Questions Asked on
August 22, 2010

  1. physics

    The description for a certain brand of house paint claims a coverage of 460ft^2/gal. A) Express this quantity in square meters per liter. B)Express this quantity in quantity in a SI unit (i.e, meters to the power-1, looks like m-1) C)What is the inverse of

    asked by Brent
  2. algebra1

    why doews oshgosh jog around the high schooll track 98 times every day

    asked by mrs.austin
  3. PHY

    The components of a vector V can be written (Vx, Vy, Vz). What are the components and length of a vector which is the sum of the two vectors, V1 and V2, whose components are (5.0, 1.3, -15.0) and (2.3, -4.7, -1.0)?

    asked by ami
  4. statistics

    It is thought that prehistoric Indians did not take their best tools, pottery, and household items when they visited higher elevations for their summer camps. It is hypothesized that archaeological sites tend to lose their cultural identity and specific

    asked by sharon
  5. College Physics

    2 questions: a)Assuming that water has a density of exactly 1 g/cm3 (cubed), find the mass of one cubic meter of water in kilograms. b)Suppose that it takes 10 hours to drain a container of 5700m3 (cubed) of water. What is the "mass flow rate," in

    asked by Frank
  6. Chemistry

    A gaseous mixture containing 4.15 mol of hydrogen gas and 7.13 mol of oxygen gas reacts to form steam (a) Write the balanced equation for the reaction. (b) What is the limiting reactant? (c) What is the theoretical yiels of steam in moles? (d) How many

    asked by Jao
  7. Math

    An engineer is designing a parabolic arch. The arch must be 15 m high, and 6 m wide at a height of 8 m. a) Determine a quadratic function that satisfies these conditions. I've got : 8=a(6-h)^2+15, but i don't know what to do next.

    asked by Emily
  8. marketing

    Which of the following statements best describes the modern view of marketing? A. Marketing should take over production, accounting, and financial services within a firm. B. The job of marketing is to get rid of whatever the company is producing. C.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. 5th grade math

    i am a number greater than 40,000 and less than 60,000 my ones digit and tens digits are the same. my ten thousands digit is 1 less tha 3 times the sum of my ones digit and tens digit my thousands digit is half my hundred digit, and the sum of those two

    asked by edgar
  10. PHY

    Vector V1 is 9.00 units long and points along the negative x axis. Vector V2 is 4.72 units long and points at +50.0° to the +x axis. (a) What are the x and y components of each vector? V1x = V1y = V2x = V2y = (b) Determine the sum V1 + V2. Magnitude AND

    asked by ami
  11. physics

    The record for the largest glass bottle was set in 1992 by a team in New Jersey- they blew a bottle wit a a volume of 193 U.S. fluid gallons. a)How much short of 1.0 million cubic centimeters is that? b)If the bottle were filled with water at the leisurely

    asked by Brent
  12. quiz

    Question 1 Woodrow Wilson wished to keep the United States neutral at the outbreak of World War I primarily because h A)secretly admired German culture and the German university system. B) wanted to arbitrate among the combatants and to influence the

    asked by paty
  13. Algebra

    Algebra with Pizzazz need help with the riddle When Do Sky Drivers Use Decimals I have in a tent is satuasion?????

    asked by Rayne
  14. algebra

    if a 6-foot -tall man casts a shadow that is 13 feet long, how tall is a tree that casts a shaow that is 169 feet long?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. spanish

    Fill in the blank with the correct conjugation of the verb ir. Tú ____ a estudiar esta tarde.

    asked by Anonymous
  16. physics

    A driver in a car traveling at a speed of 70 mi/h sees a deer 90 m away on the road. Calculate the minimum constant acceleration that is necessary for the car to stop without hitting the deer (assuming that the deer does not move in the meantime).

