Questions Asked on
July 20, 2010

  1. Chemistry

    A sample of sodium-24 with an activity of 12 mCi is used to study the rate of blow flow in the circulatory system. If sodium -24 has a half-life of 15 hours, what is the activity of the sodium after 2.5 d ?

    asked by Matt
  2. Trig-sine, cosine law

    Two fire stations,P and Q,are 20 km apart. A ranger at station Q sees a fire 15.0 km away. If the angle between the line PQ and the line from P to the fire is 25degrees, how far to the nearest tenth of a kilometre, is station P from the fire?

    asked by Nada
  3. physic

    you are designing a diving bell to withstand the pressure of sea water at a depth of 250m. a)what is the quage pressure at the depth(you can ignor the small changes in the density of the water with depth.) b)at the 250m depth, what is the net force due to

    asked by ted
  4. Trig

    From two different tracking stations, a weather balloon is spotted from two angles of elevation, 57degrees and 83 degrees, respectively. The tracking stations are 15 km apart. Find that altitude of the balloon. Any help given will be greatly appriciated

    asked by Sonia
  5. Math

    The Pont du Gard near Nimes, France is a roman aqueduct. An observer in a hot air balloon some distance away from the aqueduct determines that the angle of depression to each end is 54 degrees and 71 degrees respectively the horizontal distance between the

    asked by Nada
  6. 12th grade

    The area of a circle is 28.26 square centimeters. What is its diameter (use 3.14 for ð)?

    asked by jeff
  7. Chemistry

    Nonane has a density of 0.79 g/mL. and boils at 151 Celcius. a. What is the condensed structural formula of nonane b. Is it a solid, liquid, or gas at room temperature c. Is it soluable in water d. Will it float on water or sink

    asked by Elisabeth
  8. physic

    two figure skaters, one weighting 625N and the other 725N,push off against each other on frictionless ice. a) if the heavest skater travels at 1.50m/s, how fast will the lighter one travel? b)how much kinetic energy is created during the skaters manauver,

    asked by kris-
  9. physics

    a 10-kg mass is supported by two strings of length 5m and 7m attached to two pints in the celing 10m apart. find the tenion in each string

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Finance

    You are considering opening a new plant. The plant will cost $100 million upfront. After that, it is expected to produce profits of $30 million at the end of every year. The cash flows are expected to last forever. Calculate the NPV of this investment

    asked by Anonymous

    Original Q: If you pour liquid into a tall, narrow glass, you may hear sound with a steadily rising pitch. What is the source of the sound? And why does the pitch rise as the glass fills? Additional question from me: What does it mean by the source of the

    asked by jay
  12. Chemistry

    A viral contains radioactive iodine -131 with an activity of 2.0 mCi per milliliter. If the thyroid test requires 3.0 mCi in an "atomic cocktail", how many milliliters are used to prepare the iodine -131 solution ?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    Write the symbols and a balanced nuclear equation for the following: a. Polonium -210 decays to give lead -206 b. Bismuth -211 decays by emitting an alpha particle c. The product from b. emits a beta particle d. When an alpha particle bombards aluminum

    asked by Anonymous
  14. physics

    the forces on the table act on a ring but are said to be concurrent. if the cords were rigidly to the ring would the forces necessarily be concurrent?? will you please give me some explanation answers about this...thanks a lot..

    asked by josh
  15. PHYSIC

    a solid aluminum ingot weighs 89N in air a)what is the volume b)the ingot is suspended from a rope and totally immersed in water. what is the tension in the rope(the apparent weight of the ingot in water)?

    asked by KELLY
  16. Chemistry

    It is difficult to type these but I'll do my best. This is the first question and I just don't get it. My professor is out of the country so any help would be appreciated. Give the IUPAC name for each of the following alkanes: CH3 I a.

