Questions Asked on
September 5, 2010

  1. chemistry

    A certain element forms an ion with 54 electrons and a charge of +2. Identify the element.

    asked by Mely
  2. chemistry

    Calculate the expansion work done when 50 g of water is electrolysed under constant pressure at 25C

    asked by Dana
  3. Statistics

    A group of statistics students decided to conduct a survey at their university to find the average (mean) amount of time students spent studying per week. Assuming a standard deviation of 3 hours, what is the required sample size if the error should be

    asked by Robin
  4. physics

    A rifle is used to shoot twice at a target, using identical cartridges. The first time, the rifle is aimed parallel to the ground and directly at the center of the bull's eye. The bullet strikes the target at a distance of HA below the center, however. The

    asked by demi
  5. MATH


    asked by TAYLOR
  6. chemistry

    Phosphoric acid reacts with magnesium carbonate to produce? When you predict the products and write a balanced equation the coefficient of phosphoric acid is a.1 b.2 c.3 d.6 e.4

    asked by Mely
  7. chemistry

    the major commercial aluminium ore is bauxite,AlO3.H2O(s).What is its molar mass?The analysis of a representive sample of bauxite shows it contains 70% by mass of Al2O3..What is the maximum mass of aluminium metal that could be obtained from 200kg of

    asked by kabelo
  8. chemistry

    The proton has a radius of approximately 1.0 times 10^{ - 13} cm and a mass of 1.7 times 10^{ - 24} g. Determine the density of a proton. For a sphere V = (4/3)times pi r^3.

    asked by Mely
  9. physics

    A bird watcher meanders through the woods, walking 0.45 km due east, 0.60 km due south, and 2.70 km in a direction 37.0° north of west. The time required for this trip is 4.00 h. (a) Determine the magnitude and direction (relative to due west) of the bird

    asked by demi
  10. precalc

    A shoe manufacturer markets a new athletic shoe in a community of 500,000 people. The marketing representative convinces 35% of the community to buy the shoe. Additionally, each customer convinces 35% of his or her friends that have not bought the shoe to

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math - equations of lines

    A line has the same x-intercept as [x,y,z]=[-21,8,14]+t[-12,4,7] and the same y-intercept as [x,y,z]=[6,-8,12]+s[2,-5,4]. Write the parametric equation of the line.

    asked by Shaila
  12. Physics

    The figure below shows two pint charges, each of -2Q, fixed on the y-axis at y = +a and at y = -a . A third points charge -Q is placed on the x-axis at x = 2a . Express all algebraic answers in terms of Q, a, and fundamental constants. (a) What is the net

    asked by David
  13. physics

    A motorcycle daredevil is attempting to jump across as many buses as possible (see the drawing). The takeoff ramp makes an angle è = 18.0° above the horizontal, and the landing ramp is identical to the takeoff ramp. The buses are parked side by side, and

    asked by demi
  14. Physics

    Please help- A small fish is dropped by a pelican that is rising steadily at 0.50 m/s. How far below the pelican is the fish after 2.5 s? Answers. 61m 29.3 30.6 1.1m I just started school and I'm totally lost-If someone could explain formula to me I'd

    asked by Melinda
  15. math

    a fireman stood on the middle step of a ladder, shooting water into a burning building, as the smoke lessened, he climbed up 3 steps, and continued his work, the fire got worse, so he had to go down 5 steps, later he climbed up the last 6 steps and was at

    asked by justin
  16. Chemistry

    An alpha particle (mass = 6.6 10-24 g) emitted by radium travels at 2.5 107 ± 0.1 107 mi/h. (a) What is its de Broglie wavelength (in meters)? (b) What is the uncertainty in its position?

    asked by Kate
  17. phy

    A boat can travel 2.60 m/s in still water.If the boat points its prow directly across a stream whose current is 1.10 m/s, what is the velocity (magnitude and direction) of the boat relative to the shore? What will be the position of the boat, relative to

    asked by ami
  18. Physics/ Science

    Cars A and B, each moving at 70 km/h, are approaching one another on a straight highway. After how many seconds will they meet if they were initially 1 km apart?

    asked by Ryan Jude
  19. algebra

    use the integer to represent a withdrawal of $125 from a bank account. ( i need help )

    asked by sasha

    Use the following thermodynamic data at 298 K to determine the equilibrium constant at this temperature for the reaction of iron in steam to form hydrogen and iron(III) oxide. 2Fe(s) + 3H2O(g) 3H2(g) + Fe2O3(s) Substance Fe(s) H2O(g) H2(g) Fe2O3(s)

    asked by Lucinda
  21. English

    I had to rewrite sentences so that there were no longer fragments are they correct? 1. The idea of a credit card first appeared in 1887, according to Lawrence M. Ausbel, author of “Credit Cards,” in the McGraw- Hill Encyclopedia of Economics. 2.