    asked by tommy
  17. chemistry

    Benzoic acid and quinine are dissolved in a solution of dichloromethane. Besides the normal neutral forms for benzoic acid and quinine, will there be any other chemical form(s) present in the dichloromethane solution? (benzoic acid pKa = 4.2; quinine pKa =

    asked by Kay
  18. College Business

    I have the following data: 40% debt, 10% preferred, and 50% common equity. After-tax cost of debt 4.00%, cost of preferred 7.50% and cost of retained earnings is 11.50% in using this formula: WACC = wdrd(1-T) + wprp + wcrs

    asked by tricica
  19. Math Word Problem

    The length of a rectangle is twice the width. The area is 242 yd^2. Find the length and the width of the rectangle. The width would be? The length would be? I am not sure if I am to take 242 and sqrt it to give me 58,564 and then divide by 4 or what. I am

    asked by MBK
  20. Genes

    Which one of the following statements describes the relationship between genes, chromosomes and DNA a) genes, the basic unit of heredity, are located on chromosomes, which consist of strands of DNA b) genes are composed of chromosome and DNA C) chromosomes

    asked by Rena

    Calculate the ƒ¢H‹ rxn for the following reaction. ƒ¢H‹ f [H2S(g)] = -21 kJ/mol; ƒ¢H‹ f [SO2(g)] = -297 kJ/mol; ƒ¢H‹ f [H2O(l)] = -285.8 kJ/mol; 2H2S(g) + SO2(g) ¨3S(s) + 2H2O(l) a. 232.6 kJ b. 910 kJ c. -232.6 kJ d. -910 kJ

    asked by Lucinda
  22. algebra II

    I need to convert one gallon an hour to ounces per second

    asked by mary
  23. geometry

    A tennis ball can in the shape of a right circular cylinder holds 3 tennis balls snugly. If the radius is 3.5cm, what % of the tennis ball can is occuppied by air? Where do I start?

    asked by Cendrillion
  24. statistics

    Given that a sample is approximately bell-shaped with a mean of 60 and a standard deviation of 3, the approximate percentage of data values that is expected to fall between 54 and 66 is

    asked by Anonymous
  25. physics 1

    Antarctica is roughly semicircular, with a radius of 2000km. The average thickness of its ice cover is 3000m. How many cubic cm of ice does Antarctica contain? (Ignore the curvature of Earth).

    asked by Anonymous
  26. College Algebra

    How do you simplify square roots? Like how can you get sqrt28 to be 2sqrt7?

    asked by Alessandra
  27. Physics - Newton's Law of universal gravitation

    Describe how Newton used each of the following phenomena to support the law of universal gravitation a) the orbit of the moon b) kepler's third law

    asked by Shaila
  28. Chemistry-sig figs

    Each of the following numbers was supposed to be rounded to two significant figures. For each one below, decide whether it was correctly rounded or not, and for those that were incorrectly rounded, correct them (a) 1.249 X 10 to the 3rd power. They said it

    asked by Rebekah
  29. statistics

    2. The director of admissions at a large university advises students that the cost of textbooks will average more than $300 for a typical semester. A random sample of 80 students enrolled in the university shows a sample mean cost of $315.40 and a sample

    asked by Elizabeth
  30. Math

    240 m of fencing material is going to be used to enclose three sides of a rectangular lot. What should the dimensions of the lot be so that the enclosed area is as large as possible? (I'm supposed to solve this using a quadratic equations but I don't know

    asked by Avery
  31. math

    can i get step by step for this equation? 3x + 2y =24 what is the y intercept and what is the x intercept? I need the ordered pairs

    asked by barb
  32. computers

    Scenario: You have been employed as the IT Director for the ABC Company. The company comprises 15 employees and it has not upgraded its computer system since 1996. Project: The President of the Company has asked you to replace the computers in every

    asked by Jackie
  33. physics

    in the distance you see an arch 192 meters high, you estimate your line of sight with the top of the arch to be 8.4 degree. appox how far in kilometers are you from the base of the arch?

    asked by gabe
  34. Calculus

    The curved section can be modelled by the parabola y=3x-3/4x^2 Use calculus to find the maximum height of the curved parabolic section. How do I do this step by step?

    asked by Sarskia
  35. algebra

    The function W(d)=0.112d approximates the amount, in centimeters, of water that results from d cm of snow melting. Find the amount of water that results from snow melting from depths of 15 cm, 44 cm and 68 cm

    asked by Faye
  36. Physics - weighing a planet

    Explain how you can weigh a planet? ( Is it by the combination of the netwons law of univeral gravitation and keplers third law; t^2/r^3 = 4(pi)^2/G(Msun) )

    asked by Shaila
  37. math

    please solve: 8y - 12 < 7y - 7 { y y < ? there is supposed to be a straight line between the y and y

    asked by barb
  38. educational games

    I do not generally play online games, but I have come across two that I think are not only fun, but educational as well. Would I be allowed to mention their names here? (One has to do with words, the other with geography.)

