Questions Asked on
December 3, 2010

  1. physics

    a light string 4 meters long is wrapped around a solid cylindrical spool with a radius of 0.075 m and a mass of .5 kg.a 5kg mass is then attached to the end of the string, causing the string to unwind from the spool. a. what is the angular acceleration of

    asked by mariel
  2. college

    You buy an eight year bond that has a 6% current yield and a 6% coupon (paid annually). In one year, promised yields to maturity have risen to 7%. What is your holding period return?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. chem. 7

    a 20% solution of H2SO4 has a density of 1.14 g/mL. calculate the molarity, normality and molality of the solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    While standing at the left corner of the schoolyard in front of her school, Suzie estimates that the front face is 8.9 m wide, and 4.7 m high. From her position, Suzie is 12.0 m from the base of the right exterior wall. She determines that the left and

    asked by Taylor
  5. sociology

    If appointed to head the U.S. Civil Service Commission, what polices would you propose to reduce radical ethnic strife in the U.S. and why?

    asked by lakesha
  6. Chemistry

    The pH of a 0.0050 M aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide is? Make sure to include all equations.

    asked by Student
  7. Chem 22

    molecular equation, and net ionic equation of K2SO4 + MgCl2 NiCl2 + NaOH MgCl2 + NaOH K2SO4 + NaOH Ba(OH)2 + NiCl2 Ba(OH)2 + MgCl2 Ba(OH)2 + K2SO4 Ba(OH)2 + NaOH Na2CrO4 + Sr(NO3)2 Na2CrO4 + Al2(SO4)3 K2CrO4 + Sr(NO3)2 K2CrO4 + Al2(SO4)3 AgNO3 + BaCl2

    asked by Anonymous

    Does the word "CHER" require an accent mark? What is the feminine form of the word? Additionally, can you remind me of the correct nomenclature for the two kinds of accent marks and which directions they go??

    asked by JRobin
  9. Physics

    A 1.00-kg beaker containing 2.0 kg of oil (density = 916 kg/m3) rests on a scale. A 2.00-kg block of iron is suspended from a spring scale and is completely submerged in the oil. Find the equilibrium readings of both scales. I was able to find the

    asked by Jimmy
  10. Chemistry

    A solution of 2.50 g of a compound having the empirical formula C6H5P in 25.0 g of benzene(C6H6) is observed to freeze at 4.3 degrees C. Calculate the molar mass of the solute and its molecular formula.

    asked by Sara
  11. Calc

    Find the points on the graph of y = 1/x where the graph is parallel to the line 4x + 9y = 3.

    asked by Michael
  12. 7th grade

    what makes a piano laugh? itsa math riddle

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    There are 4 black marbles and 5 red marbles in a bag. If you reach in and randomly select 2 marbles, what is the probability that both are red? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by anon
  14. earth

    A cold front traveling at an average speed of 35 km/h eastward is 280 km due west of you. Appoximately how long will it be before your location experiences a sudden temperature drop?

    asked by D

    1. A relationship between an employee and a supervisor is a A. horizontal relationship. B. vertical relationship. C. family relationship. D. past relationship.

    asked by hibo ahmed
  16. Statistics

    A life insurance company sells a term insurance policy to a 21-year-old male that pays $100,000 if the insured dies within the next 5 years. The probability that a randomly chosen male will die each year can be found in mortality tables. The company

    asked by Katja
  17. Chem

    When dissolved in an aqueous solution, which of the following salts will yield a neutral solution? Choose one answer. a. KCN b. NaHSO4 c. Na3PO4 d. AlBr3 e. MgBr2

    asked by Stephanie
  18. physics

    A figure shows two forces acting on an object. They have magnitudes F1 = 6.3 N and F2 = 2.1 N. What third force will cause the object to be in equilibrium?

    asked by emerald
  19. Calc

    A certain item sells for $30. If the cost of producing this item is given by C = .05s^3 + 100, find the marginal profit when x = 10.

