Questions Asked on
August 31, 2010

  1. Chermistry

    if molar enthalpy of vaporization of enthanol is 38.6 kJ/mol, how many moles of ethanol are vaporize when required heat is 200.72kJ

    asked by Paris
  2. PreCalc

    The area of a parking lot is 805 square meters. A car requires 5 square meters and a bus requires 32 square meters of space. At most 80 vehicles can park at one time. If the cost to park a car is $2.00 and the cost to park a bus is $6.00, how many buses

    asked by Anonymous
  3. physics

    A person walks first at a constant speed of 4.90 m/s along a straight line from point A to point B and then back along the line from B to A at a constant speed of 2.70 m/s. (a) What is her average speed over the entire trip?

    asked by mattie
  4. Differential Equations

    A cylindrical tank with length 5 ft and raduis of 3 ft is situated wit its axis horizontal. if a circular bottom hole with a radius of 1 in. is opened and the tank is initially half full of xylene, how long will it ake for the liquid to drain completely?

    asked by anonymous
  5. precalc

    Without further study, you forget things as time passes. A model of human memory gives the percentage, p, of acquired knowledge that a person retains after t weeks. The formula is p = (100 – a)e-bt + a, where a and b vary from one person to another. If a

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Physics

    A car traveling 89 strikes a tree. The front end of the car compresses and the driver comes to rest after traveling 0.81 . a.)What was the average acceleration of the driver during the collision? b.)Express the answer in terms of "'s," where .

    asked by Keta
  7. writing english

    reduce,reuse and recycle

    asked by essay
  8. 6th grade math

    fraction strip folded into 12ths what fractional length could you measure with the strip?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    A person walks first at a constant speed of 4.90 m/s along a straight line from point A to point B and then back along the line from B to A at a constant speed of 2.70 m/s. (a) What is her average speed over the entire trip?

    asked by mattie
  10. science

    my bedroom air conditioner blows very cold air at night,but only cool air during the bedroom gets lots of direct sunlight all day long.what is your hypothesis

    asked by carisha
  11. physics

    During liftoff, a hot-air balloon accelerates upward at a rate of 3.4 m/s^2 . The balloonist drops an object over the side of the gondola when the speed is 18 m/s. What is the magnitude of the object’s acceleration after it is released (relative to the

    asked by john
  12. Algebra 2

    A photocopying machine purchased new for $4500 loses $900 in value a each year. a. Find the book value of the machine after 18 months. b. When will the book value be $1200? Assume that each situation can be decribed as a linear equation HELP!!! I don't

    asked by Jessica
  13. Math

    Mike can mow a lawn in 3 hours. Paul can mow the same lawn in 2 hours. How long would it take both of them working together to mow the lawn? The answer is suppose to be 20/9. This is what I did and I get 9/20. What am i doing wrong? 1.4x+1/5x=1 which gives

    asked by Madison
  14. Science

    A pallet of boxes weighing 10 tons is dropped from a lift truck from a height of 10 feet. The maximum velocity the pallet attains before hitting the ground is 6 ft/s. How much kinetic energy does the pallet have in (ft)(lbf) at this velocity?

    asked by Matthew
  15. Physics - Rube Goldberg Project

    I need to make a Rube Goldberg Machine and it must demonstrate projectile motion, conservation of energy and conservation momentum, any idea on what to make and how to make it? Help please

    asked by Shaila
  16. Algebra Check

    Solve the system 4x - 7y = 5 14y = 8x + 10 I got y = 10/-13 x = -5/52 but it doesn't seem right

    asked by Amy~
  17. precal

    You can find the size of a population after t years using the formula N = No(1 + r)t where No is the initial size of the population, N is the final size of the population, r is the rate of growth or decay per time period, and t is the number of time

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Biology

    Which one of the following statements about sense receptors is true? A)Chemicals, light and pressure convert stimuli into electrical implses. B) Electrical impulses within the nerve pathways trigger an awareness of stimuli in the sensory receptors

    asked by Rena
  19. Physics

    A stone is thrown horizontally from the top of a 25.00 m cliff. The stone lands at a distance of 40.00 m from the edge of the cliff. What is the initial horizontal velocity of the stone?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Chemistry 22