    asked by E.G.
  39. physic you sure

    in the distance you see an arch 192 meters high, you estimate your line of sight with the top of the arch to be 8.4 degree. appox how far in kilometers are you from the base of the arch? tan8.4-0.192/d? is this the complete answer?

    asked by gabe
  40. English

    1. A big rock fell off a truck. 2. A big rock fell from a truck. (Are both the same?) 3. The rock fell onto the street. 4. The rock fell on the street. 5. The rock fell to the street. (What is the difference among the three? Are they interchangable? Are

    asked by rfvv
  41. French III

    Marianne a peur de son emploi du temps ________________ et elle va parler avec son ____________ d'éducation pour abandonner un cours difficile. I know the second one but need help on the first. Thanks:)

    asked by Hannah
  42. Nutition

    "The body absorbs lipids mostly within the small intestine. The gallbladder secrets a chemical called bile to aid in the breakdown of this fat. From there the fat is broken down farther by the enzymes the pancreas makes. The mixture of "fatty acids,

    asked by Nancy
  43. Psychology

    Evolutionary psychology and behavior genetics: a) have little in common b)acknowledge the interaction of heredity and environment c)focus on learning and experience d)are two schools of thought first introduced by John B. Watson I am confused between B and

    asked by Rena
  44. statistics

    Construct two different datasets such that the range of the first set is greater than the range of the second set, but the standard deviation of first set is less than the standard deviation of the second set. Can you say that one of your datasets has the

    asked by Zodra
  45. Psychology

    A weathy married man in China is having an affair with a beautiful young women who sems primarily attracted to his financial status. At the same time, similar situations are occurring across other races and nations. Sociobiologists would say: A) these

    asked by Rena
  46. Physics - Cavendish experiment

    Describe the objective, apparatus and results of the Cavendish experiment

    asked by Shaila
  47. poetry

    Is this a good Poem for a senior in creative writing? The topic is "The Power of Words" Words are one of the most powerful things in our lives. They can bring out many different feelings. Excited, sad, happy, or mad. Words put together can create a story.

    asked by Angela
  48. sig figs

    how do you round 0.009934 to two sig figs? would it be .010? or would that be 3 sig figs?

    asked by Rebekah
  49. Hydrogen peroxide

    Under phycal properties I read Lola mass 34.0147 g/mol Where does "lola stands for?

    asked by Raymond
  50. Social work

    How can American companies make the workplace environment safe and efficient without treating employees like suspected criminals?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. science

    is a squirrel a vertabrate or invertabrate?

    asked by Elijah
  52. economics

    What is the opportunity cost (in dollars) to attend an hour-long econ lecture for A minimum-wage teenager in fall 2009?

    asked by heb
  53. english

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning in the spaces on the following page. Correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.

    asked by Tamara Moreno
  54. American democracy

    a conservative is opposed to government intevention in both one or none.....economic and social spheres

    asked by Jen
  55. social science

    What is an example of an interdiciplinary social science? explain please

    asked by renee
  56. General Physics 221

    During heavy rain, a section of a mountainside measuring 2.5 km horizontally, 0.80 km up along the slope, and 2.0m deep slips into a valley in a mud slide. Assume that the mud ends up uniformly distributed over a surface area of the valley measuring 0.40km

    asked by Mike
  57. math

    1.)The polynomial 729 x^{3} - 1 y^{3} can be factored into the product of two polynomials, A * B where the degree of A is greater than the degree of B. Find A and B. 2.)The polynomial 16 a^{6} + 8 a^{3}b + 1 b^2 - 49 c^{6} can be factored into the product

    asked by Jordan
  58. English

    I have to write about an experience I had that affected my writing. And I have to focus on ideas. This is due tomorrow and I need help like right na.

    asked by 100% Boricua
  59. 11th grade

    in the distance you see an arch 192m. you estimate your line of sight with the top of the arch to be 8.4 degrees above the horizontal. appox how far in kilometers are you from the base of the arch?

