Questions Asked on
September 15, 2010

  1. chem

    The concentration of a benzene solution prepared by mixing 12.0 g C6H6 with 38.0 g CCl4 is__________ molal.

    asked by jessie
  2. Geology

    Isochron Diagrams Page 14 of 17 On the control part of the graph select the Rb/Sr option. Rember that the Half-life of Rb-87 is 48.8 Billion Years. Note that the scale on the horizontal axis is now 10 times greater than the vertical axis. Move the slider

    asked by Anonymous
  3. chemistry h/w help

    The concentration of lead nitrate (Pb(NO3 )2 ) in a 0.726 M solution is __________ molal. The density of the solution is 1.202 g/mL.

    asked by john
  4. math

    Assume that the committee consists of 4 Republicans and 5 Democrats. A subcommittee consisting of 5 people is to be selected. How many such subcommittees are possible if each subcommittee must contain at least 1 and no more than 2 Republicans?

    asked by Shawna
  5. Honors Chemistry

    Due to the screening effect, the 3s electrons of magnesium (Mg) feel an effective nuclear charge (Zeff) of: 1. +1 2. +2 3. −2 4. +12 5. +4

    asked by Bill
  6. chemistry- electrochem

    A cell can be prepared from copper and tin. What is the E° cellfor the cell that forms from the following half reactions? Cu2+(aq) + 2e-Cu(s) E° = 0.35 V Sn4+(aq) + 2e- Sn2+(aq) E° = 0.13 V a. 0.48 V b. 0.22 V c. -0.48 V d. -0.22 V

    asked by lucylu
  7. Physics

    In the figure below the left hand calbe has a tension T1 and makes an angle of 42 with the horizontal. the right hand calbe as a tension T3 and makes an angle of 47 with the horizontal. The horizontal cable connecting the two masses has a tension of 37 N.

    asked by Josh
  8. Geometry

    Glenda wants to glue glitter over a piece of felt shaped like a parallelogram with a height of 36 in. and a base of 46 in. If the glitter costs $1.20 per ft2 to cover the felt, how much will it cost to cover the felt? A) $55.20 B) $1987.2 C) $165.60 D)

    asked by Katie
  9. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 23.7 g of CaCl2 in 375 g of water. The density of the resulting solution? is 1.05 g/ml. the concentration of CaCl2 is ________% by mass. answer: 5.94 can someone tell me the steps?

    asked by john
  10. english

    wht is the verb in this sentence: She exposes insurance cheats and lying spouses.

    asked by Tisha
  11. math

    selecting three (3) coins, but assume that there are 5 dimes, 4 nickels, and 2 quarters. In how many possible ways can the selection be made so that the value of the coins is at least 25 cents?

    asked by Shawn
  12. Physics

    An engineer in a locomotive sees a car stuck on the track at a railroad crossing in front of the train. When the engineer first sees the car, the locomotive is 210 m from the crossing and its speed is 26 m/s. If the engineer’s reaction time is 0.62 s,

    asked by Jennifer
  13. Chemistry

    When 4.0 mol of CCl4 reacts with an excess of HF, 3.0 mol of CCl2F2 (Freon) is obtained. The equation for the reaction is CCl4(l) + 2HF(g) --> CCl2F2(l) + 2HCl9g) State which of the statements are true about the reaction and make the false statements true.

    asked by Bree
  14. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:00pm. 1. Tell me more about rice cake. 2. Tell me a lot about rice cake. (What is the part of speech of 'more'? A noun or an adverb? Are both the same?) English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    asked by rfvv
  15. geometry

    Assume that the given angles have been measured, and calculate the angles (marked as x) that could not be found by direct measurement. a = 38 x = 1Your answer was incorrect, but has changed from what was graded.

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Statistics

    Which of the following statements correctly interprets a 95% confidence interval on a population mean? a. It is a single point estimate b. Used to quantify the certainty of the sample standard deviation c. A 99% confidence interval is narrower than the 95%

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  17. Statistics

    What statistical assumptions need to be validated for ANOVA results to be valid? a. observations are from an F-distribution b. Observations are from a Chi square distribution c. Observations are normally distributes, independent, a variances are equal d.

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  18. Chemistry

    6p2 is the last one of the electron configuration. I think the element is Pb. How do I know the charge of the element?

    asked by Morgan
  19. math

    Assume that there are 6 unfilled roles: 1 male and 5 female. There are 5 men and 7 women, including Ann, auditioning for a part in the play. How many of these casts include Ann?

    asked by amy
  20. chemistry

    If 1.68 L of water is initially at 25.0 °C, what will its temperature be after absorption of 6.8 10-2 kWh of heat? I don't know how to set it up because i have the equation q= m times c times change in temp (the triangle and the a T is the symbol for

    asked by Rebekah
  21. Statistics

    When population data are discrete and you want to compare two populations, which test is most appropriate? a. T-test b. Anderson Darling c. Leven’s d. 2-Proprotion test e. F-test

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  22. Statistics

    Which testing a statistical hypothesis with significance level of alpha 0.05, when do you reject the NULL hypothesis (HO)?

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  23. chem

    What mass of copper(II) nitrate would be produced from the complete reaction of 25.1 g of copper, according to the chemical reaction shown below? Cu + 2 AgNO3 ----> Cu(NO3)2 + 2 Ag

    asked by vanessa
  24. physics

    a jet plane lands with a speed of 101 m/s and can accelerate at a maximum rate of -4.60 m/s2 as it comes to rest. (a) From the instant the plane touches the runway, what is the minimum time needed before it can come to rest? ___s b)What is the actual

    asked by jer
  25. chemistry

    A 43 kg sample of water absorbs 343 kJ of heat. If the water was initially at 22.1°C, what is its final temperature? I got 1.9 but i think i didn't do it correctly

    asked by hannah
  26. Geometery

    Find the measures of the requested angles. In the figure, ABF measures 41° and DBG measures 93°. Find the measures of , , and . A) ABD = 52°, GBC = 46°, EBC = 52°, and FBE = 131° B) ABD = 41°, GBC = 46°, EBC = 41°, and FBE = 134° C) ABD = 49°,

    asked by Missy
  27. algebra1

    find each sum,difference,or product. If the sum or difference does not exist, write impossible. if A=[5 2 -7 B=[2 9 -3 C=[-4 2 D=[37 22 -1 0 13 12 4 7 9 7 -5 12 3 8 6] -6 -2 5] 15 33] 11 0] 1.A+B 2.B+C 3.C+D 4.D-B 5.A-B 6.D-C 7.2D 8.4B 9.-3A 10.3C

    asked by QP
  28. math

    Assume that the set S has 14 elements. How many subsets of S have at most 4 elements?

    asked by Laura
  29. calculus

    Solve the equation by extracting square roots. List both the exact solutions and decimal solutions rounded to the nearest hundredth. (x-7)squared = (x+3)squared

