Questions Asked on
June 23, 2010

  1. american government

    Through the grants of power in Constitution,the Framers sought to: a)define the powers of state government b)create a government in which sovereignty was invested in the national government only c)enumerate the rights of individuals d)both empower

    asked by vedrana
  2. Precalculus

    Suppose that termial point by t is the point (3/4, (square root 7)/4) on the unit circle. Find the terminal point determined by each of the following. a) pi - t b) -t c) pi + t d) 2pi + t

    asked by Miguel
  3. american government

    The Framers' most significant modification of the traditional doctrine of the separation powers? A)include a two-chamber legislature. B)define legislative power precisely, while defining executive and judicial power only in general terms. C)ensure that the

    asked by vedrana
  4. chemistry

    How much heat in kilojoules is evolved in converting 1.00 mol of steam at 145 Celsius to ice at -50 Celsius?

    asked by nano
  5. physics

    A 1000 kg sports car accelerates from 0 to 30 m/s in 10 s. What is the average power of the engine?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chemistry

    Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing viscosity: Propanol, CH3CH2CH2OH; Propanediol, CH3CH(OH)CH2OH; Propanetriol , HOCH@CH(OH)CH2OH

    asked by Jim
  7. Precalculus

    Find the reference number for each value of t. t = 4 t = -8 I'm having trouble on the ones without pi. Thanks in advance!

    asked by Miguel
  8. finitemath

    a store sells cashews for $5.00 per pound and peanuts for $1.50 per pound. the manager decides to mix 30 pounds of peanuts with some cashews and sell the mixture for $3.00 per pound. how many pounds of cashews should be mixed with the peanuts so that the

    asked by sha
  9. chemistry

    a mixture of gases at a total pressure of 95kPa contains carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. The partial pressure of the carbon dioxide is 48kPa and the partial pressure of the nitrogen is 24kPa. What is the partial pressure of the oxygen?

    asked by jake
  10. health

    A 67 year old man is diagnosed with cancer subsequently undergoes chemotherapy. As an excpected side affect of chemotherapy, his bone marrow stops functioning. What ia a potential consequence of this loss of function? A. his calcium levels will decrease.

    asked by Jackie
  11. English 1

    Which of the following statements, all spoken by Frank, BEST describes Frank's character? This is from the play, "Thunder on Sycamore street." Choose what you believe is the strongest response to this question. Write the letter of the answer you choose and

    asked by Lauren
  12. Algebra

    What would the currency be from Afghanistan currency if sunglass cost $169.40 U.S. dollar amount, so my question would be how do I solve the equation if S=C(1+r/100)^5 to find the inflated cost S, in 5 years, where C is the current price of that country's

    asked by Mayl
  13. Government

    Select the answer that is closest in meaning to the given word or phrase. Popular sovereignty: a.)Taxation without representation b.)Social contract c.)Democracy =d.)Limited government

    asked by Ariel
  14. social studies

    what was the importance of cash crops?

    asked by pavleen
  15. English check

    Combine the following sentenes to a complete sentence. 1. Jean splled tomato juice on her essay. She had to print it out again. Is this right? Jean’s essay was counterproductive when she spilled the tomato juice.

    asked by Debra
  16. nutrition

    When we hear the word “fat,” many may associate it with weight gain or junk foods. However, lipids and fats are an essential part of the diet. Fats and lipids come in several different forms (i.e. monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated, trans

    asked by mackenzie
  17. Economics

    What are the weeknesses of chamberling doupoly model?

    asked by Dennis
  18. Economics

    What are the limitations of cournot duopoly model?

    asked by Damasus
  19. chemistry

    What is needed to calculate the mass of ammonia gas produced from 2.0 L of nitrogen gas in excess hydrogen gas in the reaction below? N2(g) + 3H2(g) ® 2NH3(g)?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    - radical 2 belongs to which groups irration , real,rational

    asked by mel
  21. pre algebra

    two number cubes are rollede. what are the odds of getting s sum less than 7? is the answer 15 correct ?

    asked by lavena
  22. Fundamentals

    How do I find the worth with a exchange chart?

    asked by Leissa
  23. Linear

    The equation y= 12x + 5 shows the total cost for ordering tickets on the phone for a certain outdoor concert. Tickets are $12 each, and there is a one-time service fee of $5. Can the slope of this line be thought of as a rate? Can someone "Explain" this

    asked by Felicia J
  24. Coordinates

    What happens to the value obtained for the slope if the coordinates of the two ordered pairs aren’t subtracted in the same order? Give an example as part of your explanation. Im not sure what this is asking?

