Questions Asked on
August 24, 2010

  1. chemistry

    how would you prepare 1.00 L of 0.50 M solution of NiCl2 from the salt nicl2·6H2O? thanks :)

    asked by kelly
  2. Math

    A donkey (D) and a mule (M) were carrying sacks of apples. The donkey groaned so the mule said to him, "Why are you complaining? If you gave me one sack, I would have twice as many as you; if I gave you one of my sacks, then we would have equal loads." How

    asked by Glen
  3. college physics

    Each of four particles moves along an x-axis. Their coordinates (in meters) as functions of time (in seconds) are given by: Particle #1: x(t)=2t^2-4 Particle #2: x(t)= -3t-4 Particle #3: -2t^2-4 Particle #4: 2 *[sq. root (t+1)] -4 Which of these particles

    asked by Thomas
  4. Algebra 2

    Make a table with a process column to represent each pattern. Write an expression for the number of circles in the Nth figure. The first figure is 5 circles long and 2 circles wide, the second 5 circles long and 3 circles wide. How do I complete this

    asked by Tabitha
  5. chemistry

    how would you prepare 1.00 L of a .50M solution of H2SO4 from concentrated (18M) sulfric acid?

    asked by kelly
  6. statistics

    Use the random-number table to simulate the outcomes of tossing a quarter 25 times. Assume that the quarter is balanced (i.e., fair). (Start at row 1, and let 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 indicate heads and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 indicate tails. Enter H for heads and T for tails,

    asked by Christina
  7. trig

    Given that tan 45=1, use tan(x+y) to show that tan 22.5= /2 - 1. (/is square root sign

    asked by Mimi
  8. Chemistry

    In water conservation, chemists spread a thin film of certain inert material over the surface of water to cut down the rate of evaporation of water in reservoirs. Franklin found that 0.10 mL of oil could spread over the surface of water of about 49 m

    asked by Amy~
  9. Physics - Forces

    A 42kg girl jumps on a trampoline, after stretching to its bottom limit; the trampoline exerts an average upward force on the girl over a diplacement of 0.50m. During the time that the trampoline is pushing her up, se experiences an average acceleration of

    asked by Shaila
  10. physics

    In 1989, Carl Lewis established a world record when he ran the 100. meter dash in 9.92 seconds. What was his average speed (in m/s) for the race? Remember to include your data, equation, and work when solving this problem

    asked by Anonymous
  11. math

    which of the following expressions shows the equation to use in the finding the dimensions of a cube N by N by N with a volume 125 1) n3=125 2) n2=125 3) 3n=125 4) n=125/3 5) not enought info given need help with this problem!!

    asked by Angel
  12. calculus

    Solve this over the interval [0,2pi): sin(3x)=(square root of 2)/2

    asked by Renee
  13. trig

    Given tan A = .29 find the angle A in degrees. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by teneshia
  14. AP Physics

    A rock thrown straight up with a velocity of 30 m/s from the edge of a building just misses the building as it comes down. The rock is moving at 47 m/s when it strikes the ground. How tall was the building? The accelera- tion of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .

    asked by Alex
  15. math- Calculus

    If lim x->6 f(x)g(x) exists, then the limit must be f(6)g(6). True or false? Explain why it's true or false. Help!

    asked by Timothy
  16. home inspection

    Which of the following is the main purpose of home inspection societies and professional associations? A.To license and regulate home inspectors B.To "self-regulate" the home inspection industry C.To certify people starting out in the home inspection

    asked by sib
  17. chemistry

    How can i calculate the concentration of each ions remaining in the solution after precipitation is complete? ok heres the full question:: 2KOH + Mg(NO3)2 -------------> 2KNO3 + Mg(OH)2 a 100.0 mL aliquot of 0.200 M aqueous potassium hydroxide is mixed

    asked by Crickett
  18. literary

    Do you think that certain literature should be taught and/or anthologized because it is written by a woman or underrepresented ethnic group, even if it is at the expense of a "more inspiring" author? Do you think you would feel the same way if you were a

