Questions Asked on
June 20, 2010

  1. english

    what is the meaning of macro skills?

    asked by rubyann
  2. Acc 230

    The following is an excerpt from Lucent Technologies’ Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations: Executive Summary We design and deliver the systems, software and services that drive next-generation

    asked by Trina
  3. Rome - Religion

    Does anyone know when and or how Romans converted to Christianity, I know it was years ago,I do know they consumed Greece and the Greek religion around 500 BC renaming most of the greek gods to suit their own, but I do not know when Christianity became

    asked by BC
  4. Math

    need help UOP math 116 quiz 6

    asked by Nicole
  5. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass in grams of hydrgen chloride produced when 5.85 L of molecular hydrogen measured at STP reacts with an excess of molecular chlorine gas. H2 + Cl2 ---> 2HCl

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chemistry

    Which of the following, when added to water, will not change the pH? a. NaHCO3 b. NH4NO3 c. K2SO3 d. KI e. HCN

    asked by random
  7. Government

    *= my answer 1. _____ is closely related to _____. a.)Absolutism,constitutional monarchy b.)Revolution, figurehead c.)Socialism, communism *d.)Authoritarianism, democracy 2. Popular sovereignty is _____. a.)the idea that the people are the ultimate source

    asked by Matt
  8. physics

    Calculate the force of gravity on a 1-kg mass at Earth's surface. Mass of Earth is 6.0 x 10^24th powerkg and Radius is 6.4 x 10^6th power m

    asked by sonny
  9. Chemistry

    In the first step of the Ostwald process for the synthesis of nitric acid, ammonia is converted to nitric oxide by the high-temperature reaction:4NH3(g)+5O2(g)+6H2O(g). How is the rate of consumption of O2 related to the rate of consumption of NH3?

    asked by Deborah
  10. chemistry

    Which of the following solutes dissolved in 1000 g of water would provide a solution with the LOWEST freezing point? A. 0.030 mole urea, CO(NH2)2 B. 0.030 mole acetic acid, CH3COOH C. 0.030 mole ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3 D. 0.030 mole calcium sulfate, CaSO4

    asked by random
  11. Math

    1-log5=1/3(log1/2+log x+1/3log5

    asked by Neeru verma
  12. chemistry

    The hydrogen-ion concentration of a 0.25 M solution of HCN (Ka = 4.9 ´ 10-10) is I keep getting 1.1 *10^-5

    asked by Mohamad
  13. chem101

    Which of the following solutes in aqueous solution would be expected to exhibit the LARGEST freezing-point lowering (assuming ideal behavior)? A. 0.1 m NaCl B. 0.2 m CH3COOH C. 0.1 m MgCl2 D. 0.05 m Al2(SO4)3 E. 0.25 m NH3

    asked by joan
  14. physical education

    what is the history back ground of physical education

    asked by jome
  15. Math

    a walk up a hill starts at a car park on the 100m contour and climbs steadily to a summet at 240m. on a map with scale 1:25000 the distance along the path from the car park to the summet is 9.6cm. how long it will to reach su,,it and back according to

    asked by Steven
  16. Math

    Hi, how can i enter d=3.5+2sin(2pit/13),where t is time. into ti-83 calculator and sketch the graph for time 0 to 30 hours.

    asked by Tim
  17. Engineering

    Triangle ABD in the diagram has a right angle A and sides AD = 4.9cm and AB = 7.0cm. side AB is extended to C so that ABC is a straight line. a) use pythagoras theorem in triangle ABD to find the length of BD. b)use trigonometry in triangle ABD to find

    asked by Lee Pearce
  18. electric chem

    What is the reduction potential for the half-reaction Al3+(aq) + 3e- Al(s) at 25°C if [Al3+] = 0.10 M and E° = –1.66 V?

    asked by ibbi
  19. chemistry equilibrium

    In a 0.10 M solution of glutaric acid, HO2C(CH2)3CO2H (K1 = 4.6 ´ 10-5, K2 = 3.9 ´ 10-6), the species present in the next to highest concentration is A. H3O+(aq). B. HO2C(CH2)3CO2H(aq). C. HO2C(CH2)3COO-(aq). D. -O2C(CH2)3COO-(aq). E. OH-(aq).

    asked by jake
  20. Science, Grade 8

    Why is increasing the surface area of the small intestine important?

    asked by Maddison
  21. Science, Grade 8

    Describe the path of oxygen from when it enters your mouth to the blood.

