Questions Asked on
July 11, 2010

  1. chemistry

    the cobalt atom has how many unpaired electrons in its ground state? 2 4 1 0 3

    asked by Anonymous
  2. geometry

    In triangle DEF, DF = 16 and m< F = 26. Find FE to the nearest tenth.

    asked by stone
  3. psychology

    The primary difference between anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa is that anorexics A)Binge,B)purge,c)engage in excessive exercise d)show dramatic weight loss

    asked by fred
  4. chemistry

    which of the following molecules is polar? NO2 CO2 BF3 SF6 CCl4

    asked by Anonymous
  5. chemistry

    calculate the number of atoms present in 3.4g of h2s?

    asked by plzzz find
  6. Chemistry

    For which of the following reactions is the value of Delta H rxn equal to Delta H of formation? I. 2Ca(s) + O2(g) --> 2CaO(s) II. C2H2(g) + H2(g) --> C2H4(g) III. S(s) + O3(g) --> SO3(g) IV. 3Mg(s) + N2(g) --> Mg3N2(s). According to my answer key, the only

    asked by Casey
  7. chemistry

    the lewis structure for each of the following species except ____ contains a triple bond? N3- O2 2+ N2 NO+ HCCH

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Chemistry

    It says to write the balanced equation for the complete combustion of cyclobutanol in Oxygen. I'm not even sure what the product is supposed to look like so how can I balance the equation? Please help. C4H8O + O2 ---> C4H8O

    asked by Casey
  9. Physics

    A helicopter descends from a height of 600 m with uniform negative acceleration, reaching the ground at rest in 5.00 minutes. Determine the acceleration of the helicopter and its initial velocity.

    asked by Deanna
  10. Physics

    A simple pendulum, 2.0 m in length, is released from rest when the support string is at an angle of 25 from the vertical. What is the speed of the suspended mass at the bottom of the swing?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. algebra

    Of the 240 campers at a summer camp, 5/6 could swim. If 1/3 of the campers took climbing lessons, what was the least possible number of campers taking climbing lessons who could swim? a) 20 b) 40 c) 80 d) 120 e) 200

    asked by Jake
  12. Calculus

    A sign 3 feet high is placed on a wall with its base 2 feet above the eye level of a woman attempting to read it. How far from the wall should she stand to get the best view of the sign, that is, so that the angle subtended at the woman’s eye by the sign

    asked by JJ
  13. Physics

    It took a stopping train 41/4min to travel between two stations 11.2km apart.The train accelerated uniformly during the first 11/4min of the journey,and decelerated uniformly to rest during the last 3/2min of the journey.The train had moved with uniform

    asked by Dan
  14. Physics

    if the specific heat of aluminum is 0.21 cal/g degree C, how much heat is givin off when 10 grams of aluminum is cooled from .50 to .10 degress

    asked by Jasper
  15. Chemistry

    List the total number of each type of atoms in the following reactants. A) 2HCL + Ca(OH)2 = 6 hydrogen, 2 carbon, 2 lithium, 2 calsium, 4 oxygen B) 2Na3PO3 + 3Ca(NO3)2 This one is a bit more complicated. May any chemistry teacher show me how to do this.

    asked by Derrick
  16. physics

    0.10- baseball moves toward home plate with a velocity = (-31 ). After striking the bat, the ball moves vertically upward with a velocity = (21 ). Find the direction of the impulse delivered to the ball by the bat. Assume that the ball and bat are in

    asked by john
  17. Math

    What is the smallest possible integer value of x for which (x-8)(x+5)

    asked by Cassie
  18. Math

    If p is an integer, which of the following must be true about 4p+7? a) it is odd b) it is even c) it is greater than 7 d) it is greater than p e) it is divisible by 11

    asked by Kyle
  19. science

    A compound contains 3.99% P, 82.3% Br, and 13.7% Cl. Find the empirical formula

    asked by Anonymous
  20. algebra

    Find the line of symmetry, the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic function, and graph the function f(x)=-2x^2+2x+9

    asked by sam
  21. Finance

    what is the present value of $1,000 paid at the end of the next 100 years if the interest rate is 7% per year?