    asked by keisha
  22. physics

    A rock climber throws a small first aid kit to another climber who is higher up the mountain. The initial velocity of the kit is 17 m/s at an angle of 50° above the horizontal. At the instant when the kit is caught, it is traveling horizontally, so its

    asked by demi
  23. HIS/135

    Explain the impact of McCarthyism on the U.S. Relate the ideology of the Cold War to the breakdown of wartime affiances after the end of WWII. Examine American Cold War policies and practices in international relations from the late 1940s to the mid-1950

    asked by Tony
  24. Math - equation of plane and vectors

    A plane is defined by the equations x-4y+2z=16. Find two vectors parallel to the plane.

    asked by Shaila
  25. physics

    In a football game a kicker attempts a field goal. The ball remains in contact with the kicker's foot for 0.050 s, during which time it experiences an acceleration of 360 m/s2. The ball is launched at an angle of 46° above the ground. Determine the

    asked by demi
  26. Physics

    I have two I need help with! 1. An airplane is flying in a horizontal flight level at constant velocity, heading due east. If the weight of the plane is 2.6 x 10^4 N, what is the net force on the plane? a)-2.6x10^4 N b)2.6x10^4 N c)0.0 N d) that due to

    asked by Johnny
  27. chemistry

    You wish to prepare a 10% CaCl2 solution. Only CaCl2 * 10H2O is availalbe. How many grams of the hydrated compound are required for 250ml of the reagent? Ca=40 Cl=35.5

    asked by j

    what is an inference? a) a conclusion that has been tested and accepted b) what is really occuring c) a tentative conclusion based on observations d) an observation made with a sense other than sight C

    asked by pam
  29. Math

    triangle PQR is translated 3 units ot the right and reflected over the line y=-1. The result is triangle P'Q'R'. Which is NOT true? 1) PQ = P'Q' 2)PQ/RQ = P'Q'/R'Q' 3)PQ + QR greater than or equal to R'P' 4)m angle P + m angle Q is greater than or equal to

    asked by Amy~
  30. physics

    A ball of mass 1.2kg and a volume of 35cm cubed is dropped from a height of 2m. Determine the height to which this ball will bounce.

    asked by Joe

    Calculate the reaction free energy of: H2(g) + I2(g) 2HI(g) when the concentrations are 0.026 mol L-1 (H2), 0.33 mol L-1 (I2), and 1.84 mol L-1 (HI), and the temperature is 700K. For this reaction Kc= 54 at 700 K. +11.6 kJ mol-1 0 kJ mol-1 -11.6 kJ mol-1

    asked by Lucinda
  32. English

    I need help with these last few questions. I don't know if they are correct,run-on or comma splice. 1. Mary Lou decided not to eat the alphabet soup the letters spelled out" botulism." 2.When English scientist James Smithson died in 1829, he willed his

    asked by keisha
  33. science

    The number of protons, neutrons and electrons, respectively, in 115Cd2+ are?

    asked by cooper
  34. Geometry

    How would I find the missing side of an obtuse triangle? Using the pythagorean theorem ?

    asked by Amy~
  35. chemistry

    500ml of 0.1M CaCl2 is required for protimes. How many grams of CaCl2 * H2O should you weight out?

    asked by j
  36. Physics

    3 There are two charges +Q and –Q/2 that locate at two positions with a separation of d as shown in Fig. 1. We may put +Q at the origin of the x-axis to facilitate the calculation. (a) Find the electric field for +Q and –Q/2 at the position P. (5

    asked by David
  37. Math

    Jane is 2mi offshore in a boat and wishes to reach a coastal village 6mi down a straight shoreline from the point nearest the boat. She can row 2mph and can walk 5mph. Where should she land her boat to reach the village in the least amount of time? I'm

    asked by Nikki
  38. chem

    According to the Bohr theory of the hydrogen atom, what is the minimum energy (in J) needed to ionize a hydrogen atom from the n = 2 state?

    asked by ryan
  39. college chemistry

    According to the Bohr theory of the hydrogen atom, what is the minimum energy (in J) needed to ionize a hydrogen atom from the n = 2 state?

