Questions Asked on
January 3, 2011

  1. Chemistry

    what is the total number of moles in 80.0 grams of C2H5Cl (gram-formula mass=64.5grams/mole)? (1)0.806 (2)1.24 (3)2.48 (4)5.16 i appreciate any help.

    asked by Jason
  2. ap Physics


    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    The gaseous product of a reaction is collected in a 25.0-L container at 27 C. The pressure in the container is 216 kPa, and the gas has a mass of 96.0g. What is the molar mass of the gas?

    asked by Elana
  4. physics

    a ball is thrown at an initial angle of 37 and initail velocity of 23.0 m/s reaches a maximum height h, as shwon in the Figure. With what initial speed must a ball be thrown straight up to reach the same maximum height h?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Math

    Simon and Jimmy had 167 stamps altogether. Simon gave 4/7 of his stamps to Trina, and Jimmy gave 37 stamps to Trina. Simon and Jimmy had the same number of stamps left. How many stamps did Jimmy have in the beginning? Please Help ME: I need a formula

    asked by Lesly
  6. physics

    A 0.60 kg rubber ball has a speed of 2.0 m/s at point A and kinetic energy of 6.0 J at point B. (a) Determine the ball's kinetic energy at A. J (b) Determine the total work done on the ball as it moves from A to B. J

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Chemistry

    At 1285°C, the equilibrium constant for the reaction Br2 (gas) 2Br (gas) is Keq= 1.04 X 10^ -3 A 0.200-L vessel containing an equilibrium mixture of gases has 0.245 g. Br2 (gas) in it. What is the mass of Br (gas) in the vessel? What are the

    asked by Mina
  8. physical science

    a graduated cylinder is filled with water to a level of 40.0 mL. when a piece of copper is lowered into the cylinder, the water rises to 63.4 mL. find the volume of the copper sample.

    asked by 132
  9. chemistry

    How many grams of calcium nitrate, Ca(NO3)2, contains 24 grams of oxygen?

    asked by Cindy
  10. physics

    A 48.0 kg diver steps off a 10.0 m high diving board and drops straight down into the water. If the diver comes to rest 5.0 m below the surface of the water, determine the average resistance force exerted on the diver by the water. N

    asked by Anonymous
  11. English

    Read the following sentence. Decide if the verb is used as transitive or intransitive. The sun rose over the mountain. 1)transitive 2)intransitive

    asked by emily
  12. Chem

    given the balanced equation: 2Al2O3(s)-->4Al(s)+302(g) What is the total number of moles of O2 that are produced when 8.0 mol of Al2O3(s)are totally decomposed ? please help me.

    asked by Martin
  13. Physic

    If the coefficient of static friction for tires on a road is 0.25, at what maximum speed can a car round a level 47.5 m radius curve without slipping?

    asked by Diana
  14. business application

    Explain why it is essential to learn about computers today and discuss several ways computers are integrated into our business and personal lives.

    asked by porshe
  15. math

    what is the ratio of 36cm to 9dm

    asked by joan
  16. physics

    Two Earth satellites, A and B, each of mass m, are to be launched into circular orbits about Earth's center. Satellite A is to orbit at an altitude of 7460 km. Satellite B is to orbit at an altitude of 20500 km. The radius of Earth REis 6370 km. (a) What

    asked by kylie
  17. Chemistry

    what is the total number of moles in 80.0 grams of C2H5Cl (gram-formula mass=64.5grams/mole)? (1)0.806 (2)1.24 (3)2.48 (4)5.16 please help !

    asked by tina
  18. math

    what is the probability of selecting two s's in the word massachusetts if the s is replaced before the second

    asked by chick247
  19. physics

    Two small spaceships, each with mass m = 2000 kg, are in the circular Earth orbit of the figure, at an altitude h of 420 km. Igor, the commander of one of the ships, arrives at any fixed point in the orbit 90.0 s ahead of Picard, the commander of the other

    asked by kendell
  20. Calculus

    A fence 8 ft. tall runs parallel to a tall building at a distance 4 ft. from the building. What is the length of the shortest ladder that will reach from the ground over the fence to the wall of the building?

    asked by Joe Schmo
  21. Definition

    What does residence phone number mean? does it mean like the house number of someone?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    a 9 foot street sign casts a 12 foot shadow. the lamppost next to it castss a 24 foot shadow. how tall is the lamppost?