    asked by mary
  22. chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 1.90 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH(aq) with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HCl(aq)? with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HC2H3O2(aq)? mL NaOH pH with HCl pH with HC2H3O2 1.90 ? ?

    asked by Sara
  23. English

    It took about three and a half days to get here. (What does 'to get hear' modify? Is it a noun phrase or an adverrbial phrase?)

    asked by rfvv
  24. maths

    z = x-y+4 z = y-w-3 z = w-x+5 Based on the system of equations above, what is the value of z? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 6 e) 12

    asked by Abby
  25. Calculus

    What is the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in the first quadrant of the ellipse 9x^2+16y^2=144?

    asked by Micah
  26. algebra

    in a mixture if concrete, there are four lb of cement mix for each pound of gravel. if the the mixture contains a total of 195 lb of these two ingredients, how many pounds of gravel are there?

    asked by Kristina
  27. Calculus

    Application of Derivatives and Integrals: A sign 3 feet high is placed on a wall with its base 2 feet above the eye level of a woman attempting to read it. How far from the wall should she stand to get the best view of the sign, that is, so that the angle

    asked by JJ
  28. math

    what is the probability of selecting an eight followed by a nine from a deck of 52 cards if the first card is replaced before second is drawn? please help me.

    asked by jay
  29. chemistry

    each of the following species except____, the electronic structure may be adequately described by 2 resonance formulas. NO2 C6H6 SO2 O3 SO3 -2charge

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Chemistry 2

    The rate constant nearly doubles for some reaction when there is an increase in temperaure from 17 degree celsius to 32 degree celsius. Calculate the activation energy.

    asked by Tim
  31. Algebra

    A farmer has 230 ft of fence to enclose a rectangular garden. What is the largest garden area that can be enclosed with the 230 ft of fence?

    asked by Dana
  32. Algerbra

    JT has $16000 saved. In 2years time his investment grew to $250 00. Can you find the annual interest rate of his return by solving the following equation for him: 16000(1 + x)2 = 25000

    asked by JT
  33. English

    1. He felt happy. 2. He felt happiness. 3. He felt sad. 4. He felt sadness. (Are they all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  34. Science

    C12 H22 O11 = Co2 + H2O how to balance this equation?

    asked by help?
  35. Human Services

    How might your suggested solution be affected by social policies or government regulations?

    asked by Erin
  36. Chemistry

    Balance each of the following skeleton equations. A) KCl + Pb(NO3)2 -> PbCl2 + KNO3 I balanced it out like this. KCl2 + Pb(NO3)2 -> PbCl2 + 2KNO3 After knowing if I've done this correctly, I'll post on my other questions.

    asked by Derrick
  37. Communication and Gender Studies

    What message is conveyed in the lyrics from Harry Chapin cats in the cradle song from 1974 considering the relationship to gender and family? Could this song have as easily been written about a mother lamenting her relationship with her daughter? If so,

    asked by Breanna
  38. Pharmacy math

    calculate the ordered medication for each of the following IV bags to achieve the ordered concentration Ordered: Add 30 mEq KCl per L of IV fluid. On hand: 360 mL IV solution. On hand is KCl 2 mEq / mL Add: ______mEq; ___ mL Ordered: Add 20 mEq KCl per L

    asked by Grace
  39. Chemistry

    I was getting restless to post these questions, so I decided to go ahead and post them. Balance each of the following skeleton equations. B) Na + F2 -> NaF I balanced out this equation like this. Na + F2 -> Na2F OR would I write it as -> Na + F2 -> NaF2 ,

    asked by Derrick
  40. Algebra

    The perimeter of this rectangular portion needs to be 14 yards and the diagonal is 5 yards. Can you help Mike determine the length and width of this new portion? Mike requested that you show him how you arrive at the answers.