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Chemistry 2

    How many orbitals in an atom can have each of the following designations? (a) 3p (b) n=1

    asked by Jon
  31. chemistry

    When ice melts, it absorbs 0.33 kJ per gram. How much ice is required to cool a 12.0 fluid ounce drink from 75°F to 35°F, if the heat capacity of the drink is 4.18 J/g·°C? (Assume that the heat transfer is 100% efficient.) please explain realy realy

    asked by Rebekah
  32. physics

    Mary needs to row her boat across a 120 m -wide river that is flowing to the east at a speed of 1.4 m/s. Mary can row the boat with a speed of 2.0 m relative to the water. 1. How long does it take Mary to reach the opposite river bank ? 2.If Mary rows

    asked by Melissa
  33. Statistics

    Which one of the following test is used to compare five means, simultaneously? Run test Normally test One way ANOVA 2 Sample T Test F-Test

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  34. chemistry

    One M&M candy has a volume of 1.0mL. What volume, in cubic meters, would one mole of M&M candies occupy? 2) For this next calculation, you’re going to compare the volume of a mole of M&Ms to Lake Erie, which has a volume of 116mi^3. How many lakes the

    asked by Vova
  35. Mathmatics.. 9th grade

    Your family is driving 188 miles to visit a family member, your father drives 63 miles then stops for a break, a) How many more miles are left in the trip, B) How long will the remainder of the trip take? *It says to label a variable, write an equation and

    asked by Not putting it
  36. 10th grade

    mary has a bag which contains 5 green marbles, 7 red marbles, and 9 blue marbles. without looking what is the probability of her pulling a red or a green marble

    asked by tune
  37. Math

    Help! Toshiro Hashimoto invested some money at 4.5% simple interest and $1000 more than four times the amount at 6%. His total annual income for one year from interest on the two investments was $801. How much did he invest at each rate?

    asked by Joel
  38. nutrition

    Needed: Nutrient to deliver food and waste

    asked by Alyssia
  39. Physics

    The drawing shows an elastic cord attatched to two back teeth and stretched across a front tooth. The purpose of the arrangement is to apply a force to the front tooth. If the tension in the cord is 1.2N what are the magnitude and direction of the force

    asked by Jacob
  40. About Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of pure water at 25 °C is 23.8 torr. Determine the vapor pressure (torr) of water at 25 °C above a solution prepared by dissolving 35 g of urea (a nonvolatile, non-electrolyte, MW = 60.0 g/mol) in 75 g of water. im not sure about the

    asked by BEN
  41. Geometry

    Find the requested angle. The supplement of 135°.

    asked by Katie
  42. Chemistry

    Calculate the final temperature of 283 mL of water initially at 30 degrees celcius upon absorption of 19 kJ of heat

    asked by Anonymous
  43. spanish

    Que te gusta hacer? Will someone give me some possible answers for this question?

    asked by j
  44. Physics

    You are pulling a suitcase through the airport at a constant speed. the handle of the suitcase makes an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the horizontal direction. if you pull with a force of 7.5N parallel to the handle, what is the force of friction

    asked by Jorge
  45. English

    Could you please let me know if everything is OK? Thank you. 1) He also explained to him that the natives had attacked the steamer because they didn’t want Marlow to leave. He himself was enthusiastic about Kurtz because he had enlarged (or broaden,

    asked by Franco
  46. Chemistry 3

    For each of the following sublevels, give the n and l values and the number of orbitals. (a) 3s (b) 5f (c) 5g

    asked by Jon
  47. math

    the volume of fort pck dam is 96,050 x1,000 m3 if you increase it 10 times how many cm will it hold after increase

    asked by samiam
  48. An Overview of Teaching Techniques

    1. Which learning technique is frequently used in the expository model of teaching? A. Deductive thinking C. Discovery learning B. Inductive thinking D. Knowledge-based learning 2. Which technique is used after a student gives a wrong answer, and the

    asked by Sum1Special
  49. math 8

    how do the degree and the sign of the leading coefficient correspond to the end behaviour of the polynomial function. please help I don't know where to start..

    asked by Bobby
  50. Math

    Write an equation of the line satisfying the given conditions in standard form. How do you do this? contains (-4, 0.3) and (3, -3.4)

    asked by Courtney
  51. math


    asked by kavizijiah
  52. biology

    1. Which bond will comes apart in water? answer: ionic

    asked by Jetta
  53. Algebra 2

    factor each polynomial 36p^2-49q^2

    asked by Tristan
  54. geography

    If a state is outside of the contiguous United States, what does this mean? It means that it is not connected to or touching any of the states in the U.S. Such as Hawaii and Alaska. Is this correct?

    asked by Reed
  55. Math

    Find the Quotient and remainder using long division. 1. (x^3+1) / (x^2+x+2) 2. (14x^3-16x^2+10x+8) / (x-1) Please explain because I want to learn how to do this correctly. Thanks

    asked by Laly
  56. algebra

    a) What year would be represented by x = 2? 2002 x 1 = 2003 so it would be 3x2=6 b) How much did it cost per gallon of gasoline in the year represented by x=2? .99

    asked by Sydney
  57. college algebra

    estimate, to the nearest tenth, the difference between the average number of awakenings during the night between 25-year-old men and 25-year-old women if women woke up 1.5 times and men woke up 3 times a night.

    asked by janice
  58. chemistry

    What mass of copper(II) nitrate would be produced from the complete reaction of 25.1 g of copper, according to the chemical reaction shown below? Cu + 2 AgNO3 ----> Cu(NO3)2 + 2 Ag

    asked by sarah
  59. Math Help

    Mieko, who is 1.53 m tall, wishes to find the height of a tree. She walks 21.66 m from the base of the tree along the shadow of the tree until her head is in a position where the tip of her shadow exactly overlaps the end of the tree top's shadow. She is

    asked by Jill
  60. math

    What property of addition is shown in the following number sentence? why?

    asked by cody
  61. math

    Show how commutative property of addition works using the numbers 2, 3, & 5

    asked by cody
  62. biology

    Which macromolecules were present in your saliva and food choices? Explain why you think you got the results you did.

    asked by bob stanfield
  63. Business

    What are some of the organizational costs when managers do not handle prejudiced or stereotypical behavior appropriately?

    asked by FlowerPower
  64. math

    write each of the following in decimal form: (a) 5x100+2x10+7+4x0.1+8x0.001 ________________________________ (b)... ________________________________

    asked by raluca
  65. Math

    Does (1-cosx)^2 simplify to sin^2(x)?

    asked by John
  66. adult education

    Explain what the CPI is and do you think that the CPI accurately measures the rate of inflation?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Calc

    Find an expression for the function whose graph is the given curve. The top half of the circle x^2 + (y-2)^2 = 4 My final answer is y= 2 +/- sqrt of x-4 However, I circled the positive sign because that's the top half. Is this right? I was not sure whether

    asked by Chelsea
  68. college

    Caculate percent error of 10.92 and 10.43

    asked by Natalie
  69. College Physics

    A particle is moving in the xy plane with constant acceleration. At t=o, the particle is given by x=4m, y=3m, and has a velocity v=2m/s x-hat - 9m/s y-hat. The acceleration of the particle is given by a=4m/s^2 x-hat + 3m/s^2 y-hat. Find the velocity vector

    asked by Anonymous
  70. chemistry

    How many grams of aspirin is equlvalent to 150 mg of aspirin?

