Questions Asked on
September 4, 2010

  1. chemistry

    While in Europe, if you drive 125 km per day, how much money would you spend on gas in one week if gas costs 1.10 euros per liter and your car's gas mileage is 39.0 mi/gal? Assume that 1euro= 1.26; dollars.

    asked by Mely
  2. chemistry

    Is diamond a pure substance, a homogeneous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture????

    asked by person
  3. College Chemistry

    In this lab: we demonstrated the method of evaporation of a saturated sodium chloride solution. The following question ask: 1) why is sodium chloride chosen for the solute? 2)Suggest reasons why the following were not chosen for the solute? a)Calcium

    asked by Tim
  4. college

    If the same amount of heat is supplied to sample of 10.0g each aluminum, iron,and copper all at 15 degrees celsius which sample would reach the highest temperature????

    asked by amy
  5. designer

    i need someone to check my answers. i know that i got alot wrong but please no harsh comments. thank you. my answers are at the bottom. Ms. Troy would like you to make a copy of an outfit that she owns and really likes—a sleeveless dress with a

    asked by sabrina
  6. math

    Suppose a basketball player is an excellent free throw shooter and makes 91% of his free throws (i.e., he has a 91% chance of making a single free throw). Assume that free throw shots are independent of one another. Suppose this player shoots five free

    asked by Sarah
  7. precalc

    A certain drug has a half-life of 2 hours in the bloodstream. The label says to take the drug every six hours. About how much of the drug will be in the bloodstream a month after the patient begins taking 700 mg every six hours?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Science

    A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 30.0 m/s. It accelerates with a constant upward acceleration of 2.50 m/s2 until its engines stop at an altitude of 160 m. A. what is the maximum height reached by the rocket? B. how long

    asked by Taylor
  9. trig

    If cot(x) = −19/18 , where x is in Quadrant IV, what is the exact value of sin(2x)?

    asked by Aly
  10. chemistry

    Balance the equation ?C4H10 (g) + ?O2 (g) ! ?CO2 (g) + ?H2O(g) , using the smallest possible integers. What is the coefficient of C4H10?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. precal nightmare

    Suppose a U.S. presidential candidate announced that, if elected, he would create a national park out of trash. For a period of one year, all residential and commercial trash usually sent to landfills would be trucked to a central spot. Over time, the

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Physics - elastic collision

    Car A, with mass of 1735kg, was traveling north at 45.5km/h and car B, with a mass of 2540kg, was traveling west at 37.7km/h when they collided at an intersection. if the cars stuck together after the collision, what was their combined momentum? Was the

    asked by Shaila
  13. physics

    The number of significant figures in 0.00150 is ....

    asked by sandhya
  14. physical science

    A 6.2 "kilo" bag of sugar is on a counter. How much work is required to put the bag on a shelf a distance of 0.41 m above the counter

    asked by ashley

    Use the given data at 298 K to calculate ¦¤G¡ã for the reaction 2NO(g) + 2H2(g) ¡ú N2(g) + 2H2O(g) Substance NO(g) H2(g) N2(g) H2O(g) ¦¤H¡ãf (kJ/mol) 90 0 0 -242 S¡ã(J/K¡¤mol) 211 131 192 189 a. -270 kJ b. -630 kJ c. -3.46 x 104 kJ d. -667 kJ

    asked by Lucinda
  16. chemistry

    The speed of light is 3.00 times 10^8~m/s. How fast is this in miles per hour (miles/h)?

    asked by Mely
  17. Canadian history

    1)Canadians have been called “hewers of wood and drawers of water.” What does this phrase mean when applied to the Canadian economy? How valid is the comment for today’s Canadian industries? (Section 1-3) 2)In the last 5 years Canada's currency has

    asked by prethy
  18. Math - intersection of planes

    You are given the following two planes: x+4y-3z-12=0 x+6y-2z-22=0 a) Determine if the planes are parallel b) Fine the line of intersection of the two planes. c) Use the two original equations to determine two other equations that have the same solution as

    asked by Shaila
  19. Math - Equations of plane(check)

    Consider the plane that contains points A(2,3,1), B(-11,1,2), C(-7,-3,-6). a) Find two vectors that are parallel to the plane. Ans: AC, BC or AB will be parallel to the plane. b) Find two vectors that are perpendicular to the plane. Ans: if i find the

    asked by Shaila
  20. Algebra 1

    The cube root of the volume of a cube gives the length of one side of the cube . Volume:343 cm^3. A:Find the side length of the cube shown . B:Find the area of each face of the cube.