    1. Lead (Pb), has a density of 11.35 g/ml. If I have 3.45 cc of lead, what is the weight in grams? 4. I am traveling at 100 mph per hour before getting pulled over. Convert this into meters Per second. (A) 161 m/s (C) 161000 m/s (B) 4.44 m/s (D) 44.4 m/s

    asked by Ivy
  21. Biology

    The left hemisphere of the brain contains regions that are: A) associated with negative emotions, such as fear and sadness B) active when language is processed C) associated with the tendency to withdraw from others D) active during the creation of art and

    asked by Rena
  22. Finance

    Delta Software is considering a new project whose data are shown below. The equipment that would be used has a 3-year tax life, after which it will be worthless, and it will be depreciated by the straight line method over 3 years. Revenues and other

    asked by kk
  23. Algebra (Last Question)

    I have - to graph each relation - decide if it is a function - state the domain and the range. 1) {(2,3),(4,-3),(5,1),(-1,3)} how would I decide if something is a function in general? I kind of remember the domain and the range,but since I did this 2 years

    asked by Amy~
  24. College Algebra

    Ken and Kara are 27 miles apart on a caml lake paddling toward each other. Ken paddles at 4mph, while kara paddles at 7 mph. How long will it take them to meet?

    asked by ALGY
  25. Pre Calc

    Determine K and solve the equation x^3-kx^2+3x+54=0, if one of its zeros is triple of another.

    asked by Connor
  26. Math Check

    the additive inverse of -2? 2 the multiplicative identity of -2? -2 write this in 4 different ways. How would I write it 4 different ways? Multiplicative inverse of x+2? Additive inverse of x^2 - 4x - 10

    asked by Amy~
  27. To Tiara -- Japanese

    I removed your post because it contains a vulgar term not permitted in this forum.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  28. Physics

    A ball is thrown horizontally at 10.0 m/s from the top of a hill50.0 m high. How far from the base of the cliff would the ball hit the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. physics

    a stone is dropped from the rooftop of a building 60.0 m many seconds does the stone take reach the ground?

    asked by mae
  30. Biology

    Male erection is an example of ______. No thought or emotion is required for it to occur, but conscious control can influence it. A) peripheral nerves B) sensory nerves C) a spinal reflex D) A sexual reflex I chose choice A because the book states the

    asked by Rena
  31. English

    1. I think he is honest. -That makes two of us.(I agree with you.) 2. I don't think he is honest. - That makes two of us. (I agree with you.) (Are the short dialogues correct? What is the origin 'That makes two of us.' Why did they start to use this

    asked by rfvv
  32. algebra

    the customer service department resolved 106 of 120 customer complaints in a one-hour time span.To the nearest thousandth,find the reolve rate of the customer service department

    asked by tina
  33. Physics

    An ice sled powered by a rocket engine starts from rest on a large frozen lake and accelerates at +13.0 m/s^2. At t1 the rocket shut down and the sled moves with constant velocity v until t2. The total distance traveled by the sled is 5.30 x 10^3m and the

    asked by Kahlei
  34. Pre Calc

    7x^3-24x^2-19x+12 -----------------=f(x) 2x^3-4x^2-40x+80 Determine all values of x for which f is not defined.

    asked by Connor
  35. biology

    In signal transduction there are three domains transmembrane, extracellular, and intracellular domain. In each domain would you expect to find polar or nonpolar amino acids in the three domains.

    asked by noell
  36. English

    1. There is a girl who is reading a book with legs crossed on the sofa. 2. There is a girl reading a book with her knees folded and raised on the sofa. 3. There are a dog and a cat sleeping on a big coushion. 4. There is a boy playing the piano looking at

    asked by rfvv
  37. English

    1. What food do you like most? 2. Which food do you llike the most? 3. What kind of food do you like best? 4. What kinds of food do you like the best? (Are all the expressions grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  38. english 3rd grade

    example of big ideas

    asked by hanz
  39. math geometry

    in a triangle, the measure of the first angle is four times the measure of thesecond angle.The measure of the third angle 78 more than the second angle. What is the measure of the first angle?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Algebra

    I have to find the equation for the line that passes through (4,3) and (6,2) How would I solve this. Into point slope form Into slope intercept form I got the slope each is -1/2 then I got y=-1/2x + b How would I get b?

    asked by Amy~
  41. physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 19 kg dog that is running at a speed of 7.4 m/s (about 17 mi/h)?

    asked by jessie mcgee
  42. English

    1. He was based on mountains and rivers, so he painted a lot of beautiful pictures. 2. He was based on the scenery, so he could paint many pictures containing mountains. (Are they correct sentences?)

