Questions Asked on
August 25, 2010

  1. Psychology

    Which one of the following statements about intelligence is the most accurate? a) IQ is a vaild measurement, and environment factors do not change mental ability b) intelligence is mostly genetic, has the most variablity between groups, and is reliable

    asked by Rena
  2. Physical Education

    Two bodies are thrown vertically upwards with the same initially velocity of 98metre/sec but 4 sec apart.How long after is thrown will they meet?

    asked by Chris
  3. math

    identify the equation of the line through (-2, 1) and parallel to y = 3x + 1

    asked by ashly
  4. College Math

    farmer wishes to fence a rectangular area along the river bank. No fence is required on the side adjacent to the river. The material for the fence costs P16.00 per meter for the side parallel to the river, P12.00 per meter for the side perpendicular to the

    asked by J
  5. technique quantitative

    Case Problem 2 - PRODUCTION STRATEGY Better Fitness, Inc. (BFI), manufactures exercise equipment at its plant in Freeport, Long Island. It recently designed two universal weight machines for the home exercise market. Both machines use BFI-patented

    asked by nur
  6. history

    Different labor systems predominated in various regions of British America. How did the economy of each region help determine its labor system?

    asked by Pierre
  7. chemisry

    I am having problems with this redox question. 3 Ag2S + 2Al ---6 Ag + Al2S3 What are the charges on each;

    asked by Kelsey
  8. Miscellaneous

    How can I become the smartest person in y class?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math

    Which of the following is a subset of set A? A: {children between the ages of 3 and 7} a.children over 7 b.children3 years old c.children of all ages d.children under 3

    asked by star
  10. physics

    Soccer player #1 is 8.6 m from the goal. If she kicks the ball directly into the net, the ball has a displacement labeled A. If, on the other hand, she first kicks it to player #2, who then kicks it into the net, the ball under goes two successive

    asked by ray
  11. basic college reading

    main idea of mythMyth 2: You have to read every word. Some experts suggest that you don’t need to read every word of a passage. This is particularly true once you break your reading task into steps with distinct purposes. For example, the first step in

    asked by james
  12. algebra

    Draw And Shade a figure that represents 150%.

    asked by Derek
  13. math

    an old picture has dimensions 33 inches by 24 inches. what one length must be cut from each dimension so that the ratio of the shorter side to the longer side is 3/4

    asked by anonymous
  14. math

    one number is 2 more than 3 times another . their sum is 22 . find the number 4,18

    asked by anonymous
  15. physics

    The drawing shows a person looking at a building on top of which an antenna is mounted. The horizontal distance between the person's eyes and the building is 85.0 m. In part a the person is looking at the base of the antenna, and his line of sight makes an

    asked by ray
  16. physics

    Given the quantities a = 9.7 m, b = 4.2 s, c = 69 m/s, what is the value of the quantity d = a^3/(cb^2)?

    asked by ray
  17. biology

    what is lamarck's theory

    asked by roel
  18. precal

    The economist for a large sporting-goods manufacturer developed the following function to model the company's sales, where S is sales in millions of dollars and t is the week of the year, beginning January 1 of each year: S = 8 + t/52 – 6cos(πt/26)

    asked by Anonymous
  19. business

    how does the internet affect our culture in terms of the way we do and perceive business ?

    asked by diva
  20. math

    show that the equation 2x-1-sinx=0 has exactly one real root. sin x = 2x-1 2x = sin x - 1 range of sin x is -1 to + 1 but how do you know that 2x is between -2 and 0 and so x is between -1 and 0

    asked by kwack
  21. trig

    find all sets of three consecutive odd integers whose sum is greater than 54 and less than 63

    asked by lindsey
  22. math

    The United Nation declared that the world's six-billionth inhabitant was born on October 12, 1999 in Bosnia. Don't discuss what is not said. Discuss what is said. what is wrong with this statement according to what is allowed in statistics?