    asked by Vett
  19. Chemistry

    How to solve this: One isotope of a metallic element has mass # of 65 and 35 neutrons in nucleus. The cation derived from the isotope has 28 electrons. Write the symbol for this cation. Would the symbol be Cu? because Atomic # = protons = electrons and

    asked by Amy~
  20. Chemistry

    How can i calculate the concentration of each ions remaining in the solution after precipitation is complete? ok heres the full question:: 2KOH + Mg(NO3)2 -------------> 2KNO3 + Mg(OH)2 a 100.0 mL aliquot of 0.200 M aqueous potassium hydroxide is mixed

    asked by Crickett
  21. English check

    1.)Supported the ideas of plainness, divine mission, and grace =a.)The North--Puritanism b.)The South---Gentlemen Planters c.)Both 2.Came to America to find freedom to worship and the Promised Land =a.)The North--Puritanism b.)The South---Gentlemen

    asked by Ariel
  22. college physics

    An object thrown vertically upward with initial velocity from the surface of the Earth reaches a height H before falling back toward the Earth. If initial velocity is doubled, the object reaches a maximum height equal to ________. Ignore air resistance.

    asked by Thomas
  23. 11th grade Chemistry 1

    If your weight is 120 pounds and your mass is 54 kilograms, how would those values change if you were on the moon? The gravitational force on the moon is 1/6 the gravitational force on Earth.

    asked by Megan
  24. algebra

    Diagonal brace. The width of a rectangular gate is 2 meters (m) larger than its height. The diagonal brace measures square root of 6. Find the width and height.

    asked by Simone
  25. Math

    Evaluate the difference quotient for the given function. f(x)=1/x, f(x)-f(a)/(x-a). Is the answer 1

    asked by Eileen
  26. Physical Science

    The density of sea water is slightly higher than that of fresh water. The higher density is due to the fact that sea water contains salts such as sodium choride and magnesium chloride. Suppose you have a container that holds 5.00 kg of freshwater, which

    asked by Spazzo
  27. General Chemistry

    Given 115 grams of Na2SO4 find: a. the # of moles in sodium sulfate b. the # of moles in sodium ions Please explain all work and fully explain where each # came from. Thanks.

    asked by Beth
  28. science

    what is a hypothesis? or something like that.

    asked by brxce
  29. English: Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue you've helped out in the past haha maybe you can help me again :D we learned about objective and subjective opinions authors may have today and although I got every other question, I can't seem to figure out the following three: tell the objective

    asked by Cristina
  30. physics

    A first object is thrown vertically upward with some initial speed and some initial height above the ground. Simultaneously, a second object is thrown straight down with the same initial speed and same initial height above the ground. Before the second

    asked by jake
  31. college math

    the height (in cm) of a candle is a linear function of the amount of time (in hours) it has been burning. When graphed, the function gives a line with s slope of -0.4 suppose the height of the candle after 14 hours is 18.45 centimeters. What will be the

    asked by tracy
  32. 9th grade

    what is the number of protons in Oxygen?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. English

    we learned about objective and subjective opinions authors may have today and although I got every other question, I can't seem to figure out the following two: tell the objective and subjective opinion in each statement and list if the subjective opinion

    asked by Cristina
  34. Language Arts

    Use the fallowing sentences and use vivid verbs and adjective to rewrite the sentences. The sentences that I'm having problem with is : I play video game. Could anyone give me idea on how to improve that sentences? Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  35. algebra

    Hoe do you do the equation 8y=4x+16 solve for y and x

    asked by Jackie
  36. Biology Diffusion

    This is what i read from wikipedia: "Dialysis tubing is not permeable to glucose." Is that true? Visking tubing (Dialysis tubing) DOES allow glucose molecules to pass through it right?? So what types of molecules can pass through visking tubing? Can

    asked by ALEVELS
  37. math

    If the oldest individual in an office is 57 and the range of employee ages is 29, what is the age of the youngest person in the office?

