Questions Asked on
July 22, 2010

  1. Chemistry

    Below are the formulas of some hydrates. what is the mole ratio of salt to water? Hydrate Na2SO4.10H2O Co(NO3)2.6H2O Mo(NO3)2.5H2O CaSO4.2H2O (CaSO4)2.H2) Thankk you

    asked by Rose
  2. Statistics

    The Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons states that 80% of women wear shoes that are too small for their feet. A researcher wants to be 98% confident that this proportion is within 3% of the true proportion. How large a sample is necessary?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    A student worked with a sample of ZnSO4.7H2O, what is the stoichiometric ratio of salt to water?

    asked by Rose
  4. Chemistry

    mole ratio of Na2SO4.10H2O

    asked by Rose
  5. Chemistry

    What is the name of the following compounds; Hg2(BrO2)2 Au(OCN)3 AuSCN Ni3(AsO4)2 Thank you

    asked by Ana
  6. Physics

    Figure 7-47 shows a cold package of hot dogs sliding rightward across a frictionless floor through a distance d = 21.5 cm while three forces are applied to it. Two of the forces are horizontal and have the magnitudes F1 = 5.00 N and F2 = 1.00 N; the third

    asked by Carla
  7. Physics

    A 2.9 kg body is at rest on a frictionless horizontal air track when a horizontal force F acting in the positive direction of an x axis along the track is applied to the body. A stroboscopic graph of the position of the body as it slides to the right is

    asked by Dave
  8. Chemistry

    If your sample contained a volatitle impurity, what value would be in error, the weight of the anhydrous salt or the weight of the water? Please explain. Thank you

    asked by Ana
  9. literature

    Can anyone find me the real title of this poem by Rabindranath Tagore? "Thou tanglest my heart in a hundred nooses of love, What is this thy play? It is but a little feeble life-- Why so many bonds to bind it? At every turn and every moment Thou winnest my

    asked by klarmaesen
  10. social studies

    Which of the following statements is NOT true in regard to Brazil's interior plateau? (A) It experiences periods of drought. (B) Its soil is often devastated by heavy rains that cannot penetrate the dry, hard ground. (C) Poverty is prevalent in this

    asked by Priya
  11. Math

    How many different rectangles can you draw that have a perimeter of 48cm? whole numbers only.

    asked by Julie
  12. geometry

    Find the perimeter and area of a right triangle if one leg measures 24ft and the other leg measures 70ft. Shoe step by step please.

    asked by lonnese
  13. Probability

    A number cube, numbered 1 through 6, is rolled once. What is the probability of rolling an even number that is not prime? 1/6 1/3 1/2 2/3

    asked by Ross
  14. math/everything

    do you know any website that can help me with all this 1.Language Arts, Writing, in two parts. •Part 1: Organization, Sentence Structure, Usage, and Mechanics •Part 2: Essay 2.Language Arts, Reading •Poetry •Drama and •Fiction •Non-fiction

    asked by monica
  15. Physics

    A machine carries a 4.5 kg package from an initial position of di = (0.50 m) + (0.75 m) + (0.20 m) at t = 0 to a final position of df = (7.60 m) + (12.0 m) + (7.30 m) at t = 11 s. The constant force applied by the machine on the package is F = (2.00 N) +

    asked by Ben
  16. Physics

    An iceboat is at rest on a frictionless frozen lake when a sudden wind exerts a constant force of 220 N, toward east, on the boat. due to the angle of the sail, the wind causes the boat to slide in a staraight line for a distance of 8.5 m in a direction

    asked by Eliza
  17. Pre-Calc

    Write an algebraic expression that is equivalent to the expression (Sketch right triangle) sec[arcsin(x-1)]

    asked by LaTidra
  18. Chemistry

    This is a balancing eqn Im finding rather tricky: ___Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 6H2O + ___ H2C2O4 + ___K2C2O4 + ___ H2O2 ---> ___K5Fe1(C2O2)2 3H2O + ___(NH4)2(SO4) + ___H2SO4 + ___ H2O remember H2O2, an oxidizing agent, was used in synthesis, so youll nee to do a

    asked by Tokey
  19. Chemistry

    Write formulas for the following compounds containing complex anions. rubidium hyponitrite magnesium bromite

    asked by Ana
  20. MTH233/statistics UOP

    Find one quantitative and one qualitative data set from a reliable source and determine the best way to present that data graphically. Show your graph and explain your reasoning for choosing this presentation method. When might the reported median of data