    asked by janay
  71. chemistry

    Gallium-67 is used medically in tumor-seeking agents. The half-life of gallium-67 is 78.2 hours. If you begin with 36.6 mg of this isotope, what mass remains after 190 hours have passed?

    asked by fatin
  72. CSN

    identifying three challenges that might arise when writing a paper.

    asked by sally
  73. algebra

    Thank you for helping my with my Algebra.. write an equation for 5 more than a number g is 6 less thn twice a number h

    asked by michael
  74. math

    Find the pattern 31,28,31,30,---,30,31,---,30,31,30,31

    asked by Caren
  75. English

    1. Tell me more about rice cake. 2. Tell me a lot about rice cake. (What is the part of speech of 'more'? A noun or an adverb? Are both the same?)

    asked by rfvv
  76. Math(College Algebra)

    I'm having trouble how to set up this math problem: Rebecca Herst received a year-end bonus of $17,000 from her company and invested the money in an account paying 6.5%. How much additional money should she deposit in an account paying 5% so that the

    asked by Gillian
  77. chemistry

    a metal weighing 20.32 g is added to a flask with a volume of 24.5ml. it is found that 18.52 g of water must be added to fill tha flask what is the density of metal

    asked by marie
  78. math

    three times a number less four is 17 put in number form

    asked by jennifer
  79. Geography

    how did the columbian exchange affect the long term economic development of Latin America?

    asked by Melody
  80. pre calc - polynomials & factoring

    perform the opertaion and write the result in standard form... (2x^2 + 1) - (x^2 - 2x + 1)

    asked by Sienna
  81. math

    three times a number less four is 17 put in number form

    asked by jennifer
  82. math

    Simplify the expression 4(3z^3-6)+12(2-z^3)=

    asked by kate
  83. Math


    asked by Jake
  84. business

    Write a four paragraph answer, citing the text, to – Would you be willing to pay $500 today in exchange for $10,000 in 30 years? What would be the key considerations in answering yes or no? Would your answer depend on who is making the promise to repay?

    asked by charrise
  85. 3rd grade

    hundred chart to subtract 12 from 46

    asked by carolina
  86. english

    is this a good srong thesis statemnent? Minnie acted out of rage and lost her sanity which relates to the isolation, gender differnece and unhappy marriage.

    asked by terri
  87. accounting

    I need to make a t account for accounting homework. The statements are from 2009? Earned revenues for 2009 of 55,000 including 8,000 on credit and 47,000 cash. Received a 3,000 deposit from hospital to start January 5, 2010. Purchased supplies on account

    asked by chris
  88. geometry

    Suppose that AC=15 and BC=9. What is AB?

    asked by Courtney
  89. Chemisty - urgent

    How do I prepare 30% v/v ethanol from 95% ethanol? Thanks.

    asked by annie
  90. Math

    What is the word form for 1.555?

    asked by Barb
  91. calculus

    Find all positive values of x that satisfy x multiplied by the x root of x^2 = x^x

    asked by Jayna
  92. chem- need major help!

    ok i know i posted this before but it got totally confusing and its late and its due tom. When ice melts, it absorbs 0.33 kJ per gram. How much ice is required to cool a 14.0 fluid ounce drink from 75°F to 35°F, if the heat capacity of the drink is 4.18

    asked by Sarah
  93. physics

    : A 50kg wooden crate rests on a horizontal concrete floor. The coefficient of friction is u=0.7. What is the magnitude of the frictional force?

    asked by Tanner
  94. math

    name three numbers between 0.33 and 0.34

    asked by shannon
  95. math

    Show that the set {[2,3],[4,1]} is linearly independent

    asked by Tom
  96. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 25.4 m/s from a height of 2.1 m. (Remember gravity is a=9.8m/s^2) How long does the ball take to hit the ground after it reaches its highest point? Answer in units of s.

    asked by Jennifer
  97. geometry

    a magazine full page is 30" how many inches is a 1/8 page and a 3/4 page

    asked by inga
  98. math


    asked by Jake
  99. Math - Intersection of planes

    You are given the following two planes: x+4y-3z-12=0 x+6y-2z-22=0 a) Use the two original equations to determine two other equations that have the same solution as the original two. ANS: the orginal two are not parallel in anyway so can I just take

    asked by Shaila
  100. math

    how to simplify 2x^3-x-3/(x+1)

    asked by mike
  101. physics

    what are the units for velocity

    asked by Anonymous
  102. English

    i need help What does It mean to be an american citizen ?

    asked by Stephanie
  103. chem hw "help"

    What is the ratio of the activities of Zn 2+ and Pb 2+ in a solution that is in equilibrium with respect to sphalerite and galena?disregard hydrolysis effect

    asked by moon
  104. englsih

    ok thanks now how does my introduction looks? In the short story Trifles by Susan Glaspell, describes a wife who slowly loses her identity and conforms her husband’s wishes, which leads her killing to kill her husband. When the Attorney and sheriff come

    asked by terri
  105. math

    i need the magic square from the follow numbers 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

    asked by angel
  106. Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a 54 g sample of water from 5°C to 20.°C.

    asked by Ben
  107. us government

    What is a good Citizen ?

    asked by Carla
  108. calculus

    Does the series from 0 to infinity of [1/square root of (n+4)] x cos(n x pi) converge or diverge? I think it diverges, but I don't know why. The "x"s are multiplication signs by the way.

    asked by John
  109. computer

    Do anybody know what a homepage is and what some good sites?

    asked by wan
  110. Physics

    A rock is dropped from a sea cliff 400m high.If the speed of sound is a constant 330 m/s, how long after the rock is dropped is the sound of the splash heard at the top of the cliff?

    asked by Angela
  111. physics

    if u measured all the energy related to motion, and all the stored energy in the particles of a substance, you would be measuring?

    asked by dallas
  112. english

    The Treasure of Lemon Brown by Walter Dean Myers. What is 3 thoughs and reactions of other Characters besides Lemon and Greg?

    asked by hunter
  113. research website

    please help me find a good video or website that has a good analysis for hamlet

    asked by Sheila
  114. physics

    Imagine that you want to create an activity for a group of children to simulate the periodic table. Suggest items that you may use and how they may be organized in rows and columns. Be creative. Share your ideas and offer further suggestions to your

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Physics

    At the instant a traffic light turns green, a car starts with a constant acceleration of 1.8 m/s(squared). At the same instant, a truck travelling at a constant velocity of 8.5 m/s passes the car. How far beyond the starting point will the car catch up to

    asked by Angela
  116. English

    What is a good citizen ?

    asked by Carla
  117. Physics

    A lightning bug flies at a velocity of 0.25m/s due east toward another lightning bug seen off in the distance. A light breeze blows from the east on the bug at a velocity of 0.25m/s. What is the resultant velocity of the lightning bug? Please direct me to

    asked by Joel
  118. Physics

    Please Help!! A baseball clears a 3m tall wall positioned 120 m from home plate. The ball leaves the bat 1.2m above the ground and 45degrees above the horizontal. How fast was it going when it left the bat?

