Questions Asked on
August 30, 2010

  1. english

    this check my answer Words: Deterrent, implication, inequity, infirmity, infringe, innovation, revitalize, sparse, subjective, succinct, 1- 2 When the candidate for mayor saw the sparse turnout for his speech, he knew he had to do something to revitalize

    asked by jae
  2. Chemistry

    The mass % of H in methane (CH4) is ? How would i solve this?

    asked by Amy~
  3. chemisry

    Cd/Cd2+//H+/H2/Pt Write the oxidation and reductionhalf reactions. Sketch a possible deisgn cell. I am unclear on the Pt portion and the charges ?

    asked by Kelsey
  4. Chemistry Check

    Which one of the following substances is the product of this combination reaction? Al(s) + I2(s) => ______ For this it would be AlI3 ?

    asked by Amy~
  5. critical thinking

    Detective: The robbery at the mall was carried out by a mall employee acting alone roughly one hour after the mall closed last Saturday night. The only employees present at the mall at the time of the robbery were security guards Evans and Clark. Since the

    asked by Anonymous
  6. health

    Which of the following is true in regard to limited data sets? A.Patients must authorize the use of limited data sets. B. Those who receive limited data sets can pass them on witout restrictions. C. Limited data sets cant include a patiemts city, state,

    asked by janice
  7. physics

    A 1000 kg boat is traveling at 90 km/h when its engine is shut off. The magnitude of the kinetic frictional force f_k between the boat and water is proportional to the speed v of the boat: f_k = 70v, where v is in meters per second and f_k is in newtons.

    asked by Kelsey
  8. Math

    John claimed he had a garden twice as large as Al’s rectangular- shaped garden that measured 15 ft by 30 ft. When they visited John’s rectangular-shaped garden, they found it measured 18 ft by 50 ft. Al claimed that it could not be twice as large since

    asked by Kirk
  9. health

    Which one of the following factors would be considered de-identified information' A. Patients name-Joe Black B.Patients policy number-12345678912 C. Social Security Number-555-121-2222 D. Patient condition-patient is improving

    asked by janice
  10. please check

    As Alex sat down in the carnival tent, the lights dimmed. A spotlight revealed a short, heavy man holding a thick chain. He tugged the chain, and an old, muzzled bear appeared. The man, the animal's owner, announced that the bear's name was Sally. He said

    asked by jae
  11. english please check

    Answer 1.Elicit 2.Engross 3.obsolete 4.Terminate 5.Tangible 6.Acclaim 7.Exploit 8.Escalate 9.Methodical 10. Adjacent 1-2 The gifted ice skater's routine _(e)d the audience . It was the epitome grace and power combined. At the end, a long, rapid spin _(e) d

    asked by jae
  12. adult education

    • Explain how social learning theory influences your role in society and in the workplace, along with your interactions with others

    asked by D.B.
  13. physics

    A drag racer, starting from rest, speeds up for 402 m with an acceleration of +20.0 m/s2. A parachute then opens, slowing the car down with an acceleration of -5.20 m/s2. How fast is the racer moving 3.75 102 m after the parachute opens?

    asked by demi
  14. math

    A rectangle has an area of 60 square inches and a perimeter of 38 inches. Find the length and width if the rectangle.

    asked by kayla
  15. Science

    Why does a balloon pop when you squeeze it?

    asked by Cassey
  16. 3rd grade

    Mrs Bradner has 30 tomato plants. She wants to plant the same number of plants in each row of her garden. Explain how she could decide the number of rows to plant

    asked by Deza
  17. math

    A total of tickets were sold for the school play. The number of student tickets sold was two times the number of adult tickets sold . How many adult tickets were sold?

