Questions Asked on
January 15, 2011

  1. physics

    The drawing shows a uniform electric field that points in the negative y direction; the magnitude of the field is 4540 N/C. Determine the electric potential difference the following points VB − VA between points A and B VC − VB between points B and C

    asked by Anonymous
  2. chemistry

    What is H+(aq) + –OH(aq) H2O(l)

    asked by cathy
  3. College Accounting

    P2-1A Frontier Park was started on April 1 by C. J. Mendez and associates. The following selected events and transactions occurred during April. Apr. 1 Stockholders invested $40,000 cash in the business in exchange for common stock. 4 Purchased land

    asked by Jaycee
  4. statistic

    roll 2 standard dice and add the numbers. what is the probability of getting a number larger than 9 for the first time on the third roll?

    asked by linn
  5. chemistry

    A sample of propane(c3h8)has 3.84x10^24 H atoms. a) how many carbon atoms does the sample contain? b) what is the total mass of the sample?

    asked by Jessica
  6. math

    What might you have if you don't feel well?

    asked by lolololol
  7. literature

    True or False? The "Chimney Sweeper" in Blake's Songs of Innocence has good life circumstances while the "Chimney Sweeper" in his Songs of Experience has bad life circumstances.

    asked by dontdelay
  8. algebra 1

    find the slope intercept equation of the line that has the given characteristics. slope 6.7 and y intercept (0,-7) Thanks.

    asked by robbie
  9. math

    1.a collection of 105 coins consists of 1 peso and 5 pesos. if the total value is 205 pesos, find the number of coins of each denomination in the collection. 2.leslie's wallet contains 20 peso bills and 1 peso coins with a total of 232 pesos. how many each

    asked by faye
  10. chemistry

    show that 1mg/L = 1g/m3

    asked by Maria
  11. psy202

    Write a 200-300 word summary describing a time when you had to test a theory. This theory may be something you have tested at work, school, or at home. Describe the situation. What type of informal research method did you use? How was your research method

    asked by Angela
  12. Chemistry

    At elevated temperatures, SbCl5 gas decomposes into SbCl3 gas and Cl2 gas as shown by the following equation: SbCl5(g) SbCl3(g) + Cl2(g) 1. What is the concentration in moles per liter of SbCl5 in the container before any decomposition occurs? 2. What is

    asked by Fred
  13. chemistry

    A solution of sodium bicarbonate is prepared by adding 45.00g of sodium bicarbonate to a 1.00-L volumetric flask and adding distilled water until it reaches the 1.00-L mark. Calculate the concentration of sodium in units of: a) milligrams per liter b)

    asked by Maria
  14. Math

    Find the amount in each case. a) 8% is 56kg.

    asked by *multi*
  15. algebra

    Sally works at a grocery store. In one week she earned $390 for working 47 hours, of which 7 hours were overtime. The next week she earned $416 for working 50 hours, of which 8 hours were overtime. What is Sally's HOURLY OVERTIME rate in dollars per hour?

    asked by lorie
  16. Chemistry

    C2H2(g) + 2 H2(g)--> C2H6(g) Information about the substances involved in the reaction represented above is summarized in the following tables. Substance So (J/mol∙K) ∆Hºf (kJ/mol) C2H2(g) 200.9 226.7 H2(g) 130.7 0 C2H6(g) - - -84.7 Bond Bond Energy

    asked by Brenda
  17. engishcommunication

    while giving directions to your office, you wish to describe a road that many lanes. which one of the following prefies means "many"?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. calculus

    On the graph of f(x)=6sin(8πx), points P and Q are at consecutive lowest and highest points with P occuring before Q. Find the slope of the line which passes through P and Q.

    asked by Brittany
  19. Calc

    Consider a circle of radius 2 and a point P rotating around it. The angle θ, in radians, is given as a function of time t. (a) What is the value of θ when t=1.5? (b) Find the coordinates of P when t=1.5

    asked by Stephanie
  20. Chemistry

    The question is: Hydrogen and oxygen gas combine explosively to produce water. Write a balanced chemical equation for this process. If 10 mol of hydrogen reacted with oxygen, what volume of liquid water could be produced? Is this right for the balanced

    asked by Rachael
  21. physics

    To what temperature can you cool the container before it collapses

    asked by Anonymous
  22. literature

    True or False? In "Rights of Women," Anna Letitia Barbauld concludes that women will be far less satisfied in fighting for their "rights" against men (as Wollstonecraft did) then with acting in love toward men, as Nature created them to do.