    asked by Leslie
  20. Physics

    Omar throws a rock down with speed 12 m/s from the top of a tower. The rock hits the ground after 2.0 s. What is the height of the tower? (air resistance is negligible)

    asked by Jesse
  21. Physics

    Mt. Everest is more than 8,000 m high. How fast would an object be moving if it could free fall to sea level after being releases from an 8,000-m elevation? (Ignore air resistance)

    asked by Jesse
  22. Math

    A children's game has a spinner that is equally likely to land on any 1 of 4 colors: red, blue, yellow, or green. Determine the probability of spinning a red both times on 2 spins. Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Trev
  23. Physics

    An automobile driver puts on the brakes and decelerates from 30.0 m/s to 0 in 10.0 s. What distance does the car travel?

    asked by Jesse
  24. Physics

    A nuclear power plant has an electrical power output of 1200 MW and operates with an efficiency of 31%. If excess energy is carried away from the plant by a river with a flow rate of 1.0 multiplied by 10^6 kg/s, what is the rise in temperature of the

    asked by Chelsea
  25. physics

    A billiard ball traveling at 8.0 m/s has an elastic collision with a second billiard ball of equal mass that is at rest. After the collision, the first ball is at rest. What is the velocity of the second ball after the collision?

    asked by bob
  26. Physics

    An aircraft has a lift-off speed of 120 km/hr. What minimum constant accelerationdoes this require if the aircraft is to be airborn after a take-off run of 240 m?

    asked by Jesse
  27. physics

    An 85.0 kg fisherman decides to jump from his boat onto the dock. If the velocity of the fisherman is 4.30 m/s to the west and the boat is 185 kg, what is the velocity of the boat after the fisherman jumps out?

    asked by bob
  28. physics

    A pilot wants to fly west (ie., the resultant is west). If the plane has an airspeed of 9.5 m/s, and there is a 25m/s wind blowing north, in what direction must she head the plane?

    asked by jane
  29. Physics

    A platform of mass 0.83 kg is supported on four springs (only two springs are shown in the picture, but there are four altogether). A chunk of modeling clay of mass 0.65 kg is held above the table and dropped so that it hits the table with a speed of v =

    asked by Susan
  30. Physics

    A baseball is released at rest from the top of the washington Monument. It hits the ground after falling for 6.0 s. What was the height from which the ball was dropped? (g=9.8 m/s2 and assume air resistance is negligible)

    asked by Jesse
  31. 11th grade

    the mass of a dog that weighs 100 N how many kilograms does it weigh?

    asked by Catherine
  32. Physics

    A nuclear power plant has an electrical power output of 1200 MW and operates with an efficiency of 31%. If excess energy is carried away from the plant by a river with a flow rate of 1.0 multiplied by 10^6 kg/s, what is the rise in temperature of the

    asked by Chelsea
  33. physics

    C) A steel ball bearing the radius 1 cm is rolling along a table with speed 20 cm/sec when it starts to roll up an incline. How high above the table level will it rise before stopping? Ignore friction losses

    asked by kwaku
  34. Physics

    A colony of troglodytes has been in a lengthy feud with its neighbors on the adjacent cliff. Colony A finally develops an important military breakthrough: it rolls bombs off its cliff at known rates of speed, thus gaining pinpoint accuracy in its attacks.

    asked by Anna
  35. English lit

    So, for my english class, I'll have to write a Short story ( Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution ) I'd like the story to be around the theme of christmas or horror during x-mas. So I need you guys to help inventing a story with a

    asked by Simon
  36. math, 5th grade

    I am really stuck on how to figure this answer out, could you please help me? A stoplight flashes red for 50seconds, yellow for five seconds, and green for 65 seconds. In a 24 hour period, how long is the light red?

    asked by phoebe
  37. chemistry

    Given the reaction 3C(s) + 4H2(g) + 5O2(g) ---> 3CO2(g) + 4H2O(l) ÄH= -2323.7 kJ How much heat would be released when 34.1 g of H2 react?