    asked by sue
  21. MTH233/statistics UOP

    Industry 1980 1997 Agriculture 290 727 Mining 994 586 Construction 4,473 5,513 Manufacturing 21,165 18,633 Transportation 4,623 6,247 Trade 20,258 28,813 Finance and Insurance 5,295 7,367 Services 17,186 37,380 • • The table above shows the number of

    asked by sue
  22. 11th Grade Physics

    A rocket is fired vertically from the ground with a resultant vertical acceleration of 10ms^-2. The fuel is finished in 1 minute and it continues to move up. What is the maximum height reached? Solve it!!! N Please solve it as i've to copy it in my

    asked by Akashdeep Singh
  23. Chemistry

    How many calories of heat are needed to raise 10 g water from 20 to 21 degree celcius

    asked by Megan
  24. Trig

    Even if you have no idea what on earth any of this stuff is but have a vast knowledge in complex number system you might be able to help me as this is what I believe is preventing me from making sense of this stuff... Ok I'm trying to understand how you

    asked by Kate
  25. Math

    If 3(y+8)/2y = 9, what is the value of y?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. chemistry

    Discuss the spontaneity of an electrochemical reaction in terms of its standard emf (E¨¬cell)

    asked by Jin
  27. Physics

    A machine carries a 3.0 kg package from an initial position of di = (0.50 m) + (0.75 m) + (0.20 m) at t = 0 to a final position of df = (7.30 m) + (11.0 m) + (7.20 m) at t = 14 s. The constant force applied by the machine on the package is F = (2.00 N) +

    asked by Gina
  28. physics

    A wheel of mass 0.52kg and radius 46cm is spinning with an angular velocity of 23rad/s. You exert a force F on the wheel, the wheel comes to a stop after 1/4 turn. What is F.

    asked by meldoy
  29. math 115

    I am going to try to underline this problem: -21-(-9) _________ -21-(-21) is this -12/0 undefined?

    asked by barb
  30. math

    solve 9x-27-6x+6=20x-28 x+?

    asked by Laura
  31. Calculus 1

    Find the equlibrium point for each pair demand and supply function. Demand:q = 8800-30x; supply:q = 7000+ 15x

    asked by Blake
  32. algebra 2

    The length and width of a rectangle are in the ratio of 5:12. If the rectangle has an area of 240 square centimeters, what is the length, in centimeters, of its diagonal?

    asked by jenny
  33. Math

    A computer program is designed so that, when a number is entered, the computer output is obtained by multiplying the number by 3 and then subtracting 4 from the product. If the output that results from entering a number x is then entered, which expression

    asked by Anonymous
  34. MAT115

    Identify the base in the following application: The sales tax rate is 8%. If you pay a tax of $2.50 on an item, what is the selling price. I don't know what the base is or how to solve the problem.

    asked by barb
  35. us history vietnam war

    How did President Kennedy respond to the news that the Viet Cong were winning their war against the non-communist government of South Vietnam? A. Kennedy sent combat troops to fight the Viet Cong. B. Kennedy ordered the U.S. Air Force to bomb North

    asked by jenny
  36. Physics

    (a) At a certain instant, a particle-like object is acted on by a force F = (3.0 N) - (1.0 N) + (8.0 N) while the object's velocity is v = - (2.0 m/s) + (4.0 m/s) . What is the instantaneous rate at which the force does work on the object? W (b) At some

    asked by Frankie
  37. MAT115

    Identify the "Base" in the following application: The sales tax rate is 8&. If you pay a tax of $2.50 on a purchased item, What is its selling price? Should this question be changed to a statement to make it easier to identify the base? For example: If I

    asked by barb
  38. english

    why does arthur first pull the sword from the stone

    asked by blah
  39. math115

    46. Perform the indicated operation. -21-(-9) divided by -21-(-21)

    asked by barb
  40. statistic math

    it is known that 5% of all parts manufactured at Plant F are defective. If 30 part are randomly selected what is the probability that all 30 parts are not defective and what is the probability that at least one of the 30 parts is defective?

    asked by alexis
  41. statistics

    find the sample variance s2 for the following sample data. Round to the nearest hundred x: 23 17 12 35 29

    asked by Anonymous
  42. chemistry

    mole ratio of CaSO4.2H2O

    asked by Rose
  43. social studies

    All of the following statements about Brazil's economy are true except: (A) Because of the development of gasohol, Brazil no longer has to import expensive foreign oil. (B) Industrial developments have destroyed the middle class. (C) Jobs in service

    asked by Priya
  44. arithmetic

    put these sequences in standard form arithmetic a1=a6=11

    asked by jonay
  45. Civics

    Basically we have to relpy to these questions .. and i need help ... pls give me some ideas or you opinion on each of these questions ... thx (: 1. do you think political parties effectively represent the canadian population Make refrence to :Political

    asked by Sizy
  46. Shakespeare

    I am trying to find an example of a paraphrase in Romeo and Juliet. I know that it is a restatement by another character but can not find where this occurs. Would someone please help me? Thank YOu.