    asked by sylvia
  23. physics

    Two non-parallel light rays initially converge to a single point on a screen. A rectangular block of glass is now placed somewhere in front of the screen, in the path of the light rays, so that the glass surface is parallel to the screen. Where is the new

    asked by rudi
  24. Phych

    Can someone please help me think of a mnumaric for my Name Amanda Pavlic

    asked by Amanda
  25. staistics/ math

    A statistician needs to survey a sample of 50 people that is representative of voters in his community. He prepared a list of phone numbers of 50 randomly selected, expected voters. Next morning, he came to work at 8:00 and began to make calls. By 11:00

    asked by sylvia
  26. college

    A thirteen-year-old girl, who is underdeveloped and thin, has a blood disorder. She frequently experiences chest and abdominal pain, fever, and coughing, and has trouble breathing. Her teachers often spend additional time with her, explaining concepts that

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math/Algebra Can some one see if I did this correc

    Find the greatest common factor for the group of terms. -66a^2, 11a^5 11a^5

    asked by Angel Eyes
  28. JJ

    A 30.84 mL volume of 0.128 M NaOH is required to reach the phnolphthalein endpoint in the titration of a 5.441 g sample of vinegar. Calculate % acetic acid in the vinegar.

    asked by Jeffrey

    Two spheres are launched horizontally from a 1.1m -high table. Sphere A is launched with an initial speed of 5.0M/S . Sphere B is launched with an initial speed of 3.0M/S A. What is the time for the sphere A to hit the floor? and sphere B to hit the ground

    asked by NENE

    A 31.43 mL volume of 0.108 M NaOH is required to reach the phnolphthalein endpoint in the titration of a 4.441 g sample of vinegar. Calculate % acetic acid in the vinegar.

    asked by Jeffrey
  31. science

    3 types of energy collected by telescopes

    asked by reagan
  32. 4th grade

    what is value of the number 7 in 700,000

    asked by joni
  33. math

    using point-slope form write an equation, perpendicular to the line y-4=-2(x-3), containing the point (3,4)

    asked by kelly
  34. science

    The pressure created by the weight of air is greatest_______.

    asked by sean
  35. MATH


    asked by LITTLE BOB
  36. childcare

    A main source of fat and saturated fatty acids in children's diets is A. meat B. candy C. whole milk D. french fries (My answer is D) The most important consideration when installing playground equipment is A. cost B. height C. finishing materials D.

    asked by action
  37. science

    A model that may be make up of numbers, equations, and other forms of data

    asked by Josha
  38. 5th grade

    what si 1.05 + 1.50

    asked by jalan
  39. childcare

    Ms. Sue- Thank you very much I think I got the picture.

    asked by action

    identify the equation of the line through (-7, 10) and horizontal

    asked by ashly

    identify the equation of the line through (-2, 1) and parallel to y = 3x + 1

    asked by ashly
  42. algebra

    this tells me to rewrite the expression using the distributive property and then simplify plz help me and show me the work here are the questions. 15(f+1/3) 16(3b-0.25) (c-4)d

    asked by jeffrey
  43. college

    what are some examples of emerging mores related to dating co-workers?

    asked by phyllis
  44. Geograhy

    how does wind and water effect earth climate

    asked by Josha
  45. history

    What role did religion play in early European efforts at overseas colonization? Did religious factors always encourage colonization, or did they occasionally interfere with European expansion?

    asked by Pierre
  46. trig

    What are the maximum and minimum values of 6cos(πt/26)?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. history

    Comparing French, English, and Dutch Colonies, which ones attracted the most settlers, and which the fewest? In what colonies were women scarce? What impact did these differences in emigration have on various colonies' development?

    asked by Pierre
  48. math

    17% 1gal and 1:750

    asked by Anonymous
  49. science

    The chemical substance found in the atmosphere exists as a / an______. a) mixture b) radical c) element d) compund e) solid I PICKED D

    asked by sean
  50. basic college reading

    find the mainMyth 1: You only need to read the material once. Textbooks are packed with too much information to understand, much less retain, in one reading session. This is particularly true if the information is new and unfamiliar. Most students who can

    asked by james
  51. math

    Find the L.C.D. of the following group of fractions and express in terms of the L.C.D. 1/3, 3/5, 21/25,13/15 Puzzle!

