Questions Asked on
October 2, 2010

  1. physics

    Seat belts and air bags save lives by reducing the forces exerted on the driver and passengers in an automobile collision. Cars are designed with a "crumple zone" in the front of the car. In the event of an impact, the passenger compartment decelerates

    asked by mike
  2. Chemistry

    How many ions are produced when a formula unit of Li2CO3 is dissolved in water?

    asked by Kristi
  3. chemistry

    Consider the following reaction:4HCl(g)+O2(g)produces 2H2O(g) + 2Cl2(g) How many molecules of Cl2 would be formed from the reaction mixture that produces the greatest amount of products? Express your answer as an integer.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. College Physics

    In designing rotating space stations to provide for artificial-gravity environments, one of the constraints that must be considered is motion sickness. Studies have shown that the negative effects of motion sickness begin to appear when the rotational

    asked by Dawn
  5. Physics

    Two rugby players are running towards each other. They are 37 m apart. If one is accelerating from rest at 0.5 m/s^2 and the other was already moving at 3.1 m/s and maintains her speed, a)how long before they crunch together? b)How fast was the

    asked by Emily
  6. Physics

    In a scene in an action movie, a stuntman jumps from the top of one building to the top of another building 4.0 m away. After a running start, he leaps at a velocity of 5.0m/s at an angle of 15 degrees with respect to the flat roof. Will he make it to the

    asked by Flo
  7. english

    Speech in the Virginia Convention by Patrick Henry. 3a. What measures does Henry say the colonists have already tried in their dealings with England? 3b. What examples does Henry provide to support his position that compromise with the British is not a

    asked by Mr.English
  8. physics

    A 1600 kg car traveling at a speed of 31 m/s skids to a halt on wet concrete where uk = 0.60. how long are the skid marks?

    asked by mike
  9. physics

    A 350 N child is in a swing attached to rope 1.75m long. Find the gravitational PE associated with the child relative to her lowest position when the ropes make a 30 degree angle with the vertical

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Science

    The annoying sound from a mosquito is produced when it beats is wings at the average rate of 600 wingbeats per second. What is the frequency of the sound waves?

    asked by Ronnie
  11. physics

    Consider the system shown in the figure. Block A has weight 4.91 N and block B has weight 2.94 N. Once block B is set into downward motion, it descends at a constant speed. Assume that the mass and friction of the pulley are negligible. Whats the

    asked by mike
  12. English

    Speech in the Virginia Convention by Patrick Henry 2a. what does henry say about the previous speakers? 2b What does he hope to accomplish by commenting on the previous speakers?

    asked by Mr.English
  13. geometry

    P, Q, and S are collinear and the measure of PQR = 120°. What does the measure of SQT have to equal to ensure that R, Q, and T are collinear?

    asked by autumn
  14. Spanish

    creer deber escribir recibir tener vivir TOMÁS: ¿Dónde , Diana? DIANA: Yo con mi tía aquí en D.F. pero mi familia en Guadalajara. TOMÁS: ¿ muchas cartas para tus padres? DIANA: Sí, de vez en cuando (once in a while). Y tú, Tomás, ¿ muchas cartas

    asked by Christopher
  15. Calculus ll - Improper Integrals

    Find the area of the curve y = 1/(x^3) from x = 1 to x = t and evaluate it for t = 10, 100, and 1000. Then find the the total area under this curve for x ≥ 1. I'm not sure how to do the last part of question ("find the the total area under this curve for

    asked by Alyssa
  16. physics

    a 20-g projectile strikes a mud bank penetrating a distance of 6 cm before stopping. find the stopping force F if the entrance velocity is 80 meter per second.

    asked by kristel
  17. C programming

    Question: Write a program that reads integers from the keyboard until the user enters the sentinel value -999. The program should then print the minimum integer read, the maximum integer read and the average of all the integers. (Excluding the sentinel

    asked by E
  18. Physics

    A police car stopped at a set of lights has a speeder pass it at 100 km/h. If the police car can accelerate at 3.6 m/s^2, how long does it take to catch the speeder?

