Questions Asked on
August 12, 2010

  1. geometry

    in diagram below ab parallel to cd what is the value of x

  2. math

    On a certain exam, Tony corrected 10 papers and found the mean for his group to be 70. Alice corrected the remaining 20 papers and found that the mean for her group was 80. What is the mean of the combined group of 30 students?

  3. math

    An estimate of the fish population of a certain pond was found by catching 200 fish and marking and returning them to the pond. The next day, 300 fish were caught, of which 50 had been marked the previous day. Estimate the fish population of the pond.

  4. algebra

    A chemist mixes some 20% acid solution with pure 100% acid to increase the concentration. How much pure acid and acid solution should be mixed to form 100 milliliters of 40% acid solution?

  5. science

    NH2-,NH3, and NH4+ have H-N-H bond angles of 105, 107, and 109. Explain this variation in bond angles

  6. calculus

    Determine which consecutive integers the real zeros of the function are located. f(x) = 4x^4 - 16x^3 - 25x^2 + 196x -146 Is there an easier way to this besides trial and error synthetic division? Also, how do I approximate the real zeros?

  7. algebra

    what are the rule for adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers

  8. physics

    a) Does ball B roll faster along the lower part or track a than ball A rolls along track A? (b) Is the speed gained by ball B going down the extra dip the same as the speed it loses going up near ... (c) On track B, won't the average speed dipping down and

  9. Algebra

    Find the variation constant and an equation of variation where y varies directly as x and y=50 when x=10

  10. trig

    Solve for all real values of x 3cos2x - 5cosx = 1

  11. math

    Jim rolled a fair die 5 times and obtained a 3 every time. He concluded that on the next roll, a 3 is more likely to occur than the other numbers. Explain whether this is true.

  12. US101

    Have you ever use mnemonics to remember something complicated? What way you might you use mnemonics to be a more effective college student and adult learner..

  13. biology

    3. Describe the role of microorganisms (bacteria or viruses) in: a. Genetic manipulation and medical research b. Ecosystem (such as bacteria used as decomposers. Oil spill clean up) c. Food industry (microbes which are used to make yogurt)

  14. math

    Carlin’s Pizza House offers 3 kinds of salad, 15 kinds of pizza, and 4 kinds of dessert. How many different threecourse meals can be ordered

  15. Physics

    (b)A centrifuge has a maximum rotation rate of 10,000 rpm and can be stopped in 4 seconds. Assume the deceleration is uniform. The centrifuge radius is 8 cm. (i)What is the average angular acceleration of the centrifuge? (2%) (ii)What is the distance that

  16. EDU

    If you had to choose technology tools to use in the classroom, what would they be? I have already decided on SmartBoards, Computers and Projectors.

  17. Business Managment

    Which of the following statements most effectively applies you-attitude? A."We began processing your application today." B."Your application is now being processed." C."We will have your application processed by next Thursday." D."Your application will be

  18. Business Managment

    In which of the following situations would using the word "you" typically NOT be appropriate? A.When you most inform a subordinate that she has inadvertently made a costly error B.When you most inform a subodinate that you have passed her idea on to your

  19. math

    How do I add whole numbers to fractions. To get the number from an extended form to a standard form?

  20. economics

    Suppose we have the following market supply and demand schedules for bicycles: Price Quantity Demanded Quantity Supplied $100 70 30 $200 60 40 $300 50 50 $400 40 60 $500 30 70 $600 20 80 Plot the supply curve and the demand curve for bicycles. (Note please

  21. geometry

    the length of a rectangle is half the width. The perimeter is 86 ft find the width of the rectangle

  22. math

    Riena has six unmarked CDs in a box, where each is dedicated to exactly one of English, mathematics, French, American history, chemistry, and computer science. Answer the following questions: a. If she chooses a CD at random, what is the probability she

  23. Calculus

    actually cos(x)=-2 has an infinte amount of solutions so to say it dosen't have ONE is just wrong... but yah I don't buy that the equation, in some post below doesn't have critical points they are defined I found them, but whatever anyways can you help me

  24. algebra2

    962.300 km _________ = T 80.5 km/hr

  25. Accounting

    Go to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Web site and the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Web site. Identify the mission and main activities of each organization. Then, analyze the similarities and differences between the roles of

  26. reading

    If you have read the "Animal Farm". I need help on a list of things, of things that stand in Snowball's (the pig) way of becoming a leader? thank you

  27. biology

    explain the difference between gymnosperms and angiosperms give give 5 examples of each that are ontario native

  28. biology

    give 2 examples each of situations in which you might use the following pesticides Insecticides and fungicides

  29. science

    which would have a lower melting point, C3H6 or CH30H? explain please!

  30. physics

    Jessica's weight is 540 Newtons. According to the Third Law, if the Earth pulls on Jessica with a force of 540 N, then Jessica pulls on the Earth with a force of 540 Newtons that acts in the opposite direction. However, if Jessica stumbles while

  31. math

    evaluate the limit as lim goes to -1 (x^2 +2x +1)/ (x^4 -1) the answer is zero but i don't know how to get it

  32. math

    evaluate the limit as lim h goes to 0 ((2+h)^3 - 8)/h the answer is twelve but I don't know how to factor out the cube

  33. Physics - HELP

    At what rate would a 75kg person travel during a slip/fall on a wet surface to the landing position? And what would be the force of the fall?

