Questions Asked on
August 4, 2010

  1. english

    Choose the correct comma placemnent for the sentence below> a. plump, old, white cat b. plump, old, white, cat c. plump, old white cat d. plump old white cat

    asked by nancy
  2. english

    Which group of words is the sentence below misplaced? Having been discovered, Fifi looked up at his owner with puppy-dog eyes. a)with puppy-dog eyes b)been discovered c)his owner d)Fifi looked up

    asked by nancy
  3. Chemistry

    How much heat (in kJ) is evolved in converting 1.00 mol of steam at 145.0 degrees C to ice at -45.0 degrees C? The heat capacity of steam is 2.01 J/g* degrees C and of ice is 2.09 J/g*degrees C .

    asked by jay
  4. chemistry

    I need an equation for the neutralization of lemon juice (citric acid) with baking soda (sodium hydrogen or sodium bicarbonate) that shows a proton transfer to form carbonic acid and a salt..And an equation for the decomposition of carbonic acid to water

    asked by Norma
  5. chemistry

    Compute the freezing point of this solution: 25.5 g C7H11NO7S (4-nitro-2-toluenesulfoinoic acid dihydrate) in 100 g H2O. (nonionizing solute)

    asked by Les
  6. Science

    ) Mare is preparing an experiment using 3 cups, one made of paper, one of plastic and one of glass. She plans on pouring 50 ml of hot water from a pitcher into each of the 3 cups and record the temperature in 5 minute intervals. What is the independent

    asked by Rose
  7. trig

    A missile is fired at an angle of 85 from the horizontal. At one point, its speed was 1,000 mph. Find its horizontal velocity in miles per minute

    asked by buho
  8. english

    choose proper punctuation George, leave the room, shut the door, and be quiet b)George;leave the room, shut the door and be quiet c)George leave the room, shut the door and be quiet d)b)George leave the room, shut the door, and be quiet My first guess is

    asked by nancy
  9. maths

    At the local fire station they have different lengths of fire hose. the shortest is half the length of the middle-sized one, and one fifth of the length of the longest one. if i connect the three different hose lengths together i make a hose 120m long. how

    asked by montana
  10. Science

    a certain plant's roots contain higher concentration of nitrate than the soil that surrounds them. Which of the fallowing mechanism explains the movement of nitrate from soil into the plant's roots? Active transport???

    asked by Rose
  11. chemistry

    Compare the chemical composition of methane and ethanol to carbon dioxide. Which one can be said to be the complete oxidation of glucose? I thought is was methane but I got it wrong can you explain please.

    asked by sandy
  12. science

    Maria is preparing an experiment using three cups, one made of paper, one of plastic, and one of glass. She plans on pouring 50 ml of hot water into each of the three cups and recording the temperatures in 5 minute intervals. What is the independent

    asked by Rose
  13. american government

    In comparison with citizens in European democracies, Americans are less likely to a. vote in national elections. b. actively work in an election campaign. c. participate in community activities. d. join an interest group. IS A CORRECT ANSWER?THANK YOU:))))

    asked by vedrana
  14. science

    Maria is preparing an experiment using three cups, one made of paper, one of plastic, and one of glass. She plans on pouring 50 ml of hot water into each of the three cups and recording the temperatures in 5 minute intervals. What is the independent

    asked by Rose
  15. business

    o Joint-stock company o Limited liability company o Partnership o Sole proprietorship For this assignment... Describe a business scenario, either real or fictional, that depicts each of the following forms of business organization:

    asked by dennis
  16. chemistry

    A 5.02 L sample of nitrogen dioxide gas is collected at 500°C and 5.00 atm. What is the volume of nitrogen dioxide at standard condition?

    asked by Deanna
  17. Algebra

    A piggy bank contains only nickels and dimes. In all there are 42 coins with a total value of $3.85. How many nickels are in the piggy bank?

    asked by x
  18. Business finance

    Question No: 1 The overall (weighted average) cost of capital is composed of a weighted average of : a)The cost of common equity and the cost of debt b)The cost of common equity and the cost of preferred stock c)The cost of preferred stock and the cost of

    asked by zeeshan
  19. physic

    How much current will be flowing through a 57.0m length of copper wire with radius 5.7mm if it is connected to a source supplying 620V. (The resistivity of copper is 1.68x10^-8ohm's.m

    asked by kris
  20. physic

    component with a 17 Ù resistor is rated for use at power levels not exceeding 14W. How much current can safely flow through the component?

