Questions Asked on
July 31, 2010

  1. calculus

    An open box is to be made from a 21 ft by 56 ft rectangular piece of sheet metal by cutting out squares of equal size from the four corners and bending up the sides. Find the maximum volume that the box can have.

    asked by Mely
  2. college physics

    Three glass Christmas balls become electrically charged when Noel removes them from the packaging material in their box. Noel hangs the balls on the tree 0.2m apart at an angle of 60 degree from each other. If each ornament has aquired a charge of 2 x

    asked by Cristina
  3. Chemistry

    How much heat is required to melt 75.5g of ice at -25 degrees Celcius, and convert it to steam at 105 Celcius

    asked by Edward
  4. college physics

    Three identical charges (q = +5.0mC) are along a circle with radius of 2.0m at angles of 30, 150, and 270 degrees. What is the the resultant electric field at the center?

    asked by Cristina
  5. Fin Acct.

    if you deposit money today in an account that pays 6.5% annual interest, how long will it take to double your money?

    asked by Gene
  6. college physics

    A ray of light traveling in air strikes the midpoint of one face of an equiangular glass prism (n = 1.50) at an angle of exactly 30 degrees. a)Trace the path of the light ray through the glass, and find the angle of incidence of the ray at the bottom of

    asked by Cristina
  7. chemistry

    1. What mass of lead chloride (PbCl2, MW= 278.2; Ksp= 1.8 x 10^-10) is dissolved in 250 mL of a saturated solution? 2. What mass lead chloride (PbCl2, MW=278.2; Ksp=1.8 x 10^-10) will dissolve in 150 mL of 0.050 M Pb(NO3)2?

    asked by lindsey
  8. physics

    The deepest section of ocean in the world is the Mariana Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean. Here the ocean floor is as low as 10,918m below the surface. If the index of refraction of water is 1.33, how long would it take a laser beam to reach the bottom

    asked by Cristina
  9. physics

    a car travels along a highway with a velocity of 24m/s, west. then exits the highway and 4s later, its instantaneous velocity is 16m/s, 45degrees north of west. Calculate the magnitude of the average accelaration of the car during the 5s interval?

    asked by linda
  10. college physics

    The deepest section of ocean in the world is the Mariana Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean. Here, the ocean floor is as low as 10,918m below the surface. If the index of refraction of water is 1.33, how long would it take a laser beam to reach the

    asked by Cristina
  11. math

    When an airplane flies with a given wind, it can travel 3000 km in 5hrs. When the same airplane flies in the opposite direction against the wind it takes 10hrs to fly the same distance. Find the speed of the plane in still air and the speed of the wind.

    asked by joy
  12. trigo

    from the top of a cliff 126m high, the angle of depression of a boat is 20.7deg. how far is the boat from the foot of the cliff?

    asked by trigofunctions
  13. calculus

    A fertilizer producer finds that it can sell its product at a price of p=5000-1.0x dollars per unit when it produces x units of fertilizer. The total production cost (in dollars) for units is c(x)=150000+1250x+0.25x^2 If the production capacity of the firm

    asked by Mely
  14. physics

    An object of mass 10.0 kg is released from the top of an inclined plane which makes an angle of inclination of 30 degrees with the horizontal. The object slides along the inclined plane. The questions refer to the instant when the object has traveled

    asked by Chika
  15. Pre-calc help!

    A vector has x component -7.9 and y component 10.5 What is the direction of the vector to the nearest tenth of a degree? I tried doing tantheta=10.5/-7.9, however I keep getting a negative angle less than one degree which I hope is not right. Help!

    asked by Anonymous

    Which one of the objects listed below has the largest size. a-globular clusters b-galaxies c-stars nebula I think is B please help

    asked by Anonymous
  17. physics

    true or false 1. The work required to stretch a spring changes linearly with the amount of strech? 2. The kinetic energy of an object increases linearly as the velocity of the object increases? 3. Kinetic energy is proportional to speed? 4. Kinetic energy

    asked by Chika
  18. math

    last weekend, I went to play the nearby park. It was real fun! I rode my new bicycle tat Mom had gifted me on my birthday. On reaching the park, I saw that there were a total of 15 bicycles and tricycles. if the total number of wheels was 35, how many

    asked by Fred
  19. accounting

    Your CEO has limited knowledge of management accounting but of course, is vitally interested in forecasting profitability under different scenarios. He asked you, the management accountant, to begin your report by answering a few basic questions he's

    asked by Kyra
  20. calculus

    A rectangle is to be inscribed in a right triangle having sides of length 36 in, 48 in, and 60 in. Find the dimensions of the rectangle with greatest area assuming the rectangle is positioned as in the accompanying figure. right triangle: hypotenuse- 60in

    asked by Mely
  21. cartesian vectors 2

    let vector U = (vector u1, vector u2) vector V = (vector v1, vector v2) and vector W = (vector w1, vector w2) Prove each property using Cartesian vectors: a) (vector U+V)+W = vector U+(v+W) b) k(vector U+V) = k vector U + k vector V c) (k+m)vector U = k

    asked by Shaila
  22. physics

    As wavelength decreases, energy ?

