Questions Asked on
July 9, 2010

  1. Physics

    On a winter day the temperature drops from -5 degree C to -15 degree C overnight. If a pan sitting outside contains 0.40kg of ice, how much heat is removed from the ice for the temperature change? (specific heat (ice) = .5kcal/kg) Is it 02.0kcal?

    asked by Mary
  2. economics

    Market research has revealed the following information about the market for chocolate bars. The demand schedule can be represented by the equation QD=1,600-300P, where QD is the quantity demanded and P is the price. The supply schedule can be represented

    asked by chris
  3. Physics

    The motion of a piston in an automobile engine is nearly simple harmonic. If the 1-kg piston travels back and forth over a total distance of 10.0 cm, what is its maximum speed when the engine is running at 3 000 rpm? The answer is 15.7 m/s but I don't

    asked by Katie
  4. physics

    1)A toy train is initially at rest on a track fastened to a bicycle wheel, which is free to rotate. How does the wheel respond when the train moves clockwise? When the train backs up? Does the angular momentum of the wheel-train system change during these

    asked by Confused
  5. Physics

    While running, a person dissipates about 0.6 J of mechanical energy per step per kilogram of body mass. If a 60-kg person runs with a power of 70 Watts during a race, how fast is the person running? Assume a running step is 1.5 m long.

    asked by Deanna
  6. Physics

    The major difference between transverse and longitudinal waves is the (a)direction of the wave motion (b)direction of the particle placement (c)direction of the particle displacement with respect to the direction of wave motion

    asked by Mary
  7. Physics

    A large calorie (Cal) is the amount of heat needed to change the temperature of one __________ of water by one degree Celsius. Is it gram or kilogram?

    asked by Mary
  8. Physics

    When a circular hole is drilled into an aluminum sheet, does the diameter of the hole become larger or smaller when the sheet is heated?

    asked by Mary
  9. physics

    find the total momentum of electrons in a straight wire of lenght 1000m carrying a current of 70A.

    asked by rana
  10. physics

    Suppose a charge of -2.30 µC is at the origin and a charge of 2.90 µC is at the point (0, 3.00) m. (a) Find the electric potential at (4.00, 0) m, assuming the electric potential is zero at infinity. (b) Find the work necessary to bring a 4.40 µC charge

    asked by alysse
  11. college

    while a patient is having surgery,his doctor notices a small mole.The doctor doesn't think the mole is anthing to worry about,but he decides to remove it to perform a biopsy.What is the doctor guilty of?

    asked by ELLA
  12. Physics

    Wave amplitude is related to what? (a) wave velocity (b) frequency (c) energy (d) wavelength

    asked by Mary
  13. American literature

    compare and contrast the characters Natty Bumppo in the prairie and john in the hospital sketches

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    Wave velocity is inversely proportional to what?

    asked by Mary
  15. Physics

    1) A small dense object is suspended from the rear view mirror in a car by a lightweight fiber. As the car is accelerating at 1.90 m/s 2, what angle does the string make with the vertical? 2) A patient is to be given a blood transfusion. The blood is to

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Trig


    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    What is the wavelength in meters of radio waves produced by a radio station with a frequency of 1400 kHz? Is it 214.3 m?

    asked by Mary
  18. economics

    Beach front resorts have an inelastic supply and automobiles have an elastic supply. Suppose that a rise in population doubles the demand for both products(that is the quantity demanded at each price is twice what it was) a, what happens to the equilibrium

    asked by chris
  19. Physics

    A hydrometer consists of a spherical bulb and a cylindrical stem with a cross-sectional area of 0.400 cm^2. The total volume of the bulb and stem is 13.2 cm^3. When immersed in water, the hydrometer floats with 8.00 cm of stem above the water surface. When

    asked by Deanna
  20. Trigonometry


    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    write the mixed number as an improper fraction 6 2/3

    asked by ruby hall
  22. Grade 11th Physics

    A bus starts from rest and accelerates uniformly for 20 seconds to a speed of 18 km/h. It then moves with a uniform velocity and it is finally brought to rest in 100 meteres with a constant retardation. If the total distance travelled is 0.5km. Find the

    asked by Akash
  23. bus 303

    why is it so important for employees to go through orientation

    asked by mehelle
  24. 6th grade

    You have 32 coins. Some are nickels and otheres are dimes. How many coins are dimes? How many are dimes?

    asked by Katelyn
  25. Maths

    Hi, need a bit of help on this one. A straight line passes through the points (4,3) and (10,0), I need to write down the equation of the line in the form y=mx+c, I have tried but I cant seem to get the second coordinates to satisfy the equation. Here is

    asked by Del
  26. Ethics

    In basketball is it ethical to keep scoring when the differential is 100 points? Why or why not?

    asked by Diva
  27. history

    the twenty fifth amendment describes the sequence of events that would install the vice president as acting president against the will of the president. outline that sequence of events

    asked by kelly
  28. Calc 2 college

    Modeling with differential equations. If a bacteria culture doubles every 10 minutes and the original culture has 300 cells determine the rate of growth.