    asked by Drew
  17. physics

    A constant force of 20N is applied tangentially to a string wound on the rim of a 40 cm diameter wheel, initially at rest. (i) How much work does this force do as it turns the wheel through 45„a? (3 %) (ii) If the wheel has mass 8.0 kg and radius of

    asked by Oisin
  18. physi

    a slab of ice floats on a freshwater lake what is the minimum volume must the slab have for a 45kg women to be able to stand on it without getting her feet wet?

    asked by paul
  19. stats

    The incomes of trainees at a local mill are normally distributed with a mean of $1100 and a standard deviation $150. What percentage of trainees earn less than $900 a month?

    asked by J.T.
  20. math

    a landscape architect plans to enclose a 3000 square foot rectangular region in a botanical garden. she will use shrubs costing 25$ per foot along 3 sides and fencing costing 15$ along the fourth. write a function that gives the architect's total cost as a

    asked by Tim
  21. gemorty

    abc is a right triangle,so

    asked by kisha
  22. physic

    by how many newtons do you increase the weight of your car when you fill up your 11.5 gal gas tank with gasoline a gallon is equal to 3.788 L and the density of gasoline is 737kg/m3

    asked by paul
  23. physic

    you need to extend a 2.50 inch diameter pipe, but you only have 1.00 inch diameter pipe on make a fitting to connect these pipes end to end. if the water is flowing at 6.00cm/s in the wide pipe, how fast will it be flowing through the narrow one?

    asked by steve
  24. light

    which of the following values represents an index of refraction of an actual material a 0 b 1/4 c 1/2 d 5/4

    asked by ski
  25. Finance

    Innovation Company is thinking about marketing a new software product. Upfront cost to market and develop the product are $5 million. The product is expected to generate profits of $1 million per year for 10 years. The company will have to provide product

    asked by Anonymous
  26. chemistry

    need help with these problems: The concentration of glucose in blood is usually about 0.10% (w/v). If 7.0 L of blood are in an average man, how many grams of glucose are in his blood? To obtain the solute for 118 g of a 19.2% (w/w) solution of sugar we

    asked by ellen
  27. Chemistry

    Write the condensed structural formula for each of the following molecules: a.ethylcyclopropane b. methylcyclohexane c. isopropylcyclopentane

    asked by Elisabeth
  28. Sine, cosine law

    The Pont du Gard near Nimes, France is a roman aqueduct. An observer in a hot air balloon some distance away from the aqueduct determines that the angle of depression to each end is 54 degrees and 71 degrees respectively the horizontal distance between the

    asked by Nada
  29. Advanced Functions - Grade 12

    The function C (t) = 0.16t/t^2 + t + 2 models the concentration, C, in milligrams per cubic centimetre, of a drug entering the bloodstream over time, t, in minutes. a) Sketch the graph of the relation. b) Explain the shape of the graph in the context of

    asked by Nish
  30. Advanced Functions - Grade 12

    Radiation from the sun keeps us alive, but with the thinning of the ozone layer, it is important to limit exposure. Most of us know that the sun is far more intense at the equator than at the poles. The relationship between the intensity of radiation with

    asked by Nish
  31. Physics

    "What happens to the energy associated with a wave after the wave has been damped out?" I'm assuming all the energy is lost by then, am I right?

    asked by Stuck
  32. pHysics

    a rope 26 ft long is attached to two points A and B, 20 ft apart at the same level. A load of 250lb is carried at the middle of the rope. what force is exerted on A. please answer this immediately i need it...thanks a lot...

    asked by josh
  33. statistics

    1.On a test the mean is 75 and the standard deviation is 5. A. What is the probability that a randomly selected score is higher than 80? B. What percentage of the students scored higher than 80? C. What percentage of the scores were less than 68? D. What

    asked by Gerard
  34. physics

    A road is inclined at an angle of 9 degrees with the horizontal. After driving 10,000 feet along this road, find the driver's increase in altitude?