    asked by Maddison
  22. chemistry

    solubility of NaCl in a H2O at 30 degrees Celcuis

    asked by Anonymous
  23. chemistry

    How will you check acidity and basicity of various food stuffs at home using natural indicators such as china rose, red cabbage, turmeric, clove oil etc.

    asked by vinayak
  24. math

    I have 2 tree's the young tree is 5 meter's high and has a shadow of 2.0 meter's. the older tree has a shadow of 3.5 meter's How tall is the older tree.

    asked by John
  25. math

    how do i work out 10% of £6.80

    asked by amanda
  26. Algebra II

    Each of the three dimensions of a cube with sides of length s centimeters is decreased by a whole number of centimeters. The new volume in cubic centimeters is given by V(s) _ s3 _ 13s2 _ 54s _ 72. a) Find V(10). b) If the new width is s _ 6 centimeters,

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Riddle

    I am a ocean without water I am a mountain without land what am I?

    asked by .>>.........
  28. Statistics

    x=3-0 . What percentage of the area under the normal curve lies to the left of ( 16.0% 15.80% 2.50% 0.50% having trouble with this my answer was 15.00% 0.15%

    asked by Jack
  29. Statistics

    Assuming that the heights of college women are normally distributed with mean 62 inches and standard deviation 3.5 inches, what percentage of women are between 58.5 inches and 72.5 inches? 34.1% 84.0% 15.7% my answer was 13.6 13.6% is this correct 97.6%

    asked by Jack
  30. Statistics

    Between z = -2 and z = 0.4. (Points: 5) 0.655 0.977 0.477 0.155 0.633 my answer was o.155 is this correct

    asked by John
  31. Statistics

    Find z such that 44.0% of the standard normal curve lies to the left of z. 0.151 -0.772 -0.151 -1.519 1.519

    asked by Alex
  32. Statistics

    A person's level of blood glucose and diabetes are closely related. Let x be a random variable measured in milligrams of glucose per deciliter (1/10 of a liter) of blood. Suppose that after a 12-hour fast, the random variable x will have a distribution

    asked by Alex
  33. Statistics

    . A certain company makes 12-volt car batteries. After many years of product testing, the company knows that the average life of a battery is normally distributed, with a mean of 45 months and a standard deviation of 7 months. If the company does not want

    asked by Jacob
  34. Statistics

    Suppose that x has a distribution with = 10 and = 5. If a random sample is taken of size n = 44, find . 10.00 my answer was 0.75 is this correct 0.75 1.51 0.11 5.00

    asked by Jacob
  35. social studies

    A study of the causes of the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, and the Russian Revolution of 1917 best supports the generalization that revolution is most likely to occur when

    asked by sasha
  36. International Business

    Consider the following scenario: You have been asked by a local college to write a lecture that explains the gold standard and addresses the functions of the world's major foreign exchange markets. Write a 1,050 to 1,400 word summary detailing the

    asked by Lorie
  37. chemistry

    1) write net equations for the reactions in which of the following ions? sulfate aion- chloride ion-

    asked by ana
  38. geography

    Kso, my geography exam is tommorrow. I can't remember the steps to finding the adiabatic rates. Anyone know ?

    asked by Kameron
  39. Calculus

    A tool shed, 250cm high and 100cm deep, is built agaisnt a wall. Calculate the shortest ladder that can reach from the ground, over the shed, tot he wall behind.

    asked by Adeola
  40. Chemistry

    I don't understand what this question is asking .. i have already tried it and i got it wrong. Assume that H^o and S^o do not change with temperature, determine the temperature above which you can theoretically prepare carbon disulfide (CS2)directly from

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Jared

    Suppose that x has a distribution with = 10 and = 5. If a random sample is taken of size n = 44, find . 10.00 0.75 1.51 0.11 my answer was 0.75 is this 5.00 correct

    asked by alex
  42. Statistics

    The heights of 18-year-old men are approximately normally distributed with mean 68 inches and standard deviation 3 inches. What is the probability that the average height of a sample of ten 18-year-old men will be less than 70 inches? Round your answer to

    asked by alex
  43. Statistics

    Total plasma volume is important in determining the required plasma component in blood replacement theory for a person undergoing surgery. Plasma volume is influenced by the overall health and physical activity of an individual. Suppose that sample of 61

    asked by Jack
  44. Statistics

    How much does a sleeping bag cost? Let us say you want a sleeping bag that should keep you warm in temperatures from 20ºF to 45ºF. A random sample of prices ($) for sleeping bags in this temperature range was taken from a magazine. 93 106 86 109 81 111