    asked by kayla
  23. physics

    An 81 g arrow is fired from a bow whose string exerts an average force of 95 N on the arrow over a distance of 79 cm. What is the speed of the arrow as it leaves the bow? m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    The Lappans buy 3 large wraps to serve at a picnic. Nine people in all will be at the picnic. Show three different ways to cut the sandwiches so that each person gets an equal share.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. physics/chemistry

    (a) An ideal gas occupies a volume of 1.0 cm3 at 20°C and atmospheric pressure. Determine the number of molecules of gas in the container. i got that right to be 2.5e19 molecules (b) If the pressure of the 1.0 cm3 volume is reduced to 1.0 10-11 Pa (an

    asked by kate
  26. IPC (different one)

    Select all that apply. A 0.200-kilogram ball sits on a shelf 2.00 meters from the floor and then falls to a point 1.00 meter from the floor. Ignoring any affects due to friction, at this position _____. 1) its mechanical energy is 3.92 J 2) its potential

    asked by Prue
  27. physics 11

    a small 900kg sports car can deliver 100Hp to the pavement. how quickly can it reach 30m/s from rest?

    asked by austin
  28. algebra

    factor the following: 9x²-66x+21

    asked by guadalupe
  29. maths

    The vector equations of 2 beams of light r1 and r2 in 3 dimensional spaces referred to a fixed origin 0 are r1=2i+3j+2k+^(5i-4j+3k) r2=5i+5j-k+u(i-3j+3k) where ^ and u are scalar parameters a)prove that these lines intercept at a point in space b)Find the

    asked by jon smith
  30. physics

    a ball is thrown at an initial angle of 37 and initial velocity of 23.0 m/s reaches a maximum height h, as shown in the Figure. With what initial speed must a ball be thrown straight up to reach the same maximum height h?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. math

    use counters to show the same number of animals. Draw the counters?

    asked by sabiha
  32. physics/chemistry

    A rigid tank contains 0.40 moles of oxygen (O2). Determine the mass (in kg) of oxygen that must be withdrawn from the tank to lower the pressure of the gas from 37 atm to 23 atm. Assume that the volume of the tank and the temperature of the oxygen are

    asked by kate
  33. To Anonymous re Penn Foster

    Check these sites for Penn-Foster's cheating policies.

    asked by Writeacher
  34. physics

    consider 4 masses mA=1kg, mB=2kg, mC=3kg, mD=4kg, placed at the vertices of a square ABCD of side 4cm. Specify the position of G the center of mass of the system{A,B,C,D}. determine the position of G. Thank you :)

    asked by anna
  35. algebra

    find the zero of the function: f(x)=7.5x-20

    asked by annonyms
  36. Trig

    Write the equation of the sine function with an amplitude of 1/7, a period of 2pi, a phase shift of 6pi, and a vertical shift of 10 units up ?

    asked by Tabby
  37. Math

    Tammy bought 16 cookies for a party. She had 6 6 cookies decorated at an extra cost of 25 cents each. If the total cost of the cookies $9.50, how much did each plan cookie cost?

    asked by Llolah`
  38. Chemistry

    Calculate the Ksp Ca(OH)2 25cm3 of a saturated solution required 11.45cm3 of 0.1mol/dm3 HCl for neutralization.

    asked by Suha
  39. geometry

    If a polygon is a kite, which statement is not true? a. The polygon is a quadrilateral. b. The polygon has exactly two distinct pairs of adjacent congruent sides. c. The diagonals of the polygon are congruent. d. The diagonals of the polygon are

    asked by roddy
  40. 4th math

    greatest to least put these in the right order? 1/3 3/4 2/5 0.5 0.09 Thank you

    asked by heather
  41. Algebra

    Is there an easier way to do this? "A freight train leaves a station at 4:00 p.m. traveling at 30 kilometers per hour. A passenger train leaves 1 hour later, traveling at 50 kilometers per hour. At what time will the passenger train overtake the freight

    asked by Rachel
  42. computer

    A small startup software developer company needs to create a program that will calculate the pay of its employees. For the first version of the program, the company wants the program to accept an employee’s name, the number of hours the employee worked,

    asked by Anonymous
  43. PreCalc

    A contractor plans to build an artist's studio with a roof that slopes differently on the 2 sides. On one side, the roof makes an angle of 33 degrees with the horizontal. On the other side, which has a window, the roof makes an angle of 65 degrees with the

    asked by Neha
  44. calculus

    A particle moves along a horizontal line such that its position s(t) = (t^2e^3t/3)for time t. Find when the particle is at rest.