    asked by rfvv
  43. science

    Whatclimate does this place have? Warmest month average: 83'F Coldest month average: 70'F Average rainfall: 42 in/yr Vegetation: Rainforest a) Temperate b) Tropical c) Cold d) Dry b

    asked by pam
  44. science

    Las Vegas, Nevada has it coolest month in January, with an average temperature of 45'F. It receives 4.2 inches of precipitation per year. What climate is it? a) not dry b) steppe c) desert I PICKED C

    asked by ant

    Starting from a pillar, you run a distance 200 m east (the + x-direction) at an average speed of 5.0 m/s, and then run a distance 280 m west at an average speed of 4.0 m/s to a post. Q: Calculate your average velocity from pillar to post.

    asked by Ami
  46. 3rd grade

    What is the standard form of 734

    asked by Lynn
  47. College Algebra

    two trains leave a train station at the same time. One travels east at 10 miles per hour, the other travels west at 9 miles per hour. In how many hours will the two trains be 45.6 miles apart?

    asked by AJ
  48. social studies

    Near which type of physical feature was most of the earliest farming villages built?

    asked by Kris
  49. health

    How has technology played a role and will continue to play a role in cost control for healthcare providers.

    asked by Pam
  50. english

    which of the following shows correct subject-verb agreement a:Neither Jennifer nor her friends is interested in the free concert tickets b:The garden club have planned the next plant fair. c: Joe is one of the messengers who work for the law firm. d: There

    asked by tracie
  51. COM 155

    I have been asked to explain if it is a good idea to write a summary before writing the paper. Will someone please look over my work. I feel it is always a good idea to draft anything that you are writing. This will give you an opportunity to revise, add

    asked by confused by adverbs and adjectives
  52. sociology

    what aspect of the social and work environment in a fast food restaurant would be of particular interest to a sociologist because of his or her sociological imagination

    asked by Anonymous
  53. social studies

    who brought horses to Texas?

    asked by ariah
  54. Algebra ?

    How would I solve this: ((x^(3)-x^(2)-4x+8))/(x-1)

    asked by Amy~
  55. Math: graphing check

    for this x < 3 would I put a dot on 3 (on the y-axis) and it would be a dotted line just through 3 vertical. and which side would be shaded the right side where the x-axis is negatives.

    asked by Amy~
  56. English

    Would you like a ride home? (What is the part of speech of 'ride' and' home'?)

    asked by rfvv
  57. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 8:19pm. 1. There is a girl who is reading a book with legs crossed on the sofa. 2. There is a girl reading a book with her knees folded and raised on the sofa. 3. There are a dog and a cat sleeping on a big

    asked by rfvv
  58. geometry

    Given Circle D, if AC = 16 units, then what is the length of CB? A circle is drawn with center D. Two radii are drawn, AD and DC. Segment AC is drawn with a perpendicular, DB.

    asked by Rob
  59. 8th grade

    which of the following is an irrational number? A. 1 B. 9/17 C. 0.4166666666 D. Both A&C with showing work please or putting it in to words.

    asked by sherkyra
  60. social studies

    The nations largest city, N.Y. City is located in this region?

    asked by Erick
  61. math

    which set of numbers is NOT ordered from leats to greatest? A. -4,division sign 2, 2 B. 1/4, pi sign, 2 ex.)2 C. 7/8,1,6/10 D. 0.15,1.5,1.05

    asked by sherkyra
  62. COm/156

    Is this thesis statement too long? Thesis Statement; although there are people who still believe Social Security will cover our needs upon retirement, we need to limit our spending and start saving for our retirement. We need to learn to live with less so

    asked by Deb
  63. Botany

    1.Which group of plsnt like organisms (think sedentary) is most related to animals? 2. Which group of plants is most related to flowering plants (angiosperms)?

    asked by Christopher
  64. physics

    Lauren was playing hockey and took a 90 km/hr slap shot at the goal, 10 m away. If the goalie must move her glove 0.50 m to stop the puck, and her reaction time is 0.18 seconds, how fast must she move her glove?

    asked by Kyle
  65. Pre Calc

    7x^3-24x^2-19x+12 -----------------=f(x) 2x^3-4x^2-40x+80 -Determine all zeros of f(x)

    asked by Connor
  66. Pre Calc

    Complete the square to find the center and the radius of the circle: 3x^2+3y^2-12x+24y+15=0

    asked by Connor
  67. English literature

    Give me information on the evolution of sentimental comedy

    asked by Anjana
  68. math 5th grade

    12r - 4r = 48 what does r equal

    asked by shania
  69. domains of development

    why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Biology

    What is the name given to the types of organisms that exclusively use aerobic cellular respiration to break down glucuse to produce ATP for energy? Provide three specific examples

    asked by Bill
  71. math

    this one is working from the map scale 1:2000 find the actual area in square meters, a) 5 cm squared

    asked by helpless Dad
  72. Physics

    The winner of the Kentucky Derby runs the 1.25-mile race in 2 minutes, 2.0 s.What's the horse's average speed in {\rm m}/{\rm s}?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. 8th grade,math/probability

    i really need help on this,and i need an answer quick as possible! >< what is the probability of picking a white sock and then a brown sock from a sock drawer,if it contains 10 whites,5 browns,and 8 multi-colored socks?