    asked by Jared
  45. Statistics

    Suppose a random sample of 5790 physicians in Colorado showed that 3141 provided at least some charity care. Let p represent the proportion of all Colorado physicians who provide some charity care. Find a point estimate for p. Round your answer to four

    asked by Jared
  46. Teaching as a Profession

    I must conduct an interview with someone in the teaching profession for an assignment that is due a week from today. I would do the interview locally however, I take classes online and all local schools are out for summer. Luckily it is permitted to

    asked by Hannah
  47. Community Service Idea

    my class ( of 13 students)have all created poems describing ourselves. we have decided to put it all together into a big community service project by making t-shirts and postcards related to our poems (most of the poems are about making good choices and

    asked by NEEDSHELP(:
  48. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line at x = 0 for the given function. f(x) = 5x2 + cos(x) I really need help on this one.

    asked by Irene
  49. Economic

    Describing which country you would rank as the best place to raise a child. Be sure to include comparisons such as Literacy rates, infant mortality rates, and at least 5 metrics of the country that you feel might be important to your child. ***what do you

    asked by Kim
  50. Calculus

    Use the General Power Rule or the Shifting and Scaling Rule to find the derivative of the function given below. y = e^(16 – 3x^2)

    asked by Daisy
  51. Chemistry

    You are given three test tubes that contain colourless liquid. One test tube contains benzene, another contains ethanol, and the third contains 2,4-hexadiene. Design a procedure that will tell you the contents of each test tube. Describe your expected

    asked by Jamie
  52. Statistics

    Assuming that the heights of college women are normally distributed with mean 62 inches and standard deviation 3.5 inches, what percentage of women are between 58.5 inches and 72.5 inches? (Points: 5) 34.1% 84.0% 15.7% 13.6% 97.6%

    asked by alex
  53. Statistics

    . Suppose a certain species of fawns between 1 and 5 months old have a body weight that is approximately normally distributed with mean kilograms and standard deviation kilograms. Let x be the weight of a fawn in kilograms. Convert the following x interval

    asked by alex
  54. yield

    Revenue Management • Resources: Ch. 6, the Yield formula on p. 172 (Ch. 6), and Scenarios 1, 2, & 3 on p. 179 (Ch. 6) of Hotel Front Office Management • Begin this assignment by answering the following question: How is yield management, or revenue

    asked by Myron
  55. help

    Now that Mrs. Shotto has lost weight, what pattern size would be a better fit.?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Metric System

    Can you please direct me in the right way to finding the answer to these problem. I have been out of school since 1995 and have no idea how to sit them up. If your friend drank 700mL of your liter of soda, what percent of soda did she leave for you? If the

    asked by amy
  57. metric system

    say you have a level container that is 10cm by 10cm by 10cm. full of water, it would weight one kg. but say you can put no more than 400g into it. say you have only a metric ruler to determine this. how high can you fill the container? my partial answer: i

    asked by amy
  58. Math

    and my last problem i need help with. i don't know how to even begin settin the problem up to figure out the answer. E coli, a typical bacterius, is about 2 micrometers long. how many E coli could you line up, end-to-end, in one mm?

    asked by amy
  59. english

    I need help with these, I have to edit the following sentences to eliminate problems with subject-verb agreement. 1. Measles is a contagious childhood disease. 2. Adorning a shelf in the lab are a Vietnamese figurine, a set of Korean clay gods, and an

    asked by Roger
  60. statistics

    In a distribution of scores, X=62 corresponds to z=+0.50, and X=52 corrsponds to z=-2.00. Find the mean and standard deviation for the distribution.

    asked by dray
  61. geometry/trigonometry

    Triangle ABC is similar to triangle APQ with angle CBA equal to angle QPA and angle A common to both triangles. the length of sides AB, AP and PQ are 90cm,60cm and 30 cm. calculate the length of the side BC

    asked by lee pearce
  62. RE

    who was Elijah

    asked by stephi
  63. Human Resources

    Identify the legislation that impacts recruitment and selection and explain the intent of equal opportunity function. Take into consideration the following: Constitutional Law Labour Law Human Rights Employment Standards Employment Equity Employment

    asked by Linda
  64. Vectors

    A sail boat is acted upon a water by a current and the wind. The velocity of the wind is 16km/h from the west, and the veolocity of the current is 12km/h from thr south, find the resultant of these 2 velocitie

    asked by Camille
  65. Human Resources

    What is the system used by organizations to determine or identify what human resources are needed by the organizaton? Take into consideration internal and external factors that influence an organization,s human reource needs.