    asked by lisa
  21. Science

    A force of 20N is pushing a box at an angle of 50 degrees to the right of a dotted line. At what angle would a second force of 40N need to push in order to move the box straight in the direction of the dotted line?

    asked by Cassy
  22. medical coding 1

    Could someone please check over my answers, and give me the correct answers if they are wrong. Thanks you very much for any and all help. 1. Which one of the following items must be included in a general multisystem examination of a constitutional system?

    asked by Helen B.
  23. Chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 124 mL of an 8.10 M CuCl2 solution so that 52.0 mL of the diluted solution contains 5.9 g CuCl2

    asked by jay
  24. Chemistry

    Please check to see if I got these right and specifically for #2, I am not sure if I have this balanced correctly. Write the complete balanced equations for the following: 1) Potassium metal reacts with oxygen gas to form solid potassium oxide. My answer:

    asked by Ashley
  25. Chemistry-iodometric titration

    In an iodometric titration, excess potassium iodide solution (KI) is added to the sample.Analyte such as chlorine liberates iodine from KI under acidic condition. Liberated iodine is titrated against standard sodium thiosulphate. The concentration of

    asked by angela
  26. algebra

    What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain your answer. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain your answer. Write a mathematical phrase or

    asked by Anonymous
  27. AED/204

    Address the following points after reading the scenario written below: - List three social factors that most impact the scenario - Justify your answer with an example from the scenario for each selectred factor. - Conclude by suggesting a viable solution

    asked by jetti
  28. tech

    what is tech

    asked by abrar
  29. Quick English

    Which of these make more sense/sound better? Please remove all information with regards to my account from your servers. Please remove all information related to my account from your servers. Thank you.

    asked by Larry
  30. US corp tax

    Summarize the administrative powers of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including the examination of tax records, the assessment and demand process, and collection procedures. This paper should be approximately three (3) pages in length.

    asked by Jessica
  31. calculus

    find the domain of function f(x)= (5x + 4)/(x^2 + 3x + 2) is the answer.. x can't be -2 or -1?

    asked by Jin
  32. Math

    how do you find the fractional notation for the ratio of 54.28 to 89.69

    asked by Jacob
  33. 11th grade

    Calculate the molecular mass of the nonionic solutes: 64.3 g of solute in 390 g of water raises the boiling point to 100.680 degrees C.

    asked by Chum
  34. accounting

    paid $ 2.600 for advertising what is the accounting equation?

    asked by bomba
  35. math grade4 phil...

    i need an example of a cross graphic organizer

    asked by rey fausto
  36. History

    What is the outcome/results of the Genocide Rwanda conflict & what are its consequences for the UN?

    asked by Alex
  37. math

    Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions: 2) x^2-8x+7/x^2+6x-7 = (x-7)/(x+7) 3) x^2-5x+6/x+4 times 3x+12/x-2 =3(x-3) 4)2x-3/5x+1 divided by 6x^2-13x+6/15x^2-7x-2=1 5) x^3-9x/x^2+11x+24 times x^2+7x-8/x^2-4x+3= x(x-3)(x-1)/(x+3)(x+8) 6) 4x-8/x^2-x-6

    asked by Jetta
  38. math

    Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions: 1. 2x^4/x^5 times 6x/x^3 times x/4= 3/x^2

    asked by Jetta
  39. Chemistry

    Hi, I am having trouble with two questions. Find the pH of the following aqueous solutions prepared by adding: a) 20mL 0.12M HCl to 10mL 0.16M CH3COOH + 20mL 0.20 KOH. b) 10mL 5.0x10^-7 M HCl to 90mL H2O For a), I thought it was a buffer solution so what I

    asked by Amy
  40. business law

    What will be Long-term impact of electronic contracting on nation's business.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. health

    Compose a list identifying te major components of health communication. Who is involved in each component? How does each component promote health communication? If not utilized, how would it reduce health communication?