    asked by dontdelay
  23. Accounts

    The Net Income amount from the Income Statement is used as a line item on which statement? (Points: 5) Profit and loss statement Statement of owner's equity Balance sheet Trial balance help please not sure what is meant by line item

    asked by Lisa
  24. college math 209

    solve for u, where u is a real number ãu - 18 = 2

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Chemistry

    A 5.00-gram sample of glucose, C6H12O6, [molar mass = 180.] is dissolved 10.0 grams of water What is the molality of the glucose solution? Calculate the boiling(BP) and freezing points(FP) of this solution to the nearest 0.1 C°. The vapor pressure of pure

    asked by Mark
  26. algebra

    solve for x sqrt 6x+ 6=sqrt x + 12

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Chemistry

    The question is: Isotonic saline is a 0.9% (g/100ml) solution of salty water. You are asked to make up 2L of isotonic saline. How much salt should you weigh out? I got the answer of 18g with the following working: 9 ÷ 1000(ml) x 100 = 0.9 Therefore 9% of

    asked by Rachael
  28. math

    the perimeter of isosceles triangle is 70 d. of the length of a leg of the triangle is 5 dm less than twice the lenth of the base, find the lengths of the sides of the triangle.

    asked by lou
  29. algebra

    solve for u, sqrt -3u + 28= u

    asked by Anonymous
  30. biology

    rana pipiens, a species of frog, has a diploid chromosome number of 26. a. how many chromosomes are present during metaphase i? per cell? b. how many chromatids are present during anaphase i ? per cell? c. how many centromeres are present during telophase

    asked by frank
  31. chemistry garde 11

    plases help me.... im really stuck in this question... i have no clue how to do it... please help me oxygen gas generated in the thermal decomposition of potassium chlorate in water. the total pressure of this system was measured to be 762 mmHg and the

    asked by Kamal
  32. Science

    why is it necessary for water, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen to be recycled through the earth's ecosystem?

    asked by Pat
  33. Chemistry-w/addition

    At elevated temperatures, SbCl5 gas decomposes into SbCl3 gas and Cl2 gas as shown by the following equation: SbCl5(g) SbCl3(g) + Cl2(g) (a) An 59.8 gram sample of SbCl5 (molecular weight 299.0) is placed in an evacuated 15.0 liter container at 182°C. 1.

    asked by Fred
  34. ancient civillation

    which lasted the longest. which lasted shortest. which began earliest. which began latest. Also what were the civillations that lasted 3000 years or more. please help i`m confused.

    asked by saira
  35. english

    How to make these possessive sentneces 2. She was unable to get a car loan with her bad credit. 3. Finally she filed to bankruptcy to help clear her name.

    asked by jub
  36. Psychology

    Andy, age 16 lacks self-discipline fails to plan ahead and is quickly frustrated by challenging tasks. He is anxious and overly critical of others. Use the psychoanalytic, humanistic, and social-cognitive perspectives to give three contrasting explanations

    asked by Samantha
  37. Ochem

    For the reaction between chloroacetic acid and 4-chlorophenolate to synthesize 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, why is this reaction a sn2 reaction?

    asked by anon
  38. chemistry

    the concentration of a chemical degrades in water according to order kinetics. the degradation constant is 0.2 day^-1. if the initial concentration is 100.0 mg/L, how may days are required for the concentration to reach 0.14 mg/L?

    asked by Maria
  39. math

    a rectangle is 4 times as long as it is wide. a second rectangle is 5 centimeters longer and 2 centimeters wider than the first. the area of the second rectangle is 530 square centimeters greater than the first. what are the dimensions of the original

    asked by tony
  40. trigonometry

    Solve the following right triangles: a. a=117 ft, b=16.35 ft b. B=8 degrees 29',and a=32.8 ft for a. got 118.14 by Applying the Pythagorean Theorem a^2 + b^2 = c^2. can you show me the steps of how to solve b.

    asked by Jad
  41. 6th grade math

    How many 5/6's are in 1? Is the answer 6/5 ??

