Questions Asked on
October 29, 2010

  1. Chemistry

    Write balanced complete ionic equation for HC2H3O2(aq) + K2CO3(aq)-----> H2O(l)+CO2(g)+KC2H3O2(aq) I put 2H+(aq)+2C2H3O2-2(aq)2K+(ag)+CO3-2(aq)------>H2O(l)+CO2(g)+2K+(aq)+C2H3O2-2(aq) and said it was wrong, but I got this part right. 2H+(aq)+CO3

    asked by Lisa
  2. Chemistrty Help

    Calculate the wavelength of each of the following frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. 1040 kHz} (typical frequency for AM radio broadcasting) (assume four significant figures) in METERS? Can someone help me?

    asked by Allison
  3. Math

    An auditorium has 50 rows of seats. The first row has 20 seats, the second row has 21, the third row has 22 seats, and so on, each row having one more seat than the previous row. How many seats are there all together? a. write 2 different expressions for

    asked by Emily
  4. math

    What do they call bowling in hawaii

    asked by taylor
  5. Chemistry

    Alumminum hydroxide reacts with sulfuric acid as follows: 2Al(OH)3+H2SO4-->Al2(SO4)+6H2O. Which reagent is the limiting reactant when 0.500 mol Al(OH)3 and 0.500 mol H2SO4 are allowed to react? How many moles of Al2(SO4)3 can form under these conditions?

    asked by Chris Sung
  6. AP physics

    suppose that the surface (radius=r) of the space station is rotating at 35.8 m/s. what must be the value of r for the astronauts to weigh one-half their earth weight?

    asked by Leah- PLEASE HELP!!! :)
  7. Chemistry

    how many moles of Ba(OH)2 are present in 295mL of 0.400 M Ba(OH)2?

    asked by Bianca

    A car is traveling along a road, and its engine is turning over with an angular velocity of +199 rad/s. The driver steps on the accelerator, and in a time of 14.2 s the angular velocity increases to +263 rad/s. (a) What would have been the angular

    asked by JOHN
  9. 5th grade

    2 22 12 132 122 1342? What is next and what is the pattern

    asked by Amber
  10. english

    "The editors . . . break those sequences up into quick jagged shots that key us up and keep us hyper-alert . . . we look hard at the screen to take it in." universality?

    asked by danny
  11. Algebra

    Use substitution to determine whether the ordered pair (– 3, – 2) is a solution of the equation 5x + y2 = –11. Show some work. Be sure to state your conclusion about whether the ordered pair is a solution or not.

    asked by Math Loser :(
  12. Physical Science

    Tritium (half-life= 12.3 y) is used to verify the age of expensive brandies. If an old brandy contains only 1/16 of the tritium present in new brandy, how long ago was it produced?

    asked by Angelica Mendoza
  13. chemistry

    The solubility of barium nitrate at 100°C is 34 g/100 g of H2O and at 0°C is 5.0 g/100g of H2O. If you start with 100 g of Ba(NO3)2 and make a saturated solution in water at 100°C, how much water is required? If the saturated solution is cooled to 0°C,

    asked by James
  14. chemistry

    suppose you have an unlimited supply of copper (II) chloride to react with iron. How many moles of copper would be produced by reacting 34 grams of iron with the copper(II) chloride solution?

    asked by sarah
  15. CALC HARD...

    Suppose that 430 ft of fencing is used to enclose a corral in the shape of a rectangle with a semicircle whose diameter is a side of the rectangle. (In the figure below, the blue outline represents the fencing.) Find the dimensions of the corral with

    asked by HELP
  16. Math

    'bonnie has b stickers. first, bonnie gave away 1/6 of her stickers. Then Bonnie got 12 more stickers, and she has 47. Write an equation, involving B, the corresponds to this situation"

    asked by Leigh
  17. math

    Anna and Julia each take a bicycle trip. Anna rides 20 miles in 1 1/3 hours. Julia rides 246 miles in 16 hours. Which has slower unit rate? By how much?

    asked by Lilly
  18. social studies

    Why did british condemn it as an unlawful assembly and a den of traitors?

    asked by zahia
  19. Earth Science

    How many hours of daylight occur at the following locations on the specified dates? March 22 ---------------- 40 degrees north 0 degrees 90 degrees south December 22 ---------------- 40 degrees north 0 degrees 90 degrees south

    asked by Casey
  20. math

    20 fl oz/min = __ qt/day answer: 1qt/4 day?

    asked by Lilly
  21. physics

    the condition of apparent weightlessness for the passengers can be created for a brief instant when a plane flies over the top of a vertical circle. at a speed of 215 meters per second, what is the radius of the vertical circle that the pilot must use?

    asked by Leah- PLEASE HELP!!! :)
  22. CALC HARD...