    asked by Diane
  35. Chemistry

    The half-life of oxygen -15 is 124 seconds. If a sample of oxygen -15 has an activity of 4000 becquerels, how many minutes will elapse before it reaches an acivity of 500 becquerels

    asked by Elisabeth
  36. physics

    homework question I have and I don't really understand how to do the problem. Gooluk, the Inuit, is pulling a 62kg sled through the snow on his way home from ice fishing. On the back of the sled is his 50kg sack of fishing tackle. The coefficient of

    asked by Anonymous
  37. chemistry

    how many milligrams of PbI2 can you dissolve in 300 mL of water at 25 degrees celcius

    asked by Arousa
  38. Chemistry

    For each definition, find a corresponding term from the following list: alkane,alkene, alkyne, alcohol, ether, aldehyde, ketone, carboxylic acid, ester, amine, !@#$%^&tional group, isomers. a. Organic compounds with identical molecular formulas that differ

    asked by Elisabeth
  39. Algebra II

    ok now this is an algebra 2 problem... I have goten far down to hear e^(ix) = (4i +/- 3)/5 now how do I solve for x I feel really stupid now as this is algebra 2... can't use natural log right or the common log as ln( e^(ix) ) does not equal ix so what do

    asked by Kate
  40. chemistry

    Tums is added to 30.0 of 0.400m of HCL , how many grams of CO2gas are produced?

    asked by Patrick
  41. Physics

    A 1.00 kg particle has the xy coordinates (-1.20 m, 0.500 m) and a 3.00 kg particle has the xy coordinates (0.600 m, -0.750 m). Both lie on a horizontal plane. At what (a) x and (b) y coordinates must you place a 1.00 kg particle such that the center of

    asked by Matt
  42. Chemistry

    This is the first in a series of hw pages. If anyone would be able to help me with this one I think I would be able to complete the other 20 hw questions I have. Thanks to anyone that helps. For each definition, find a corresponding term from the following

    asked by Drew
  43. child care

    childrens book for age Provide the titles, authors, publishers, and copyright dates of five children’s books (appropriate for the age group with which you would like to work) that support development of gender identity by portraying males and females in

    asked by Ms.Dionn
  44. physic

    a solid aluminum ingot weighs 89N in air a)what is the volume b)the ingot is suspended from a rope and totally immersed in water. what is the tension in the rope(the apparent weight of the ingot in water)?

    asked by kris-
  45. Physics - Another Question

    "A meter stick is held vertically behind an object on a spring. The object vibrates from the 20cm mark to the 32cm mark on the stick. Find the displacement when the object is at the 20cm mark, 24cm mark, 26cm mark, and 30cm mark." I had found the

    asked by Stuck
  46. Chemistry

    For each definition, find a corresponding term from the following list: alkane,alkene, alkyne, alcohol, ether, aldehyde, ketone, carboxylic acid, ester, amine, !@#$%^&tional group, isomers. a. Organic compounds with identical molecular formulas that differ

    asked by Elisabeth
  47. physics - trans. line

    A high-voltage transmission line with a resistance of 0.30 /km carries a current of 1040 A. The line is at a potential of 680 kV at the power station and carries the current to a city located 159 km from the station. (a) What is the power loss due to

    asked by lo
  48. Understanding Muslims and Arabs

    Write a 700-1000 word paper that covers the following aspects: 1 Accurately define the differences between Muslims and Arabs, giving examples of the geographic locations of concentrated populations of both in the United States and in the Middle East. 2.

    asked by tony
  49. English

    Choose the sentence below that has no errors in pronoun case. a) Sharon and him dtive to Las Vegas at least once a year. b)For Nancy and he, the movie was a boring waste of time. c)Our neighbor made a casserole for Chad and me. d)Nick said that he would

    asked by JT
  50. chemistry

    need help setting this problem up: The heat of fusion of water is 335 J/g. How much heat would be required to melt 10.4 g of ice?

    asked by ellen
  51. Advanced Functions - Grade 12

    The maximum time, T, in minutes, a scuba diver can rise without stopping for decompression on the way to the surface is modeled by the equation T (d) = 525/d-10 , d > 10, where d is the depth of the dive in metres. a) sketch a graph of this relationship.

