taxes

    Can you be an employee of your own partnership

    asked by Ron
  75. chemistry

    solution contains 5 grams of of a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphate dissolved per 500 ml

    asked by wajid
  76. economics

    The table provides data on the demand for and the supply of eggs in the United States. At a price of _____________ there would be a surplus. Price (per dozen) $0.50 $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $2.50 Quantity Demanded 90 80 70 60 50 Quantity Supplied 30 50 70 90 100

    asked by justin
  77. math

    state the period, the amplitude and the phase shift of the function y = 1+1/3sin2(x+n/2), hence sketch the curve for the values of x in the range -n/2

    asked by mil
  78. poetry

    I need to know the rhythm and meter of Billy Collins "Forgetfulness"

    asked by Ryan
  79. social science

    what is the neo-liberal resurgence and how has it affected developing nations?

    asked by chix
  80. mount

    wat is 1.71 to 4.56 in its simplest form?

    asked by johanna
  81. Statistics

    A vending machine dispenses coffee into an eight-ounce cup. The amount of coffee dispensed into the cup is normally distributed with a standard deviation of .03 ounce. You can allow the cup to OVERFILL 1% of the time. What amount should you set as the mean

    asked by Erika
  82. English

    What is the definition of an antecedent?

    asked by Ariadne
  83. Math

    I am a little confused, can someone please help me? I the radius of a circle is 5m, what is the area of the circle? Is this the same as the surface area and it would be 10m?

    asked by mark
  84. Physics

    A wood block with a mass of 100 grams is held at the top of an inclined board (point A in Figure 2). If we assume force of friction (Ff) is 0.35N and constant as the block slides down the ramp, what will the velocity be at point B after the block is

    asked by Anonymous
  85. algebra

    I trying to make this equation 3x+9y=18 into Y=mx+b.How do I that.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Math

    Find the value of the constant t such that the triangle formed by A (2,2) ,B (4,-5) ,C (6,t) is right angled at B(4,-5).

    asked by Jake
  87. precalc

    Is sine an even or odd function?

    asked by lauren
  88. math

    By the cofunction property, cos 33° = sin _______

    asked by carly
  89. precalc

    Find sec x if sin x = -0.6 and cos x = 0.8.

    asked by anna
  90. maths

    i have got to find the perimeter of a triangle that has one side of 8x-7w another that says 3x+9y and then another that says 3y+5w whats the perimeter of the triangle ??? please help

    asked by sophie

    3+x(12*4)-24 3+x(48)-24 51x-24 51-24=27 48/27 x=1.7? I wanted to know if finding the x in all of this is correct.

    asked by So Lost
  92. physics

    A point moving on a straight horizontal line with an initial velocity of 60 fps to the right is given an acceleration of 12 fps2 to the left for 8 sec. Determine (a) the total distance traveled during the 8-sec interval; (b) the displacement during the

    asked by John
  93. Math

    If you pass general chemistry, then you can take organic chemistry. You pass general chemistry. ˆ You can take organic chemistry. Let P = you pass general chemistry Let Q = you can take organic chemistry I came up with P - >Q P therefore Q But my set up

    asked by Madison
  94. US History

    Identify important biographical information about Andrew Jackson. Youthful Life, Road To Congress, War Hero, Appeal To Voters.

    asked by Kiersten
  95. US History

    What factors helped Jackson win the election of 1824?

    asked by Kiersten
  96. history

    what were the effects of expanding voting rights?

    asked by Kiersten
  97. science

    why does the water line flatten out after 0 celsius

    asked by tiffany
  98. environmental 100

    How are the principles of science and technology applied to environmental problems and solutions?

    asked by Anita fields
  99. Maths

    Humans breathe about 15 breaths in a minute.The average breath at rest contains 0.76 liter of air.About how many liters of air will you breathe while at rest for 25 minutes? Please,show working.

    asked by Anonymous 1
  100. Maths

    Greta ran the 400-m dash in 49.07 s.If Greta ran at a constant rate,how many meters did she run in one second ? Worked it but I'm not sure,is is right.Please show working

    asked by Anonymous 1
  101. calculus

    Help!!! A rectangle piece of cardboard twice as long as wide is to be made into an open box by cutting 2 in. squares from each corner and bending up the sides. (a) Express the volume V of the box as a function of the width W of the piece of cardboard (b)

    asked by Hector
  102. CHEM 1LB

    Which of the following safety precautions is unnecessary for the 'Mass Percent of ASA' experiment? A. Safety goggles should be worn. B. Do not ingest the aspirin used in this experiment as it may be contaminated with other chemicals. C. The FeCl3solution

    asked by Shawn Tabrizi
  103. Chemistry

    An aspirin tablet weighing 0.475 g has been analyzed and contains 68.2 % ASA (180.16 g/mol) by mass. A student dissolved the tablet in hot NaOH and the cooled solution was diluted with DI water to the mark in a 250 mL volumetric flask. Exactly 3.00 mL of

    asked by
  104. algerbra

    The temperature was t* F.It fell and is now 32* F.What was the original temperature ?