    Suppose that 430 ft of fencing is used to enclose a corral in the shape of a rectangle with a semicircle whose diameter is a side of the rectangle. (In the figure below, the blue outline represents the fencing.) Find the dimensions of the corral with

    asked by HELP
  23. statistics

    question- a packaging device is set to fill detergent powder packets with a mean weight of 5 kg .the standered deviation is known to be 0.01kg.these are known to drift upward over a period of time due to machine fault,which is not tolerable.a random sample

    asked by sunil
  24. Math- Calc

    Find the volume of the solid formed by rotating the region enclosed by y=e^(4x)+2, y=0, x=0, x=0.8

    asked by Kristina
  25. Earth Science

    Please determine the noon sun angle at the given latitudes on April 11: 40 degrees north 0 degrees

    asked by Casey
  26. computer science

    write a program that prompts the user to input three numbers. The program should then output the numbers in nondescending order.

    asked by Cathy
  27. Chemistry

    A heat lamp produces 22.5 watts of power at a wavelength of 6.0 {\rm \mu m}. How many photons are emitted per second? 1{watt}} = 1 J/s i got 7.02*10^20 but that is incorrect, can you help?

    asked by Greg
  28. college

    Under typical conditions, 1 1/2 ft of snow will melt to 2 in of water. To how many inches of water will 4 1/3 ft of snow melt?

    asked by laura
  29. Physics

    Which of the following is not a unit of power? a)hp b)J c)W d)J/s I answered d. J/s because its measuring speed and not power. I don't know if its correct or not.

    asked by Aisumi
  30. chemistry

    Carbon disulfide is a colorless liquid. When pure, it is nearly odorless, but the commercial product smells vile. Carbon disulfide is used in the manufacture of rayon and cellophane. The liquid burns as follows. CS2(l) + 3 O2(g) → CO2(g) + 2 SO2(g)

    asked by caroline
  31. chemistry

    Ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH, is used as antifreeze. It is produced from ethylene oxide, C2H4O, by the following reaction. C2H4O(g) + H2O(l) → HOCH2CH2OH(l) Use Hess's law to obtain the enthalpy change for this reaction from the following enthalpy

    asked by caroline
  32. algebra

    Use the five steps for problem solving to answer the following question. Please show all of your work. The average of two quiz scores is 81. If one quiz score is six more than the other quiz score, what are the two quiz scores?

    asked by franklin
  33. college

    How fast (in rpm) must a centrifuge rotate if a particle 8.2 cm from the axis of rotation is to experience an acceleration of 200000 g 's?

    asked by Sasha
  34. 4th grade math

    how can thinking about 90 tens help you with 1901-297? the last posted answer was no came home marked WRONG...please help!!??

    asked by charlee
  35. CALC HARD...

    Suppose that 430 ft of fencing is used to enclose a corral in the shape of a rectangle with a semicircle whose diameter is a side of the rectangle. (In the figure below, the blue outline represents the fencing.) Find the dimensions of the corral with

    asked by HELP
  36. Chemistry

    Which alkyl halide would you expect to undergo an SN2 reaction most slowly? 1-bromo-4-methylpentane 1-bromo-3-methylpentane 1-bromo-2-methylpentane 1-bromo-2,2-dimethylbutane I am really confused with this topic and no I have been reading up on it, but I

    asked by Neeee
  37. English - Caesar & Antigone

    Can you check these questions? 1) Which is an example of verbal irony as spoken by Antigone? a)"You have yourself to consider, after all." b)"You must decide whether you will help me or not." c)". . . and if I must die, / I say that this crime is holy . .

    asked by Shaun10
  38. English - Antigone & Caesar

    Please check these answers: 2) Creon declares that anarchists are behind the burial of Polyneices. What dramatic irony lies in the declaration? a)The audience knows that it is the Sentry who buried him. b)The audience knows that it is a priest who buried

    asked by Shaun10
  39. Chemistry

    Calculate the pOH, pH, and percent protonation of solute in the following aqueous solution. 0.059 M quinine, given that the pKa of its conjugate acid is 8.52. Please show me how to do it and not just the answers. Thanks!

    asked by Alania
  40. chemistry

    Hydrogen cyanide is a highly poisonous, volatile liquid. It can be prepared by the following reaction. CH4(g) + NH3(g) → HCN(g) + 3 H2(g) What is the heat of reaction at constant pressure? Use the following thermochemical equations. N2(g) + 3 H2(g) → 2

    asked by caroline
  41. health

    The job of a privacy official is to A. Develop and implement privacy policies & and & prosedures. B. Monitor the use of passwords and other types of security measures. C. Determine what information is private and what can be disclosed. D. Conduct risk

    asked by Zinoviy
  42. Physics

    A 0.026 kg bullet is fired vertically at 205 m/s into a 0.15 kg baseball that is initially at rest. How high does the combined bullet and baseball rise after the collision, assuming the bullet embeds itself in the ball?