    asked by Nish
  52. Accounting

    Costs can be classified into two categories, fixed and variable costs. These costs behave differently based on the level of sales volumes. Suppose we are running a restaurant and have identified certain costs along with the number of annual units sold of

    asked by Marie
  53. Physics

    An old Chrysler with mass 1800 kg is moving along a straight stretch of road at 58 km/h. It is followed by a Ford with mass 1400 kg moving at 70 km/h. How fast is the center of mass of the two cars moving?

    asked by Teddy
  54. american government

    there are five main principles that form the basis of rules that ensure our democratic government. discuss each and present an example that shows how our government is not obeying each principle

    asked by emma
  55. Chemistry

    The reaction of a metal ion, M^2+, with EDTA is given in the following equation: M^2+(aq) + Y^4-(aq) MY^2-(aq) The EDTA was standardized with a 0.04 M Zn^2+ solution. 25.05 mL of EDTA solution was used to titrate the Zn^2+ solution. From this

    asked by Miguel
  56. CHM 090

    what mass of lead (II) iodide (PbI2, mass= 461 amu)is predictated by the addition of an excess of potassium iodide (KI, mass=166 amu)to 50.0 mL of 0.60 M lead(II) nitrate (Pb(NO3)2, mass=331.2 amu)? Pb(NO3)2 + 2Kl==>PbI2 + 2KNO3

    asked by Nicole
  57. math

    how do i represent 1/(1+x^4) in general taylor polynomial. I know the pattern is 1-x^4+x^8-x^16..... I don't know how to represent this pattern in variables equation form. What i mean by general taylor polynomail is for example 1/(1-x)=1+x+x^2+x^3...+x^n.

    asked by eng
  58. math

    can you please work this out for me??... your bedroom is 4m (400 cm) long and 3m (300 cm) wide. If you draw a rectangular plan 2cm by 1.5 cm, what is the scale of your drawing?

    asked by lizzie
  59. math..solve for X

    The sum of the first X consecutive even numbers is 930. Find X. 10 35 30 41 Explain your solution.

    asked by M.A.
  60. Physics

    (b) Given that Icm = ½MR2 for a uniform solid wheel, (i) show that the rotational kinetic energy is half the translational kinetic energy for such a wheel. (ii) For the wheel of diameter 10 cm, find its final speed after traversing a distance of 10 m down

    asked by Oisin
  61. Physics

    A car, of total mass 1200 kg, is travelling at 90 km/h and strikes a tree. The front end of the car compresses and the driver comes to rest after travelling 0.80 m. (i)What was the average acceleration of the driver during the collision? Express the answer

    asked by Oisin
  62. Calc

    how do I solve this arcsin(4/5) note that I am not looking for about 53 degrees I believe I'm suppose to solve euler's formula for x i.e. sin (x) = (e^(ix) - e^(-ix))/(2i) where x is in radians hence I would do something like this sin (x) = (e^(ix) -

    asked by Kate
  63. Muslim and Arab Americans

    1. Describe the impact of Orientalism on Muslim and Arab Americans. 2. Identify causes of prejudice and discrimination against Muslim and Arab Americans. 3. Compare and contrast United States-centric views of Muslims and Arab Americans with United

    asked by tony
  64. Economics

    A reliable 15-year-old babysitter can be a price maker within her own neighborhood. Suppose that this babysitter wishes to implement a Multipart Pricing Plan. Customers who use her services less than L hours per month will pay a high price of PH dollars

    asked by James

    I need help with these problems ASAP: I need help setting these problems up: pleas!! (1)Calculate the volume of 1.87 M NaI that would be needed to precipitate all of the Hg+2 ion from 199 mL of a 1.96 M Hg(NO3)2. The equation for the reaction is 2NaI (aq)

    asked by Priya
  66. Kate

    ok I was doing this problem cos^-1 (0) and was like oh that would be pi/2 but then I thought about it some and decided that even though it's right it can't possibly be... if tan(pi/2) = the first derrivative of a vertical line = undefined well not really

    asked by Calc
  67. medical law and ethics

    You are a health care professional working in a large office. Your administrator has asked you to prepare a poster summarizing the public duties of the physician as specified by law. The poster will be set up in the waiting room and will have a heading "We

    asked by linda
  68. economics

    Why might it be appropriate for the government to allow a pharmaceutical company to have a monopoly in the production of a drug?