    asked by sam
  105. physics

    A major-league pitcher can throw a baseball in excess of 40.2 m/s. If a ball is thrown horizontally at this speed, how much will it drop by the time it reaches the catcher who is 17.7 m away from the point of release?

    asked by josh
  106. science

    how can i change pitch?

    asked by jada
  107. draw

    on a grid show me a perimeter of 36 feet

    asked by Anonymous
  108. geomatry

    m (DOC) = 3/4m(BOA)

    asked by Diana
  109. math===pls. help==

    For numbers less than 40, list each pair of numbers that has a greatest common factor (GCF) of 12.

    asked by Carol
  110. Math

    I. Use Chebyshev’s theorem to find what percent of the values will fall between 156 and 276 for a data set with a mean of 216 and standard deviation of 12. II. Use the Empirical Rule to find what two values 68% of the data will fall between for a data

    asked by Tameka
  111. language arts

    what is the prepositional phrase of Most damage to a coral reef, however, is caused accedentally.

    asked by ronin
  112. biology

    Most homeostatic mechanisms are controlled with a negative feedback loop. Explain why this mechanism may be more efficient at maintaining homeostasis as compared to positive feedback mechanisms. Provide examples of both.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. chemistry

    Which of the following constants are needed to calculate the change in enthalpy (H) for heating a sample of liquid water at 10C to steam at 150C. I) the heat capacity of water II) the enthalpy of fusion of water III) the heat capacity of ice IV) the

    asked by Bob
  114. Calc

    Various values for the derivative, f'(x), of a differentiable function f are shown below. x=1, f'(x) = 8 x=2, f'(x) = 4 x=3, f'(x) = 0 x=4, f'(x) = -4 x=5, f'(x) = -8 x=6, f'(x) = -12 If f'(x) always decreases, then which of the following statements must

    asked by Erica
  115. physics

    A space vehicle is coasting at a constant velocity of 20.5 m/s in the +y direction relative to a space station. The pilot of the vehicle fires a RCS (reaction control system) thruster, which causes it to accelerate at 0.390 m/s2 in the +x direction. After

    asked by dan
  116. math

    how do i solve differential equation dy/dx=3/(2-x) and use graphing utility to graph 3 solutions,one which passes through the point(1,0)

    asked by mrunal
  117. Physics

    Two Dimensional Projectile Question: Determine the height reached by a baseball if it is released with a velocity of 17.0 m/s [at an angle of 20 degrees]

    asked by Taylor
  118. biochemistry

    if 4 volumes of 0.1M monobasic potassium phosphate, KH2PO4, are mixed with 2 volume of 0.1 M dibasic sodium phosphate, Na2HPO4, what will be the pH of the mixture? What if 4 volumes of 0.1 M KH2PO4 are mixed with 8 volumes of 0.1 M ethanolamine

    asked by dIrk
  119. business english

    writing a short paragraph on applying for a job as a medical office assistant tell me what can inspire me or guided me through

    asked by annesha
  120. stats-probability

    given a chart with rain in inches- the greatest amount being 15 inches on the chart, we know the cumulative proability is 1. what is the probability of more than 15 inches of rain falling

    asked by joy
  121. college

    three sentences using possessives correctly on the topic of how to store personal financial information effectively and efficiently.

    asked by nicole jenks

    The relative price of personal computers has dropped drastically over time. would you explain this falling price in terms of demand or supply changes? what factors (at least 4) are likely to have caused the demand or supply shifts that did occur?

    asked by reneann
  123. science

    What is name of reagent containing 0.6 M Sulphuric acid, 28 mM sodium phosphate, and 4 mM ammonium molybdate? and in which amount it should be taken to make a reagent?

    asked by shraddha
  124. geometry

    The legs of a right triangle are 23 and 12 inches long respectively What is the area of the triangle?

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Environmental Science

    Ex: [Cu] in river is 30 ppb, what is the molar concentration?

    asked by Zukii
  126. com170

    3. Individual Assignment: Practice with Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Comparisons • Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or

    asked by mika
  127. Physics

    A cart on a surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.20 is attached to an overhanging weight with a frictionless pulley. The cart has a mass of 2.5 kg while the overhanging weight has a mass of 1.0 kg. What is the acceleration of the cart? What is the

    asked by Taylor
  128. chemistry

    what is the volume of 250.0 grams of acetone whose density is 0.7899 g/cm

    asked by jarett
  129. Public Policy Human Services

    I am writing a 300-word program analysis for a human services organization. I cannot seem to apply the six policy fundamentals to the program I am using. I keep reffering to my text/notes but it just doesn't make sense. Any tips or adive would be

    asked by Kelli
  130. College algebra

    simplify by removing factors of 1 n^2-9/(n+3)^2

    asked by Maria