    asked by Gaby
  21. physics

    A dart gun is fired while being held horizontally at a height of 1.38m above ground level, and at rest relative to the ground. The dart from the fun travels a horizontal distance of 7.76. A child holds the same gun in a horizontal position while sliding

    asked by Mimi
  22. quick chemistry

    A solid white substance A is heated strongly in the absence of air. It decomposes to form a new white substance B and a gas C. The gas has exactly the same properties as the product obtained when carbon is burned in an excess of oxygen. What is solid B

    asked by rebekah
  23. calculus

    Use the ratio test to determine whether the series is convergent or divergent. 1/2 + 2^2/2^2 + 3^2/2^3 + 4^2/2^4 + ...

    asked by Joe
  24. phyical science

    A microwave oven has a power requirement of 1235 W. A frozen dinner requires 6.0 min to heat on full power. (a) How much electrical energy (in kWh) is used? 1 kWh (b) If the cost of electricity is 12 cents per kWh, how much does it cost to heat the dinner?

    asked by ashley
  25. geometry

    The sies of a triangle are 9cm, 12 cm and 15cm. Find the lenght of the perpendicular drawn to the side which is 15 cm.

    asked by rishabh
  26. science

    On a particular day, the following appliances are used for the times indicated: coffee maker, 40 min, and microwave oven, 23 min. Using the power requirements given in the table below, find how much it costs to use the appliances at an electrical cost of

    asked by ashley
  27. physics

    a car starting from rest is accelerated at 2m/s(square) for 10s, then moves at constant velocity for 20s and then decelerates at 1m/s(square), finally stops. how far does it travel during its trip? please help me! I need in solution for that problem

    asked by Dana
  28. Physics - Elastic Collision

    how is this equation derived V'2= V1(2M1)/(M1+M2) (elastic collision - where one object is moving and the other is stationary)

    asked by Shaila
  29. physics

    A vector representing 190 N is oriented at 38◦ with the horizontal. What is the magnitude of its horizontal component?

    asked by Nikki
  30. Criminal Procedure

    reasonable suspicion is sufficient for which of the following four areas of police work? A) Arrests B) Traffic stops C) Searches D) Seizures I think its either b or c but leaning more towards c

    asked by Melisa
  31. math

    1. A baseball diamond is actually a square, 90 feet on each side. What is the distance from third base to first base? 2. The equation gives the distance, D, in miles that a person can see to the horizon from a height, h, in feet. a) Solve this equation for

    asked by summer
  32. precalc

    The depletion of the Earth's ozone layer has created concern among some health experts. They believe that dramatic increases in the number of illnesses and deaths due to ultraviolet radiation rays may occur as a result of breaks in the ozone layer. The

    asked by Anonymous
  33. calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=–3x3–1x2+1x+1Find the average slope of this function on the interval (–2–1). By the Mean Value Theorem, we know there exists a c in the open interval (–2–1) such that f(c) is equal to this mean slope. Find the value

    asked by Jin
  34. Precalculus

    There is a piece of wire 200 cm long. It needs to be cut into 2 pieces, with one piece forming an equilateral triangle and the other piece forming a circle. How long must each piece be to maximize the area of each shape?

    asked by Ce
  35. Algebra/Math

    Can you help me with this problem? 5(6-4v)=v+21 I got v= 0.42 but I'm not sure if it's right.

    asked by miami
  36. precal

    If lim 1/5^n exists, what is its value? It's either 0.2 or 0

    asked by Anonymous
  37. English

    Dangling modifiers - are these right? Second entry is my corrected version. 1. In 1883, massive destruction was caused by the eruption of the volcano Krakatoa, an event recently examined in the book Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded. In 1883, the

    asked by Shawn
  38. Math - vector equation of a parallelogram

    The vertices of a parallelogram are the origin and the points A(-1,4), B(3,6), and C(7,2). Write the vector equations of the lines that make up the sides of the parallelogram

    asked by Shaila
  39. Math - equation of plane and vectors

    A plane is defined by the equations x-4y+2z=16. Find two vectors parallel to the plane.

    asked by Shaila
  40. chemistry

    There are exactly 60 seconds in a minute, there are exactly 60 minutes in an hour, there are exactly 24 hours in a mean solar day, and there are 365.24 solar days in a solar year. Find the number of seconds in a solar year.

    asked by Mely
  41. Expository Essay Help

    Another way to change these sentences "In conclusion, it takes discipline, time management, preparation, a computer, various tips, finances, and a desire to prepare for a major life change in going back to college for a degree. There are many things that a

    asked by Terrie
  42. Chemistry

    In the reaction: Protection of 1-Phenylethanol by 3,4-Dihydro-2H-pyran, 1-phenylethanol, 3,4-Dihydro-2H-pyran and anhydrous ether were added first and stirred in ice-water bath before acid catalyst p-toluenesulfonic acid monohydrate was added. The reaction

    asked by Alan
  43. criminal justice

    what argument could sloc members make that the payment made don't fit the defintion of an illegal bribe(under the fcpa)?