    asked by ryan
  40. Math

    there is $175,000 to award. If the money is awarded to 4 students in a ratio of 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, how much will the largest award be? How would I solve this ?

    asked by Amy~
  41. economics

    describe a specific event that would make each of the following happen to a production possibilities curve a) a point moves down and to the left B the frontier shifts to the right.

    asked by carlos
  42. science

    What important characteristics do scientific theories and laws have? a) is always about planets and stars b) is correct and scientific c) explains and predicts d) is the same as a hypothesis c

    asked by pam
  43. His-135

    Cold War Ideology and Policies Write a 250-350-world paper in which you address the following. 1. Describe how the Cold War ideology that crystallized after WWII change wartime alliances that had existed during the war. Describe how American Cold War

    asked by Tony
  44. algebra

    a boat goes 16 Km upstream and 24 Km downstream in can go 12Km upstream and 36 Km in same time.find the speed of boat in still water and speed of the stream

    asked by sara
  45. social studies

    Which large island is located farthest north?

    asked by Sapphire
  46. calculus

    Find the first four iterates of the function using the given value. f(x)= x(2.5 - x); x sub zero = 3

    asked by Jackson
  47. English

    What do you do after school? 1. I go to an art academy to practice painting. 2. I go to a math academy to study math hard. 3. I go to an English academy to practice speaking with a native speaker. (Are they all correct? Can we use 'provate institute'

    asked by rfvv
  48. maths

    find c from the formula H= abc when h= 40, a= 2 and b= 5

    asked by max
  49. chemistry

    What is the molar concentration of 2000. mL of aqueous solution containing 125 g of glucose, C6 H12O6? Molar mass 180.15 g/mol. Report your answer to three significant figures.

    asked by Mely
  50. college

    Mary's new shoes fell apart at the dance last night. What's the complete subject and complete predicate and the simple subject and the verb.

    asked by amerie
  51. Math Geometry

    there are 2 pentagons the small pentagon has a side that is 3cm while the side on the other larger pentagon is 8cm. the small pentagon has a side x cm while the same side on the larger pentagon is 5cm. would i set up a proportion 3/x = 8/5

    asked by Amy~
  52. Math

    A donkey and a mule were carrying sacks of apples. The donkey groaned so the mule said to him: "Why are you complaining? If you gave me one sack, I would have twice as many as you; if I gave you one of my sacks, then we would have equal loads." How many

    asked by Lizzy
  53. math

    A total of 1200 students attend top view high school. The ratio of teachers to students is 1:30. How many teachers are there at the school?

    asked by christine
  54. algebra 1

    how to simplify and solve 2/5(20x+5)-1/2(8-4x)=38

    asked by kate
  55. formula

    find p from the formula I= prt/100 when i= 20, r=5 and t= 4

    asked by Anonymous
  56. science

    Can someone answer in depth the difference between a soap and a detergent using chemist terms please :)

    asked by Adam
  57. chemistry

    What is the oxidation number of sulfur in SO4-2?

    asked by Mely
  58. chemistry

    What is the molar concentration of 2000. mL of aqueous solution containing 125 g of glucose, C6 H12O6? Molar mass 180.15 g/mol. Report your answer to three significant figures.

    asked by Mely
  59. Chemistry

    There was this problem on a test that I took recently. But, I never learned how to solve this. The problem was: it gave the mass of a certain compound and stated that it had 92% carbon. then it asked for the theortical yield of Carbon.

    asked by Amy~
  60. Math

    A farmer planted a field of BT 124 corn and wants to estimate the yield in terms of bushels per acre. He counts 22 ears in 1/1000 of an acre and determines that each ear has about 700 kernels on average. He also knows that a bushel contains about 90,000

    asked by Jim
  61. science

    Just need to know if my answer is wrong or right. Thank You! :) A well accepted theory in science is Einstein's Theroy of Relativity. If new evidence was found which contradicted the theory, the theory could be rejected. true false FALSE

    asked by pam
  62. Math

    A sample of 100 students is selected from a known population of 1000 students to construct a 95% confidence interval for the average SAT score. What correction factor should be used to compute the standard error?

    asked by Robin
  63. Computer networks

    Consider sending a file of 2Mbits from Host A to Host B. There are three links and two store-and-forward routers (or switches) between A and B. Assume that no link is congested (that is, no queueing delays), and the one-way propagation delay of each link

    asked by Up
  64. maths

    find p from the formula i= prt/100 when i=20, r=5, and t=4

    asked by max
  65. science

    The number of protons, neutrons and electrons, respectively, in 115Cd2+ are?