    asked by Cheryl
  18. chemistry

    Molecular shape of BrF3 by VSEPR theory

    asked by jhon
  19. thesis statement

    whats a good thesis statement on cooking

    asked by jeffrey
  20. choosing your business

    the best way to find out if a particular business is a good fit for you is to

    asked by kathy
  21. abac

    The speed of an object and the direction in which it moves constitute a vector quantity known as the velocity. An ostrich is running at a speed of 19.5 m/s in a direction of 65° north of west. (a) What is the magnitude of the ostrich's velocity component

    asked by heather
  22. english

    what is the complete predicate and the simple predicate in this sentence, the tiny mosquito landed on my arm

    asked by shamar
  23. probability

    The probability that patient recovers from a delicate heart operation is 0.9. What is the probability that exactly 5 of the next 7 patients having this operation survive?

    asked by jim
  24. english

    what is the complete predicate and the simple predicate in this sentence, the tiny mosquito landed on my arm

    asked by shamar

    1. You have 88.8 mL of 2.50 M solution of Na2CrO4 (aq). You have 125 mL of a 2.50 M solution of AgNO3 (aq). Calculate the concetration of Na+ when the two solutions are added together. 2. You have 75.0 mL of 2.50 M solution of Na2CrO4 (aq). You have 125 mL

    asked by Alex
  26. Algebra 1

    s(x)=1/5x^2 Can anyone help me find the vertex of this equation and the line of symmetry I tried to do it but am finding in difficult. Thanks.

    asked by Rosie
  27. COM 155

    I am to label each paragraph as either: Summary, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. I am confused by #2 and #4 can someone please check my answers 1. Alice Axia’s article discussed overlooked tax deductions. It talked about some of the most commonly

    asked by confused by adverbs and adjectives
  28. Macroeconomics

    Suppose that there is a temporary, but significant,increase in oil prices in an economy with an upward-sloping SRAS curve. If policy makers wish to prevent the equilibrium price level from changing in response to the oil price increase, should they

    asked by Tony
  29. Calculus

    express the given quantity as a single logarithm: ln(a+b)+ln(a-b)-8ln(c)

    asked by John
  30. probability

    The life of a certain type of device has an advertised failure of rate .01 per hour. The failure rate is constant and the exponential distribution applies. (a)What is the mean time to failure? (b)What is the probability that 150 hours will pass before a

    asked by jim
  31. MATH

    maria collected the gas given off by a glowing piece of charcoal . the gas was then bubbled through a small amount of colorless limewater . part of maria's report stated . after the gas was put into the jar the lime water gradually changed to milky white

    asked by Pavleen
  32. math

    in human most of the energy needed for life activities come from carbon dioxide

    asked by Pavleen
  33. 5th Grade Math

    Seven and three hundred and seventeen thousands in standard form is?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Algebra

    write the set {xlx¡Ý -5 in interval notation

    asked by Norma
  35. Math

    write an algebraic xepression for each word phrases? 1 more than the quotient of 21 and b

    asked by Marcia
  36. government

    are the articles of the constitution in a particular order?

    asked by teryn
  37. medicine

    when comparing the blood smears of patients with intact spleens to those of patients without spleens, the blood smears of patients without spleens will likely reveal? a) many more fragile and old erythrocytes, b) many more lymphocytes and monocytes; c)

    asked by bell
  38. geometry

    the lengths [in inches] of two sides of a regular pentagon are represented by the expression 5x-27 and 2x-6 . fined the length of a sied of the pentagon.

    asked by kira
  39. algebra 3

    finding the zeros square root(x+3)+5

    asked by john
  40. inorganic chermistry

    a large number of hydrogen atoms have electrons excited to the n_h=4 state.How many possible spectral lines can appear in the emission spectrum as a results of the electron reaching the ground state(n_1=1)?

    asked by kabelo
  41. Geometry

    If angle AOB=4x+15 and angle AOC=3x+25, find the degree measured of AOB and AOC

    asked by JM
  42. inorganic chemistry

    what dominant colour appears for(a)the mecury street bulb (b)the sodium street lamp and (c) an incandescent bulb?

    asked by kabelo
  43. 4th grade

    What is the independent variable?

    asked by Daniela
  44. Physics

    What is the scientific principle involved in unmanned level crossing?

