Questions Asked on
December 21, 2010

  1. Grade 11 math - HELP!

    Skyscrapers sway in high-wind conditions. in one case, at t=2s, the top floor swayed 30cm to the left (-30cm), and at t=12, the top floor swayed 30 cm to the right (+30cm) of its starting position. a) what is the equation of a sinusoidal function that

    asked by Allison
  2. physics

    A car that weighs 15,000 N is initially moving at 60 km/hr when the brakes are applied. The car is brought to a stop in 30 m. Assuming the force applied by the brakes is constant, determine the magnitude of the braking force.

    asked by miyako
  3. biology /check please

    (stimulus v. response)? Which of the following is a stimulus, which is a response? Thanks 1)the recess bell ringing in an elementary school 2)your mouth watering at the sight of food on a plate 3)a sudden drop in air temperature 4) a flu virus entering

    asked by joy
  4. Physics

    A girl having mass of 35 KG sits on a trolley of mass 5 KG. The trolley is given an initial velocity of 4 m/s by applying a force. The trolley comes to rest after travelling a distance of 16 m. (i) How much work is done on the trolley? (ii) How much work

    asked by Harshid
  5. 11th grade

    4. The use of technology such as telephones and computers means that money exchanges and other financial transactions can be a. based on the U.S. dollar all over the world. b. converted to prices in any currency. c. made instantaneously. d.sensitive to

    asked by Anne
  6. physics

    A train traveling at a constant speed rounds a curve of radius 250 m. A chandelier suspended from the ceiling swings out to an angle of 15.5° throughout the turn. What is the speed of the train? what equation should i use?

    asked by Bill
  7. Physics

    A model airplane of mass 0.9 kg is attached to a horizontal string and flies in a horizontal circle of radius 5.2 m, making 1.2 revolutions every 8 s. (The weight of the plane is balanced by the upward “lift” force of the air on the wings of the

    asked by Aaron
  8. statistics

    A sample of the number of study per week of college students is collected. Some of the sample results of the survey are given in the following table Study Hr 4, 10, 20,24, 34, 36, 42 Z score -2.5,-1.75,-0.5,0, 1.25,1.5,2.25 P. Rank 10, 25, 35, 40, 50, 75

    asked by Ronnie
  9. Chemistry

    What is the balanced equation of HClO4(aq)+Sr(OH)2(aq)

    asked by Jaime
  10. Physics

    A model airplane of mass 0.9 kg is attached to a horizontal string and flies in a horizontal circle of radius 5.2 m, making 1.2 revolutions every 8 s. (The weight of the plane is balanced by the upward “lift” force of the air on the wings of the

    asked by Aaron
  11. Biophysical Chemistry

    A mole of liquid water is vaporized at 100 degree C and 1 atm. Th heat of vaporization is 40.7 kJ/mol. What are the values of Wrev, q, detaU and deta H? I'm not sure what is the volume because the pressure it not change so I so confort can I use Wrev =

    asked by Laura
  12. high school (math)

    Match the mathematical expression with its translation. 1. the product of two numbers 2. y divided by x 3. six less than a number is y 4. x subtracted from y 5. the sum of two numbers is six 6. x minus y 7. the sum of x and y 8. x divided by y 9. six times

    asked by hope
  13. Science

    If a radioactive isotope has half life of 5 days,how long will it take for its radioactive strength to be a maximum of one thousandth,(1/1000) of its original value?

    asked by Bree
  14. math

    Hi, Can someone please help me with my math. The distance between Capeton and Jonesville is 80 miles. Thescale on the map is 0.75in : 10 miles. How far apart are the cities on the map? A. 6in B. 60in C. 600in D. 1067in Thank you :)

    asked by Anna
  15. chemistry

    The concentration of HNO3 in a solution is 3.50 10-6 M. What is the [H3O+] in the solution? _______M What is the [OH-] in the solution? ________ M What is the pH of the solution? What is the pOH of the solution?

    asked by jim
  16. Business Algebra

    I need to know the formula for these questions and just how to do them. If you could help please. As a financial planner a client comes to you for investment advice. After meeting with him and understanding his needs, you offer him the following two

    asked by Diane
  17. Physics

    A pendulum has a mass of 2.7 kg, a length of 1.7 meters, and swings through a (half)arc of 22.7 degrees. What is its amplitude to the nearest centimeter?

    asked by Karin
  18. physics

    maximum tension in the string of an oscillating pendulum is double of the minimum tension. Then angular amplitude is

