Questions Asked on
July 10, 2010

  1. physics

    A space station, in the form of a wheel 110 m in diameter, rotates to provide an "artificial gravity" of 3.00 m/s2 for persons who walk around on the inner wall of the outer rim. Find the rate of rotation of the wheel (in revolutions per minute) that will

    asked by laura
  2. Finance

    Find the EAR in each of the following cases. Stated Rate (APR) Number of Times 8 % Quarterly % 16 % Monthly % 12 % Daily % 15 % Infinite %

    asked by Carla
  3. Physic

    What is the period of revolution of a satellite with mass m that orbits the earth in a circular path of radius 7820 km (about 1450 km above the surface of the earth)?

    asked by Andrea
  4. physics - charge

    A 80.0 g block carrying a charge Q = 33.0 µC is connected to a spring for which k = 74.0 N/m. The block lies on a frictionless, horizontal surface and is immersed in a uniform electric field of magnitude E = 4.84 104 N/C directed away from the spring and

    asked by lo
  5. Finance

    Investment X offers to pay you $6,000 per year for nine years, whereas Investment Y offers to pay you $8,000 per year for six years. If the discount rate is 5 percent, Investment X has a present value of ? and Investment Y has a present value of ?. If the

    asked by Carla
  6. Finance

    You have just won the lottery and will receive $1,000,000 in one year. You will receive payments for 30 years, which will increase 5 percent per year. The appropriate discount rate is 8 percent. What is the present value of your winnings?

    asked by Brian
  7. operating system

    Consider a system that uses pure demand paging. (a) When a process first starts execution, how would you characterize the page fault rate? (b) Once the working set for a process is loaded into memory, how would you characterize the page fault rate? (c)

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physic

    A bowling ball weighing 71.2 N is attached to the ceiling by a 3.60 m rope. The ball is pulled to one side and released; it then swings back and forth like a pendulum. As the rope swings through its lowest point, the speed of the bowling ball is measured

    asked by Andrea
  9. Conceptual Physical Science

    When we breathe we inhale oxygen, O2, plus water vapor, O2, and exhale carbon dioxide, CO2, plus water vapor, H2O. Which likely has more mass, the air that we inhale or the same volume of air we exhale? Does breathing cause you to lose or gain weight?

    asked by Laticia
  10. Physics

    The fast French train known as the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) has a scheduled average speed of 216 km/h. (a) If the train goes around a curve at that speed and the acceleration experienced by the passengers is to be limited to 0.060g, what is the

    asked by Sam
  11. Finance

    Suppose an investment offers to triple your money in 12 months (don't believe it). What rate of return per quarter are you being offered?

    asked by Brian

    How many grams of CH4 are required to produce 43 g of Cu according to the following equation: 4CuO + CH4 --> CO2 + 2H20 + 4Cu? I already tried to work the problem myself, and I may have gotten this right, but I do not have an answer key to compare to.

    asked by Casey
  13. Physics

    The mass of a sports car is 1100 kg. The shape of the car is such that the aerodynamic drag coefficient is 0.240 and the frontal area is 2.40 m2. Neglecting all other sources of friction, calculate the initial acceleration of the car ,if it has been

    asked by Simi
  14. Physics

    In a cyclotron (one type of particle accelerator), a deuteron (of atomic mass 2.00 u) reaches a final speed of 12.0% of the speed of light while moving in a circular path of radius 0.565 m. The deuteron is maintained in the circular path by a magnetic

    asked by Simi
  15. Chemistry

    What is the % by mass of chlorine in CH2Cl2? I calculated the molar mass of CH2Cl2 which is 84.93. I than calculated the molar mass of Cl2 which was 70.9. Than I divided 70.9 by 84.03 and my percent by mass of chlorine is 83.5 percent. Is this correct?

    asked by Casey

    Discuss the distribution of seafloor sediments in the ocean basins. What are the different types of sediments? What are the factors that control their distribution (geologic setting, climate, etc.)?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physic

    An unstretched spring is 11.0 cm long. When you hang an 590 g weight from it, it stretches to a length of 14.0 cm. what is the force constant in (N/m) of this spring? what is the total mass must you hang from the spring to stretch it to a total length of

    asked by Andrea
  18. physics

    A boy whirls a stone in a horizontal circle of radius 1.9 m and at height 2.1 m above ground level. The string breaks, and the stone flies horizontally and strikes the ground after traveling a horizontal distance of 10 m. What is the magnitude of the

    asked by Sam
  19. Finance

    If you deposit $4,000 at the end of each of the next 20 years into an account paying 11.2 percent interest, you will have $ in the account in 20 years. How much will you have if you make deposits for 40 years? $

    asked by Carla
  20. Physic

    A hockey puck leaves a player's stick with a speed of 8.60 and slides 38.0 before coming to rest. Find the coefficient of friction between the puck and the ice.