    asked by cooper
  66. Algebra 1

    subtract (8 sqrt 125) - (7 sqrt 5)=

    asked by June
  67. chemistry

    write equations for the reactions of NaOH(aq) with solutions containing Al^3+ Cu^2+(aq),Pb^2+(aq) and Fe^3+(aq) ions respectively

    asked by kabelo
  68. chemistry

    cobalt chloride forms pink crystals. when they are heated water is evolved an they turn blue. can you please explain how you could ue cobalt chloride as a test of water.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Algebra

    I need help with math 116 week8 quiz I have tried everything please help me I am failing this class thank you in advance

    asked by Norma
  70. math

    find p from the formula I=prt/100 when i=20, r=5 and t=4

    asked by lauren
  71. Math - vector equation of a parallelogram

    The vertices of a parallelogram are the origin and the points A(-1,4), B(3,6), and C(7,2). Write the vector equations of the lines that make up the sides of the parallelogram

    asked by Shaila
  72. chemistry

    whats the average atomic mass of silver according to the following data? use four decimal points Silver-107 107.03528 51.86 Silver-109 109.12006 remainder

    asked by Lorie
  73. Math (Calculus II)

    Rate of change proportional to size: P(t)= P(i)e^kt, where P is population, t is time, k is a constant and P(i) is the initial p or "p naught"; sorry, I don't know the typed notation for subscript. By the way, p(i) is given as 100. The problems are a.)

    asked by John
  74. Physics - Circular motion

    A marble of mass m is placed on top of a bowling ball of radius r and allowed to roll from rest. derive the angle from centre of circle at which the marble loses contact with bowling ball. assume there is no friction between marble and bowling ball.

    asked by Andrew
  75. Math


    asked by jen
  76. Chemistry

    I need to work out a mechanism for the synthesis of 2-cyclohexylpropanal. I am not sure what the reaction is to make this or what reagents to start from. I thought that maybe it could be an aldol reaction starting from cyclohexanone and propanal but I'm

    asked by Alice
  77. economics

    problema solving how would you illustrate the impact of each of the followimg events on a production possibilitities curve for factoey goods and farms? A)the computer is invented B)1 million farm workers remain unemployed for six months c) a drought

    asked by carlos
  78. Math

    Im not sure where to begin on this problem: g(x)= -492x^3-492x^2+308x-5 What are the only possible integer roots of g?

    asked by V
  79. algebra homework

    1 minus the sqrt of x by the power of 2. I need help with the steps of solving this. I forgot how to do it. Thakns in advance.

    asked by kim
  80. capt math

    to convert from ounces to pounds, you can multiply the nymber of ounces by 0.0625. express 0.0625 in scientific notation. : can you please help me express it. thanks

    asked by sasha
  81. economics

    # Choose a product you have purchased in the past month from a grocery or home improvement store. # Describe how each of the 4 factors contributed to the elasticity of the good. # Is the product considered elastic, inelastic, or unitary elastic? # In a few

    asked by Anonymous
  82. CIS 105

    Describe one technological device in 350 to 700 words. Include the following: When did it come (or will it potentially come) into existence? What scientific or technological reasoning explains how this potential has been (or can be) be reached? Think about

    asked by Jasmine
  83. Algebra

    a cellular phone company offers a contract for which the cost C in dollars of t minutes is given by C 0.25 (t-300)+ 61.95 where it is assumed that t¡Ý 300 minutes what time will keep $99.45 and 145.95

    asked by Norma
  84. geometry

    The side of a triangle opposite a 58° measures 15 inches. To the nearest hundredth of an inch, what is the length of the side opposite a 53° angle

    asked by ben
  85. Chemistry

    A 4.50 g sample of LiCl at 250 C dissolves in 25.0 ml of water also at 25.0 C.? The final equilibrium temp of the resulting solution is 60.8 C. What is the enthalpy of solution, deltaHs, of LiCl expressed in kilojoules per mole.

    asked by Jeff
  86. Math(Please check answers)

    1) Solve the equation: 15(7x-6) = 3x-5 My answer is (-85/108) 2) Mary and her brother collect coins. Mary has 4 times the number of coins that her brother has. Together they have 175 coins. How many does Mary have? My answer is 140 3) Perform the indicated

    asked by Hannah
  87. algebra

    a boat goes 16 Km upstream and 24 Km downstream in can go 12Km upstream and 36 Km in same time.find the speed of boat in still water and speed of the stream

    asked by sara
  88. Algebra 2

    Can someone please help me? Use the rational exponents to simplify. 5 sqrt x^20 would the answer be 5?