    asked by Sandy
  45. geometry

    Many younger children like to play a game similar to baseball called tee-ball. To accommodate the younger children, the bases are only 40 feet apart in a square-shaped field. Find the distance between home plate and second base in tee-ball. If necessary,

    asked by whitney
  46. math

    If g is a differentiable function such that g(x) < 0 for all real numbers x and if f'(x)=(x2-4)g(x), which of the following is true?

    asked by nicko
  47. math/algebra

    what is a multiplication sentence that have 2 as a factor and a product of 12?

    asked by shy
  48. math

    a baseball player hits sa pitch when the ball is 2 feet off the ground. two hundred feet from the plate, the ball reaches its maximum height of 82 feet. will the ball clear the home run wall that is 10 feet high and 380 feet from home plate?

    asked by Lindsey
  49. physics

    Three charges are arranged in a line. From left to right, the charges are: Q1= -8mC, Q2 = +3mC and Q3 = -4mC. The distance between Q1 and Q2 is 0.3 m, and the distance between Q2 and Q3 is 0.2 m. Calculate the net electrostatic force on Q3. how can you

    asked by seb
  50. grammar

    you have to underline the incorrect pronoun in each sentence.Then write the correct pronoun on the line provided 1.there was no apple cakebecause the dog ate them.

    asked by vanessa rodriguez
  51. maths/ physics

    Determine the two square roots of 3+j4 in both a)Cartesian form b) Polar form Any help with this question would appreciated

    asked by jon smith
  52. Algebra II

    Could someone please help me or direct me where to get help What is the exact value of cos 60 as found on the unit circle? and the value of cos 5pi/3 Please show me the steps so I understand Thank you

    asked by JessieLynne
  53. Algebra

    How do I find the intercept of this equation? -4x = 2y-1

    asked by Michelle
  54. chemistry

    You have a 10 M acidic solution. However, you need that solution to be 0.25 M. How many ml of 10 M should be diluted to obtain 300 ml of 0.25 M acid solution?

    asked by markees
  55. algebra

    the larger of two numbers is twice the smaller . if the sum of the two numbers is 48, find the numbers

    asked by kattie
  56. ALgebra word problem

    susan can paint a chair in 3 hours. jerry can paint in the same size 2.5 hours. working together, how long will it take to paint 10 chairs?

    asked by cr7
  57. algebra

    if 4 times a number is decreased by 9, the result is the same as when 1 is subtracted from 3 times the number.

    asked by kattie
  58. math

    Rupert flew 3/16 of the way around the world, but George only flew 4/9 as far as Rupert how far around the world did George fly?

    asked by jeff
  59. math

    Latoya has 3/4 of a bag of popcorn. If she eats half of the popcorn at a movie , how much does she have left?

    asked by jeff
  60. physics

    A 55 kg swimmer crosses a 100 m pool in 12 s. If she moves with a constant velocity, what is her momentum?

    asked by Elaina
  61. math

    complete the table below input x 0 1 2 3 4 5 output y 4 10 16 22 and an equation to show the relationship

    asked by miil
  62. Math

    Find an algebraic expression for f' f(x)= 2e^x+ pi f(x)=e^5-4e^x f(x)=e^x+x^e+e f(x)= e^pi +pi^x+ x^pi I didn't understand these at all

    asked by Mike
  63. science

    guess the graph title of temperature at noon

    asked by jackie
  64. algebra

    12 - 1 1\2 c = 2 1\2

    asked by kattie
  65. Physics

    A hard ball dropped from a height of 1 m in earth’s gravitational field bounces to a height of 95 cm. What will be the total distance traversed by the ball?