    asked by Patrice
  52. physics

    so if a capacitor is connected in series with a resistance. Then if one side of capacitor is connected to a positive terminal. Then does that mean that plate has to be positive charge. The electrons travel from the positive plate around the loop to the

    asked by blasting
  53. English

    Is the lyric(story) of the song Clementine real?

    asked by rfvv
  54. child psychology

    The ability to solve abstact problems such as those found in algebra and higher mathematics is influenced by devdlopment and A. genetics B. societal factors C. health D. cognitive style

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math

    solve of x: (x-3)(x+)>0

    asked by kelly
  56. FP101

    I need help understanding how to complete an insurance matrix.

    asked by confused by adverbs and adjectives
  57. science

    A mixture of two gases, C2H2 and H2, has the properties listed below. nC2H2=0.028moles nH2=0.015moles PC2H2=79torr What is the PT for this mixture? I first found out the mole fraction by first adding H2 and C2H2 and got 0.043, then did 0.028/0.043. I

    asked by Tiffany
  58. physics

    a ball with a mass of 0.150 g and positive charge of q=41.2 C is suspended on a string of negligible mass in a uniform electric field. We observe that the ball hangs at an angle of =22.0o from the vertical. What is the magnitude of the electric field?

    asked by Matt
  59. Biology

    Some questions on a review that I have no idea! Describe what the earth looked like when it first formed? Why was the presence of oxygen so important keep in mind aerobic,anaerobic respiration and the amount of ATP produced?

    asked by Jenevecia
  60. Math

    Help! How do I complete these magic squares! They're taking me FOREVER! In magic squares, certain numbers have to add up to a certain sum, and be the same sum diagonal,across,and vertical. (Sorry if I didn't explain well) Arrange the numbers

    asked by math
  61. 5th grade

    what is the sequence to 1/2,0.5,50%,1/7,0.143,

    asked by kayla
  62. social studies

    What are maps called that focus on specific ideas?

    asked by Nancy
  63. spanish I

    how do you pronounce De donde eres in spanish?

    asked by ashly
  64. adult education

    What are some methods that are used to uncover basic emotions? Which one of these methods is the most effective? Why?

    asked by bart
  65. math

    the greastest area that a rectangle whose perimeter is 52m cm have is

    asked by anonymous
  66. Algebra Adding & Simplifying a Fraction

    Add. Simplify if possible. 3z/z^2-4 + z/z-2 = Not sure if it would be 3z/z^2.

    asked by MBK
  67. algebra


    asked by Sandy
  68. math

    what part of 3/4 is 1/10

    asked by anonymous
  69. social studies

    What do you call maps thatshow features that humans have created on Earth's surface?

    asked by Nancy
  70. algebra

    2x-5(X+3)> -20

    asked by Sandy
  71. health

    What are some methods that are used to uncover basic emotions? Which one of these methods is the most effective? Why?

    asked by bart
  72. math

    what is the median of the following group of score 27,27,26,26,26,26,18,13,36,36,30,30,27,29 27

    asked by anonymous
  73. Chemistry

    For Peroxyacyl nitrate (PAN) A compound of C,H,N,O Determine the empirical formula from the percent composition by mass: 19.8% C, 2.50% H, 11.6% N What is its molecular formula given that its molar mass is about 120g?

    asked by Amy~
  74. math

    what percent of 260 is 13 20%

    asked by anonymous
  75. math

    b.Use your new formula to find the mass of the automobile in kg for each value of force and time given in the table below. Round your answer to the nearest whole number

    asked by star
  76. math

    4 1/3 -1 5/6 2 1/2

    asked by anonymous
  77. Algebra

    Order of Operation help

    asked by Vannesa
  78. chemistry

    what is the equivalent of 0.46ml in microliters?