    asked by Ava
  89. Division

    3y-18/35 divided by y-6/15y

    asked by Brian
  90. business

    The leader of your client organization has observed a lack of flexibility and a slow decision-making process in many of the departments. He believes that he is not serving his customers well, and has decided to move to a team environment and to push many

    asked by gloria
  91. statistics

    how to do histogram and relative- frequency histogram using the #s 1,5,5,6,7,4,8,7,6,5,5,6,7,6,6,5,8,9,9, 10,7,8,11,2,4,6,5,12,13,6,3,7,8,8,9,9,10,9,8,9 with five classes

    asked by marilyn
  92. algebra

    (a minus sqrtx)^2=25 I have no idea of how to work this problem where i in up with the answers of a=7,-3. Basiclly I just gave it a guess. Could someone show the steps I need to take. Thanks.

    asked by jessica
  93. chemistry

    A tank has a pressure of 20.3 atm at a temperature of 22.6 oC. After heating, the temperature rises to 52.7 oC. What is the new pressure?

    asked by Mely
  94. math

    Hoshi walks 10 meters in 3 seconds what is her walking rate

    asked by Nina
  95. 11th grade

    The base of a pyramid is 10 cm high is the triangle shown. Find the volume of the pyramid. The hieght/leg of the traingle is 4 the base/leg is 6 and the hypothnues is 7.21

    asked by Ali
  96. physics

    An object with an initial velocity of 5 m/s accelerates uniformly for 15 s. (a) If the final velocity is 37 m/s, what is the acceleration?

    asked by bob
  97. science

    What would happen if correct new evidence was discovered that did not agree with a well established scientific theory? a) the theory would be modified or replaced b) the evidence would be false. evidence has to match the theory. c) this couldn't happen.

    asked by pam
  98. physics

    A hockey puck has an initial velocity of 44 m/s and a final velocity of 34 m/s. (a) If it travels 25 m during this time, what is the acceleration? m/s2 (b) If the mass of the puck is 0.13 kg, what is the horizontal force on the puck? N

    asked by mike
  99. Microeconomics

    A company is working on the market of perfect competition. Its cost function TC=Q^2-4Q+64 and demand function on the product that company produces is Q=400-20P. Calculate: a. optimal quantity of production, at which company maximizes profits b. market

    asked by Magda
  100. computer science

    • Explain, in a 350- to 700-word paper, each of the 12 principles of information security and how each can be applied to real-life situations. Include an explanation of the four types of security policies

    asked by john
  101. world history

    Over the next two years I will be writing a 4000 word essay on a narrowly focused topic of my choice. I would prefer to do something in history, although there are plenty of other catagories in which my research question may be submitted. I would greatly

    asked by Taylor
  102. Health

    a plant in the classroom appears to be wilting. The children are asked to come up with as many possible explanation for this as they can. They're engaged in the second stage of decision making, called A.groupthink B.herding ideas C. railroading ideas

    asked by LV
  103. science

    Just need to know if my answer is wrong or right. Thank You! :) Select all the following that could be observations:? a) what some is thinking b) the taste if pancakes c) the sight of clouds in the sky d) the taste of a cookie C

    asked by pam
  104. calculus

    I am having a problem with solving this Given the function f described by f(x)=x+3, find each of the following: f(0) f(-13) f(-12) f(1) f(4+8) can you help me please?

    asked by kasey
  105. Word Problem, math.

    A police car traveling 100 ft/sec is chasing a car being driven erratically at 75 ft/sec. If the police car is 300 feet behind the other vehicle when the chase began, about how many seconds will it take to catch the erratic driver? I think I know how to

    asked by Arie
  106. Chemistry

    what are the 3 levels of protein structures and how do bonding and intermolecular forces relate to this?

    asked by sarah
  107. Chemistry

    what are the 3 levels of protein structures and how do bonding and intermolecular forces relate to this?

    asked by sarah
  108. math

    During a football game, two players try to tackle another play. One player applies a force of 50.0 N to the east. A second player applies a force of 120.0 N to the north. What is the total applied force? (Since force is a vector, you must give both the

    asked by jeff
  109. Physics

    If someone could point me in the right direction-please!!! A car with an initial speed of 4.30m/s accerlerates uniformly at the rate of 3.00 m/s ^2. Find final speed after 5.00s. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    asked by Andrea
  110. Physics

