Questions Asked on
June 26, 2010

  1. math 11th grade

    If a man runs for an hour and a half at 8 miles an hour due south; and then he continues south on a bus traveling at 55 miles an hour, for 24 minutes. How far did he travel?

    asked by Louise
  2. math

    John took all his money out of his savings account. He spent $50 on a radio and 3/5 of what remained on presents. Half of what was left he put back in his checking account, and the remaining $35 he donated to charity. How much money did John originally

    asked by jessie
  3. statistic

    Jim has a 5-year-old car in reasonably good condition. He wants to take out a $30,000 term (that is, accident benefit) car insurance policy until the car is 10 years old. Assume that the probability of a car having an accident in the year in which it is x

    asked by john
  4. chemistry

    An aqueous solution containing 12.0% MgCl2 by mass has a density of 1.105g/ml. What is the mol fraction of water in this solution?

    asked by jimbo
  5. chemistry

    85.0 grams of potassium bromide are to be used to produce a 0.300M solution. What will be the total volume of this solution?

    asked by jimbo
  6. Statistics

    Assume that about 45% of all U.S. adults try to pad their insurance claims. Suppose that you are the director of an insurance adjustment office. Your office has just received 110 insurance claims to be processed in the next few days. What is the

    asked by Jacob
  7. eng.

    Which of these statements is true? a) Sensory details distract readers; therefore, writers should avoid using them. b) Sensory details show readers that the writer is a sensitive person. c) Sensory words make writing come alive because we understand the

    asked by sha
  8. Math

    George saves 18% of his total gross weekly earnings from his 2 part-time jobs. He earns $6.25 per hour from one part-time job and $7.50 per hour from the other part-time job. George works a total of 40 hours between the two jobs each week. What additional

    asked by Louise
  9. english

    An essay that shows why a location has become polluted is an example of a. organization by degree b. chronological order c. main idea and supporting details d. comparison-and-contrast e. None of the above I think it is either c or e as I think

    asked by Mandy
  10. Math

    The next number in the series 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 is

    asked by Louise
  11. physics

    A rifle bullet is fired from the top of a cliff at an angle of 30o below the horizontal. The initial velocity of the bullet is 800 m/s. If the cliff is 80 m high, how far does it travel horizontally?

    asked by virginia
  12. Physics

    Calculate the radius of parachute that will slow a 70 Kg person to a terminal velocity of 8 m/s. The person tries to avoid leg injury after touch down by crouching down by 60 cm then calculate the total force at the point of contact?

    asked by ncphysics
  13. microeconomics

    Describe the adjustments in the production possibilities curves in each of the following situations for the United States economy. You should use a graph of a production possibilities curve in your explanation of each scenario. The two goods being produced

    asked by Jen
  14. 10th grade Math

    A radio station's signal has a radius of 100 miles. If you drive at a constant speed of 40 miles an hour, nonstop, directly across the diameter of the signal, how long can you listen to the station before the signal fades?

    asked by Lexi
  15. algebra

    what is the non- permissiable value for the rational expression y + 5 / x - 3? a) y = 0 b) y = 3 c) x = 0 d+ x = 3

    asked by sean
  16. Math

    Mary buys 8 widgets for $40.00. She adds $1.00 in enhancements to each widget and sells them for $9.00 each. What is Mary's estimated gross profit margin?

    asked by Louise
  17. Geometry

    A cylindrical contianer has a diameter of 10 in and a volume of 549.9. What is the height of the container?

    asked by Heather
  18. Algebra

    The problem gives the info. p=40 and x=52balloons. p=20 and x=62 balloons. I have to write and equation of the line for the demand using p=mx+b. I know I have to find the slope in order to do this.But have no idea how to do that with this info. Any

    asked by Terry
  19. healthcare

    Is quality related to culture? Why or why not?

    asked by annette
  20. com/220

    help with compelling and counter argument on school violence

    asked by amber jo
  21. algebra

    Solve equation L=2.43*.034^.3326

    asked by Nina
  22. child development AED 202

    develop a presentation for early childhood and middle childhood groups that addresses health issues appropriate for each developmental level

    asked by Devin
  23. Cost Accounting

    For 2008, Southwest Industrial has a monthly overhead cost formula of $42,900 + $6 per direct labor hour. The firm's 2008 expected annual capacity is 156,000 direct labor hours, to be incurred evenly each month. Making one unit of the company's product

    asked by Michelle
  24. accounting

    How formulate your transcations on a general journal then post it to a general ledger

    asked by Julia
  25. English

    I'm writing an essay and I'm wondering which sentence is better to be used in an essay. My teacher said that the sentence, "Sitting on his bed, Lamar sadly thought about his grandfather's death." is better than the sentence, "Lamar, saddened by his noble