    asked by McKenzie
  119. 12th grade

    a tortoise and a hare are "running" in a are asked to prepare graphs similar to those in your reading material to graph the process of each animal during the in text,distance is the vertical scale of your graph and time is the horizontal

    asked by Anonymous
  120. chemistry

    Using the balances eqution and assuming all other reagents are in excess, how many hydrogen would be produced when 1.00 g of aluminum react?

    asked by Joanne
  121. To:Ms.Sue

    Would it be correct if I use "Everyone in life" instead of "Everyone in their life"? Would this still make "everyone" mean each and every individual?In addition, do you have any suggestion or ideas on how I should start the essay? Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  122. English

    I'm confused about the meaning of this sentence: The typical family is three or four children; the latter among the 8 to 12 children that will be born into the family during the lives of the parents. So I get confused where it says "the latter" Does this

    asked by Amy~
  123. A gift of money

    what is the quantative reason of a 1,000,000 offered if given in 1 dollar bills if one lays on their stomache for ten minutes? would you accept offer?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. AP US Government

    What features of the Constitution make it difficult for government to do or achieve anything? Why were they included? *That is the question, but I am completely lost on how to answer it.

    asked by n
  125. physics

    How much work is needed to move a proton from a point with a potential of +470 V to a point where it is -51.0 V? Express your answer in joules. Express your answer in electron volts.

    asked by VJC
  126. Math

    Evaluate for A=7 B=2 6ab would I do 6x7x2?

    asked by Dawn
  127. math

    if a enegry bar contains 153 cllories and the protein makes up 11% what is the number of calories from the portein bar

    asked by mal
  128. thank you!!

    thank you for all your help! this is great homework help and it helped me a lot!!

    asked by raluca
  129. College Physics II

    A uniform electric field of magnitude 203 V/m is directed in the negative y direction. A +12.5 μC charge moves from the origin to the point (x, y) = (19.5 cm, 51.8 cm). 1) What was the change in the potential energy of this charge? 2) Through what

    asked by VJC
  130. Chemistry

    How much energy is released when 44.5 of water freezes?

    asked by Delia
  131. math

    what is the pattern for the following numbers 8 17 35 71 7143

    asked by Blake
  132. English

    In my class we were reading a short story call The Pedestrian by ray bradbury and my teacher ask me a bunch of questions like for example What is the theme of the story but i don't get the question ? i didn't understand the story neither

    asked by Sasha
  133. math

    (x)/(x-8)= (x-7)/(x+3) how do u solve this for x?

    asked by Bill
  134. math

    sean is buying a player for $315. interest free payment plan. pays $25 each month. a. how much will he owe after 1 payment? 2 payments? 3 payments? b. use n to stand for the number of payments and a for the amount still owed. write an equation for

    asked by kim
  135. Chemistry

    Suppose that you start with .305g of copper. compute the theoretical yiled of the phosphate in the above procedure. based on what you saw as you performed the experiment, what practical obstacles are there to wighing the cooper(II) phosphate to check its

    asked by Missy
  136. geometry

    Given AB is perpendicular to BC

    asked by Amy
  137. Algebra

    The width of a rectangle is 3 yards less than its length. the perimeter is 130 yards. Find the length and width of the rectangle

    asked by Anonymous
  138. english

    Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a 150- to 300-word review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. · Bold each adverb. · Underline each adjective. · Compare the event to one or more similar events. When

    asked by dazzy
  139. Science

    Fred and Joe are moving identical boxes across a floor where there is friction present. Fred pushes his box with a force that is directed 20 degrees below the horizontal, while Joe pulls his box using a rope that is angled 20 degrees above horizontal. Who

    asked by Cassy
  140. computer

    Please help me with this if you don't mind? Web page my home whole document with 2 links first page with 1 link selection with 1 link world travel framed page as shown wiht 1 link each frame separately with 3 links prices and packages - a single frame with

    asked by wan
  141. physics

    A 3.00kg block starts from rest at the top of a 30.0 degree incline and accerlates uniformly down the incline moving 2.00 m in 1.50 s. find the magnitude of the accerlation of the block

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Algebra

    I have a problem with linear funtion is f(8)=8 f(x) = x + 10=what is x is that always 0 so this answer would 10

    asked by Sydney
  143. english

    I did help with my thesis statement? I writing an essay from the play trifles by susan Glaspell. Thesis: Minnie Wright loses her mind which relates to isolation,the gender differneces and the canary death. I need a very strong thesis

    asked by terri
  144. MATH

    Help. don't understand substitution method also need an ordered pair? 7x+6y=15 -7x=y=27

    asked by Susan
  145. Chemistry

    Suppose that you start with .303g of copper wire and faithfully follow the procedure. at the end you find that the copper dust weighs .309g. base on your understanding of the experimental procedure, offer at least two rational explanations for this

    asked by Missy
  146. Chemistry

    At one stage you add phosphate ion to the ractions sequence. where exactly does this phosphate end up? It is not weighed in with the copper at the end. Reaction sequence: Cu(NO3)2 = Cu(OH)2 =CuSO4 = Cu3(PO4)2= CuCl2=Cu

    asked by Missy
  147. calculus

    A program in Senegal has been reducing infant mortality at a rate of 11.1% per year. How long will it take for infant mortality to be reduced by 33%?

    asked by rene
  148. calculus

    A program in Senegal has been reducing infant mortality at a rate of 11.1% per year. How long will it take for infant mortality to be reduced by 33%?

    asked by rene
  149. math

    Let A represent Zog's age. Write a algebraic expression for each phrase. How would I write one if: 9 times the sum of Zog's age and 4 years?

    asked by Dawn
  150. science

    what is the mass of an object in kg that is 1225 N

    asked by hannah jenson
  151. Finite Math

    Assume that the student has a cup with 9 writing implements: 4 pencils, 3 ball point pens, and 2 felt-tip pens. Students will select 5 writing implements. In how many ways can the selection be made if no more than one ball point pen is selected?

    asked by NATHAN
  152. Math

    How do you Identify two pairs of congruent angles and the number of degrees in each congruent angle.

    asked by Victoria
  153. economics

    What institutions might arise in the free market to help a person decide whether to accept or reject a particular private monetary note?

    asked by kelly
  154. 8th grade

    Dimensions of a paper cup. The volume of a paper cup, shaped like a circular cone is 30pie cubic centimeters. The radius of the top of the cup is 3 centimeters. What is the height of the cup?

    asked by Chris Molle
  155. math

    a group of fifth grade students in New Zealand are going camping. They will hike from Wellington to Ruapehu. Then they will follow a trail for another 1/2 mile to their campsite. I was able to calculate the distance from Wellington to Ruapehu by using the

    asked by hope
  156. physics

    A certain car is capable of accelerating at a rate of +0.90 m/s2. How long does it take for this car to go from a speed of 35 mi/h to a speed of 70 mi/h?

    asked by J
  157. geography

    How many countries does Mexico border? Is it three? We do not have to list them but am I right in saying they are the U.S., Belize and Guatemala

    asked by Camryn
  158. english/ grammar

    what is a correlative conjuction?