    asked by Emily
  19. math

    it took 3 hours for patrol boat to travel 48km upstream and 2 hours to travel downstream. What is the current and boat speed.

    asked by alex
  20. Statistics

    Determine whether each of the following is a valid probability distribution. a) X: 0, 2, 2, 3 P(x): .1, .3, .4, .1 b) X: 5, -6, 10, 0 P(x): .01, .01, .01, .97 c) X: 14, 12, -7, 13 P(x): .25, .46, .04, .2

    asked by Rhea
  21. physics

    A bottle with a volume of 190 U. S. fluid gallons is filled at the rate of 1.8 g/min. (Water has a density of 1000 kg/m3, and 1 U.S. fluid gallon = 231 in.3.) In years, how long does the filling take?

    asked by monnie
  22. 8th grade

    Why Do Girls Like Guys Who Wear Shirts With Eight Buttons?

    asked by Ashley
  23. Chemistry

    Calculate the heat released when 1.61 L of Cl2(g) with a density of 1.88 g/L reacts with an excess of sodium metal at 25°C and 1 atm to form sodium chloride.

    asked by Trinh
  24. physical science

    a man walks 3.00 mi due east, then turns and walks 2.00 mi due north. How far is he from the starting point?

    asked by michele
  25. engineering of science

    What mass of water is produced from the complete combustion of 8.90×10−3g of methane

    asked by Eric
  26. English

    In the Speech in the Virgina Convention by Patrick Henry, 1. If you had been in the audience, how would you have responded to Henry's Speech Why?

    asked by Mr.English
  27. physics

    A bottle with a volume of 190 U. S. fluid gallons is filled at the rate of 1.8 g/min. (Water has a density of 1000 kg/m3, and 1 U.S. fluid gallon = 231 in.3.) In years, how long does the filling take?

    asked by monnie
  28. physics

    Two point charges are located as shown in the figure, with charge q1 = +3.2 C at x = − 3.0 m, y = 0, and charge q2 = +2.5 C at x = +1.0 m, y = +2.0 m. An electron is now taken from a point very far away and placed at the origin. How much work must be

    asked by melody
  29. Chemistry 2

    How many grams of O2 will dissolve in 2.50L of H2O that is constant with pure O2 at 1.00atm?

    asked by Mae
  30. engineering of science

    What mass of oxygen is needed for the complete combustion of 8.90×10−3 of methane?

    asked by Eric
  31. english

    Speech in the Virginia Convention by Patrick Henry. 4a. What course of action does Henry want the colonists to take? 4b What is Henry's answer to the objection that the colonists are not ready to fight against British?

    asked by Mr.English
  32. Chemistry

    what are the oxidation numbers for each element in the compound NaClO4?

    asked by Renee
  33. chemistry

    pure zinc metal into a solution of copper(II) sulfate, the zinc will slowly dissolve to produce zinc sulfate solution, and the copper(II) ion of the copper(II) sulfate will be converted to metallic copper. Write the unbalanced equation for this process.

    asked by astoeck
  34. Business Accounting

    Who can be harmed when a company changes its accounting method to often? why?

    asked by kristi
  35. accounting

    The following costs were incurred by Shumway Company in purchasing land: cash price, $84,000; removal of old building, $5,200; legal fees, $3,000; clearing and grading, $3,500; installation of fence, $3,400. (a) What is the cost of the land? (b) What is

    asked by Thara
  36. Science

    The perio of a 440 Hertz sound wave is______ seconds.

    asked by Ronnie
  37. Chemistry

    The bond enthalpy of N2(g) is 418.0 kJ/mol. Calculate ÄH°f for N(g).?

    asked by Trinh
  38. math

    A student wants to send a bouquet of roses to her mother for Mother's Day. She can afford to buy only two types of roses and decides to randomly pick two from the following four varieties: Blue Bell, Yellow Success, Sahara, and Aphrodite. Label the

    asked by Anonymous
  39. physics

    Car A uses tires for which the coefficient of static friction is 1.1 on a particular unbanked curve. The maximum speed at which the car can negotiate this curve is 30 m/s. Car B uses tires for which the coefficient of static friction is 0.7 on the same

    asked by Sarah
  40. math

    mrs.blalock tied her goat with a 12-foot rope to a stake in the field.the goat ate a circular area around the stake with a radius the lenght of the rope.what was the area of grass eaten by the goat????