    asked by Aparna
  45. psychology

    I was asked to define independant and dependant variables without defing, but buy using an example...would this be one...two digging dogs, one never corrected for digging(IV) and one corrected by a loud noise(DV), or would that be classical conditioning?

    asked by lisa
  46. Physics

    What is the scientific principle involved in unmanned level crossing?

    asked by Aparna
  47. physical science

    atoms ir uibs cab be blended in any proportion within a ?

    asked by heather
  48. social studies

    What are the two continents in the world with the largest land areas?

    asked by Reed
  49. chemistry

    The pressure inside a hydrogen-filled container was 2.10 at 21 . What would the pressure be if the container was heated to 85?

    asked by mohammed peer
  50. social studies

    Is the Artic Circle north of the equator?

    asked by Reed
  51. chemistry

    if you have one mole of CH3CH3(g) + 2 moles of Cl2 (g) and form one mole of C2H4Cl2 (l) + 2 moles of HCl (g) assuming a 90% yield calculate the amount of each reactant needed to form 1.5 kg of product I started the problem following the rules from the

    asked by noell
  52. math

    1. A baseball diamond is actually a square, 90 feet on each side. What is the distance from third base to first base? 2. The equation gives the distance, D, in miles that a person can see to the horizon from a height, h, in feet. a) Solve this equation for

    asked by summer
  53. psy

    can anyone help me with ideas for motivational theories that will impact both management and employees. I have extrinsic and intrinsic motivation,what else can i use?

    asked by lois
  54. Psychology

    Write a 200-300 word response, considering how employers and fellow team members might use this instrument at work. Is this test reliable?Is it valid? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of a test that attemps to measure skills, abilities, or

    asked by Ashley
  55. History

    In what ways does the Magna Carta still impact law?

    asked by Jess
  56. vocabulary

    whats the meaning of ..The more i stretch and exercise, the more flexible my joints become....i need the context clue..please

    asked by ana
  57. Algebra

    Can someone please help me with this problem? I can not figure it out. Thank you. solve 4x + x(x-1)=0, find the x-intercepts of f(x)=4x+x(x-1)

    asked by Ava
  58. algebra

    How many different license plates are possible using the letters A and B,but there can never be 2 A's next to each other.

    asked by sue
  59. physics

    A sky diver, with parachute unopened, falls 625 m in 15.0 s. Then she opens her parachute and falls another 348 m in 146 s. What is her average velocity (both magnitude and direction) for the entire fall?

    asked by demi
  60. PHY

    Explain whether or not my results 9.876m/s^2 verify that g=9.8m/s^2

    asked by ami
  61. psy

    I was asked to define independant and dependant variables without defing, but buy using an example...would this be one...two digging dogs, one never corrected for digging(IV) and one corrected by a loud noise(DV), or would that be classical conditioning?

    asked by L
  62. math help

    2 m 300 mm = _____cm

    asked by Anonymous
  63. vocab. sentence

    can u pls give me a sentence with these words ambulate and amorphous

    asked by alanaR.
  64. science

    What do you call a high island that rises from the deep ocean floor on a volcanic foundation?

    asked by Stephen
  65. English

    What does occasion mean in literary analysis

    asked by Hristos
  66. mth help

    600 cm3 = __L

    asked by Anonymous
  67. science

    What do you call a high island that rises from the deep ocean floor on a volcanic foundation?

    asked by Stephen
  68. 2nd grade

    how do i make a riddle with the word glad?

    asked by gaby
  69. English

    It is a small world. (What is the meaning of this sentence? When do we use this expression? And what does "It" refer to? What is the meaning/use of "It"?)

    asked by rfvv
  70. algebra 1

    Money in a bank account that compounds interest by some percentage acts______. a. linearly b. exponentially c. negatively d. like a fraction B?

    asked by Lily
  71. algebra 1

    This problem has a fraction in it. Solve: square root of y =(numerator) 5+square root of 2. (Denominator)2 25.5+5square root of 2?

    asked by Lily
  72. math

    I am studying making conjectures about L-shaped numbers. The assignment says to list the first 25 L-shaped numbers. I am not understanding how to solve the problem.