    asked by chemistry
  38. Alliteration

    Bold alleteration

    asked by Anonymous
  39. algebra

    The question is: You plan on attending a picnic for the up coming holiday. You can either go to your sister's picnic who lives 10 miles west of your house or to your friends picnic who lives 10 miles east of your house. write an absolute value inequality

    asked by bianca
  40. Chemistry 111

    A gas occupies a volume of 256mL at a pressure of 250torr at 32 degrees Celsius. Calculate the pressure (in atmosphere)if the volume is reduced to 156mL and the temp is increased to 62 degrees Celsius. I really need the formula that I would be using. I am

    asked by Lotty
  41. Algebra

    Please Help. How long, to the nearest tenth of a year, will it take $12,500 to grow to $20,000 at 6.5% annual interest compounded quartely? (Use the formula for compound interest with n compoundings per year to solve for t.)

    asked by Roger
  42. Chemistry

    A large sport utility vehicle has a mass of 2500kg. Calculate the mass of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere upon accelerating the SUVfrom 0.0mph to 66.0 mph. Assume that the required energy comes from the combustion of octane with 30% efficiency. (Hint: Use

    asked by Ashley
  43. Chemistry

    The voltaic cell described by the cell notation has a standard emf (electromotive force) of 0.94 V. Calculate the value (J) for the maximum electrical work that the cell can do under standard conditions. Round your answer to 3 significant figures. Pt(s) /

    asked by Roger
  44. Physics

    An iron block of the mass 1 kg is suspended on a spring of the spring constant 140 N/m, and merged into a vessel with 8 liters of water. The mass is displaced by 10 cm from its equilibrium position, and released. How much energy in J has been dissipated by

    asked by HelpPlease
  45. 11th grade

    is Br2(L)+Cl2(g)--->BrCl(g) a balanced equation?

    asked by youu
  46. Chemistry

    The electrochemical cell described by the balanced chemical equation has a standard emf (electromotive force) of -0.35 V. Calculate the value (J) for the Wmax that the cell can do under standard conditions. Round your answer to 3 significant figures.

    asked by Roger
  47. physics

    Find the rotational kinetic energy of the earth about the sun due to its orbit about the sun. The mass of the earth M is 6 x 1024 kg, the orbital radius r is 1.5 x 1011 m and the rotational period T is 1 year. Treat the earth as a point mass in this

    asked by Qay
  48. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of H2SO4 is 60.0 % H2SO4 by mass. The density of the solution is 0.968 g/mL . I need to find the Molality, mole fraction, and Molarity.

    asked by Sara
  49. trig

    prove cosx+cotx/secx+tanx =cosxcotx

    asked by Leslie
  50. college chemistry..

    a sample of lead glass is prepared by melting together 20.0 g og silica (SiO2), and 80.0 g of lead oxide (PbO). what is the mole fraction of SiO2 and PbO in the glass?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. physics

    when a force of 80n acts on a 500g hockie puck, at what rate will the hockie puck accelerate?

    asked by amber
  52. Precalc

    Find the vertex and focus of the parabola. (x^2)-(24y) = 0

    asked by barb
  53. Physics

    A plane drops a hamper of medical supplies from a height of 3410 m during a practice run over the ocean. The plane's horizontal velocity was 121 m/s at the instant the hamper was dropped. What is the magnitude of the overall velocity of the hamper at the

    asked by Anna
  54. chemistry

    A compound is composed of 19.998% carbon, 3.331% hydrogen, 23.320% nitrogen, and 53.302% Oxygen. Its molar !@#$%^& is 120.07 gram/mole. What are the empirical and molecular formulas?

    asked by regina
  55. Physics

    I need help with part b, c, and d please! A 45 g mass is attached to a massless spring and allowed to oscillate around an equilibrium according to: y(t) = 1.4 * sin( 4 * t ) where y is measured in meters and t in seconds.

    asked by Susan
  56. Physics

    A 156 g hockey puck is attached to a rubber band and rotated with an angular speed of 9.2 rad/s on frictionless horizontal ice. It takes a force of 1.22 N to stretch the rubber band by 1 cm.

    asked by Susan
  57. physics

    A wheel is roatating freely at an angular speed of 800 rev/min on a Shaft of negligible moment of inertia. A second wheel initially at rest and with twice the moment of inertia of the first, is suddenly coupled to the same shaft. (a) what is the angular

    asked by kwaku
  58. Math

    A bakery makes 4 different kids of cake. Each cake can have 3 different kinds of frosting. Each frosted cake can be decorated in 2 different ways. How many ways are there of ordering a decorated, frosted cake?