    asked by jen
  42. Math

    I already figured most of these out, but I need to learn how to SHOW MY WORK! Can anybody teach me? I need to find the value of each letter. Once again, how can I show my work? g+g+g=d j+e=j g^2=d b+g=d f-b=c i/h=a(h>a) a*c=a

    asked by Anonymous
  43. human growth and development

    Generally speaking,research shows that adolescents rebellion in western societties a)usually amounts to a series of minor skirmishes between parents and teenagers not a full-scale revolt b)is a time of storm and stress with major conflict between

    asked by vedrana
  44. Math

    Please help me! I found the mean temperature in a week in July, which was 87 5/7 degrees. I found the median temperature of the week, too which was 89 degress. Now can anybody help me compare the mean and median temperatures? This means a lot to e and I

    asked by candy
  45. English

    Can anybody explain to me howe to find the adverb in a sentence? For example 1.Maria rose early and watched the sun rise.

    asked by candy
  46. English

    How can I use a strong action verb to make each of these senteces come alive> 11.A Seaside forward got the ball. 12. Her teammate went to the other end of the court. 13. The forward sent the ball the lengh of the court. 14. Romelia poput the ball into the

    asked by Anonymous
  47. probabilities

    z < .05=

    asked by Felicia
  48. psych

    how does psych as a scientific discipline differ from casual observations we make in the world in everyday life? what are the similarities? Thanks

    asked by diana
  49. physics

    a power = work/time question. A broken car is being pushed to a garage. a) work out the drivers output if he takes 1 hour and 45 mins to push his car 2km with a force of 900N. b) work out the total power output if the driver has to stop for a 30 minute kip

    asked by jerry.
  50. physic

    The resistivity of gold is at a temperature of 20°C. A gold wire, 1.8 mm in diameter and 14 cm long, carries a current of 480 ma. The power dissipated in the wire is closest to:

    asked by paul
  51. math

    how do you write 11 more than y is equal to 33 as an equation?

    asked by sam
  52. Business finance

    Question No: 1 If sales revenue was Rs. 100,000, accounts receivable decreased by Rs. 4,000, and inventory increased by Rs. 3,000, cash received from customers would be: a)Rs. 107,000 b)Rs. 104,000 c)Rs. 101,000 d)Rs. 93,000 Question No 2: Kamran just won

    asked by zeeshan
  53. Business finance

    Question No 1: Sumi Inc. has policy of paying a Rs. 9 per share dividend every year. If this policy is to continue indefinitely, what will be the value of a share of stock at a 12% required rate of return? Rs. 30 Rs. 45 Rs. 60 Rs. 75 Question No: 2 The XYZ

    asked by zeeshan
  54. Business finance

    Question No 1: If two projects are _______________, the fact that they have unequal lives will not affect the analysis. a)Mutually exclusive b)Dependent c)Independent d)Correlated Question No 2: Mr. A, as a financial consultant, has prepared a feasibility

    asked by zeeshan
  55. human growth and development

    Generally,as adults age from middle age onward: a)crystallized intelligence declines,and fluid intelligence remains the same or improves b)both crystalized and fluid intelligence decline c)fluid intelligence declines,and crystallized intelligence remains

    asked by vedrana
  56. aviation

    How does the modern autopilot system work for commercial airliners?

    asked by AL 92
  57. Biology

    Is it true that some organisms can only survive in a small range of pH levels. It the pH levels are too high or too low, the organism will die. Is that true??

    asked by Anonymous
  58. personal finance

    Sue and Tom Wright are assistant professors at the local university. They each take home about $42,000 per year after taxes. Sue is 37 years of age, and Tom is 35. Their two children, Mike and Karen, are 11 and 9. Were either one to die, they estimate that

    asked by sistagirl
  59. Summer HW

    In ANDROMEDA STRAIN, where is Vandenberg Air Force Base located? In REAL LIFE, where is it located. Is it the same place??