    asked by Juvan
  79. calculus

    The problem is to evaluate the integral 10secxtanx dx, from -1/7 pi to 3/8 pi. What I've done so far is evaluated the integral since secxtanx is a trig identity, so the integral of that is secx. I took out the 10 since it was a constant which leaves me

    asked by Douglas
  80. 5th grade English

    How courageous the people were to go against the powerful king! Exclamatory sentence Let them eat cake. Imperative Don't miss the choir's performance of that magnificent song. Imperative

    asked by Chris
  81. fiance

    Use the following statistics from Robert Morris Associates' Annual Statement Studies to answer the following question(s). Net sales 100.0 percent Cost of sales 59.9 percent Gross profit 40.1 percent Operating expenses 31.2 percent Net profit (before taxes)

    asked by kimberly
  82. geometry

    find uw if vw is 5/8 inches

    asked by brittany
  83. conversion problems

    Im not sure how to convert these because of the cm cubed heres the question: An aluminum engine block has a volume of 4.88 L and a mass of 12.60 kg. What is the density of the aluminum in grams per cubic centimeter? so its gonna be something g/cm3 can you

    asked by Hannah
  84. math

    x/8 +x/3 = 9/8

    asked by renee
  85. Algebra Help

    It is estimated that each cigarette a person smokes shortens that person's life by the amount of time she or he took to smoke it plus ten minutes. Write an algebraic rule that determines the number of minutes (t) a person's life is shortened by smoking c

    asked by Kendra
  86. math (A question for Reiny)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the help with magic squares! But I have one quick question- how can I show my work! I have to show my work or I receive like 1/2 credit.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. 5th grade

    what are two goals of the system used to classify organisms

    asked by jana
  88. Business communication

    With increased market globalization, intercultural competence:

    asked by Florence
  89. cytology

    who is robert hooke

    asked by roel
  90. algebra

    2x+3=17:7.... i don't know what the 7 after the ; is

    asked by nathan
  91. math

    How much work (in Joules) is done when a force of 14 N (Newtons) moves an object 6 meters?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. scientist

    scientists do their experimentl tests more than onceto reduce the chance of error is called conducting-----?

    asked by lilly
  93. math


    asked by renee
  94. 6th grade

    the step-by step you follow when conducting an experiment is called what?

    asked by lilly
  95. MATH


    asked by DINORA
  96. grammar

    In the sentence...Each bike has ten gears. is "has" the verb?

    asked by Debbie
  97. scientist

    a person who "does" science?

    asked by lilly
  98. 1st grade

    Sam sees a shape. The shape has one face and is curved. What shape does Sam see?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. math

    probability... two dice are tossed.... and their sum is recorded ..find probability p ( sum is between 2 and 9)

    asked by tana
  100. Geometry

    I need to bisect two angles of a triangle, measure the triangle I didn't bisect, and then construct a point of intersection of the two angle bisectors. No idea what any of that means. thanks

    asked by Lorenzo
  101. biology

    is hypothesis accepted if can't be proven wrong?

    asked by ruby
  102. English

    Can you tell me what words are the infintive phrase and is it a noun, adj or adv? Is it To learn and it's a noun? To learn to count in three languages is my summer goal.

    asked by Will
  103. public health

    What is happening in the world today that can drastically affect public health? Not really sure where to begin on this one. If anyone could give me a neuron jump start, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance, t.j.

    asked by tammy
  104. arithmetic

    (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by

    asked by Kaitlynn
  105. science

    I have to correct the Internal diameter of 2 half round cast piece of aluminuim against the actual mandrel. Because after casting the pieces are open when cooling.i will use chain block to correct or tie the cast piece with the Mandrel. could you please

    asked by sreedharan
  106. 5th grade Math

    Having problems with less than/greater than decimals. Wanted to double check some answers. a)0.5_1.0 My Answer is < b)3.2_3.02 My answer > c)4.83_4.8 My answer < d)6.25_6.4 My answer < e)0.7_0.07 My Answer >

    asked by SK
  107. Algebra

    Take any number (except for 1). Square that number and then subtract one. Divide by one less than your original number. Now subtract your original number. You reached 1 for an answer, didn’t you? How does this number game work? (Hint: Redo the number

    asked by Spring
  108. high school algerbra class

    (2/x^2-4)+(3/x^2)+(x-6+1/x+3) someone please show me how to work this problem with the steps, so I can see if I can get it. This is due tomorrow in class. Thank you.

