Questions Asked on
August 10, 2010

  1. science

    NH2-, NH3, and NH4+ have H-N-H bond angles of 105, 107 and 109. Explain this variation in bond angles.

    asked by Joseph
  2. MATHS

    A man caught a fish. It weight 5/7kg + 5/7 its own weight.What did it weigh?

    asked by BRYAN
  3. algebra

    The Big Screamer Coaster carries 92 people altogether. Some of its cars carry 4 passengers, and the rest carry 6 passengers. There are three less 6-passenger cars than 4-passenger cars. How many 4-passenger cars are there?

    asked by Rachel
  4. geometry

    Draw two parallel lines on your paper. Locate four points on the paper, each an equal distance from both lines. Describe the figure you get if you continue to locate points, eahc an equal distance from both lines.

    asked by Sheri
  5. trigonometry

    From a mountain 1780 ft. high, the angle of depression of a point on the nearer shore of a river is 48deg40mins and of point directly across on the opposite side is 22deg20mins. What is the width of the river between the two points?

    asked by Winsel
  6. 4th grade english

    How can I use the phrase "having been introduced to the guest of honor" in a complete sentence?

    asked by Hayley
  7. Paine College

    Morningside Nursing Home, a not-for-profit corporation, is estimating its corporate cost of capital. Its tax-exempt debt currently requries an interst rate of 6.2 percent and its target capital structure calls for 60 percent debt fianancing and 40 percent

    asked by Lisa
  8. science

    In this lab, we will be looking at Indian Corn that is the result of two parents. The parents were both Yy Ss. Y is yellow, y stands for white. The Yellow trait is dominant. S is smooth, s is shrunken. Smooth is dominant. Before we start, we need to list

    asked by sheshe
  9. Business Managment

    When would a full explanation of a visual be necessary? A.When similar material is presented to the audience quite frequently B.When the material is new to the audience C.When the information it presents is a minor part of your proof D.When the audience is

    asked by Kimberly
  10. math

    3/10 + 7/12 = ?

    asked by moe
  11. algebra

    what are braces and digits?

    asked by mia
  12. economics

    1. Use the following information to answer the questions below: Quantities Produced Prices CDs Tennis Racquets CDs Tennis Racquets Year 2004 100 200 20 110 Year 2005 120 210 22 120 a. Calculate real GDP using prices from 2004. By what percent did real GDP

    asked by mack

    A 7 m ladder weighing 250 N is being pushed by force F AT bottom What is the minimum force needed to get the ladder to move? The static coefficient of friction for all contact surfaces is 0.4.

    asked by sushanth
  14. Social studies

    What is the difference between east flowing river and west flowing river on the basis of peninsular river?

    asked by Max
  15. Trigonometry

    frrom outlook tower 80ft. high, a man observes from a position 6.5ft. below the top of the tower that the angle of elevstion of the top of certain tree is 12deg40mins and the angle of depression of its base is 72deg20mins. If the base of the tower and the

    asked by Winsel

    a gold ball is hit with an initial velocity v0 = 53m/s at an angle of 50degrees above the horizontal. a)how high the ball go? b)what is the total time the ball is in the air? c)how far will the ball travel horizontally before it hits the ground?

    asked by josh
  17. english

    decribe the setting of dr jekyll and mr hyde. how does it effect the characters? give two quotes from the book

    asked by junu
  18. manageria economics

    the largo publishing house use 400 printers and 200 printers presses to produce book. a printers wage rate is 20 and the price of a printing press is 5000. the last printer added 20 books to total output. is the publishing house making the optimal in put

    asked by Razu
  19. Math

    A man comes up to play a game. you flip a coin, if heads you win $1 and keep playing if heads again you get $2, if you get heads again, $4 and so on. If you flip tails you take your money and the game is over. How much should he be willing to pay?

    asked by Tara
  20. economics

    engineers at a national research laboratory built a prototype automobile that could be driven 180 miles on a single gallon of unleaded gasoline. they estimated that in mass production the car would cost 40000 per unit to build. the engineers argued that

    asked by Razu
  21. chemistry

    Two mercury-glass thermometer are labelled T and D respectively.On T scale, at 1 atmosphere, ice melts at -10T and pure water boils at 80T. On the D scale ice melts at 20D and pure water boils at 100D at 1 atmospheric pressure. (a) Derive an equation

    asked by paulina
  22. medical

    according to a December 4 hospital census of 100 , what are the total inpatient service days for December 5 ?

