Questions Asked on
July 2, 2010

  1. Chemistry

    Consider the following chemical equation: 2NO2-->N2O4 If 25.0mL of NO2 gas is completely converted to N2O4 gas under the same conditions, what volume will the N2O4 occupy?

    asked by Victoria
  2. chemistry

    A silver ring contains 0.0134 mmol Ag. How many silver atoms does it contain?

    asked by jane
  3. Chemistry

    What is wrong with or ambiguous about the phrase "four molecules of NaCl" I really don't understand my textbook says in the back that it is an ionic compound so I guess that its not really a molecule then I don't understand...

    asked by Kate
  4. science

    List some of the technological, economic, political, emotional, and other factors involved with greenhouse gases.Whose responsibility is it to reduce our impacts or climate?

    asked by Tony
  5. math

    find the volume of a tent having the shape of a rectangular solid of length 13 ft, width 12 ft, and heihght 8 ft topped by a rectangular pyramid of the same width and length with height 5 ft

    asked by Jaime
  6. Physics Check

    1.)The making of the nuclear reactor was an advance in a)Science *b)Technology c)none of the above 2.)The development of the airplane was an advance in a)Science b)Technology *c)none of the above 3.)The discovery of gravity was an advance in *a)Science

    asked by Ariel
  7. physics

    an athlete completes one round of circular track of radius R in 40 second what will be his displacement at end of 2minutes 20 second

    asked by shiwali
  8. Geomerty

    Place the following set of numbers in ascending order -2/9,5/9,1/8,-1/9,3/7 Would the correct order be 1/8,2/9,1/8,3/7,5/9

    asked by Jerome
  9. chemistry, chemical kinetics

    I keep getting these questions wrong, could someone please help. Thanks so much. Question 1 For the following overall reaction, the rate constant is 3.4x10^-2. A(g)+ 2B -> 2C + D What may be the rate reaction? Question 2 The rate law for this reaction is

    asked by student
  10. English

    Describe the girl in each picture. How does she look? She looks happy in the first picture. What about the girl in Picture 2? I think she looks angry or upset. Then what about the girl in the last picture? She looks surprised. Good job! (Would you check

    asked by rfvv
  11. american government

    Congress’ inability to consistently provide leadership on broad national issues is due to a. the lack of talented leadership in Congress. b. the fragmented nature of Congress. c. constitutional restrictions on Congress’ lawmaking powers. d. the

    asked by vedrana
  12. american government

    The federal bureaucracy today is a. extremely wasteful and unresponsive to the public it serves. b. an ineffective institution in comparison with bureaucracies of democracies with unitary systems. c. more responsive to the public at large than to the

    asked by vedrana
  13. american government

    precedent,while not an absolute constraint on the courts ,is needed to a)maintain legal consistency over time,so the confusion and uncertainty about the law can be avoided b) preserve the courts as a majoritarian institution c)check the president in the

    asked by vedrana
  14. american government

    with regard to public opinion,the Supreme Court:A)attempts to stay close enough to public opinion so as to avoid a grave loss of public support B)attempts to follow it very closely in order to create public enthusiasm for its rulings IS A CORRECT? :))))))

    asked by vedrana
  15. Chemistry

    I am having a horrible time with Enthalpy change. I understand how to find specific heat I believe, but the heat capacity of the vessel is given as 10 J/K. My problem is that my professor did not show us how to work this type of problem, and I desperately

    asked by Casey
  16. chem 121

    what volumes of the folowing concentrated solutions are required to prepare solutions of the final concentrations indicated (a) 12MH2SO4 to prepare 2.0 L 0f 1.5 MH2SO4 (B)2.0 MKCIto prepare 200ML 0f 0.5MKCI

    asked by ngugi
  17. Chemistry

    Elements A and B form two new compounds. In compound I, 2 grams of A is combined with 4 grams of B. In compound II, 4 grams of A is combined with 12 grams of B. If the formula of compound I is A2B, what is the formula of compound II?

    asked by Argenta
  18. american government

    A bill has been approved in the House and Senate, albeit in slightly different versions. The bill now goes to the president for her/his veto or signature. a conference committee. the standing committees in the House and Senate where the bill originated.