    asked by Suzanne
  42. Chemistry

    C2H2(g) + 2 H2(g)--> C2H6(g) Information about the substances involved in the reaction represented above is summarized in the following tables. Substance/ So (J/mol∙K) /∆Hºf (kJ/mol) C2H2(g) / 200.9 / 226.7 H2(g)/ 130.7 / 0 C2H6(g)/ ?? / -84.7 Bond

    asked by Brenda
  43. physics

    sealed metal container can withstand a pressure difference of 0.630 . The container initially is filled with an ideal gas at 12 and 0.80 To what temperature can you cool the container before it collapses? (Ignore any changes in the container's volume due

    asked by Josh
  44. micecomomic

    I purchased a pair boot in the past month from a shoe store Is the product considered elastic, inelastic, or unitary elastic? In a few sentences, what effect does the current supply and current demand have on this product?

    asked by Roselyn
  45. Microeconomics

    Since all economies are faced with scarcity, how might nations attempt to minimize the human hardship associated with scarcity?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Business

    If the research question were defined as “will buyers purchase more of a product in a blue colored or silver package?” the most appropriate type of research would be A. exploratory B. descriptive C. causal D. associative E. none of the above I chose E

    asked by Steve
  47. computer science

    Choosing the right audience is important. What might happen if it is not done right? What kind of issues can it cause to your project?

    asked by unknown
  48. Com170

    Write one paragraph explaining the key differences between the four types of writing (summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). What do they mean.

    asked by Bill

    Identify the rate in the following statement 75 is 15% of 500 the answers that are given to choose from is A)75 B)500 C)15% I picked a and c not

    asked by So Lost
  50. geometry

    A pentagon ABCDE. EG drawn parallel to DA meets BA produced at G and CF drawn parallel to DB meets AB produced at F. Prove that the area of pentagon ABCDE is equal to the area of triangle GDF.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. algebra 1

    graph the equation by plotting points y= -3

    asked by robbie
  52. english

    What does the dragon in The faerie Queene represent?

    asked by Anna
  53. advance algebra

    1. 2(6x+13)-7 >= 21 ">=" is greater than or equal 2. |11x+8(x-1)+12

    asked by linear inequalities
  54. advance algebra

    1. x+4 < 32 2. -3(y+10)=15 >= greater than or equal

    asked by linear inequalities
  55. college math 209

    write in simplified radical form by rationalizing the denominator 2ã5 + 3/ã5 - 1

    asked by Anonymous
  56. literature

    What is the implied lesson the speaker learns from the little girl in Wordsworth's "We are Seven"? A. Poor children live a hard, painful life. B. Because they are uneducated, country people don't understand how the world really works. C. By simplifying his

    asked by dontdelay
  57. math

    Nick has a revolving department store credit card account with an annual percentage rate of 15%.Last month's balance on the account was 423.78.During the current month,he made purchases totaling 123.42 and made a payment of 100.00.The store uses the unpaid

    asked by Judy
  58. literature

    Which of the following is not information we learn about Don Juan in the first Canto of Byron's poem? A. His mother was an over-acheiver who kept track of all her husband's faults and had a martyr-complex. B. Don Juan's formal education ignored anything

    asked by dontdelay
  59. literature

    Which of the following was not part of Porphyro's seduction of Madeline in "The Eve of St. Agnes"? A. Sneaking into the house of his father's enemy. B. Spying on Madeline while she prayed and undressed. C. Creating an elaborate scene in her room to deceive

    asked by dontdelay
  60. chemistry

    how much sodium chloride and how much water would you need to prepared a 5.00kg of an aqueous solution that is 10.0% NaCl by mass?

    asked by roshni
  61. Math

    the sum of the 4th term and the 5th term is 12.if the 4th term of the progression is 8, find the common ratio and the 1st term of the progression.

    asked by Malek
  62. algebra1

    Find the domain of the function g(x)= 4/3-5x I am sorry this is a fraction

    asked by robbie
  63. trigonometry

    what does it mean to correct to five decimal places? 0.386174381 0.707929058 0.757944616 0.205573683

    asked by Jad
  64. chemistry

    how many grams of drug are in 75mL of a 4% solution/

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    Jeremy is in Grade 8. He has a paper route and wants to save for his college education. He determines that he has $100 per month to put into an account at 6%/a compounded monthly. How much will he have at the end of five years for his college education?