    asked by Aparna
  66. algebra

    byama rolls a normal dice. What is the probability that he rolls an odd number?Use a word not a number to answer this question

    asked by noor aulia
  67. biology

    what are the sequences of event hat result in erythroblastosis fetalis

    asked by lewis
  68. social studies

    How is a hemisphere, continent, and a country different?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    Maria has cloth in four colors (red, blue, green, yellow) and two styles (large, small) for the school logo. The flag she is making will have two different stripes with white in the middle and the logo. What is the probability that her design will have red

    asked by Melani
  70. Bio

    How does the Calvin cycle make sugar from carbon dioxide? Where does the energy come from to drive this cycle?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    Solve each of these systems using the substitution method. Make sure to check your answers ! 2x + 3y = -4 x - 2y = 5 Question 1 answers x = 1, y = -2 x = -1, y = 2 x = 1, y = 2 x = -2, y = -1

    asked by Andrew

    What would be the risks and benefits of a young healthy person choosing a managed care plan What would be the risks and benefits of an older person with a chronic disease selecting a managed care plan?

    asked by linda

    in the modest proposal by Jonathon swift what is the actual solution he wants to implement

    asked by celi
  74. Inventions

    Amanda Jones didn't invent the vacuum packed canning with L.C Cooley right? Cuz for some websites I think it says they did

    asked by SooYoung
  75. Algebra 1

    Graph the equation and identify the y intercept y= 3/2x -4 Would this be the right answer? (-4,0) 3/2 three to the right and 2 up, therefore 3,2?. Thank you.

    asked by Esther
  76. Algebra 1

    Graph the intercept and then use them to graph the equation 4y -12 = 4x. Thanks!

    asked by Erudita
  77. chemistry

    If 58 g of CaCO3 decomposes to form 24 g of CaO, what is the percent yield of CaO?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. algebra

    Solve the equation x2 + 8x – 2 = 0 using both a. The quadratic formula b. Completing the square Write a paragraph or two comparing and contrasting the two methods. Explain which method you prefer and why. c) Use the accompanying graph to estimate the

    asked by carolyn
  79. Calculus

    Suppose f is continuous on [0, 6] and satisfies the following x 0 3 5 6 f -1 4 -1 -3 f' 5 0 -8 0 f" -1 -3 DNE 3 x 0

    asked by Shalma
  80. algebra 1

    Algebra 1 - bobpursley, Monday, January 3, 2011 at 4:13pm didn't I just give you the three steps? What did you not understand about those steps? Algebra 1 - Erudita, Monday, January 3, 2011 at 4:34pm subtract x from each side, then subtract 9 from each

    asked by Erudita
  81. Math

    Write an inequaility to describe this situation. A student pays for three movie tickets with a twentu dollar bill and gets change back. Let t be the cost a a movie ticket.

    asked by Help please!!
  82. math

    given R(-6,19) and S (14,-6), what are the coordinates of the oints on the segment RS two-fifths of the distance from R to S

    asked by calyn
  83. earth science

    What are the different types of seafloor sediments, and what are the factors that control the distribution of each major sea sediment type? Where does each major seafloor sediment type tend to accumulate in greatest quantity (i.e., discuss the distribution

    asked by Krystle
  84. writing in math

    theres just 1 more i needed help with that i was stuck on it says: Madison has 7 pairs of shoes in her closet. write a multiplication sentence to show how many shoes madison has. then solve the problem and write my answer in a complete sentence.

    asked by shy
  85. physics

    A person lifts a 5.5 kg cement block a vertical distance 1.1 m and then carries the block horizontally a distance 7.3 m. Determine the work done by the person and by the force of gravity in this process. J (by person) J (by force of gravity)

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Algebra 1

    Find the intercept and the x intercept for the equation 5x+6y =150. I just can't seem to figure this out. Please help me. I am totally grateful for all the help everyone of you have given me. Thank you, it is very much appreciated.

    asked by esther
  87. algebra


    asked by kattie
  88. Calculus

    Find the dimensions of the rectangle with the most area that will fit above the x-axis and below the graph of y=e^-x^2.

    asked by Alex
  89. algebra


    asked by kattie
  90. Algebra 1

    what is the y-intercept and x-intercept for the equation -4x+y=14? Thank you. I stayed up late, but I still can't figure this out. Please help! Thank you, again.

    asked by Esther
  91. marketing

    Imagine that you are a mentor to a new employee at a marketing firm. The new employee is having trouble understanding what the term market communication really means.