    asked by Andrea
  21. algebra

    We did not find results for: suppose a company manufactures MP3 players and sell them to retailers for $98 each. it has a fixed cost of $262,500 related to the production of the MP3 players and the cost per unit is $23 what is the total revenue function,

    asked by tracy
  22. finance

    Julie's X-Ray Company paid $2.00 per share in common stock dividends last year. The company's policy is to allow its dividend to grow at 5 percent for 4 year and then the rate of growth changes to 3 percent per year from year 5 and on. What is the value of

    asked by lynne
  23. physics - capacitors

    Capacitors C1 = 5.0 µF and C2 = 2.0 µF are charged as a parallel combination across a 150 V battery. The capacitors are disconnected from the battery and from each other. They are then connected positive plate to negative plate and negative plate to

    asked by lo
  24. chem

    An airplane is pressurized to 650mmHg , which is the atmospheric pressure at a ski resort at 1.30×10^4 altitude.If air is 21 % oxygen, what is the partial pressure of oxygen on the plane?

    asked by andy
  25. math

    how tall is a flag pole when a person is standing 12 meters away and he is 1.5 meters tall and casts a shadow 3 meters long?

    asked by Marpaq007
  26. Chemistry

    The density of Hg is 13.6g/cm^3. How many Hg atoms are present in 10.0cm^3 of Hg? I think the size of an atom is 6.22 x 10^23. The answer is 4.08 x 10^23. I need help getting to the answer.

    asked by Casey
  27. Math 115

    Please check answer. The sale tax rate in a state is 7.5%. If you pay a tax of $17.50 on an item that you purchase, what is its selling price? 17.50*7.5=$131.25 is this correct?

    asked by Jerome
  28. Chemistry!

    Use the equation below and determine what volume of O2 at STP is needed to react with 1.5 moles of C2H4? Balanced equation: C2H4 + 3O2 --> 2CO2 + 2H20 So 1 mole of C2H4/3 mol O2 --> 1.5 mols/ 4.5 mols O2. So if its 1 mol equals 1 liter, than it should be

    asked by Casey
  29. maths

    The last digti of a six-digit number it 2. If the 2 is moved to the start of the number, the new six-digit number is only a third of the original number. Find the original number. 2 A B C D E X 3 = A B C D E 2 NOTE: PLS DON'T CONFUSE X WITH x. IT IS A

    asked by sweet

    If the warm North Atlantic Drift were to cease, how might the climate of Western Europe change?Speculate about how such a climate could influence the biosphere? help me please.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. chem

    What is the total pressure in mm Hg of a gas mixture containing argon gas at 0.25 atm helium gas at 350 mm,Hg, and nitrogen gas at 360 torr.

    asked by andy
  32. Physics

    After flying for 15 min in a wind blowing 42 km/h at an angle of 34° south of east, an airplane pilot is over a town that is 40 km due north of the starting point. What is the speed of the airplane relative to the air?

    asked by Sam
  33. Mec 123

    A flywheel rotating at 5.3 revolutions per second has an angular retardation of 4/5 radian per second per minute.calculate:(i)its angular velocity after 45 seconds(ii),the number of revolutions it makes in 1 minute, and in coming to rest.

    asked by dan
  34. chem

    What is the volume in liters of 3.2 moles methane gas, CH4, at 12degrees C and 1.52 atm?

    asked by andy
  35. Math 115

    How do convert 4 7/8 into a percentage. Is tis correct 7/8=0.875*4=3.5%

    asked by Jerome
  36. Conceptual Physical Science

    What is the approximate mass of an oxygen atom in atomic mass units? What is the approximate mass of two oxygen atoms? How about an oxygen molecule?

    asked by Laticia
  37. psychology

    The primary difference between anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa is that anorexics

    asked by fred
  38. health

    Write a 300 to 400 word essay describing major differences between the duties, functions, and responsibilities of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. statistics

    Give an estimate for each expression in Exercises, Then state whether you believe that the exact answer is greater than or less than the estimate. Explain how you decided. Use a calculator to check the accuracy of your estimate. 978 X 66

    asked by Dani
  40. physics

    1) What part of an object follows a smooth path when the object is made to spin through the air or across a flat smooth surface? 2) Describe the motion of the CG of a projectile, before and after it explodes in midair. 3) What is suggested by a star that

    asked by anonymous
  41. Algebra1A

    A box in the shape of a rectangular prism has a volume of 56 cubic inches. If the length of each side is multiplied by 2, what will be the approximate volume of the resulting box?

    asked by Janelle
  42. trigonometry

    Find the length of the arc that subtends an angle of measure 70 degrees on a circle of diameter 15 centimeters.