    asked by vedrana
  19. math

    toby the cat is stuck in a tree. billys dad placed a ladder 5 feet from the base of the tree and then leaned the ladder against the tree. the top of the ladder is where toby is sitting. if the ladder makes a 65 degree angle with the ground, how far up the

    asked by Teri
  20. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, July 2, 2010 at 1:00am. 1. What does she look like? She looks sad. 2. What is she like? She looks happy. 3. How does she look? She looks surprised. 4. What does her appearance look like? She looks upset. (Are the questions and

    asked by rfvv
  21. science

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Said, "Responsible Biotechnology Is Not The Enemy; Starvation Is." What Did He Mean?

    asked by Tony
  22. physics

    Van de Graaff generator is charged to 50,000 volts, how much energy does it take to add an additional electron to the charge on the sphere?

    asked by jan
  23. English

    1. It is great fun to draw cartoons. 2. It is complicated to study math. 3. It is dangerous to ride a bike on the street. 4. it is useful to study math. 5. It is good to play the guitar. 6. It is amusing to play the guitar. 7. It is difficult to study

    asked by rfvv
  24. geometry

    A circle has a radius of 3 feet and a central angle DEF that measures 60°. What is the length of the intercepted arc DF? Use 3.14 for pi and round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by ashley!(:
  25. disease

    Which Endocrine Gland is Involved, or responsible for the conditions tetany and also throtoxicosis?

    asked by teri
  26. chemistry

    A silver ring contains 0.0134 mmol Ag. How many silver atoms does it contain?

    asked by jane
  27. English

    the tone of Breaking Through is a respectful b none of these choices are correct c bitter d amused e angry I think a,c,d,e are the right answer and i think the tone of this book is depend on which parts of it. Different parts have different tone.

    asked by Rainbow
  28. English

    1. Look at her facial expression. 2. Look at her appearance. 3. Look at her looks. 4. How does she look? - She looks satisfied? 5. How do you think she looks? - I think she looks unsatisfied. (Can we use all the expressions? Do we have to use a singular

    asked by rfvv
  29. English

    1. What does she look like? She looks sad. 2. What is she like? She looks happy. 3. How does she look? She looks surprised. 4. What does her appearance look like? She looks upset. (Are the questions and answers grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  30. us 101

    Have you ever used mnemonics (see p. 139 of your text) to remember something complicated? If so, describe the techniques you used. What ways might you use mnemonics to be a more effective college student and adult learner?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. English

    1. It was fun for Tom to play with snow. 2. It was fun of Tom to play with snow. 3. It was funny for Tom to play with snow. 4. It was funny of Tom to play with snow. (Which ones are grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  32. algebra

    wat is the answer to the following equation by using the substitution method? x=6y-4 x=-2+28

    asked by ki ki
  33. chemistry

    you have two beakers one filled to the 100 ml mark with sugar and the other filled to the 100 ml mark with water. you pour the sugar and all the water together in a bigger beaker and stir until all the sugar is compeletely dissovlved. what happens to the

    asked by kelly
  34. Statistics

    The population standard deviation is estimated to be $300. If a 98% confidence interval is used and an interval of +/-$75 is desired, how many cardholders should be sampled?

    asked by Angela
  35. chemistry

    the announced attendance at a football game was 52,806. is this an exact number?

    asked by kelly
  36. trig

    By what fraction of the period of f(x)=10 cos(7 x) has the graph of f(x) been shifted to obtain the graph of g(x)=10 cos(7x- pi/2). how do I approach this and solve for the fraction shift and the domain and range?

    asked by tamara
  37. math

    Car B is 48km ahead of Car A. If Car Bis not moving and Car A is moving at 48km/h, how long will it take Car A to reach Car B?

    asked by vanessa
  38. Physics

    My question is two parts How many calories of heat energy would it take to heat 200 mL of water from 20C to 80C? a) How long would it take to heat the water in the previous question using a heater with a power rating of 50W? Looking for equations to solve

    asked by college
  39. calculus

    y= 1/4 sin x

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math/Calculus

    I need to know how to graph this equation to form a straight line: x = 1/2at^2 I would graph x versus t^2 but is that correct? Thank you very much!

    asked by Warren
  41. science

    Air pollution often originates in one state or country but causes health and crop damage in other areas. For example, mercury from Midwestern power plants is harming plants, water, and health in eastern states. How should states, or countries, negotiate

    asked by Tony
  42. ethics 125

    I am supposed to write an autobiographical research paper that analyes the influences of race as it relates to my community. I am having problems with this since I have only lived here a year and I don't socialize with anyone here. Any tips?