    asked by Sarah
  38. Maths - Properties of Planes

    write a scalar equation, given it's vector equation. [x,y,z]= [3,7,-5] + s[1,2,-1] + t[5,-2,3] ( I remember my teacher saying that you have to cross s and t, and that will be my normal and thereafter I substitue the point to find the 'D' value of the

    asked by Shaila
  39. phy

    1. A Uniform rod AB 3m long weighing 3 Kg is held horizontally by two strong vertical strings at its ends. A weight of 7 kg is hanging on the rod at a distance of 1m from end A and another weight of 12 Kg is hanging at 0.5 m from end B.(a)Make the free

    asked by shiva
  40. College Alegebra

    The line through (1, 3) with slope of 1/2 (I used the point slope equation) y-y1 = m(x-x1) y-3 = 1/2(x-1) (work the parenthesis first) Y-3=1/2x-1/2 +3 +3 Y = 1/2x+5/2 LCD of 2 to convert fractions into whole numbers. 2y = x+5 Answer, however I need to

    asked by Rick
  41. biochemistry

    A weak base has pKb = 9.25.. A. Calculate the % ionization at pH = 8.25 B. Calculate the % ionization at pH = 10.25 C. What is the pH when 50% of the weak base is ionized?. Is calculating ionization for pkb the same as pka? How do I go about doing it?

    asked by elizabeth
  42. AED 204

    In 200 to 300 words name two other factors that have potential to prevent equality in education. Elaborate on the two you choose. Other than the obvious obstacles of prejudice and discrimination (such as, boys getting more attention than girls; minorities

    asked by Jessica Fuentes
  43. Math

    A man left his property to his wife, his son, his daughter, and his sister. His son and daughter got half of the property, sharing in the ratio of 4 to 3. His wife got twice as much as the daughter. If his sister received $15,000, what was the value of all

    asked by Riley
  44. high school algerbra class

    2/x^2-4+3/x^2+x-6+1/x+3 Could someone help me with this fraction? I have tried to answer it over three days now without any luck. If anyone can help please show the steps,so I can see how you got the answer. Thanks in advance!!!

    asked by kenneth
  45. algebra

    Select the ordered pair from the choices below that is a solution to the following system of equations: 4y = x - 13 2x + 16y = 20

    asked by brittney
  46. Math

    Solve the following equation 1) root(2x+4)= root(6x+1) -1

    asked by Adeola
  47. science

    Ozone, a gas found in the upper stratosphere and lower mesosphere, would burn our throats if we tried to breathe it. ozone is composed of

    asked by sean
  48. Trig

    verify following trigonometric identities. 1/sec0tan0 = csc0 = sin0

    asked by Jose
  49. Accounting

    Please check my answers. Identify each of the following as either assets, liabilities, or owner's equity. 1. Petty cash- Owner's Equity 2. Mortgage payable- Liabilities 3. Furniture- Assets 4. Owner's Capital- Owner's Equity 5. Food inventory- Assets 6.

    asked by Jenna
  50. University of Phoeniz

    What does je dois aerer pour vivre mean?

    asked by Cassandra
  51. social studies

    who did the mexican american war favor?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. statistics

    A researcher conducts a t test for dependent means in which it is predicted that there will be a decrease in unemployment from before to after a particular job-skills training program. The cutoff "t" needed is -1.8333. The standard deviation of the

    asked by cheril
  53. Algebra

    How do I express this in algebraic form? And could you please explain how you came up with the expression? "Come up with a number. Add 3 to it. Muliply by 1 more than the original number. Subtract 3. Divide by the original number. Subtract 4. You should

    asked by anonymous
  54. math

    A certain medicine is given in an amount proportional to a patient’s body weight. Suppose that a patient weighing 100 pounds requires 125 milligrams of medicine. What is the weight of a patient !@#$%^&quires 200 milligrams of this medicine? I am totally

    asked by jessica

    1. Use the Internet to identify an example of a real-life team. Be sure to choose one that meets two criteria: (1) it’s not part of a for-profit business and (2) you can argue it’s highly effective. State the name of your team list its web site and

    asked by DY
  56. Math

    Solve for the indicated variable p I don't know what you do to solve it. A=P+Prt

    asked by Liz
  57. com 285

    E-mail etiquette

    asked by Latoya
  58. algegra

    find an equation of the line that is parellel to the line y=-4x+3 and that passes throught the point (-1,-8) HELP!!