    Suppose that you are at the top of a (rigid) rocket which is half a light year tall. If the rocket is accelerating such that your proper acceleration is 1g, What is the proper acceleration at the bottom of the rocket? B = F c2 c2 􀀀  F : This is one of

    asked by Ian
  111. childhood education

    summarize the four stages of the transformational learning cycle

    asked by kesah
  112. home work

    Suppose Lynette ride her bicycle due south at a rate of 16 miles per hour.If the wind blowing due west at 4 miles per hours ,what is the resultant velocity and direction of the bicycle?

    asked by Nancy L
  113. Algebra

    5 sqrt x^20

    asked by Tom
  114. Math

    Is this right? Simplify by removing factors of 1. 2m^2+2m/10m^2+4m My answer is m^2/5m^2+2m

    asked by Ashley
  115. Math: Geometry/Algebra?

    A construction company needs to build thirty trusses for the roof of a house. The truss is 20 ft long on the top two sides. What is the bottom length of the truss? the options for this answer were: a)30ft b)40ft c)50ft d)60ft When I solved this, I got 28.3

    asked by Amy~
  116. Algebra 1

    Multiply (5sqrt5-10sqrt 6)* (3sqrt5+6sqrt6)

    asked by June
  117. science

    Virginia hears a scratching sound outsides her window almost every night. Which of the following would be good evidence to gather to test the hypothesis that a tree branch is rubbing the outside of Virginia's window? a) set a trap to catch any animals by

    asked by pam
  118. Music

    What invention during the Renaissance period enabled people to purchase music for their own personal use? A. Faster delivery service B. Printing press C. Instruments for trained transcription workers D. Electronic recording device

    asked by LV
  119. chemistry

    2.633 ounces of aluminum were added to a graduated cylinder containing 16.71 mL of water. What is the new water level after adding the aluminum? The density of aluminum is 2.702 g/ mL.

    asked by Mely
  120. chemistry

    wat are the main uses of aluminium

    asked by Anonymous
  121. physics

    The space shuttle traves in orbit at 210000 km/hr. How far will it travel after 5.0 hrs?

    asked by Y
  122. science

    what is the first step in the scientific method? a) a conclusion is made b) evidence is gathered c) a problem is presented d)an explanation is thought of C

    asked by pam
  123. Database Essentials

    2 questions. what is the importance of databases in business world? what are the the different objects you find in a Microsoft Access database file?

    asked by Bryan
  124. algebra

    2x^2-2x-1=0 How do I use the quadratic formula to solve this because I am totally new at this and need help? Please show me the steps for this equation,so I will be able to do it own my own. Thank you.

    asked by paulina
  125. His-135

    Check-Point> McCarthyism Submit 150-to-200 word response in which you address the following: 1.Explain how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S. 2.Defend McCarthyism as appropriate or criticize it as inappropriate for

    asked by Tony
  126. algebra

    what is 4c+2f-6c-10f

    asked by Anonymous
  127. bio

    wat is a palisade cell?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. science

    Just need to know if my answer is wrong or right. Thank You! :) Joe's computer mouse doesn't work. He wonders if it is plugged in. He checked the mouse cord and discovers that it is unplugged. Which stage of the scientific method is Joe in when he checks

    asked by pam
  129. Math

    Which major should Derrick pick based on the starting salary? Business: Mean: $39,000 Median: $30,000 Range: $20,000 Engineering: Mean: $35,000 Median: $34,000 Range: $12,000 Could someone explain why it would be a certain major? I don't know: I thought

    asked by Amy~
  130. maths

    find r from the formula e= ir when e= 20 and i = 4

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Chemistry

    Desribe differences and similarities of monosaccharides (ie. explain different forms of isomerism)

    asked by sarah
  132. maths

    find c from the formula H= abc when h= 40, a= 2 and b= 5

    asked by max
  133. Math- Geometry

    Can anyone help me answer this question... Find the area of a right isoscles triangle if the altitude on the hypotenuse is 4 cm.

    asked by Avery
  134. Multiplying

    (81a^2/2a^2-4a+2) * (2a-2/9a) Please help. Thanks

    asked by Gary
  135. math

    can someone please help me with this.. I do not get how to do it 3 sqrt 729 x^5/y^3

    asked by Gary
  136. algebra

    Given the function k described by k(x)=8x, find each of the following. k(-13)= k(6)= k(24)=

    asked by Alan
  137. algebra

    The third power of sqrt of 5b^9. Can someone point out the steps for solving this problem. Thanks for your help in advance.