    asked by stumped
  43. English

    1. It is strange for her to receive fan letters. 2. It is strange of her to receive fan letters. (Which one is correct, #1 or #2? Are both correct?) 3. She is strange to receive fan letters. (Is this sentence correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  44. accounting

    $8,000 in 5 years at a semiannual discount rate of 6%

    asked by MK
  45. English

    1. Say your thoughts about the following. 2. Say your ideas about the following. 3. Say something about the following pictures in your own words. 4. Speak your own ideas about the following. (Are they grammatical? Which ones are right?)

    asked by rfvv
  46. math

    what answer in 11/13 + 8/13 In perform the indicated operations

    asked by Michael


    asked by GLORIA
  48. Penn Foster

    Children should not be served drinks in containers made of?

    asked by Eleni
  49. math

    how may polygon arrangments does a semi-regular tessellation have? a) exactly three, b) exactly two or three, c) exactly four, d) exactly two of four

    asked by Jaime
  50. physics

    Toby the cat is stuck in a tree. Billys dad placed a ladder 5 ft from the base of the tree and then leaned the ladder against the tree. the top of the ladder is where toby is sitting. if the ladder makes a 65 degree angle with the ground, how far up the

    asked by Tiffany
  51. math

    what is the apothem of a regular hexagon with sides of 16 inches?

    asked by Teri
  52. math

    what is the total surface area in square meters of a cylinder with a radius of 12m and height of 14m

    asked by Teri
  53. english

    How does the author of the article "A NAtion Apart" organize information to build his argument does he include any counterarguments?

    asked by kick
  54. medical language

    what are the interrelations of blood clotting, immune response, allergic reaction and hormone release.

    asked by Michelle
  55. chemistry

    Can metals be fused without heat or pressure, and if it is possible would that be a form of cold fusion?

    asked by Bobby
  56. math

    3 divided by 7 as a fraction of delia is 48, use variable d to represent delia's age

    asked by kk
  57. chem 121

    what is the volume of a 0.750Mmgcl2 solution containing 45.0g of mgcl2

    asked by ngugi
  58. Math Help

    How can you turn this word problem into an equation: One number is twice another number. The larger number is also 32 more than the smaller number.

    asked by Norman
  59. English

    1. The boat rocked so much that I got sick. 2. The boat rocked so much that I got seasick. (Does #1 mean #2?)

    asked by rfvv
  60. English

    Can you please tell me if these sentences should be evaluated as grammatically wrong in a test? I'm looking forward to your prompt reply THank you 1) Was the hotel as they expected it to be? The hotel was different from they expected (Correction: No, it

    asked by Franco
  61. trig

    the leg opposite the 50 degree angle in a right triangle measures 8 meters. find the length of the hypotenuse

    asked by Tiffany
  62. algerbra 1

    i wrote an equation of a line that passesthrough the point (2,-3) and has a slope of -3 which equation represents my line?

    asked by jamyrrah
  63. american government

    From roughly 1900 to 1960, a strong showing in presidential primaries? a. enable a candidate to demonstrate popular support, but did not ensure nomination. b. did not improve a candidate's chances of gaining the nomination. c. guaranteed a candidate's

    asked by vedrana
  64. AP Biology

    I got a question that comes from the 1990 released test #61 that I'm completley lost on 61. In a population that is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the frequency of a recessive allele for a certain hereditary trait is 0.20. What percentage of the

    asked by Kate
  65. Government Check

    Which is not a suspect classification, according to the Supreme Court? Race Age Gender *National origin

    asked by Ariel
  66. PSY 240

    What is the difference between the idea of set points versus settling points in relation to weight control? I've read and re-read the text and can't find any info regarding the idea of settling points. I'm a little bit lost and would like some help with

    asked by Nikki
  67. math

    A block of cheese weighing 2.6 pounds (lb) sold for $15.55. Find the cost per pound to the nearest cent

    asked by DDee
  68. alg

    solve: 1 / x + 2 + 1 / x - 2= 1 / x^2 - 4 a)-2 b) 2 c)-1/2 d) 1/2

    asked by sean
  69. alg

    solve: 2 / x - 1 - 3/4 = 5 / x - 1 a) -3 b) 3 c) 2 d) -2

    asked by sean
  70. alg

    The 10th grade raffle sold 127 tickets. If they award 1st and 2nd prize, how many different pairs of winners are possible? a) 16,129 b) 254 c) 16,002 d) 8,001 the answer i picked was c

    asked by sean