    asked by sam
  41. chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 48mL of a 13M stock HNO3 solution to obtain a 0.122 HNO3 solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry

    Calculate the molality of ethanol in a solution of water, if the mole fraction of ethanol is 0.300.

    asked by DrChem
  43. Chemistry

    what is the net ionic equation for the reaction of aqueous sodium chloride with aqueous silver nitrate.

    asked by Ari
  44. Chemistry

    If Cobalt(II)Sulfate is heated too strongly, the following reaction will occur CoSO4 produces CoO(s)+ SO3(g) If you are heating a sample of CoSO4.6H20 and this reaction occurs along with dehydration, what will happen to the experimental percent water?

    asked by Sarah
  45. Organic substances

    Is adhesive tape organic or inorganic? Also are shoes organic? I think they might, be but Im not so sure. Are paper clips organic? They are made of some type of metal, but I don't think they are organic. Is an mp3 organic?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. college physics

    If a is acceleration, v is velocity, x is position, and t is time, then check the validity (wrong or correct) of the following equations using dimensional analysis: a) t2 = 2x/a b) t = x/v c) a = v/x d) v = a/t ALSO , The term 1/2 PV^2 rv2 occurs in

    asked by ayan
  47. accounting 2

    allen company sells flags with team logos. Allen has fixed costs of $588,000 per year plus variable costs of $ 5.50 per flag. Each flag sells for $ 12.50.

    asked by jenny
  48. calculus

    1) Solve for x in terms of k: log3(x) + log3(x+7) = k; 3 is the base 2) e^(x+5) = e^(x) + 6, solve for x. Please help, I have no idea how to do these and I've tried several times!

    asked by Cornelius
  49. physics

    A 3.0 kg block is pushed along a horizontal floor by a force F of magnitude 19 N at an angle θ = 30° with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and floor is 0.25.(a) Calculate the magnitude of the frictional force on the

    asked by Alejandra
  50. Chemistry

    Why was the term "organic" originally chosen? Give an example of an original organic substance. My answer: The term organic was originally chosen because early chemists believed that certain chemicals were only found in living organisms. These chemicals

    asked by Anonymous
  51. English

    • Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. This is what I have can you please let me know if I have done this correctly. 1. Financial planning

    asked by Rene
  52. Science

    Using the analogy of the air capacitor, what do you think might be the cause of charge motion during capacitor discharging?

    asked by Ronnie
  53. Chemistry

    What is the minimum amount of 5.0M H2So4 necessary to produce 24.1g of H2(g) according to the following reaction? 2Al(s) +3H2So4(aq) produces Al2(So4)3(aq) + 3H2(g)

    asked by Anonymous
  54. chemistry

    What is the minimum amount of 5.0M H2SO4 necessary to produce 24.1g of H2(g) according to the following reaction? 2Al(s) + 3H2SO4(aq) produces Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3H2(g). Express your answer using two significant figures.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. stats

    A survey was done recently by the Royal Bank with Ipsos Reid (reported in Globe and Mail Aug 16 2010) about financial issues that university students face. (Data used here is based on that survey, but randomized to be still within the margin of error of

    asked by jaz
  56. English

    IS this sentence a fallacy? If so what type? If you start out with a bottle of beer a day and then go to a glass or two of wine in the weekends, you're well on your way to becoming a hopeless drunk.

    asked by Tara
  57. chemistry

    If 220. mL of 0.1364 M aqueous LiOH and 0.3553 L of gaseous CO2 measured at 1.36 atm pressure and 360 K are reacted stoichiometrically according to the equation, what mass (g) of gaseous CO2 remained? 2 LiOH(aq) + CO2(g) → Li2CO3(aq)

    asked by zero
  58. Science

    1. What is the direction of charge flow when charging a capacitor? When discharging a capacitor? What is your evicence?

    asked by Ronnie
  59. chem

    what are the net ionic equations for ClO3^-; Zn^2+ undergo hydrolysis?