    asked by DeAndre
  73. Medical Terminology

    Why are some medical terminology is more common, while others are not as well known.

    asked by Elizabeth
  74. math

    write an algebtaic equation for each phase: 8 more then h

    asked by isismarie
  75. math

    You are offered two different sales jobs. The first company offers a straight commission of 4% of the sales. The second company offers a salary of $ 500 per week plus 2% of the sales. How much would you have to sell in a week in order for the straight

    asked by Dan
  76. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements is (are) true? A. The vapor pressure of CO2 is lower than the vapor pressure of water. B. Sea water has a lower vapor pressure than distilled water. C. The vapor pressure of 1 m NaCl is higher than the vapor pressure of

    asked by kendra
  77. 5th grade math

    I am studying making conjectures about L-shaped numbers. The assignment says to list the first 25 L-shaped numbers. I am not understanding how to solve the problem.

    asked by DeAndre
  78. geology

    Can a metamorphic rock originate from another metamorphic rock? I know they can originate from igneous and sedimentary.

    asked by pam
  79. Math

    Give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places for y. y^2-6y+9=64 If anyone can help with this problem I would really appriciate it. Thanks

    asked by Gary
  80. vocab.

    what is the meaning of "pinnacle"

    asked by alanaR.
  81. Algebra

    Can someone help me find the y and x intercept, or tell me how to do it please. f(x)=x^2-5x+4

    asked by Julie
  82. Business accounting question

    The standards and rules that are recognized as a general guide for financial reporting are called __________. A. generally accepted accounting principles B. operating guidelines C. generally accepted accounting standards D. standards of financial reporting

    asked by BC
  83. Math

    what is the like term method ?

    asked by Juan
  84. physics

    3. A 250-g is attached to a string 1.00 m long to make a pendulum. If the pendulum bob is pulled to the right, such that the string makes an angle of 150 with the vertical, what is the maximum potential energy

    asked by Anonymous
  85. computers

    an introduction to programming and visual basic 2008 page 39 programming challenges rules form design and flowchart for #3 sales tax. how do i do this?

    asked by Dawn
  86. spanish

    does it cost money

    asked by Anonymous
  87. business

    18) A rational decision maker __________. A. ignores the likely effects of government policies when he or she makes choices B. ignores marginal changes and focuses instead on “the big picture” C. takes an action only if the marginal benefit of that

    asked by BC
  88. Math

    What is the 5 things that all graphs need to have when constructing a graph other than the title and your data????Thank you..

    asked by Anonymous
  89. physics

    3. A 250-g is attached to a string 1.00 m long to make a pendulum. If the pendulum bob is pulled to the right, such that the string makes an angle of 150 with the vertical, what is the maximum potential energy

    asked by Anonymous
  90. vocab. sentence

    can u pls give me a sentence with the word "avow"

    asked by alanaR.
  91. History

    What commercial arrangements did American shippers and traders want after the Revolutionary war had ended? Why did they feel this was needed, and how successful were they in accomplishing their aims?

    asked by Lucy
  92. english

    I am writing a essay on the character of Phoenix Jackson in Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path". Is this a good introduction? The protagonist of Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" is Phoenix Jackson. Phoenix is a poor, elderly, African-American woman whose overwhelming

    asked by Anonymous

    What postwar problems existed between the US and Spain? What attempts wher made to solve the problems and why did these attempts fail?

    asked by OLIVIA
  94. Math (urgent) hw due tommorow!