    asked by kevin( to: ms. sue)
  159. Math

    How would I write an algebra expression if You let Zog's Age represent the letter A. Question: Nine times Zog's Age four years ago.

    asked by Dawn
  160. Essay

    I'm trying to start an essay paragraph with the topic " Contributing to the community" and I was wondering if this is a good starting sentence.If not, please give me some ideas or suggestions for one.Thanks -Everyone in life had made significant

    asked by Shadow
  161. 3rd grade math

    I am a number greater than 99 and less than 1,000. Two of my digits that aren't next to each other are the same. My tens digit could not be greater and it is 1 more than my hundreds digit. What number am I?

    asked by Traci
  162. English

    why, at the end of the Act, does Hamlet say: The time is out of joint, O cursed spite That ever I was born to set it right! (1.5.210-211)

    asked by Sheila
  163. Physics

    The leg and cast in the figure below weigh 280 N, with the center of mass as indicated by the blue arrow in the diagram. The counterbalance w1 weighs 130 N. Determine the weight w2 and the angle á needed so that no force is exerted on the hip joint by the

    asked by Erica
  164. pre algebra

    100- 3(2.3) + 5.6

    asked by Isabel
  165. Chemistry

    Enormous numbers of microwave photons are needed to warm macroscopic samples of matter. A portion of soup containing 225 g water is heated in a microwave oven from 23°C to 91°C, with radiation of wavelength 1.55 10-2 m. How many photons are absorbed by

    asked by Jon
  166. College Physics II

    A charge of -4.191 μC is located at (5.100 m, 6.402 m), and a charge of 1.895 μC is located at (-1.436 m, 0). Calculate the electric potential at the origin There is one point on the line connecting these two charges where the potential is zero. What is

    asked by VJC
  167. Chemistry

    Assume you have a 50 L barrel full of basketballs and a 50 barrel of tennis balls. If you dump both barrels full of balls into a 100 L barrel, will the barrel be full?

    asked by Ana
  168. Chemistry

    a car is traveling at a rate of 41.2 megameters/hr. what is the rate in cm/s?

    asked by Lisa
  169. math

    the diagonal of a square is 32 meters. What is the area of the square?

    asked by Cassie
  170. College Physics II

    Consider a region in space where a uniform electric field E = 7450 N/C points in the negative x direction. What is the distance between the +13.1 V and the +14.1 V equipotentials?

    asked by VJC
  171. 5th grademath

    a group of fifth grade students are going camping. They will hike from Wellington to Ruapehu. Then they will follow a trail for another 1/2 mile to their campsite. The distance from Wellington to Ruapehu is 200 miles. About how long would it take the

    asked by hope
  172. english

    okay is this a better thesis? Minnie Wright’s insanity relates to isolation, unhappy marriage and the gender difference all causes her to the murder of her husband.

    asked by terri
  173. history

    what were the reason our forefathers divided the government into the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

    asked by PAT
  174. geometry

    if the coordinates of R and S are x and y, respectively, what is the coordinate of T, the midpoint of segment RS?

    asked by ada
  175. College Physics II

    If a capacitor has 3.84 μC of charge on it and an electric field of 2.22 kV/mm is desired if they are separated by 3.80 mm of air, what must each plate's area be?

    asked by VJC
  176. history

    How was the conflict between supporters of a strong federal government and champions of states rights characterized then, as opposed to now?

    asked by PAT
  177. Math

    If 2 girls are filling 1 cup up equally with fluids? And 1 drinks it and then fills the cup up with a solid and the other girl proceeds to eat it and then refill the cup with and exact matter... will they both equally weigh the same as before they started?

    asked by David B. Davidson
  178. Literature

    In a pair of silk stockings the silk stockings are a symbol of

    asked by Anonymous
  179. algebra

    when jill sells 2 more buckets she will have sold 3 times asmany buckets as jack. jill has sold 19 buckets. how many buckets has jack sold. write as an equation

    asked by kimberly
  180. art

    a necessary feature of art is?

    asked by Anonymous
  181. Math

    AB is DC parallel to . Identify two pairs of congruent angles and the number of degrees in each congruent angle. A) FAB BAD ; both are 29°. EDC CDA ; both are 29°. B) FAB EDC ; both are 29°. ADC BAD ; both are 151°. C) CDA FAB ; both are 151°. EDC BAD

    asked by Victoria
  182. MATH

    I am working on Measurements and it is one of the most difficult things for me to do. Topics include the SI measurement, Imperial Measurement, and Converting between SI and Imperial Systems. I would like to do some review on this and would like to know a

    asked by Anonymous
  183. chemistry

    For which of these elements would the electron affinity process shown be least favorable? 1. H + e− ! H− 2. Li + e− ! Li− 3. F + e− ! F− 4. O + e− ! O− 5. N + e− ! N−

    asked by dave
  184. algebra 2

    How does the height of a cone change if the volume of the cone is constant but the radius increases ?

    asked by Anonymous
  185. Calculus

    f(x)= x^3; f(x)= (x+DELTAx)-f(x)/ x^3

    asked by Michelle
  186. Calc

    Express the surface area of a cube as a function of its volume. I did this and got A=6V^(2/3) That is the formula I got for the described function. However, I also need to find its domain... how do I do this?

    asked by Chelsea
  187. Math.. sorry for posting so many, I just don't get

    Let W represent the width of a rectangle, the length is 7cm more then the width A. 7cm more than four times the width How do I write that into an algebraic expression?

    asked by Dawn
  188. Chemistry

    A 295 lb fullback runs the 40 yd dash at a speed of 19.3 ± 0.1 mi/h. (a) What is his de Broglie wavelength (in meters)? (b) What is the uncertainty in his position?

    asked by Jon
  189. PHYSICS

    A jetliner is moving at a speed of 305 m/s. The vertical component of the plane's velocity is 47.5 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the horizontal component of the plane's velocity.

    asked by veronica
  190. HIS 125

    • Create a timeline of four to six significant events that occurred during World War II. o Include the following in your timeline:  The year the event occurred  The name and a short description of the event  A short explanation of why the event

    asked by Alex
  191. algebra

    two sisters together have 20 books. if the younger sister lost 3 books and the older sister doubled the number she has, they would have a total of 30 books. How many books does each have?

    asked by teresa
  192. chemistry

    The first ionization potential of the elements B, C, and N (atomic numbers 5, 6, and 7) steadily increases, but that of O is less than that of N. The best interpretation of the lower value for O is that: 1. the ionization potential of N is a maximum and

    asked by dave
  193. chemistry

    For which of these elements would the electron affinity process shown be least favorable? 1. H + e− ! H− 2. Li + e− ! Li− 3. F + e− ! F− 4. O + e− ! O− 5. N + e− ! N−

    asked by dave
  194. phil. Ethics

    two judments which imply belief in objective moral truth

    asked by shaa
  195. math

    A number is between 150 and 200. A sum of the digits is 12. If you subtract the ones digit from the tens digit, the difference is 5. What is the number?

    asked by Rose***
  196. physic

    if a ballon gets launched at 60mi/hr at an angle of 38 degrees. How far will it travel in meters?