    asked by Luuka
  74. math

    You Got To write an ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSION! 10 times the difference of d and 3 Is: (d*3)-10

    asked by Janae
  75. math

    I need help on finding out the answer for this problem -2y-11=-12

    asked by maria
  76. physics

    A runner dashes from the starting line (x = 0) to a point 125 m away and then turns around and runs to a point 27 m away from the starting point in 27 seconds. To the nearest tenth of a m/s what is the average speed?

    asked by mhli
  77. Finance

    A company wants to buy a labor-saving piece of equipment. Using the NPV method of capital budgeting, determine the proposal's appropriateness and economic viability with the following information: Labor content is 12% of sales, which are annually $10

    asked by Mary
  78. HCA230

    Compose a list in which you dentify the major components of health communication. Who is involved in each component? How does each component promote health communication? If not utilized, how would it reduce health communication? Provide examples.

    asked by nita
  79. Math

    ( -4 ) 3 (----) ( 5 ) if you can't read that, negative 4, fifths, squared. -4/5 in parentheses.

    asked by David
  80. science

    Juneau, Alaska has a dry winter season, even though it receives 53.2 inches of precipitation annually. Its average coolest-month temperature is 22'F, and its average warmest -month temperature is a surprising 56'F. What climate is it? a) Humid continental

    asked by pam
  81. social studies

    What region produces more corn?

    asked by Erick
  82. math


    asked by hello kitty
  83. physics

    What are the dangers associated with electricity in your home? What can be done to limit or prevent the possibilities of dying or getting hurt?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    What is the domain of f (x) = sqr root of x^2 - 5x - 14?

    asked by Amelia
  85. analytical chemistry

    what accounts for the colour change from green to blue in the reaction below [Ni(H2O)6]Cl2 + 6NH3 --> [Ni(NH3)6]Cl2 + 6H2O

    asked by Ranger
  86. Geometry

    Suppose B is the midpoint of AC. AB = 5x and BC = 3x + 4. Find AB.

    asked by Jessica
  87. math

    Math out of box 1 2 3 4 5 this is called steps(s) 5 9 13 17 21 this is called tiles(t) we know you are adding 4, but what is the rule such as (S X S + 4-1-5)I know its not right so help then right the rule for this.

    asked by Josh Knight
  88. psychology

    you like to play the violon, but doing so in front of people makes you nervous and you make mistakes, what is influencing your playing?

    asked by kylie
  89. algebra

    I just want to see if my answer for this problem is correct or not. The aswer I have is 3x^2-3/7x^3-3x^2-17x+6. I was just wondering.Can I factor my answer? 3x-3/7x-3*x+1/x^2-1

    asked by kim
  90. business law

    1. Jake thinks he has a sexual harassment claim (based upon federal law) against his employer. Jake is a resident of Texas, and his employer is also a resident of Texas. Jake is seeking damages of $60,000. Should Jake bring this claim in federal court? Why

    asked by ggg
  91. acounting

    On January 1, 2004, $100,000,000 in 7.5%, 10-year callable bonds were issued at 96.64% to yield an effective rate of 8.0%. Callable at 103; interest paid annually on January1. If the bonds are called on April 1, 2006, what are the needed payments and

    asked by maret
  92. accounting

    On January 1, 2004, $100,000,000 in 7.5%, 10-year callable bonds were issued at 96.64% to yield an effective rate of 8.0%. Callable at 103; interest paid annually on January1. If the bonds are called on April 1, 2006, what are the needed payments and

    asked by maret
  93. science

    if an object has a mass of 210g and a density of 3.3g/cm cubed, what would be the volume of the object?

    asked by Cassie
  94. science

    an object has a volume of 74cm cubed and a density of .88g/cm cubed. What is the mass of the block?

    asked by Jenny
  95. algebra

    Hey I am trying to help my son in math. The question is, The scale of a district map is 1 over 10000. Find the distance on the map, in centimeters, for each of the following distances. a) 800m b) 5 km I need to see how this is worked out.