    asked by Randy
  69. calculus

    What is the equation of the ellipse with e=3/4

    asked by Clint
  70. Sine, cosine law

    A sail boat on lake Huron leaves Southampton and sails 20degrees west of north of 20km. At the same time, a fishing boat leaves Southampton and sails 30degrees west of south for 15 km. At this point, hot far apart are the boats, to the nearest km? ( the

    asked by Nada
  71. chem

    give 30 example of solute

    asked by aj
  72. Math Elimination method

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! Solve by the elimination method 6x - 9y= 7.5 7y - 2x= -4.5 Please help!!!

    asked by upbeat
  73. substitution method

    solve using the substitution method 8x -9y= -95 5x+64=y The solution is (___,___)

    asked by upbeat

    1. Consider the following. f(x)=8x-10 g(x)=x^2-4x+10 (a) Find the points of intersection of the graphs. ANSWER:(2,6) are the smaller values and (10,70) are the larder values (b) Compute the area of the region below the graph of f and above the graph or g.

    asked by Jason
  75. algebra

    Invest $5,000 in a savings account at 6.6% interest compounded monthly

    asked by bob
  76. Physics

    How much water at 20 degrees C is needed to melt 1 kg of solid mercury at its melting point which is -39 degrees C? (The heat of fusion of mercury is 2.8 cal/gram).

    asked by Anthony
  77. math

    divide 5 1/2 divied by 4 3/5 answer in simplest form. does simplest form mean a mixed number or decimal? I got an answer of 1 9/46 or 1.195652...

    asked by barb
  78. MATH

    ADDING LITERS 1/2 , 3/4 AND 7/8 SOLUTION; 1/2=4/8, 3/4=6/8 AND 7/8 ANSWER? 14/8 PUZZLE!

    asked by SAMUEL
  79. Math

    5x^2+4x+6=0, given the graph of y=5x^2+4x+6

    asked by Jenna
  80. childcare

    plz check theses When parents ask for advice that you aren’t capable of giving, you should refer them to a A. parent discussion group. C. resource file. B. guest speaker. D. parent handbook. answer(c) Parents should view a parent-caregiver conference as

    asked by Ms.Tina
  81. Physics

    A car, of total mass 1200 kg, is travelling at 90 km/h and strikes a tree. The front end of the car compresses and the driver comes to rest after travelling 0.80 m. (i)What was the average acceleration of the driver during the collision? Express the answer

    asked by Oisin
  82. his

    why did karl marx believe capitalism would eventually be destroy? What steps would lead to overthrow and what kind of society would replace it?

    asked by ami
  83. accounting

    How you would expect the following events to affect each type of lag: a. The company imposes a service charge on late payers. b. A recession causes customers to be short of cash. 1. C. The company changes its terms from net 10 to net 20.

    asked by donald
  84. writing- proof-reading

    I needed to write a well developed compare/contrast paragraph that included 3 points of comparison. It had to have smooth and logical transitions and the purpose and pattern had to be clear. It also needed a clear topic sentence. What I need help with

    asked by Clarita
  85. physic

    a pipe is 40% blocked the water is coming into the region is moving at 8.5cm/s just before the blocked segment of pipe. What is the speed of the water as it goes through the partially blocked segment? By how many pascals does the pressure in the blocked

    asked by lisa
  86. Math

    Simplify 2x+1/2*sqrt(x-2)-2*sqrt(x-2)/(2x+1)^2

    asked by Eileen
  87. Elimination Method Help

    solve by the elimination method 5x+5y= -7 7x-3y=19 The solution is (___,___) Please help I am lost on how to work and complete this one.