    asked by Trina
  138. science

    An ambulance is going down the street with its lights and siren on. the hospital is five blocks away. select all the statements that are observations. a) the ambulance is moving b) the ambulance is going to the hospital c) the ambulance has its siren on d)

    asked by pam
  139. 10th grade

    for which value of n will the function 4/9 and n/27 be equivalent?

    asked by sasha
  140. Health, Safety, and Nutritio

    A child who hasn't learned the prerequisite fundamentals needed for a combination of motor patterns is suffering from

    asked by LV
  141. Math

    Brandy ate 1/4 of his twelfth birthday cake. His friends ate 2/3 of it. If the cake was divided into 12 pieces, how many pieces did Brandy and his friends eat?

    asked by Nixie
  142. algebra

    order the following numbers from greatest to least : 3.8 , -4.3 , -4.1 . express the answers by usinq < , , _>

    asked by sasha
  143. Managerial Economics

    The general supply function for new housing in Miami is estimated to be Qs ƒ­ƒnƒ©ƒ¦ƒyƒnƒ¢P ƒ{ƒ¡ƒ~PL ƒ{ƒ¤PK where P is the price per square foot of new housing in Miami, PL is the average hourly wage rate for construction workers, and PK

    asked by Julia Miller
  144. maths

    these numbers: 20,17,21,15,16,15,12,14,15,19,21,17,20,22,16, 19,21,13,22,14,15,18,20,13,18,16,15,19 the mean is 17.25 the range is 10 what would you give as the pass mark?

    asked by Anonymous
  145. science

    science best defines observation as which of the following? a) evidence that is seen b) something to look at the planets c) evidence detected by any of the senses d) anything that is seen C

    asked by pam
  146. biology

    what does DNA stand for?

    asked by Anonymous
  147. Math

    x = 3 -2x^(2) / (1/3)^(-x) how to solve? would I multiply 3(-2) than square? Also, when I move (1/3)^(-3) to the numerator would it become (3)^3

    asked by Amy~
  148. Intermediate Algebra

    Evaluate the logarithmic equation for three values of x that are greater than -1, three values of x that are between -2 and -1, and at x = -1. Show your work. Use the resulting ordered pairs to plot the graph; submit the graph via the Dropbox. State the

    asked by Marnae
  149. science

    A hypothesis is made in which stage of the scientific method? a) evidence is gathered b) the problem is presented c) a conclusion is made d) an explanation is thought of D

    asked by pam
  150. IT/Business/Law?

    Do I have to register for copyright protection of works of art including writing, photographs and digital images?

    asked by James
  151. comp

    • Write a paragraph of at least 200 words identifying three challenges that might arise when writing a paper.

    asked by twilia
  152. maths

    find n from the formula P= 1/n when p= 2

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Chemistry

    explain different forms of polymerisation in glucose

    asked by sarah
  154. Geography

    what does function mean in geography?

    asked by Lucy
  155. marketing

    You are a consultant advising a company on the importance of making good assumptions before making major decisions. To explain to your client what you mean you decide to give examples of other companies and the assumptions used to make major decisions.

    asked by hilda
  156. Geography

    Does this article relate to latin america geography? Brazil government gives go-ahead for huge Amazon dam. What's the significance of this article? Brazil's government has given the formal go-ahead for the building on a tributary of the Amazon of the

    asked by Courtney
  157. algebra 1

    how to solve 2/3+5/6=

    asked by jasmine
  158. Chemisrty

    would anyone be able to help me with mertic conversions? A table would be useful. would you be able to show me an example of how to convert units? please help! thank you so much!!

    asked by AyPa
  159. work

    If I have a base of 144" and sides of an equilateral triangle measuring 7'3", what is the height of the triangle?

    asked by Boyd
  160. criminal justice

    why to the laws on the book differ with juveniles and adults. should they? what about the punishment?

    asked by llisa
  161. math

    You find 30 coins in your drawer. 20 % of the coins are nickels. How much money you have in nickels?

    asked by Mely
  162. algebra

    Find the function value. f(x)=x^3 f(-8)=

    asked by Alan
  163. math

    simplify 3sqrt-1/8

    asked by Brian
  164. government

    Valuing order and equality more than freedom is a characteristic of conservative communitarians libertarians liberals

    asked by carlie
  165. 7th grade

    what to do if the unit rate have a reminder

    asked by Anonymous
  166. phy

    at what projection will the range of a projectile equal to 2 times its maximum height?

    asked by ami
  167. Math

    Simplify the expression csc@cos@tan@. What is the best way to solve this?