    asked by Helpless Dad
  96. BUS Law

    In a suit between Best Products, Inc., and Central Sales Corporation, the court applies the doctrine of stare decisis . This means that the court follows rules of law established by

    asked by Anonymous
  97. math


    asked by josh
  98. 5th grade

    my lesson says to find the unknown number in each equation. 12r - 4r = 48 r=? could the answer be r=48? or r=8x6

    asked by shania
  99. Spanish

    1. ¿Qué te gusta hacer? a)Te gusta jugar al futbol. b)Me gustan cantar. c)Le gusta tocar el piano. d)Me gusta dormir. 2. ¿Cuánto dinero me queda, papá? a)Te quedan tres dólares. b)Me queda tres dólares. c)Le queda un dólar. d)Te queda cinco

    asked by Jim
  100. college


    asked by Math
  101. geometry

    how do i find the radius of the earth

    asked by helena
  102. Math

    how do I solve: -1 cubed-(-1)to the fourth +(-1) to the fifth - (-1)to the sixth thanks

    asked by Donna
  103. algebra 8th

    now i don't understand this one Add Or SSubtract 2/5 - 7/8=?? what do i have to do?

    asked by Ana
  104. algebra

    For which value of x is the inequality 2x > 6 true? Is it: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4

    asked by Angel
  105. math

    can you multiply unequal groups?

    asked by sammie
  106. science

    write the correct formula, balance the equation, and name the type of equation. potassium + sulfur + potassium sulfide

    asked by ty
  107. Marketing

    What is the impact of the competition in Internet space and how challenging it is and going to be for marketers to effectively compete for market share and customers?

    asked by Tammie
  108. APA Citations

    Can someone show me an example of and APA Format citation from an internet source when no author name is given.

    asked by Angela
  109. math

    Factor: u^2+3u+8u+24

    asked by Evelyn
  110. pre algebra

    how do you complete this problem -4x+7=11

    asked by alex
  111. physics

    What equation should I used for a water bottle rocket lab? I am using distance vs volume of water. Of course, the volume of water is my independent variable. What equation should I use for this lab?

    asked by Julia
  112. math

    A 9 percent salt-water solution is mixed with 4 ounces of an 18 percent salt-water solution in order to obtain a 15 percent salt-water solution. How much of the first solution should be used? 1 ounce 2 ounces 3 ounces 4 ounces Explain your answer.

    asked by M.A.
  113. Management

    Does anyone have a historical example of an ethical dilemma that deals with global business. Any example will be helpful and I can then google the details. Thx!

    asked by Taylor
  114. science

    What climate does this place have? Warmest month average: 83'F Coldest month average: 70'F Average rainfall: 42 in/yr Vegetation: Rainforest

    asked by pam
  115. algebraa

    perimeter= 30 5cm 12cm the lenght of the third side of the triangle is?

    asked by karl
  116. science

    Juneau, Alaska has a dry winter season, even though it receives 53.2 inches of precipitation annually. Its average coolest-month temperature is 22'F, and its average warmest -month temperature is a surprising 56'F. What climate is it?

    asked by pam
  117. chem

    what is the role of h2so4 during the preparation of FeC2O4

    asked by thili
  118. algebrra

    perimeter: 56cm 7cm 24cm the lenght of the third side of the triangle is? idk

    asked by karl
  119. Math

    Solve: 5g² - 13g + 6 = 0

    asked by Bob
  120. Math

    h² + 20=9h

    asked by Bobert
  121. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 10:09pm. 1. He was based on mountains and rivers, so he painted a lot of beautiful pictures. 2. He was based on the scenery, so he could paint many pictures containing mountains. (Are they correct sentences?)

    asked by rfvv
  122. English Literature

    An assignment on sentimental comedy

    asked by Anjana
  123. 8th grade science

    an information on crop production

    asked by haniya
  124. math(algabra readness

    how do you do a algebraic experssion?

    asked by victroia
  125. science

    A cup of coffee a 10-gallon aquarium and a bottle of ginger ale were on the same table On which container was there the greatest amount of air pressure?

    asked by krystal
  126. math

    find the slope and the y intercept of the line. Please help me I keep getting the y intercept wrong. 8x=9y + 54 I got the slope correct but I cant get the y intercept.

    asked by barb
  127. algebra

    evaluate the expression n + (-5) for each value of n. n=312 i don't know how to do this..please helpp..

    asked by paloma
  128. English Literature

    what is the difference between a prose and a poem?

    asked by Anjana
  129. English Literature

    what is the difference between allegory and eligy?

    asked by Anjana
  130. science

    what is the truth of the sky and ocean being blue?