    asked by James
  23. chemistry

    A buffered solution is made by adding 50.0 g NH4Cl to 1.00 L of a 0.84 M solution of NH3. Calculate the pH of the final solution

    asked by chris
  24. math

    expand (1-x^2)^6

    asked by Stace
  25. finance

    Should Collins liberalize credit if a 15 percent after-tax return on investment is required? Assume Collins also needs to increase its level of inventory to support new sales and that inventory turnover is four times.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Classics

    I am doing an essay on Aristophanes Clouds and The Trial and Death of Socrates by Plato. I am trying to find differences in the types of education Socrates provides? I am unclear whether he actually charges a fee in Plato ( it seems that he doesn't) ? It

    asked by S
  27. Finance

    A company makes an investment of $150,000 with a useful life of 10 years and expects to use this investment to generate $300,000 in sales with $280,000 in incremental operating costs. If the company operates in an environment with a 30% tax rate, what are

    asked by john
  28. Critical thinking

    What are the characteristics of a problem?

    asked by One tired mom
  29. college

    I need to know where to search for information on the social issues of human trafficking.

    asked by patiance
  30. geography

    I have to write half a page of how geography has helped you but it ment me and idk how i need some help

    asked by kacey
  31. MATH


    asked by zion
  32. calculus

    I'm trying to find the antiderivative of (x+3)/2 How would you go about this? The answer is (x+3)^2/4

    asked by Pegs
  33. accounting

    what control violations might bank reconcilation highlight?

    asked by gloria
  34. religion

    what theme of geography studies the people,wether,climate,and animals of an area

    asked by Brianna
  35. business law

    1.Before the UCC and the UCITA, what was one of the first, and most significant, of the U.S. government's attempts to promote uniformity in commercial laws from state to state? (Hint: think of "commerce" and Constitution). 2.Based on the information

    asked by Anonymous
  36. science

    which would have a lower melting point, C3H6 or CH30H? explain.

    asked by Joseph
  37. classics

    I need help writing an intro and conclusion for an essay. The thesis is : Socrates is depicted differently in Plato's dialogue and Aristophanes' Clouds in terms of the education he provides and his beliefs. I already wrote most of the middle, and am having

    asked by S
  38. IT210 week7/ DQ1

    Please post pseudocode or code showing how you would access a file as either a database or a sequential file. Describe in your code the differences between accessing the data. Post what is needed for this weeks assignment.

    asked by Joshua
  39. Accounting 225

    Use the information in Exercise 2-4 to prepare an August 31 trial balance for Pose-for-Pics. Open these T-accounts: Cash; Office Supplies; Prepaid Insurance; Photography Equipment; H. Paris, Capital; Photography Fees Earned; and Utilities Expense. Post the

    asked by Amanda
  40. Exponents and Logs (Math)

    Solve for x: 2^(-x+1) = 4(8^x) I try isolating the 4 but I can't seem to solve it correctly when using ln or log applications. The answer is supposed to be x=-1/4. Any help?

    asked by Fred
  41. 4th grade

    writing in standard from when it comes to millions examples please

    asked by tyrese
  42. 5th grade


    asked by rakib
  43. 12 grade


    asked by rakib
  44. 5th grade

    how do i slove 4243*821213=

    asked by rakib
  45. classics

    can i say that Sorates head is in the clouds when he is portrayed up in the clouds in Aristophanes comedy clouds

    asked by S
  46. algebra 2

    find the points of intersection of the following algebraically y=2^x + 4^x y=2^x+1 - 4^x+1 I set them equal to each other but not sure if you use logs or what to solve it

    asked by jonathan
  47. 10th grade

    i need help asap w. number patterns

    asked by Britney Lewis
  48. Child Psychology

    when a child repeats a behavior or action simply to observe that action you would not infer that. the child finds the behavior self reinforcing. b. the stimulation of the action is satisfying. c.the stimulation provided by the action is associated with a

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Advance Algebra

    When multiplying two polynomials, what fundamental property do you use repeatedly?

    asked by Rachell
  50. college

    Many organizational situations involve an audience that consists of a group of people. Which is an approach to analyzing this type of audience?