    asked by Lisa D
  25. pre algebra

    danielle has 3 dimes, 2 quarters, and 5 nickles in her pocket. what is the probability that she chooses a dime followed by a quarter? is 3/5 the correct answer?

    asked by lavena
  26. algebra

    ``find the distance between (-2,9) and (-5,15) a)45.02 b) 6.17 c)24.18 d) 18.67''. d

    asked by kiddo
  27. math

    Name the property illustrated here: 2 x (8+4)= 2 x 8 + 2 x 4

    asked by tee
  28. statistics

    A population of N=8 scores has a mean of M =20. If one score is changed from X=14to X=30 , what would be the value for the new mean.

    asked by Gregory
  29. Accounting information system

    1.The number of symbols in data fow diagrams. 2. Type of phrase associated with a process 3. Descriptor for entities outside the system.

    asked by Fion
  30. algebra

    simplify the following radical expression: 4 sqrt (625) a) 5 b) sqrt (25) c) 25 d no solution exists''. a

    asked by kiddo
  31. Equation

    Write an equation that satisfies the conditions stated in Exercises Parallel to the line y=-4x + 1

    asked by Lisa D
  32. Chemistry

    What happens to a 4L volume of gas as you change the pressure from 6 atm to 760 torr? What law was used, and show work

    asked by Kris
  33. graphing quadratic equations

    Suppose you are an event coordinator for a large performance theater. One of the hottest new Broadway musicals has started to tour and your city is the first stop on the tour. You need to supply information about projected ticket sales to the box office

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Algebra

    In still trying to figure out the equation for S=C(1+r/100)^5 to help me to find the inflated cost S, in 5 years, for sunglasses they cost 3.72103 in Afghanistan currency which will go into the C spot of the equation. which these glasses will cost $169.40

    asked by Mayl
  35. fintemath

    dimension of a floor; the perimeter of a rectangular floor is 90ft. find the dimensions of the floor if the length is twice the width

    asked by sha
  36. social studies

    which group's lifestyle was the purpose of navigation act

    asked by pavleen
  37. math

    In one year, the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased from 3,945 to 4,386. What percent increase does this represent to the nearest tenth of a percent?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math

    A rectangular window is 5 ft by 8 ft. Becky wants to replace the glass in the window. How many square feet of glass should she buy?

    asked by smith
  39. Pharmacy

    1.This section of a monograph would tell you if the drug were soluble in water. a.description supplied c.clinical pharmacology d. dosage and administration 2. Information on how to treat a patient who has taken a toxic dose of a medication would be

    asked by Kelly
  40. Thermal physics

    when breathing slowly a person inhales air at room temperature and exhales it at body temperature. We may assume that the lungs maintain ordinary atmospheric pressure as they expand. If a resting person inhales 0.6L of air at 24 degrees what volume does

    asked by Kelly
  41. Chemistry

    ANYTHING WILL HELP. THANK YOUU!! A student titrates 50mL apple juice and reports the following in the titration to the phenolphthalein end point with .1011M NaOH final buret reading:17.86mL initial buret reading:1.47 A)What is the concentration of the

    asked by Amanda Walteshi
  42. mechanics

    An empty railway wagon of mass 4500kg travelling at 15m/s collides with a stationary loaded wagon of mass 2400kg. The empty wagon bounces backwards at 4m/s. a) Find the velocity of the loaded wagon after the collision (answer was 3.49m/s) b) Find the

    asked by kelly
  43. Chemistry

    ANYTHING WILL HELP. THANK YOUU!! A student titrates 50mL apple juice and reports the following in the titration to the phenolphthalein end point with .1011M NaOH final buret reading:17.86mL initial buret reading:1.47 A)What is the concentration of the

    asked by Amanda Walteshi
  44. eth 125

    In sociological terms, a majority is the same as a

    asked by tony
  45. Math (Algebra)

    I sent my professor asked the pros and cons of each method, I answered with this; When graphing; pros are that graphing gives you a picture of what the solution is. Cons would be is that graphing is not always accurate and it is difficult to see the

    asked by Lynn
  46. math

    how do you find the break-even point for like this example C=$0.20x+$50 R=$0.30x ??