    asked by Jon.
  26. math

    Hi I need help on how to do this exponent problem thanks. solve for x: 4^2013 - 4^2012 - 4^2011 + 4^2010 = 45(2^x)

    asked by Jen
  27. physics

    hi I need on the formula for average speed or rate thanks

    asked by Jen
  28. Alegebra

    The mortgage department of the company is selling two model homes that are located on the same block. The square footage, as well as the type of model, determines the cost of these homes. e) The second home has 200 square feet more than the square footage

    asked by Darla
  29. intermediate latin

    Hey i need some assistance with translating this sentence thanks. Urbs Troja dicitur decem annos a Graecis oppugnata esse. thanks again

    asked by Luke
  30. English

    Which of the following best combine the two sentences. "He sat down silently. He was desperate." a. Silently and desperately, he sat down. b. Silently, desperately, he sat down c. Silently, he sat down, desperately. Is choice a correct? Thanks.

    asked by Jon.
  31. 10th grade

    The difference between two numbers is 25. The smaller number is 1/6th of the larger number. What is the value of the smaller number?

    asked by Lexi
  32. algebra

    What is the value of the expression 2x^2y / 4xy when x = 2 and y = 1? a) 1 b) 2 c) 4 d) 3 b

    asked by sean
  33. math

    Bob is framing a rectangular picture 9 in long and 6 in wide. If the framing material costs $1.50 per inch, what will be the total cost of the frame?

    asked by bridget
  34. math

    A theater group made appearances in two cities. The hotel charges before tax in the second city were lower than in the first. The tax on the hotel bill was in the first city and in the second. After the trip, the total tax paid on accommodation expenses

    asked by Grace
  35. Calc II

    Integrate 3/(Sqrt x^2-16) dx

    asked by Scott
  36. Calc II

    x^3/(sqrt x^2+25) dx

    asked by Scott
  37. Obesity

    I am trying to find a research article that examines the prevalence of obesity amoungst elementary school children. However, I have to find a research article that is not useful and provides limited research analysis. All the articles I have encountered

    asked by Maria
  38. math

    16min 28s/4

    asked by bridget
  39. English

    Which of the following is the proper form to tell someone a writer's feeling a. diagram b. autobiographical essay c. poem is choice c correct? Thanks in advance.

    asked by Mandy
  40. medical terminology

    what are five memory aids for the musculoskeletal system

    asked by Paula
  41. Research study (THX MS SUE)

    "...for every piece of candy American children eat, their British cohorts eat two.." Where could I get a copy of the above research? THX

    asked by Maria
  42. chemistry

    what mass in grams of a molecular substance (mole weight=50.0g/mol) must be added to 500g of water to produce a solution that boils at 101.56(degrees)C?

    asked by jimbo
  43. english

    Completing a chart in which foods are divided into their food groups is an example of writing to classify. True or False? True, right? Thanks a lot! :)

    asked by Calvin
  44. math

    what is 43% of 40,000,000,000

    asked by mandy
  45. algebra

    What is the value of the expression 5x^2y / 5x - y when x = 4 and y = 2? a) 80 / 9 b)60 / 3 c) 16 / 5 d)8 / 1

    asked by sean
  46. Math

    A farmer is planting a straight row of crops with 3 feet between each plant. If 23 are planted, what is the distance between the first and last plant?

    asked by Louise
  47. math

    what is the weight of a cuboid block of ice of an edge 60 cm in length if one cubic meter of ice weighs 900 kg?

    asked by revathi
  48. chemistry

    The boiling points of the hydrogen halides are listed below. HF 19°C HCl –85°C HBr –67°C HI –35°C Which of the following accounts for the relatively high boiling point of HF? 1. HF has the strongest H—X bond. 2. HF molecules form hydrogen

    asked by Mody
  49. english

    what are the metaphors used in old ironsides poem

    asked by katie
  50. 10th grade

    can anyone write an article on topic-education for all?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. geography

    mahatma gandhi views on resource cinservation

    asked by Anonymous
  52. accounting

    For the year ending December 31, 2010, Johnson Manufacturing Company had depreciation totaling $38,000 on its office equipment. Give the journal entry to record the adjusting entry.

    asked by Sheryl
  53. chemistry

    If in Al + MnO2 is more reactive or Al +Mn3O4 is more reactive?

    asked by veera
  54. math

    what is the meaningof hindu arabics system and roman numaration system

    asked by jenine
  55. physics

    A constant horizontal force of 20n pulls a wooden block with a mass of 4kg over a distance of 0,8m on a horizontal frictionless surface.calculate the work done by the force.