    asked by Abdullah
  43. math

    pt) Anne, Bill, and Cathy are eating dinner together at a restaurant. When it is time for dessert, the server tells them that the restaurant has apple, cherry, pecan, blueberry, and pumpkin pies; carrot, German chocolate, coconut, and apple spice cakes;

    asked by Jacqui
  44. Algebra

    State the center and the radius of the circle represented by the equation (x – 8) 2 + (y + 2)2 = 81

    asked by Help with Algebra
  45. math

    What is the APY for money invested at each rate? (A) 6% compounded monthly (B) 4% compoumded continuously

    asked by Anonymous
  46. chemistry please help

    How many core electrons are there in a ground state sulfur atom?

    asked by Anthony
  47. Physics

    A building superintendent twirls a set of keys in a circle at the end of a cord. If the keys have a centripetal acceleration of 115 m/s2 and the cord has a length of 0.36 m, what is the tangential speed of the keys?

    asked by Carol
  48. math

    Use the properties of exponents to rewrite each expression so that it contains only positive exponents and simplify the result. The answer is suppose to be 1/9. thank you (b^-1/3a^-1)(3a/b)^-1

    asked by alainia
  49. algebra

    please translate “A student scored five points more on the second quiz than he did the first. He scored eleven points lower on the third quiz than he did the first. If the average of the three quiz scores is 70, what was his score on the first quiz?”

    asked by denise
  50. Physics

    (10 points) 3. Use your data from Part 3 and Newton’s laws to explain why the force meter measures a force if the cart is moving at a constant velocity. The forces acting on the cart are the applied force (FA), the force of friction (Ff), weight (Fg) and

    asked by Margaret Yeager
  51. Chemistry

    42. List four of the factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction. Temperature Concentration of reactants Surface area Volume Is this correct? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  52. Calculus

    find the derivative y= csc^-1 (secx) 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 2¤Ð what did i do wrong? - 1/ secx sqrt(secx^2 -1) * secxtanx

    asked by Jin
  53. Chemistry

    35. In a calorimeter, the energy content of a substance is calculated from a measure of the temperature change in a known mass of a. iron b. air c. water d. steel C? 36. A decrease in the reactant concentration, per unit time, in a reaction is a measure of

    asked by mysterychicken
  54. Math - Simple rational functions (check)

    Consider the function f(x) = x/(x-1) Are there any turning points? Explain how this could help you graph f(x) for large values of x? Ans: turning points is another word for checking the concavity, and therefore i find the second derivative and equate it to

    asked by Anonymous
  55. physics

    A 2100 kg car rounds a curve of 67 m banked at an angle of 13. If the car is traveling at 105 km/h, will a friction force be required? If so, in what direction?

    asked by Emma
  56. Math: Calculus

    A cylinder is inscribed in a right circular cone of height 3.5 and radius (at the base) equal to 7. What are the dimensions of such a cylinder which has maximum volume?

    asked by REALLY NEED HELP!!!!
  57. chemistry

    consider the following reactions O+N2->NO+N Ea=315kj/mol Cl+H2->HCl+H Ea=23kj/mol Why is the activation energy for one much lower that the other. The frequency factor is very close in value for the two. Assume they are the same compute the ratio of the

    asked by help

    Calculate the radial acceleration of an object on the ground at the earth's equator in m/s2, turning with the planet.

    asked by Mattie
  59. math

    What is the rate in meters per second of a jetliner this is travelling at a rate of 846 km/h

    asked by Lilly
  60. Com 155

    I need to know if I have found the errors for an assignment. Thanks! I put the corrections in parenthesis. Comparative forms of superlative adjectives: Since 1995, the third week in April has been TV-Turnoff week. A not-for-profit group in Washington,

    asked by Ron
  61. Math: Calculus

    A fence 6 feet tall runs parallel to a tall building at a distance of 2 feet from the building. What is the length of the shortest ladder that will reach from the ground over the fence to the wall of the building?

    asked by REALLY NEED HELP!!!!
  62. chemistry

    Calculate the heat released when 4.260 L Cl2 with a density of 2.46 g/L at 25°C reacts with an excess of sodium metal to form solid sodium chloride at 25°C.

    asked by caroline
  63. physics

    What is the magnitude of the apparent weight of a 69 kg astronaut 5200 km from the center of the Earth's Moon in a space vehicle moving at constant velocity?

    asked by Emma
  64. Calculus

    find all values of x for which function is differentiable. y=lnx^2 why is the answer= for all x doesn't equal 0?

    asked by Jin
  65. chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen gas are required to produce 7.46 kJ of heat when hydrogen gas burns at constant pressure to produce gaseous water? 2 H2(g) + O2(g) → 2 H2O(g) ΔH = −484 kJ Liquid water has a heat of vaporization of 44.0 kJ per mole at 25°C.

    asked by caroline
  66. arithmetic

    The 6th term of Gp is 2000.find its first term if its common ratio

    asked by hawkland
  67. health

    A notice of use & and & disclosure is required for A. Every patient a doctor treats. B. New patients,but not established patients. C. patients whose personal health information the doctor intends to disclose. D. Patients treated for sensitive conditions,

    asked by Zinoviy
  68. health

    If disclosure of PHI is permitted under the HIPAA, what is disclosed? A. All information the particular doctor has on that patient. B. Information the doctor thinks should be disclosed. C. The minimum necessary to accomplish the purpose of the disclosure.