    asked by Alicia
  66. math

    solve in three variables.. I'm very confused if what equation is the first to solve. 13y=10 x+y+z=39 16x+13z

    asked by aldren
  67. thermodynamic

    An air tank with a volume of 20m^3 is pressurized to 10 MPa. The tank eventually reaches room temperature of 25 degree C. If the air inside is allowed to escape without any heat transfer to the environment unit reaches a pressure of 200 KLPa, find the

    asked by chris
  68. math

    solve this in 3 variables.. i don't know where to start,,:(( y/4+z/3-x/2=4 y/2-x/6+z/15=2 y/8+z/5-x/3=2

    asked by rose
  69. Math

    what is the fractoin of four and four tenths

    asked by erick
  70. thermodynamic

    Calculate the work necessary to compress air in an isolated cylinder with initial and final volumes of 6.0 and 1.2 ft^3, respectively. The initial pressure and temperature are 30.0 psia and 50 degree F, respectively.

    asked by chris
  71. math

    .the perimeter of a rectangle is 30 m more than three times its width. if the perimeter is 84 m, find the length and width of the rectangle.

    asked by mae

    please could someone help me im stuck on this question :- name three high mountain ranges in temperate latitues with valley glaciers. thankyou

    asked by ANNIE
  73. chem

    the gap between two brain cells is 0.0020 nm. how many meters is this

    asked by jen
  74. english

    do you think dogs are better than cats ?

    asked by kattie
  75. English

    I need your help to check these sentences on air travel. I really hope you can help me. 1) Enter the airport and look at the departures board to check your flight number and the departure time of your flight. 2)Go to the check-in desk to weigh your

    asked by Franco

    (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by K12 Inc.) You do NOT have to write me my paragraph, but what I would like is for you to answer each question next to a bullet-point so I can write my paragraph. For example, answer

    asked by Katie
  77. physics

    Calculate the number density of strontium titanate (SrTiO3), ρ = 5.12 g cm -3

    asked by Bobby
  78. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. 1)1)About half an hour before take-off you go to your gate number, where you wait before you get on the plane. Finally, you board the plane and find your seat. 2)If you have a hand luggage, you can put it under

    asked by Franco
  79. math

    13y=10 x+y+z=39 16x=13z

    asked by aldren
  80. maths

    Set S contains the elements = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}. From this set, John takes sets of 6-digits each and sums all the possible 6-digit numbers that can be formed with those sets. What is the HCF of all these sums?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. please

    If the voltage between the two plates of an electric air cleaner is 500 V, how fast would a 10-12 kg soot particle with -1 x 10-11 C of charge on it be moving if it went from the negative plate to the positive?

    asked by sabrina
  82. reading

    book report for deathwatch by Robb White

    asked by Anonymous
  83. algebra 1

    can someone show me how to graph this x+4y=8

    asked by robbie
  84. Microeconomics

    Since all economies are faced with scarcity, how might nations attempt to minimize the human hardship associated with scarcity?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. comm 155

    Describe your experience with credit and credit cards in a brief paragraph using at least five adverbs and five adjectives in your description. Bold the adverbs and underline the adjectives. What is the most effective way to determine whether a word is an

    asked by jenny
  86. geography

    In three paragraphs choose one county in Europe you could live in. Tell why

    asked by mike
  87. Chemistry

    For the reaction ,2 O3 —> 3 O2,the reaction rate , delta[O2]/delta t , = 3.0M/min. What is the reaction rate, delta[O3]/delta t, for the same time period? A) 3.0 M/min B) –3.0M/min C) 2.0 M/min D) –2.0M/min E) .67M/min

    asked by Cathy
  88. geometry

    if the length of RS is 12 and the length of ST is 13 , which of the following could be the length of RT ? A> 24 , B> 26 , C> 28 , D> 29 E> 30

    asked by ali
  89. History

    Describe how living conditions in cities changed during the Second Industrial Revolution. Your answer should include • a brief definition of the Second Industrial Revolution • a description of urban life and the problems created by industrialization

    asked by Kara
  90. math

    Simplify the expresion: (x^-6/x^-12)^1/3

    asked by Anonymous
  91. algebra 2

    Solve the equation for x. Round your answer to two decimal places. Do not include "x =" in your answer. ln(e^18x) = 9

    asked by laura
  92. Algebra

    Use the quadratic formula to find the roots of x^2-6x=3

    asked by Justine
  93. chemistry

    if 200mg of HCl is added to water to achieve a final volume of 1.00 L, what is the final pH?