    asked by Patrick
  51. Basics of health insurance

    For electronic access to computer data, computerized signatures may consist of the following (6) verification or access methods?? (I have read and read and I just can not seem find the answer. I sure hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.

    asked by Kimberly T.
  52. Algebra

    A basketball team has 12 more games to play. They have won 25 of the 36 games they have played. How many more games must they play in order to finish with a 0.750 record?

    asked by Macy
  53. Math - Vectors

    Prove that vector i,j and k are mutually orthogonal using the dot product. What is actually meant by mutually orthogonal?

    asked by Shaila
  54. Math - Vectors

    Resolve vector u =[3,4,7] into rectangular components, on which is collinear with vector v =[1,2,3].

    asked by Shaila
  55. investing

    You hold a diversified portfolio consisting of a $5 000 investment in each of 20 different common stocks. The portfolio beta is equal to 1.12. You have decided to sell a lead mining stock (b=1.0) at $5 000 net and use the proceeds to buy a like amount of a

    asked by Grizelda
  56. social studies

    What are the laws regarding Parliamentary Government?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. economics

    What is demonstation effect?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. math

    Suppose T is a right triangle whose sides have lengths a, b, and c. Is it possible that each of a, b, and c is an odd integer? Yes No Explain and demonstrate your answer.

    asked by M.A.
  59. Economics

    What is the relationship between GDP and the business cycle? How can you use information about the business cycle when making a decision about a large purchase?

    asked by dee
  60. Math

    (This is a question where we have to fill in the blank) So: 2 3 5 ? 12 11 16 26 41 ? It's a number sequence question and I need to fill in the ? as well as write a rule in words. PLEASE HELP!(And the top number has to relate with the bottom number)

    asked by Marianne
  61. trigonometry

    An observer at A looks due north and sees a meteor with an angle of elevation of 70deg. At the same instant, another observer 30miles east of A, sees the same meteor and apprroximates its position as N 50deg W but fails to note its angle of elevation. Find

    asked by Winsel
  62. Algerbra

    A homeowner wanted to improve the value of his home by putting tile flooring in three of his rooms. He researched the different types of tile and decided on two types: ceramic tile and decorative tile. He found that he could purchase the ceramic tile for

    asked by Anonymous
  63. US History

    1) How did England's preoccupation with its civil war affect the colonies a)They were forced to support the king b)They were left alone c)They developed ties to France d)They started to produce manufactured goods can't find this info, A & D seems right, if

    asked by Anonymous
  64. environmental science

    can anyone please suggest a topic for working model. and it should be related to EVS.

    asked by rodha
  65. MATH

    Can you help me find an algebraic rule for this?: 2 3 5 x 20 20 29 47 83 y and x i got 9 and y i got 158

    asked by Marianne
  66. Physics

    Express 336000 joules in calories

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Algebra

    I did most of the equation but i cannot figure out how to change my anser into a fraction or form that I can use for my answer the last part is 3000/90???

    asked by Jess
  68. Physics

    Why solids conduct better heat than liquids and gases ?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. arithmetic

    factor 16a^2-56am+49m^2=

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Battle of jericho(book0

    what is the tragedy in the book? i cant find it !

    asked by Tim
  71. math

    Carlos Martin received a statement from his bank showing a balance of $56.75 as of March 15th. His checkbook shows a balance of $87.37 as of March 20. The bank returned all cancelled checks but two. One check was for $5.00 and the other was for $13.25. How

    asked by mary
  72. AP US History

    What factors led to the development of an "American" way of life by the end of the seventeenth century?

    asked by Ariyonia
  73. Economics

    What types of resources do you believe would be inelastic within the construction industry? Explain. Would you consider the elasticity of demand for oil to be elastic or inelastic?

    asked by Blair
  74. economics

    at a management luncheon two managers were overheard arguing about the following statement a manager should never hire another worker if the new person causes diminishing returns. is this statement correct? if so why? if not explain why not.

    asked by Razu
  75. The Lottery(book)

    who is in a wheel chair? brydan or sal?

    asked by John
  76. The hunger games

    what is the main characters last name?

    asked by Asheton
  77. physics

    2. œ A horizontal force of 100 N is required to push a piece of furniture across a floor at a constant velocity. (a) What is the net force acting on the furniture? (b) How much is the friction force that acts on the sliding furniture? (c) How much

    asked by Anonymous