    asked by cristian
  197. midway

    How do you write 67,000 in expanded form?

    asked by karen
  198. math

    carlos needs to chain his dog, he attaches a 13-meter chain to the corner of a dog house that measures 9m by 5m. How much area does the dog have to run around? Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by tristan
  199. Chemistry

    Water is a small molecule consisting of 3 atoms joined together. (they give the structure of H20. Alcohol is a large molecule consisting of 9 atoms joined together. (they give alcohol structure) using this information make a hypothesis that explains the

    asked by Ana
  200. English

    The bell was not brought back to Philadelphia until 1778. would the complete predicate be brought back to Philadelphia in 1778 and the verb be back?

    asked by Anonymous
  201. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  202. Geometry

    A man needs to repaint the two triangular gables on his house. Each gable is long and high. How many gallons of paint will he need if a gallon of paint covers 100 sq. ft.? (You must buy whole gallons). A) 2 gallons B) 3 gallons C) 264 gallons D) 132

    asked by Jill
  203. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  204. chemistry

    the experiment is a sequence of Chemical Reactions. Procedure part A preparation fo copper (II) Hydroxide-get a solution of copper(II)nitrate. measure 25ml of solution. to blue solution add 2mL of concertarted NaOH while stirring. Let mixture settle and

    asked by Missy
  205. physics

    what is the shortest possible time in which a bacterium could drift at a constant speed of 3.5mm/s across a petri dish with a diameter of 8.4cm

    asked by karina
  206. 10th grade

    Find a pattern fot this sequence. Usde the pattern to show the next two terms. 1,2,6,24,120,___,___?

    asked by Anonymous
  207. Chemistry

    So the water molecules fit in between the alcohol molecules? or do they attach to the structures?

    asked by Ana
  208. math/116

    How can I determine if two lines are perpendicular?

    asked by Sydney
  209. math/116

    How can I determine if two lines are perpendicular?

    asked by Sydney
  210. bcc

    what are the changes to n02 levels in one day

    asked by luke
  211. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  212. bede

    why do no2 levels change in one week

    asked by shona
  213. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  214. geography

    I am confused. I am to list my full address and say what continent, hemispheres and planet is my address in!! New Orleans, La. Continent - North America. Hemisphere - Northern Hemisphere. Is this correct? Planet - Earth. Is this correct????

    asked by Reed
  215. Biology

    does the distance of the star of our planet impact the brightness of the star in sky?

    asked by Anonymous
  216. accounting

    Making a t account need to know how to enter this Recognized operating expenses for 2009 of 30,000 including 5,000 on credit and 25,000 cash

    asked by chris
  217. math/116

    How can I determine if two lines are perpendicular?

    asked by Sydney
  218. PHYSICS

    Two trees have perfectly straight trunks and are both growing perpendicular to the flat horizontal ground beneath them. The sides of the trunks that face each other are separated by 1.2 m. A frisky squirrel makes three jumps in rapid succession. First, he

    asked by veronica
  219. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  220. PHYSICS

    In a football game a kicker attempts a field goal. The ball remains in contact with the kicker's foot for 0.050 s, during which time it experiences an acceleration of 340 m/s2. The ball is launched at an angle of 51° above the ground. Determine the

    asked by veronica
  221. Mathmatics

    Let W represent the width of a rectangle, the length is 7cm more than the width The question is: One fourth of the length? How would I write that? as a algebraic expression?

    asked by Not putting it
  222. geography

    What three continents does the Artic Circle pass through? My answer is North America, Europe and Asia. Am I correct??

    asked by Reed
  223. biochemistry

    calculate the mass of sodium benzoate that must be added to 1 litre of 0.4M benzoic acid with Ka=6.4 multiplied by 0.00004 solution to a buffer at pH 4.5

    asked by sammyt
  224. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  225. Math

    A line from the top of a cliff to the ground passes just over the top of a pole 5.0 ft high and meets the ground at a point 8.0 ft from the base of the pole. If the point is 79 ft from the base of the cliff, how high is the cliff? Round to the nearest

    asked by Victoria
  226. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  227. geography

    The island of Bermuda is a colony of what nation? My answer is The United Kingdom. Is this correct?

    asked by Reed
  228. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  229. Chemistry

    We did a lab. The reaction of zinc and iodine. We put 1 g of zinc with 1 g of iodine.. and used alcohol. Is the equation Zn + I2 ----> ZnI(2)? The moles of Zn atoms consumed were .003 mol. The moles of I atoms consumed were .004 mol. The class got a ratio

    asked by Morgan
  230. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  231. molal (again)

    i tried to solve it on my own but im confused about the last part, this i what i have so far.. moles of glycerin= 50.0/92.10=0.54 molality=0.54/0.200=2.7 is that right? im a little confused about the numbers im supposed to use for step 3... this was the

    asked by lisa
  232. math

    plz help! can any thing go in to 34 thx for your help!

    asked by ST
  233. English

    We will be seeing it on our field trip to Philadelphia. Would the complete predicate be will be seeing it on our field trip to Philadelphia and the verb be will be seeing?

    asked by Anonymous
  234. Europe

    what role did the geography of Europe play in the development of and ways of life in these towns?

    asked by joe
  235. Health Education

    i added all the references at the end of my report. and my teacher wrote that all of them must be referenced to in the report. Now i have another question: how can i reference this? i said 'the powerpoint was created utilizing different sets of data from

    asked by Beauty
  236. chemistry

    Calculate the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a 16 g sample of water from 5°C to 12°C. Round to the correct number of sig figs. I got 5e3 and it was wrong.

    asked by Rebekah
  237. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuSh1
  238. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  239. math


    asked by AnOnYmOuS1
  240. History (grade 5)

    explain the connection between european exploration of north and south amwerica and international trade? is there any connections to begin with?

    asked by Bobby
  241. geometry

    find PD if the coordinate of P is -7 and the coordinate of Dis -1

    asked by keke
  242. history

    what do they mean by -write the relationship between dutch or Portuguese empires and the pursuit of increased international trade? I don't understand the question??

    asked by Bobby
  243. physics

    In the javelin throw at a track and field event, the javelin is launched at a speed of 29 m/s at an angle of 35° above the horizontal. As the javelin travels upward, its velocity points above the horizontal at an angle that decreases as time passes. How

    asked by Xavier
  244. Help please? Math!