    asked by Anjana
  131. algebra

    can u help me now to do this cazz i don't understandd ;) n+(-5) n= 7/12 i amconfuseedd :O its like the one u tell me

    asked by paloma
  132. Critical Thinking

    Which of the following statements is not a claim? A) Life exists on planets other than Earth. B) Dare to stay off drugs! C) Something's force equals its mass multiplied by its acceleration. D) Joe owns a pet dog.

    asked by Nessa
  133. spanish

    How would I complete this question? hago mi tarea en la_______

    asked by barry
  134. algebra


    asked by natasha
  135. Life Orientation

    What are the advantages associated with regular physical exercise?

    asked by Cassey
  136. writing english

    describe the effects after tsunami

    asked by essay
  137. 3 English H

    How can I illustrate the word "aberration"?

    asked by Stephanie
  138. 5th grade

    what is 1/6h = 9 and h=?

    asked by shania
  139. science

    I need to write a 100-150 word paper on how metamorphic rocks are formed. I know the basics (heat and pressure), but I'm having trouble condensing the information and deciding what's important to go in the paper.

    asked by pam
  140. physics

    What is the relation between the average velocity in a given time interval and the instantaneous velocity in the interval?

    asked by sandhya
  141. Algebra 2

    Factor by grouping: 30x to the third power-42x square+5x-7=

    asked by Glen
  142. Algebra 2

    Factor by grouping: x to the third power +4x square-3x-12

    asked by Taegan
  143. math116

    I need help with 3(x-1)+5=15x +7-4-4(3x+1)+ 3

    asked by jane
  144. calculus

    Find a Cartesian equation for r= 3sin deta

    asked by stan
  145. statistics

    • Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you interpret the statistical significance of a study.

    asked by Anonymous
  146. gen 105

    Does the option to download appendices in an audio format improve the quality of your educational experience? Does it make learning more convenient due to its portability? Does it help you learn in different ways? Is it something you will not use? Describe

    asked by Anonymous
  147. Language Arts

    Find one error. Window comes from one word that means "wind" and another that means "eye' We buy windows to keep an eye on the wind. We also use them to keep heat in when it's cold out side.

    asked by Mikayla
  148. 5th grade

    how do you break apart to divide: 648 by 6 using compatible numbers to break apart the dividend.

    asked by Colin
  149. Nursing

    I need to locate an article about the benefits of NLNAC Accreditation but I cannot seem to find a journal article only a list of benefits on the NLNAC website any help?

    asked by Christian
  150. college

    Have you ever used mnemonics (see p. 139 of your text) to remember something complicated? If so, describe the techniques you used. What ways might you use mnemonics to be a more effective college student and adult learner?

    asked by Anonymous
  151. business

    Choose one of the organizational departments, such as accounting, finance, HR, and so on of a business. What is the role of this department? What types of information does the department need? How does the department use that information?

    asked by erica
  152. math

    mario used up 0.1 bottle of vanilla that held 2.5 many ounces did he use?

    asked by keshia
  153. Math

    Scott weighed samples of different kind of soil. Sample A weighed 3 ounces. Sample B weighed 814 thousandths of an ounce more than sample A. what decimal should Scott use to record the weight of sample B?

    asked by Bonnie
  154. college

    dad invited me to eat with him? what is the verb in this sentence

    asked by Anonymous
  155. Chemistry

    Name 3 careers where you are required to know PHYSICAL Chemistry, and why those careers require it.

    asked by Bobcat
  156. math

    how can I simplify 4lb 7oz,3lb 11oz,5lb 8oz?

    asked by kiki83
  157. math

    what is 7 to the 11th power equvilant to

    asked by samantha
  158. Algebra

    Factor: 2x^8y^6+16x^6y^5+12xy

    asked by Patricia
  159. algebra 8

    business. A restaurant manager lost $415 in business during the month of january . business picked up in February, and he ended that month with a profit of $1580 A. What was the manager's profit after January and February? B. What if...? The restaurant

    asked by Ana
  160. Algebra


    asked by Patsy
  161. English

    What is overcoming problems an integral part of life?

    asked by Bailey
  162. Algebra1

    Factor: 56w^2+17w-3

    asked by bettie
  163. ALGEBRA :)


    asked by Cecilia
  164. Chemistry

    I have a 2.5g sample in 12.5ml solution.I'm supposed to do a spike into this solution with the sample.If my standard concentration is 2000ppm, how much of this solution should I use such that I get 200ppm spike in sample?