    asked by JT
  41. Chemistry

    Balance each of the following skeleton equations. C) C3H8 + O2 -> CO2 + H2O This one was a bit harder for me to balance out, but this is what I managed to do. C3H8 + O2 -> 3CO2 + 8H

    asked by Derrick
  42. English

    “The Loons” (Margaret Laurence) i cant find the website for this short story.plz help! thnx

    asked by Thara
  43. Chemistry 101

    A Balloon with a volume of 2.00 L is at a pressure of 1.5 atm and a temperature of 20C. If the balloon is put into a container and the pressure is increased to 2.0 atm and the temperature is raised to 25C, what is the new volume of the balloon?

    asked by mike
  44. Chemistry

    Balance each of the following skeleton equations. This is the last one left to balance. D) C4H10 + O2 -> CO2 + H2O = C4H10 + O2 -> 4CO2 + 10H

    asked by Derrick
  45. math

    Point P lies in plane M. How many circles are there in plane M that have center P and a circumference of 6ㅠ inches? a) none b) one c) two d) four e) more than four

    asked by Kyle
  46. Recombinant DNA

    When you digest Vibrio DNA with Sal1, wh do you get mostly large DNA fragments?

    asked by Kim
  47. math

    simplify -2(-6y+2) +4y(4z+5y)

    asked by tiffany
  48. Chemistry

    I am having big troubles on this question. What is the increase in acidity associated with a decrease of one unit on the pH scale?

    asked by Aaron
  49. Physics

    Two metal spheres are separated by a distance of 1.1 cm and a power supply maintains a constant potential difference of 710 V between them. The spheres are brought closer to each other until a spark flies between them. If the dielectric strength of dry air

    asked by laila
  50. Chemistry

    Calculate the average kinetic energy of the N2 molecules in a sample of N2 gas at 273K and 546K. I have been able to come up with the equation (KE)avg=3/2RT. I just want to know if R is equal to 0.08206 as it would be in other equations.

    asked by Victoria
  51. Physics

    A certain capacitor stores 360 J of energy when it holds 9.1 10-2 C of charge. (a) What is the capacitance of this capacitor? µC (b) What is the potential difference across the plates? V

    asked by laila
  52. Physics

    Suppose a charge q is placed at point x = 0, y = 0. A second charge q is placed at point x = 6.2 m, y = 0. What charge Q must be placed at the point x = 3.1 m, y = 0 in order that the field at the point x = 3.1 m, y = 4.2 m be zero?

    asked by laila
  53. Physics

    Given a velocity of 4m/s[E] and a second velocity of magnitude 6m/s (this is all that is given) Find the maximum and minimum values for the final velocity.

    asked by Natalie
  54. chemistry

    Suppose a fuel-cell generator was used to produce electricity for a house. If each H2 molecule produces 2e- , how many kilograms of hydrogen would be required to generate the electricity needed for a typical house? Assume the home uses about 850 kWh of

    asked by seth
  55. algebra


    asked by JT
  56. algebra

    Solve the equation (x-3)^2+(x+2)^=17

    asked by JT
  57. algebra

    Solve the equation (x-3)^2+(x+2)^2=17

    asked by JT

    how many grams of copper (II) Chloride are formed in the double replascement reaction of 1.1 g copper (II) oxide and excess hydrochloric acid?

    asked by maleia
  59. math

    a minor league baseball team plays 88 games in a season . if the team won 17 more then twice as many games as they lost , how many wins and losses did the team have

    asked by Kristina
  60. chemistry

    REVISION TO PREVIOUS POST: What is the pH of the solution created by combining 1.90 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH(aq) with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HCl(aq)? with 8.00 ml of the 0.10 M HC2H3O2(aq)? I understood how to do the HC2H3O2, but I can't do the HCl. I am

    asked by Sara
  61. Calc

    Solve the following separable equation. y'=(4x^3-1)/y for y(1)= -3

    asked by Scott
  62. Thanx DrBob222

    Thank you sir for helping me out with those chemistry problems.

    asked by Derrick
  63. English

    I was very tired, but it was great to be in Antarctica. Everyting was covered with snow. 1)It was so beautiful. --------------------------- What does 1) refer to in the last sentence? Antarctica, everything, or everything in Antarctica?