    asked by Zinoviy
  69. Chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of 1.77 mol of LiCl in 30.6 L of solution. This is for hw that's submitted online. the answer i got is 0.06 M. but it says its wrong, whyyyyy?

    asked by Jazz
  70. physics

    A chain of length l and mass ë per unit length is fully open and is held on a high frictionless table with y1 of its length hanging from the side of the table as shown in figure. When released, it starts slipping off the table. By calculating the speed of

    asked by anil
  71. Math

    a. Write down a secret number, which can be any whole number Multiply by 5 Add 2 Multiply by 4 Add 2 Multiply by 5 Subtract 50 Drop the two zeros at the end. Do you recognize the result? B. Let S stand for a secret number that you begin with in part (a).

    asked by Kathy
  72. math

    Use the properties of exponents to rewrite each expression so that it contains only positive exponents and simplify. (x^-1y^-2/x^-2y^3)^2

    asked by alainia
  73. math

    a 50 pound bag of glossy coat horse feed cost $23.50. A 25 pound bag cost $15.50. How much money per pound would you save by buying the bag with the lower unit price?

    asked by Lilly
  74. statistics/probability

    give a brief note of the measures of central tendency together with their merits and demerits. which is the best measure of central tendency and why?

    asked by sunil
  75. Business

    Which economic system is the best solution to handling a crisis of epic proportion?

    asked by Tiffany
  76. chemistry

    there are two naturally occurring isotopes of the element zinc. the relative abundance and mass of each are as follow 64 30zn=48.89% 63.929 amu 66 30zn=27.81% 65.926 is it 0.4889(63.929)+027.81(65.926) divide by 2?

    asked by 000
  77. chem buffer

    When the following solutions are mixed, which will act as a buffer? (check all that apply) A. 50 mL of 0.05M sodium hydroxide and 50 mL of 0.1M nitrous acid B. 50 mL of 0.1M ammonia and 50 mL of 0.1M ammonium acetate C. 50 mL of 0.1M ammonia and 50 mL of

    asked by janie
  78. science

    1.which two particles are found in an atoms nucleus? 2. which two particles in an aton are equal in number? 3. what two particles account for almost all of the mass of an atom?

    asked by yuku
  79. Science Lab -Half-Life of Popcorn

    When a radioactive sample decays, there is one less parent nuclei and one more daughter nuclei. As this decay process continues, the number parent nuclei decreases and the number of daughter nuclei increases. Eventually there are no parent nuclei

    asked by Anonymous
  80. physics

    A 4.4 diameter merry-go-round is rotating freely with an angular velocity of 0.63 . Its total moment of inertia is 1800 . Four people standing on the ground, each of mass 66 , suddenly step onto the edge of the merry-go-round.

    asked by Anonymous
  81. chemistry

    there are 5 naturally occurring isotopes of the element zinc. the relative abundance and mass of each are as follow 64 30zn=48.89% 63.929 amu 66 30zn=27.81% 65.926 67 30zn=4.11% 66.927 68 30zn = 18.57% 67.925 70 30zn = 0.62% 69.925 find the average atomic

    asked by 000
  82. Physics

    Your car is stuck in the mud and two friends are helping you. One is pulling on your car with a force of 370 N at a 40 degree angle and the other is pulling with a force of 450 N at a 30 degree angle. A force of 725 N is required to remove the car. Is the

    asked by Anna
  83. chemistry

    How much heat is released when a mixture containing 12.6 g CS2 and 12.6 g Cl2 reacts by the following equation? CS2(g) + 3 Cl2(g) → S2Cl2(g) + CCl4(g) ΔH° = −230. kJ

    asked by caroline
  84. Earth Science

    During June 21-22, determine the length of daylight at the following latitudes. Any help is greatly appreciated. latitudes --------------- 70 degrees north 40 degrees south 40 degrees north 90 degrees south 0 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  85. chemistry

    A 19.5-g sample of a metal was heated to 61.67°C. When the metal was placed into 26.5 g of water in a calorimeter, the temperature of the water increased from 25.00°C to 30.00°C. What is the specific heat of the metal?

    asked by caroline
  86. Psychology

    Compare and contrast the James-Lange and the Cannon-Bard theories of emotional processing. Describe how these theories might have different implications for our behaviour.

    asked by Jo Yee
  87. geometry

    In a triangle ABC,E and F are the mid-points of AC and AB respectively. The altitude AP to BC intersects EF at Q.Prove AQ =PB.