    asked by chloe
  165. 6th grade

    I need to make a 11, 12, and 13 letter word using these letters:d,i,s,m,u,u,n,t,c,a,r,e,e,g

    asked by eric
  166. 5th grade

    This region is divided into 2 smaller regions-New England and the Mid atlantic states?

    asked by Erick
  167. social studies

    The Grand Canyon is in what region?

    asked by Erick
  168. social studies

    Some of countrys highest mountains are in what region?

    asked by Erick
  169. social studies

    Baton Rouge and New Orleans are in what region?

    asked by Erick
  170. social studies

    Big Ben national park is in what region?

    asked by Erick
  171. english

    give example of small ideas

    asked by hanz
  172. social studies

    This region of the U.S. is the largest in area?

    asked by Erick
  173. algebraa

    find the length of the third side of the triangle perimeter=12 3cm 4cm

    asked by karl
  174. college

    lead has density of 11.35g/ml,i have 3.45 cc of lead what is the weight in grams.

    asked by mark
  175. science

    What climate does this place have? Warmest month average 58'F Coldest month average: -2'F Average rainfall: 38 in / yr Vegetation: Evergreen Forest a) Temperate b) Polar c) Cold d) Dry I PICKED c

    asked by ant
  176. Life Science

    Need to know how to figure out the volume of temperature kelvin?

    asked by Lindsey
  177. Psychology

    Why did various early followers of Freud reject psychoanalysis in favor of an alternative theory?

    asked by Linda
  178. Math

    What is the value of the underlined digit 0.26. The underlined digit is 2

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Chemistry

    1.25 x10^-5g/ 0.75 moles = Not sure what the ^ stands for

    asked by Lauren
  180. Chemistry

    Are significant figures relevant in temperature? ex: (-459 *F - 32 *F)(5 *C/ 9 *F) = -272.78 *C So would I leave my answer as -272.78 *C? or -273 *C because of significant figures?

    asked by Jack
  181. physics

    Smyrna and Marietta are 35 mi apart. A car takes 45 min to go from Exeter to Manchester. The return trip takes 35 min. a) determine the average SPEED of the car for the round trip. b) determine the average VELOCITY of the car for the round trip

    asked by Kyle
  182. Psychology

    EEG, PET and TMS are all : A) laboratory observations that introduce experimental bias into the study B) Descriptive methods for studying the brain C) Standardized methods for studying the brain D) experimentally controlled technologies for brain-wave

    asked by Rena
  183. English

    1. While he was based on the sketches, Degas painted in his studio. 2. While he was walking on the street, he met a friend of his. 3. While he was driving, he sometimes smoked. 4. While he was chatting, he drank coffee from time to time. (What about the

    asked by rfvv
  184. grammar

    I will be so offended if someone mistaken as an American. is this sentence correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  185. Math

    2x+2=8 Solve for x

    asked by Dave
  186. Biology

    One part of the brain if stimulated during adolescence, will form two distint regions. The area of the brain is referred to as: A) the occiptal lobes B) the pituitary glands C) Broca's area D) the parietal Lobe I am unsure of what the answer is, although

    asked by Rena
  187. Chemistry

    Are significant figures relevant in temperature? ex: (-459 *F - 32 *F)(5 *C/ 9 *F) = -272.78 *C So would I leave my answer as -272.78 *C? or -273 *C because of significant figures?

    asked by Jack
  188. physics

    An electric utility company needs to build a new generating plant. What factors should be considered when deciding on the location of the plant? Explain

    asked by Anonymous
  189. hardware

    In design and modeling class we need to build a model couch but we can't find a website to help us on how to build one with a heater. plz help us, thanks.

    asked by taavon
  190. hca230

    what patient compliance issues are evident inthis scenario

    asked by kathy johnson
  191. math

    4*5+8, How do you do this? The star means times multiply?

    asked by alisha
  192. math


    asked by amy
  193. Algebra 8th

    I Was Looking at The ProBlems of Paloma and i thing we have the same HW. so can You HelP Me On This? n=5.75

    asked by ricardo
  194. Statistics

    One of the tests for Outlier is anything greater or smaller than 1.5 IQR. Why is 1.5 chosen to be the benchmark, instead of 2 or 1 IQR?

    asked by Alan
  195. science

    Are humans subject to the same pressures of natural selection as other organisms? Why or why not?

    asked by miranda
  196. english

    ''what do i have to say as an african american citizen''

    asked by Anonymous
  197. 9th grade

    what does it mean to name the intersection of the planes in a triangular prism

    asked by bob
  198. math

    write three numbers that are greater than 1,543,000 but less than 1,544,00

    asked by glory
  199. algebra check

    add or subtract, -8-3 -8-3= -8+(-3) 3+8= -11

    asked by ana
  200. COM155

    Can someone help me with reasons why an author might write a summary?