    asked by upbeat
  88. English

    Which passage is correctly punctuated? a)In the middle if the night. My cat leaped onto mt stomach. b)In the middle if the night, my cat leaped onto mt stomach. c)In the middle if the night; my cat leaped onto mt stomach. d) My cat leaped onto mt stomach.

    asked by JT
  89. substitution method

    solve using the substitution method 6x+2y=-14 -5x+y=25 The solution is (___,___)

    asked by upbeat
  90. medicine

    What is final concentration of a mixed solution combining 50ml of 20% solution, 150 ml of a 15% solution and 200 ml of a 35% solution?

    asked by Lisa
  91. pharmacy

    A drug is dosed at 100mg/kg/day. The patient weighs 81.64 kg. What is total dose needed?

    asked by Lisa
  92. Math

    Use the discriminant to determine how many real number solutions the equation has 1-7a^2=-7a-2

    asked by Jenna
  93. American Government

    1.)Most amendments have _____. =a)expanded and clarified the principles embodied in the Constitution b)radically changed and undermined the principles of the Constitution c)been approved just by Congress d)restricted the right to vote 2.)What is the

    asked by Ariel
  94. Driver Education

    I'm attempting to schedule a road test so I can obtain a driver license in New York State. I am currently 17 years old and have a learner permit. Is it mandatory to take either a 5 hour pre-licensing course or a driver education course? I've done some

    asked by Anonymous
  95. business law

    1.Why is personal jurisdiction an issue for those who post Websites? 2.What are some reasons that a website owner might be concerned with whether a court is able to obtain 'personal jurisdiction' over them? 3.What is normally required for a court to have

    asked by Jennifer
  96. Immigration

    i have a permanent residence ,i want to apply for my wife,how long will it take?

    asked by Kiki
  97. MAT115

    which pair of fractions is proportional A)0.8/0.4=3.2/2 B)0.6/0.3=0.9/0.45 C)0.8/0.4=3.2/2.4 D)0.8/0.4=4/2.4 I thought B was correct. to get this i multiplied 0.6 *0.45=.27 multiplied 0.3 *0.9=.27 Am I on the right track? I multiplied the opposites of each

    asked by barb
  98. geometry

    asked by kisha
  99. physic

    mars once may have had an ocean 0.50 km deep. the acceleration due to gravity on mars is 0.379g, and we shall assume (unrealistically) the consisted of fresh water. a)what would be the guage pressure(in Pa)at the bottem of this martian ocean? b)what is the

    asked by janae
  100. algebra

    solve 8x(4x+4)=28 x=?

    asked by kim
  101. Grammar

    This is a backwards Hw. They give us the answers and we have to come up with questions for each. The questions should be about homophones, adjectives and adverbs, pronouns,appositives, and count/noncount nouns. They could be multiple choice, fill in the

    asked by Leslie
  102. Vactors 12

    Let A and B be any two points on the plane and O be the origin. Prove that vector AB = vector OB - vector OA. Let x be any other point on the plane prove that vector AB = vector xB - vector xA.

    asked by Shaila
  103. algebra

    Please solve the inequality 36

    asked by Gerrie
  104. calc

    find the average rate of change on the indicated intervals f(x) = x^3 - 2x ; [0,4]

    asked by alex
  105. math

    8x-(4x+4)=28 x=?

    asked by kim
  106. us history

    the texas revolution

    asked by lacrecha
  107. English

    Which of the following word groups is punctuated correctly? a)It rained every day of our vacation nevertheless, we had a wonderful time. b)It rained every day of our vacation, nevertheless, we had a wonderful time. c)It rained every day of our vacation,

    asked by JT
  108. writing

    I have to write a thesis statement on a belief i have that have changed and why

    asked by sophie
  109. Math Algebra

    Please help Solve by the elimination method x+7y=54 -x + 6y=37 The solution is (___,___)

    asked by upbeat
  110. adult education

    How many moles of HCL are in 50.0 mL of 0.600 M HCl?