    asked by rfvv
  64. english literature

    If I was going to compare Achilles from The Iliad and Pierre from War and Peace to two real people, who do you think would represent them the best? Thanks, Michelle

    asked by Michelle
  65. CRT205

    Hi class, I don’t have a lot of time to explain but off the top of my head answer is as a reader critical thinking affects me all ways. Not just reading but writing too. Sometimes what I read I must write about later like this discussion question so

    asked by Terry
  66. math

    asked by Anonymous
  67. medicine

    What is a unit price and where is it found on?

    asked by Heidi
  68. adult education

    Financial planning is very important to the success of your schooling, because you need to make sure that you have enough money saved for school. I am having problems with finding the verb can someone help me. I am thinking that it is saved but not sure.

    asked by april
  69. English

    1. The snow here is strange. 2. The snow there was like flour. 3. The snow in Antarica was like flour. (Are they all grammatical? Then what is the part of spech of 'here' or there'?)

    asked by rfvv
  70. chemistry

    What are the pH values if you take into account that the 8.00 mL of 0.10 M Acid was first diluted with 100 mL of water? This is in regards to my previous question. We are still calculating the pH of w/HCl and w/HC2H3O2. I don't really understand what to do

    asked by Sara
  71. chemistry

    calculate the number of oxygen atoms in 49grams of sulfuric acid ?

    asked by plzzz find
  72. chemistry

    What is the pH when enough 0.10 M Base NaOh (in mL) is added to neutralize 8 mL of 0.10 M Acid HCl? Acid HC2H3O2? I got the pH of HCl to be 7 because I figured that the same molarity of base and acid are added together to neutralize the pH, but I keep

    asked by Sara
  73. chemistry

    calculate the number of H atoms present in .5 mole of C2H5OH ?

    asked by answer please..
  74. psychology

    studies on the development of sexual orientation highlight the importance of A)GENETIC B)ENVIRONMENT C)PRENATAL HORMONES D)MULTIPLE FACTORS

    asked by fred
  75. chemistry

    what is the mass of 3.50mol of FeCl2 could you show me step by step how to do this?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. psychology


    asked by fred
  77. chemistry

    would the pKa = pH in this case? because the ml and concentrations are equal in each scenario? If you plug it in the formula, I think your logs would equal 0 because it would be log(1) = 0. My asnwer is not coming out right though.

    asked by Sara
  78. psychology


    asked by fred
  79. Math: partial derivative

    z=u(v+w)^(1/2) find ∂^3z/(∂u∂v∂w) what partial derivative am I suppose to be finding exactly? Do I take the derivative of z three times? Please help. Thank you.

    asked by C
  80. psychology


    asked by fred
  81. Geometry

    A cone and cylinder both have a radius of 3 inches and a height of 6 inches. If the cone-shaped container is filled with water and this water is then poured into the empty cylindrical container, what will be the depth, in inches, of the water in the

    asked by Olivia B.
  82. geometry

    solve the equation 3^2x + 2.3^x - 15 = 0

    asked by mattie
  83. geometry

    Point P lies in plane M. How many circles are there in plane M that have center P and a circumference of 6ㅠ inches? a) none b) one c) two d) four e) more than four

    asked by Alice
  84. Chemistry

    If 10.0g of CaCl2 and 10.0g of NaCl are dissolved in 100.0mL of solution, what is the concentration of chloride ions? (the molar mass of CaCl2 is 111.0g/mol; the molar mass of NaCl is 58.44g/mol. I found individual molar mass of: Ca-40.08 Cl-35.45 Na-22.99

    asked by Casey
  85. Algebra

    The speed of train A is 6 mph slower than the speed of train B. Train A travels 200 miles in the same time it takes train B to travel 230 miles. Find the speed of each train?

    asked by Jacqueline
  86. Math 115

    I need help with these problems 1. 18kg=______g I don't understand this. 2.1kg=______oz. can't figure this out. 3.20lb=______oz can't figure this out. 4.461mm=______m don't know where to begin. Can some please help me understand these problems.