    asked by confused by adverbs and adjectives
  201. algebra

    10+2[2+(1+1)-2 to the 2nd power]

    asked by travis
  202. Abnormal Child Psychology

    the work of rene spitz

    asked by Anonymous
  203. science

    what acts as the cell's control center

    asked by Anonymous
  204. college algebra


    asked by travis
  205. algebra

    x^2-21x-110 Factor

    asked by ty
  206. chemistry

    Pb w/D of 11.35g/ml. Pb(lead)3.45cc ?weight in grams

    asked by kar
  207. Algebra 2

    Find each value if g(x)=x^3-x. SO, g(5)=(5^3)-5... would equal 120? Did I do this right?

    asked by Mandy
  208. algebra 8th


    asked by Andy
  209. math


    asked by josh
  210. Math

    Its one that has a story to it and those are the ones i do not get! It Say Maddie earns $8 per hour. Write an algebraic expression to evalute how much money Maddie will earn if she works for 15, 20, 25, or 30 hours.

    asked by Janae
  211. chm

    The mass of Oceanis 1.8*10 to 21 kg.The ocean contains 1.076%sodium ion,Na+what is mass of sodium in ocean

    asked by mark
  212. math

    (17-5)(6+5) Do you know what's an expression is? Can you teach me how to do it?

    asked by josh
  213. algebra 8th

    -4.7-(-4.7) = 0 ???

    asked by Ana
  214. business and tecnology class

    Which economic system is the best olution to hanling a crisis of epic proportion.

    asked by Anonymous
  215. math

    we have a problem that my parents cant help with. 846*2=(...+40+...)*2=(800 over ...+...over2+6 over...)=(400+...+3)...=... ...means blank space for a number. Can you help with this problem, so that I can figure out the rest of the problems.Thanks

    asked by Colin
  216. 6th grade

    how do you simplify the expsession of nine - six divided by three

    asked by Anonymous
  217. aed204

    • The composition of the faculty, administration, and other staff accurately reflects the pluralistic composition of the United States. • Differences in academic achievement levels disappear between males and females, dominant and oppressed group

    asked by Bubba
  218. physics

    what are the values of g,m1,m2,and d if f=g times m1 m2 all over d squared

    asked by kyle
  219. Biology

    Janet's boss calls her into the office to discuss why see failed to complete her project for the big meeting this afternoon. Janet's sympathic nervous system: A) makes her thoughts race for an excuse B) Makes her start to perspire C) Enables her to walk in

    asked by Rena
  220. english

    2.You will then post to the discussion board your writing strategies for developing your thesis. You will explore the features of the MyCompLab and summarize your experiences.

    asked by mike
  221. Biology

    If it happens that a neurotransmitter binds to a receptor site and produces a negative voltage, the probablity: A) that the neurons are densely connected increases B) of an excitatory response increase C)That the receiving neuron will fire decrease D)that

    asked by Rena
  222. math

    what is 9cm=______in do I have to mutiply by 2.54 which equals 22.86,is i'm right or wrong?

    asked by kiki83
  223. math

    is the answer for 3y+8=-13 be y=-7?

    asked by leslie
  224. math

    I'm very lost and frustrated about leaning the parallel and perpendicular lines like say for instance I'm looking at an arrow that is face down kind of of a right angle that has the letter K and L and the middle, can you please explained it to me

    asked by kiki83
  225. math

    I need real life example word problems using to ngative interjers.

    asked by LaLa
  226. algebra


    asked by ari
  227. math

    okay what is a right angle triangle that has the letter k and L in the middle I know it's 90 degrees angle but I don't know forsure what i'm doing

    asked by kiki83
  228. algebra

    i don't know how to do this 1/2> on the top is??? on the right 1/2 on the butttomm?????

    asked by ana
  229. english

    Why is making a weakness a strength an important skill to have?

    asked by Kaylie
  230. math

    Factor: 20+22v-12v^2

    asked by wilson
  231. English

    1. Sometimes he painted in his studio based on the sketches he drew outside. 2. Based on the sketches he drew outside, sometimes he painted in his studio. 3. Being based on the sketches he drew outside, sometimes he painted in his studio. 4. As he was

    asked by rfvv
  232. 5th Grade Math

    Find the missing numbers and landmarks for the set of numbers: 18,20,20,24,27,27,__,30,33,34,36,36,__ A range:22 B mode:27 C Minimum ____ D Maximum ____

    asked by Tiana