    asked by Emily
  92. physics

    A drive shaft of a belt conveyor system transmits 12kW of power at a speed of 40 rpm. If the shaft diameter is 50mm * 120mm long, calculate a)The shear stress in the shaft. b)The angle of twist if modulus of rigidity =80 GN/m2 c)If the shear stress is

    asked by jon smith
  93. calculus

    find the volume formed by revolving the parabola y=4-x^2 in the first quadrant: a.) about x=0 b.) about x=2

    asked by nicko
  94. Physics

    The blades of a fan turn at 1250rpm at low speed. When the fan is switched to high speed, the rotation rate increases uniformly to 1750rpm in a period of 3.0sec. What is the average angular acceleration of the blades, in rad/sec^2? How do I convert rpm to

    asked by Tii
  95. 7th grade social studies

    1. what are coureur de bois? 2. what are mjssionary jobs? 3. what was louisiana named after? 4. if new amsterdam is now new york-then what is new nethrlands called today?

    asked by lily
  96. com 170

    write several sentences describing a recent interaction with friend or family member about personal financial or credit cards.use at least five different pronouns,and adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences.

    asked by juan rivera
  97. Algebra 1

    Determine whether -4 is a solution to the inequality x > - 4 I apologize, I haven't slept all night doing my homework. Thank you so very much.

    asked by Esther
  98. Calculus

    You are given a 60 inch by 30 inch piece of cardboad and asked to make a six-sided box. If the cardboard is cut along the lines shown, what will the dimensions of the box with maximum volume? The diagram looks as follows: it is a rectangle with a shaded

    asked by Alex
  99. 5th grade math

    subtract 1/2 from 5/6

    asked by jill
  100. Social Studies

    How did the vacuum packed canning change society? And does anyone know how long this invention lasted before it for replaced?

    asked by SooYoung
  101. healthcare

    Should the United States allow the direct marketing of medications in print and on television? Support your response. How do you feel direct marketing affects the cost of prescription medications?

    asked by linda
  102. geometry

    The vertices of ABC are A(-8, 0), B(0, 0), and C(0, -4). If a circle is circumscribed around ABC, where would the center of the circle be located?

    asked by roddy
  103. geometry

    Is it possible to have a triangle whose lengths are 2 m, 6 m, and 11 m?

    asked by asher
  104. math

    how can i find the GCF of a pair of numbers ? (ie 11 18, 8 6)

    asked by bridget
  105. math

    the hypothenus of a right angle triangle is 6cm with respect to the other two sides, one is 2cm longer than the other. Find the length of the two other sides to the nearest tenth. when i worked out this question, I got the answer as X=-5.1 or X=3.1 is my

    asked by ted
  106. engilsh

    diff in fact oppinion

    asked by no name
  107. math

    An angry construction worker throws his wrench downward from a height of 128 feet with an initial velocity of 32 feet per second. The height of the wrench above the ground after t seconds is given by S(t)= -16t^2 - 32t + 128. a) What is the height of the

    asked by Casey
  108. space

    what is the difference between the atmosphere on earth and venus

    asked by Scott
  109. trig

    Write the equation of the sine function with an amplitude of, a period of, a phase shift of, and a vertical shift of 10 units up.

    asked by tabby
  110. trig

    I asked below but I guess it was not understood what I was asking. I'll try again. Could someone show me how, (- sin (x/2) /( 2 sin (x/2) + cos (x/2)) is an alternate representation for, 1 / ( 4 tan (x/2) + 2 ) TIA Carol I know the half-angle formulas are

    asked by Carol
  111. Science

    If a blood cell is placed in distilled water, what would the water be decribed as? hypotonic or hypertonic solution?

    asked by Bree
  112. algebra

    solve a number is one half of another .find the numbers if their difference is 17.

    asked by kattie
  113. algebra

    which choice is the soultion to 7s + 10= 3s + 50 ?

    asked by kattie
  114. math

    mr. ming may swim the perimeter of Pool A or Pool B. In which pool must he swim farther? How much farther? Pool A measurements: 10m, 2m Pool B: 7m, 7m

    asked by Anonymous
  115. calculus

    find the volume generated of the region bounded by the parabola y=x^2 and the line y=b when revolved (b>0): a.) about the x-axis b.) about the line y=-1 c.) about the line y=a, where a>b

    asked by nicko
  116. Math

    Hannah and Tyler count the number of times the word "what" occurs. Hannah's data has a mean of 2.7 times. What could Tyler's mean be if his results are similar?

    asked by Garrett
  117. AP Calc

    PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASEEEE! what is the antiderivative of sin (x + (1/x)) THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION!!!!