    asked by gabe
  60. Confused-Math

    Your calculator gives an answer of x=1.1578074156, y=2E-13 when using ROOT or ZERO in the graphing mode. Give the coordinates of the x-intercept your calculator has given you to the nearest thousandth.

    asked by Alex

    i was wondering if i could become a tutor or are you guys just robots? like how could i? and what are the rules?

    asked by Joejoe
  62. Spanish

    What are subjunctive verbs in Spanish? I've learned them before but I don't understand them.

    asked by Marc
  63. eng

    Need help combinig these sentences .I havee to make dependent clauses.The heavy door wouldnt budge.we tried to close it.

    asked by tilly
  64. Math

    How to solve for x? (x/(x+1))+ ((2x-2)/x) = -1/(x+1) can someone show it step by step so i can understand it? Thanks!

    asked by Janet
  65. Calculus

    simplify 4xy^-2/((12x^-1/3)(y^-5))

    asked by Daisy
  66. Algebra 2

    1. given the equation (x+1)/16^2+(y-1)/16^2=1, where is the center of the conic section 2. given the equation (x-2)/9^2+(y+3)/9^2=1, where is the center of the conic section

    asked by yakime
  67. english

    please give me an oratorical piece about statistics..

    asked by roxan
  68. graphing an equation

    I am getting stuck on graphing equations. when something says y=1/2x-4.....I am supposed to put in numbers for x. however, I am stuck on the concept of how to divide by the fraction. Lets say x=2 y=1/2(2)-4 I am totally stumped on if I need to make two

    asked by Ryan
  69. physics

    Refer to the equation you derived in exercise (4). Assume that 1 y = 0.30m and 2 y = 0.10 m. What is the initial total mechanical energy if the pendulum is released from rest? What is the speed of the pendulum bob at the lowest point if the total

    asked by joy
  70. science

    2.Good soil contains_____. a) humus b) minerals c) sand d) top soil e) all of the above Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) e

    asked by ant
  71. math

    the difference between molly and chase's age is 35. if molly is 3 times chase's age plus an additional 10 years how old are they?

    asked by sarah
  72. physics

    A driver runs to the south at 20 m / s for 3 min, then turns west and runs to 25 m / s for 2 min, and finally turns to the northwest at 30 ni / s for I min. Find in this movement, 6 min, (a) the displacement vector the driver, (b) the speed climb and the

    asked by EXCEL
  73. science

    ________ separate nitrogen from plants when they die. a) Carbon dioxide b) Bacteria c) Gases d) Oxygen Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) a

    asked by ant
  74. Math

    find the slope and y intercept of line. 8 - 1/3y = 9x

    asked by Norma
  75. English

    How do you pronounce "Manet", the famous French artist?

    asked by rfvv
  76. AP european history

    im writing a paper comparing and contrasting the government , art, and religion of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle ages, and i don't know how to make an outline....?

    asked by Elizabeth
  77. english

    I'm going to 7th grade on september and i have no idea on how to write 10 journal entries based on a person's perspective and voice. I already finished my book Canyons only i have no clue what to do!

    asked by cindy
  78. science

    The point where a river enters a lake or sea is a_____. a) basin b) tributary c) river mouth d) strait Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) b or c but im strongly going with c but i could be wrong though

    asked by ant
  79. math

    Using the unit data by product line, compile a breakdown of sales by product line. Alpha = 218, beta 203 and gamma 107 What percentage of the total sales is for each product line? Also, currently the sales total equals 528,000 units. If the sales total was

    asked by renww
  80. Math

    If i'm given the equation 4.23= -.19t^2+2.56t-2.37 how do i find the value of t?

    asked by Isabel
  81. PHY

    What must be true for two vectors to add up to ZERO? Choose all that apply. 1)Their y-components must be equal. 2)They must be anti-parallel (point in opposite directions). 3) Their x-components must be equal. 4)They must be parallel (point in the same

    asked by ami
  82. Social Studies

    10. The principle of self-government emphasizes majority rule whereas the principle of liberty emphasizes individual rights. These principles a. are universal and are the foundation of all legitimate governments. b. have no real meaning in practice. c.

    asked by George
  83. Ap european history

    im writing a paper comparing and contrasting the government , art, and religion of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle ages and i need a catchy intro.... please help!!(: ( thanks Ms. Sue you really helped :)

    asked by Elizabeth
  84. physics

    Explain the conditions where the assumption of total mechanical energy of a system is conserved.