    asked by Andy
  60. math

    if e,f,g, and h represent 4 distinct, and the 4 digit number efgh x 9= hgfe, find the values of each letter.

    asked by morris
  61. Chem

    The bond enthalpy of N2(g) is 418.0 kJ/mol. Calculate delta H°f for N(g).?

    asked by Trinh
  62. physics

    a bus slams on brakes to avoid an acciden.the tread marks of the tires are 80 meter long. if coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.7, what was the speed before applying the brakes?

    asked by kristel
  63. adult education

    You are a share analyst for an investment firm and are investigating the return on shares in the Mean Corporation over the last four years. The return on Mean Corporation shares over the last four years is presented. Calculate the geometric mean rate of

    asked by Stats

    I don't get this quote from Mark Twain. "Golf is a good walk spoiled." What does he mean by spoiled?

    asked by AL 92
  65. physics

    way performance, an 95.6 kg actor swings from a 4.30 m long cable that is horizontal when he starts. At the bottom of his arc, he picks up his 55.0 kg costar in an inelastic collision. What maximum height do they reach after their upward swing?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. physics

    A train is traveling up a 3.6 incline at a speed of 3.30 when the last car breaks free and begins to coast without friction.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math help

    A survey was done recently by the Royal Bank with Ipsos Reid (reported in Globe and Mail Aug 16 2010) about financial issues that university students face. (Data used here is based on that survey, but randomized to be still within the margin of error of

    asked by jaz
  68. Science

    Consider a circuit with a capacitor, battery, wire, and bulb. Describe the source(s) of charge during capacitor discharging.

    asked by Ronnie

    The perimeter of a triangle is 76 centimeter. The second side is twice as long as the frist side. The thrid side is four centimeter shorter than the second side. How long is each side?

    asked by SWEETS
  70. Math

    Order of operations Solve: 8_2_1_3_4=5

    asked by melanie
  71. Science

    What are at least five findings and assumptions that make up the model of the behavior of electricity?

    asked by Ronnie
  72. Chemistry

    For a given reaction 2A + B --> C, if the concentration of A doubles then the reaction rate doubles. If the concentration of both A and B doubles then the reaction rate increases by factor of 8. What is the order of the reaction with respect to B?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. US History

    3. The War of 1812 ended with a. a clear victory for the US b. a clear victory for Britain c. the removal of all British claims to land in North America d. a return to the pre-war boundaries between the US and British territories. D? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  74. Science

    Consider a circuit with a capacitor, battery, wire, and bulb. Describe the source(s) charge during capacitor charging.

    asked by Ronnie
  75. math

    if the circumference of a circle is 16 meters,what is the approximate area of the circle

    asked by leslie
  76. Enligh

    I am writing an argument paper on school uniforms and I had prepare an outline. Let me know what needs work. Thanks! I. School uniforms should be required in all public schools because not only do they cut down on the teasing and bullying but they also

    asked by Taylin
  77. math 20 please check

    Jacob is 25 yrs old and hopes to retire by 55. He invests $22,000 in an RRSP that earns a rate of 9.7% per annum, compounded quarterly. What will his investment be at age 55? A=P(1+i)^n 2200(1+.097/4)^120 =$390067 to get the 120 I did 55-25=30 then * by 4

    asked by Sandi
  78. Linear Equations

    Can you check these thanks. Linear Equations Directions: Write each equation in standard form. 1. y=7x-5 Answer: 7x-y=5 2. y=3/8+5 (3/8 is a fraction) Answer: 3x-8y=40 3. x= -2/7y+3/4 Answer: x+14y=12 4. 3y-5=0 Answer: x+3y=0 Find the x-intercept and

    asked by Rachel

    I am doing a country project on India and I need to know the climate of India. I tryed looking for some facts but I didn't find any. Please suggest me some good sites for finding the climate of India or just give some good facts for India's climate. Thanks

    asked by Zoey
  80. Medical

    Select an accreditation agency and name an area of records management that is affected by its guidelines? How does accreditation affect the practical activities of record management in hospitals?