    asked by APpreciative student
  118. algebra

    solve. show work .000006 .000002 _____ = _________ x² (4-x)²

    asked by seb
  119. Math

    I have more than 9 but less than 16 marbles. There are half as many red as blue. There are two more green than blue. There is ann odd number of yellow. What do I have?

    asked by Kyeshia
  120. 5th grade math

    subtract 1/3 from 1/2 use 6 as common denominator would be 2/6 -3/6 answer? what would be my next step subtracting these would give me a neg answer

    asked by jill
  121. 4th grade


    asked by dk
  122. IPC

    Sometimes thermal energy and sound energy can be harnessed to do useful work. However, these types of energy dissipate rapidly. Thermal energy produced by friction cannot usually be used to do work. A) True B) False my question is; it says they can be used

    asked by Prue
  123. trig

    Third time is the charm? I'll try again. Could someone show me how, (- sin (x/2) /( 2 sin (x/2) + cos (x/2)) is an alternate representation for, 1 / ( 4 tan (x/2) + 2 ) TIA Carol This doesn't require the solving of any equations. For example, ( same

    asked by Carol
  124. social studies

    How does the vacuum packed canning process prevent food from spoiling?

    asked by SooYoung
  125. math

    in the question 6radical x +3 radical y -2radical y +3 radical x -radical y is the answer 9 radical x +1 radical y. i just don't get it thanks

    asked by nick
  126. Calculus

    Find the dimensions of the rectangle with the most area that will fit above the x-axis and below the graph of y=e^-x^2. Please show with every step. Thanks.

    asked by Alex
  127. math

    $100 a month with 3% interest since 1996

    asked by Anonymous
  128. english

    Verbs that form their past and past participle by adding ed , d , or t to the present are called a) regular. b) irregular

    asked by emily
  129. Algebra 1

    following the guidelines of the food and drug administration dale tries to eat at least 5 servings of fruit each day. For the first six days of one week, she had 4,5,4,5, 4, and 4 servings. How many servings of fruit should Dale eat on Saturday to average

    asked by Esther
  130. algebra

    write an equation for a graph in slope-intercept form if the slope of the graph is 5/-4 and one of the coordinates of a point on the graph is 1,-1).

    asked by Blue13
  131. Math

    2x - y = 4 6x - 3y = 7 (a) y = 2x - 4 (b)No solution (c)x = 2, y = -4 (d)x = 2, y = 5/3

    asked by Andrew
  132. physics

    (a) What is the gravitational potential energy of a two-particle system with masses 5.4 kg and 5.0 kg, if they are separated by 1.3 m? If you triple the separation between the particles, how much work is done (b) by the gravitational force between the

    asked by kelly
  133. 4th grade


    asked by dk
  134. Trig

    Could someone please show me how 1 / ( 4 tan (x/2) + 2 ) is converted to: (- sin (x/2) /( 2 sin (x/2) + cos (x/2)) TIA Carol

    asked by Carol
  135. algebra 3

    How do you solve "find the domain of x in the expression sqrt 25-x^2"?

    asked by CBT
  136. chemistry

    the product of a chemical reaction is phosphoric acid (h3po4). which elements must be in the reactants and how many atoms of each

    asked by 132
  137. physical science

    jamal found an unusual rock in his school yard. give two examples of measurement he could take that might help him identify the type of rock

    asked by 132
  138. AP Chemistry

    We're doing a lab in my class and we're supposed to make a buffer at a certain pH. I have decided to make a buffer with a pH of 5.0 using glacial acetic acid (pure CH3COOH) and sodium acetate. I found that the ratio of acid to base is 1.41 M: 1.0 M and now

    asked by Ana
  139. english

    The house at the corner and the house next door have flowers growing in front of it. Identify incorrect pronoun or write C if correct. Correct

    asked by Tracy
  140. math

    Explain if this is a true statement 56

    asked by larrenzia
  141. s.s

    Will it make sense if I put a picture of sealed jars when my topic is about vacuum packed canning?

    asked by SooYoung
  142. english

    struggling with this assignment where do i start and how do i finish? write vignette to personify the girls in the "picture" as fall or winter (the black and white "picture" is of a girl standing in a blank room with her dog at her side)

    asked by jesi
  143. MATH

    1. B is less than or equal to 8 2. Y is greater than -3 would those be open or closed endpoints when graphed on a graph?

    asked by Help please!!
  144. Organic CHEM

    What is the whole point of using solvent pairs for recrystallization(say a mix of ethanol and water) rather than just using one or the other? -I know that you use solvent pairs when you solute won't dissolve in either pure water or pure ethanol, but then

    asked by Adam
  145. Math

    Im a digit less than 100. My tens digit is 5 more than my ones digit. My ones digit is 3 . What number am i?