    asked by Surendra
  88. Physics

    Using the definition of the scalar product, find the angles between the following pairs of vectors. A = - 4 i + 2 j + 2 k and B = - 3 j - 3 k I understand to do [(A).(B)]/|A|*|B| = cos theta; but I'm getting 0 for |A| and don't know how to access it from

    asked by Tim
  89. math

    Julian is interested in building a new house. Three architects have given him plans. The first plan is for a house that will be 2,250 square feet. The total cost of the house will be $281,250. The second plan is for a house that will be 2,400 square feet.

    asked by jaz
  90. chemistry

    How many milliliters of 0.205 M NH3 solution will exactly react with 50.0 mL of 0.150 M H2SO4 solution? 2NH3(aq) + H2SO4(aq) → (NH4)2SO4(aq)

    asked by bryce
  91. chemistry

    Are amino acids other than the usual 20 amino acids found in proteins? If so, how are such amino acids produced?

    asked by Nicki
  92. eth 125

    Make a prediction about opportunities and challenges that an increase in diversity may present in the United States

    asked by Anonymous
  93. health

    If an instructional review board is involved in a request for information, the information is likely sought by a A. Health care facility. B.Researcher. C. Court. D. Substance abuse center.

    asked by Zinoviy
  94. Physics

    How will drag force and air resistance affect an object in circular motion in the air?

    asked by John
  95. history

    why seven years war called great war for empire? please help. thank you.

    asked by heather
  96. maths

    Find the x-coordinates of all points on the curve y=2sin-sin^2x at which the tangent line is horizontal.

    asked by khela
  97. science..physics

    I'm on a test..don't get me wrong physics is hard. Ha. A 10 kg sled is pulled horizontally by a force. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.3 , what force is needed to get the sled moving at a constant velocity?

    asked by Jacob
  98. economics

    An automobile company, NISSAN, has a temporary cash surplus and lends its funds overnight through a repurchase agreement to a government securities dealer, earning $55,600 in interest income when the RP loan rate stood at 5.70 percent. What was the size of

    asked by Therese
  99. physics

    A ceiling fan of radius 30 cm runs at 76 rev/min. How far does the tip of the fan blade travel in 2 hour(s)?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Chemistry

    'Place the letter of th item in Column II on th line before its best match in Column I' Column I: 37. moderator 38. coolant 39. control rod 40. critical mass Column II: a. removes heat from reactor b. slows neutrons produced by fission c. limits number of

    asked by mysterychicken
  101. geometry

    n the circle below, angle a = 7x + 2 and angle b = 9x - 4. Find the measure of arc MN

    asked by huhu
  102. Biology

    Describe the features of the nasal cavity that moisten, clean, and warm the air as it passes through this cavity on its way to the lungs.

    asked by Bianca
  103. Math- Calc

    Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y. Then find the area of the region. y=e^(4x), y=e^(6x), x=1

    asked by Kristina
  104. trig

    If a=8, the angle C=50 degrees and the angle A=35 degrees find the other angle B and the remaining b and c sides. Give your answer to at least 3 decimal places.

    asked by Emily
  105. biology

    The sex ratio(number of females vs. males) of which of the following species might be most affected by global warming?A.Humans b.bees c.birds d.Turtles

    asked by Jennie
  106. economics

    Expected cash flow from security $1000. What is the present value of expected cash flow (15% discount rate)? Please explain how to figure it. Thank you so much.

    asked by Therese
  107. math

    The quotient of a number and 7 is equal to 6. What is that number?

    asked by paully
  108. Calculus

    Find the solutions of the exponential equation e^(2x)-5e^(x)+6=0

    asked by Adam
  109. chem

    A sample containing 7.60 gas has a volume of 31.0 . Pressure and temperature remain constant.What is the volume after 3.00 is added to the gas already in the container

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Physics

    Calculate the earth's orbital angular speed in radians/sec due to its motion around th sun.

    asked by Cathy
  111. spanish

    "¿Puedes sacar libros de la biblioteca?" "Sí, puedo _____ porque tengo tarjeta de biblioteca." a. las sacar b. a sacarlos c. sacarlos d. sacar B?

    asked by Lily
  112. Physics

    What are the forces acting on an elevator as it moves from rest upward and stops at its floor. Discuss the forces including tension force (on cable or string), gravitational force, and net force when an elevator is at rest. Which law does this support?

    asked by Margaret Yeager
  113. scc

    One side of a triangle is half the longest side. The third side is 10 meters less than the longest side. The perimeter is 45 meters. Find all three sides

    asked by Jen
  114. Chemistry

    6. Heat of combustion is the heat released by the complete combustion of one mole of a substance.- T? 8. In nature, processes tend to occur that lead to a higher energy state.- F 9. Concentration does not have an effect on a reaction.- F Thanks! -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  115. math question

    Four race car drivers participate in a race on a loop track. All four are going at a constant speed. Assume that they did a ying start. That is, all four crossed the start line at the same instant while each was going their constant speed. Then they

    asked by sami
  116. english 3

    who was the main character in epicac

    asked by mandy
  117. Math

    when // lines are cut by a transveral, alternate exterior angles are congruent. true of false ? Explain please.