    asked by kenneth
  109. Physics

    Each of two runners at either end of a 1907 m straight track jogs toward the other at a constant 4.00 m/s. Suppose that a fly were to go back and forth, essentially without a pause, from one runner to the other at an average speed of 13 m/s. How far will

    asked by Ryan
  110. COM 155


    asked by confused by adverbs and adjectives
  111. physics

    Electronic flash units for cameras contain a capacitor for storing the energy used to produce the flash. In one such unit, the flash lasts for a time interval of 1.49×10−3 with an average light power output of 2.60×105 .

    asked by Anonymous
  112. math

    10^3 + 10^5 =

    asked by anonymous
  113. math

    whats the mean of 10,20,30,35,55 55+35+30+20+10=150 150 / 5 =3

    asked by anonymous
  114. language arts

    The rules require that each contestant make his or her own kite. What is the simple subject word?

    asked by maya
  115. History

    (1) Britain and the U.S abolished the slave trade in? Answer: 1807 (2) The threat to the mercantile colonial world included all of the following except? A. Slave revolt B. Independence movements C. The free trade lobby. D. Enlightenment universalism E. The

    asked by Adesuwa

    useing these numbers: 25 - 7 - 8 - 5 - 4 - 3 make an equation so that the answer equals 828,but you can ONLY use those numbers. you cant add any more numbers and you cant repeat any of the numbers. you DON'T have to use all the numbers though

    asked by NADIR
  117. English

    What do you want to do if you have a lot of money? 1. I want to donate a large sum of money to a society for poor people. To die with money is a shame.] 2. I will go abroad to study English. I like to go to Harvard University, where I will major in

    asked by rfvv
  118. math

    the cicle of the circle below equal 24 centimeter what is the approimate radius? 24/3.14=8 8/2=4

    asked by anonymous
  119. English

    I appreciate your help. the second one is as follows. Question: What do you want to do if you earn/have a lot of money? 7. I want to learn a lot of things. First of all, I will learn how to swim from a swimming instructor. In the future, I can enjoy

    asked by rfvv
  120. Chemistry

    Please check this over and see of they are right...if they are not can you please tell the the right answer and explain how you got it. I think I am getting myself confused. Thank you. Write the neutralization reaction for each of the following. Balance

    asked by Brittney
  121. physics

    A unit of area often used in measuring land areas is the hectare, defined as 104 m2. An open-pit coal mine consumes 72 hectares of land, down to a depth of 29 m, each year. What volume of earth, in cubic kilometers, is removed in this time?

    asked by liz
  122. statistics

    What is the value for for a 95% confidence interval for the sample variance when n=10?

    asked by damian
  123. 3rd grade

    What if Ali only had tens and ones? How could she have modeled 624 without using hundreds?

    asked by eryn
  124. english

    is it as you sow so you shall reap or as you sow so shall you reap ?

    asked by Anonymous
  125. math

    mitchell has a jewerly box that has a volume of 324 cubic inches.the jewerly box is 9 inches long and 6 inches wide. how high is the jewelry box in inches. 9x6=54 324/54=4 inches

    asked by anonymous
  126. ambiguity

    Is he really that kind

    asked by apple
  127. Math

    If 3 points are collinear the solve for t (-3,3) (t,-1) (8,6)

    asked by Abbie
  128. 11th grade

    According to Bohr model, what determines the color of light emitted when an electron moved from one energy level to another?

    asked by christina
  129. 8th grade math

    i need help NOW: A leather coat costs a fashion store $150. THey will sell it for a 70% profit. Find the profit as a percentage of the selling price.