    asked by keri
  44. calculus

    f(x)=8x^3+1x^2–8x+2/–7x^2–4x+9 Find the equation of the non-vertical asymptote. y = Does f(x) intersect its non-vertical asymptote? (yes or no) What is the smallest value of x at which f(x) intersects its non-vertical asymptote? ( Enter No in the

    asked by Jin
  45. Economics

    The general supply function for new housing in Miami is estimated to be Qs=96+2P-10Pl-4Pk where P is the price per square foot of new housing in Miami, PL is the average hourly wage rate for construction workerw, and PK is the price of capital (as measured

    asked by Managerial economics
  46. economics

    CRITICAL THINKING why might and economist look at hundreds of cars moving along and assembly line and say , "there is an example of scarcity"?

    asked by rolanado
  47. Math

    I have to write < , >, or = for the ? sqrt 2 ? 1.41 sqrt 2 = 1.41421356237... Would it be sqrt 2 > 1.41

    asked by Amy~
  48. math

    I need to see how to arrange 8-1/5y=10x to mx+b form Is it -1/5y=10x-8? I need the slope and y intercept. Thanks much to who ever helps me. Can anyone show me how to work this?

    asked by barb
  49. math %

    I hate math,It is hard no matter how I study.What is 30% of $1742.00? If possible I am having problem with a school that keeps the disbersement.I need to learn about how to understand it to know if I been cheated out of money.Online courses in fafas,lender

    asked by tris
  50. math

    write this number in decimal form 4.05 * 10^3

    asked by ant
  51. International business /BBB4M1 (Canadian history)

    How did "interdependence" and the principle of trade replace "self-sufficiency" among Aboriginals in Canada?

    asked by prethy
  52. algebra 2

    what is the additive and multiplicative inverse of -8 and 1.5

    asked by monique n
  53. math

    Find the standard deviation for the given data. Round your answer to one more decimal place than the original data. {2,5,47,11,13,48,39,36} A). 18 B). 324.9 C).25.1 D). 24.5 I got 19.3 but it is not one of the multiple choices, am I doing it wrong?

    asked by Sarah
  54. com155

    In the passage below bold the adverbs and underline the adjectives. NYPD Detectives Christopher Danson and P.K. Highsmith (Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson) are the baddest and most beloved cops in New York City. They don’t get tattoos – other men

    asked by michelle
  55. 12th grade

    What is a group in Canada that is basically self-sufficient today? Explain

    asked by prethy
  56. health fraud- hair products

    ok so i have to pick a product basically that is like a fraud and it has to be a hair product. then i have to write a summary about it. so i was thinking a product that claims it can grow hair and stop hair lose. Does anyone know of any products like that,

    asked by Maryanne
  57. eth/125

    ·Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay in which you answer the following questions: Conduct research to determine if the ethnic group colonized or if it immigrated to the United States. What country did they originate from and why did they enter the U. S.? Did

    asked by lisa
  58. algebra

    1/x^2+5/x=4 Can someone please help me with this problem by showing the steps that I would have to do to get the answer? I have no idea how to do this. Please help somebody.

    asked by jessica
  59. algebra

    Can someone show me how to use the quadratic formula to solve this problem.This is for extra credit.I don't uderstand how to do this, so can someone point out the steps so I can be able to do the other five problem like this one. Thanks again for your

    asked by Trina
  60. science

    a ______ is the main unit of measure in the metric system a)millimeter b)kilometer c)centimeter d)meter e) none of the above d

    asked by pam
  61. Com155

    Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show

    asked by Cassidy
  62. economics

    decision making/ which factor of production is represented by each of the following a) an office building b)an assembly line worker c) a tree used to make paper d)nused oil e) an artist f) a student

    asked by rolanado
  63. computer help!!