    asked by heron
  56. algebra

    Find the distance between (-2,9) and (-5,15) a)24.18 b)6.71 c)45.02 d)18.67 just need to know if my answer is right or wrong b

    asked by anthony
  57. history

    please could someone help i have got a crossword about the Treaty of Versailles 1919 and im stuck on this clue ive been trying to find the answer its driving me mad! ive looked on different sites but can`t find the answer its probably staring at me. the

    asked by Sunny
  58. algebra

    ``solve: sqrt (r - 1) + 5 = 2 a) (10) b) (8) c) (50) d) none or 0''. a

    asked by anthony
  59. geography

    how does the north korea affect in their geography ?? plss. I need the answer ..

    asked by elaine faith
  60. History Check

    1.)In most States, the right to vote was originally denied to all but which one of the following groups? a)Women who owned land b)White men who owned property =c)Children of rich parents 2.)Which of the following statements would the Framers of the

    asked by Unknown
  61. History

    ok one morefor this question this was the answer 3.)Which of the following statesmen was the strongest supporter of "liberty" as a political value? =a)Patrick Henry but I have a similiar question but not exactly the same and I put the asnwer as being

    asked by Unknown
  62. english

    I am trying to find a poem (ideally by uk poet) that starts with a word beginning with the letter c. I have found many poems but none that start with a word like can, call, etc. Does anyone know a poem or can direct me to a website. many thanks in advance.

    asked by linny
  63. statistics

    You draw two card from a standard deck of 52 cards and replace the first one before drawing the second. Find the probablity of drawing a 4 for the frist card and a 9 for the second card

    asked by Clay
  64. english

    How , what, and when would you correct mistakes/errors made during the following stages ENGAGE STAGE, STUDY STAGE, ACTIVATE STAGE

    asked by Rose
  65. History

    1.)Under the Articles of Confederation, _____. a)coordination among the States was difficult *b)Congress held both legislative and executive authority c)the national government could not force the States to obey its laws d)All of these answers are correct.

    asked by matt
  66. financial institutes

    What entities in the Federal Reserve System control the discount rate?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. mat 101

    Equation for a line that passes through (6,26) and has a slope of 3 Equation for a line that passes through the points (5,5) and (10,20) Equation for a line that passes through (9,25) and has a slope of -3. Equation for a line that passes through (1,) and

    asked by keith
  68. com/220

    here is my thesis statment. would like an opinion. Each day millions of children across the United States go to school to learn, only to instead find violence.

    asked by amber jo
  69. English

    Using your own imagination.write a story in about 200 words which carry a moral lesson?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Communication and Gender Studies

    What are some good specific gender communication research questions? Any ideas for topics I can write about?

    asked by Audrey
  71. Statistics

    General Linear Model How does the general linear model assign optimal ‘weights” that predict variables that allow us to maximize prediction accuracy? How are discriminant functions the optimal weighted linear composites for predicting membership

    asked by Donald
  72. communications 220

    here is my thesis statment. would like an opinion. Each day millions of children across the United States go to school to learn, only to instead find violence.

    asked by amber jo
  73. alg

    simplify: sqrt (6/11) a) sqrt (66/11) b) 6 c) 6 sqrt (11/11) d)6 sqrt (11)

    asked by anthony
  74. com/220

    Thesis statement Each day our children go to school to learn, only instead find violence.

    asked by amber jo
  75. Business

    Write a 200- to 300- word response to the following question. Do you think that businesses effectively use these resources to communicate? Why or why not?

    asked by Janet
  76. quality management

    what type of similar proceedures from Southwest airlines and Lufthansa would be effected their competition in the global and local market? I am starting a paer "the effects of quality management on domestic and global competition. When I look up the

    asked by lisa
  77. economics

    We can conclude that there has been inflation since the base year if the GDP price index in the current year is A) positive B) equal to zero C) less than 100 D) greater than 100 E) negative

    asked by BC
  78. Physics

    An athlete running on curved track with 15 m radius and with speed of 6.7 m/s. If the athlete doesn't tilt to avoid falling down then calculate the torque on the athlete. Assume that the height of the athlete is 1.7 m and center of mass is at 57.1% of

    asked by ncphysics
  79. economics

    An increase in the value of the U.S. dollar relative to foreign currencies would lead to A) an increase in U.S. exports and a decrease in U.S. imports B) a decrease in U.S. exports and an increase in U.S. imports C) an increase in both U.S. imports and

    asked by BC
  80. math

    Evaluate 80mi/h x 3 h Be sure to use the proper units

    asked by smith
  81. basic mathematics

    Find 1/3 of 21/9

    asked by kimen
  82. com /220

    How does this sound now? Each day too many of our children go to school to learn, only to witness some form of school violence -- school violence in the form of bullying, disrespect toward authority figures, trash talking, and the secret carrying and

    asked by amber jo