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Biophysical Chemistry

    The combustion of 1 mole of C2H5OH (Ethanol) in a bomb calorimeter produces 1364 kJ/mol at 25 degree Calcium. What is the value of enthalpy chamge for the following combustion reaction? C2H5OH(l) + 3O2(g) => 2CO2(g) + 3H2O(l)

    asked by Laura
  20. physics

    anyone who knows the answer to this question please show your work. drwls i know i posted this queestion before but you didn't reply to my comment. Your friend has climbed a tree to a height of 6.00 m. You throw a ball vertically up to her and it is

    asked by sabeen

    A young male adult takes in about 4.0 10-4 m3 of fresh air during a normal breath. Fresh air contains approximately 21% oxygen. Assuming that the pressure in the lungs is 1.0 105 Pa and air is an ideal gas at a temperature of 310 K, find the number of

    asked by Sarah
  22. trig

    How do you write the quadratic equation with integer coefficients that have the roots 7-3i and 7+3i?

    asked by KELLY
  23. science

    what are 3 examples of selective breeding in plants

    asked by Andrew
  24. physics

    Compute the average number of interactions per bunch crossing for a luminosity L=2.5E31 cms-1,if the total cross section is sigma =20mb and bunch crossing occur every T=4.What is the probability of having zero interactions in a bunch?

    asked by Phyllis
  25. Spanish

    What is this asking? ¿Cómo eres? choices would be: This question asks about about a person's health about what a person is like how a person is feeling today what a person is wearing I think it is about a person's health or how a person is feeling today?

    asked by Jeremy
  26. Business Algebra

    Part I: As a financial planner a client comes to you for investment advice. After meeting with him and understanding his needs, you offer him the following two investment options: Option 1 (refer to section on Mathematics of Finance in your text.): Invest

    asked by Tracey
  27. biology

    which of the following pair of organisms represents a predator-prey relationship? a- flea and dog b- robin and tree c- polar bear and seal d- bacteria in human large intestine and human

    asked by pkd
  28. 4th grade

    spider plants,tulips,and potatoes can grow are their otherways of ruducing alike?

    asked by kimmy
  29. English 2

    In collecting information, the chief problem often facing historians and reporters is that there are too few facts or too many: A. Details B. Opinions C. Photographs D. Charts and Graphs is it A?

    asked by Cheryl
  30. math

    A landscaping company is laying a triangular flower bed. The height of the trangle is 15ft. What lengths of the base will make the area at least 255ft squared?

    asked by shannon
  31. 8th grade science

    compare and contrast the effect of a catalyst on a chemical reaction with that of an inhibitor?

    asked by jess
  32. L.A.

    What is the most important key to an effective essay

    asked by Anonymous
  33. chemistry

    calculate the mass that if converted to energy would be equivalent to the energy released when 1g of CH4 is burned

    asked by isaac
  34. chemistry

    if BaSo4 was precipitated in solution contain 0.012 M NaCl and 0.002 M BaCl2 .calculate the sulfate concentration which is sufficient for saturate the solution with BaSo4 , if you now that the Ksp for BaSo4 equal to 1*10^-10 .

    asked by shahad
  35. math

    covert to a decimal and round to the nearest hundreth 8\11

    asked by tenesha
  36. Medical Information management and office practice

    Jane-Doe is admitted to the hospital. Her admission is assigned a new medical record number 10-50-18. She has another record number 00-05-61 from a previous hospitalization. The information from 00-05-61 was moved forward to the new admission 10-50-18.

    asked by JULIANNA
  37. English

    I forgot to include these very last sentence. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. 1) I helped my mum dress the Christmas tree and wrap up the last Christmas presents. 2) I decorated the Christmas tree with lights, angels, bells, snowmen,

    asked by Franco
  38. math

    im helping my brother with his homework but i completely forgot how to do this? Solve the system by substitution: y=3x-4 x+5y=-4

    asked by Emily
  39. APUSH

    What helped the oneida community's economy prosper?

    asked by LULU
  40. 6th grade

    If you throw 500 darts at a hexagonal shaped dart board, how many will land in the shaded area? hexagon is divided into 24 triangles. 6 are shaded and 18 are white

    asked by ian
  41. British Lit.

    I need to explain Beowulf's speech lines 365-428. topic audience and tone of the speech.

    asked by Elizabeth
  42. world issues

    Is fair trade a solution for farmers in the developing world?

    asked by vikki
  43. biology

    in which biome would the extinction of an animal species have the least impact? a- tundra b- permanent ice c- tropical rainforest d- temperate deciduous forest

    asked by pkd
  44. biology

    phytoplankton-> krill-> squid-> sea lion-> killer whale which of the following would most likely be eradicated by the bioaccumulation of PCBs in the food chain shown above? a- krill b- squid c- sea lion d- killer whale

    asked by pkd
  45. chi-square test

    Discuss the assumptions for using a chi-square test. Research articles from the Ashford Library and provide practical examples from the research to support your assumptions. Include a citation of one article you used for your research

    asked by wallic
  46. 8th grade math

    I have no idea how to solve this problem. Can someone help me??? 3x+3y=-6(this is a negative 6) 7x+4y= 1

    asked by lila
  47. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1)When you set the table, you place (lay) the table cloth, the napkins, the cutlery,the dishes (soup and a dinner plate),the vinegar and oil bottles, the salt and pepper pots on the table. 2)They

    asked by Franco
  48. 11th grade

    The answer I get for the problem 3 1 4 _____ - ____ = ___ 3x-9 x-3 9 is 4/0 which is undefined. Am I doing something wrong or could this answer be right?