    asked by alicia
  118. Algebra

    Given the piecewise function f(x)=5x+1 for 3¡Ü x

    asked by Help with Algebra
  119. economics

    Ninety-one-day Treasury bills carry an investment return (IR) of 6.25 percent. What is their purchase price? What is their discount rate (DR)? What are the formulas and how do you figure the answer? Thank you so very much.

    asked by Therese
  120. Calculus

    Find the solution of the logarithmic equation: ln(x+8)+ln(x–8)=0 Im not sure how to approach this one. I tried moving the ln(x-8) to the other side and solving for x and that did not work. I also tried putting everything as an exponent to e. please help!

    asked by Adam
  121. chemistry

    a student dissolves 5 grams of table salt into 600 mL of water. in this situation, water is the _, and salt is the _

    asked by Anonymous
  122. statistics/probability

    QUESTION- machines are used to pack sugar into packets supposedly containing 1.20kg each.on testing a large number of packets over a long perodof time ,it was found that the mean weight of the packets was 1.24kg and the standard deviation was 0.04kg. a

    asked by sunil
  123. eng 155

    Have a done the adverbs correctly? If you have not sung Karaoke yet, chances are you will have the chance real soon. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that is growing very rapidly in popularity. It started more than twenty years ago in a snack bar in

    asked by Patty
  124. algebra

    For three consecutive passes the football team gained 10 yards and then loses 23 yards and then gains 47 yards. What is the total net yardage?

    asked by Barbara
  125. economics

    ABC Machinery produces ice machine with historical (monthly) data in the Excel file. Please construct its short-run total cost function to answer the following questions: QUESTIONS 1. Given the data, please construct a Short-Run total cost (TC) function

    asked by Dede
  126. MATH


    asked by ROD
  127. biochemistry

    can alanine at ph 7 have a carboxyl group (-COOH) and the amino group (-NH2)?

    asked by pls help
  128. computer

    Create a new project Lab05e, and write a program that asks the user to enter a line. The program must find the one or more words between quotation marks (“”) characters and print them as follows: Please enter a line: She “does not” go to the

    asked by eric
  129. math

    . Decide if the statement is true or false, and tell why. a. 7 ƒ 23 b. 24 is a factor of 8. c. 16 ƒ 16 d. 0 ƒ 6 e. 15 ƒ 0 f. 65 is a multiple of 15. g. n3 is a divisor of n5 h. A number is always a factor of its square.

    asked by Anonymous
  130. physics

    Suppose I have a circular metal disk spinning at a constant angular velocity. Now imagine near to, but not in contact with the first disk, I have an identical metal disk spinning at the same angular velocity but in the opposite direction (ie. W1 = -w2) and

    asked by Mark
  131. chemistry

    Suppose you mix 20.1 g of water at 66.2°C with 44.6 g of water at 35.7°C in an insulated cup. What is the maximum temperature of the solution after mixing?

    asked by caroline
  132. maath

    How to do you solve this 3^x=9 graphically? What do I do. Thank you

    asked by alainia
  133. poetry

    Can someone explain what the poem is trying to tell in "Ode to the West Wind" I read from other sites but I don't understand it... I believe that it is talking about death...

    asked by Bob
  134. Physics - Spring balls

    A 275g ball is resting on top of the spring that is mounted on the floor. You exert a force of 325N on the ball and it compresses the spring 44.5cm. If you release the ball from the position, how high above the equilibrium position of the spring-ball

    asked by Anonymous
  135. accounting

    ehat type of financial reports would you expect to see in your department if you are a new accountant

    asked by bertha
  136. phyiscs

    if 0.4 force is required to pull a body attaching to spring 0.1m from the position of equality find the spring constant?

    asked by madiha
  137. chemistry

    What is the bond angle for H2O2 abd what is the bond angle and how would you draw ClO3-

    asked by lavonne
  138. PHYSICS


    asked by Anjali
  139. statistics

    In a supermarket the weekly demand D is normally distributed. In a sampe of size n = 15 we …nd D = 31 and sD = 19. (a) H0 :  = 30 versus Ha :  > 30 (3 methods; = 5%) (b) H0 :  = 16 versus Ha :  > 16 (2 methods, = 10%)

    asked by rambabu
  140. business math

    a mans salary is 114,712 and he is paid bi weekly how much is his gross pay biweekly

    asked by debbie


    asked by NICK
  142. Physics

    Suppose I have a circular metal disk spinning at a constant angular velocity. Now imagine near to, but not in contact with the first disk, I have an identical metal disk spinning at the same angular velocity but in the opposite direction (ie. W1 = -w2) and

    asked by Mark
  143. 12th grade

    how is the title of the poem "old ironsides" related ?

    asked by karen javier
  144. Physics

    An aircraft on its take-off run has a uniform acceleration of 3m/s^2.What velocity does the aircraft gain in 4s?

    asked by AJ
  145. Alg

    State the slope for a line parallel to the line – 5 and containing the point (–3, 7).