    asked by Isaias g
  146. Calculus

    You are given a 60 inch by 30 inch piece of cardboad and asked to make a six-sided box. If the cardboard is cut along the lines shown, what will the dimensions of the box with maximum volume?

    asked by Alex
  147. algebra

    Determine which of the following lines, if any, are parallel or perpendicular: line a: 3y+x=6 line b: y=3x+2 line c: 3x+y=0

    asked by Blue13
  148. math

    mr. ming may swim the perimeter of Pool A or Pool B. In which pool must he swim farther? How much farther? Pool A measurements: 10m, 2m Pool B: 7m, 7,

    asked by Anonymous
  149. social studies

    How to locate a particular place using latitude and longitude degrees?

    asked by Anonymous
  150. 4th grade

    how many pound of food does the dog eat over the 3 day period? (16 ounce = 1 pound)

    asked by dk
  151. Math

    okay so i feel like a dummie for not knowing this but i need the answer FAST! Which property would allow you to use mental computation to simplify the problem 27 + 15 + 3 + 5? 1) commutative property of addition 2) distributive property 3) additive

    asked by Hope
  152. biology

    what are the sequences of event hat result in erythroblastosis fetalis

    asked by lewis
  153. Algebra

    Determine whether x > - 4 is a solution of the inequality. I really can't figure this out. Please help! Thank you again. You people are wonderful. Thank you for your time and genorosity.

    asked by Esther
  154. 4th grade

    if b x w = 24, b x b = 16 what is the value of w x w?

    asked by dk
  155. physical science

    16. When a bullet is fired from a rifle: mine is D A. the recoiling rifle and the bullet have the same kinetic energy and momentum B. the bullet has greater momentum and kinetic energy than the rifle C. the rifle has greater momentum and kinetic energy

    asked by Toni
  156. geometry

    how do you find the coordinates of the midpoint of each side of traingle ABC? coordinates are A=(-4,3) B (6,5) c (6,-1)

    asked by sam
  157. math

    .000006 .000002 _____ = _________ x² (4-x)²

    asked by seb
  158. history

    how did the grand canal help the chinese

    asked by shaquana
  159. microeconomics

    how do i figure out how to answer the question of what is the opportunity cost of producing 200 pounds of potatoes?

    asked by lisa
  160. Algebra 1

    y intercept is when x is zero y=3.2 *0 -4 yintercept 0,-4 I am not certain about your remarks on the slope I'm sorry, I was trying to graph the equation and identify the y intercept for y= 3/2x-4. I very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

    asked by Esther
  161. trig-reply to Reiny

    RE: (- sin (x/2) /( 2 sin (x/2) + cos (x/2)) is an alternate representation for, 1 / ( 4 tan (x/2) + 2 ) Thanks for your help, sorry I posted 3 times, I thought you didn't understand what I needed. I really do appreciate your time spent. just for your FYI,

    asked by Carol
  162. devlopment

    why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development?

    asked by Anonymous
  163. math

    what fraction of 45 is 9?

    asked by mary
  164. math

    what is 125% of 60?

    asked by jacob
  165. Math

    High Fiber foods have at least 5 gof fiber per serving. Write an inequality ti represent the situation. Let f be the number of grams of fiber per serving of high fiber food.

    asked by Help please!!
  166. Algebra 1

    Can someone help me solve this problems please? Thank you very much 7x+9>1x+3= Can someone help me undertand the steps to solving this problem, please.

    asked by Erudita


    asked by CATHERINE

    Explain how to know wheather the endpoint of the graph of an inequality should be a closed dot or an open dot.

    asked by MATH DUDE
  169. Math

    What would be an inequality sentence for "A number n is positive"?

    asked by Help please!!
  170. Math

    I already posted this, but wanted to say that I have the answers and it is 1.68 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 9.10 Cone Problem Beginning with a circular piece of paper with a 4- inch radius, as shown in (a), cut out a sector with an

    asked by Taylor
  171. algebra

    write equations of the horizontal and vertical lines that pass through the given point: (3,2)

    asked by annonyms
  172. Science

    A hypertonic solution is likely to contain many/no electrolytes. Is is many or no electrolytes?