    asked by Taylore
  49. Physics

    On a recent trip to a water park, you notice there is a new slide that you ride down a steep hill, then it carries you back up another ramp and shoots you into a pool. All the kids around you are saying that you leave the ramp at 50 m/s. If the initial

    asked by Alex
  50. analysis variance

    which analysis of variance should be applied when an experiment has more than one independent variable. Discuss the assumptions and limitations of the analysis of variance in comparison with the t test including a discussion of post hoc tests

    asked by wallic
  51. arithmetic

    What is the use of arithmetic progression in a circular race track? Please answer soon !

    asked by Mohit
  52. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of 0.1 molar hydrochloric acide solution required for titration of 20 ml of 0.5 molar sdium carbonat solution till complete reaction

    asked by Anonymous
  53. English

    Can you check this sentence please? He had such a fair complexion that if he were cut he would bleed white. He had short sandy hair and freckles on his forehead.

    asked by Franco
  54. Math 20 measurement

    Please check to see if I'm even doing this right. A cylinder has a volume of 1000 cm^3 ± 2% and a height of 100cm ± 1%. What is the radius of the cylinder? Report your answer with the appropriate percentage error.Here's my work: volume = [980, 1020]

    asked by karri
  55. Math Problem Solving

    6n+(8n-2n)+3 ____________ 2 simplfy this expression

    asked by Ian
  56. math

    how do you go about finding y-intercept and the slope for the equation -2y+3y=-21

    asked by o.
  57. physics

    i posted this question before however i did not understand drwls explanation. anybody else want to try ? Sam tosses a ball horizontally off a footbridge at 3.1 m/s. How much time passes after he releases it until its speed doubles?

    asked by tj
  58. Math Problem Solving


    asked by Ian
  59. Math Problem Solving


    asked by Ian
  60. Spanish

    How do I say I'm wearing black pants? "Llevo pantalones negro." or do I have to add an "s" to negro? Thank you

    asked by Melissa
  61. pre calc

    simplify: 2^x X 2^y +2^x X 2^y + 2^x X 2^y + 2^x X 2^y

    asked by Bill
  62. us history

    Our frame of reference _____. definitely makes us objective and open-minded stops us from having obstacles in our approach to reading limits how we view the world, and comprehend meaning

    asked by Anonymous
  63. chemistry

    рассчитайте константу равновесия реакции РСl5газ↔РСl3газ +Сl2газ при некоторой температуре,если известно, что к моменту наступления

    asked by lisa
  64. 9th grademaths

    explain mid point therom

    asked by darshana sundar
  65. chemistry

    Comper the size of the sodium,carbon(in the dextrose), nitrogen, and silver atoms.list them in order of smallest to largest.?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    If m+3n =20 and p =7, then 4m+12n +3p=

    asked by mary
  67. physics

    a lot of ppl in my science class have trouble with this problem... pls show your work if you know how to solve it. A juggler throws a ball from height of 0.950 m with a vertical velocity of +4.25 m/s and misses it on the way down. What is its velocity when

    asked by kaylee


    asked by BOB
  69. Chem

    Determine mass of KCI created when react 35.7 g of K w/ unlimited amount of CI2

    asked by Jess
  70. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  71. biology

    what ecological hierarchy level is being considered in an ecological study that observes the impact of the mountain pine beetle on the lodgepole pine in british columbia?

    asked by pkd
  72. us history

    who is sabeen/sabine?

    asked by chris buche
  73. Social Studies

    Who was the first person to figure out the map? Who was the first American to figure out the map?

    asked by Selena
  74. English

    I forgot to include the following four sentences. 1)In my village there isn't a market. There is one in the next village called "Piave" and it is held on Monday mornings. 2)My parents always complain about my untidiness 3)I do the washing-up using a

    asked by Franco
  75. French

    Hi, I'm wondering if any of you could lead me to the mark scheme for the IGCSE French Reading and Directed Writing Paper 23 May/June 2010? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    asked by anon

    what does it mean when they say "i love you till infinity" ? does it mean that person's love is endless?

    asked by alanaR.
  77. math

    If you add 9 to me and then subtract 6, you get 7. What am I?

    asked by Kim
  78. Spanish

    Could someone help me please? Which of the following says "some strong men" in Spanish los hombres fuertes unos hombres fuertes I think it is unos hombres fuertes becuase the los hombres fuertes states the strong men, doesn't it

    asked by Melissa
  79. earth

    the blank is located between the island? what is in the blank?

    asked by gabby
  80. biology

    does denitrification occur in root nodules of legumes?

    asked by pkd
  81. art

    what is scgraffito?

    asked by kornella