    asked by Linda
  66. freshman english

    What are some rhetorical methods of developing a topic?

    asked by katie
  67. Human Resources

    Explain the recruiting process and the legal and ethical practices that must be considered for effective recrutiment. Note the following: Identifing knowlede,skills,abilities,other capabilities or competencies. The organization and job from the candidate,s

    asked by Linda
  68. business

    why is Bank of America CEO under Pressure

    asked by Anonymous
  69. algebra

    how to solve equation s-5t^2+v*t+k

    asked by teresa
  70. Vectors

    The point P(-1,0,1) is reflected in plane y-z=0 and has P' as its image. Determine the coordinated of point P'

    asked by Lala
  71. port antonio primary

    What is the principles and elements of design

    asked by ryan
  72. college

    Find the higest point on the curve of the intersection of the surfaces x^2 +y^2+ z^2= 36 and 2x +y-z=2.

    asked by Rajji
  73. pre algebra

    find the mean, median and mode of the quiz scores 74, 85, 89, 93, 85 & 90.

    asked by lavena
  74. biology

    Cells can conserve energy and resources by making proteins only when they are needed. Which of the following levels of control is the most energy-efficient? a. transcription regulation b. degrade the mRNA after it is made c. prevent translation of the mRNA

    asked by Mary
  75. English

    Let's look at the two comparative sentences. When we compare the degrees of two things and people, we use comparative forms. 1. Emily is younger than Bob. 2. Bob is shorter than Emily. (Will you check all the sentences above? Correct errors, please. What

    asked by rfvv
  76. pre algebra

    2/3y= 6 1/6.

    asked by lavena
  77. grade 9 math

    X+6 ~ 5 = -2

    asked by Colby
  78. pre algebra

    express 55% as a fraction

    asked by lavena
  79. pre algebra

    express 56 novels out of 168 books as a fraction in simplest form

    asked by lavena
  80. pre algebra

    what is the median of these number 74, 85, 85, 89, 90, 93

    asked by lavena
  81. math grade 9

    6=2/5 (n-1)

    asked by Colby
  82. writing

    I need a sentence about the role of educatin in successful financial planning using a linking verb (put in bold) and another one using the subject verb aggreement

    asked by Dawn
  83. english

    I need two sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning using a linking verb in one and subject-verb agreement in another. Please highlight the verbs

    asked by Dawn
  84. grade 9 algerbra

    6=2/5(n-1) any help would be appreciated.

    asked by Colby
  85. pre algebra

    a $98 dress is marked down to $64.68. find the percent of change.

    asked by lavena
  86. personal finance

    A.After a protracted legal case, Joe won a settlement that will pay him $11,000 each year at the end of the year for the next ten years. If the market interest rates are currently 5%, exactly how much should the court invest today, assuming end of year

    asked by Sandra
  87. criminal justice

    Write an 850- to 1,000-word paper identifying three areas of the criminal court system you believe need to be changed or improved and recommending corrective actions for each. „h Identify three aspects or areas of the criminal court system you believe

    asked by Anonymous
  88. english

    can someone answer my question without sarcasm? Or even answer it? I need help writing a sentence with a linking verb. it has to be about the role of education in sucessful financial planning

    asked by Dawn
  89. pre algebra

    find the common ratio in the sequence 8, 12, 18, 27, ..... then write the next three terms of the squence

    asked by lavena
  90. college algebra

    The following graph shows how a 4-color web printing press depreciates from the year 2006 to the year 2010. It was purchased new in the year 2006; therefore x = 0 represents the year 2006. X – axis (horizontal) = years starting from 0 = 2006 and

    asked by Lucy
  91. pre algebra

    a used laptop computer sells for $696. that is a 40% reduction from the original price. what was the original price of the computer?

    asked by lavena
  92. Metric System

    Hi, Damon helped me with this problem earlier, but im confused on how he got the answer. I really don't understand the math or the mathamatical symbols he used. Would someone maybe explain to me in a different way. E. Coli, a typical bacterius is about 2

    asked by amy
  93. pre algebra

    a pick up truck is 13 feet in length. tioanna wants to make a scale model of the truck using a scale of the 1 inch = 2 feet. what will be the length of the model truck?