    Let W represent the width of a rectangle, the length if 7cm more than the width. I have to write the answer in a algebraic expression, but I don't know how too Here is the question: 1. 7cm less than twice the width?

    asked by Not putting it
  245. Language Art

    Would "Philosophy" be a good synonym for "thinking"? Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  246. MATH

    Is there a shorter way to answer this question? Radio waves ina vacuum travel a distance equal to seven times the circumference of earth in 1 s. If the radius of Earth is 6 318 138.7m, what is the speed of the radio waves in kilometres per hour?

    asked by Anonymous
  247. chemistry

    What is the concentration of each type of ion on a 0.010 molar solution of Lithium sulfate (aq)?

    asked by Alphonse
  248. CHarter One Bank (Personal Finance)

    For Personal Finance I am suppose to answer some questions about the bank Charter One. I called my local bank and they are closed so I was wondering if any of you guys knew these answers? ATM's conveniently located? Fees? How Much? Interest paid on account

    asked by Sarah
  249. chemisty

    What mass of iodine contains the same number of atoms at 25.0 g of chlorine?

    asked by Anonymous
  250. math

    f(x) = x^2 + 10x + 24 =(x^2 + 10x)+ 24 =(x^2 + 10x + 25 - 25) + 24 f(x) =(x+5)^2 - 1 Vertex: (-5, -1) How do you sketch this? I know that in the graph one of the coord is (-5, -1) but how do I find the others in order to make a parabola? :|

    asked by John
  251. History (grade 5) please help"

    explain the connection between european exploration of north and south amwerica and international trade? is there any connections to begin with? Is it, South Americais geographically bordered on the west by the pacific ocean and wast by countries including

    asked by Bobby
  252. physics

    A car brakes, changing from 18 m/s to 6.0 m/s in 3.0 seconds. How far did it travel in this time?

    asked by Kyle
  253. math

    find the domain & range of each relation & identify any relations that define functions y=3(x+1)^2-5

    asked by confused
  254. math factoring

    6x4-5t3-200t-163000 how do you factor this it cant be done by common factor or decomposition!!

    asked by Bobby
  255. us history

    different labor systems predominated in various regions of british americ. how did the economy of each region help determine its labor system?

    asked by Anonymous
  256. Math/116

    1. Suppose you are at the gas station filling your tank with gas. The function C(g) represents the cost C of filling up the gas tank with g gallons. Given the equation: C(g) = 3.5 (g) a) Find C(2) 3.5 x 2 = 7 b) Find C(5) 7/5 = 1.4 would this be correct ?

    asked by Sydney
  257. chemistry

    Solid magnesium metal reacts with chlorine gas according to the following equation: Mg + Cl2 --> MgCl2 What mass of magnesium chloride is formed in the reaction between 7 g of Mg and 13.2 g of Cl2

    asked by sarah
  258. math

    I don't qite understand this question has written my homework...I need help. State ALL of the families to which the number 4 belong? What does she mean I never heard of that b4 is she talkin about multiplying or so?

    asked by sherkyra
  259. 8th grade

    Joe is stacking four cubes on top of each other and painting the outside of the stack. how many sides will be painted, not counting the bottom which is on the ground.

    asked by Sarah
  260. Language Arts

    I'm writing an essay on the topic " Contributing to the community" and I was wondering what you guy think if I start my first sentence like this. Everyone in their life had made some world-shattering contributions to the community.These significant

    asked by Shadow
  261. geography

    Which four continents touch the Indian Ocean? Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. Is this correct?

    asked by Reed
  262. geography

    What part of a map tells the relationship of distance shown on the map to real distance on the Earth? My answer is a map scale. Is this correct?

    asked by Reed
  263. math

    what are2 ways to write 67,000 in word form

    asked by angel
  264. Last question, I swear! Math!

    Write an equation or inequality. 1. The difference of 73 and a number x is 17 .. How would I write one for this? I really don't understand.

    asked by Not putting it
  265. Math

    What is the format for this problem: Move two coins from one purse to the other so that both ourses A and B hold the same amount of money.

    asked by CeCe 4gr
  266. Statistics

    Which test determines if there is a difference between the mean of a group and proposed standard value? Paired t-test F-test One Sample t-test One way ANOVA Two sample t-test

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  267. Chemistry

    Explain why the melting points of ionic compounds and molecular compounds differ? The melting points of ionic compounds and molecular compounds differ because.... -A tremendous amount of energy (heat transfer) is required to separate the tightly bound ions

    asked by Anonymous
  268. Statistics

    The null hypothesis is: a. Always contains a > in the equation b. Not needed c. The alternative hypothesis d. The hypothesis of no difference e. Always contain a < in the equation

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  269. Statistics

    An individual is reviewing a stable, normal process that has a Cq=3 and a Cpk =5. In order to achieve a capable process, what must be done? a. shift mean only b. reduce variation only c. reduce variation and shift the mean d. it already capable process e.

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  270. Geography

    what are 3 products that canada exports to portugal

    asked by Sheila
  271. math

    What property of addition is shown by 5+2=2+5 Associative Distributive commutative or Identity

    asked by cody
  272. English

    Devil in the White City Chicago World's Fair benefits and downfalls... I need to write an essay on The Devil in the White City. I read the book and i have a pretty firm grasp on it, but im still having trouble finding events and ideas that occur that

    asked by Walter
  273. chem

    What mass of copper(II) nitrate would be produced from the complete reaction of 25.1 g of copper my final answer is 74.08 is this correct

    asked by vanessa
  274. Statistics

    Which of the following is true about Standard Deviation? a. It is the maximum value minus the minimum value b. It a range of values c. It the average d. It a measure of spread e. It measures location

    asked by Beata Chmielewska
  275. chemistry

    Which of the following compounds would result in an exchange reaction if mixed in an aqueous solution with (NH4)2S? a. SrCl2 b. Li2C2O4 c. CH3CO2Ag d. MnSO4 I don't know what to look for.

    asked by Morgan
  276. Algebra 1

    As a team we are having trouble coming up with the same ordered pairs for the following 7x+6y=15 and -7x+y=27. We came up with (17,-8) can you show your steps please

    asked by Team A
  277. macroeconomics

    suppose that congress enacts a significant tax cut with the expectation thatthis action will stimulate sggregated demand and puch the real gdp in the short run. in gact, however, neither real gdp now the price level changes significantly as a result of the

    asked by aimee
  278. Chemistry

    he experiment is a sequence of Chemical Reactions. Procedure part A preparation fo copper (II) Hydroxide-get a solution of copper(II)nitrate. measure 25ml of solution. to blue solution add 2mL of concertarted NaOH while stirring. Let mixture settle and use

    asked by Missy For Bob
  279. 6th grade

    Say you are at a bike shop. They sell tricycles, bicycles and unicycles. If there is a total of 150 wheels and 70 seats. If there are twice as many bicycles as tricycles how many of each type of bike do you have?

    asked by Susie
  280. Physics

    A 3.0-kg block is at rest on a horizontal floor. If you push horizontally on the 3.0-kg block with a force of 12.0N it just starts to move. What is the coefficient of static friction?

    asked by Jake
  281. Chemistry

    At one stage you add phosphate ion to the ractions sequence. where exactly does this phosphate end up? It is not weighed in with the copper at the end. Reaction sequence: Cu(NO3)2 = Cu(OH)2 =CuSO4 = Cu3(PO4)2= CuCl2=Cu

    asked by Missy
  282. Chemistry I

    When ice melts, it absorbs 0.33 kJ per gram. How much ice is required to cool a 24.0 fluid ounce drink from 75°F to 35°F, if the heat capacity of the drink is 4.18 J/g·°C? (Assume that the heat transfer is 100% efficient.)

    asked by Robbie
  283. physics

    A sled with a weight of 200N is being pulled from rest by a force of 40 N across ice which has a coefficient of kinetic friction of ,070. If air resistance is negligible, find the acceleration of the sled. How far will the sled slide in 6 Sec?