    asked by Maria
  94. physics

    Okay, I have an example problem that I'm trying to solve that comes with the answer; I'm just trying to figure out what to do. A man jogs at a speed of 1.8 m/s. His dog waits 2 s and then takes off running at a speed of 4 m/s to catch the man. How far will

    asked by j
  95. COM/155

    Compare and contrast your abilities as an academic writer now as opposed to when you began at Axia College. Using four comparatives and four superlatives within your responses, explain what has led to these changes and what changes you will make in the

    asked by dan
  96. math

    How do you determine if a polynomial is the difference of two squares?

    asked by mia
  97. Physics - sound

    When wearing proper ear protection, a jack hammer operator experiences a sound intensity of 1x10^-6 W/m2. The ear protection purpots to reduce the sound intensity by 100 times. What is the actual sound level of the jack hammer?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. COM/155

    Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. Bold each adverb. Underline each adjective. Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at

    asked by dan
  99. Art

    I need some good Menu titles for my menu art project. Please help me think of some good titles for menu's!!

    asked by Maxiline
  100. Geometry

    If two game boards have the same area, are the game boards congruent? Explain your answer

    asked by Anna
  101. Chemistry

    For the reaction ,2 O3 —> 3 O2,the reaction rate , delta[O2]/delta t , = 3.0M/min. What is the reaction rate, delta[O3]/delta t, for the same time period? A) 3.0 M/min B) –3.0M/min C) 2.0 M/min D) –2.0M/min E) .67M/min

    asked by Cathy
  102. Math

    1. What are the next two terms of the following sequence? -3, 1, 5, 9... 2. What are the next two terms of the following sequence? -2, 4, -8, 16... 3. What is the common difference of the following arithmetic sequence? 13, -7, -27, -47... 4. What is the

    asked by Melanie
  103. College Accounting

    P2-1A Frontier Park was started on April 1 by C. J. Mendez and associates. The following selected events and transactions occurred during April. Apr. 1 Stockholders invested $40,000 cash in the business in exchange for common stock. 4 Purchased land

    asked by Jaycee
  104. physics

    if a man weighing 80 kg falls from 20000 feet , what would be his weght when he hits the ground?

    asked by Zarrar
  105. Geometry

    Explain why you cannot use AAA to prove two triangles congruent.

    asked by Anna
  106. Math

    A university bookstore recently sold a wirebound graph-paper notebook for $2.64, and a college-ruled notebook for $3.61. At the start of spring semester, a combination of 50 of these notebooks were sold for a total of $168.86. How many of each type were

    asked by Tory Smith
  107. science

    Can you give me a website about attoms

    asked by jhon
  108. algebra

    what is 2/3 0f $1.58

    asked by destini
  109. math 20

    Using the procedure of comlpeting the square, write the equation x^2+y^2-6x+8y=0 in the form (x-h)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2. state the domain and range where(h,k) is the center of the circle and r is the radius

    asked by Jenna
  110. Math

    DETERMINE the equation of the circle that has the following three points on its circumference: A(1,5), B(3,7) and C(5,5).

    asked by kyle
  111. math

    a circular pond has a diameter of 1.8m and a depth of 55cm. if we fill the pond with water, what is its volume

    asked by michelle
  112. Statistics

    The heights of the students in a statistics class are approximately normal with mean 68 inches and a standard deviation of 2.75 inches. Suppose that the heights of the 15 male students in the statistics class are also approximately normal with mean 71

    asked by Alex
  113. fractions

    can 36/143 be siplified

    asked by austin
  114. math

    The cost of thirteen CDs and seven DVDs is $99.80; and the cost of seven DVDs and twelve CDs is $84.11.

    asked by Tory Smith
  115. biology

    which kind of mutation affects the individual and which kind of mutuation affects the population?Why?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Geometry

    How much does a four sided polygon equal??

    asked by Anna
  117. math

    solve by factoring.. 3x^2+5x-2=0

    asked by tony
  118. Research

    Information can be evaluated using which of the following characteristics? A. timeliness B. repeatability C. quality D. All of the above. E. A & C above. I chose D because it seems that one would want all of those characteristics for a good piece of info.