    asked by Dillard
  59. 10th grade

    Consider the following chemical equation: NaOH (aq) + HCl (aq) ® NaCl (s) + H2O (l), the reactant NaOH?

    asked by Alexandria
  60. Physics

    Rubber Band A 156 g hockey puck is attached to a rubber band and rotated with an angular speed of 9.8 rad/s on frictionless horizontal ice. It takes a force of 1.12 N to stretch the rubber band by 1 cm. (a) If the original length L of the rubber band is 1

    asked by Help
  61. Energy Transfer in Natural Systems

    If u reach into a hot oven to remove a pizza, ur arm is not burned by the hot air but would be burned if u touched the pan. Explain. If u reached into a hot oven to remove a pizza, ur arm would not get burned by the hot air, instead it would get burned if

    asked by Sydney
  62. chemistry

    what is the molarity of 275mL of a solution containing 23.83 mg of Mg Cl(2)

    asked by melissa
  63. Algebra

    If Dale can paint a room in 5 hours alone and Chip can paint the same room in 7 hours alone. How long would it take them together to pain the room?

    asked by Sandra
  64. Statistics


    asked by Lucy
  65. Chemistry 22

    What is the balance molecular formula of K2SO4 + MgCl2

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Phyics

    A 715N person walks up three flights of stairs, covering a total vertical distance of 10.5(a)If as typical, only 20% of the caloric (food) energy is converted to work by the muscles, how many joules and food calories of energy did the person use

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Chemistry

    You use 11 ml of a 1M H2SO4 solution to titrate 6ml of ammonium hydroxide solution. What was the concentration of the ammonium hydroxide solution?

    asked by Eddie
  68. Geography

    How is monsoon the unifying bond for the people of India?

    asked by Tamara
  69. Physics

    I got part a and b, but not c. We are trying to find delta T in part c, but I'm still confused on where to start even with the help. (a) An iron block of the mass 1.2 kg is suspended on a spring of the spring constant 140 N/m, and merged into a vessel with

    asked by Susan
  70. Calculus

    Find the unique solution to the differential equation y"?1y'?6y=?24(t^2)+10t+41 satisfying the initial conditions y(0)=?6 and y'(0)=?26

    asked by Hannah
  71. Statistics

    A group of doctors is trying to see if a vaccine causes a certain type of disease. They take individuals with the certain disease and individuals without the disease. They then use research to estimate the relative incidence of the onset of the disease

    asked by Melissa
  72. Fine Art

    2. Which of the following were used by cave painters to make pigment? a. Stone and moss b. Moss and clay c. Clay and stone d. Stone and water A 5. Having one or more centers of interest on a composition is called a. balance b. rhythm c. emphasis d. harmony

    asked by mysterychicken
  73. Math

    If you won 60% of the games and lost 8 games. How many games did you win?

    asked by John
  74. physics

    a chunk of clay in the shape of Bugs Bunny has a mass of 0.75 and an initial velocity of 5.0 m/s to the right. a second chunk of clay is in the shape of Elmer Fudd has a mass of 0.25 kg and an initial velocity of 3.0 m/s to the left. what is the composite

    asked by bob
  75. physics

    A 65 kg person runs with a horizontal velocity of 3.5 m/s and jumps onto an 0.9 kg skateboard which is initially at rest. Assuming negligible friction, what will be the final velocity of the skateboard and the person?

    asked by bob
  76. Math209

    I am not understanding how to factor polynomials. Example: Factor 12y^6-40y^5+28y^4

    asked by Lisa
  77. algebra 2

    If $8,500 is deposited in a compound interest account paying 3.9% interest annually, how much will be in the account after 12 years?

    asked by Jasmine
  78. algebra

    (50 divided by 10)3power x 2+6x 0.6 =

    asked by Ariel
  79. math

    If you charge care for dogs 100 dollars plus an annual rate of 30. And cats 120 and an annual rate of 35 dollars, what is the difference of the standard deviation of the variables?