    The speed of a stream is 3 km/h. A boat travels 25 km upstream in the same time it takes to travel 35 km downstream. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

    asked by anj

    How did the Confederation Congress attempt to colve the problem of staus of western territory that the states had ceded to it? Which interest groups favored which plans for the sale and distribution of land?

    asked by Jacob
  96. Managerial Economics

    # of Fisherman Daily Tuna Catch 0 0 1 50 0.02 2 110 0.02 3 300 0.01 4 450 0.01 5 590 0.01 6 665 0.01 7 700 0.01 8 725 0.01 9 710 0.01 Suppose market price of tuna is $3.50/lb. How many fisherman should the company use if the daily rate is $100?

    asked by Janet
  97. chemistry

    If you have 25.3 g of NaCl. a) how many moles of NaCl do you have? = .433 mol b) how many moles of sodium ions do you have? c)how many moles of chloride ions do you have? d) how many sodium ions do you have? e) how many chloride ions do you have? How do i

    asked by Sarah
  98. math

    a clockmacker must wind his clocks on a regular schedule. he winds some of his clock every three days and the remainder of his clocks every five days. how often does he wind all of his clocks on the same day? I need help with that problem

    asked by sherkyra
  99. Bussiness

    Seven bits of information at a time this mean that you should:

    asked by America
  100. algebra

    use the expression r+0.12m to calculate the cost of renting a car. The basic rate is r. The number of miles driven is m. 1. the basic rate is $15.95. the car is driven 150 mi. 2. the basic rate is $32.50. the car is driven 257 mi.

    asked by Saundra
  101. math

    Twelve randomly-chosen students were asked how many times they had missed class during a certain semester, with this result: 2, 1, 5, 1, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1, 5, 18. For this sample, the median is _____. A. 2.5 B. 3 C. 3.5 D. 2 need help please

    asked by BC
  102. Math

    If I have a line that have 3 points ( A,R, and T) do I call it line ART? or only line AT(A being the first point and T being the last)? Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  103. chemistry

    what mass of AgNO3(MW 169.87) is required to make 25 mL of 0.100 M AgNO3?

    asked by jayson
  104. Math

    Solve each inequality algebraically. |2x-1|-2

    asked by Madison
  105. Home economics

    How to knit

    asked by Fghl
  106. Financial Management

    Lansing Inc. has decided to expand. During the last year the company borrowed $5 million for a term of 30 years to finance a new factory, and sold 60,000 shares of stock at $51 per share to pay for new equipment. Lansing also made a payment of $500,000 on

    asked by Tisha
  107. Math - Pre-Algebra

    44) A financial institution wishes to estimate the mean balances owed by its credit card customers. The population standard deviation is estimated to be $300. If a 98 percent confidence interval is used and an interval of ±$75 is desired, how many

    asked by BC
  108. time management

    all the following are a direct result of poor time management skills except a)lack of control b)anxiety c)disorganization d)high quality work

    asked by miryam
  109. algebra

    The diagram shows a cologne bottle that consists of a cylindrical base and a hemispherical top. write an expression for cylinders volume and hemispherical top. h= 10cm; r=5cm

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Algebra

    Suppose the estimated quadratic model Yt = 500 + 20 t - t2 is the best-fitting trend of sales of XYZ Inc. using data for the past twenty years (t = 1, 2,.., 20). Which statement is incorrect? A. The trend was higher in year 10 than in year 20. B. Latest

    asked by BC
  111. precal

    In sixteen states and the District of Columbia, the legal blood-alcohol level is 0.08. Use the formula A(x) = -0.0082x2 + 0.06x to compute blood-alcohol levels as a function of x (the time in hours). When is the first time that a person can be arrested for

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Allied Health

    Of the following types of information, which one has the stictest rules regarding the release of information? A. substance abuse info. B. Mental illness info. C. Genetic info. D. Adoption info.

    asked by janice
  113. probaility

    Of all 40-year-old women, 1% have breast cancer. If a woman has breast cancer, a mammogram will give a positive indication for cancer 90% of the time. If a woman does not have breast cancer, a mammogram will give a positive indication for cancer 9% of the

    asked by jim
  114. spanish

    what is the number of main character actors on Ocean's Eleven in spanish

    asked by mic
  115. planning

    In three to five sentences, answer the following questions. 1.Where do I picture myself five years from now? What am I doing? Where am I going? 2.How do the course choices (both elective and required) that I make today lead to the fulfilment of this dream?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. science