    asked by Anonymous
  85. geography

    i want some help in writing an assignment about earthquake

    asked by noshin
  86. Chemical Eng

    what is the effect of increasing the Electrical conductivity in the water (in BFW or DMW)?

    asked by Ahmed AL-Boaimi
  87. algebra

    How do you factor 2w^2+11w-30 ???

    asked by devon
  88. Math

    Find the real solutions, if any, to this equation. Use the quadratic formula. 3x^2+5x-7 =0 I get stuck when I plug in and simplify them all... I got up to -5+_ sqrt109 /5

    asked by Lillie
  89. science

    The processes of weathering that occurs when rocks and minerals react chemically with water and atomspheric gases is_______.

    asked by sean
  90. Math

    find the slope and intercept of the line 8y +3x+3 +5+3x

    asked by Norma
  91. Math

    what is equation of the line (- 3,0) and (0,4) y = please help me it is due tonight and I ma struggling to past his class

    asked by Norma
  92. phy

    vector B has a magnitude of 186. By is 0. What are the two possibilities for Bx?

    asked by ami
  93. math

    how do you find all real and non real solutions to these type of equations?: (x+3)^2 - 81=0 (x+1)(x-2)=18 THANKS!

    asked by Alex
  94. Math

    How does division work? Can you describe a picture of what happens during division?

    asked by Helen
  95. Math/Algebra

    The number of tickets sold each day for an upcoming performance of Handel's Messiah is given by N(x)= -0.4x^2 + 8.8x +15, where x is the number of days since the concert was first announced. When will daily ticket sales peak and how many tickets will be

    asked by Angel Eyes
  96. economy

    What role do competitive markets, monopolies, and oligopolies play in an economy

    asked by shon
  97. human services

    I need some help with self-disclosure or boundaries issues tat may occur while working with a client.

    asked by patiance
  98. math

    i need help with numerical expressions

    asked by kaylynn
  99. Algebra

    Use the quadratic formula to find the real solutions: 2x/x-3 + 2/x = 3 I know I multiply both sides by x(x-3), but I don't know how to do that.

    asked by Aless
  100. PSY

    Discuss three factors that a researcher can control when designing a valid study and three factors that a researcher can control to limit the effects that extraneous variables can have on the results of a study

    asked by Anonymous
  101. english

    This is what I wrote for my week 6 assignment but I am so confused on adjectives and adverbs as well as superlatives and comparatives. I have to underline adjectives and bold adverbs. Help I just don't seem to be getting the hang of it.

    asked by mike
  102. math

    The polynomial 14 x^3 + 8 x^2 + 21 x + 12 can be factored into the product of two polynomials, A * B where the degree of A is greater than the degree of B. Find A and B.

    asked by Jordan
  103. math-please check

    is the solution to 2x^2-4x+5... 1(+/-)((sqrt6)/2)i ??

    asked by hannah
  104. math

    graph the equation and identify the y intercept: y=1/2x How do work this can anyone help with step by step as i will have more of these?

    asked by barb
  105. science

    what is the family name for the male,female,and young of the squirrel?

    asked by Elijah
  106. Psychology

    One of the best ways to compare heritability is to compare

    asked by Rena
  107. great jiskha ideas

    okay staff i came up with some great ideas. -I can make a poster for you guys so people can hang ads up all around their school for this site. -make a saynow number for people to call in saynow DOT COM -be more like ask rose? add some more features, better

    asked by Joejoe
  108. statistics

    Why am I stuck? How do I figure I must be really stressed because I cannot figure this out. you exmple 9.408^2 =88.51046? How do you get it? I have squared 9.408 on calculator and get 3.08 what am I missing?

    asked by Sandra
  109. Math

    find the slope and y intercept of line. (-11.6,15.8) and (-10/8,12.8)

    asked by Norma
  110. Math/Algebra...can you check this please...

    f(x)= -4(x+5)^2+3 The vertex is : -5,3 The line of symmetry is x= 3 The maximum/minimum value of f(x)= -5 Is the value of f(-5)=3, a minimum or maximum? Minimum Graphing would open from the bottom going up on the negative side.