    asked by jhenssine
  80. Energy Transfer in Natural Systems

    Match each example to a heat mechanism. Terms may be used more than once. EXAMPLES: A. Water is heated on a stove. B. You feel cold near a closed window. C. You feel cool air at your feet when you open the refrigerator. D. A blacksmith dips red-hot steel

    asked by Sydney
  81. math

    Kira has feet of fencing. She will use it to form three sides of a rectangular garden. The fourth side will be along a house and will not need fencing. For the area of the garden to be the maximum, how long should the side opposite the house be?

    asked by Mary
  82. science

    A ball having a weight of 1.5 N is dropped from a height of 4 meters

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Business Communications

    In response to a compliment on his excellent oral presentation, a Japanese business executive replies, "No, it wasn't very good." Which of the following is the MOST likely explanation for this response? (Points: 5) He thought the person giving the

    asked by lisa
  84. health

    A man is shot in the head, and the bullet stops just outside the dura nater. What is the innermost layer that the bullet has penetrated? A. Skin B. Bone C. fat D. Periosteum I think it is BONE from what I have seen in the diagram

    asked by betty
  85. calc

    eliminate parameter t when x= ln(sqrt(1+t^2)+t) and y = sqrt(t^2+1 so to produce an equation y=f(x).

    asked by Ang
  86. chemistry

    The volume of 02 collected over water at 25 Celcius and 740 torr was 250 mL. What volume will the dry 0x occupy at STP (Vapor pressure of water at 25 celcuis is 23.8 torr)

    asked by dody
  87. Chemistry

    Please help, if you can. If you have a Log (x) = -0.123 ..... What does x = ?

    asked by Garrett
  88. physics

    is the momentum and force the same for a equal mass cars when: 1. they collide head on both at 30 m/s. collides with a brick wall at 60m/s

    asked by johanna
  89. algebra

    I'm doing functions, and I need to write an equation that represents the relationship between X and Y. (1,4),(2,7),(3,10),(4,13) I see what it is, but i don't know how to write it in an equation? it's like adding in the next odd number?

    asked by Michelle
  90. math

    One of your friends is heading north for the Christmas holiday and the other friend is heading south. If their destinies are 1029 miles apart and one car is traveling at 45 miles per hour and the other car is traveling at 53 miles per hour. How many hours

    asked by carl
  91. education

    Professional Growth Statement: __________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Timeline: This

    asked by GREG
  92. environmental chemistry

    PHcatalyzed reaction, NH3 + HOCl --> NH2Cl + H20 , how do I plot log k_obs vs pH? NH4 + HOCl --> NH2Cl + H20 rate expression : d(NH2Cl) / dt = k_obs (C_T,N)(C_T,OCL) assume (C_T,N) and (C_T,OCL) concentrations are constant pKa for NH4+ = 9.3 pKa for HOCl =

    asked by dee
  93. Calculus

    Represent f(x)= (e^x -1)/x as a power series.

    asked by Linda
  94. Business Communications

    Unsuccessful groups are more likely than successful groups to: (Points: 5) pay close attention to how something is said. rationalize criticism. deal directly with conflicts that emerge. make important decisions together. im not understanding this

    asked by lisa
  95. 10th grade

    how do you calculate the volume of the aluminum block from the apparent change in the volume of water in the cylinder?

    asked by jake
  96. Science

    How is an oxide ion formed?

    asked by Ari
  97. calc ii

    eliminate parameter t when x= ln(sqrt(1+t^2)+t) and y = sqrt(t^2+1 so to produce an equation y=f(x).

    asked by Ang
  98. statistics

    The mean age of Facebook users is below 20." What is an appropriate null hypothesis?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Statistics

    How many students must we sample if we want to be within 4% of the true proportion of female students at DeVry University when using a 95% confidence interval?

    asked by Heather
  100. Biology / DNA / science

    Hi, Can anyone confirm my answer here.. I need to determine familial relationship Body 1 Body 2 Body3 Locus 1 14,19 16,18 14,18 Locus 2 15,21 18,18 17,21 Locus 3 11,11 12,13 11,12 Locus 4 18,19 18,24 18,23 Locus 5 13,14 14,15 12,14 Locus 6 29,29.2 29,31.2

    asked by Rooster
  101. science

    Is Kinetic energy always conserved? I know that energy is conserved, butI don't think that Kinetic energy is always conserved?