    I recovered my deleted word file..but i cant open them!! In Microsoft word, it says "select the encoding that your document is readable." Neither can I open the jpg. files...does anyone have any suggestions or even a program that I could download that will

    asked by prethy
  64. science

    the waters in the polar region are _______ those in the equator region A. colder than B. warmer than C. The same temperature as D. a and b only e. None of the above a

    asked by pam
  65. Math

    Add. (5c^4-3c^3+4c^2+15c-6)+(c^5+9c^3+6c^2-4c+2)+(-8c^4+c^2-7c-8)

    asked by Joey
  66. physics

    how high must a 2 kg basketball be thrown so that the top of its arc, it has a potential energy of 160J?

    asked by cheryl
  67. environmental science

    which of these is an SI base unit? a) joule b) inch c) meter C

    asked by pam
  68. Math

    find the value of line x - y line if x = 2 , y = -3 I got 5

    asked by Amy~
  69. Math (Calculus II)

    Rate of change proportional to size: P(t)= P(i)e^kt, where P is population, t is time, k is a constant and P(i) is the initial p or "p naught"; sorry, I don't know the typed notation for subscript. By the way, p(i) is given as 100. The problems are a.)

    asked by John
  70. English

    What does this mean? One should not accept people at face value?

    asked by Monica
  71. English

    Why should children be taught about child abuse and foster care?

    asked by Laura
  72. algebra

    use the quadratic formula to solve the equation 2x^2-3x=-6

    asked by jen
  73. chem

    when Flour, water, sugar and other ingredients are combined and baked into a cakeis that a chemical change?

    asked by hannah
  74. Math - equations of lines

    A line has the same x-intercept as [x,y,z]=[-21,8,14]+t[-12,4,7] and the same y-intercept as [x,y,z]=[6,-8,12]+s[2,-5,4]. Write the parametric equation of the line.

    asked by Shaila
  75. math

    a mountain, 200 feet above sea level, is near a valley 700 feet below sea level. How many feet higher is the mountain than the valley? 900 feet

    asked by bart
  76. science

    A ________ is about the size of a dime, the width of a sugar cube, the length of a bee or small bug, or the size of a bean. a) centimeter b) millimeter c) meter d) milliliter e) none of the above a

    asked by pam
  77. Calculus

    Give an example of a function f which is defined at c which limit as x approaches c of f(x) exists, but that limit does not equal f(c).

    asked by Anonymous
  78. geography

    I an suppose to give an example of a strait. I found the example of --- Strait of Gibraltar whic connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Is that sufficient enough

    asked by Reed
  79. science

    a well accepted theory in science is that through chemical means, matter cannot be created or destroyed. because it is well - accepted , it has been proven to be true. true false true

    asked by pam
  80. Writing

    What do professional writers need to know about formatting business documents?

    asked by Chris
  81. business

    . What are the core components of Liquidation’s business model? 2. Do you think Liquidation will ultimately succeed or fail? Why? 3. How has Liquidation (and similar online services) impacted the travel services industry?

    asked by Shay
  82. Geography

    Okay, I think I have the correct answer for this question. Please let me know if I am correct. Which Sea is largest? North, Mediterranean, Caspian, or South China? I find it to be the Caspian Sea at 371000 sq km. Am I correct????

    asked by Reed
  83. Financial Accounting

    What is the importance of GAAP? I know GAAP is a collection of methods used to process, prepare, and present public accounting information.

    asked by Bryan
  84. math

    given a pair of dice, design and explain two games: one must be fair, and the other unfair.

    asked by Tenderly
  85. science

    what is the standard SI unit for measuring mass? kilogram just need to know if that's the right answer or not.

    asked by bart
  86. Math 105

    Identify the property that justifies the statement 1q equal q

    asked by Shelia
  87. math

    a mountain, 100 feet above sea level, is near a valley 700 feet below sea level. How many feet higher is the mountain than the valley? 800 feet

    asked by bart
  88. Intro to World Religions

    Hi, for my review and response paper on gospel of mary I have to inegrate it with other readings that we've done in class: Crow, Osage, Seneca, and Gikuyu creation stories. Eliade. Hymn to Aton (Egyption). Rosemary Ruether: Three Classical Creation

    asked by y912f
  89. Geography

    I am suppose to find the answer for the question--- In which hemisphere is Russia located? I have the answer of the Northern Hemisphere. Is this correct?

    asked by Reed
  90. algerbra 116

    the length of a rectangle is fixed at 12 cm what widths will make the primeter greater then 90 cm

    asked by cassie
  91. science

    "Tsunamis" are giant waves caused by earthquakes under the ocean floor. They ________ islands and coastlines? a.) provide drinking water for b.) form c.) damage d.) irrigate c

    asked by pam
  92. Math

    write an expression for the mean of 4,5,6,7 and 8

    asked by Brandon
  93. Math

    Limit as x approaches 8 of [(8-9x)^(1/3)]/[(x-6)^3] ...I'm not quite sure how to approach this question. Help please? thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  94. science

    the width of a door and the length of a baseball ball are about a ______ long. a)meter b)centimeter c) liter d) kilometer e) none of the above A

    asked by bart
  95. math

    answer to this problem in scientific notation 4.20 * 10^3 / 6.00 * 10^7

    asked by ant
  96. math

    write this number in decimal form 7.73 * 10^-3

    asked by ant