    asked by Jerome
  87. Preschool

    I'm doing a lesson plan for preschoo children and it says sensory expirences and im not sure what that means can anyone please help?

    asked by karrie
  88. Math

    Hat sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of one's head in either inches or centimeters. Use ratio and Proportion to complete the following table. Hat Size: 6 and 7/8 Head Circumference (to the nearest 1/5 in): 21 and 3/5 Head Circumference

    asked by Tim
  89. Algebra

    Find the LCM of (7+9u), (49-81u^2), and (7-9u) Find the LCM of 15x^8 and 75x^8

    asked by Rene
  90. Chemistry

    One of the lines in the spectrum of a mercury vapor lamp has a wave length of 254nm. What is the energy, in kj/mol, of this electro magnetic radiation. The work I have done: (6.626 x 10^-34 x 3.0 x 10^8) all divided by (254 x 10^-9.) The answer I

    asked by Casey
  91. Chemistry

    What is the de Broglie wavelength, in meters, associated with a proton. (mass = 1.673 x 10^-24g) accelerated to a velocity of 4.5 x 10^7 m/s? I tried dividing the mass by the velocity. I also multiplied the mass times the velocity, and neither answer came

    asked by Casey
  92. ????

    Did you stop answering questions?

    asked by Jacqueline
  93. Math 115

    Please check answers 461mm=_____m answer 461/1000=0.461m Second one 20lb= 320oz 20lbs*16ounces= 320oz

    asked by Jerome
  94. Math 115

    Still can't figure this out 2.1kg=_____oz (Round to the nearest hundredth)

    asked by Jerome
  95. Physics

    You have entered a contest in which the contestants drop a marble with mass 27.0g from the roof of a building onto a small target 23.0m below.From uncertainty considerations, what is the typical distance by which you will miss the target, given that you

    asked by Erick
  96. Math 115

    18Kg=_____g 1,000g+8,000g=9,000g Is this correct

    asked by Jerome
  97. math

    f(x)=-x^3+3x^2+9x-5 asked to find the stationary points this was my working and i don't know if it is correct f dash of x = -3x^2+3(2x)+9 -3x^2+6x+9 at local max and min f(x) should =0 -3x^2+6x+9=0 3x^2-6x+9 x^2-2x+3=0 stationary points would be at (x+3)

    asked by Pd
  98. Math 115

    -3/5+(8/35)= 2+4.375=6.375 Is this correct? 1Kilogram= 35.2739619ounces 2.1Kg= 2.1=35.274= 74.0754 nearest hundredth would be 0.800 is this correct?

    asked by Jerome
  99. Math 115

    Which number shown in parentheses is a solution of the given equation? A)1/3x+5=7 (6) B)1/3x+5=7 (9) C)2/3x+5=7 (9) D)2/3x+5=7 (6) would the correct answer be C

    asked by Jerome
  100. science

    Convert 12.5 mol Cl2 to grams

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math

    Solve by elimination 8x-9y=8.5 7y-2x=-4.5

    asked by wendy
  102. US History II

    Which one would be right...I don't really understand This is the question: What was the signifianceof the War Powers Resolution of 1973? 1) gives the Executive Branch the power to wage wars instead of leaving that power to Congress to declare it.

    asked by Amy~
  103. hfcc

    For the first phase of the project, imagine you want to cover the backyard with decorative rock and plant some trees. You need 30 tons of rock to cover the area. If each ton costs $60 and each tree is $84, what is the maximum number of trees you can buy

    asked by Loren

    A local radio station has asked you to participate in an expert panel discussion regarding the role of media in political and terrorism related crimes. Specifically, you have been invited to speak on how the media and modern means of sharing information

    asked by Anonymous
  105. math

    The sum of two numbers is 4 and their product is -32 Find the numbers.

    asked by jaimie
  106. Econ

    1.ÊA production-possibilities curve indicates the:Ê A.ÊCombinations of goods and services an economy is actually producing. B.ÊMaximum combinations of goods and services an economy can produce given its available resources and technology. C.ÊMaximum

    asked by jordan
  107. Algerbra

    A man’s will left $75,000 to his wife, son and daughter in such a way that his son’s share was 3 times the daughter’s share, while the wife received as much as the son and daughter together. How much did each receive?