    asked by john
  102. Math

    If a monkey falls from a 94 foot tree, how long does it take him to hit the ground.

    asked by Karen
  103. Geometry

    If mÚa = 2x + 4 and mÚb = 4x - 10, what is the measure of Úa?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Biology

    Skin color is the result of: A. the quality of melanin in the skin B. the number of macrophages C. the amount of fat in the epidermis D. stratum basale and the thickness of those cell. Cant really find any of those answers. Thanks for helping!

    asked by Sarah
  105. Business

    Is it possible for companies both to maximize financial value for shareholders and to act irresponsibly in the communities in which they operate, to treat their employees, customers, and suppliers well, and to engage in activities that are good for the

    asked by Elizabeth
  106. probabbility

    Find the (theoretical) probability of a given event, assuming that the dice are distinguishable and fair, and that what is observed are numbers uppermost. Two dice are rolled; the numbers add to 7. 1

    asked by LC
  107. Chemistry

    why would acetic acid concentration of a good vinegar need to be known for commercial reasons and regulatory health and safety reasons

    asked by andrea
  108. calc

    eliminate parameter t when x= ln(sqrt(1+t^2)+t) and y = sqrt(t^2+1 so to produce an equation y=f(x).

    asked by Ang
  109. chemistry

    what mass of mg must you use to make 5.6x10 to the fourth power of mg(OH)2

    asked by Jory
  110. chemistry

    If you have a 29.6 mass percent KCl in benzene,what is the new boiling point?

    asked by regina
  111. algebra

    a metal stays solid a fahrenheit temperature below 1756.7 degrees. determine (in terms of an inequality) Celsius temperatures for which the metals stays solid. use formula F=9/5C +32.

    asked by norma
  112. Calculus

    (1 pt) Find the unique solution to the differential equation y"?5y'+6y=?312sin(2t) satisfying the initial conditions y(0)=?31 and y'(0)=?18

    asked by Hannah
  113. chemistry

    calculate the molarity of 70.7g C2H6O in 2.25 L of solution, can someone walk me through this and provide the right answer? please and thank you =))

    asked by Jenni
  114. physics

    A convex mirror with a radius of curvature of 10 cm (C=10 cm) produces a virtual image 1/3 the size of the real object. What is the object's distance?

    asked by Tim
  115. college

    The first class in a relative frequency table is 50–59 and the corresponding relative frequency is 0.2. What does the 0.2 value indicate?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. algebra

    Solve for x: (-1/3)(-4+3x)=1/2

    asked by m
  117. Biology

    Explain your liver's role in changing your blood sugar level

    asked by Emily
  118. Algebra

    If 1/8 is invested in US stocks and 1/10 invested in japanses stocks and 1/5 invested in european stocks the how much is invested in municipal bonds? How do I figure out this problem?

    asked by Janice
  119. Chemistry

    suppose a pippetting error was made when preparing the diluted vinegar, but the diluted vinigar solution was uniform and the naoh titration values were consistant. when will the student learn that the experiment result was not accurate explain

    asked by andrea
  120. Philosophy

    What does it mean to be a person?

    asked by Rochelle
  121. Calc

    Find y' for y = x/(x+y)

    asked by Brandon
  122. MTH

    What is an example of an interquartile range that is equal to the range

    asked by Anonymous
  123. English - Grammar

    trying to diagram sentence for Bible class - trying to determine what the modifying phrases are, etc. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth. I know the

    asked by PJ
  124. History

    I need some help with my history assignment. I need to know what is the difference in modern terrorism and its historical antecedents.

    asked by Mya
  125. Math

    find the x & y intercepts of log[5](25+7x)-1

    asked by Chelsea
  126. language

    grendel is feared and hated because he: A)smells badly B) destroys crops C) eats men D) chases children.