    You probably wouldn't wear a bathing suit to Hall Beach in the Northwest Territory of Canada. Their warmest monthly temperatures average 42 and there are certainly what is the climate? a) not cold b) humid continental c) polar ice d) tundra e) subartctic I

    asked by pam
  117. algebra1

    does it means to multiply when its like this 8(-4)? so its 8*(-4)=-32

    asked by alanaR.
  118. science

    Las Vegas, Nevada has it coolest month in January, with an average temperature of 45'F. It receives 4.2 inches of precipitation per year. What climate is it? a) not dry b) steppe c) desert I PICKED C

    asked by pam
  119. 3rd grade

    I am a number greater than 99 and less than 1,000. Two of my digits that aren't next to each other are the same. My tens digit could not be greater and it is 1 more than my hundreds digit. What number am I?

    asked by andrew
  120. 7th grade

    if a perimeter of a garden is 82 feet. the length is 5 more than twice the width.what is th width of the garden?

    asked by Sylvia
  121. (9/11)

    What is up with the 9/11 conspiracy theories? It seems very similar to the JFK assassination theories. I think some of the people who believe in this make the events of that day untrue.

    asked by AL 92
  122. Science

    Why does the lid of a water bottle pop off when the bottle sits in the sun?

    asked by Cassey
  123. algebra1

    a cold front changes the temperature by -3degrees F each day. if the temp. started at 0 degrees F, wat will the temperature be after 5 days?

    asked by alanaR.
  124. science

    How does the gulf stream affect northern europe?

    asked by jasmine
  125. social studies

    what does region mean

    asked by courtney
  126. 11th grade

    the measure of an angle is 8 degrees less than 3 times the measure of the angle's supplement. find the measure of each angle

    asked by taylor
  127. Macroeconomics

    Consider an open in which the aggregate supply curve slopes upward in the short run. Firms in this nation do not import raw materials or any other productive inputs from abroad, but foreign residents purchase many of the nations goods and service. What is

    asked by Tony
  128. arts and humanities

    need help in making a brochure in arts administration

    asked by john
  129. science

    what is it called when a scienist makes a mistake, or ____, and need to do an experiment again

    asked by dragon
  130. Grammar

    Separate the complete subject and the complete predicate. There are many theories/ about the Tunguska Fireball. Is this right?

    asked by Tiffany
  131. Math

    It Say To Write An Algebraic Expression For Each Word Phrase. 1.6 less than twice x

    asked by Janae
  132. Social Studies

    do you know any social study words that start with the letter h? thnx

    asked by Anonymous
  133. math

    Charlie wants to buy a $900 TV in 15 months. How much should he invest now at 14% simple interest to have the money in 15 months?

    asked by kasey
  134. biochemistry

    Is anybody know what is DESTINEDTAFAIL ?

    asked by Ashley
  135. english

    someone objected, the sentence pattern is?

    asked by lindsey
  136. math

    how do you show work to this question. 1/2x + 3 ?

    asked by arlie
  137. algebra

    Bob and his dad visited the hardware store on Saturday. They observed the following transactions:Mr Harris bought 4 for $0.50, Mrs Clarke bought 21 for $1.00, Mr Montaro bought 1,124 for $2.00 and Ms Park bought 450 for $1.50. What were they buying?

    asked by Caitlyn
  138. Math

    Could anyone give me an idea of what to do for this problem? ( Like how do I set it up) Draw and mark a figure in which M is the midpoint of Segment ST, SP=PT, and T is the midpoint of Segment PQ. Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  139. 7th grade leadership

    This homeschooling group expects you to work harder than a college student. I need 5 subsidiary questions on "How is carrying capacity related to food supply" (you can say agriculture for the food supply) The teacher expects me to get these questions

    asked by Sophia
  140. Geometry

    What does it take to win a tug of war?

    asked by Diego
  141. algebra

    When solving a radical equation, explain why it is important to try and isolate the radical term.