    asked by V
  168. AED 201

    Interview with a Teaching Professional •What are some examples of typical, quick decisions teachers make on a daily basis? •What were the five most difficult school-related decisions you made this week? What made them difficult? •What was the affect

    asked by Jasmine
  169. math

    Amount of an investment. The amount of an investment of P dollars for t years at simple interest rate r is given by A  P  Prt. a) Rewrite this formula by factoring out the greatest common factor on the right-hand side. b) Find A if $8300 is invested for

    asked by naine
  170. english

    What are some colorful, playful phrases from Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt like, "stuff his gob with toffee galore" " 'tis raining abroad, pelting out of the heavens" and "legless with the sherry". And please say in what chapters they are?

    asked by anna
  171. math

    One of the angles of a right triangle measures 30°, and the hypotenuse is 10 inches long. How long is the side opposite the 30° angle?

    asked by ben
  172. Chemistry

    How the mitochondrial processes of cell respiration compare with the cytoplasmic processed of cell respiration in terms of ATP production

    asked by sarah
  173. math-logic

    use each statement as given, and draw a single conclusion using all of the statements. => means implies 1) no misers are unselfish.None but misers save eggshells. Answer i got: eggshells => unselfish 2) Every eagle can fly.Some pigs cannot fly Answer 1

    asked by rebekah
  174. english

    Is this a fragment? Other outdoor summer activities are also endangered.

    asked by keisha
  175. chem

    How many electrons are in an atom of O2-.

    asked by vanessa
  176. math

    Factor completley 12r^2 +36rf +27f^2 5x^5-20x^4+30x^3 Can anyone please help me with these two problems. I have to get them done and do not understand them. Please help me.

    asked by Susan
  177. English

    How would I correct the following comma splice. Unfortunately, Anthony did not live to see the 1920 passage of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote she died in 1906.

    asked by keisha
  178. math

    simplify 3sqrt-1/8

    asked by Chloe
  179. Maths

    A farmer planted a field of BT 124 corn and wants to estimate the yield in terms of bushels per acre. He counts 22 ears in 1/1000 of an acre and determines that each ear has about 700 kernels on average. He also knows that a bushel contains about 90,000

    asked by Jim
  180. chemistry

    A gas with a temperature of 31.3 oC and a volume of 109.2 L is compressed to 11.7 L. What will be the new temperature? Report your answer to one decimal place.

    asked by Mely
  181. government

    Compared to the Articles of Confederation, did the US Constitution represent an increase in national power or a decrease? How so?

    asked by D
  182. math

    find c from the formula h=abc when h=40, a=2, b=5

    asked by alex
  183. political science

    Compared to the Articles of Confederation, did the US Constitution represent an increase in national power or a decrease? How so?

    asked by D
  184. Health, Safety, and Nutrition

    A child throws a ball with speed and accuracy when he plays catch with his teacher, but his throws are slower and less accurate when he plays with a group of friends. This difference is explained by. A.classical stage theory B. probability theory C.

    asked by LV
  185. maths

    these marks were obtained by class of 28 students in a science test. the maximum mark possible is 25. 20,17,21,15,16,15,12,14,15,19,21,17,20,22,16,19,21,13,22,15,14,18,20,13,18,16,15,19. a.calculate the mode b.what would you give as the pass mark? explain

    asked by Anonymous
  186. biology

    what is an enzyme?

    asked by Anonymous
  187. english

    Examples of hubris in the book? please and who is the most hubristic throughout the book

    asked by Connecticut yankee by mark twain hubris?
  188. math

    (x/8)+ (x/8)= 9/8

    asked by bria
  189. Intro to health and disease

    History of diabetes

    asked by JIm
  190. science

    Virginia wonders if a tree branch is rubbing the outside of the window. According to the scientific method , what should she do next? a) draw a conclusion b) gather evidence c) form a hypothesis d) experiment

    asked by ant
  191. algebra 2

    how to write this equation $45.00 is the total amount of money that i have to split. i need to buy meat one coast is 1.80 a pound and the other 1.00 per poung how can i write this equation to get the answer?

    asked by yukary
  192. Math

    A community college has 3,000 students and 90 instructors. The college plans that enrollment will be 3,500 next year. How many new instructors should be hired if the college wants to keep the same student to instructor ratio?

    asked by Diane
  193. science

    Select all the following that could be observations: a) the sound of the ocean b) the smell of perfume c) the way a tennis ball looks d) atoms I need help with this one because I'm kinda confused with this one because i think b and c are observations

    asked by pam