    asked by charlotte
  130. math

    gabriel went shopping at mall and spent 16.50 on socks 45.23 on shoes 45.23 on backpack. how much money did gabriel spend on these items? 16.50+65.95+45.23= 127.68

    asked by anonymous
  131. geometry

    can 4 point be collinear and if so how would I draw that

    asked by Tate
  132. economics

    HELP!!!!! One and only Inc is a monopolist. The demand function for its product is estimated to be Q=60-0.4P +6Y+2A Y=3,000 P=Price per Unit Y=Per capita disposable personal income (thousands of dollars) A=hundreds of dollars of advertising expenses The

    asked by Christina
  133. math word problem

    Here's the latest from the UMW math department: Andy drove from Richmond to Boston at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. If it took 5 hours to drive from Richmond to Philadelphia at an average speed of 70 miles per hour and if the whole trip took 13

    asked by M.A.
  134. algebra 1 honors

    it says simplify each expression. justify each step. 1. (2 + 7m) + 5 2. 9 x (r x 21)

    asked by stephanie
  135. math

    what does a scale factor represent ?

    asked by Bob lee
  136. algebra

    can you please show me how to do this? Determine whether the ordered pair is a solution of the inequality. y>x^2- 5x (2,-3)

    asked by Tyriq
  137. math


    asked by kelly
  138. Algebra

    how do i solve this problem? a= 3 b=7 c=10 d=11 a-b/c-d = (a-b)/(c-d) = a-b/(c-d) = a-(b/c-d) =

    asked by Jill
  139. science

    imagine you are in a spaceship flying from the earth - describe what you see from the space and how you feel as it moves out of the gravitation pull of earth?

    asked by sarthak
  140. science

    imagine you are in a spaceship flying from the earth - describe what you see from the space and how you feel as it moves out of the gravitation pull of earth?

    asked by sarthak
  141. social studies

    please help me fill these out i accidently left my s.s boo in my locker :/ by 1860 the united states had thousands of miles of telegraph lines, mostly controlled by the ______. in 1866 ______ managed to lay a telegraph cable across the _______, making it

    asked by nichole
  142. Chemistry

    I have 1ml of 0.1M potassium iodide, what is the mole fraction of iodide ion?

    asked by Peaceeey
  143. Science

    How Does Earth's atmosphere make conditions on Earth suitable for living things?

    asked by sue
  144. Chemistry

    I have 1ml of 0.1M potassium iodide, what is the mole fraction of iodide ion?

    asked by Peaceeey
  145. statistics

    . A statistician needs to survey a sample of 50 people that is representative of voters in his community. He prepared a list of phone numbers of 50 randomly selected, expected voters. Next morning, he came to work at 8:00 and began to make calls. By 11:00

    asked by sylvia
  146. History

    Question 1 In 1907, in order to balance the Triple Alliance, the Triple Entente was formed by Answer (A)Italy, France, and Britain. (B)France, Russia, and Britain. (c) France, Russia, and Germany. (D)Russia, Britain, and the United States. (E)Britain, the

    asked by Adesuwa
  147. 1st grade

    Point value of a hexagon is six. trapezoid is 3. triangle is 1. Rhombus is 2. my homework says, shape, number and total. what do I do? thanks.

    asked by Julie
  148. Chemistry

    How would I solve this: The atomic mass of 6/3Li and 7/3Li are 6.0151 amu and 7.0160 amu, respectively. Calculate the natural abundances of these 2 isotopes. The average atomic mass of Li is 6.941. All I know is how to get the atomic mass and not the

    asked by Amy~
  149. algebra


    asked by Bob
  150. chemisry

    2NaHCO3 --- Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2 2Fe + 6 HCl -- 2 FeCl3 + 3H2 2HBr + Ca(OH)2 -- CaBr2 + 2H2O N2 + 3H -- 2NH3 2H2O -- 2H2O + O is this a redox ? what is oxidized, reduced

    asked by Kelsey
  151. 4th Grade Math

    64*15 divided by 56 rounded by precentage ( % 's ) help please urgent!!!