    asked by Cristina
  23. eth/125

    What's a current issue between the Native Americans and the federal government?

    asked by Briana
  24. math

    please help me to solve this problem A swimmer going downstream takes 1hour,20minutes to travel a certain distance. It takes the swimmer 4hours to make the return trip against the current. If the river flows at the rate of 1.5mph. Find the rate of the

    asked by joy
  25. math

    A swimmer going downstream takes 1hour, 20 minutes to travel a certain distance. If takes the swimmer 4 hours to make to return trip against the current. If the river flows at the rate of 1.5mph. Find the rate of the swimmer in still water and the distance

    asked by joy
  26. college algebra

    The number of tickets sold each day for an upcoming performance of Handel's Messiah is given by N(x)=-0.4x^2+12x+10, where x is the number of days since the concert was first announced. When will daily ticket sales peak and how many tickets will be sold

    asked by cyn
  27. math-please check my answer

    Find the slope of these two points (3,5)and (-5,-2) Is the slope 3?

    asked by Michelle
  28. explaining the questions

    • the contribution of the each individual member; • your recommendation as to how the marks should be distributed among the members. i have to write a paragraph for those 2 and many more...but i just dnt understand what these two are asking...pls

    asked by thara
  29. health, safety and nutrition

    the role of sanitation in preventing illness. list items that should be sanitized as often as possible (my answer - children's toys, beds and counter tops where food is prepared. the role of proper food handlingin preventing illness list at least three

    asked by action
  30. trigo

    a bridge is 10 meters above the original ground n assumed to be level. How far from the end of the bridge, an approach starts, if the approach is to have a 10 percent grade?

    asked by trigofunctions
  31. math-please check my answer

    Translate the following the product of 47% and some number (using q for some number) .47q is my answer correct?

    asked by Michelle
  32. algebra

    How do I divide 5/14÷23/36? this is driving me crazy, can anyone explain how to do this problem?

    asked by Nancyg
  33. Finance

    your company, Beta Corporation, is considering a new project which you must analyze. Based on the following data, what is the project's Year 1 operating cash flow?

    asked by rwaa
  34. Algebra

    If a square handkerchief has an area of w^2+4w+4feet, what is the length of one side?

    asked by Alex
  35. english

    Why should you never use two negative adverbs in the same sentence? becouse my teacher told me that my sentence was wrong for using both of them.

    asked by steve
  36. US History II

    What was the significance of the election of John F Kennedy? Would it be that there was a democrat back in power... or that he supported the Civil Rights Movement...

    asked by Amy~
  37. psy

    What is a personal construct? How are personal constructs related to social perspectives? What is the relationship between personal constructs and behavior?

    asked by derrius
  38. Calculus

    Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of f on the given closed interval, and state where those values occur. f(x)=5x-10sinx ; [-pi/4,pi/2]

    asked by Mely
  39. algebra

    Can someone PLEASE help me with this problem?? In a study of worker efficiency at Wong Laboratories it was found that the number of components assembled per hour by the average worker t hours after starting work could be modeled by the formula N(t)3t3 

    asked by samuala
  40. trigo

    the L and C State building is 1,250 m tall. What is the angle of elevation of the top from a point on the ground 1,760 m from the base of the building?

    asked by trigofunctions
  41. HIS/135 Reagan's Economics

    I was hoping for some feedback before I turn in this short essay. Assignment: Compare and Contrast the "culture of consumption "during the Eisenhower administration with the "Decade of greed" during the Reagan presidency in 175-225 words. Reagan’s

    asked by Hannah
  42. business(plz help me to do the assignment,thanks)

    J Plc is a medium-sized company producing a range of toys which it sells to wholesale distributors. Recently, its sales have begun to rise rapidly following a general recovery in the economy as a whole. The following information was extracted from the

    asked by Shamim
  43. college physics

    What is the speed of light moving through a medium of index of refraction 2.45?

    asked by Cristina
  44. Math

    3 (3+4x) - 5 ¡Ý 100 =

    asked by Norma
  45. Essentials of statistics

    A populations of scores forms a normal distribution with a mean of 40 and a standard deviation of 12 what is the probability of selecting a sample of n=9 scores with a mean less than m=34

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    im doing corespondence and i tried for days to figure this out and i cant can anyone help?? Determine the amount of each investment? $400 at 9% compounded semi-annually for 2 years i just need that answer and how too get it then i can do them thank you

    asked by kristen
  47. Anatomy and Physiology

    You need to step up on a step to reach an object on a high shelf. Instructions: (Part one) Trace the impulse, listing the steps in as much detail as possible, from which your brain sends the message to the appropriate muscles to step up one step.