    asked by Aaron
  43. algebra

    Is this equation correct: (x y)3 = x y3 ? Explain why. If it is correct, how can you prove this? If it is incorrect, what should be done to make it right?

    asked by susan smith
  44. english

    Can you please tell me when following the APA citation format what do you put if there is not an author shown? I thought from another class we wrote Unknown, but my current teacher wrote not to do that.Can I not use that reference then?

    asked by Danielle
  45. Geography

    Hello! I am writing a 700 word paper over sedimentary rocks. So far I have had no problems finding what I need, but I'm having trouble finding information on the distinguishing characteristics between the three categories of sedimentary rocks; clastic,

    asked by anonymous
  46. HCS 320

    describe the national incident command structure i am supposed to do this on a disaster planning presentation and i need help ive been just so busy and this is due today i just need a little help or push in the right direction to get me started because im

    asked by samatha URGENT
  47. programming

    I am in a beginners class in computer programming and we have been designing our programs in pseudocode format and this is a homework question I have to solve this is how the question is written on my paper...can you please help, Thanks. Homework question:

    asked by Jason
  48. psychology

    Summarize the multi-factorial model and how it relates to the diagnosis of illnesses. • Select two health problems discussed in the text. • Explain what role psychology has played in understanding and managing these two health problems.

    asked by lo
  49. physics

    1) What part of an object follows a smooth path when the object is made to spin through the air or across a flat smooth surface? 2) Describe the motion of the CG of a projectile, before and after it explodes in midair. 3) What is suggested by a star that

    asked by anonymous
  50. Physic

    How many kilometers would you have to go above the surface of the earth for your weight to decrease to half of what it was at the surface?

    asked by Andrea
  51. math

    what is the sqare root of =9?

    asked by lidia
  52. English

    1.)The well-kept man was naive to have not noticed the grubby-looking child had stolen his wallet. 2.)The well-kept man was so naive that he did not notice the grubby-looking child had stolen his wallet. Which of these sentences is written better? Is there

    asked by Susan
  53. physics

    1) What is the effect of adding a weight to the end of a baseball bat used for practice swings? 2) What does it mean to say that angular momentum is conserved? 3) If a skater who is spinning pulls her arms up so as to reduce her rotational inertia to two

    asked by anonymous
  54. xacc 280

    I just need an example • What increases the Asset account, a debit or a credit? • What decreases the Asset account, a debit or a credit? • What is the normal balance of the Asset account, a debit or a credit? Account Changes Account Categories What

    asked by stacy
  55. chemistry

    can anyone explain to me this i don't understand it. Radicals Certain groups of different atoms will join together and act as a single unit when forming compounds. Such a group of atoms is called a radical. In the compound calcium carbonate, written CaCO3,

    asked by me
  56. ENG 101

    I am wandering if my answers and rationale are correct. The capital X denotes my chosen answer and my rationale follows the statement choices. Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Read the following sentences, and focus on the grammar area specified in the

    asked by Paul
  57. Microsoft Word

    Help! I pushed the wrong key, I guess. I think I clicked on the cursor when it was at the "measure bar at the top of the page that displays "1...2...3..4.." I have a paragraph written. I want to indent the second line. The first word on the second line is

    asked by M.A.
  58. algebra

    solve by square root property (8x-3)squared=5

    asked by david
  59. chemistry

    what is the freezing point of pure acetic acid being stirred and not being stirred. also at what point does it become a solid then a liquid, and vice versa.

    asked by jillian
  60. physics

    1)How can the CG of an irregularly shaped object be determined? 2) What is the lever arm of a force? 3) In what direction should a force be applied to produce maximum torque?

    asked by anonymous
  61. Chemistry

    Last one I promise! Thankyou for bearing with me. This seems simple enough, but chemistry genuinely makes me feel retarded so I appreciate reassurance. How many molecules of CH4 are there in 48.2g of the compound? I'm assuming that I should just divide

    asked by Casey
  62. programming

    I am in a beginners class in computer programming and we have been designing our programs in pseudocode format and this is a homework question I have to solve this is how the question is written on my paper...can you please help, Thanks. Homework question:

    asked by Jason
  63. 7th grade

    How do you interview a character in a book?

    asked by Kira
  64. english

    List the characters in the story. Write one to two sentences on the defining characteristics of each one, providing at least one citation to illustrate your comments. Why do you think the story is called "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" rather than "An

    asked by krystal
  65. Algebra 2

    What would the expression x^-6/11 be simplified?

    asked by Ana
  66. Algebra 2

    How do I solve this radical equation? 3 + (2x√3) = 5

    asked by Ana
  67. math

    12 squared is between 4-5,5-6, 6-7, 7-8

    asked by Norma
  68. psychology

    studies on the development of sexual orientation highlight the importance of what

    asked by fred
  69. microeconomics

    utilize your knowledge of supply/demand analysis and show graphically the impact of a government minimum wage of $6 hour with a market wage for unskilled workers of $7 hour with 1 million workers employed at the market wage.