    asked by shasha
  47. hsm230

    Are human service organizations expected to act in a more ethical manner than their for-profit counterparts

    asked by ethel
  48. math

    supply and demand: for a certain commodity the supply equation is given by S=2p+5 at a price o $1, there is a demand for 19 units of the commodity. If the demand equation is linear and the market price is $3, find the demand equation

    asked by anonymous
  49. PSY

    Irene has experienced physical problems because her life has been disrupted by environment changes and constraints. She complains of headaches, sleep problems, and poor relationships. Her condition can best be explained by which viewpoint?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    for $1.79 per copy, the chicago tribune will deliver the sunday newspaper to your front door. the cost to the tribune for sunday home delivery is approximately $1.13 per newspaper with fixed costs of $1,252,000 determine the profit P of delivering x

    asked by anonymous
  51. math

    in fiscal year 2005, the federal government had revenues of $2.153 trillion and outlays of $2.472 trillion. for fiscal year 2006, revenues were $2.407 trillion and outlays were $.654 trillion a) find an equation that relates the revenue R and the fiscal

    asked by anonymous
  52. engineering

    what is the device used called for eye laser surgery and do you know which company use it

    asked by eng
  53. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 4:16am. How do you read the numbers? 13 14 42 (Answer) thirteen, fourteen, forty-two (Are the expressions above right? Can we ask "Write the numbers in English?" Is this question better?) English - Writeacher,

    asked by rfvv
  54. Graphing

    Without graphing, identify the slope and the y-intercept for the line associated with each equation or table of values 5x + 20y = 60

    asked by Lisa D
  55. English

    1. Change the numbers into the Arabic numerals. 2. Change the numerals into the Arabic numerals. 3. Write the Arabic numbers in English. (Are they all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  56. physics

    An elevator weighting 2500 N ascends at a constant speed of 8 m/s. How much power must the motor supply to do this?

    asked by college
  57. math

    Suppose an employee of a company is retiring and has the choice of two benefit options under the company pension plan. Option A consists of a guaranteed payment of $1,575 at the end of each month for 10 years. Alternatively, under option B the employee

    asked by Gibbons
  58. literature

    Did anyone of you read "Farewell to Manzanar?" Can someone please help me with the questions about this book? Thanks in Advance. 1. Which of the following is not a reason for an option for leaving Manzanar in the first few years? a. getting a job back home

    asked by GIT
  59. economics

    By 2008 the US trade deficit was still very large (roughly 5% of gross income) and our net debt position was around $5 trillion (over 1/3 of gross income). Unfortunately, it also appears that we have fallen into a major recession of uncertain duration and

    asked by jeff
  60. English

    How do you read the numbers? 13 14 42 (Answer) thirteen, fourteen, forty-two (Are the expressions above right? Can we ask "Write the numbers in English?" Is this question better?)

    asked by rfvv
  61. Business Law

    Jeff was in a department store standing near a clothing rack. Store security felt that he was acting suspiciously because he was standing close to the rack and looking around. Soon after, store security notices that he quickly attempts to leave the store.

    asked by Mahesh Chandra
  62. MATHS


    asked by PRIYA
  63. business

    As a newly hired Staff I, you are responsible for analyzing the work papers for one of the clients of your organization. Your client is not clear about why you are asking for information on the following topics: o Adjusting lower of cost or market

    asked by LILIANA
  64. Health education

    What is Hepatitis B

    asked by Kaha Mark

    Is charismatic leadership a viable leadership style or just a “catchy” phrase? Do you agree or disagree with organizational “flattening?”

    asked by Lakesha
  66. chemistry

    if one can find the ratio of the number of moles of the elements in a compound to one another, one can find the formula of the compound. in certain compound of copper and oxygen, Cux Oy, we find that a sample weighing 0.5424g contains 0.4831g Cu. a. How

    asked by Ana
  67. history

    Compare England in the 17th century with other absolutist regimes on the continent of Europe. How did the English situation differ from that of absolutist states? What was the major reason for England’s exceptional situation?

    asked by alice
  68. earth

    Plate Tectonic Theory: What evidence that supports this theory?

    asked by Nikki
  69. earth

    Plate Tectonic Theory: What evidence that supports this theory?

    asked by Nikki
  70. american government

    10. The principle of self-government emphasizes majority rule whereas the principle of liberty emphasizes individual rights. These principles a. are universal and are the foundation of all legitimate governments. b. have no real meaning in practice. c.

    asked by vedrana
  71. chemistry

    A particular coal contains 2.55% sulfur by mass. When the coal is burned, it produces SO2 emissions which combine with rainwater to produce sulfuric acid. Determine how much sulfuric acid (in metric tons) is produced by the combustion of 1.1 metric ton of

    asked by Cynthia
  72. american government

    American's founding have roots in: a)beliefs about the proper use of war b)commercial practices c)system of absolute rule d)religious beliefs IS D CORRECT ANSWER ?THANK YOU:)))

    asked by vedrana
  73. chemistry

    Have 0.02M of KIO3, what is the molaity of IO3?