    asked by K. Polska
  284. Chemistry

    At one stage you add phosphate ion to the ractions sequence. where exactly does this phosphate end up? It is not weighed in with the copper at the end. Reaction sequence: Cu(NO3)2 = Cu(OH)2 =CuSO4 = Cu3(PO4)2= CuCl2=Cu

    asked by Missy
  285. Music appreciation

    What muscial form preceded the sonata allegro form that was often considered dramatic and rewarding.

    asked by Kelli
  286. chemistry

    capacity of the drink is 4.18 J/g·°C? (Assume that the heat transfer is 100% efficient.)

    asked by Rebekah
  287. Chemistry I

    25.0 mL of ethanol (density = 0.789 g/mL) initially at 4.2°C is mixed with 35.7 mL of water (density = 1.0 g/mL) initially at 25.3°C in an insulated beaker. Assuming that no heat is lost, what is the final temperature of the mixture?

    asked by Robbie
  288. high school

    which of the following is the best reason for a home inspector to have a set procedure for the inspector process.

    asked by Mia
  289. Chemistry I

    A block of aluminum with a volume of 96.6 cm3 absorbs 66.6 J of heat. If its initial temperature was 32.5 °C, what is its final temperature? (density of aluminum = 2.70 g/cm3

    asked by Robbie
  290. 11th grade

    A 36.5 g of iron ore is treated as follows. The iron in the sample is all converted by a series of chemical reactions to Fe2O3. The mass of Fe2O3 is measured to be 10 grams. What was the percent iron in the sample of ore?

    asked by Anonymous
  291. Geography

    when it is noon in ottawa it is dash in portugal

    asked by Sheila
  292. management

    Explain the contributions of Taylor, the Gilbreths, and Gantt to the theory of scientific management.

    asked by RT
  293. Accounting

    I am attempting to complete a budget matrix. Is a consultant listed as a functional budget item or a line-item budget? Are indirect costs listed as a functional budget item or a line-item budget? My understanding from the reading is that I have 1)

    asked by Sarah
  294. chem

    Anhydrous aluminum oxide can be reduced to aluminum according to thisa chemical equation: 2 Al2O3 (s) ---> 4 Al (l) + 3 O2 (g) Calculate the mass of aluminum oxide reacted if 91.4 g of Al was produced and the percent yield was found to be 89.3%

    asked by vanessa
  295. management

    Compare bureaucratic and administrative management.

    asked by RT
  296. physics

    a plank will break if a forces of 350 N is applied to its center.What is the largest weight it can support if it is titled to an angle of 35degrees?

    asked by jazmyn
  297. chem.

    Calculate the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a 25 g sample of water from 5°C to 10.°C. i got 523 then rounded it to two sig figs 520 but it said it was wrong

    asked by Rebekah
  298. algebra

    Mr.Yakima teaches science classes, with the same number of students in each class.Of those tudents are 80 sixth graders and 40 are fifth graders. write an equation to model this situation using the variable n. What does your variable represent?

    asked by sjlslkdj
  299. Algebra II

    What's the solution for -5 < 1 - 2k < 3? Is it 3 > k >-1 or is it -1 < k < 3? I'm not sure if you have to switch the order of the numbers also when you're dividing it by a negative number..

    asked by anna
  300. Science

    Give an example of how animal behavior would chnge if the Earth become hotter in the future.

    asked by Robert
  301. 4 grade

    draw 2 example of rectangle and trapzoid

    asked by Anonymous
  302. chemistry

    what are isotopes???

    asked by Anonymous
  303. science

    A crate is resting on the back of a truck and has a coefficient of of friction of 0.45. What is the maximum acceleration that the truck can undergo before the crate starts to slide off the back of the truck.

    asked by Cassey
  304. ALGEBRA

    Q-R = R , SOLVE FOR R

    asked by michael
  305. English

    Thank you for your last corrections. Here are some more sentences I need you to check. Is the tense choice correct? 1)At this point Marlow starts describing Kurtz to the other sailors though he hasn’t met him yet. 2) Kurtz spoke English to him since his

    asked by Franco
  306. Calculus

    find volume of solid obtained by rotating region bounded by curves y=x and y=sq.rt x, about line x=2

    asked by Abby
  307. geometry

    Find the measure of each angle of the supplementary angles, given the measure of angle 1 = (-10x + 53) and the measure of angle 2 = (-5x - 8).

    asked by Anonymous
  308. physics

    Water flows into a swimming pool at a rate of 9.59 gal/min. If the pool dimensions are 30.9 ft wide, 47.6 ft long and 13 ft deep, how long does it take to fill the pool? (1 gallon = 231 cubic inches). Answer in units of minutes.

    asked by brittney
  309. daycare concern

    Ms. Sue need your help in setting up a curriculum for my 1 - 3 age group in my daycare please?

    asked by action
  310. English

    1) He also explained to him that the natives had attacked the steamer because they didn’t want Marlow to leave. He himself was enthusiastic about Kurtz because he had enlarged (or broaden, widen) his mind. 2)He described him as a brilliant talker, a man

    asked by Franco
  311. Math

    What is the value of the second 5 in 1.555?

    asked by Barb
  312. Spanish, posted Sept. 14

    Please go back to your original post for additional information. Please also post a name! Sra

    asked by SraJMcGin
  313. 10th grade Chemistry

    The most reactive group of the nonmetal are the?

    asked by Janelle
  314. Math

    what is are some free websites that can give me rational and irrational practice?

    asked by Kelly
  315. math

    how to simplify 2x^3-x-3/(x+1)

    asked by mike
  316. english/ grammar

    what is a concrete noun?

    asked by kevin
  317. math

    write each number in decimal form: (a) two hundred thirty and seven tenths .... .... .... please help!! thank you very much!

    asked by raluca
  318. chemistry

    Compare the three types of bonds based on what happens to the valence electrons of the atoms

    asked by chris
  319. Physics

    A particle moving initially at 4 m/s in the positive x direction is given an acceleration of 3 m/s^2 in the positive y direction for 2 seconds. What is the magnitude and direction of the particle's velocity after 2 seconds? If the particle was located at

    asked by Jess
  320. To:Ms.Sue

    Yes sorry, I kind of exaggerate when I write. May I ask how is "Everyone" a singular? Don't singular mean one only? Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  321. Physics

    Is there something that there is a googol of?

    asked by lola
  322. Quantative Reasoning

    Explain what the CPI is and do you think that the CPI accurately measures the rate of inflation?

    asked by Anonymous
  323. tanks

    thank you ms sue!!

    asked by raluca
  324. Daycare concern

    Ms Sue Thanks so much

    asked by action
  325. Math

    Solve the problem. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. A long-distance runner runs 5 miles directly south and then faces due east and runs another 7 miles. How far is the runner, in a straight line, from his starting point?

    asked by Missy
  326. Calculus

    let V be volume of the solid obtained by rotating about the y-axis the region bounded by y=sqrtx and y=x^2. find V both by slicing and by cylindrical shells. in both cases, draw a diagram to explain your method. I'm SO stuck!

    asked by Abby