    asked by lavena
  94. Making a vertical graph

    I had to measure students in my class. I measured their hieghts in inchs but converted the numbers to centimeters and meters. Now i have to construct a vertical bar graph showing height on the X axis and number of people on the Y axis. I have a blank

    asked by amy
  95. vertical bar graoh

    I had to measure students in my class. I measured their hieghts in inchs but converted the numbers to centimeters and meters. Now i have to construct a vertical bar graph showing height on the X axis and number of people on the Y axis. I have a blank

    asked by amy
  96. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.42 M NH4NO3 aqueous solution? What is the percent ionization?

    asked by Kate
  97. pre algebra

    find the common ratio in the sequence 8, 12, 18, 27,..... then write the next three terms of the sequence

    asked by lavena
  98. math

    A stepping motor with 200 steps angles ( = 200) is coupled to a leadscrew through a gear reduction of 5:1 (five rotations of the motor for each rotation of the leadscrew). The leadscrew has 2.4 threads/cm (which means the distance between two adjacent

    asked by dick
  99. us history

    Create a timeline tracking the major themes/paradigm shifts in American History from the Columbus's voyages through the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). ii) Include the following in your descriptive analysis: (1) The cultural patterns of the Native

    asked by niecy
  100. physics

    if the wheel on a car accelerates from rest at a constant rate of 1.5rev/s, how fast will it be turning after 3s.

    asked by mike
  101. physics

    What kind of motion does a constant, non zero torgue produce on an object mounted on an axle: choices constant rotational speed, constant rotational acceleration, increasing rotational acceleration or decreasing rotational acceleration.

    asked by mike
  102. physics

    you are holdong a 6kg dumbell straight out at arms length, assuming your arm is .70m long, what torque is the dumbell exerting on your shoulder?

    asked by mike
  103. macroeconomics

    I have tried this 3 ways and this is my last chance to get ir rigth please help. Dave is buying pizza and soda. Suppose that a slice of pizza and a can of soda each cost $4 Let E be the amount in dollars that Dave spends on pizza and soda. If Dave buys P

    asked by BC - LOST
  104. Chemistry *DrBob222

    Posted by Jamie on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 3:36pm. You are given three test tubes that contain colourless liquid. One test tube contains benzene, another contains ethanol, and the third contains 2,4-hexadiene. Design a procedure that will tell you the

    asked by Jamie
  105. chemistry

    Consider two beakers, one with water and other one with sodium chloride solution. Which of these will have higher vapor pressure

    asked by Angel
  106. college

    Imagine that your city is planning to build a waste recycling plant in your neighborhood. What are the ethical and practical considerations for making this decision? How would your concern for the environment affect your view on this action? Would you

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Chemistry

    Why is ∆H hydration a negative quantity for ionic compounds?

    asked by Angel
  108. IDK

    I have never used a money order before. From where can one obtain them? How do they work?

    asked by AlbertFalls
  109. ENGLISH


    asked by KELLY
  110. pre algebra

    the measure of the angles of triangle RST are the ratio 2:3:5. find the measure of each angle, and classify the triangle as acute, right or straight

    asked by lavena
  111. Algebra 1

    Help me work these right please, I'm totally lost?

    asked by Sam R.
  112. Calculus

    "The illumination of an object by a light source is directly proportional to the strength of the source and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. Two streetlights are 40m apart and one is twice as strong as the other. Where

    asked by Stuck
  113. Algebra 1

    i need help working these correctly! 1. Are the inequalities 3x-43(2x-6) equivalent? Why or why not? Show your work and explain your answer. 3. The yearly cost T, in thousands of dollars, of tuition and required fees at a private college (includes two- and

    asked by Sam R.
  114. statistics

    In one day, a random security check of 65 travelers at JFK international airport would cause 17 of those travelers to be “red-flagged” for further checks. The population standard deviation (nation wide) is 12 “red-flags” per day. Using the JFK

    asked by Trish R
  115. math

    calculate the monthly payment by loan amortization table: loan $26000, down payment $5000, 11% 36 months

    asked by renee
  116. Calculus

    You've dropped a lucky penny into the middle of a hemispherical water basin of radius 3m. There is a light on the upper edge of the basin. The penny falls vertically along the axis of symmetry of the basin, and when it is 1m from the bottom of the basin it

    asked by Laura
  117. Algebra

    What is the profit of 30 flight excursions if the set up fee is $40.00 per person, $800.00 rental fee for the hanger? I need this answer and I need it in a algebra equation, to show the work.

    asked by Susan
  118. algebra - Math

    Set up fee is $40.00 per person it is $800.00 rental per month. How many flights must be sold to maximize profit? show work algebraically

    asked by Susan