    asked by santhosh
  111. using windows xp

    A USB flash memory drive

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Math Elimination method

    Use the elimination method to solve x+8y= 47 -x + 4y= 13 The solution is (___,___) Thank you

    asked by upbeat
  113. 9GR

    3. Which statement is true about the following set of data? 18, 17, 21, 24, 21 1.The mean is greater than the median. 2.The median is less than the mode. 3.The mean and median are the same number. 4.The median and the mode are the same number.

    asked by ruslan
  114. accounting for health care environment

    Assume you are the financial director of a clinic that is a part of an organization named Getwell Clinics Incorporated. Your clinic—named after you—serves a suburban community with a population of about 24,000, of which 25% are expected to become

    asked by lisa
  115. math

    find 45 divided by 9 by repeated subtraction. Should I repeat by subtracting 9 everytime or 5 everytime?

    asked by barb
  116. Math

    Give the equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line y=-3+7 and passes through point (0,-6)

    asked by Jenna
  117. math

    What is the factor or 12x^2 -78x + 93.5

    asked by Tim
  118. childcare

    Attach copies of the music or words for four children’s songs, including two from other cultures. In the spaces below, list the song title, the name(s) of the person(s) who wrote the words and the music, the publisher’s name and city (include the

    asked by Ms.Dionn
  119. immig.

    after i got the citizenship ,how long will it take to get my wife parmanent residence,

    asked by Kiki
  120. us history

    What social, political, and economic changes pulled the North and the South farther apart? What was the final determining factor that led to Southern secession? What social and economical changes discussed in previous chapters fueled sectional conflict?

    asked by amos
  121. English

    Can you please check if the following sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you very, very much in advance. 1) He is a spiteful child. He always gives me pinches or says me mean things. 2) During my stay in London I’d like to do an hour conversation

    asked by Franco
  122. Math

    h(x)= 7x /((x-1)(x+5)

    asked by Trouble
  123. chemistry

    give 30 example of solute

    asked by aj
  124. Math

    Please I need to solve this problem Use the elimination method 0.3x -0.2y=4 0.5x + 0.3y=1 Plesae help I am competely lost!!!

    asked by upbeat
  125. substitution method

    solve by the substitution method 2m+n=9 m-6n=50 the solution is (___,___)

    asked by upbeat
  126. substitution method

    solve using the substitution method 8x+6y=8 -9x+y=22 The solution is (___,___)

    asked by upbeat
  127. MATH


    asked by JACK
  128. Chemistry

    Identify each of the following: These are fractions but I don't know how to type it that way. a. 1X 1 b. 32/15 X c. 0/0 X d. 59/26 X e. 0/+1 X

    asked by Anonymous
  129. childcare

    will someone plz help with this....thanks Provide the titles, authors, publishers, and copyright dates of two picture books concerning children with disabling conditions. The copyright dates should be within the past five years. Note: The books’

    asked by Ms.Dionn
  130. MAT115

    Estimate the following product. 6/1/8 * 7 4/5 should I just multiply 6 * 8 to get an estimation?

    asked by barb
  131. MAT115

    if the electricity bill increased from $10,000 to $13,000 in a year, to the nearest whole percent, what was the rate of increase? I need to see how to work this one. I divided 3,000 by 10,000 and got.3 What is that in percent and is this even the right

    asked by barb
  132. math

    the productof two psoitive number is greater than either number

    asked by kisha
  133. Math


    asked by Natasha
  134. his

    explain darwin theory of evolution. how it was applied to economic races and nation by social Darwinist?

    asked by ami
  135. Astronomy

    Why are there different types of galaxies?

    asked by Magesh
  136. math

    what is the area of a square measuring 5 inches on all 4 sides

    asked by barb