    asked by Needs help
  146. math

    write each ratio as a fraction in simplest form? 60 to 24 is it 60/24 = 15/6???

    asked by Lilly
  147. math

    Write the equation of the hyperbola with centre at (3,-1),vertex)6,-1),one asymptote with equation2x-4y=9

    asked by ck
  148. calculus

    can someone please help me with these 3 questions: 1) Evaluate the limit. lim_(x->infinity) (ln(ln(4 x)))/(4 x) 2)Find y ' and y ". y= ln(5 x)/x^7 3)y =(arctan)(x - sqrt(1+x^2)) for this question i got y = -1/(2(1+x^2))which was wrong. Please and thank

    asked by clare
  149. Chemistry

    Need help anwering this: 43. Explain how the fission can be slowed in the nuclear reactor. Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  150. Physics

    A flywheel has a moment of inertia of 2.6 kg·m2. What is the average power needed to spin it up from rest to an angular velocity of 100 rad/s in 30 seconds?

    asked by Molly
  151. Math - derivative of a rational function

    find the 1st derivative of f(x) = x/(x-1)2 Is the 1st derivative f'(x)= -x-1/(x-1)^3

    asked by Farah
  152. phyiscs

    if 0.4 force is required to pull a body attaching to spring 0.1m from the position of equality find the spring constant?

    asked by madiha
  153. Commerce

    Answer: profit= price - total cost P = price ( GIVEN IN THE QUESTION ) Total cost = (Average cost) * Quantity ( Because AC = TC/Q ) TC= Q^3 - 8Q^2 + 36Q + 3 TC is also equal to Q * P Therefore Q *( P ) = Q^3 - 8Q^2 + 36Q +3 now you can solve ( if necessary

    asked by A. Ramesh
  154. chemistry

    How much of a 0.23 M NaOH solution is needed to neutralize 27 mL of a 0.85 M sulfuric acid solution? The units are mL. Can you please explain why you did what did Thank you

    asked by Jazmin
  155. 3rd grade

    if the ones digit of a number greater than 1 is 0, what factors must that number have?

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Calculus Shell method

    Use cylindrical shells to find the vol of the solid that results when the region enclosed by y=x^2, y=4 and x=0 is revolved about the x axis

    asked by Osvi
  157. math

    write each expression as a power of 2 2^4 / 4^2 (4^2)^3 (100^0)^5 (5n)^2

    asked by kayla
  158. math

    True or False? 1. The product of 2 linear polynomials is quadratic 2. The sum of two cubic polynomials cannot have a degree greater than 3. 3. The sum of two cubic polynomials may have a degree less than 3. 4. The sum of a cubic and a quartic polynomial

    asked by clark
  159. algebra

    how i can soliving 1)x>=0 y>=0 y=-1 y

    asked by hashm
  160. math

    how to complete a "whats my rule" table

    asked by jenn
  161. Chemistry

    23. Beta particles are the same as helium nuclei.- F 24. Gamma rays and visible light are two types of electromagnetic radiation.- F 25. Transmutation is the change in a nucleus due to the change in the number of protons.-F? 26. In a nuclear equation, only

    asked by mysterychicken
  162. psychology

    220514130014401434210 find the variance

    asked by Dianne
  163. spanish

    Van a dar las noticias a las doce en el canal dos. Vamos _____. a. a verlas b. ver c. a ver d. las ver A?

    asked by Lily
  164. 6th grade

    how do you solve a problem when you have one whole # with a whole # and fraction. this is subtracting ex: 16 -10 2/7 ________________

    asked by Sophie
  165. business math

    find the interest paid on loan for 2 years simple interest rate of 9% per year

    asked by debbie
  166. math

    Four race car drivers participate in a race on a loop track. All four are going at a constant speed. Assume that they did a flying start. That is, all four crossed the start line at the same instant while each was going their constant speed. Then they

    asked by Ja
  167. math

    What is 15/50 written in lowest terms?

    asked by Dakota
  168. writing

    I had hoped the police would blame Bruce, not ___.

    asked by Anonymous
  169. 10th grade

    a rock with a mass of 8kg falls from a height of 7m what work was done

    asked by Anonymous
  170. Alg

    State the slope for a line perpendicular to – 5 and containing the point (–3, 7)

    asked by Needs help
  171. 7th grade

    Erm how does this site wrk?

    asked by Alec
  172. algebra question

    Please help me answer the following Explain how you would determine if two binomials would produce the difference of two squares.

    asked by Ally
  173. chemistry/ specific heat

    Why does an empty metal pan on a stove heat much faster than the same pan filled with water? Explain why your car overheats if your fan belt breaks. Explain why your car overheats if your radiator has a hole in it.

    asked by Sarah
  174. algebra

    v-4(4-V)=-2 (2V-1)

    asked by michele
  175. Management 330

    o Identify four types of control mechanisms (ways controls are applied) used in your selected organization. o Compare and contrast these control mechanisms. o Determine the effectiveness of these control mechanisms. o Examine the positive and negative

    asked by Alida178
  176. ethics

    Where do we get our ethical standards from?