    asked by tiger
  48. college physics

    Light may be considered to travel as a ________ or a ________.

    asked by Cristina
  49. MTH233/statistics UOP

    Please complete the following 5-step hypothesis testing procedure in your Learning Teams: A simple random sample of forty 20-oz bottles of Coke® from a normal distribution is obtained and each bottle is measured for number of ounces of Coke® in the

    asked by sue
  50. xacc 280

    At October 31, Nathan Company made an accrued expense adjusting entry of $1,400 for salaries. Prepare the reversing entry on November 1, and indicate the balances in Salaries Payable and Salaries Expense after posting the reversing entry. can someone tell

    asked by Sally
  51. math-please check my answer

    what is the slope of the following 2 points (0,-3) and (0,5) Please help I think the slope is -3 am I right?

    asked by Michelle
  52. math

    Evaluate a+b/6 for a =33 and b=15 33+15/6 48/6 8

    asked by Michelle
  53. psychology

    How might a person’s self-guides affect his or her perspective of the world?

    asked by sandra
  54. teachers????


    asked by samuala
  55. algebra

    can someone please help me with my algebra i got this as a answer and i don't know if its right. N(t)= -3t^3 + 23t^2 + 8t a. Rewrite the formula by factoring the right-hand side completely. N(t)= -3t^3 + 23t^2 + 8t N(t)= (-t)(3t^2 - 23t - 8) N(t)=

    asked by samuala
  56. American History

    What two colonies were resistant towards slavery?

    asked by Jane
  57. science

    why organic compound freezes from bottom while water freezes from top???

    asked by manoj
  58. Mother Teresa

    i wanna know if Mother Teresa is a well-educated person. I mean like what kind of education did she get? How did she die? Died of leprosy got from the ppl she took care of? Thanks.

    asked by Steven B.
  59. finance

    In group of 5, you are required to tackle the following case study: Ocean Limited is a UK company specialised in commercial corporate dressing (trendy uniforms) for employees in sales, presentation, reception, fairs etc. They have 50 employees and are

    asked by Shamim
  60. Algebra

    I need a home test corrected before I turn it in on Monday. Can anyone help?

    asked by Dave
  61. physics

    what is the speed of light moving through a medium of index of refraction 2.45?

    asked by Cristina
  62. math-word problem

    The width of a rectangle is fixed at 21cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 80cm. Please help with this word problem I do not even know where to begin.

    asked by Michelle
  63. college physics

    As wavelengths decreases, energy _____.

    asked by Cristina
  64. Math

    x/5 -1 ¡Ü 6/7

    asked by Norma
  65. structural analysis

    a wood post 20 ft long shortens 1/4 in. under load determine the average unite strain

    asked by paul


    asked by action
  67. Calculus

    estimate the absolute maximum and minimum values of f if any, on the stated interval, and then use calculus methods to find the exact values: f(x)=10ln(x^2+1)-8x; [0,3]

    asked by Mely
  68. math

    60 is what percent of 180

    asked by Anonymous
  69. childcare

    the role of medecine inpreventing illness. describe procedure you would follow to administer medecine to a child in your program, (my answer - all medication* written approval of a parent or guardian. prescribed medication shall be administered pnly as

    asked by action
  70. substance

    a page of a textbook is 7 1/2 wide. the pages are divided into three equal columns with 3/8 in between how wide is each column

    asked by jay
  71. ICS. EA course

    2. Which technique is used after a student gives a wrong answer, and the teacher continues to aim questions at that student? A. Redirecting C. Inquiring B. Probing D. Diverting

    asked by Linda
  72. Physics

    how do you solve for amplitude?

    asked by Cristina
  73. cartesian vectors 1

    Given that points P(-6,1), Q(-2, -1) and R(-3,4) find: a) magnitude of vector RP b) perimeter of triangle PQR

    asked by Shaila
  74. math

    find the sum of the arithmetic sequence 52,48,44,...,-12,-16,-20

    asked by dolores
  75. college

    Essentials of statistics is the subject and the question is: The population of IQ scores forms a normal distribution with a mean of u=100 and a standard deviation of sigma=15. What is the probability of obtaining a sample mean greater than M=105 for a

    asked by Jennifer
  76. humanities

    give me some ideals on identifying individuals or groups from the 20th century who continues to pursue liberty and happiness and beyond

    asked by angel smith
  77. niit

    you are asked to design a network for use in a training environment.It should be mobile,easy to set up, and simple to tear down.Speed is not an issue.Develop a network design that accommodates these requirements and keeps cost down.

    asked by eben
  78. Physics

    light may be considered to travel as a ? or a ?

    asked by Cristina
  79. college

    3 (3+4x) - 5 ¡Ý 100 =

    asked by Norma