    asked by jaimie
  108. International Business

    I have to create a 2 page handout for the following scenaario: Your company has developed a product that is all but guaranteed to be successful in any country that has a substantial population. The sales and marketing department would like you to do some

    asked by Lori
  109. Math 133

    when the volume of a cube is given by V=S3, where S, is the lenght of a side. Find the lenght of a side of a cube if the volume is 500 cm3. And round the answer to three decimal places. can you solve this problem and show all steps with the solution?

    asked by Robert
  110. medical coding

    in addition to the nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane, a single neuron processes

    asked by Anonymous

    Discuss the distribution of seafloor sediments in the ocean basins.What are the differents types of sediments? What are the factors that control their distribution(geologic setting climates, etc)?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. algebra

    selling 3,000 tickets. If the people on the floor of your dorm bought 360 tickets, what is the probability that someone on your floor will hold the winning ticket? Give the probability in decimal form

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Physics

    1.Halley's comet moves about the sun in an elliptical orbit with its closest approach to the sun being 0.59 A.U. and its furthest distance being 35 A.U. [1 Astronomical Unit (A.U.) is the Earth-Sun distance.] If the comet's speed at closest approach is 54

    asked by Brianna
  114. verb tense

    i need 5 sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning,using the correct verb tense.

    asked by michelle
  115. algebra

    b. You will use 25% of your budget of 118,250.00 to rent business space and pay for utilities. Write an algebraic expression that indicates how much money will be spent on business space and utilities

    asked by sandy
  116. algebra

    give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places for x^2+18x+81=49

    asked by sam
  117. algebra

    Find the line of symmetry, the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic function, and graph the function f(x)=2-x^2

    asked by sam
  118. algebra

    graph the function. find the vertex line of symmetry, and maximum or minimum value. f(x)=(x+3)^2-4

    asked by sam
  119. algebra

    give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places (x+5)^2=81

    asked by sam
  120. algebra

    find the x-intercepts and y-intercepts f(x)=-x^2+4x+32

    asked by sam
  121. algebra

    find and label the vertex and line of symmetry. graph the function f(x)=1/4x^2

    asked by sam
  122. algebra

    determine the nature of the solutions of the equation, one real solution, two real solutions, or two non-real solutions. x^2-20x+100=0

    asked by sam
  123. math

    WHAT IS [6x + 5]/3 =3X/7-2 (2 is not part of the problem

    asked by TETE
  124. algebra

    write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given numbers as the solutions. type the equation in standard form ax^2+bx+c=0 solution 6, only solution

    asked by sam
  125. algebra

    solve 4x^2=20 find the x-intercepts of f(x)=4x^2=20 What are the solutions and what are the x-intercepts

    asked by sam
  126. HRM

    what does a primary strategic consideration mean? Is this like the one and only strategy that you are just taking into consideration?

    asked by shamrock
  127. algebra

    determine the nature of the solutions of the equation. Two real solutions, two imaginary solutions, or one real solution. 2t^2-4t=0

    asked by sam
  128. algebra

    solve by completeing the square m^2-9/2m=3/2

    asked by sam
  129. Algebra

    Solve the equation (x-3)^2+(x+2)^=17

    asked by jaimie
  130. algebra

    find the vertex, the line of symmetry, the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic function, and graph the function f(x)=x^2-4x-5

    asked by sam
  131. algebra

    solve for x x^2+61=10x what are the solutions

    asked by sam
  132. algebra

    solve the formula for the given letter. Assume all variables represent non-negative numbers. E=jc^2 solve for c

    asked by sam
  133. algebra

    find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. graph the function. f(x)=-2(x+3)^2

    asked by sam
  134. algerbra

    Factor the polynomial completely a^2+2a-24

    asked by jaimie
  135. algebra

    give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places. x^2+5x-7=0

    asked by sam
  136. US History II

    Did the U.S. entering Vietnam caused the American population to divide

    asked by Amy~