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Business Math

    A store owner buys supplies from a vendor for $8,450. The terms of sale are 2/10, n/30. What will be the net amount due if the owner pays the bill by the 10th day after he receives the supplies?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. reading

    explain three ways the setting is important to the plot in the the true confessions of charlotte doyle

    asked by sarah
  62. AP Us History

    What traits did the middle colonies have that were not generally present in the south?

    asked by Ariyonia
  63. History

    Who slayed Goliath?

    asked by Husam
  64. Algebra

    Find the sum of the infinite geometric series given by ∑_(k=1)^∞〖(2/9)^k〗

    asked by Jessica
  65. math

    Using a number line show how to find the sum or difference. 1.3 + 1.8

    asked by Betty
  66. math

    Use the missing factor method to find the quotient 3/5 divided by 2/3.

    asked by Betty
  67. american government

    All civil liberties are: a)so specific in nature that the courts have no difficulty determining how to interpret them b)conditional-no right is absolute in practice because a right can conflict with other rights and society's other legitimate interests

    asked by vedrana
  68. sicence

    i need help its adout scince

    asked by nicole
  69. English

    Are these correct? Here, I am supposed to label the sentences interrogative,exclamatory,imperative, and declarative. Then, I have to put the correct punctuation mark beside it. 1.Look at the apes Look at the ape (imperative) 2. How clever they are How

    asked by candy
  70. math

    Describe one useful application of the Pythagorean theorem?

    asked by Roselyn
  71. chem

    i need to balance this redox euation Mn+2 +H2O2----- MnO2 + H2O

    asked by Lawryn
  72. Homework

    I am going to a school for gifted kids on September and I am very excited! However, they gave me like 5 packets of hard homework that are very time consuming. On top of that, I have to read countless books, write book reports about them, and then choose 1

    asked by candy
  73. chemistry

    A stock solution's hypochlorite activity was determined as follows: . - 2.00g of liquid sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) was weighed into a flask and diluted with 50mL deionized water.10mL of 10% sulfuric acid and 10mL of 10% potasssium iodide were added,

    asked by angela
  74. Statistics

    Many women take oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Under ideal conditions, 1% will become pregnant within one year. In typcal use, 5% become pregnant. Choose 20 random women taking the pill. How many become pregnant in the next year? a. What is the

    asked by Dawn
  75. american government

    The process of political learning in the United States is a. normally cumulative; political beliefs attained earlier in life tend to be retained to a substantial degree. b. highly structured; children are subjected to an intense system of

    asked by vedrana
  76. Math

    Hi, I am getting very frustrated. I am doing an online homework for chemistry and it's telling me to round to the nearest WHOLE number. So the answer I got was -1435.650.... And I typed in -1436. and said I was wrong and so I tried it again and typed 1.4 x

    asked by Anonymous
  77. hca/210

    What do you see as the purpose of health insurance? Should there be limits on the amount of health care provided? Word count met? If yes, what criteria should we use to ration health care? If no, how should health care be financed so that everyone has

    asked by liz
  78. american government

    Outside lobbying does not include the use of a. face-to face exchanges between lobbyists and policymakers b. campaign contributions to legislators who favor the interest group. c. the news media to influence policy makers d. targeting group resources on

    asked by vedrana
  79. algebra

    This is actually part of a statistics problem I'm working but I forgot how to do this and if someone can refresh my memory, I might be able to solve these. The problem is with factorials. 20! / 5! (20-5)! I know I can reduce and cancel, but how and where?

    asked by Dawn
  80. Medical termology

    I need to create a dialogue between two medical professionals using ten medical words-peripheral edema, CHF, Congestive Heart Failure, exhalation, inhalation, hepatocytes, hepatic ducts, peripheral edema, diagnosis. Thanks for any help or suggestions!!

    asked by Bethani
  81. ethics

    what other types of tesitng are there to measure prejudice

    asked by hogie
  82. physics

    A thin disk, mounted on a frictionless vertical shaft of negligible rotational inertia, is rotating at 495 revolutions per minute. An identical disk (that is not initially rotating) is dropped onto the first disk. The frictional force between the disks

    asked by uma
  83. MATH 157

    Can anyone please help me understand these math problems. #4. How many three-symbol codes (letter-number-number)can be made from the letters S, P, Y, and two-digits from the set of (0, 1, 2,..., 9) without repetition? #16. A pair of dice are rolled and the

    asked by Rayna
  84. cultural diversity

    what will the future be for Asian Americans diversity in America?

    asked by john smith
  85. ethic

    describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate and utilize prejudice. Hi eveyone axia student also same class same quiestion same I am stumped. by the way the whole purpose of online campus is to help and learn together. so sara should go back

    asked by hogie

    Before class, you should look over your notes from the last(9)lecture and take a minute to speculate about what your instructor is going to talk about today. (9) a) No change b) lecture, and c) lecture; and I think it need a comma after lecture is that

    asked by nancy