    asked by michelle
  81. Math

    Jackson wnats to give everyone in his class (including himself) 1 piece of bubble gum candy and 1 Toostie Pop. Bubble gum comes in packages of 6 pieces, and Toostie Pops comes in bundles of 5. There are 25 other students in his class (26 including him. How

    asked by Bridgett
  82. To Bridgett

    Your post has been removed. Jiskha is NOT the place to post ads for anything, no matter how noble you may believe they are. Please use another forum for such communications.

    asked by Writeacher
  83. math

    the are of a is 151 square meters.whats the perimeter?????

    asked by jennifer
  84. Math

    Simultaneous equation and surds 5x-3y=41 (7route2)x+(4route2)y=82

    asked by Tom
  85. math (Gaussian n! formula)

    I'm trying to figure out the generalized form of the Gaussian n-factorial (n!) formula. I keep seeing n!= n(n+1)/2 but that's not working. For example: 5!= 120 but 5(6)/2 or 6(5/2) is 15; a far cry from 120. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong;

    asked by John
  86. Math 20(interest rates)

    Determine the amount of interest charged on a loan of $5000 at 6.75% per annum, compounded semi-annually for 3 years.

    asked by Sandi
  87. science

    At -8 degrees celseis what state is bromime in?

    asked by Megan
  88. Science

    A marine Weather reports waves along the shore that are eight seconds apaart. The frequency of the waves is therefore___ Hertz.

    asked by Ronnie
  89. Geometry

    How many sides does a polygon with an interior angle measure of 120 degress have?

    asked by Anono.
  90. algebra

    Please help on this: ^ means exponent Simplify 48y^6z^0 ___________ -8y^6 z^2

    asked by Alex
  91. 12th grade economics

    what does the process of specialization do for the economy?

    asked by alexis
  92. College Physics

    A block is hung by a string from the inside roof of a van. When the van goes straight ahead at a speed of 29 m/s, the block hangs vertically down. But when the van maintains this same speed around an unbanked curve (radius = 135 m), the block swings toward

    asked by Dawn
  93. Physics

    An object of mass 6.10 has an acceleration a = (1.13m/s^2)x + (-0.699m/s^)y. Three forces act on this object:F1, F2,and F3.Given that F1=(3.31N) and F2 = (-1.20 N)x + (1.83N)y, find F3.

    asked by Anonymous
  94. trig

    how do you solve: find cos2x if sinx is equal to 1/5

    asked by berlyn
  95. English

    I can't think of a word to describe the reaction from the townspeople? Their gossiping about the Rev... Suprised... I'm stuck -A Rev comes to town and the next day the whole town talks about the Rev

    asked by Amy~
  96. Math

    Find the intercepts of the equation y=2x-1 by plotting points. To plot this would I just plot 2,0 and then go down 1?

    asked by Hannah
  97. college physics,electric potential

    Four point charges, each with Q = 7.2 µC, are arranged at the corners of a square of edge length 3.6 m. What is the electric potential at the center of the square? V? Please show me how to solve this.Thanks

    asked by melody
  98. 7th grade math


    asked by Karan
  99. Math

    When a concrete structure is built, an engineer often performs a slump test on the concrete to ensure that it is of suitable strength and consistency. The engineer fills a truncated cone with a bottom diameter 200mm, top diameter 100mm and height 300mm

    asked by Emma
  100. algebra

    I have no idea how to do this problem. Find the product: z squared plus 7z-8 z sqaured-8z ------------------- X __________ z squared-64 z-1

    asked by Lizzy
  101. statistics

    suppose that 52percent of us sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day .find the decimal for 51 percent

    asked by britt
  102. calculus

    when we do differentiable equation, do we need to time the constant c by a number for example, case A: 2y=3x+c is y=(3x/2)+c case B: -3y=x+c is y= (-x/3)+c case C: -y=x+c is y=-x-c

    asked by flame
  103. physics

    a 40-N forcee pulls a 4-kg a horizontal distance of 8 meterr. the rope makes an angle of 35 degree with the floor and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.2. what is the work done by each acting on block?