    asked by Bree
  173. English

    1.Gold and silver gain worth from its rarity. Identfiy if pronoun is incorrect and write correct pronoun. 1.its-their

    asked by Hayley
  174. English

    Thank you for all your improvements!Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1) The English Renaissance covers (covered) the historical period from 1509, the year in which Henry VIII ascended the throne to 1660, which marked the

    asked by Franco
  175. algebra

    how to solve for 6e-6/x2(squared)=2e-6/(4-x)2(squared)

    asked by seb
  176. general question

    how do remove a question?

    asked by Instructor perez
  177. Physics

    How do I find tangential speed with just radius, time and angular acceleration?

    asked by MT
  178. english

    1.Neither Dan nor Bob likes onions on his sandwich. Identify incorrect pronoun and write correct one. 1.his--their

    asked by Hayley
  179. social studies

    How does the vacuum packed canning process prevent food from spoiling?

    asked by SooYoung
  180. human resources 240

    What are the special challenges of criterion contamination and what would be the effects on employees and employers if these challenges are not addressed?

    asked by Kimmie
  181. math

    $100 at 3% interest since 1996

    asked by Anonymous
  182. geology

    Do you suppose that the geologic age of calcitic marble could be determined from its fossil content as can be done with fossiliferous limestone? My answer is yes am I correct

    asked by m
  183. math

    I am trying to find the answer to a scientific notation problem, express in simplify terms (-2y) with and exponent of 4.

    asked by LAWRENCE
  184. math

    write the steps you would follow to find 8 x 5 x 9 using the multiplication properties and multiples of 10

    asked by Anonymous
  185. math


    asked by crull
  186. math


    asked by r
  187. algebra 1

    Can someone help me solve this problems please? Thank you very much 7x+9>1x+3=

    asked by Erudita
  188. science

    How joules many are needed to heat 1500 gram pot of water up to (100c) water temp is 22c

    asked by ki
  189. math

    I have a project to make a dot array for each day in the month of November. I don't understand what it should look like.

    asked by Sarah
  190. math

    magine you want to make a 2cm by 2.5cm copy of the original photo . what percent should you use?

    asked by taylor
  191. English

    We're learning about pronoun-antecedent. Can someone give me a link to better understand.

    asked by Tracy
  192. computer applications 8

    one of the areas of a flyer?

    asked by jaamie
  193. social studies

    For Louis berg is now where built today?

    asked by Allison Stifiper
  194. Calc

    Find the inverse of y = ln (x/(x-1))

    asked by Erica
  195. maths

    the mean of the scores of student during the first 5 months is 23.8 ( what is the score of the 6 month if the mean of his scores is 24 marks?

    asked by Anonymous
  196. 4th grade

    how can the clerk make the change of the $1 bill using the fewest number of coins?

    asked by dk
  197. Social Studies

    Why was the vacuum packed canning process invented?

    asked by SooYoung
  198. AP Physics PLEASE respond immediately pleasethanku

    THANK YOU!! What is a combination of h (plancks constant), c(speed of light) and G (6.67x10^-11 Nm^2 / kg^2) that has units of length?

    asked by Hello
  199. english

    The verbs to do , to have , and to be are verbs that can be used a main verb. an auxiliary verb. either a main verb or an 4.auxiliary verb.

    asked by derek
  200. english

    A transitive verb with a direct object is in the ___ voice. b.passive. c.subjunctive.

    asked by derek
  201. Algebra 1

    Graph the equation and identify the y intercept y= 3/2x -4. Thank you.

    asked by Esther
  202. geology

    Name a region where one should expect to find lineated and foliated metamorphic rocks. I believe the rocky mountains would be a good answer, is this correct?

    asked by m
  203. 4th grade


    asked by dk
  204. mat


    asked by crull
  205. Algebra 1

    Graph the equation and identify the y intercept y= 3/2x -4. Thanks

    asked by Esther
  206. social studies

    is the 4th july a-freedom b-fireworks c-work d-sports

    asked by Kyla
  207. algebra 1

    Can someone help me solve this problems please? Thank you very much 7x+9>1x+3=

    asked by Erudita
  208. algebra 1

    Can someone help me solve this problems please? Thank you very much 7x+9>1x+3=

    asked by Erudita