  34. math


  35. College Algebra

    A car radiator has a 6-liter capacity. If the liquid in the radiators 40% antifreeze, how much liquid must be replaced with pure anitfreeze to bring the mixture up to a 50% solutions? If I told you the answer is 1 liter

  36. 5th grade

    Ellie works at a camp. Her age is a multiple of 6 and a multiple of 8. what is the youngest age Ellie could be?

  37. pre- calculus

    simplify 3x+2y/3y

  38. 5th grade

    what does situation & equation mean in math? thank you

  39. Math

    Multiply and express the result in its simplest form. 2x/x-3×1/x^3

  40. College Algebra

    If the sides of a square are lenthened by 7 cm, the area becomes 222 cm squared. Find the length of a side of the original square.

  41. Maths

    Solve the given equation: ln(x + 4) + ln(x + 2) = 2 ps - we aren't allowed calculators My ans: I got as far as ln [(x+4)(x+2)] = 2 ln (x^2+6x+8) = 2 And then I am lost, whatever I do ends up with no answer. I also rewrote the above so that it is e^2 =

  42. 9th grade

    How do i solve this? Write a rule for the function. Input,x 0 1 2 3 Output,y 3 5 7 9

  43. Math

    Jack usually mows his lawn in three hours. Marilyn can mow the same yard in 5 hours. How much time would it take for them to mow the lawn together?

  44. College Algebra

    Write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given numbers as solutions. Type the equation in standard form, ax^2 +bx+c=0 The Solution is 7, only solution!

  45. algebra

    I need to find the vertex of each function. y=-3(x-4)2 +6

  46. 5th grade

    help w/ problem plz.. Tell what situation is shown, write an equation, & solve the problem.. amanda has 63 bracelets. she decides to divide equally among her 7 friends. How many does she give each friend? Situation:_______(what is this?) Equation:___63/7=9

  47. math

    simplify the expression, identify the constants, coefficients, and variables of the simplified expression. 3x - y - 5 ( -8x + 2y + 5z)

  48. physics

    What are ways your driving can be improved by applying the physics of motion?

  49. 8th grade

    what's the answer to this equation? 5+4 times (8-6) to the second power.

  50. college

    # identify the three domains of development, # describe why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development, # provide an example of how one domain of development impacts the other two.

  51. latin

    can someone explain how to get the person, tense, number, for this word? i don't understand it! portat

  52. Math

    Please help me unscramble this math word reaoprddrie.

  53. latin

    how do you do this? 2nd person, future perfect, plural of augeo, augere, auxi, auctus?

  54. MAT/116

    I have been looking for a formula to do an equation with " Train A and Train B, I need to find out when Train B will catch Train A. Trian A is traveling at 40 miles per hour, train B is traveling at 48 miles per hour. Train A passes a station at 8:10p.m..

  55. English

    The School Board is going to vote on whether or not to extend the school day by one hour so that all students can help with thrir homework. The students would be required to attend a study period. Write a letter to the School board whether or not you feel

  56. math

    how do you factor our a cube? x^3 +8

  57. college

    What role does ovaries play in the homeostasis subject, and what other reaearch about the ovaries is currently taking place?

  58. Calculus

    no one on physics forums seems to know the answer so I was wondering if you guys could help post anser on these forms of course if you can help my question is here h t t p : / / w w w . p h y s i c s f o r u m s . c o m / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t =

  59. Chemistry

    PRECIPITATION BY NaC2H3O2(aq) (a) Add 2 mL of sodium acetate solution to the test tube. (b) If a white precipitate forms at the bottom of the test tube, decant the remaining liquid into another clean test tube and retain the precipitate. (Decanting is the

  60. Calculus

    same as my question below please help me post your answer on here if you have one on these forms of course h t t p : / / w w w . p h y s i c s f o r u m s . c o m / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 4 2 1 7 6 3

  61. biology

    a) Describe the niche of the sea lamprey. b) Find out how sea lampreys may have entered the Great Lakes ecosystem. c) Identify the interspecific interactions of the sea lamprey and its effects on the Great Lakes.

  62. math

    From a set of eight marbles, five red and three white, you choose one at random. What are the odds in favor of choosing a red marble

  63. algebra

    solve. 3^x+1=4^X+1 its a logarithm

  64. high school

    not sure how to do this problem. I need help 3*2+5/9

  65. Math

    Multiply and express the result in its simplest forum: 2x/x-3×1/x^3

  66. computers

    What exactly is an information systems? How does it work

  67. Science and Filipino

    why do you need to know the animals in the Philippines?

  68. Allergies

    How does one person (male or female) develop a form of food allergy towards peanuts, milk etc.?

  69. math

    On a roulette wheel, the probability of winning when you pick a particular number is . Suppose you bet $1.00 to play the game, and if your number is picked, you get back $36. a. Is this a fair game? b. What would happen if you played this game a large

  70. history

    what were the political and social outcomes of the end of the Vietnam War?

  71. math

    suppose T is a right angle whose sides have a b c. is it possible that each of a b c is an odd integer?

  72. algebra

    Assume a 125 pound person burns 150 calories after 15 minutes of jogging and 200 calories after 20 minutes of jogging. Part 1: Write an equation to represent this data. Use calories as the y-coordinate and minutes as the x-coordinate. Part 2: What is the

  73. math

    Give an example of a set of data for which a stem and leaf plot would be more informative than a histogram.