    asked by Ric
  142. Math

    Give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places. (x-4)^2=20

    asked by Joey
  143. math

    what number is 100 less than 2,340,000

    asked by april
  144. Math

    Can someone please tell me what the vertex and line of symentry would be for r(x)=-3(x+3)^2.. Thank you

    asked by James
  145. math

    why is a globe more accurate than a flat map?

    asked by kirsten
  146. english

    Can you describe what a motif is?

    asked by English
  147. psychology

    when the conditions of a study resemble or approximate only the conditions of interest, questions may raised about the___of the study. A. External B. interrnal C. standardization D. randomization Iam tinking it is C.standardization can I get heip or a web

    asked by Anonymous 2
  148. public health issue

    Scenario In a rural area of Guatemala, three groups of villages received different public health interventions. The Minister of Health wants to know which of these interventions was the most cost-effective for averting death among children who are 3 years

    asked by Vicki
  149. Taxes

    When doing your child's Kiddie tax can you receive the return?

    asked by jamie
  150. 5th grade math

    The full question is: Why is a globe more accurate than a flat map in representing the earths surface?

    asked by kirsten
  151. Math

    How do I find the slope of 2y-3=3x

    asked by Sam
  152. math

    Consider the experiment of rolling a single die. What is the probability of rolling a number that is divisible by 2 or 3?

    asked by Sarah
  153. Spanish

    Despues de haber encontrado todas las palabras escondidas,busque el refran espanol escondido, haciendo un circulo a las letras apropiadas, de izquierda a derecha.

    asked by vcghjghjg
  154. Chemistry

    I need help with a concentration question. I need to know how to calculate the product with the higher concentration. $6.50 for 185 mL and the concentration of the active ingredient is 0.005% OR $7.00 for 165mL and the concentration of the active

    asked by Angie
  155. math

    How can you determine if two lines, plotted on the x-y graph and represented as y=mx + b are perpendicular?

    asked by barb
  156. Algebra II

    |x+8| _____ = 0 2 How do you figure out absolutes with 0?

    asked by Mo
  157. 3rd grade

    how I can make a spelling word pyramid

    asked by kalene
  158. math

    Use the numbers 3, 5, 6, 2, 54, and 5 in that order to write an expression that has a value of 100.

    asked by Anonymous
  159. math

    the perimeter of a triangle is 76 centimeters. the second side is twice as long as the first side. the third side is four centimeters shorter than the second side. how long is each side?

    asked by jennifer
  160. Algebra 1

    you are hiking. the total weigh of your backpack and its contents is 13 3/8 pounds. you want to carry no more than 15 pounds. how many extra water bottles can you add to your backpack if each bottle weighs 3/4 pound?

    asked by Joshua
  161. english

    how to do a spelling words pyramid

    asked by kalene
  162. 6th grade English

    What a remarkable career and legacy she left the people of the world! Find the 4 nouns career, legacy, people, world

    asked by Sam
  163. AP Chemistry

    Aspirin (C9H8O4) is synthesized by reacting salicylic acid (C7H6O3) with acetic anhydride (C4H6O3). The balanced equation is given below. C7H6O3 + C4H6O3 C9H8O4 + HC2H3O2 (a) What mass of acetic anhydride is needed to completely consume 4.40 102 g

    asked by BB
  164. social studies

    My question I asked about what two continents have the largest land mass I think the two continents are Asia and Africa. Is this right?

    asked by Reed
  165. math

    why do you only need to look at the number of dollars to know that $5.12 is greater then $4.82

    asked by asia
  166. Probability

    I have two children. One of them is a boy born on a Tuesday. What is the probability they are both boys?

    asked by Diane
  167. algebra 2


    asked by Tae
  168. Algebra 1

    pythagorean theorema=13 b=9 c=?

    asked by Jacob
  169. math

    What does "find the sum" mean? Please provide an example.

    asked by Macy
  170. science

    compare and contrast the two main branches of physical science

    asked by lavena
  171. math


    asked by cameron
  172. biology

    what is large-scale fermentation?