    asked by kim
  127. Biology

    I need help making a concept map. I have to put the following words into one and i don't know where to start. Gene DNA Chromosome Mutations Protiens Central Dogma Signal Transduction Nucleus mRNA tRNA rRNA Ribosomes Autosomes Sex Chromosomes Recessive

    asked by Brittany
  128. Math

    Suppose you want to use hardwood flooring for most of a 750 square foot apartment. Labor costs are $250 plus a $2 feet per square foot of installation. The cost per square foot of hardwood flooring is $7.00. Write an inequality to show the square feet in

    asked by Helene
  129. Math

    Donna and Rod bought a new van at an end of year sale for dealer cost plus 5%. If they paid $17,325.00 what was the dealer cost in dollars?

    asked by T
  130. college

    I need help with writing a thesis statement for a paper on discrimination in a diverse culture

    asked by Amelia
  131. world issues


    asked by Anonymous
  132. 10th grade

    log (x-9) - 109x=log 19

    asked by andre
  133. humanistic theory

    People often make career changes in their lives. How would the humanistic theory of behavior explain this phenomenon?

    asked by katrina
  134. college

    President Bush has stated that if any non-democratic country's people seek freedom, America will stand with them. Freedom and democracy, however, takes several forms. What kind of democracy and freedom should a country that has never enjoyed these

    asked by Destiny
  135. Finance

    A non-profit hospital's asset definition is >$1500, but they want to buy 10 chairs at $200 each - for a total purchase price of $2000. The useful life of the chairs would be 15 yrs, per AHA guidelines. Can this purchase be capitalized & depreciated over

    asked by Anne
  136. chem

    standard free energy change of -11.70 kJ mol-1. Calculate equilibrium constant for 25 degrees C. I got 7.772..and it's wrong I did -11700J/ (-2.303 x 8.314 x 298)= 2.0505277 and then e^(2.0505277)= 7.77 I don't know what I did wrong

    asked by Yoo
  137. com/156

    can you help on how to write an outline for credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college students

    asked by elizabeth
  138. math

    44/53=?/13 (fill in the ?)

    asked by brandy
  139. Calculus Help

    Let c and dd be positive real numbers. Show that regardless of c,d, the parabolas r=c/(1+cos(theta)) and r=d/{(1-costheta) intersect at rights angles

    asked by Sarah
  140. advanced math

    abd+ntv/783bkm=x+B+C/DFG2*gh/32bkm solve for B could someone explane to he how to do this? i am so very confused.

    asked by Taylor
  141. acc225

    Complete Problems 5-4B on p. 214

    asked by carmen
  142. acc225

    Please help me to complete Problems 5-4B on p. 214

    asked by carmen
  143. Math

    Would you rather take an exam that typically has an mean of 80 with a standard deviation of 3 or an exam with a mean of 80 with a standard deviation of 15? why?

    asked by Rena
  144. Chemistry

    suppose a pippetting error was made when preparing the diluted vinegar, but the diluted vinigar solution was uniform and the naoh titration values were consistant. when will the student learn that the experiment result was not accurate explain

    asked by peter
  145. English

    Another question regarding works cited in MLA style. I would like to put 2 photos in my work How do I do that? I cannot find anywhere how to put photos in MLA style. Thank you

    asked by tee
  146. sociology

    stating that age is "socially constructured" means

    asked by malique braxton
  147. anatomy and physiology

    A 67-year-old man is diagnosed with cancer and subsequently undergoes chemotherapy. As an expected side effect of chemotherapy, his bone marrow stops functioning. What is a potential consequence of this loss of function?

    asked by stacy
  148. Math Probability

    Find the (theoretical) probability of a given event, assuming that the dice are distinguishable and fair, and that what is observed are numbers uppermost. Two dice are rolled; the numbers add to 7. 1

    asked by Liz
  149. algbra

    if x+3is factor of x^3+2x^2-ax-18 find value of 'a'

    asked by jashbhai
  150. math

    multply to find an equivalent fraction 3/4

    asked by angel
  151. Calc

    Find dy/dx for y = sq. root (2x+1) * x^3

    asked by Brandon
  152. calc ii

    eliminate parameter t when x= ln(sqrt(1+t^2)+t) and y = sqrt(t^2+1)

    asked by Anonymous
  153. science

    is the sun dynamic in changing, unchanging, inactive, or perfectly homogeneous? I am so confused!!!! I need it for my poster!

    asked by Mimi
  154. Chemistry

    the idea expressed in whims is known as

    asked by dylan