    asked by Kristopherson
  152. accounting

    is the 5-question approach to ethical decision making superior to the moral standards or pastin approach

    asked by Leona
  153. chemisry

    I am having problems with this redox question. 3 Ag2S + 2Al ---6 Ag + Al2S3 What are the charges on each;

    asked by Kelsey
  154. real estate investment

    You are considering purchasing a 12,000 square feet (4,000 sf. per floor), three story office building for $1,250,000 with closing to be on May 12. The top and bottom floors are preleased for $24 per sq, ft. annually and the middle floor for $20 annually.

    asked by chrystal
  155. 8th grade math

    how 8 over 6 to its lowest from

    asked by tarr
  156. Child Psychology

    Joe, a high school junior, is considering a career in medicine but he's unsure if he wants to commit himself to several more years of schooling. with whom is he most likely to consult with on this issue? A. Best friend B. Girlfriend C. Parents D. Guidance

    asked by Anonymous
  157. physics

    does current flows from high potential to low potential since it flows from positive terminal to negative terminal

    asked by blasting
  158. math

    what is the standard form and the expanded form 0f 20 and 7 thousands

    asked by Zeb
  159. chemisry

    Two half cells in a galvanic cell consist of one iron electroide in a solution of iron sulphate and a silver electrode in a silver nitrate solution a) Assume that the cell is operating as a galvanic cell. State the oxidation half reaction, the reduction

    asked by Kelsey
  160. Medical Terminology

    What are two example of how knowing medical terminology will help you provide good patient care?

    asked by Elizabeth
  161. History

    1) Describe how the Cold War ideology that crystallized after WWII changed wartime alliances that had existed during the war. 2) Describe how American Cold War policies and practices influenced international relations from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s.

    asked by Lorraine
  162. 11th grade

    You are traveling at a rate of 50 m/s. If you accelerate at a rate of -15 m/s2, what will be your velocity after 3 seconds?

    asked by Syeda
  163. History

    How did McCarthyism affect the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S.

    asked by Lorraine
  164. pre algebra

    X/7 - 4 = 2

    asked by kaileigh
  165. physics

    A very narrow beam of white light is incident at 40.40° onto the top surface of a rectangular block of flint glass 11.8 cm thick. The indices of refraction of the glass for red and violet light are 1.637 and 1.671, respectively. Calculate the dispersion

    asked by rudi
  166. 9th grade

    A person standing on Mars would weigh 38% of his earth weight. What is the Mars weight of a person with an earth weight of 55 kilograms?

    asked by Isabelle
  167. Algebra

    It is estimated that each cigarette a person smokes shortens that person's life by the amount of time she or he took to smoke it plus ten minutes. Write an algebraic rule that determines the number of minutes (t) a person's life is shortened by smoking c

    asked by Kendra
  168. Math

    Solve the inequality. -(x-1)>2(x+1/2) I don't understand how the answer is 0.

    asked by Heather
  169. science

    Cool air moving to take the place of warm, rising air is also known as _____.

    asked by carl bennett
  170. English

    What is the proper name used when using improper words. ie rootin' tootin'?

    asked by Emma
  171. science

    The chemical substance found in the atmosphere exists as a / an______.

    asked by carl bennett
  172. Algebra II

    Use the coordinates to write a prediction equation. (9,17) (4,10) (3,10) (1,7) (10,19) (6,12) (12,20) (8,15)

    asked by Syd
  173. science

    conducting -------------is what a scientist does to reduce effegts of chance errors

    asked by lilly
  174. trig

    when finding consecutive odd integers why would you use n, n+2 and n-2 rather than n, n+2 and n+4

    asked by lindsey
  175. math

    The width of a rectangle is 6 cm less than the length. A second rectangle, with a perimeter of 54 cm, is 3 cm wider and 2 cm shorter than the first. What are the dimensions of each rectangle. Please give complete answer :)

    asked by Jade
  176. Physics - Momentum

    Define momentum qualitatively and quanititatively. (qualitatively - a measure of an object's mass to resist changes in its velocity or acceleration. Is this correct? How do I define momentum quantitatively)

    asked by Shaila
  177. Physics - Momentum

    Try to imagine a situation in which the form f=ma would no apply, but the form f=delta p / delta t could be used. Describe that situation. How could you test your prediction.