    asked by karen
  74. History

    were can i find info on Washington DC's First Mayor Marion Barry? Other than Wikipedia... Help Please!

    asked by Brittany
  75. chemistry

    How much heat in kilojoules is evolved in converting 1.00 mol of steam at 145 Celsius to ice at -50 Celsius? Please, all particular steps and conversions between mole and grams of steam, H2O and ice. Thanks!

    asked by nano
  76. 8th grade

    Right triangle ABC is similar to triangle XYZ because angle B is congruent to angle Y. If angle C equals 27°,what is the measure of angle Z?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. health

    A 72 year old man is diagnosed with a 7 cm primary tumor in his colon, which has spread to his liver. Which of the following features indicate that the tumor is malignant? A. The patients advanced age B.The location of the primary tumor C.THe spreading of

    asked by Jackie
  78. chemistry

    The heat fusion for napthalene (C10H8) is 18.98 kj/mol and for sodium is 2.60 kj/mol. The amount of heat that would melt 37.0 grams of napthalene would melt how many grams of sodium?

    asked by Jim
  79. college

    Your training coordinator has requested that you speak about the flow of information into and out of your local police department case management system. You are preparing to give an oral presentation to your coworkers at the upcoming weekly training

    asked by Babz
  80. HCS 320

    Can any one help me on this? I have no clue what to do. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks give an example of intraorganizational communication challenge and what strategies you would use to overcome this challenge

    asked by bobbi....HELP PLEASE
  81. additional info

    is there any other site like this that answers questions for free? Any that don't involve downloading software. like Jiskha. I mean this is a really good site but i want to know if this is the only free site.

    asked by Yammie
  82. math

    Factor the following. You will earn 5 points for each polynomial that is factored correctly. Please label your individual answers with a - f. a.) 4x2 - 25 b.) 3x2 + 6y c.) x2 - 7x + 10 d.) 2x2 - 9x - 18 e.) 2ax + 6bx + ay + 3by f.) 6x2 + 12x - 48

    asked by megan
  83. marketing

    Your company’s sales are 50,000 units. The unit variable cost is $12. Your markup percent on sales is 40% and your fixed costs are $100,000. 1. What is your profit / loss? $100,000 You are thinking of increasing your advertising by $200,000. Based on

    asked by Trecha
  84. engineering

    what is the device called for eye laser surgery and do you know which company use it

    asked by eng
  85. math geometry

    how do you find the formula for the nth triangular number

    asked by Taylor
  86. geometry

    A spherical water tank has a diameter of 10 feet. How much water does it hold when half full (use 3.14 for , and round to the nearest hundredth)?

    asked by Superman
  87. physics

    how fast does the level of water in a full 2m high, 10cm diameter tank reduces when a 4cm diameter hole is opened at the bottom?

    asked by josh
  88. chemistry

    A 0.90g sample of liquid water was introduced into an evacuated 2.00 L flask, which was then sealed and heated to 37 (degree)C. What percentage, by mass, of the water remained as liquid? [Vapor pressure of water at 37 (degree)C=48.2 torr]

    asked by Jim
  89. English

    Tomorrow for my english exam we are expected to write an in class comparative essay on LOTF vs. AF. We have to compare the similarities between the two. The similar aspect I have chosen to write about is fear, and how it is used for control. For my first

    asked by Taylor
  90. chemistry

    The equilibrium constant for the following reaction is 5.0 at 100c. If an equilibrium mixture contains [No2]=0.50 M, what is the [N2O4]? 2No2(g) N2O4 (g) I do not understand if the Kc is 100c or where that plays in!

    asked by samantha
  91. chemistry

    what is the molar mass of the copper oxide?

    asked by Ana
  92. chemistry

    a volatile liquid was allowed to evaporate in a 43.298g flask that has a total volume of 252 mL.,the temperature of the water bath was 100 celcius at the atmospheric pressure of 776 torr.the mass of the flask and condensed vapor was 44.173g.calculate the

    asked by Ana
  93. chemistry

    suppose you had 5 gallons of sodium hydroxide solution with a concentration of two pounds of sodium hydroxide per gallon.what is the total amount of sodium hydrolyte?

    asked by Ana
  94. chemistry

    if you were to splash a basic solution into your eyes, what should be your immediate response?

    asked by Ana
  95. algerbra

    i cant solve this can someone help me. 19.6 + X^2/2 ={(.007852*X /.001285)^2}/2 i know the answer is 1.01 but how do i get that

    asked by josh
  96. chemistry

    if one had one gallon of sodium hydroxide solution which had a concentration of four gallons of the acid?