    asked by John
  119. History

    I need a autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community

    asked by Anonymous
  120. chemistry

    you made up a standard solution of calcium sulfate (CaSO4). the temperature is 25C. you then add 5.00*10^-3 odium sulfate (Na2SO4). Calculate the concentrations of calcium and sulfate after equilibrium is reached? The pKs of CaSO4 is 4.58.

    asked by Maria
  121. algebra

    polynomial with h+vt-4.9^2 50 meters high 30 meters per sec. what is height after 2 sec.

    asked by Pat
  122. french

    how would i say "look pretty" in vous form?

    asked by liza
  123. Chemistry

    Choose the equations which correctly describe the dissolution of a compound into water. a) CaBr2(s)-> Ca2+(aq) + Br2(l) b) sodium bicarbonate(s)-> Na+(aq) + HCO3–(aq) c) CH3OH(l)-> C4+(aq) + O2–(aq) + 4 H+(aq) d) Ba(NO3)2(s)-> Ba2+(aq) + 2 NO3–(aq)

    asked by Erika
  124. statistics

    15. Following are the speeds of 40 cars clocked by radar on a particular road in a 35-mph zone on a particular afternoon

    asked by jared
  125. calculus

    Consider the region of the x-y plane between the line y=7, the curve y=3sinx+4, and for -pi/2 is less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to pi/2. Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving this region about the line .

    asked by Sam
  126. english

    What are the adverbs in this sentence? Grace watched him rather disgustedly.

    asked by amy
  127. chemistry

    balance the chemical equation: Al(OH)2-- Al^2+ +OH^-

    asked by Maria
  128. 6th grade math

    What is the number of 5/6s in 3? Is the answer 18/ 5 ? If not, please explain.

    asked by Suzanne
  129. coding

    how do you differenciate v code inpatient to v codes outpatient setting

    asked by nirva
  130. Analytic Math( Grade 10)

    A contractor rented a sander for 5h and a polisher for $50. For another job, she rented the sander for 4h and the polisher for 8h. The rental fees for the job totalled $56. Find the hourly rate charged for each tool.

    asked by Afreesh
  131. Business

    A term for research procedures that test some sort of stimulus as a proxy for a new, revised, or remarketed product or service. A. experience survey B. situational analysis C. thematic apperception test D. concept test I've eliminated A and C but can't

    asked by Steve
  132. Algebra 1

    Graph the function f(x)= -3x. Please Help! Thank you so much

    asked by Esther
  133. advance algebra

    1. 2(6x+13)-7 >= 21 ">=" is greater than or equal

    asked by linear inequalities
  134. health care

    The United States is the leader among industrialized nations in which of the following health categories? Choose one answer. a. Proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) spent on health services b. Life Expectancy at Birth c. Lowest Infant Mortality d.

    asked by venkateshwar reddy
  135. calculus

    Consider the region bounded by the parabola y=x^2 and the line y=16 . (a) What is the volume of the solid generated when revolving this region about the line y=16 ?

    asked by Sam
  136. health care

    The Roemer Model of Health Services Systems is only applicable to the US health services system? Choose one answer. a. True b. False

    asked by venkateshwar reddy
  137. health care

    The Social Security Act of 1965 introduced which of the following government sponsored health insurance programs? Choose one answer. a. Medicare and Medicaid b. Women's, Infants' and Chrildren's (WIC) program c. Tricare d. Workers' Compensation

    asked by venkateshwar reddy
  138. ALGEBRA

    not sure if this answer is correct frustrated find the reciprocal of 5 3/4 i think its 4/23 doesn't seem like i did the formula the correct way

    asked by So Lost
  139. Algebra 1

    Graph the function by plotting by points f(x)=1/4x+12. Thank you. You'll never know how much your help means to me. Thank you.

    asked by Esther
  140. Network

    Suppose ABC Company have an office in Lahore. It has currently 50 computers. Now, Management is going to buy a new building in front of old building. They want to extend their network between these two buildings with 50 new computers. : Answer the

    asked by Furqan
  141. Algebra 1

    Graph the function f(x)= 1/4x+12. Thank you. Someone answered this question, but I did not understand their explanation. Thank you for yor patience and for being clear in explaining the solution.

    asked by Esther
  142. English 12

    How are annotations in The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act 1 helpful?

    asked by Carole
  143. micecomonic

    I purchased a pair boot in the past month from a shoe store describe how each of the 4 factors contributed to the elasticity of the good.

    asked by Roselyn