    asked by tom13
  59. math

    4.2 18. show that the equation 2x-1-sinx=0 has exactly one real root.

    asked by kwack
  60. Math

    Solve for y x-2y/5=3(y+2)/4 +3 This is what I did and I don't know if it's right or what to do next. Find the Lcd which is 20. I get: 4x-8y=15y+30=60 I don't know what to do from here. I'm so confused.

    asked by Laura
  61. math

    what is range

    asked by bob
  62. Maath

    Solve the equation for the indicated variable. 4x-3a-(10x+7a)=0 solve for x This is all I know how to do & don't know if it's even right. 4x-3a-(10x+7a)=0 solve for x 4x-3a-10x-7a=0 -6x-10a=0

    asked by Courtney
  63. Maths - Properties of Planes

    Wrtie a scalar equation given it's parametric equation. x = 3-2s+2t y = 1+3s+t z = 5-s-2t

    asked by Shaila
  64. Math

    Draw a number line. Make sure the following numbers are on your number line 1,472;1,560;1,481

    asked by Alicia
  65. Math

    What is the easiest way to figure this out? 5 yrs 21 days 4 hours 32 min 17 sec _ 2 yrs 93 days 7 hours 47 min 24 sec _______________________________________

    asked by Glen
  66. Physics - Satellite Motion

    Calculate the acceleration of two different satellites that orbit Earth. one is located at 2.0Earth radii and the other located 4.0Earth radii.

    asked by Shaila
  67. science

    Identify the fruit or vegetable you selected and relate the second law of thermodynamics to the changes in energy observed in Appendix C. How did the amount of energy gained compare to the amount of energy lost as heat at the second through fourth trophic

    asked by stephanie

    Was Pope Gregory VII trying to purify the Church of corrupt bishops or trying to increase his power over kings? I know for sure that the answer is to increase power over kings. But I don't exactly know WHY.

    asked by MARIANNE
  69. math

    how to solve logarithms symbolically? log17(17)^(x+3)= log7(1) thank you

    asked by ellie
  70. English

    I'm sorry I don't think I'm following. I re-read the sentences and it's obv that the answers aren't meant to be clear, but I'm finding it hard to distinguish the difference. am I supposed to separate the sentences "in half" with a part being subjective and

    asked by Cristina
  71. MATH!!!!!!

    16b^2 - 25z^2 = A- (4b-5z)^2 B- (4b+5z)^2 C- (4b-5z)(4b + 5z) D- (16b-25z)^2 E- (5z-4b)(5z+4b)

    asked by kamleen
  72. Language Arts

    Does anyone know a word that mean the same as " a computer's user"? I try googling and all I got was "Hacker".Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  73. algebra

    What is 7/16+2x=9/8 if you solve for x?

    asked by lori
  74. MATH

    ( 6t^2 + 2t + 1 ) 3t A) 9t^2 + 5T + 3 B) 18T^2 + 6T + 3 C) 9T^3 + 6T^3 + 3T D) 18t+6T^+3T

    asked by PREET
  75. Chemistry

    Please explain the process of diffusion.

    asked by Amir
  76. english

    is the vowel sound in the word cat a) a front low short sound b) front low long sound im guessing A because how CAT is spelt "kaet" ae is a short vowel

    asked by Jess
  77. Math

    So i was given a graph of h(x) and i am supposed to approximate h^-1(3) but i'm not sure about how to do it. could anyone tell me how to find the solution? THANKS!