    asked by Ian
  47. Chem

    Hello, In the addition of water to an alkene (e.g. ethylene) what is the electrophile? Well I thought its the hydrogen cation from the water. Since electrophiles are electron poor molecules, having a tendency for more electrons. But then it asks what

    asked by Nat
  48. Data and Statistics

    Calculate the z score for an ACT score of 12, a mean of 20, and the standard deviation is 5.

    asked by Beverly
  49. Data and statistics

    Calculate the z score for an SAT Verbal score of 510, mean of 500, and standard deviation of 100.

    asked by Beverly
  50. health

    how does performance management relate to customer outcomes?

    asked by cortez
  51. calculus

    find the domain of f(x)=5/¡Ì(x2-4)

    asked by ong
  52. calculus

    find the domain of f(x)=5/¡Ì(x2-4) and also range

    asked by ong
  53. English

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence

    asked by Kim
  54. Physics

    Two vectors are given by a = 3.7i + 6.9j, and b = 1.9i + 4.7j. Find (b) a·b = (c) (a + b)·b = (d) the component of a in the direction of b = .

    asked by Abigail
  55. Calculus

    If anyone can please help me solve this math problem! PLEASE!! Here is the link:

    asked by Paul
  56. math

    -4/5 + (-3/4) how do I work this

    asked by barb
  57. chemistry

    mole ratio of (CaSO4)2.H2O

    asked by Rose
  58. Physics

    I have to design a procedure which will allow me to calculate the applied force(thrust) of a stomp rocket. We are allowed to use tools to find measurements. So far, I have calculated the height that the rocket reached (22.5) m using trig. (right angle

    asked by Mackenzie
  59. Physics

    I have to design a procedure which allows me to calculate the applied rocket thrust force of a stomp rocket. The only materials I am allowed are stop watches, rulers, measuring tape, protractors and the stomp rocket. Basically it all has to be done

    asked by Mackenzie
  60. sum

    The sum of the first X consecutive even numbers is 930. Find X.

    asked by William
  61. Math

    If 1 - x - 2x - 3x = 6x - 1, what is the value of x?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. math

    x is a perfect square and x+5 is also a perfect square and x-5 is a perfect square.what is the value of x?

    asked by priya
  63. math

    If f is a real valued funtion of a real variable defined by: x^2 - 3x + 2 x-> ------------ x^2 +3x + 2 using the maximal domain convention. Determine whether f is injective and/or surjective and find its range. If f is not inective, demonstrate this by

    asked by ramdrop
  64. Math ( Algebra 1 )

    Two rectangles have the same width. The length of one is 2 feet longer than the width. The length of the other is 4 feet longer than the width. The larger rectangle has 8 more square feet than the smaller. What is the width of the rectangles?

    asked by Tia
  65. Physic

    Geophysicist have estimated that the temperature at the center of the earth’s core is 5000⁰C (or more), while the temperature of the sun’s core is about 15 million K. Express both of these temperature in Fahrenheit degrees.

    asked by Paul
  66. Probability

    If you toss 4 coins, what is the probability of getting exactly 1 head and 3 tails? 1/16 1/4 3/8 1/2

    asked by David
  67. math

    Corrine has 3 quarters, 7 dimes, 6 nickels, and 4 pennies in her pocket. If one coin falls out, what is the probability that it will not be worth more than $0.10? 3/20 7/20 1/2 17/20

    asked by David
  68. math

    7. A bag contains 2 red cubes, 3 blue cubes, and 5 green cubes. If a cube is removed and replaced in the bag and another is drawn, what is the probability that both are green? 1/4 3/8 2/5 1/2

    asked by Ross
  69. catering

    what is a silence pad?

    asked by linda
  70. MAT115

    The square root of 21 is between what two whole numbers? I got 4 and 5 , is this correct?

    asked by barb
  71. business

    you are a manager in large global manufacturing and services organizationI I need help

    asked by Teresa
  72. math

    What is the product of 4x – 3 and x + 8?