    asked by Angel Eyes
  111. Math

    Geometry. Mathematical Tables. 1 2 3 4 3 7 11 15 What is the pattern. Need help ASAP!

    asked by Ashley
  112. childcare

    1.Temperatures in child care education settings should be set at in summer and in winter. A. 55 to 65, 65 to 85 B. 60 to 63, 70 60 73 C. 68 to 72, 65 to 75 D. 72 to 80, 70 to 78 My answer is C. 2. Which of the following is an obsticle to learning for a

    asked by action
  113. PHY

    VECTOR A has a magnitude of 55. Ax is 26. What are the two possibilities for Ay?

    asked by ami
  114. French

    Marianne a peur de son emploi du temps ________________ et elle va parler avec son ____________ d'éducation pour abandonner un cours difficile. Whats the first one? I need help!

    asked by Hannah
  115. PHY

    Express the direction 331° CW from the +x-axis in the following different ways. For this problem north is positive y and east is positive x. 1) east of north 2) above the +x-axis 3) right of the vertical in quadrant 1 4) CW from the -y-axis

    asked by ami
  116. college algebra

    factor 2x^2-50=0

    asked by nicole
  117. physics

    A pendulum is initially displaced to a height 1 y above the table top, as in figure 1. It is released with an initial speed of 1 v = 0 . At the lowest point of its motion, it is at a height 2 y above the table top, and with a speed of 2 v . Derive an

    asked by joy
  118. Algebra

    Explain why x^2 + 5x + 8 is prime (not factorable). How do you know? Give 2 examples of a prime polynomial (they cannot both be binomials). Give 2 examples of polynomials that are NOT prime (they cannot both be binomials), factor them, and explain what you

    asked by John
  119. math

    graph the equation and identify the y intercept: y=1/2x How do work this can anyone help with step by step as i will have more of these?

    asked by barb
  120. English

    1. They got the rock out of the street at last. 2. They got the rock from the street at last. 3. They took the rock out of the street at last. (Are they all the same?)

    asked by rfvv
  121. chemistery

    whats the densty of an object with a mass 5.5 grams and a volume of 3 ml

    asked by mikel
  122. math

    5(3+4x)-6>=129 I get 2 different answers on this one. 15+20x-6>=129 15+20x-6+6>=129+6 15+20x>=135 15-15+20x>=135-15 20x>=120 20x/20>=120/20 x>=6 Is this worked out properly, are there any shortcuts?

    asked by barb
  123. math

    graph and find the slope. I graphed and now I need the slope. (1,-5),(-1,-5) m=

    asked by barb
  124. Math

    (- 7,9); 3x = 2y +9 equation of the line y =

    asked by Norma
  125. science

    what are some things about wood spiders?

    asked by Elijah
  126. health

    Which of the following structures are regions of the lung? A. Frontal, maxillary, sphenoidal, ethmoidal B. Eustachian, pharynx, bronchi C. Cilia, adenoids, mucous, epiglottis D. Apex, base, hilum

    asked by monica
  127. science

    why did the balance record a decrease in mass during the reaction betwwn iron sulphide and hydrochloric acid?

    asked by candice
  128. Database Management

    What is wrong with using MS Access for a fifty station online purchasing system or though rare, when might it be OK. What is wrong with using SQL Server for a "Mom and Pop" shop of three computers?

    asked by Jennifer
  129. Math

    Simplify: a) 8^2 = 64 ... correct? b) 8^-2 = 1/8^2 ... correct? c) (1/8)^2 = 1/64?? d) (1/8)^-2 = 1/64?? e) -8^2 = 64?? f) (-8)^2 64?? Please let me know if these are correct. Thank you!

    asked by anonymous
  130. Algebra 2

    what is the length of the minor axis of (x-9)/8^2+(y-4)/18^2=1

    asked by yakime
  131. Math

    how do you solve: x²-2x-15 ≤ 0 please help :)

    asked by Rowley
  132. science

    does a baby squirrel have a name (cub,joey,etc.)?

    asked by Elijah
  133. math

    find the slope of the line, if it exists: coordinates are (-1,-5), (1,-5) I am doing something wrong because I either get 5 or if I work it another way I get 0 m= either 5 or 0 Which one is it if any? x1-x2/y1-y2 Can you please help me through this?

    asked by barb
  134. college


    asked by Anonymous