    asked by Abby
  78. physics

    two llong parallel vertical wires 0.3m apart are placed east-west of one another.The current in the eastely one is 30A and that in the other is 20A.Both currents flow upwards.The earth"smagnetic field is horizontal directed north and has magnetude field

    asked by kabelo
  79. English

    Is there a story in America Street, edited by Anne Mazer, similar to The Journey by Duane Big Eagle?

    asked by Halley
  80. algebra

    How do you do the equation 8x+20y=10 solve for y and x

    asked by Jackie
  81. math

    from the looks of things I am in good company when it comes to having problems solving algebra equations. I hope you can help with this one I have been working on for two days and still don't understand. I need ordered pairs for y=5x-8 and the y intercept.

    asked by kalaya
  82. physics

    A car starts from rest with a velocity given by v=kt^3 where k is a constant. The expression for the distance traveld by the car from its position at t=0 is: a] 3kt^3 b] kt^3 c] 6kt d] kt^4/4

    asked by jake
  83. Psychology

    How do you think individual personality characteristics influence social and occupational choices?

    asked by Linda
  84. 8th grade

    define these terms or questions: what is an inital observation? what is an independent variable? what is an dependent variable? what is a control group?

    asked by brxce
  85. algebra

    Sharing cost. The members of a flying club plan to share equally the cost of a $200,000 airplane. The members want to find five more people to join the club so that the cost per person will decrease by $2000. How many members are currently in the club?

    asked by Simone

    if f(x) = (x/7)-3 find f^-1(x) I'm completely lost! Help

    asked by Janie
  87. environment and health


    asked by 111
  88. math

    3x + 2y +16z +3z + 6y = 19x + 8y 3z

    asked by kamleen
  89. Maath

    5(4r-3c)-2(7r-9c)=0 solve for r This is all I know how to do and don't know if it's even right. Or what to do from here. 5(4r-3c)-2(7r-9c)=0 solve for r 20r-15c-14r-11c=0 6r-26c=0

    asked by Courtney
  90. english

    what would the complete subject and simple subject be of the following sentence Some people like to take classes to learn new things

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math

    24b^4c^3 / 6b^2c A) 3b^2c^2 B) 4b^4c^2 C) 4b^3c^2 D) 4b^2c^2 E) 3b^4c^3

    asked by kamleen
  92. Biology

    Lisst some nonliving things and tell what characteristics each has in common with a living thing

    asked by Virginia
  93. Math

    How many sig figs does tan^-1(9/7) have?

    asked by jim
  94. MATH

    -3p + 1 > 16 A) P > -5 B) P > -17/3 C) P < -17/3 D) P < -5 E) P > 5

    asked by anoymous
  95. math

    I am supposed solve these SYMBOLICALLY but i don't know how since i was never taught in school. Could someone help me solve these? 1. 7(e^(2x))^3 = 35 2. 7^(x^2-x)=7^6 3. log3(5x)=4 Thank YOU very much!!

    asked by Jamie
  96. biology

    Over a period of time what happens to carrots if placed in water and salt?..

    asked by katt
  97. sociology

    arlie Hochschild? rsearch indicated what

    asked by tonya
  98. physics

    A box is pushed without acceleration 9.0m along a horizontal floor against a frictional force of 100N. How much work is done?

    asked by nahum
  99. algebra

    solve for y and x, please show steps 3x+3y=9

    asked by Jackie
  100. 10th grade

    I have to write an insightful handwritten reflective response via essay about a passage in a novel. The passage is about 3 sentences. It is a summer reading book. How many pargraphs do i need and help with layout of essay.

    asked by Cody
  101. LIT 210

    Which author do you think most effectively utilized dramatic literary devices and conventions—Sophocles or Lorraine Hansberry? Explain your answer.

    asked by Marisa
  102. Chemistry

    How would I determine the ratio of neutrons and protons in the nucleus of each atom? 1) He 2protons , 2 neutrons

    asked by Amy~
  103. social studies

    what are types of land and waterways also known as? Physical features or landforms?