    asked by Shaila
  178. english

    please send me some house expressions, dance and song expressions and their meanings

    asked by theanmozhyi
  179. arithmetic

    An auditorium has 20 rows of seats.These are 20 seats in the first row,21 in the second row and 22 in the third row and so many seats are there in all rows?

    asked by Samuel
  180. precalc

    Write a formula for converting a measure of degrees in degrees, minutes, and seconds to a decimal number of degrees. The formula should convert, for example, 39º 5’ 34” to 39.093º. The model includes the assumption that a full degree equals 60

    asked by Anonymous
  181. Physics - Applications of Momentum

    Use the concept of impulse to explain the difference in the results of a jump using a proper bungee cord and a jump using ordinary rope. (Ans: Is it that impulse is equal to mVf - mVi and the final velocity will be zero for the ordinary rope, however when

    asked by Shaila
  182. mat115

    can someone help me with this math question. I am asked to show my work but I don't know how to do so. The question is: The following set of numbers a perfect triple? 8, 10, 12 yes or now and how so? Thanks for your help.

    asked by adore001
  183. math

    find the difference in degrees of longitude between chicago at about 88W and rome at about 12E

    asked by Sara
  184. Math Check

    Solve the inequality. So i have done this problem at least three times and I keep getting the same answer. But in the back of the book the correct answer for this problem is x

    asked by Heather
  185. Biology

    Should humans strive to preserve a representative sample of all biomes or aquatic zones?

    asked by Terra
  186. math

    write an example of the associative proerty of addition.

    asked by cj
  187. biology

    For each of the following listed below, explain how it enhances the plants ability to survive and reproduce in a terrestrial environment. B) Pollen C) Waxy cuticle

    asked by christine
  188. childcare

    A. cost B. height C. funishing materials D. surface materials (My answer is C) Please help

    asked by action
  189. Chemisty (Sig Figs)

    1.20 Mm to kilometers its 1200 but when I put it in it said not the correct number of sig figs

    asked by Rebekah
  190. 6th grade vocabulary

    how do you bild a quote using a web circle and why does the four words needed must have ing, ation,able,and mis in them?

    asked by robert
  191. 8th grade math

    a bank contains 35 nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are four more dimes than quarters and twice as many nickels as quarters. How many of each coins are in the bank?

    asked by Toph
  192. world history

    what is the northermost waterway that bounded the mesopotamia region

    asked by Anonymous
  193. physics

    compared to the period of a wave of red light the period of green light is... A)less B)greater C)the same D)none of the above

    asked by help!!!
  194. statistics

    The standard deviation of a distribution is 28. If a sample of 289 is selected, what is the standard error of the mean?

    asked by damian
  195. math

    identify the equation of the line through (-7, 10) and horizontal

    asked by ashly
  196. chemistry

    how would you prepare 1L of a .5M solution of each of the following? Sodium carbonate from the pure solid

    asked by kelly

    Assuming the density of a 5% acetic acid solution is 1.0 g/mL,determine the volume of the acetic acid solution necessary toneutralize 25.0 mL of 0.10M NaOH.

    asked by Jeffrey
  198. Algebra ...Please check this to see if I am corect

    For the following equation, state the value of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solutions. 6x^2-3x+2=0 I came up with the value of the discriminant as 35. Then I came up with it has two real solutions. Is this correct?

    asked by MBK
  199. math

    drove from rich to boston at avg speed of 50 mph,if it took 5 hrs to drive from rich to phila at an avg speed of 70 mph and if the whole trip took 13 hrs how far is it from phila to boston?

    asked by Bob