    asked by jessica
  70. hardware

    What is the maximum frequency output for a square wave from the HP 33120A Waveform Generator? I found the HP 33120A Waveform Generator on the Agilent website but I'm not sure how to figure out the problem.

    asked by Shawn
  71. economics

    Which economic system is used to handle a crisis of epic proportions, such as natural disaster?

    asked by Wendy
  72. statistical applicatons

    Why is it important to learn what sample size was used in a study in which no statistica difference was found?

    asked by Jerry
  73. SHSAT

    Louis attended some baseball games this past summer. The last four games he attended were at the shea stadium. All but five games he attended were at the Yankee Stadium. All but five games he attended were at the Yankee Stadium. At least three games he

    asked by pavleen
  74. Grammar

    1.I wrote on my journal while I listened to (softly, soft) music. 2.Classes at SEO go by so (slow, slowly) during the summer. 3.As she presented her work, her voice sounded (different, differently).

    asked by LaLy
  75. physics

    The value of g at the Earth's surface is about 9.8 m/s2. What is the value of g at a distance from the Earth's center that is 9.5 times the Earth's radius?

    asked by anonymous
  76. MATH

    Perform the indicated operation then determine the reciprocal: 4-(-3)2 ÷ (-7x4+3)

    asked by Norma
  77. math

    Find m„£a and m„£b. A) m„£a ƒ­ 120„a ; m„£b ƒ­ 60„a B) m„£a ƒ­ 60„a ; m„£b ƒ­ 120„a C) m„£a ƒ­ 110„a ; m„£b ƒ­ 70„a D) m„£a ƒ­ 80„a ; m„£b ƒ­ 100„a

    asked by Norma
  78. Grammar/Punctuations

    can you please tell me if this passage is correct? I am looking for 20 grammatical errors... what am I missing? Why are great numbers of students (student’s) choosing to pursue their college degrees using their home computers. (?) Benjamin Franklin said;

    asked by Lindsey
  79. Algebra 1

    In a 30-60-90 triangle, if they give me b=15, what would be a & c?

    asked by Ana
  80. chemistry

    with the numbers 3, 7, 10 & 12 how you you make up the number 800 using different functions?

    asked by samantha
  81. math

    identify the slope and y-intercept of equation 2x-y=5

    asked by rally
  82. Math (Algebra)

    How do you simplify the following fraction; 72 --- -68 I know the answer is -18 --- -17 What I do not know is how this is the answer.The example I looked at did not tell me how it came to the answer. What do I do to find the answer?

    asked by Lynn
  83. math

    Is 24 between A) 4 and 5? B) 5 and 6? C) 6 and 7? D) 7 and 8?

    asked by Norma
  84. calculus

    How do I draw the derivative of a function

    asked by lou
  85. math

    what is the slope of y= -1/3x+4

    asked by rally
  86. AED

    Explain why this statement is true: when simplifying rational expressions, we must cancel factors only, and not terms. Give an example using just numbers.

    asked by Lori
  87. IDEA Act

    Determine how IDEA 2004 affects diverse learners. I am having troube with this question. Can anyone help me?

    asked by Joe
  88. Physics

    Calculate the force required to pull a copper ball of radius 2.00 cm upward through a fluid at the constant speed 9.00 cm/s. Take the drag force to be proportional to the speed, with proportionality constant 0.950 kg/s. Ignore the buoyant force

    asked by Simi
  89. math

    what is the value of 9090/90 in decimal

    asked by pavleen
  90. health

    What would be a strength and a weakness for the center of disease control?

    asked by erica
  91. math

    what is 20 mpercents of 5

    asked by Anonymous
  92. programming

    I am in a beginners class in computer programming and we have been designing our programs in pseudocode format and this is a homework question I have to solve this is how the question is written on my paper...can you please help, Thanks. Homework question:

    asked by Jason
  93. algebra

    find m

    asked by Norma
  94. Calc 2

    Solve the following separable equation. y'=(4x^3-1)/y for y(1)= -3

    asked by Marianne
  95. Chemistry

    I cannot figure this out. It seems so simple, and I should know it. The density of tungsten is 19.3g/cm^3 Express this value in lb/ft^3. I did 19.3g/cm^3 x 2.54cm/inch x 12 inches/1 foot = 588.264. Now 19.3g x 1 ounce/28g x 16 ounces/lb. = 11.03. After

    asked by Casey
  96. English Literature

    Are there any other wars that have been fought over the love of a woman besides Helen of Troy, preferably fact. Thanks,

    asked by Michelle