    asked by kristel
  104. History

    I need to write a piece about the "objectives of imperialism" in Austria-Hungary. What are some good, reliable internet resources that I can use for information? Thanks (:

    asked by Anonymous
  105. 11th grade

    How do you solve for x^2 + square root of 6 times x -3 is > or = to 0?

    asked by Mike
  106. Math(Please help)

    Determine whether the points (0,3)(-2,0)(2,7) are on the graph of the equation y = x^3 - 2x +3? How would I do this?

    asked by Hannah
  107. Need help creating a monthly cash budget (hwk)

    I started, but don't know if I'm going in the right direction: Here is the information on the sheet: Your carpet cleaning entrepreneurship: Supposed that your hometown is Petoskey, Michigan. After college graduation you decided to go into business for

    asked by Claire
  108. biochemistry

    how do you make a 200ml of a 0.1M solution that has a molecular weight of 121.1g/mol

    asked by Anonymous
  109. gcse french

    i need to write about what my future partner will be like i need to use future tense and negative tense any help id appreciate thankyou! :}

    asked by kellie
  110. stats

    This past summer the LifeSaving Society did a survey about who was at risk in the water, with the goal of reducing swimming accidents. (Globe and Mail July 15 2010) Consider a similar study done that shows that 96 % of those born in Canada can swim but

    asked by az
  111. math

    solve the inequality |2y-5|>8 what will be the solution in interval notation

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Physics

    I don't know the answer

    asked by Anonymous
  113. com155

    • Write a third and final paragraph in which describe your strategy for using WritePoint in the future. o Include a discussion of how to accommodate submission and feedback time. o Underline your topic sentence.

    asked by Anonymous
  114. com155

    • Post your three paragraphs as Microsoft® Word attachments. The paragraphs are as follows: o The corrected version of the paragraph submitted to WritePoint o The paragraph describing feedback from WritePoint o The paragraph in which you talk about your

    asked by Anonymous
  115. English

    What are some funding expectations that institutions have.

    asked by linda
  116. world history

    How did the formation of a constitutional monarchy in France influence the advent of democracy in America? How was the development of democracy in America different from France?

    asked by Sarah M.
  117. chemistry

    how many moles of H2 are produced from 5.0M H2SO4

    asked by Anonymous
  118. chemistry

    2 solids samples each contain sulfer, oxyegen, and sodium only. These samples have the same color, melting point, density, and reaction with an aqueous barium solution. Are they solutions?

    asked by lauren
  119. science

    what colour would a green dress,red lipstick and white shoes appear under yellow disco lights and why

    asked by doris
  120. calculus

    Please tell whether im correct. decide whether function is autonomous ODE 1)dy/dx=(y-1)/x, i think this is autonomous since it doesnt depend on x right? 2)dy/dx=y-x, this is not since it depends on x

    asked by flame
  121. algebra

    (d)are the strategies that you listed in step(c)equally viable? might any of them yield a solution to the problem more readily than others? if so, why?

    asked by Darrin
  122. calc

    I am not sure how to approach this...I have to find the value of x that makes the derivate of f(x) equal to's what I have so far (is it correct?) and how is the problem finished? Thank you very much! f(x) = (1/x) + ln(x) f'(X) = ln|x| + (1/x) 0

    asked by APpreciate student
  123. science

    what is the 8th continent?

    asked by anonymos
  124. re-writeacher gcse english

    sorry i didn`t write it was about shakespear. thanks for your help

    asked by honeybee
  125. english

    At three pm i will be feeding the ducks.At the park. is this sentence a fragment

    asked by chris
  126. pre algebra


    asked by Karan
  127. 6th grade

    what is accleration?

    asked by mariam
  128. math help

    solve the inequality |2y-5|>8 what will be the solution in interval notation

    asked by Anonymous
  129. math


    asked by Anonymous
  130. math


    asked by Samiyah
  131. math


    asked by Samiyah