    asked by elijah branton
  73. MTH233/statistics UOP

    A manager has portioned the company’s sales into six districts: North, East, South, Midwest, West and International. What graph or table would you use to make the points below in a presentation for management? 1. A figure that shows the slightly more

    asked by sue
  74. MTH233/statistics UOP

    • Best Practices has the following caveats: • • Use a bar chart to show the frequencies of a categorical variable. • • Use a pie chart to show the proportions of a categorical variable. • • Preserve the ordering of an ordinal variable. •

    asked by sue
  75. chemistry

    What solid is formed upon addition of silver nitrate to a solution of cobalt chloride?

    asked by Kathleen
  76. Math115

    evaluate[-24]-[-22] the brackets are supposed to be "bars". Is this the same as saying 24-22? do the bars mean the "absolute value" of the number? If so, is the answer 2?

    asked by barb
  77. Physics

    "A wave travels from one medium to another, and the wavelength decreases. What happens to the velocity and the frequency?" I know that frequency will remain the same, because it is controlled only by the source. But does the velocity decrease? According to

    asked by Stuck
  78. medical terminology

    what is the principal procedures and services of the dermatology department?

    asked by Paula
  79. history

    do you think president jahnspon had good reasons to escalate the u.s war effort?

    asked by emilee
  80. business 219

    lisa is considering a wireless

    asked by Anonymous
  81. math-algebra please help!

    Please me find the points to graph for the follow equations. x+3y0

    asked by Michelle
  82. calculus

    how many years will it take for $17 thousand to grow to $91 thousand when invested at an annual rate of 6% if interest is compounded monthly?

    asked by sp
  83. calculus


    asked by sp
  84. math-computer

    Please help me do this question!!!!! (C): 116.98GB Assuming a disk should never get more than 85% full, and assuming you were generating 200MB of new data per week, at what point would you need to add another hard disk to this PC? How long until you have

    asked by jenni
  85. research paper

    Is fast food a good topic for research paper?

    asked by sha
  86. cultral diversty

    List two to three characteristics of Orientalism. How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups?

    asked by magail
  87. government

    within the past two years, what are some of the changes the United States has made to policies concerning the treatment of Muslim and Arabic members of society

    asked by Anonymous
  88. government

    List two to three characteristics of Orientalism. How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups.

    asked by Anonymous
  89. cultral diversty

    What may individuals do to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice in their towns and cities? For ideas,

    asked by magail
  90. Math

    P = 5b/c^2, what is a value of c when p = 9 and b = 20?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. physics

    The heating value of a Gas is 39MJm-3 a) If 4.5m-3 of the gas is burned how much energy is released? b) If the gas is burned in 5 minutes what is the power? c) If the burning occurs in an engine that converts the energy to forward motion and the engine is

    asked by kirsten
  92. Data and statistics

    If a student had a z score of 2.5 for IQ, whar is his actual IQ? The IQ mean is 100, and standard deviation is 15.

    asked by Beverly
  93. science

    does light have mass?

    asked by carl
  94. Math

    Factor: X⁸ + 2x©ùy©ù + 9y⁸

    asked by Ella
  95. math

    X⁸ + 2 x©ùy©ù + 9 y⁸

    asked by cosca
  96. math

    Factor: x^8 + 2x^4y^4 + 9y^8

    asked by cosca
  97. math

    Factor: a^4 + b^4 + c^2 - 2(a^2 b^2 + a^2 c + b^2 c)

    asked by cosca
  98. math

    Prove that if p, q, r and s are odd integers, then the equation x^10 + px^9 - qx^7 + rx^4 - s = 0 has no integer roots.

    asked by cosca
  99. math

    Prove that 20^22 - 17^22 + 4^33 - 1 is divisible by 174.

    asked by cosca
  100. chemistry

    what are the examples of suspension

    asked by juliet
  101. pe

    what are the different postural disorders?

    asked by uriel
  102. Math

    I am very confused with rounding off numbers. How do you know how many zeroes shall you put when you retain?

    asked by Alyssa
  103. math

    What is the difference between Gauss Jordan method and the Echelon method

    asked by Holly
  104. math

    The volume of a cone is three hundred cubic kilometers. If the radius of the base is 9 kilometers, what is the height of the cone? Use three point one four for pi. Show your work and round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by matt
  105. Economics and Social Issues

    Apartheid in Africa was dismantled in a relatively speaking peaceful way. What other ethnic conflicts do you know about that were resolved peacefully in the developing world? Any Examples?

    asked by Sue Ann
  106. Math

    How does one determine if a polynomial is the difference of two squares?

    asked by Lynn