    asked by Marianne
  29. music read

    esque vous pouvez maide

    asked by wedlidiao
  30. Calc 2

    Differential equations. There are gophers in a very large vacant lot. The original population is 30 Gophers. After 2 months there are 38. When will there be 45 gophers? round answer to nearest tenth of a month

    asked by Scott
  31. math-due tonight please help

    find the equation of the line 1.(-2,-8) and (-5,-6) 2.(-1,-1) and (2,2) 3. 6/7, (1,-8) 4.9, (9,1)

    asked by Michelle
  32. physics

    1. consider a satellite with a period of 8 hours. if the radius of the satellite's orbit is doubled, what is the period for this satellite's. 2.what is the minimum amount of heat ( in joules) needed to heat 5.0kg (5 liters) of liquid water from it frezing

    asked by taiwo

    Write the equation of the answer will be chosen 1. (3,-6) 7y+4y=5 2.(4,7) 7x+y=6 3.(-8,8) 5x=7y+6 4.(3,8) x+9y=2

    asked by Michelle
  34. math-PLEASE HELP

    find the equation of the line using y= 6/7, (1,-8) 9, (9,1)

    asked by Michelle
  35. riddles

    is any one good at riddles? here is the clue for the treasure. a pointy thing to the north and east. And a drink that will get you high beyond.An education will help you find it.But it's still no magic wand.

    asked by hunter
  36. Calc 2

    Solve the Separable equation y=((sqrt(1-y^2)) x^2

    asked by Scott
  37. Calc 2

    Solve the following separable equation y'=e^2x/4y^3

    asked by Scott
  38. Research

    Define the terms “valid” and “reliable” as they relate to statistics. Can a test be reliable and not valid or vise versa? Why or why not?

    asked by John
  39. chem 121

    arrange in order of increasing vapor pressure lowest to highest Nacl, ch4 ch3ch2oh c

    asked by ngugi
  40. Chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 222 g of sodium carbonate in enough water to make a solution volume of 3250 mL's?

    asked by Heather
  41. adult education

    what is environmental ethics and human values?

    asked by stumped
  42. Physics

    Wave amplitude is related to what?

    asked by Mary
  43. Physics

    How much heat is necessary to change 20g of ice at 0 degree C into water at 0 degree C? (Lf = 80kcal/kg) is it 1.60kcal?

    asked by Mary
  44. math

    Solve the following system of equations x + 4y=6 x= 4-4y A. The solution is an ordered pair ( , ) B. No Solution

    asked by christy
  45. Math

    8x - (6x + 8) =6 The solution is x =

    asked by christy
  46. Algebra

    F) Why is (3x + 5) (x - 2) + (2x - 3) (x - 2) not in factored form? What is the correct final factored form? What is this factoring method called?

    asked by Devon
  47. Math

    5/8x + 1/6x = 11/16 + x the solution is x= enter solution as integer or simplified fraction.

    asked by Lorri
  48. math elimination method

    elimination method really confuses me. solve by elimination method 5r -3s = 17 3r + 5s =17 A. solution is ______ (ordered pair, integer or fraction) B. Infinitely many C. No Solution

    asked by Lorri
  49. substitution method

    I am burned out on math or just confused. 3x + 7y=10 x= 2-2y A. Solution is an ordered pair B. No solution

    asked by Lorri
  50. Math last one !

    I have seen examples of this but the examples are not helping me solve it or set it up as a y=mx +b The equation y= -1777x + 27,153 can be used to predict the number of gun deaths in the U.S. x years after 2000, x=0 corresponds to 2000 x=3 corresponds to

    asked by Lorri
  51. English

    Which of the following is the bst example of a citation reference for a work by one author? a. Marks 1999 B. (Marks, Bill.1999) c. (Marks-1999) d. Marks 1999 e. none of the above I know that C and D are wrong I think A is wrong as it has no

    asked by Zack
  52. grammar

    Part III: Revision In this section of the final, revise the sentences provided to correct the grammar errors indicated. (In many cases there will be more than one correct alternative to the sentence provided; credit will be given for all correct answers.)

    asked by leigh
  53. trig

    Hi,how do I find both solutions of the equation cos0 = 0.35 between degrees 0 and 360? Many thanks

    asked by Nev
  54. English

    Which of the following choices is not necessary information for a works cited list? A. the publisher's name B. The number of pages in the book C. date of publication Is B correct? Juct checking, Thanks!

    asked by Zack
  55. math

    Solve for t: √(t-108) - √(t+186) = 66

    asked by Sara
  56. math

    Solve for t: √(t-108) - √(t+186) = 66

    asked by Sara
  57. math

    Solve for t: √(t-108) - √(t+186) = 66

    asked by Sara
  58. calculus

    Solve for t: √(t-108) - √(t+186) = 66

    asked by Sara
  59. calculus

    A box with a square base and no top is to be made from a square piece of carboard by cutting 7 in. squares from each corner and folding up the sides. The box is to hold 16128 in3. How big a piece of cardboard is needed? ?in by ?in

    asked by Sara
  60. math

    Show that x^2+y^2-6x+4y+2=0 and x^2+y^2+8x+2y-22=0 are orthogonal.

    asked by dan
  61. chemistry

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that adults ingest less than 2.4 g of sodium per day. How many liters of softened water, containing a sodium concentration of 0.050% sodium by mass, have to be consumed to exceed the FDA recommendation? (Assume

    asked by anthony
  62. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular picture is 240 inches. the length is twice the width. Find the length and the width

    asked by gordon
  63. trig

    jet stream which is flowing at a rate of 80 miles per hour. It travels with the jet stream for 5 hours and then reduces its altitude, flying out of the jet stream for 4 more hours. The plane, while out of the jet stream, covered 550 miles less than it did

    asked by Anonymous
  64. accounting

    Why is cost recognized as an expense at the time of a sale?

    asked by debbie
  65. Physics

    Wavw velocity is inversely proportional to what? (a) period (b) wavelength (c) amplitude (d) All of these

    asked by Mary
  66. calculus

    A box with a square base and no top is to be made from a square piece of carboard by cutting 3 in. squares from each corner and folding up the sides. The box is to hold 7500 in3. How big a piece of cardboard is needed? ?in by ?in

    asked by Sara