    asked by Ana
  97. chemistry

    what would be the effect of placing the standard sodium hydroxide in a baker which contained some residual water in the beaker?

    asked by Ana
  98. chemistry

    what is the perpose of the phenolphthalein solution?

    asked by Ana
  99. chemistry

    How do you know when you have added too much standard base(exceeded the endpoint)?

    asked by Ana
  100. chemistry

    Why is it unnecessary to measure precisely 25.00 ml of unknown acid into the beaker?

    asked by Ana
  101. chemistry

    If all the students placed their "unused" standard sodium hydroxide back into the original container what would be the likely effect on the next class?

    asked by Ana
  102. chemistry

    how much 0.150 M sodium hydroxide would be required to just neutralize 15 ml of 0.175 M hydrochloric acid?

    asked by Ana
  103. college

    YOu come to work on a Monday morning and find that the office computer is not workingt. The system manager tells everyone that the computers hard disk crashed and that all data that were not backed up are lost. What do you do?

    asked by Sammy
  104. Algebra

    Prada Sport 02LS Gloss Black 02LS 1AB1A1 £132.30 My equation is as follow: S=C(1+r/100)^5. This is to determine the inflated cost S, in five years, of an item, good and service, where C is the current price of that item in that country currency and where

    asked by Mayl
  105. algebra

    simplify: sqrt (7) / (9) a) sqrt 7 b) sqrt (63) / 3 c) sqrt (63) / 3 d) sqrt (7) / (3)

    asked by ant
  106. algebra

    simplify; sqrt (6) / 11 a) 6 sqrt (11) /11 b) 6 c) 6 sqrt (11) d) sqrt (66) / 11

    asked by ant
  107. algebra

    Find the distance between (2/3,4) and (5/3,7) a) 3.46 b) 3.16 c) 4.24 d) 10.06

    asked by ant
  108. High School English

    I have to write an essay comparing how fear is used in Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. It is going to be in class tomorrow on my final exam. So far I have my three paragraphs: Fear of outside sources/unknown, fear of self, and fear of others. I have

    asked by Taylor C
  109. pre algebra

    two number cubes are rollede. what are the odds of getting s sum less than 7?

    asked by lavena
  110. Government Check

    1.)Why was it important to the Founding Fathers to justify their actions by evoking traditional English rights? a.)Because they were extreme reactionaries who disagreed with the ideals of the Enlightenment =b.)Because, as members of the social elite, they

    asked by Ariel
  111. algebra

    Solve: sqrt (3)b + sqrt (2) = sqrt (7)b - 10 a) none b) (3) c) (-3) d) (-4) i need to know if my answer is correct or not and the answer i picked is a thanks

    asked by kiddo
  112. Algebra

    How can I put in another way using the formula for the equation on L=2.43*W^0.3326. My first answer were given to me using the log system is there another way I can set this up without using log. My instructor mention that w to the power of .3326 then

    asked by Mayl
  113. MAT115

    The following information shows a relationship between the amount spent per week on advertising by a small fast-food shop and the total sales per week. Use it to answer question 5. Amount spent 10 20 30 40 Sales 200 380 625 790 Predict the weekly sales

    asked by tee
  114. Math

    Find the equation of the line that contains the point (-2, 4) and has slope -(3/4).

    asked by Maureen Koogle
  115. Math

    Find the x- and y-intercepts for y = 1/3 x - 3.

    asked by Maureen Koogle
  116. math

    Find the ordered pair solution of y = - 3x + 5 that corresponds to x = - 2.

    asked by Maureen Koogle
  117. math

    Give the five number summary of the numbers 26, 30, 38, 67, 59, 21, 17, 85, 22, 22

    asked by tee
  118. algebra

    Simplify: sqrt (12) - sqrt (27) a) - sqrt (15) b) -5 sqrt (3) c) -15 sqrt (3) d) -sqrt (3) i think d

    asked by kiddo
  119. English 1

    Please Help. I have read it over but have no clue

    asked by Lauren
  120. stats

    In a poll of 100 adults, 45% reported they believed in “faith healing.” (USA Today, 20 April 1998). Based on this survey, a “95% confidence interval” for the proportion in the population who believe in faith healing is about 42% to 48%. If this

    asked by Anonymous
  121. fundamentals of math

    Your car gets 33 miles per gallon, you drive an average speed of 44 miles per hour. How much gas do you use in an hour? 33/44? or 44/33

    asked by Leissa