    asked by matthew
  104. math/multiplying decimals

    I know how to multiply ,but i have to use it in a model. 0.2 x 0.7 the answer is 1.4 show my how to use a model to solve.

    asked by neka
  105. algebra word problem

    During the first part of a trip a canoeist travels 55 miles at a certain speed the canoeist travels 15miles on the second part of the trip, 5 miles per hour slower. The total time for the trip is 4hours. What was the speed on each part of the trip. This is

    asked by christy
  106. 8th grade

    what is a root word

    asked by josh
  107. MATH

    Does g squared-9 have factors? (g squared minus 9)]If so, how come they don't have any "middle terms"?

    asked by Marianne
  108. math


    asked by IDALIA
  109. computers

    can the linear nested IF/ENDIF structures can contain other decision or looping structures inside their code block

    asked by ty
  110. Calculus

    (sin(47))^2 + (cos(43))^2 = With the correct number of significant figures.

    asked by jim

    If the median home price in your area has decreased in your area in the last 2 years, how does this differ from the mean price in your area? Please explain why and include examples.

    asked by sue
  112. math

    4/N = 8/5 8 / 4 = 2.5

    asked by anoymous
  113. History

    (1) Which is not a reason why the Nazi regime ultimately lost the war? (2) What role did the United State play in the European conflict before December 7, 1941?

    asked by Adesuwa
  114. com 155

    · Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a 150- to 300-word review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. · Bold each adverb. · Underline each adjective. · Compare the event to one or more similar events.

    asked by brenda
  115. English

    Im writing an essay and i need to know how religion of the ancient times has influenced western civilization?? Any info?

    asked by Someone
  116. math

    7Z+1-Z=2z-7 is z = -2

    asked by PREET
  117. algebra

    what does x equal in the equation 3x-35=9x-59

    asked by raul
  118. 8th grade

    was pope gregory VII trying to purify the church form corrupt bishops or tryingto increase his own power ?

    asked by Bob lee
  119. math

    3X + 2Y + 16X + 3Z + 6Y = 19x + 8y + 3z

    asked by kamleen
  120. physics

    How deep can a diver go without a pressure suit? How deep can we go with a pressure suit?

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Math

    Rewrite this without the coefficient. Example: 3m = m+m+m However, I cannot seem to figure out what to do with this problem: -5m^3n^2 I can't figure out how to rewrite so the -5 is gone and without changing the exponents!

    asked by Leland
  122. math

    how do you find the length of a leg in a trangle with only one angle and one line measurement?

    asked by Crystal
  123. journalism

    What first organized as a press in 1907 by E.W. Scripps and later merged with International News Service?

    asked by barbiee jay
  124. math

    julie is thinking of an even number between 12 and 29 with digits whose difference is 7? what is the number?

    asked by ann
  125. art history

    o Describe how the Cold War ideology that crystallized after WWII changed wartime alliances that had existed during the war. o Describe how American Cold War policies and practices influenced international relations from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s.

    asked by Anonymous
  126. reading

    what does unraavel mean

    asked by shelby
  127. algebra

    Select the ordered pair from the choices below that is a solution to the following system of equations: 4y = 2x + 10 8x - 3y = -14

    asked by britt
  128. college physics

    A car starts has a position (in meters) given by x=kt^3 +2t where k is a constant ans t is in seconds. The velocity (in m/s) of the car at t=1 is:

    asked by Thomas
  129. English

    What is the object of preposition in this sentenc? Sheepishly, she told her father the story.

    asked by Abigail
  130. math

    Can someone please help me with this math problem. My teacher is looking for me to show my work, but I don't how to solve the problem to show my work. Please help!!! The problem is 2 1/2 + 3 1/4 + 3 5/8. Thank you for your help.

    asked by adore001
  131. math

    1/2x-3 - 8 C)x < 8 D)2 < x < 8 E)x>8

    asked by anoymous
  132. Philosophy

    What ideas and events in Europe influence philosphy in the USA. How are these philosopies similar and different?