    asked by malcom
  173. science

    name one example each of a solid, liquid and a gas. arrange them in the decreasing order or the kinetic energy possessed by the particles in them

    asked by himansh patel
  174. chemistry

    if you have one mole of CH3CH3(g) + 2 moles of Cl2 (g) and form one mole of C2H4Cl2 (l) + 2 moles of HCl (g) assuming a 90% yield calculate the amount of each reactant needed to form 1.5 kg of product

    asked by noell
  175. math

    how do you change 200 imto a decimal and a fraction? plz help

    asked by Tyisha
  176. Rabboni christian school(natural science)

    writing a letter asking financial assistance on products to sell at jupiter planet asking to a manager from as you are in jupiter

    asked by Boipelo motau
  177. algebra

    what are 10 rational numbers with at least 3 different types

    asked by sarah
  178. math

    Suppose that an oil storage tank is 10 m wide and 10 m high. How many kiloliters of oil can it hold?

    asked by Anonymous1234
  179. English

    1. How kind he is! 2. How kind he isn't! 3. What a nice boy he is! 4. What a nice boy he isn't! (#1 is correct. However, what about #2, the negative form? Can we use this way? And #3 and #4 as well?)

    asked by rfvv
  180. college math

    A sprinkler has a range of 11m and rotates with a circular motion. If the sprinkler covers the entire circular area, how many square meters does it cover?

    asked by Anonymous
  181. 8th grade

    graph each realation on cordanant system

    asked by paige
  182. science

    How roentgen's training as a scientist affected the way he responded to his discovery?

    asked by lavena
  183. college


    asked by cece
  184. math

    give the dimensions of rectangles with perimeters of 70ft and length to width ratios of 3to4 4to5 and 1to1

    asked by layla
  185. Tarasoff Law

    Hello, Could you please direct me to some websites that detail the consequences of not adhering to the Tarasoff law?

    asked by Kelli
  186. com155 english

    • In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. • Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it.

    asked by bootz
  187. algebra


    asked by brenda
  188. Math

    1. I think your site is great. 2. The question I am having trouble with is: Explain how to write 20 miles/ 4 hours as a unit rate. Thank you.

    asked by Savvy
  189. science

    what part of the brain helps you watch a 3d film like avatar?

    asked by Damin
  190. Physics

    very narrow beam of white light is incident at 40.40° onto the top surface of a rectangular block of flint glass 11.8 cm thick. The indices of refraction of the glass for red and violet light are 1.637 and 1.671, respectively. Calculate the dispersion

    asked by ALex
  191. College Chemistry

    Complete the following table for aqueous solutions of caffeine, C8H10O2N4. Find: Molality Mass Percent Solvent Ppm Solute Given: Mole Fraction Solvent = 0.900 Molar Mass is 194.2g i believe.

    asked by James
  192. Math

    Explain how you would find the volume of an irregular shape.

    asked by Kirk
  193. AIU online

    Select 3 principals you believe are the most important to follow when managing change and describe why you feel these are essential. Describe some specific techniques that can be used to manage change in an organization. Explain how these techniques are

    asked by Laura
  194. math

    Multiply 3x^8y^5 * 6y^5 * 2x Simplify your answer as much as possible.

    asked by Cheryl
  195. Physics

    Two non-parallel light rays initially converge to a single point on a screen. A rectangular block of glass is now placed somewhere in front of the screen, in the path of the light rays, so that the glass surface is parallel to the screen. Where is the new

    asked by ALex
  196. English

    On the way to Spo1 Park, I saw clothes on sale, which were cheap clothes. From the street vender, I bought some clothes before. This day, I bought 6 clothes at 20,000 won. I could buy the size 35 trousers, which were fit for my waist, though the trousers

    asked by rfvv
  197. Chemistry

    An NMR spectrum of fumaric acid in acetone was run. The following results were obtained: 1 sharp peak with 5 splittings at around 2 ppm (belonging to acetone) 1 broad peak at 3.789 ppm (integration 0.63) 1 sharp peak at 6.779 ppm (integration 1.00)

    asked by Alan