    asked by Anonymous
  177. English

    Alright for my 1 paper i am writing this sentence and i don't know if its grammatically correct. All I could think of was “what in the world am I going to invent!?” Does that sound right or did i mess something up?

    asked by Jon
  178. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f(x)=x(1-4^x) f'(x)=(1-4^x)+ (-4^x)(ln-4)(-4)(x) ln can't be negative. Is the derivative correct?

    asked by sh
  179. Psychology

    Describe in detail, the two methods of language acquisition

    asked by Mariena
  180. business math

    50oxes of computer paper unit price is $13.37 and the single trade rate is 15% find the net price - Im sorry my mistake

    asked by debbie
  181. business math

    the number increased from 599 to 625 find the% of the increase

    asked by debbie
  182. physics

    Consider a hoola-hoop of radius R and it is spinning about its symmetry axis at a constant angular velocity. Now, I double its mass and halve its angular velocity. What is the new angular momentum in terms of the initial angular momentum?

    asked by Emily
  183. U.s Gov

    The fourth amendment was written in part to ensure the government did not allow ?

    asked by Angelica
  184. physics

    With acceleration of 2500 m/s2, how long will it take to rreach speed of light

    asked by Emily
  185. math

    1)x>-2 y=0.5x-2 y=0 y>=0 y

    asked by hashm
  186. Ecology

    Questions (4-5) You let your neighbor shoot coyotes on your ranch in Arizona. After all the coyotes are gone, you notice that the rabbit population increases dramatically. Along with this you notice that the rabbits have consumed most of the grasses and

    asked by Bobby
  187. 5th grade

    if u have the lcm how do u find the numbers that make the lcm

    asked by Anonymous
  188. Calculus

    Let f(x)=−2 x^3 − 3 x^2 − 2 x − 10. Find the interval where f is concave up. I Answer: < x < Find the interval where f is concave down. Answer: < x < Find the inflection point of f. Answer: x=

    asked by Erika
  189. science

    I need to describe what a standard operating procedure is and what procedures it may involve. Thankyou.

    asked by paul
  190. math

    A student claims that a ratio remains unchanged if 1 is added to both the numerator and the denominator of the fraction. Does a/b equal a + 1/b + 1? Write and explanation and give an example or counterexample.

    asked by Lilly
  191. Math

    find the the 2nd derivative and set equal to zero in order to find inflection points of the function f(x)=1/(5x^2+4)

    asked by Shawn
  192. 5th grade

    What do enzymes do in digestion?

    asked by Catie
  193. Management 330

    I don't need someone to do this for me I need some links where I can the info myself All I am getting is essays to buy

    asked by Alida178
  194. statis

    why it is necessary to summarise the data distribution?explain the approaches available to summarise the data distribution.

    asked by sunil
  195. 5th grade math

    ms.john class took a timed test. What was the minimum and maximum times? 8.5 9.2 7.1 7.03 90.04 8.09

    asked by pat
  196. science

    how far will the different types of footballs affect the distance the football will go?

    asked by Anonymous
  197. maths

    double of 16 + 68 is equal to

    asked by athul
  198. phyiscs help please

    A 3.00*10^2 N force is pulling an 80.0 kg refrigerator across a horizontal surface. The force acts at an angle of 18.0° above the surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.200, and the refrigerator moves a distance of 8.00 m. (a) Find the work

    asked by Anonymous
  199. math


    asked by ALexis
  200. english

    Compare and contrast your abilities as an academic writer now as opposed to when you began at Axia College. Using four comparatives and four superlatives within your responses, explain what has led to these changes and what changes you will make in the

    asked by rene
  201. math

    do 94 * 73 with showing the lattice work.

    asked by asraful
  202. math correct or not correct

    1.5 gal/min = __ qt/hr 360 qt/hr?

    asked by Lilly
  203. math correct or not correct

    1.5 gal/min = __ qt/hr 360 qt/hr?

    asked by Lilly
  204. College Algebra URGENT

    f(x)=1/(x+4) g(x)1/(6x+4) what is f(composed)g(x) if x does not equal -4/6 please help me

    asked by Jess
  205. math

    (5^-1p^4)^-2 (3y^-4)^2

    asked by alainia
  206. Calculus Shell method 2

    Use cylindrical shells to find the vol of the solid that results when the region enclosed by y=x^3-5x^2+6x over [0,2] is revolved about the y axis

    asked by Osvi
  207. help

    pleas help me soon ihave examnation on that

    asked by hashm
  208. phyiscs


    asked by Anjali
  209. statistics/probability

    explain the purpose of fabulous presentation of statistical data

    asked by sunil
  210. art

    need lots of questions for art

    asked by may
  211. international business.

    what is the process of importing a car from a foreighn country to your mother country?

    asked by kimani