    asked by Anonymous
  133. physics/math

    Does the formula Sum of internal angles of a polygon = (n - 2)x180 degrees, where n represents number of sides, work for polygons of interacting sides?

    asked by sandhya
  134. 8th grade

    express 3.84 as a fraction in simplest form

    asked by nicole
  135. algebra

    solve for y and x 2x+4y=8 show steps

    asked by Jackie
  136. algebra

    solve for y and x show steps 4x+4y=7

    asked by Jackie
  137. science

    Could anyone please explain this formula to me, and give me an example of how it is used? Pa=Xa*Pt the "a" and the "t" are subscripts.

    asked by Tiffany
  138. conversion problems

    150. cm to millimeters i got it to 1500mm. but it said check the number of sig figs.

    asked by Hannah
  139. dif. bet. Mm and mm

    I was just working on a problem and i seem to keep getting it wrong. I think i might be converting wrong. all im wondering is.. is Mm the same as mm(millimeters)?

    asked by Hannah
  140. math Help

    Okay so i know the domain of ~fx= 1 / (x^3-4x)~ is all real numbers except -2, 0, 2 so how do i express it in INTERVAL NOTATION? Thank You!

    asked by emi
  141. Math/Chem

    1 teragram = __?___ kilograms how do you do this problem?

    asked by May
  142. math

    how do you combine and simplify (5x/(x^2+x-6))- (6/(x^2-x-2)) Thank you!

    asked by Jasmine
  143. MATH HELP

    14m^2 n^3 + 6 m^3 n^3 + 3m^2 n^3 = ANSWER: 23m^6 n^9

    asked by kamleen
  144. college algebra

    how do you evaluate this matrix [12 -9] [-3 5]

    asked by Anonymous
  145. math

    The sum of my ones and tens digit is 10. My tens digit is greater than my ones digit. I am a prime number. What number am I? I think it is 19

    asked by Megan
  146. medical information management

    you're the chairperson of the form committee. discuss the basic specifications for designing a form

    asked by shaeequa bolden
  147. math

    How many inches is in 3 3/4 yard? THANK YOU:))))

    asked by vedrana
  148. algebra

    how do you do the equation y=x +6

    asked by Jackie
  149. MATH

    4X-2=10 IS X =2

    asked by PREET
  150. math

    6x+5y=-4 3x-3y=9 A- 1,-2 B- 1,2 C- 2,-1 D- 3,-1 E- -1,2

    asked by PREET
  151. MATH

    0.4P+1=0.7P-2 IS IT 3

    asked by PREET
  152. Math

    i need help with diviging decimals.

    asked by Kaitlyn
  153. math

    how do I solve -7

    asked by sreed
  154. MATH HELP

    14m^2 n^3 + 6 m^3 n^3 + 3m^2 n^3 = ANSWER: 23m^6 n^9

    asked by kamleen
  155. english

    write ur views on television has turned out to isolate people instead of bringing them together

    asked by anita
  156. 7th grade

    write in scientific notation: 1.7500 2.75000000 3.1250

    asked by christian
  157. math

    what is three over seven in simplest form

    asked by Anonymous
  158. math

    (x^2 + x-6) / (x-2) = A) x-3 B) x+2 C) x+3 D) x-2 E) 2x + 2

    asked by kamleen
  159. MATH

    4T^3 - 20T =

    asked by PREET
  160. MATH

    (M^2 + M - 14)/(M + 4)= A- X-3 B- X+2 C- X+3 D- X-2 E- 2X+2

    asked by PREET
  161. science

    what is scientific notation?

    asked by christian
  162. math

    3m+25/3 B-m

    asked by KAMLEEN
  163. science

    what is the farmula of electric field due to postive charge

    asked by physics
  164. 8th grade

    4x plus 2yplus7x plus 3 is if x is 3 a ndy is 4

    asked by Anonymous